Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 21, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 2
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TWO Catholic Students Can't Take Part In Exercises MOUNDSV1LLE. W. Va,-Wv-Twcnly-two Catholic members of Ihe MoundsviUc High School graduating class sat as spectators last I night at the commencement exercises from which tbey were barred' as participants. They received their diplomas later in the prin- 1 cipal's office. , ~ The 22. including class valedictorian Wilson Oldatier, had been forbidden by their parish priest ^EVENING TIMES; CUMBERLAND, MD* TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1957 Dial PA 2-4600 for * WANT AD Taker to attend the class baccalaureate service Sunday at Simpson Methodist Church. Louis K. Potts. Marshall County school superintendent, said all seniors were required to attend "both the baccalaureate and commencement exercises in order to receive Yeggs Ignore Sign On Safe CLARKSBURG, W. Va. ifi — A sign pasted over the safe in the principal's office of Norwood Junior High School in suburban Stonewood reads: "There is no money in safe. If! school diplomas and com-L educational reciuire- [yon don't believe it. here is the Thieves apparently didn't believe it. They batlered the safe' yesterday and scattered papers all over Ihe office. The only thing missing from the room was a screw driver. inmuinalion.' pletp their menLs." He said Principal I,. D. Wiant and his slaff, in barring (lie baccalaureate absentees from the commencement slagc. were "enforcing that requirement." Tlic Rev. B. F. Karrcll, parisb priest of Ihe 22 affected pupils. Raid the baccalaureate requirement was "a violation of the right of free exercise of religion." The 22 were among 26 Catholics in the class of 182. The other four attended (lie Sunday service and participated in last night's exercises, which went off as seliod- i ' , ,• • uled except for |hc omission of the! ° *„ , i ggmg ; Pr " ying and valedictory address loplns cn<lcd lale last n W»t when The barred pupils sal in a group'- gg rCSC " P worktrs '° m 'he at the commencement. Later they went lo Wianl's office and received their diplomas. Miner's Body Recovered In Pennsylvania I.VKENS, Pa. UP, — S o in e 82 . The baccalaureate sermon, on-' titled "Finding the Way," was delivered by the Rev. It, W. Cald- vvell, pastor of the United Presbyterian Church and former missionary to Egypt. ill >nvid Snydcr, 31-year-old i! miner who was buried feet below the surface a central Pennsylvania coal The body of the father of three :hildren was discovered by one of eight teams of Jive men each that bad worked since the victim was trapped by a coal slide early Fri- Bcivny Due To (Continued from Page 1) wet. I could feel sand between my teeth. It made me mad. "f called 'mommy, mommy,' but I couldn't hear anylhing." Benny said he did not know efforts were being made to rescue i-/-~" "• « «-uai auue lidliy ril- 1 tJiiisyivailJd Jimuuau lupuiltu day. Snydcr was working Ihe mine yesterday its nel income for Ihe with his brother, Jx;Roy, and r "~' ' "" "' """ — "" Mark Sponic, 65. The three owned him. "I went I _ _ up lols of limes," he said. "The last time I went lo sleep 1 woke in the hospital up in bed." The bed was where Benny was taken after his rescue. Benny told his story to his fa ther, Benjamin, 33. and mother, Borgbild, 39, ant! friends who visited him at the hospital. Net Income Drop Reported By PRR , . the diggings together. Dr. Samuel E. Hcrrold of Lykens. a deputy coroner, and one of the five rescuers who came upon Ihe body, said death was caused by suffocation. The body was discovered in „ water-filled pit in the west gang- -. un.t -1U11.U jjn in u ju wtfsi gang- sleep and I woke way, a new tunnel off the main shaft. Ifcrrold said Snyder appar- First minted coins appeared in New Year's Day. The delav the Aear Last about 700 B. C..iseemed to be answered in the and in China about the sameiaddress- timc - 'Space." CONVICTS BREAK OWN LEGS—Three prisoners who broke their own legs with sledge hammers at (he state prison quarry near Buford, Ga., show their casts for photographers today Two of Ihem were involved in leg-breaking episode last summer. Prison officials said none of them complained of ill treatment this time. ( ^ p ph olo i ot PHILADELPHIA, (Jf, Pennsylvania Railroad - The reported first four months of 1957 was 30 per cent iower than for Ihe comparable period last year. The 1957 January-April net was listed as $8,400,232, compared with 512,015,228 for the first four months last year. April earnings were reported as 53,033,148 this year, compared with $5,195,157—a drop of 41.6 per cent. - ently suffocated and Ihen loppled into the drainage pit. The hod.