Valley Times from North Hollywood, California on May 25, 1961 · 23
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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California · 23

North Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1961
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SEASON OPENS JUNE 21 Borge, Jose First Two At Greco Greek SCREEN : DRAMA I MUSIC I DAVC HOLLAND , Editor I Vultcy T.niM TODAY Thun , Mjy JS, 1961 23 I Vi ry M Uf-'t ,un n a nt-a J t j-TiKU tttird a Ui-iMliH nhr Hurge, Ur IdimuY liiiim vim i'i i n If r fiiinti it it mu til ti inn ut ibt-'Jlicuii-r on I !,! i Jilitcn takri Illy I UI llu:n mIi iUv ir i turn ai. t! urVi It bfl MiUl lira, a at cnir 1 1 at ion, or 4iii!lufi, in be (n ri n, Hu inii.iiiMiii'ija 'tu lupin f.ujn," (hur Irnniri anil Variation u,T iphulliy (.Itt ll Hi I limn Jliirl Srhaitljn, hum.. rial fiiu-.iV ul Lr.itta- Ltnilttl fhirt lully fur ihp Hi i i u 1 in ,ih-r win Mav, I l.r inir .in I only it lui I umj-lit on ninj; Aiij; j Illtfuitr l.If.iMn iim f uJ V lo i W"tl I'liiiiaaaa; tin iwti.M U.Mir- a Ju.'V Jl in a arsv v.ia I.'i'uiii; Alia, in t n;; 'V l.'ii i.t.ri i I,. i Ami i it j h .tiling (la in e V 14 mtnnu ft ml ii-i'iinHii quip-, In rp Im linn nr i m m u mu liiunt of hilarity ai lir pokes fun at evcryth.rg with ill rr,n I) of In b rlilt lm,i;;i fhti mn. fuming Irani Imtriar In movement, Jove (ira n aiul fill S,t ni ti li.illi'i Coin-puny appear on the (, reek Theater Attige final July 3 through July 3 in a program which ineluilei the American premiere of j tniiip.inj, tittf Vtar-vluihh'tl Nrm Tailt ( ny Ilaliet, mil pi I till 111 till ir k 1 1 1 1 1 j I III 1 : 1 1 pi mini (.mi of 'lln; Pvut- r,n k r." full-ti-ngiii li.if-it t to flic ri u . 1 1 y it iimmetl 1 ih.ul.uV vl.y nme hi'(;in-fmig Aug, f Cfifanph Aug, 8, 'I in ir vitnuluk cull fur a tilling? of piogr,im Mail-In ,S Aug, IU llirongft the I fill a In a they will il.mre the I (iv Angeles premiere of tin ee Iliilit'H hint luniks: ly of pi, imsi Knurr YV illiiiiiis, i UtiMijiiir AI Hill ami the! I,i mu d Iti'Iuiimie I oik linger i x pt i tm minin' to c Mhiiiuliil, (luting on Malar-d iy, Aup, 19 1 Nut King ('ale makes his flu! appearume at the outilaar theater in a show I illotf "A .Summer Sang lest si, n ling Aug. 2ft for 8 periarmames. J iu fiii.ii event of tins out-siiindin j r a sun IS Hie su-j peili (imk Tragedy Ihra-tie Company corning (inert I from Athens to picsent Sophocles unroni till classic j I leitra," set in the tradi- Steve, Hits At Eyclie Grove 'Big Knife' Is Up One More Weekend Deitef Signed I Ailie t Ai I. Sts hul s f. i -lit J Ir , ! rf lit- -a a tunft M iii-.'