Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 31, 1967 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1967
Page 9
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•Junior Editor Quiz on" WORDS IS ALSO HEELS OVER HEAt) QUESTION: Who named the somersault? ANSWER: A somersault, sometimes called somerset, is a movement performed by expert gymnasts or divers. You leap Into the air, making a kind of package of your body and spin around so your heels turn over your head, and then land on your feet. Spins like this were executed by the Greeks and Romans, who established centers for physical training called gymnasiums — this is where our modern word gymnasium comes from. The Romans appear to have named the somersault; it comes from two Latin words, supra, meaning above, and saultus, a leap. Our picture of a backward somersault dive shows the beginning of such a leap; you can see how well the old Latin words describe this graceful, exciting movement. Don't try such •omesaults unless you are a trained gymnast or diver. You can have fun doing the simple somersault on the ground shown below. But even here, it is best to have something soft under your head and body. (Kim Peterson of Superior, Wis., wins this week's grand prize of a 15-volume set of Compton's Picture Encyclopedia. Mail your question on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper). TIZZY By Kate Osann . o . ^ ''Since the telephone bill came, I'm not even allowed in the same room with the phonel" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox ..% $ /C oa??^?\ 1%7 bf HE A., Int. T.W » o,« 10-31 "We had just one dropout last year—the teacher!" READ THE WANT ADS Daily Times Herald Tuesday, October 31, 1967 Features . . . Comics Medley Answer to Previous Puizl» i ACROSS In the middle (comb, form} Uosnry part, 1 ! i Unit of reluctance '. Winfi'ikc pnrl Desert garden spots Note in Guido's scale i Burmese wood sprite i Hubert mountain crest ' Knl.-iritfle I Courtesy title ('pl.t I New Guinea port I Top of the liond '. Miikes info l.'tw I Peruser i Keiu'iiiR weapon ? One who (suffix) ) Krot perlinnciously 1 Suitnlile 31 Peer Gynt'g mother 32 Prevarication 33 Mimtte skin opening 35 Sen eagle 38 Mock 40 Adorned elaborately 42 Hodgepodge 43 Coterie 45 Stupefy 4fi Aiialomical duct 47 Louisiana, for instance 49 Feminine name 50 Self-estoem 51 Sits for a portrait 52 Animal doctor • (coll.* 53 Oriental coin 54 Mimickcrs . 5. r > Mariner's direction DOWN 1 Ecclesiastic's residence r , g RK 53 J "Lily maid of Aslolat" 3 Petty prince 4 Feathered scarf 5 Noblemen ft On the briny 7 Hinder from action fl Compass point 9 Made a second time 10 Click-beetle 11 More recent 39 Outline of a play 21 Archetypes 23 Annoyed 25 Discoverer ot a sort 2!) Tapuyan 30 Indian mulberry 33 Animal's coat 34 Prayer 36 Inborn 37 Musical studies 38 Pigeons 39 Impede legally 40 Musteline mammal 41 Growing out 44 Comfort 47 Health resort 48 Worm 51 54 52 31 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner .S, tat. Off. I "He seems to be well qualified. He's honest, conscientious and suspicious!" BUGS BUNNY By RALPH HEIMDAHL f WEMEMBEf?, NO I WANT TO KNOW EV'WV MOVE VOL) MAKEi OUT OUR WAY By NE6 COCHRAN OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . with . . MAJOR HOOPLB C 19*' t> HVn.r IIM.. lft.,1.1 ^cicn Aitl, Inc. I* -" T.M. Rig US. hi. OH, CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER _..,. „ . ! A WORLD WAR I TA^C ."i RELIC,..AND FEMALE HACKIE inAi..i TO WATCH'. T*mmv*^~ YEAH? THI5 15 MY FIR6-T PAY ON THIS JOB...AKJP I AIM TO MAKE GOOD 1 . 50 DOW'T EE WHAT I MEAW? V MOU'RE SETTIWOTO BE AS LAZY >J 50VIE POa HASTIPPEP ] AMP CRAFTY^& YCUR BROTHER, 1 IT OVER AfiAIW/ IF WH / BUT VOU COULP USE SOME Of= "* HAt3 A (3ARBA(3E PIS- / HIS FIKJESSE—I HAVE VETT.O5EE POSAL WE WOULPM'T \ THE DOflTHAT WOULP LEAN THE BEHAV/WSTHISKIWP / LIP ASAIMST THE * EAT im SS£«r *S4T«w CRU^LU fmMD 1 REALIZED YOU'D BE 6ECAUSE HE c50TTHE NUMBER FROM A PAY Iff&LUCTAMTLV PARTED/ \STATION/THIS COULO BE- WITH A FEW OF MV CHIPPED THEM. TO SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL TOWN WENT OUT ON tX£ 10-91 PIP VOUP WIFE 6£T -TO ME VET. TWO O'CLOCK /A/ TH'MORNING-// THE TROUBLE WrTH _.jCMEAU By HANNA-BARBERA O> PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER AND WHAT DOES AN ANGEL SAY WHEN! GIVE HER AM ' YOU BUSTED MY COOKIES ALLEY QOP By V. T. HAMLIN O OVER THAT / WELL, AWRISHT, IF "• AGAIN,. HOW D'YOUFEEL ( THA'S HOW Y'WANT IT ABOUT A PUNITIVE ATTACK ON TW 1 _ NEANPERTHALS? ...r SUPPOSE I'LL, WTTA BOY, wizER! HAFTA GO 'LONG/I KNEW I COULD AN 1 CARRY ./APPEAL TO YOUR TH 1 FLAG/ f^i PATRIOTISM/ \ ^ 167 by NiA', IM. T.M. R5TU.S. Pii OKAY BEEJAY, CAUL OUT TH' / YE22IR, TROOPS/ ^ MISTER <SU2,YOUR HIGHNESS,' WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI WOULD BE A GOOD TITLE © 1HT by NEA, Ire. T.M. K<9. U.S. Pot. OK. <AWALU THAT yOU'RE NOT 5VEU TO GET MENTIONED IN IT/ cr< FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By HENRY FORMHALS /VAAVBeTMATSTUPPl ^ . , , DOeSN'TSROW HAIR AFTER ALL.' } \AJeEkJ / TMlS TOUPEE BELOM6STO MR, DOOR/ OUR FIRST EKPLOSIOK PROBABL/ BLEW IT /WAS IT" DO1M6 CLOWES-/ 0(0 LIME-/ „, — 0 LIME? : =^ rs >»^. '^fc^> SH^^Apoos , HWR. HE HAM6S ir UP Ib DRY*/ © 1967 by NEA, Inc. T.M. K.o. U.S. Pot. OK THE WILLETS BEST HALLOWEEN I EVER 5 MAO ! FIRST, I ATE THREE CHOCOLATE BAR5, THEN I ATE TWO 4PPLE6, THEN FOURTEEN 6.UAA PROP6,AND AN ORANfeE. ..-THEN I ATE SOME PEANUTS, A COOPLE OF 8ANANA6 AND SOME. FUDGE O o By WALT WETTERBERG >ooTI4EN AMOmER BANANA AND SOME MORE FUDGE, THEM , YOU'RE GREEN I5H.' Or/

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