Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 5, 1952 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1952
Page 7
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY, 5, 1952 SEVEN Moore Files For Congress ANNAPOLIS — (IP} — George M. Moore, 33. (402 Deerfield Street). Sliver Spring, yesterday became the third Republican candidate to file lor the party's nomination lor Congress from Maryland's Sixth Congressional District, Moore, who last month announced j his resignation as chief counsel for i the Post Office and Civil Service i is a talented Chicago police officer. Committee in the House of Repre- "Dr. Crane, maybe you read the sentatlves, said he decided to enter | report about the two window the race "because my heart is heavy i smashers on the Northshore area," with anxiety over the future of our' he began. "Weil, we finally arrested the culprits. They were high school lads. "About midnight, they conceived The Worry CHnic By Or. George W. Crane == Editor's. N'o'<: R<*«d abo'Jt th« two vandals be.'fjv who arna.'hed 52,500 worth nl Tvfndowx. Do yfiii suppose th*y had an/ aense of money values? Would you s'vf.SK that, th^y had operated ;i nr u'.spapi'r fiuf;? Were they ri-i?ul'ir Suiriay .'Thooi attendants? Or mtMutrs o! tiie Boy Scouts? •Nu.'! saifii expensive country." As an advisor to members of Congress and congressional committees for the past ten years, Moore declared that he has "watched the mobile with brickbats. Then they executive branch drive our government into bankruptcy, coddle and protect Communists on and off the federal payroll and conceal the truth from the American people." The Republican Party, Moore said, must select leaders who "are dedicated to the preservation of individual liberty and consecrated to the task of rebuilding our government on the basis of morality, honesty and integrity. "I believe x x x I can give the people of the Sixth Congressional District the kind of representation they demand." Moore joins D. John Markey of Walkersville and Prank R. Long of Kensington in the party primary fight. Two Democrats have also filed for the seat—W. Prescott Allen of Bethesda and Mrt. Stella Werner of Chevy Chase. Others In both parties have indicated their intentions to file. neatly furnished with modern conveniences. These homes weren't good or the sons would not have been allowed to grow up with such a casual attitude j toward the value of money. ! You would not find newspaper CASE C-362: Albert V.. aged 37. carr i e r boys who would go forth on such a wasteful lark, just for "kicks." For newspaper boys, and all other youth who have actually toiled and sweat for their spending money, don't destroy property in this wanton fashion. You aren't likely to find any members of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or Camp Fire Girls who will show such vandalism, either. And regular attendants at Sunday school certainly would not be the type of young person to break windows. Yesterday I told ypu of the folly in giving children an "allowance." The "allowance" plan is really a form of "dole." It causes children to expect something for nothing. the idea of loading their old auto- crui 4 sed through r.he weatlhy residential district and tossed the bricks at costly picture windows, as well as several plate store windows in the .shopping area . "They were caught because one victim recognized their car as they went back over the area to see the darnge and consternation they had caused. "Their parents are fairly well off, so they are now paying the bill for the broken windows. It runs over $2,500 dollars. "The boys said they just did it for 'kicks'. How do you account for such vandalism on the part of young folks from good homes?" Homes aren't good just because they have well kept lawns and are But they should obtain it in the proper way, which, is by shedding sweat and gaining blisters or aching muscles. You-can set tasks to fit the limited strength and mental age. even of a kindergarten youngster. And be fair in your pay scale. Don't destroy the morale of the kids in the block by drunkenly offering your child or your baby sitter an excessive price for a given task. Many wealthy parents also err in this manner by overpaying their they want. But let them earn their money. Then, if they are later elected toj public office, we'll see them using more horse sense with our state and federal expenditures. We can't expect efficiency in government when millions -of homes are using the "dole" method of giving youngsters free allowances. • (Copyright by the Hopkins Syndicate Inc.i Dog Mourned YORKTON, Sask. — W) — Bert Lexier closed his billiard hall here for two days in respect to "Snooky," price scale. Don't exceed it but don't underpay your children, either. See that plenty of tasks are available so they can work as much as children. Instead, stick to your local nis ^ Boston bulldog that died at the venerable age of 14. The dahlia is named for the Swedish botanist Dahl. Inmates To Eat Cafeteria-Style ANAMOSA, Iowa—W) — Prisoners at the Iowa Reformatory here are going to have warmer food at mealtime if a plan under experiment works out satisfactorily. They will be fed cafeteria-style. Prisoners