The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1936
Page 6
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six BT.YTBEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28,>;1<)8G , Generals Unofficial Defeats Blytheville At Memphis, 7 to Or -.--T...-L-... i _ ___ , _—,__ 1 — 1 _— , . IMi • J • . • the Chlekasaws held a decided edge over the Misslsslpplahs, running up a total of 15 to Columbus' 10. Tho ChlcKosavv. passing attack, never better than last night, had the spectators gasping for three quarters. The' Chicks tried a total of 18 passes, completing 9 ,and having 2 intercepted^. Tlic Generals attempted only 1 . 10 , passr.s, completing one and having 2 Intercepted. The Chlekasaws were sot back oh their heels and forced to wage a stlfr danger none defense ns the game opened. Burton kicked off to M. Campbell on Columbus' 15 yard line Und Campbell, after apparently plunging Into a mass of players at about Columbus' 40 yard line' shot suddenlly out Into the ojien and was barely pulled 'down , ,--' Tri-State Title; -Chicks' '"„; Winning Sfreak Halted - -""-It happened last nlghtl •^The Blvthevlllc Chicks winners of 28 straight games and leading "claimants of the Arkansas state 'title, lost their flist game since on Blythcvillc's 45 sard line, camp' ,"1933 at Crump stadium, Memphis bcl1 nn(1 Bruce picked up a Jlrst •The team that handed the Chicks *>»" ^ thc Chicks' 35 In Uo tries "their overdue licking vas Coluni- nl " 1 lllc " Dodwn pushed the ball bus, Miss Lee high .school. Tho " vards I" ^o lric ^ f or anoOici fcore was 7 to 0 nrslp down °" tjl11 cll!c k 24-yard •"Before a ciovvd, estlmfilcd m lm « BlytheMlle took lime out and a/wind 5,ffoo who paid to see llie " D(xl ' i0 " " mc **<* »'"> "> • the game, piobubly the largest W td * * l >'B ht end D 04 ^" l> lckc<i v crowd to witness a prep school »P 3 yaidsaud the Generals v.ere struggle in Memphis this year, cl °« lo Bl J r , ttall1les l . 0 -'the powerful Generals, undo- Then Dodson tossed a pass In- feated foi two seasons but tied , t-rlumbui Get,, Ntw Hope ;eirly this fall took advantage of lct ' tl « d foi J. Dodson, light cnJ .Iheir big opportunity to score »' lrt Walker nlcrceplcdIt on about , -while the Chicks failed to cash hi! ''l 0 ,, 8 >™' " lle ' returning U to the , ,>'on even g.ealer opportunity 1 B > h " 11Ie 12 The threat appcar- !.The game was billed l£ deciding <* l °^ m " but relief for Bly-the unofficial tri-stale 01 mid-, , Ulcvlllc * tts only temporary-very , "south title v temporary Hulchhxs slashed thru r^It »as a thrilling game through- thc »"« f f « ><" (ls ^ul, the play L™,i ,.,,n, ».,„ !„„ L« m , h,tni«o »»s called back and Blytheville with the Uo tenms bittlmg first in one part of the field and J - ', j.then another. But to Louis Camp- fjifU third string quarterback for the Generals ,wenl the elorj 1 of scoring the only touchdown of v *the rilp and tuck battle. With the , * CJ\!cks closely watching the All„ Dixie ace of the Generals, Leslie * ' l Dodson, the Misslsslpplans pulled ^'smart trick out of theli bag lo 'score from Bl j thev ille's 7 said ",lUie ,Dodson took the ball from J 'tenter but instead of running with * ;Uv-shoveled a lo* P<"s to Camp./bell as the lattei sped by him. r -, 'nri(J Campbell slashed through the -^forward wall and was right on the »'goal lUie before^ the Chicks real- ^)r»d he had the ban. He was tack~*led but his drive carried him across Ihe goal line Dodson place > ^kicked the extra point - Goal.Line Fumble ' ' l The Chicks' greatest scoring op* pottunity came in the second quarter though an end zone Interception of a pass and another Interception i later in penalized 5 yaids for offside. Hutchins picked up a scant yard on hts next try and Moslcy