Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on October 14, 1970 · Page 3
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 3

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Page 3
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FOREST PARK REVIEW, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 14, 1970, PAGE 3 Meet Your Fireman Ribert Davis Bob was appointed to the department by the Board of Fire & Police Commissioners, on Jan. 1st, 1969. He attended Divine Infant grammar school In Westchester, HI., and Is a graduate of Proviso West High School. Since Joining the department he has received a certificate of completion in Trauma School, conducted by the American College of Surgeons & was therefore, one of the first firemen assigned to ambulance duty. The new fireman served four years In the U.S. Navy. At the present time Fireman Davis is attending Triton Junior College in the evenings where he is taking a course in Fire Technology. Bob is 24 years old and resides In Forest Park with his wife, D. Kathryn. SAVE TODAY FOR TOMORROW Saving for a house? Make sure a fire or burglary doesn't wipe out vour nest egg. Your landlord won't pay for your loss, but an /Etna Tenant's policy will. So you save your money, and get your house sooner. Call today. HOWARD REICH REICH & BECKER 52 Years of Service 7419 MADISON ST. 366-0010 LIFE & CASUALTY • Tr.Jemari ul Tilt' .V.l'IJ C.jilijln 6 Curtly Li> and in ^nuitaitJ iumfunmi. Harvest Festival at St. Peters The annual Harvest Home 'estlval Worship Service will >e held at St. Peters Evangelical jitheran Church, 500 Hannah Avu., Forest Park, 111. on Sunday, October 18 at 10:15 a.m. The Harves! Home Festival Worship Service dates back to the ;arly Church when at a given time n the Fall of the year, members of the Chruch brought the finest of their harvested crops to the Church as a thank-offering to God for His goodness. The food was then delivered to the poor. Following this custom, St. 'eters Church holds a Harvest lome Festival Worship Service each year. Non-perishable foods are brought to the Church by the children of the Sunday School and he adult congregation. This food •epresents a thank-offering to jod for His blessings and Is given o the Lutheran Welfare Agency of Illinois, which in turn distributes t to the needy. A special Worship Service Is held on this Suflday to which all are Invited. Square Dance October 24th "Promenade and Dos-a-Dos, Swing your partner to and fro", are words uncommon in our "Hip" world these days. So, to help bring a little calm and simple fun to our lives, St. Bernardino's Parish is proposing to each and every one of you - "Be Square for an Evening"! No fancy duds allowed! Just don your most comfortable clothes on October 24th and swing your favorite partner all for the benefit of Boy Scout Troop 102. The price is a reasonable $5.00 per couple which Includes two chicken dinners. So, see you October 24th at 8:00 P.M. sharp In St. Bernardine's Parish Hall for a swinging evening. For tickets, call Mrs. Serio at 366-5160. Adlai Reform Phony, Says Smith U. S. Senator Ralph Tyler Smith (R-111,1 Tuesday said that his Demo'cmt opponent's attempt to change'his radical-liberal Image Is not convincing the people who remember his positions In the past. "Recently, my opponent decided it was cute to accuse every GOP candidate of talking like he was 'running for sheriff,' " Smith said. "However, when his latest effort to ridicule law enforcement officers fell flat, he suddenly switched and began sounding like he wanted to be a deputy, but no law enforcement agency would buy that switch either. The Senator said that his opponent's effort to create a new image "just isn't believeable. He Is telling us that his is not the same old Adlai who defended the rioters and condemned the police at the 1968 Democratic Convention. "This Is not the man who called Chicago policemen 'stormtroop- ers in blue' and attacked the credibility of the FBI. No, of course not. This is the newly arrived law & order man--whose law and order record is as phony as his new posturing," Smith said "In 1965, during his one and only session in the state legislature, he says he 'led the fight ofr crime legislation,' " said Smith. " I was a member of the legislature that session. The fact is, he did not sponsor a single anti-crime bill. He co-sponsored several of which I was also a cosponsor and he led no fights of any kind. "He also voted against the 'Stop and Frisk' bill which I supported and which we later passed to help police officers. But theses were the days when he was quick to brag to his ultra-liberal friends that he was making sure that criminals would be treatedjusjUy. Now he hides this record & hopes that everyone will forget It. "Well, I won't let him forget It," Smith declared. "And neither will the voters on November 3." HOW TO CHOOSE A DOG The fight dog meuns not (inly years of fun for a child, but also important lessons in discipline, love and responsibility. In choosing u dog, experts suggest paying special attention to the animal's size, sex, coat and health. Size. Some children need a rugged, spirited