Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 8, 1978 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 8, 1978
Page 7
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Sunday, January'8, 1978' Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah, Calif—7 , A glimpse of life during Civil War By MARK RAYMOND Meanderings is three year*old today. Big deal, you say. A third birthday isn't ks prestigi&us as a frfth or lOth/feut it proves longevity better than the first. Just what is the average lifespan of a snail, Sans Ortho? The first column, which appeared in the Jan. 8,1975 issue of the Daily Journal, proves that things haven't changed much' in three years (except at the grocery counter). It carried (1) an anecdote about a longtime Lake County employee who quickly purchased a painting hung in a local bar because the woman in the picture bore an uncanny resemblance to the county worker (it was a nude), (2) a fem lib observation — the wife under the hood starting the car while the husband sat behind the wheel, and (3) a list of grocery prices taken from a 1%7newspaper (i.e. coffee, 2lbs. for $1.09; sugar, 5 lbs. for 39 cents; bacon, 77 cents a pound). Read it and weep. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER DEPT: One of the drawbacks of a weekly column, as opposed to a daily column, is getting scooped. The following item already ran in Gaye LeBaron's column in the SR BIG PRESS little democrat, but in case you didn't read it... Mike Garvey, deputy county adminstrator, was in Oakland recently on a business trip and had occasion to pick up a free calendar from CoaSt Federal Savings. The calendar featured color photos of California coastal cities. OjJening up to January (a good place to start any year), Garvey was confronted by a photo of the town of Mendocino. It was identified as ,Carmel. ^ When the calendar was shown to the county board of supervisor's last week, they all had a good laugh about it until suddenly the discussion turned serious as board members had visions of. the Carmelization of ^endocino dancing through thfeir heads. Bad omen? Side note: There was no picturie of Carmel mislabeled Mdidocino. BORN LOSER DEPT: For several weeks, we discussed changing the Washington Merry-Go-Round head to include Jack Anderson's co-writer Les Whitten. After days of procrastination, we finally had the new column heading prepared. Ten ^ys later, we received a letter from United Feature Syndicate, distributors of the Jack Anderson column, requesting Whitten's name be rertoved from all columns after Jan. 21 because he is.taking a one year leave of absence. To write books. And translate French poetry. Never put off until toihorrow what you can avoid althogether. SPEAKING OF PHONY: The story in Thursday's Journal about the phony $20 bill passed in Willits reminds me of the guy who went into a liquor store and asked for change for a $15 bill. TTie clerk gave him a nine and two three's. Tween 12 becomes a daily feature Tween 12 and 20, the teen-age advice column by Dr. • Robert Wallace which appears three times weekly in the Daily Journal, will be carried six days a week beginning today. The column, distributed by Copley News Service, previously appeared in the Journal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will now appear Sunday through Friday along with the other daily columns, such as Jack Anderson, Ann Landers, Astrology and Sheinwold on Bridge. Dr. Robert Watlaee -A Copley News Service Dear Teens: I fry not to be flippant with my answers but in my response to a girl of 15 who asked me for the best methods of birth control because she was intimate with her boyfriend, I was and 1 apologize. I told her that sterilization and abstinence were the best methods. At first I received a few letters telling me that I had goofed on my answer and I re-answered her in this column by listing the various birth control methods and their effectiveness. , But now, the mail is rolling in and I feel that these people should have thefr say: FromS. Berky, Tacoma Wash.: Your own hang-ups about premarital sex have no place in your column. You now have a duty to publish objective information regarding birth control methods. From