went bilck Into the end nm\c to inint out. His kick yins partially blocked and Columbus was given possession of the ball on Blytheville's 21 yard, line, after-Warrlngton recovered the ball and raced to Columbus' 40 but the ball was ruled dead. Douson got 2 yards in 2 tries at center, Bruce lost n yard and n long pass, Campbell to prank, fell Incomplete • ov cr' Ihe e oar 11 no. Mosley punted out and Columbus' attack couldn't get anywhere, a bad pubs fiom Center forcing the Generals deep Into lliclr o\vn tcrrl- lory Then Bruce punted out nicely to the Chick 35 yaid line and Mosley stopped It back In a nice bit of broken field running to Columbus' 43 jard line With a pass, Mosley to Besharse, for 21 jards spanning most of the distance, the Chicks in turn took the offensive play away from Columbus and moved :lo the Coinm- ty play o_ut of their bag on a fake plint foim'atlon to send the bull up to their 30 yard lins and out of the danger zone. The offense bogged down and Bruce kicked out to 30, Mosley bringing It » KS .'""ibus' 17 jard line There Hutchms • K >,i 8 SP ^ ° [tumbled and Campbell recovercc chances A Mixing uncanny pass , or CoUlmbus ^ Ulc Gencra i s throwing and catching with run- |)n j lcd lhc old'time-worn butTe: tMr« ^ard^neV thTG^S lqUCnUj sl "* CSSfllt Sl^e of Llbcr- 5 vard line soon after the second j nuarter opened, a sensational pass, Moslcy (o, Besharse climaxing the ,' advance to that point Then Mos- lei 1 ^ced around right end to the Generals- 1 ' 2 yard line on the r fir£t Jry after a first down. W,Ith the '^Blytheville' supporters yelling loud- ly v for , a touchdown Walker, Ewi'ched from center to fullback, ," moVed 'tfie ball up to the one yard line. He struck the desperately r ,baltllng General forward wall / again and it yielded barely two feet' On fourth down with about a Joot to go Walker slid off right end 'he stepped onto the 'goal/line'die-'fumbled, and Bruce, Columbus' outstanding star of the night, picked the ball up on the bounce and scampered out \o 1 Columbus' 25 sard line before he was halted. (V'The game had everything that < was needed to make it a thriller. The sensational punting of Co- lumbus'Sonny Bruce and the amazing pass throwing ability of Blytheville's Russell Mosley and pass snagging record of his receivers for, three quarters, until the Chick attack became desperate, aston- "* "Shed Memphians who turned out in large numbers to see the crack Mississippi and Arkansas elevens battle. The widely heralded Leslie Dodson oj Columbus lived up to most of'the good tilings that hart < ibeen said about him while Blythc Wile's Captain Walker, who had ~" been subjected to the glare of ccn * tral publicity along with Dodsor played a fine game despite Ills un fortunate fumble, reeling off gain after gain on off tackle smashes ' It was a game In which It al ways seemed that something wa going to happen every minute— and the complexion of the baltl did change with lightning Ilk rapidity on several occasions costly breaks—due to over eager ness-of the offensive ball club o "• alert defense of the goal protect Ing club—which every way yo • 4 care to view it—upset potent! > " touchdown advances Arkansan , 'Blytheville fans in particular, we ~- anxious for the Chicks to eve the score after Columbus ha counted- Mlssissipplans, on tl other hand, were intent on a o^her touchdown, fearful that t 7-point lead would not prove su ficlent to win the ball game. Mei phlans and, other neutrals watc ed'the game for, the game's sake and they all stayed until the final gun. , ' Generals Interftrence' Superior - "*-- players of both teams who with little Pick of ihe Pigskin Parade iftck to'ihe 38 jnrd line Hutchlns en picked up B yards on a reverse id another jard