.f Id amt , 1 1,1 II 1 1 HI J fill :l (lot r. To I fit l) SA j i f 1 r.f'. in III riiy I'rmi i hr ill f; Siegel CuQt i , i f Putt i r. o t -I t f.H'II , irs Jut t. h By I)AV1 Itmi-AND liieic' poilimg hke an in fi-i lions pi in to urn an an iln m e. Anil Mill'll youve pat two! inli-i Until pi ini bt'umingi down at jmi, you'te luoiher, Tins is the case at the Coen, unit (rove where Sieve I.iiHrenee ami I yilie (larnie are nightly playing to wildly applauding nitcry enthusiast. The I.awr- ence have an Informal, bfautitully-pHcrd act that can louih your fieari as deftly as it tom ties your funny bane. They have fun on stupe it kid,llu'y corny pci fm hint iiien't loo In' to hid I Vi nh llid'Mnmt ii I if N-I ovt r ft e h il, tiifiuid (rdi-c, dia u.i iif 'JiUMiiumi act ms, at home at fink in llamy'1 Nnjrh Ifufiyv i, f'liiv tumsO "I he I'..,! l.rula" ("III I i n-1 ttKif Mull fie tiiuli and trdiul ii.oti r,f a tuitf'-ilul film t,ir (ttify HD fnv-.Hu ui, you kn ,w ) As Ch.n lu-j 'CaMii. the lorn (J hi i os on ' Uucni, f Jit k Mirrifuld is luriiing in a unlive p r jllt,y form. i in a Hiut i only Ii on-' thent ly m tuseiii dly avir' , c. .. V Vf Jil the funniest i ft M P.ficevero 1 Layghtc ; , 'FLUBBCR ' (111 Coo iiCO verst . inter- A) ' iBCR p I COO V . r vl.V - yr fc r ( tbalFieW doiti I fit liistrionic of illg HUI," I.lelicshi'der Waltes, I lec- Jlton of centuries. CONNOLLY'S COLUMN Shirley Jones Up For 'CameloV Ivar Plans Star-Maker Shelley Berman and Mil,e j Nichols and Llame May aie anions the top comedy , , , .stars who have played and The pnee keeps going up. Inquire magamc already jt.raduated from "Second f-page layout on Shirley Mact.uine they City,'' the hilarious musical and il still isnt done! Sounds rpvue (Jpentng at the Ivar But thats not all. Turnabout is Tletilre Wednesday, June Shirley is paying her special pliotog, Ron Vogel, has $10,000 in a started six months ago like a lot of loot to me. fair play $1,000 a day to do a private sitting "at homo y -Sy for family consumption." (Juess well have f"0 to accept these pic and lest layouts with a I JV I Idle more respect from now on. it 'k In view of the fact that Jack Warner . . expects "The Music Man to be 1HK OvN all-time topper ol movie musicals, it's slf I not surpiising when I learned Shirley Jones looms strong for Warner's next big one, "Camelot. k it it Bud Boettiger and wife Debra Paget are wrapping up their bullfighting movie in Mexico tins week. But the interesting side of it is that itll be released hero first as y ti - a Spamsh-language film then next year, f v, in English! For Bob Hope, or anyone for that matter, its never too late for an ironic (wist in his career. Bob is making his A ' ( F IRST movie on the MGM lot where h v he was given his first screen test which S'1 " never look! it k k Price of producership: Alan Ladd, on the set of his Tiger Among Us set, spent the 7th, The nalionaily-famous sa tirical presentation, which jhas been playing lo capacity audiences in Chicago for the past 18 months, will present a cast of talented young performers brilliantly kidding the foibles of America and the world with no holds barred. A feature of the forthcoming stage attraction will be improvisations which will find the cast satirizing headlines in the news and prominent public figures on a day-to-day basis. 