Judith Morlan, Zanesville, Ohio: 1 feel a teen responsible enough to inquire about birth control should receive as complete information as is available. From Vickie Dixon, Springfield, Ohio: In your reply you were not nearly as responsible, and did not grant the young woman the respect warranted for thoughtfully considering her future and that of her boyfriend. From Jill Friedman, Colorado Springs, Colo.: You don't think you should let it prevent you from giving the young girl the help she asked for. After all, she asked for birth control inforipatlpn, not spiritual guidance. From Joanne Winningstad, Seattle, Wash.: She should be congratulated for asking....But rather than give ber the facts or refer her to Planned Parenthood you told her to abstain., From Mary Brown, Elizabethtown, Ky.: Your answer should have informed her to contact her local Public Health office and they would have helped her and kept it completely confidential. From Elizabeth Hauck, St. Petersburg, Fla.i If contraception information were readily available, maybe there wouldn't •be one miUion teenagers becoming pregnant in America every year. CASE CLOSED! . ByPAMMacLEAN A newspaper fs more than a temporal and immediate bearer of news, good or ill: It is historian of customs, lives and events. TheSe purveyors of musty records who keep the yellowing pages long. after others have discarded them as worthless have a record of the lives of ancestors hot foOnd irt history books. A Ukiah resident recently brought to the Journal a tattered but readable copy of Our Camp Journal, newspaper of Union Army's 26 Michigan Infantry from 1863 written and printed while they were camped somewhere near Alexandria Virginia, in the midst of the civil war. A glimpse of the lives of those people can be seen in these excerpts from their writing. "Preparing to March" is the reflection of a soldier before his regiment marches to an unknown battle and uncertain future. "Half a mile froip the city, 'in our pleasarlt camp, it Is 9 o'clock, as the order goes down the ' line, 'prepare to march'. Boxes are quickly filled with surplus baggage, useless arms are reminded to the quartermaster, the Sunday Chronicle has come, and is. scanned by a hundred bright eyes, and everybody (save the Colonel and Major) , is speculating on the possibilities and probabilities of the coming march. They are quietly sitting at headquarters as undisturbed as a philospher. They have; had a' taste of war and its incidents, and will hardly forget'the experiences of last summer on the 'peninsula.*' .They have read 'marching orders' heard the 'long role' and bared their breasts to- reber bullets too many times to be disturbed by orders for preparation. "They were at Malvern Hill last June, and are quietly smoking a cigar this lovely morning. In this there is nothing incongruous, especially to an old soldier. "Even Alexandria looks inviting to day; but its beauty is external and is borrowed from the radiance of a southern sun. Internally it is rottenness and corruption. Its ranches, saloons, shebbangs, gambling hells and 'slave Dens' are fitting types of its civilization. A modest proportion of its citizens are unconditionally union. "Only its historic associations, and its graves make it desirable, and these lend it but a sad interest now... "A moonlight stroll by the shores of the Potomac, and we say, good-bye. Good-bye, pleasant hours and sunny faces, Canterbury land Nixons! "A while among the graves in the deep shadows of the cedars.and by the river-side, with the sentinel stars to keep watch, and it will be a fitting time to say good-bye to everybody and to all." ' The paper, printed lengthy lists of those discharged, or tliose who died in the regiment as well as the list of deserters. Then at the bottom of a front page in June edition was a note; "If the poor devil who , came into Captain Dailey's tent on a very rainy night, and picketed his flask of niedicine . will call on the Captian by day-, light, and, make known his wants', he will be freely ' forgiven, and learn beside that an old R.R. conductor knows how to be generous." , But a man in more" desperate straights asked; "A pair of whiskers and mustache at a fair price. The undersigned, not wishing to be out-done in personal appearance by his comrades on dress parade, and other occasions, and thinking that the aforesaid, article would greatly improve the saraCi takes this method to make known his wants. As to cut and quality, would respectfully refer to the style worn by the first sergeant of Coinpany B. signed J.T. Anxious." And in tbe ne\Ws of th6 war it says; "The power of the Press", MF . Kinglake, the historian of the Crimean war, an observant statesman and member of Parliament, gives it as his conviction that the London ,Times alone caused that war." '. 