as the quarter ided prom Iheic the Chicks arched on their lll-fatcrt touch- drive that ended with the mble on the Generals' goal line After Bruce ran back Walker's mble to the Columbus' 25 ynrc ie, Blsthcvllle drew a 5 yard pen- ty foi excessive time out when 'alker was hurt on the play He ased in the game, however. .Walker Intercepts Pass The break gave Columbus new Tc and the Oeneials swept up the Jd to the Blytheville 35 yard lini Hh Bruce unreeling a 14 jard nn nd Dodson a 17 jard gallop The enerals' attack faded away bu ne kicking artist Bruce came thru untlng out of bounds on Bis the ille's 7 sard line Blythevill- ouldn't advance and Mosiey punt d out to Dodson who slgiiallei or a fair catch on Blythevillc s 36 olumbus got but 2 sards In 3 play nd again Bruce canie through icktng up the ball on a bad piss rom center and punting out 01 Blylhevllle's G yard line. Mosley got a yard and then Wai er slammed off left tackle for I •ards from punt formation, foi owed with 4 more and then plcke up 7 more after Prank had throw Mosley for no gain on an attempt d end run. Then Moslcy fnde rack to pass but ran instead an -he Chicks were past their 30 yan Ine and definitely out of <!ecp Blj theville territory a s the half eiidec The Chicks started toward th Columbus goal with a rush to ope the second halt but an intercept" pass turned the tide of battle pi the Chlckasaws back in their Iron m , and1 , ke P t thc P% 1" Blsthi ville territory until Columbus nw aged to push over the'game's on) touchdown. That Man Bruce Apiln Columbus kidcd off short to B! theville's 34 yard line, Walker w stopped at left tackle but Mosl came through with a 16 jard pass r£i, ¥** at ml<uleltl »nd the Chick wlngman ran to Columbus' ?iL bef0r ? ^'"S do™" 1 Walker "Team Without Star" Leads; Gopheis Given Two Positions By-HARRY GRAYSON Sports Editor, NBA Service CHICAGO — Middle west liad 'la'ckle, gives Ohio state a place. Dr. • George Hauser Minnesota line coach, describes Ear! Evend- scii as the finest of the long line of remarkable Gopher c3nters. Cliff Kuhn, guard, was the bulwark of a very light Illinois. forward . vyall. H-would be interesting to watch Biilvlf).' Heap,. and Isb3ll work behind .the blasting Vanzo and a line composed of Kovatcli, O'Neill. Widseth, Hamrlck, Reid, Knhn'. and Svendsfiil, It also would be the delight of a coach fielding that kind of a ball club. I'osilion First Team I.,. B.—Kovalch, Northwestern [,. T.—Widseth,'Minnesota L. G.—Held, Northwestern (C) C. —Svendsen. Minnesota more good backs the season just p ? Hnm?lrt nhta closed than ever before Linemsn „' v'~n-» ,n :, ? R. E.—O'Neill, Notre Dame Q. B.—Vanzo, Northwestern L. H.—Bulvid, Marqu'etlc R. II.—Heap, Northwestern P. B.—Isbell, Purdue of note were scarce Naturally, the better clubs were Northwestern and Minnesota It i was quite a jump to the .rest of them. The pre-season tragedy re| ductd Purdue's effectiveness after Second Tean: I a. flying start. : L. E.—Patanelli, Michigan Marquette's rise was a. distinct L. T.—Gibson, Northwestern 'eaturc of. the campaign, with L. G.—Bu.riiiei.ster, Purdue Ray (Buzz) Bulvld perhaps the C. —Fuller, Northwestern outstanding player of the year. a football season replete with thrills in the midwest, these four grlddcis stood out to make the first team of NEA Seivice's All- ulwcst selections They aic Charley Hanii'lck, upper left, Ohio Stale tackle; Ed Widseth, lower left, Minnesota tackle; Ray <Bii7z> Bulvlil, center, Mnrqueltc ; back and passer, and Don Heap, light. Northwestern triple-threat luminary. ™ en . up 2 yards at right tackle, added 2 more about the same place and Moslei stepped back to pass on the next play He heaved one down to Columbus' 30 yard line but the alert Bnice In- missed fire In the second quarter on Columbus' goal line lire™ against Blytheville's than,any team the Chicks havj faced this season.' On the h*nd Frank, General left eiid,I termed such. *«s i constant .stumtmn* block -Dodson picked up 4 at right ti hfcv '• nS» warrington,! * &nd a(W W « at center for . . u aotfn D&S.CPJ; in\down - " ' " unusual fashion. lh« sit.1 ».