4 Director Plans D-Day Doings Director Gerd Oswald meets in Paris this week selves. In oi di r to pi i olf slave to b t hieve do a xim-h. ir' tydie skips away to (Imiij i Chris ( ui tei is a (uue whu pun ns, advising her huhby you hclieve she really "Why don't you do a medley wu'ds huxlund Charlie mote of your hit''1" thin she warns the j tumor "Don't Moiry ins career, hliawn (J Mir j, I 'M. . -' Pl A 'Abscht-mWeef Pr&fes'op iiUitvr7fXTr-cTv.s.Vyimn'ii; , , ; ' k J j "i w ti ; , 4 l g kiM ' l, M f IbhlUi iCr .u. rS e. e I WACT "riNGTAiL :-ri 3ti entire week getting the daylights knocked on L of him with Noel Coward and Erich lacerated head, twisted knee and gouged hand! The versatile Anne Baxter lells me shes playing her role in "Walk on the Wild Side with an accent. This makes her 10th part with a foreign touch. k k k AFTRAs party in Chicago tonight reunited Perry Como and Marilyn Maxwell who used to sing with Ted Weems "Beat the Band Windy City radio show years ago with Gary Moore as emcee! Remarque, consultants on two segments of "The Longest Day. The segments with the D-Day landing of British troops, and the German Wehrmacht defense of the French village of Marie St. Eglise eight hours before D-Day invasions OPENS Charles Bronson stars in Jules Vernes Masters Of The World, the American-International film that opens Wednesday in 25 theaters and drive-ins. Monument Discussed A group of Gary Coopers friends are seriously discussing the idea of erecting a monument to the late star in Beverly Hills like the one for Will Rogers. eve quips 1 chd an act jail by myself lung bibue 1 ever lie.ii d of Tddie Cnnne " 1 ogethcr, they smg "I his Could Be The .Start of .Something Big," To-gather," Johnny One Note and a Richard Rod-ger.s-Cole Porter medley thats a rouber. Sieve does "The Kong Is You, slips in las current j ly vU)()d m, Por rad of My Love. Xsted then starts slow, moving lo as the studio head mIio wants Charlie m sign a renewal1 contract, thus breaking up las home life, cant si-eni lo decide whether to mimic1 Rod Kieigrr or Walter Hien-n m Ind still does an udmir-i able job, as does a never-1 smiling Monte Mansfield os "Smiley All in all, the play gives outsiders an insight into llol- they never knew! ind should be seen sock finishes on "Dont Take n' ,e'S,m f othcr Your Love f rom Me and that perennial "one more time favorite, "Lazy From Studs' To 'Mike' ivcr- ' Director Irving I.erner, The little girl with the big who directed "Studs Loni-voice sings Too Close f origan, has acquired the Comfort," "Ill Take Ro-lrishts to "My Brother mance and belts out her Mike, a best seller which great arrangement of "Bill he will produce and direct Bailey. for independent release, I 3RD H'l WEEK POPULAR PRICES CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES WORLD FAMOUS (CHINESE 6W Hollywood Bltd i HO 4 8111 BR 2 9ot SHOW TIMES 72 00 2 40 5 00 7 30 IQ 00 VALLEY THEATRE GUIDE OORB1N a Vtnturi Blvd. f Corbin DI-5-2222 Open 5 45. Set r Sun. & Tuet. 12 45 'Soldier, 'Admira In Twin Bill Two of the years out-Upstanding foreign motion pic--tures, "Ballad of a Soldier) and Carry on Admiral) starts an exclusive engage-; ment Friday at the Sherman Theatre in Sherman Oaks. Ballad of a Soldier was acclaimed internationally by press and public and gar-' landed with numerous awards, including two prizes at the Sannes Festival and) two top prizes at the San Francisco Film Festival. The romantic drama co-, slars Shanna Prokhorenko Valdimir Ivashov. Ballad of a Soldier was filmed in-the ancient town of Valdimir, -near Moscow, with special i units of the Red Army par- ticipating. Carry on Admiral is a biting lampoon of the British) Admiralty and stars David Tomlinson, Peggy Cummins,' A. E. Matthews Brian' Reece and Eunice Grayson, all of whom are well known yfa-for their inimitable brand of w. humor. ' John Wayn Richard Widmark ; i "THE ALAMO" N ; Plus Circus Thnllif "HIPPODROME" I TA IF YOU MISSED IT BEFORE BE SURE TO SEE IT- U, JLEilEE Hi WAIIACHSHVE McQUEEM' wmmm I ',s HO. 3 2184 Cont Daily 12 19 214 N. Maclay, S f. EM-1-4288 ' OPEN 4.45 SAT. ft SUN. 12 30 CALL THFATRF or BR ?.92B1 A-OAIt n ALtuu.Mno NATIONAL fHfcAlHta& TtlLVISIUN, Inc i EATRESS Cary Grant Deborah Kerr Jean Simmons Robert Mifchum "GRASS IS GREENER" Plus Adventure Hit "TROUBLE IN THE SKY'4 LANKERSHIM 7532 Lankershim Bivd. PO-5-5952 : Open S 45, Sat. 12.00, Sun. 1 00 TONIGHT 8 15 P M. 4 WINNCR ACADEMY AWARDS-' theYOUflG (40W- CANOGA PARK VAN NUYS SAN VAL DRIVE. INS Glenn Ford - Mari. Schtll "CIMARRON" Plus "ATLANTIS, THE LOST CONTINENT" L&u&Sfcii 3lt S. San Fernande filvd. THI 7033 i ADULTS ONLY! j "HIDEOUT IN THE SUN" i "LOVE ISLAND" 4403 W. MaonoltaTH-5-1514 Open 4 45 Fn. 5 45 Sat. Sun. T 00 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 rk FINE Ai Jjr 83S6 Wl f OL-2-13. 4-NORTH HOLLYWOOD FI PflRTAI BURT LANCASTER LLIUniHL DINA MERRILL po?a.L8",ikJrhl" YOUNG savages o.n i2 is oc( strikes Three CJlim C Grant. D Kerr u! 6RASS ISrGREENER Pq.j.2272 Tony Curtis Opart " s 45 GREAT IMPOSTOR HOLLYWOOD CHINESE fcH21 Hlywd. H 0-481 1 1 Open 1 1 4" IN GRANDEUR 70 THE KING i I Ynl Brynner Deborah Ketr HO-3-2IS4 2 ie System Pk. Open 12 43 Y. Brymter-8 MrOuaen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Alec Gutntieks Bi. TUNES OF GLORY HO-2bb2i Vittorio Da Sica Gen. Della Rovere BEVERLY hTlLS. WILSHIRE "EXODUS" 8440 Wllshire OL-2-UOJ Reserve Seats Now at Box Office nr Mutual Agermtei. Inttire -21341 Adult Entertainment MHma Mrrrourl NEVER ON SUNDAY leu tutAitf d t'vt m tu hoi ittk ACADEMY AWARD WINNERJJ BURT LANCASTER IN THE MOST EXCITING PICTURE OF THE YEAR! BUilTlfMt in HAROLD HCCHT t theYOUNG SAVAGES