\ was removed to a funeral home". Modern Simla Clans BEAUFORT, S. C. l*-Around Christmas time, a local news- Bul „ ,, m , uc .,„„, llle llula , v _ paper apologized that one letter she had forgotten to return the lo Santa Glaus didn't arrive until books. Has Mental Lapse GRANITE, Okla. W> _ Mrs. Charles liodolph decided to improve her memory and checked out two library books on memory training. Three weeks later she got a notice from the library— Borden Firm Answers FTC Complaint On Milk Price -- - It is reported that Mount Evcr-1 "Santa "Claus—Mars— est rose 108 feet as the result of! WASHINGTON, l^-The Sylvan >eal Milk Company of Philadel-| phia has answered 'a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) com plaint of price discrimination by declaring that its lowered milk prices lo customers in the Wilmington, Del. area "were given in good faith to meet competitors' prices." Sylvan Seal is a subsidiary of the Borden Company of New York City. The Borden Company also charged with responsibility for the same price discrimination denied the allegation yesterday. It said it has not exercised authority or control over the business of Sylvan Seal, even though it owns the latlor's stock. Bordcn's answer also denied it 'has knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief" concerning the FTC charges against Sylvan Seal. Another good reason T4-H' FPl Hi [ tta__L±±i for going Greyhound hi ti H d H l\ EfiBHIB Storm Culs iO«t In Quit Doctors Say Artist Gave ?roper Reply NEW YORK (INS)-Television's big quiz program "TweBty-One" dcchkd today It had made a $73,500 boner and contestant Jim Snodgrasa —who lost a ch»n<T at (hat amount with a "wrong" answer—wai right after all. NEW YORK (*>-Medical expert lank Bloomgarden broke a tele •Ision quit show deadlock with irlist Jim Snodgrass last night ind won $73,500. But his triumph vas disputed. Bloomgarden w a s declared •hampion on NBC-TV's "Twenls One" after he had tied with Snod irass six times. That brought the 8-year-old medical research con suliant's total winnings on the' show to JI2«,OOfl. Master of ceremonies Jack Barry called Snodgrass wrong on a question dealing with human anatomy. But doctors around the coun- ry called up to say the 34-year- old New York artist was right. Snodgrass was asked to name lie five groups of bones in Ihe jackbone. He was ruled out when' le gave "sacrum" for the 'sacral" group. The others are mnbar, Ihoracic. cervical and coccyx or coceygeal. Bloomgarden's answers were he same as the official ones prepared for the program. The producers of the show said Jiey will decide later on whether Snodgrass was right or wrong. Bloomgarden has two weeks to decide whether to try for more money or settle for the $126,000. rain failures Up CHICAGO WV-Grain futures con- acts opened even to fractional- higher than Monday's close on e Board ot Trade loday. Key West Fla., at 24 degrees i minutes north latitude, Is the lulhermnost city ill the United beetles atcs. Market Drive Fallen NEW YORK UV-The stock mar. kel's upward drive faltered as prices were mixed in early trading loday. The skunk atds man by eating vast hordes of cutworms, potato while grubs and other crop ravagers. The commission's complaint ssued last March 15. also namec .he 612 Corporation of Ihe saint Philadelphia address as Sylvan Seal. This company, in ifs answei to the complaint, says it has nov disposed of all its assets and is ii process of dissolution. It said i has been purchased by Bordei and transferred to Sylvan Seal. The 612 Corporation said it hai given customers in the Wilmingto: area lower prices than chargei other customers but saici it did s in good faith to meet lower price offered by competitors. The FTC complaint chargei violation of the Robinson-Patma amendment to Ihe Clayton Act which forbids price discriminate "where the effect may be to les In East Pakistan, a strong sen competition substantially o young, male elephant is worth tend to create a monopoly." I from $800 to SI 400 Royalty Visits In Scandinavia COPENHAGEN Iji _ Scandinavia got a double dose of royal visitors today. Queen Elizabeth It and Prince Philip arrived in Copenhagen aboard their royal yacht Britannia for a three-day stale visit to Denmark and a few days of vaca tion alter. A Dutch naval squadron brought Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard into Stockholm, also for a three-day visit. tvLt}mt*te say they save money from oeffar t* roof by potting DeWalts on the job! This versatile, flexibl*' •fejflder's saw" fe many machines in one. Jt starts your house— finishes your house—saves you time and money and builds a belter house. It's fast, accurate, safe, depend able- Come m—see the Complete DeWalt line with th« latest safety and operating features. "* The SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL COMPANY Queen St. at B&O R. R. Dial PA 2-2600 (Continued from Page 1) Gebaur Air Force Base at Grandview, Power Service Cut Off Police also appealed for mobile generators and portable flood lights to facilitate rescue work. The slorm wiped out .