'A Washington correspondent declai;es that Gen. Hooker's campaign will not be on the 'border-state', plan, but a desperate fight whenever resistence is offered, without any cessation of hostilities, whil^ a regiment 9r , gun remains." Actual news of the progress of the war and the victo^;ies and defeats in battle were almost wholely absent from the paper. ! in June edition was a pearance by his comrades on as his conviction that the the paper. Committee passes bill to allow fire department in Irish Beach Barry "People want to know why ming a new fire protection dis- poor roads, he said. , . . . 1 . ...i.i. 1 Assemblyman Barry Keene's bill to free a small community on the Mendocino (Dounty coast from "one of the many silly laws that make government so expensive" passed the, Assembly Local Government Committee 10-0 Tuesday. Assembly Bill 2054 ,would permit the unincorporated community of Irish Beach to form a volunteer fire department without unnecessary red tape, said Keene (D-Elk.). "People want to know why government costs so much, why they have to go through so much red tape to do something simple, why the state won't let them help themselves, and why \here are so many unnecessary laws. Irish Beach is a perfect case study of all these problems," the North Coast assemblyman said. "The state at present won't permit Irish Beach to organize a volunteer fire department without going through all the red tape and expense of for­ ming a new fire protection district, with its own officers and employees and tax rates," Keene reported. "Setting up a new bureaucracy for this single purpose might or might, not — make sense in an urban area, but it certainly, dotesn't make any sense in little Irish Beach," Keene declared. Irish Beach's only fire protection now is provided by the State Department of Forestry, which has a fire station 10 miles away over poor roads, he said. Keene explained to , the Assembly committee that there have been several disastrous fires in Irish Beach, which the Department of Forestry arrived too late to control. AB 2054 goes before the Assembly Rules Committee on Jan, 9, then to the full Assembly for passage before ijeing sent to the State Senate for its approval. ir LONGS DRUGS "WHERE EVERYBODY SAVES" ^ LONGS DRUGS "WHERE EVERYBODY SAVES" ^ LONGS DRUGS "WHERE EVERYBODY SAVES" JjsftqA VAJUOA v^^^^^^^^^^^ Where Everybody Saves ORCHARD PLAZA SHOPPflMG CENTER 155 ORCHARD - [PERKINS-AT 101) UklAH SENSATIONAL SALE PRICES EFFECTIVE NOW THROUGH SUNDAY JANUARY 15,1978 S^ature^ad6 VITAMIN! ® B COMPLEX WITH 300 MG VITAMIN C BOTTLE OF 100 REGULAR 3.89 SALE PRICE 2.79 iNatut^adS HIGH POTENCY LECITHIN 19GR. - BOTTLE OF 100 caps. REGULAR 3.69 LONGS SALE PRICE 2.69 400 I.U. - BOTTLE OF 100 CAPSULES 2.69 n c IIOSI HIPS i^. VITAMIN C WITH ROSE HIPS 250 MG BOTTLE OF 100 VITAMINS ; coMPiix gVaturS^adS SUPER SPORT STRESS COMPLEX WITH IRON PLUS600MG VITAMIN C 60TABLETS 3.19 gVatui^y^ad^ DESICCATED BEEF LIVER WITH VITAMIN B-12 BOTTLE OF 150 REGULAR 2.59 SALE PRICE 1.77 g^atuti^ad^ VITAMIN B-6 100 MG BOTTLE OF 100 REGULAR 3.96 2.44 : (Ai -suits %• ^aturey\4ad6 GARLIC OIL CAPSULES 7 '/2 MINIMS 100 CAPSULES REGULAR 2.3^' 1.79 NUTRA^E \ NATURAL PROTEIN SHAMPOO WITH PURE VITAMIN E 'BOUNCE BOTTLE 1.88 'atursmade^ NATURAL VITAMIN A WATER SOLUBILIZED lOOOOI.U. / 100 CAPSULES REGULAR 2.26 LONGS SALE PRICE 1.59 g^atuic^iuki OYSTER SHELL CALCUJM WITH VlTAMIN'D 100 TABLETS LONGS SALE PrtlCE 1.49 S LONGS DRUGS "WHERE EVERYBODY SAVES" * LONGS DRUGS "WHERE EVERYBODY SAVES" * LONGS DRUGS "WHERE EVERYBODY SAVES'

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