- 4 j — . ••—"—B«"'»J ™ -..%* «v»M\^a o «v wriitvi iur a nrv ,, Chick end, pulled down pisses laidowji on the chicks' n vard lm» . «mm»l f« htn , ««•_ Hc yas held without gain on S,"e of ,.ttK\. downs next play but circled end and ou bounds on Blylhevllle's 11 yard ic on the next play. Dodson fumed on the next play on Blythe- llc's 7 yard line and Mosley: plck- 1 Up the ball, running 96 yards TOSS'the Columbus goal line while ie Blytheville. stands went wild, lie ball was called back, however, id given lo Blytheville on its 7 arc! line''.where the: referee 'ruled ie ball was^ dead. Walker got 2 yards at ^left end id Mosley kicked out w'eakly to nice on Blytheville's 30 und he ished It back to Blyth&vllle's -lf>. was the touchdown sendofl. otlson circled right end for 8 yards • 5 Blytheville's 7 and then Louis ampbell slashed across With the level pas's from Dodson .behind ie line Dodson's kick was high id squarely between' the cross ars. Columbus kicked off ,aml Hut- ihis moved it up to the Blythc- lle 40 yard line. .The Chicks got in Uo plajs but a 15'yard pen- lty,.Tor illegal, use. of .the hands et them back Then Moslcy pass I to Warrlngton for a first down n the Columbus 44 Mosley got 4 t right end Walker 7 at left tack c and .the ohicks wars on Columus' 34 yard line Mosley lost 12 hen smothered while back to pass I't Hutchlns came \bnck with : 7 ards Then Walker went off lift nckld to Columbus' 24 yard line or foot short of a'first down,': On nc next play the/ Chicks crossed p the Columbus defense by pass ig and the heave was good, Mos ey lo Roberts, for a flrsl down on Jhnubus' 12 yard line Again the Chicks .were roaring nlo touchdown territory but again II Interception . upset their chanc- s On flist down down Mosley >nsscd over the goal line and the ver alert Bruce intercepted' It here,: with Wnrrlngton bcj'ond'hlm n the end zone, and raced it back o Columbus' 24 yard' line. Coliim- ms was moving back toward mid leld as the third quarter ended, n >nss Dodson to Campbell, being completed on Columbus' '42 yard inc. Dodson got a yard at right, tackle and Walker grabbed the'ball'as iodson fumbled It, racing over the Columbus • goal line. The referee ruled the ball dead at the time and t was still Columbus' ball. A line play .gained little and Bruce punted far downfied to Blytheville's u yard line rounded.': carry it out far enough and Mosley punted' out to the Blytheville 39 yard line. A Columbu spass was Incomplete'.and Meredith Intercepted another on the Blytheville 10 yard line and rtiirned it to the 19 yard line. A pass clicked for 4 yards and Moslcy added 3. Then Mosley went through center for 7 yards. Three '^successive passes were Incomplete. and he punted to Dodson on Columbus' 20. Dodson' attempted to lateral to Campbell when trapped but it was ruled a forward pass and the ball was downed on Columbus' 23. Columbus drew a 15-yard penalty on the olny but Bruce was the handy man again and he punted out past mid- leld into Blytheville territory. Mosey was tackled hard bv Leslie Dodson attempting to bring the bat back. Walker gathered B yards off right tackle and. Mosley pfcked up 4. A bad pass from .center and Moslev lost 6 yards. A pass fell Incomplete and Moslcy kicked lo Columbus' 19 yard line. Bruce kicked it back to Ihe Blytheville 40 and Mosley re lurned to the 47. The Chicks were trying despcr atcly