-power service. The storm struck- first al Ottawa, Kan.. GO miles southwest of Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Marsh, in their 70s, were killed. A motel and restaurant were destroyed, five big transport trucks were upended and several houses were wrecked. The Kansas Highway Palrol reported 22 houses destroyed or heavily damaged at Rantoul. just cast of Ottawa. j| At Spring Hill, Kan., half way to Kansas City, the tornado smashed the new home of fsham t Davis and killed Davis, his wife ijand two daughters, 7 and 5. The black funnel veered slightly ] off its northeast course as it ap- ,proached Kansas City, dipping •icro5s Grandview. Ilickman Mills and Ruskin. Heights about 7:45 p. m. Kansas Cily radio and television stations had relayed repealed warnings from the Weather Bureau, advising residents lo take ) shelter in basements. l] The Bed Cross set up disaster headquarters. 1 i lire residential blocks of Ruskin Heights were demolished, liichard Randle was in the A & .P market when the slorm ij i struck. _ 1( "I shouted for everyone to lie II;jdown." he said. "Most of them jrijran to the bacfe of the store. Then idle roof fell in on Ihem. A woman I and a haby near me were on Ihe ; floor. The woman was hurt and [her husband was held fast by the debris. I grabbed the child and helped the woman oulside. The man shouted: 'My God, get my baby out of here." 1 No parking problem;. No driving fatigue. No traffic to wear on your nerves! It's nil true when you go Greyhound! Imagine— ilcliglilful air-conditioning that helps you forget the weather! Easy, reclining seals to relax you. Panoramic TO- RUNNING TIME • ultimate, Mi 4>ilm. WcsHington D. C <'/iliri. Allonhc City, NJ 10 lirl Nev, York, N.Y »i, k, s [ loston, Mosl 17 )ui. ONE WAY F*RE' ....S 3.70 .-...S 1.70 ....S 7.70 ,.,.S 865 ....S13.35 windows that bring the outdoors right inside. Plus washrooms on many hazes'. And frequent Greyhound schedules help yon gel there sooner! If'alch Greyhound's Stccc Allen Shoio on NBC-TV, Sunday nights. TO: RUNNING TIME ONE WAIT Williomsburj, Va. Pilliburgti, Fo ..... Chicago, III ...rT'ikn. . Pork. Wyo.72 htl S 7.40 S 3.45 11485 S42.00 . . ........ „„._ Loi Angiln, Col ...... Kl lirj ........ S57.70 'Plus Tax It's such a comfort to take the bus?, and leave the driving to us/ GREYHOUND 9 .'CUMBERLAND BUS TERMINAL, INC. U9 N. MECHANIC ST. PA 2-6226 —ADVERTISEMENT— Offers $50 for $1.50 far Going JAMES ADAMS" A special "Try-A-Loan" Plan is now being offered by Aetna Finance Co. so that prospective customers may see how quickly and easily a loan is made. The plan enables credit-worthy persons to get 550 on name only for 30 days at a lolal cost of just si.50. Larger amounts from $75 to $1000 are also available. Friendly, one-trip service is also featured. Call or sec the Aelna manager, 48 N. Cenlre St.. Dial PA 4-5800. (Loans over $300 made under Md. Industrial Finance Act). never * car //fee tfcfe S AY you like to grip the wheel of a really nimble handler. Say you like to push die beadle on a sweet and lively performer. And say that along with this kind of going—you like your stopping neat, solid, and sure. If such is the case, then this beauty comes gift- wrapped for you. It's the 1957 Buick we're talking about-power package first ckss — with performance that's a foy, a thrill, pure pleasure alt the way. This you'll find: yoiivenever before handled a car like thh. ~ With its new 364-cubic-incri V8 - with its new instant Dynaflow - with its new brakes, new ride, new steering, new readability, new every- f/img-this one makes driving more wonderful than you ve ever kno\vn it. It's like silk. Like honey. Like a lark on the wing or an arrow on its way. It's like nothing .!«, en 4 wheels. So come try this dream car to drive. Even the good news on price will make you happy. See your Buick dealer today. > Ittorxd VnfeUt til Big Thrills Buick -tngire YOUR AUTHORIZED a K «. A L K R

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