now file into the long dining room to sit at tables while other inmates bring their food in trays and buckets. Robert C. Lappen, chairman of the board administering state institutions, said he thought the food would be quicker and warmer it served on the cafeteria plan. Bread will be on the tables and coffee will be served at meals. P. T. Barnum sponsored Jenny Lind in her American debut. they don't earn don't even value the the And since money, they money very highly. "Easy come; easy go"; is still true of millions of children who are taught to expect something for nothing by this weekly training in getting something for nothing. We psychologists admit that children should have money to spend. You'll never know how good instant coffee can be until you try 45 Diesel Locomotives Scheduled For Thailand BANGKOK, Thailand — UP)— Delivery of the first of 45 diesel locomotives ordered from the United States by the Thai Railways Organi- sation is expected in April. Officials announced the first shipment probably will consist of four or five of the 30 500-horsepower engines ordered. The remainder ordered were 1,000 horsepower locomotives. Oak wilt attacks shade and ornamental oaks as well as those in forest stands. Free Yourself from laxative slavery Try this delightful family breakfast treat! Eat a generous bowlful (about i/z cup) of crisp, toasty KeUogg's ALL-BRAN with sugar and cream. Drink plenty of liquids. ALL-BRAN is the natural laxative cereal that may help you back to youthful regularity, lost because of lack of bulk in your diet. It's the only type ready-to-eat cereal that supplies all the bulk you may need. 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Although a master of menus, Bertie can't make good coffee. Anybody can make good coffee with grand-flavored Instant Chase & Sanborn! WILBUR wants to be alone—confesses coffee's his companion. But loves it Jresh. Left-over brews go down the drain so he's always broke! He'd save S and enjoy fresh coffee always with Instant Chase & Sanborn! Regular jar costs far less than a pound of ground coffee! PET! likes to play host to his poker dub. Makes coffee at midnight— but takes so long the boys would rather do without! He should make Instant Chase & Sanborn by the potful! Quick and easy! Just one rounded teaspoonful for each cup wanted—add equal number of cups of hot water—and stir! WITH A <3 LANE CEDAR CHEST Handsome waterfall design in American Walnut and Paldao woods. DOWN DELIVERS EASY WEEKLY PAYMENTS AS ADVERTISID IN LIFE E. V. COYLE'S 45 Baltimore St. "I can afford this 'YOUNG MAWS- Here is one of Farm Bureau's special insurance plonks nffcring maximum protection at low cost: Suppose you have a wife and two ch lldrcn , aged 3 and 1 . If your family is pro/acted under tliLs plan with a $5,000 20-year Family Income Policy — and. if your death should occur even in the firKt year after the policy is issued — your family would receive: An JZmcrppncy fttnti nf $1,000 (to meet doctors' bills, hospital bilh. etc.) $ I, (100.00 A RfuljiuHmrnl Inrome of $Jl)l) pi-r month for 12 months A S I early Income nf PIT month hp.ginninR with tlif 1,1th mnnth following death and contimting for 19 full yearn A l.itnip Sum of $4.000 in cash (or its equivalent, in ft monthly inrnmr) nt tttf end of the 20-ycnr prrind 1,200.00 Jl,lf)0.00 4.000M provides sound security—budget-tailored for young Americans. SOUND BACKING—The policy is backed by one of the nation's soundest and most progressive insurance organizations. Founded on the principle of "more service to more people at less cost," Farm Bureau provides sound and thrifty insurance protection for more than 1 \^ million city and farm families. It will be worth your time to {ret full details of this sensible family income program. It's as simple ns a phone call to your nearest Fnrm Bureau representative. You'll always be happy that, you did it nmr. Totnl Vriymrnt* Inl-'/itnily $I7,fiOI).f)l) you are ynt/ng, healthy and productive. . . . the premium is lnn<. As the children grow up and ynur responsibilities grow lighter . . . thf> coverage can safely taper nff, and the. plan can he converted to a retirement income for you . Throughout your lifetime. Farm Bureau insurance. is also a dependable, source {or emergency cash loans. Call the farm Bureau man today — let him help you lift a hig load off your mind! . . . right now! No putting off until I'm 'belter fixed'. This remarkable insurance gives UK exactly the kind of protection u'e need — for much less than I believed possible." BUDGET-WISE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES—This UD- UBual policy is planned and priced for young families with modest incomes. It offers "big insurance'' protection for small investment, when children are young and the need is greatest. Most life insurance policies must be sold. This plan is being bough! by thousands of families who have heard of its low-cost broad protection features. It FARM MUTUAL'WrOMOBILE lUSUHANCE CO«PA»¥ * F*R« BUREAU WUTUAt FIB6 INSURANCE COMPANY '. FARM BUREAU LITE IM9URANCE COM^AHV Regional Office, Farm Bureau Insurance Co. 1832M Street, N. W. Washington 6, D. C.

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