to score. A pass, Mosley tc Warrington fell Incomplete. Mos ley back 1 lo pass again was throwi for a 12 j-ard loss. Mosley trtec fight end but netted only a yarc He then kicked to Columbus' 4 and Dodsoii returned to Blythe vills's 40 Dodson lost 5 j-ards an Bruce came .through with a punt t Blytheville's 6 yard line. It was their last chance with lit Lou Sidesteps-and Loses against linemen who do not charge, but a line that does-not charge is more easily set back than'one that does- Therefore, this play, keeps the defense between two fires and for that reison Is fundamentally sound. ; • : Harvard developed mouse-trapping most highly and Dartmouth used It expartly,- • particularly against Columbia's hard-tharging forwards. •Another campaign North western : was supposed to b2 a-club carried along by team play. Ine balance throughout, and spirit rather than individual play. The Laughing Boys of the Lake Front, were all-that, but don't let them tell you that, they .were : an outfit without-a star. • Seven; of them show tin on'three All-Midwest clubs picked by this 'writer for NEA Service, with, the advice, assistance, and i suggestions of coaches, players, and typewriter wreckers. .. : '-....' 1 A team -without ' a ; star, eh? Well, all the Evahston aggregation had was; : , - - . .-. , . \ : ; Captain Steve Reid,'one of the finest running guards in the busi- slid ; away from this at him by- Jlmms ifcLarnm former welter king, but Lou wasn't that lucky alllthrough their .to-round- M^adison I Square Garden alTiaj Jimmy won ; easily, in the non'litle battle several occasions. where the ball was The chicks ! couldn't breaking Lou's -nose and having him "groggy on se The Vancouver Irishman had un • eight-pound edge lie more than; a minute' to go and the chicks knew It. ,' Moslcy passed to Roberts out to Blytheville's 1G yard line. A pass fell incomplete. Walker cracked through for B yards. A pass .was Incomplete. Moslcy raced around right cud for 12 yards to the Blytheville 37 yard line. Walker picked , up 5 to the Blytlfcvlllc 43 yard line. Besharse got a yard at left. end as the game ended. . The line-ups: • ' -. ' Columbus ' Pos. Blytheville Frank ; ..LE. ....... Robarls Hardy •.;.- ...LT. ....;.. Burton B LarryG NEW YORK.— \ fense were more last football sense fore: For exampl a five-man line and Southern Me an eight-man 111 in • j weights; advance in the last was the use by good combinations of the' forward pass as an integral part of the offense and not just when big yardage was needed or when the running attack failed., Teams passed on.first dawn this fall more than they did. on thhird down, which forriierly w as considers* orthodox. .'...-• Lateral passing did' not increase and probably wasn't attempted as a year ago. The majority of successful laterals were on tile end of reverse'plays, which Is the most cpnservat!vc.-v.'ay this type of pass can -be used.-- ; Even Colgate, which did'so much to -po;/ularize It did little down field lateral pass- •ing ,-; .-.;' : .; >:• ;•'.'''-;: ! ' . • Keeping Teams In f Stride ! ••'••• Keal Coaching Problem l Fundamental .aspects.and• occiirv renccj, did- not change noticeably' from those of any-other 'campaign. Really good arrays composed :of veterans toppled from the notches that apparently were carved, for >'••'in »s In thjVcase of Princeton. The reasons for these happenings are hard :to explain, .bub generally they are caused by momentary'let- downs, mental attitude, or breaks that prove turning points. ! • Frequently, clubs, ordinary insofar as technique is concerned,'are made good by individuals possessing character and personality to mold them into real Organizations. Many teams hit exceptionally high spots during;a.campaign, but Intersperse these with ordinary psr- formanccs. This is;the most difficult problem a coach has to face: .Coaches study human nature and psychology, but no one yet has hit upon a formula that : will keep a team in full stride in every game I.ions-B«ars Best Card DETROIT.