dog to play with—a pet able to take u lot of roughhouse and activity. Generally, this would be a dog in the size range from a Terrier or Beagle to a Springer Spaniel, Boxer or German Shepherd. Sex. As companions and watch dogs, both sexes are about equal. But interestingly, according to Dr Jim Corbin of the Purina Pet Care Center, females may be slightly more intelligent, gentler, cleaner and more inclined to stay at home. Males are usually more sturdy, rugged, and more expensive to buy. Coat. Long-coated dogs can generally stand cold weather better than short-haired ones, an important consideration if you intend to keep the dog outside But if the pet is to he kept indoors, remember that shorthaired dogs have less to shed. Health. Choose one thai seems healthy and alert, with clean white teeth, and guma that are free from signs of infection. Don't buy the cute little fellow in the corner who seems shy of his litter mates; a normal, healthy dog is aggressive and wants to make friends with you and the whole world. With the help of a professional veterinarian, plus balanced food such as Purina Puppy Chow, your care and thoughrfulness in choosing u puppy can give you and your family years of happiness—anil keep you from barking up the wrong tree. CALLING- U OLD 6LoR-V" THE our hrli itor Cjnys Lany Kaercher The old saying "Let the Buyer Beware" Is probably the most trite hackneyed expression foisted upon the American Public. It belongs In the same catagory as "You Can't Fight City Hall," "What Can I Do I'm Only One Person," and other negative phrases. Fortunately, people are not buying the Buyer Beware Bit, they are fighting for their consumer rights and they are doing It as individuals and cutting results. To-day there Is a consumers movement sweeping across the nation demanding better products & better services for our money. Millions of consumers are up In arms about a lot of things. Changing times and Kiplineer Magazines goes Into some of the reasons why shoppers, male as well as female, are fighting madl Their summation Is based on the tremendous amount of complaints, from individuals pouring into the office of the President's Committee on comsumer interests headed by Mr. Virginia H. Knaver, special assistant to the president for comsumer affairs. Mrs. Knaver recently reported, "the flood of complaints was set off because people simply got sick and tired of unsafe products, shoddy merchandise, poor service, meaningless guarantees, shabby repair work, questionable business proctlces and outright swindles." A file In her office Includes letters complaining of such things as a new car that had to be towed back to the dealer after only 11 miles because the 'rear wheels locked'—another letter told of a Station Wagon, of defective wiring, bursting into flames 45 minutes after It left the showroom floor. In the filed of food, individuals complained of slivers of metal in packages of cookies, a cigarette butt In a jar of pickles, a worm in a Jar of baby food and many more revolting discoveries. Appliances are high on the list of consumer complaints. Many people find they cannot get parts for dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. Servicing of appliances are parrell to dental appointments, a waiting time of four or more weeks and sometimes longer. People also complained about the short life span of appliances and the high cost of repairs. Again, because of individuals writing to the proper persons results are beginning to come about. For a good beginning we quote the Chamber of Commerce of The United States, "We, of the Chamber have adopted a business consomer relations code that reaffirms the responsibility of American Business to protect the health and safety of people In the design and manufacture of products, to provide high-quality products, to simplify, clarify and honor warranties, to deal honestly in all transactions, to provide Buyers with objective information and to provide effective channels for receiving and acting on complaints and suggestions." Another development of the consumer letter campaign is many Business firms now see, In the complaints of consumers, an opportunity to get an edge on competition by working harder and making better products to satisfy their customers. So, the next time you have a 'Consumer's Complaint' write to the proper people Involved. You will be glad you did and so will the many decent, honorable companies doing-business in america today. FAMOUS SINCE 1890... SERVING THE FINEST Six private dining rooms i for your special parties Open Daily 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. Sun. & Hoi. 12:30 p.m. to 8:30 •LUNCHEON 'DINNER »SUPPER Washington Blvd. & Harlem Ave. FO 6-0298 FOREST PARK, 111. AMPK FRH PARKING "AMBITION" — In ancient Rome, a man seeking public office went uround (Latin, ambire) the city soliciting the votes of the citizens. This practice was culled "ambitio," and indicated the candidate's desire for public office und its honors. Later, the meaning was extended to Include all desire for personal advancement or achievement

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