iaMIRRILLL bm kr UWIRD m J f Incut it Mix HAROLD ft CHI PiMud h PIT DUOL-Al Dutcted Dj JDuN FfANKi'iMiV ww tr e-r I Heteyea 'hn, UfillLi Qj ARTISTS fnd FEATURE THE CLOCK STRIKES THPIf HERE NOW! X WILSHIRE AREA Relurn Frtgaaement By Popular Demand CROWNING EXPERIENCE Carthay Circle 81 IB San Vicente WE-3-8147 EL REY V3I7 Wi fchlre WE-MI0I Open 6 30 Walt Dianoy ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR GREAT IMPOSTOR SPOKEN DRAMA A WOMAN AFRAID TO BE I.OVEDI r:f SHIRLEY IAURFNCE JACK f MvLAlNE HAWEY HAWKINS ' ' "AXivoXook" itewodOro ion (secret PARTNER 7 ..o PANTAGES $it m B 4 ' Q r wuavsiMmpfKOwiYas (.iyhc Owe i I i-ckets Apt If Lffisw i ' t : "A TERRIFIC SHOW!" -Tire Mtnr CTT0 P!fNfS EXODUS JFATS M'W AT BOX Off ft CK Mi ' C CO 7J7 Mill V . All Miir iF':. AT 8 O0 MCFJ 1ft J 5 t 7 30 WT3 AT 2 'UT S H 8 HJlS m 'MTS 8SrP7ED FOX:itHiPTHrAirs: errt tftt f IT 91 - X ' f fiM 4 4 4 4 3f 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 yb fi & A W -k "k W -k -k k k FIRST VISIT TO LOS ANGELES! ifOffh A RvMPhO ( AbO AT ON r f.?S ASjConcertgeboiiw " l Orchestra of Amsterdam SHRINE AUDITORIUM TONIGHT jl JPO( B'M C M VON VeBPR0.tPU -kt- 7 V IN FLTHif , SVMPh ( c Nft- F? t-teft") STPiUSb Tit L FLi 6 S'Pft'ji j, , c; go, si' HCNY NU CNC.FN TOTHIJM U r.nt i 1 Pt TO DtR FfirlSChUrZ iP'C OP W ,tL S MERRY PPANKb NO 1 IN C MINOR rrr UMit Ts l,"3ifTIO'lKlI - -mmm . hi C - 1 -iii I y IKoqKdiceHt tuteiiMmeid" md kty"EkUMm& T' L.l, ) r,l- Uu)HOUY'AOOD BOWt box office, so calif music I IICKcTS Uu jalc n0W!co, h? so hill sr and all mutual aGcncils TICKET PRICES ORCHESTRA S5 00, 4 00, 100 BALCONY SS 00, 4 00, 1 00, 1 00, 1 ( J PANORAMA! lit yr Nuyi Perkinn-FM-21T47 Open 4 30 Fn 5 34 Sat , Sun. H.Tf Beit Actov-IUHT IANCASTEB Dim Merrill B Shelley Wmfere "THE YOUNG SAVAGES" Plus "THC CLOCK STRIKES TIUEEt . - A W S M.H., Sf IM-lOUl On. Em. 4 . Cn. 5.4 Sun. IT 40 tilfiimiitd LpiFdau'iHfKf' Vm ,v yk tim.s HERSELF IVAR THEATRE Seof If put intimate MOsiCAI RVU Opens KAY 21-10 Days Only F 40 41 M Ti il tr- t r Going fo Broadway! Last 12 Performances! BIILYRWS fropLErCS A kJC YAi Uf ia in A ....... v t TW Lilt f f , . f j r r T1CHN.COI.OI - :. ..V 10 4 N. f ,-.i;ti:zi.a,J.grarTSTgr rtr.j ! r;t;.i.rT!rt!rT:xr!Tr!i-l Ci "THE A NEW MUSICAL REVUC fv fi Mu 1 ' fi IQ SHIS fi 11 fluff ( : ' Si 7 0 i1"1 4 ' PM Mt e j jn HI M las palmas u,;::;;., UN,, 8 f 114 oi ijf Xt, Z ADULT SCORCHERSt t lr tie. J JoniVVILKISSQ ff Lk. SLuw.Ct-LcKii cm" URIC p -it F'i , lt ft Sun. "EEND CF Th'E F.1YEH" TITTLE MASK" m igj s r The Mae( I Brill art feme? ;cj vd l po neN St2T I 4- " 1 " Tfi t f 3 1 ( . -r y V T ', - V"Tri5 ! ' r r I Clasts SUNDAY fiAf si & en;i iJS I'.ts U)l ri.u not m; I t?T ft MA&SMA HUNT in the cant.wetirtn romede K't "MARRIAGE-GO-ROUND' 7 - JV U I S- y ' ifnf ' two or THl p -llr t1. ( 'U XPtliML OR THE VTARS BEST t'Jircn In-. - 1 - f

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