—Detroit Lions, National Football League champions and Chicago Bears, strong contend- lolloman ...... C Walker O. McDowell ..RG .v.' Moody Groves .......\RT wise . Dodson .....RE warrington 3ox ...-...-..'. .'.QB .. Meredith Bruce .... !....HB .:...... Mosley \I. Campbell ..HB .'..:'.. .Beshar^s . Dodson .....FB Hutchins Substitutions: '(Columbus) — v. Thompson, Jqrdon, L. Campbell; A. Dodson; ' tBlythevillc) — H. Bunch, Bartholomew. Officials— Sanders <Tex. Aggies), referee; Cavette (C.B.C., Memphis) umpire; Hale (Millsaps) field judge; Wades-' (Ga. Tech) headlinesman. Colgate. ers, probably present the -biggest drawing card In professional football when pitted against each oth- : Don Heap, blond halfliack ' and kicker who* posssssed the; knack of rising to the occasion in key plays in tight spots'. •' ''•.-. ;:•.;<;.! : ': ' -.•'• Blocking Gels Recognition .: iFiprce Fred-.;Vanzo,- : fij . blocking quarterback, who turned in :one of: the outstanding : exhibitions :of the campaign 'against..Minnesota."' Johnny Kovatch, - who played i in opposing •', hnckfields '' and carried the ''.the.moist accomplished back on end around plays. Kovatch is the fourth Nprthwcst- crn man on NEA's first All-Midwest team of 1G3S. Th? board.rele- aatad if on Fuller, center, and De- Vitt .Gibson, hiige 'tackle,.'to the ecohd lineup only after a .lot'of ea'd scratching. : g .'..;., ','' ^ !'-'•; 'II 1 'was bad enough'; to ' toss Les chreiber, .tremeiidous i;guard,''^to he third tcani,' but <lisiti'lssin» with .onorable mention backs like. Bsr- le.Jefferson, atcve Toth, and Don 1-eyer; an end-like. Johnny Zitko; .tackle on 'the''order, j .of Bob /eights; and n' center: with the apabllitles of Erwln Wegner pqsi- iyely leaves a selector-with a guil- y c'onscieiic-2. ' '- : . As you may have" suspected, 1 i> <x>k; considerably nior'e'"than- fine alance : throughout :iiid spirit to vin' Northwt'slerh's 'first undis- nited Western Conference . cham- Jionshlp. ,. .. •"•'".•. Cecil-Isb;li of Purdue .is the ourth man'in ihe- : first'inidwesl tarn's backfield. Like Buivid and leap, the Boilermaker, did every- ning well, airt was, as Bernie Bler- nan says,'a poisonous back despite an injured shoulder. • Kayo Widseth Scores Joe'o'Nsili of Notre Dame is i warded the end opposite Kovatch He ' has kicked superlatively, l.< adept at snagging p'asses, and the remainder;_:of;,his .-play : is -good enough. .. It i,would- take more' than punch that Ed Widseth .is alleged o have taken at Don Oeyer, the penalty, for which set Northwest ern -up for Its winning touchdown against Minnesota, to keep the co captain of the Gophers off the All Midwest. Bierman calls Widseth :he best tackle Minnesota has since Bronco Nagurski. The Bron co started at that position, ' now. Charley Hnmrick, great defenslv R. G.—Nelson, Iowa R. T.—Golemges'ke, Wisconsin R. E.—Antil, Minnesota Q. B.—Art Gueps, Marquette L. II.—Uram, Minnesota R. H.—Huffman, Indiana' P. B.—Drake, Purdue Third Tram . E.—Mason, Iowa . .. T.—Del Sasso, Indiana i. G.—Lauterbach, Marquette C. —Wolf, Ohio state :. G.—Sehreibcr. Northwestern I.T.— Midler, Minnesota . -• R. E.—Wendt; Ohio State Q. B.—Wilkinson, Minnesota j, H.—Brandstatter, ; Michigan St. B. H.—Tonimerson. Wisconsin '• B.-^Jankowski, Wisconsin H6NORABLE MENTION: -End's —King, Minnesota; Harris, Iowa- Nelson, Illinois; Kelker, Western Reserve; Zitko, Northwestern- Cumiskey.