Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 12, 1969 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1969
Page 6
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Mland* Ooity Fodt 6 - Widnwdoy, Fab. 12.1969 Surcharge may eat up any tax refund By RAY Df CRANE NEA Staff Writtr U you are one o( the lucky ones vbo have become accustomed to getting income tax refund checks, don't make plans for spending this year's check. Yoa might just not get one. If you do. it could be conader- ably smaller tiian in former j-ears. And if yoa have been in the habit of making • payment whea yon file your retaim, be prepared for a shock when you do yonr iSgaring on the tax re-i turn that wiU be doe by Aprili 15. Ounces are good that yon Hill be making a bigger payment (his year. Blame it all on that 10 per. cent income lax surdiarge. When Congress passed the sur-i chaise last summer they madei it retroactive to April 1 of last year. Increased withholding from paychecks to offset the higher taxes didn't begin until after July IS. That three and a half month's lag between the imposition of the tax and the start of faigben uithholding nill have to be made up vhen you file your return. The surcharge is a tax on a tax. This means that after figuring your tax on the old basis yon will now add • percentage onto it in the form <rf a surcharge. Tbty call it a 10 per cent sur-, charge, but since it was in ef-; feet to only three-fourths of last j-ear — from April 1 through Dec. 31. — the rate for 1968' nill be per cent j To determiDe which group uUli be (be hardest hit by the impact of the surcharge, the writer worked out five examples — a angle person n-ho earned $7500 last year and a married tna^; with a wife and tm dependents-j For the family man, four income: levds were considered. | In all cases the standard deduction was allowed. Here are Oie icsuUs: Tbt mmanied person with the $7500 income will owe a total tax of $1255.16. His withholding tax wiU faU short bf $5306 from paying his tax bill. He will have to make out a check for that amount when he files his returiL The father with two children received a refund check for $52 last year after reporting on his SIO.OOO income. Instead of a refund he will owe $26.75 this year. If be made $12,500 last year, he will owe an additional $70.35 an top of the $1673.20 that had been withheld. Ibe $15,000 father of two will have to ante up an additkmal $226i» with lus retuni. His total tax IHU WiU be $2334J0. And if his total salao' was SSSfiOO last year, be will be in for a real shock it he hasn't set aside $SK.70. Tliat's how much his $45633 in withholding tax will fall short of paying lus to^ tax d $S2S8J0. Dinranftt mcnrlcs 76th birthday quittly HOLLYWOOD (UPI)-Jimmy Durante tuned 76 Monday. The comediao marked the occasion by rabeaning for a forthcoming televisian show. "After work I'm celebrating my 76fli anniversary on the globe with a qiiiet diuftr at borne with my wife Marge and my daughter Cece and a few dose personal fiiends,"-said the Schnozzola. 'Ibe best present I got is mj- { good health to which I Ihankj God." j Durante works about six months of file year on tdeiision and in nitfitdubs and theaters. Student tries break'in at Texas prison HONTSVnXE. Tex. CUPI)- Offidals at the'Texas Penitenti- aiy Vonday hivestigated the stranfe case of a IS-jnear-old Texas AUC afaident niio tried twice to break into the prison. As. he reached the top of a chain link fnce on the second try. effioats ordered him down and arrested bim. The fence surromdad the prison diagnostic uniL The naUb said last remembered bong in Bo'an.; Tex.. «tere A&X is located. Dr. Geotse Beto, du«ctor of the! prim «ystem, mii the student! was Wlearad earty this week after sebool ofGdab were nutified. WASHINGTON (VPl) Ti umitia from the United States. Great Britain and West! Gecaasjr are drifting across the AflaMie Ocean nofth of the eqiM*» ii a itndy of tiie wind and aen. Vsv sii^ bc0B tiie gfat ^Megg^^nilas wart «< JsoaeT towad BraziL iM ^arket Ly3asket us DA. Gro* A Wijhbone ffOWi Roosting ChickMui49 113 OA CxxeLon-i-SiouIdr- LoiiibCliops...i^98' Rib Chops ....1 ^93' Fryer Wings... fresftfr>-'ft3 Chicken Necks ft BocbtKl CLOD ROAST RIB ROAST ftiilihYinj Chicken 4 -Le99ed FryersLb49 Fresh frymj Chici.m - 2-Br«sled Fryers u.49« ffwti fiyins CdtlM - No Boc>.s, Necks Of GSIets PickO'Chick...i>49< U.S.DA Choice Tenderoy Brand Beef Rib Steak Wilson Homy Cured CaimedHanis^M" Market Basket Discounts Prices on Quality Products. No Games, No Stamps, No Costly "Extras" M M * flor*t claim to hov. low pncM. But on wfiot—on a hondfvl of itomf. •r inforior producti? Net MoHwt Ba>k.i. Wo dbcMnl pricot ell through tho Moro. ( ioir-trodod or Govwniunt contrellod pricm). And gvoraotod latttfoctien or your flwooy bock on ovory purchoto. 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J " rdtoHoldorUnscenieo Net 0 0 0 0 ^^^59' \ MARKET BASKET BONUS COUPON PANTY HOSE EVtRiDV DhCOUN' BIG "G" CEREAL WHEATIES COlOttCSOftllHATWAt. Dotes lONCCRfflkfUVORFU. nMNEKn. TMSWS KaPEtuusr (Jiasket WITH THIS COUPON NOW TMOUGH TUES, FEB. 18.1969. OKCOUKN -ADULTS ONLY -ONE ITEM PR COUPON. BONUS DISCOUNT SPtOAl PRKES ARE EFFECTIVE NOW THROUGH TUO. Fa. II, IM» FAMOUS FOR DEEP- CUT DISCOUNT PRICES! k Saa MtfM 'Ml REDLANDS — 40fh St. ami Siarra Way in San Barnardino — Highland Ava. and StarHng in San Bamardino

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