•• .Ohio State. < Tackles-Voights, jNorthwestern; ••. Stsinkem- per, Notre Dame;. Seifert, Marquette; Speelman. Michigan, stats; Slegel, -Michigan. Guards—Schultz Minnesota; Smith, Ohio State; Pay, Illinois; Schroeter, Detroit; Liggett Iowa. Centers—Sayre. Illinois- Bell, Purdue; Osmaloski, Iowa- Mundee, Notre Dame; We»ner', Northwestern.. Q u a r t e r b acks— Strong;, Illinois; O'Reilly and Pu- Many teams kept .opponent.' n a quandary by changing their defensive setups from play to play. Possibilities of this phase of the game barely have been touched upon, and the better minds look for considerable development along this Hue during the next few. years. The most prominent .addition to the defense in 1936 was the revival and development of "mouse- trapping." Nearly every -club used It'to a greater or i less degree. Many outfits had this type of play to hit every hole along the defensive line. In the Haighton era at Harvard U was called the "psy- tveiser Cage Teams Win chological play," and was highly | developed against the defensive j right tackle. | The play's success Is based on , YarKrn On Tnpsrlav' allowing- a defensive lineman to r larDToyn, mesaay, Charge8 t hro ,, gh unmolested at a " T •'••.,. i man who apparently has the ball. KEISER, Ark.-Thc Reiser Yd- , n footba1 , language it is called lowjackcts opened tlie basketball, "chasing a butterfly,'' as the faker season Tuesday night by defeating | retains possession • of the pigskin, both teams from Yarbro on the | \ V hcn the defensive lineman Kelscr court. Tlie girls' game was charges through, he Is blocked close, Kciscr winning by the slim margin of 21 to 20. The boys won by the score of 32 to 7. The girls' team, county cliomp- tons last year, Is crioplcd by the loss of most of last year's outstanding players. With a little practice, however, the new members of the squad give promise ot becoming a powerful sextet. Coach Frank Sanders of Osceola officiated. from nn unexpected angle, and the ball Is carried through the hole left by the lincmaV. * . This type of play will not work %; News Want Ads TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. ' Abstracts, Lands & Loans E. M. Tcrty, Trcs; and Mgr. Phono 617 Blythcvillc,-Ark. City Highly Fingerprinted BERKELEY, Cal. (UP) —The city's voluntary finger-printing campaign resulted in a-total o" 52,400 fingsr registrations out o: total population of 85,000. THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE Featuring electrical fixtures fro. 51 IP, Weslinghpiise appliances all kinds of lamps, inexptnsiv bridge prizes and a line of belte grade toys. Walpole Electric Shop JOS W. Main Phone 31 WRESTLING Every Monday Night 8P.M. AMERICAN LEGION STADIUM - Notre Dame; Dve. Ohio State- Shenk, :..Iowa;:, Ripley,' Detroit; HBsrr., Baldwin-Wallace.- Halfbacks —Kabealo, Ohio State; Alfonse, Minnesota; Palumbo and- Faikas Detroit;-. Ritchie and Smithers' Michigan;/Jefferson, Northwestern-1 yyojcihpvskl.:-Wllkie an'd McCbr- mlck, Notre Dame; : Cuff, ! Mar- quetle; Rcdak,: .Western Reserve; Schosn ; and : Noble, Balds-in-Wal- Ince; Pirige] :and 'CoplidgCy Michigan - State. .Fullbacks—To'th and Geyer.. Northwestern; Danbom Notre / Dame; . Hilti, Iowa; • Buhier Minnesota; McDonald and. Rabb Ohio State: 7,-ti,. Western R/>se'rve- ! Wilson, .Illinois. -.•'• ,', . ,.', '•.»;«• i Play Billiards! • Wholesome Recreation Moderaiely, Priced ' Blytheville Recreatioh Center 31G W. Main - Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy. . GARNER APPLETON MARVIN CHAPPELL Open All Might ROAD AND WRECKER SERVICE Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co LAST NOTICE ON LEVEE TAXES Delinquent Date DEC. 1st Pay Now and Save Penalties and Costs MRS. LYN P. GOOCH, Collector At Courthouse, Blytheville

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