Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 12, 1977 · Page 15
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 15

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1977
Page 15
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Bad News for 'Gasoholics' PEANUTS- Garden Cily Telcgrum Siilurdiiy, November 12, 1977 I'upelo By Dean Hinnen Kansas Correspondent MANHATTAN (HNS) — A Kansas State University economist has bad news for gasoholics — politicians and agri-businessmen who see the use of a grain alcohol-gasoline mixture as a dual solution to energy and surplus grain problems. According to K-Slate economist Leonard W. Schruben, federal or stale programs to encourage the production of gasohol may hinder, not help, the nation's energy situation. In addition, a proposal to forego fuel taxes on gasohol could cripple highway maintenance programs and the high food quality of byproducts of the alcohol- making process means the process would do little to reduce U.S. grain surpluses. According to Schruben, the only beneficiaries of federal and state aid to producers of gasohol would be the producers and promoters of the fuel. Those are the conclusions he reached after a careful review of existing research reports on gasohol. He released his findings in a report to the Midwestern Conference of the Council of State Governments last week. Rev. Jose Rodrlquez Templo Bautista is Revival Site Tempto Bautista, 211 Santa Fe, will be in revival starting Monday and lasting until Sunday, Nov. 20. The weekday services will be at 7 p.m. Sunday services will be at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. The evangelist will be The Rev. Jose Rodriquez, Aber- nalhy, Texas Eddie Ochoa, Ulysses, will be the music director. Services will be in Spanish. The public is invited. The pastor is Elroy Felan, Jr. The report comes at a time when gasohol production is beginning to attract nationwide attention. Both the Kansas Wheat Commission and Far-Mar-Co, the Hutchinson-based farm marketing cooperative, have been involved in gasohol research in recent years. There is no money in this year's Wheat'Commission budget, however, to finance any more research on gasohol. "Our people had the wisdom to recognize a loser and decided for their money, they had a better place to put it," Schruben said. But while the Wheat Commission has cooled on the idea, other Kansans and lawmakers in neighboring stales still are excited about the idea. Rep. Rep. Dan Glickman, D- Wichila, has been a vocal supporter of federal aid for gasohol research. The U.S. Senate recently passed a bill thai would waive Ihe four cent a gallon federal fuel lax on a gasohol mixture. Nebraska already allows sellers of gasohol in that stale lo keep five cenls of the slate fuel lax, lo make Ihe price of gasohol compelilive. Kansas lawmakers are considering following Nebraska's lead and providing lax incentives for gasohol production. According lo Schruben, il requires Ihe energy equivalent of 2.87 gallons of gasohol lo make a single gallon of Ihe fuel. "It's easy lo agree with people who say we need lo decrease of dependence on imported oil," Schruben said. "The problem is, gasohol doesn'l do thai. Instead of decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, il increases il." "If il lakes 2.87 gallons of fuel lo make one gallon, how in Ihe world are you going lo reduce our dependence on foreign oil?" he asks. The loss of gas lax revenues also worries Schruben. According lo Schruben, a 20 million-gallon-a-year planl — which would produce alcohol for 200 million gallons of gasohol — would result in-the loss of $18 million in highway funds, using the Nebraska tax rale figures. "If our highway funds can stand that kind of decrease, why did Nebraska raise Us gasoline lax lasl summer?" Schruben asks. Even Ihe claim lhal Ihe use of gasohol will help eliminate grain surpluses is rejecled by Ihe economist. A by-producl of Ihe alcohol- making process is a very high protein feed product "How do you use Ihe surplus if you gel il back as animal feed? Thai's whal corn starts oul as in Ihe first place," he said. "There is nolhing I would "And wheat is a poor choice like belter lhan for Ihe gasohol for making alcohol, because il process lo work. Bui until is lower in starch lhan corn," somebody develops a new Schruben said. technology, il seems foolish lo According lo Schruben's gel involved in this kind of a figures, Ihe subsidy given lo program, when Ihere isn't and sellers of the makers and sellers of anything in gasohol — through Ihe gas lax except Ihe plan and taking inlo account said. Ihe animal feed potential of Ihe by-producls — would amounl lo Ihe equivalent of $3.50 per bushel of corn laken off Ihe grain markel. ' "I believe Ihere must be a belter way lo handle Ihe surplus grain problem. If Ihe governmenl is willing lo pay $3.50 per bushel for surplus corn, il oughl lo be paid to producers," he said. "This mailer of finding appropriate, profitable markels for our grain if far loo importanl a mailer lo engage in pipe dream solutions. "As long as Ihe scientists give us Ihe answers Ihey do, I think the people most vitally affected, who actually sland lo benefit Ihe leasl — Ihe farmer — oughl lo know whal Ihe scientists say aboul Ihis process. il for anybody promoters," he 'Christian Growth' Series at Syracuse SYRACUSE—Dr. Robert W. Mclnlyre, Marion, Ind., will be Ihe speaker in a series of "Chrislian Growlh Services" lo be held al Ihe Syracuse Wesleyan Church/ Tuesday through Sunday. ' Theme of Ihe Chrislian Growlh Services is "The More Excellent Way." Dr. Mclnlyre will deal wilh Ihe minislry of the Holy Spiril in our lives, and will give Bible answers lo such queslions as "how lo defeal weakening habits." The evening services are at 7:30, and Sunday morning at 10:50. There will also be special seminars for Ihe women from 10 lo 11 a.m. Tuesday Ihrough Friday. I NEEP SOMEONE TO PULL ME ON 5LED; IN THE GOOD OL' PAVS PEOPLE USED TO PULL CHILDREN ON THEIR 5LEP5... UJHAT'5 THE MATTER WITH EVERY NE LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE GOOPOL'PAY5i MOOSE BLONDIE (Published in The Garden City Telegram, Saturday, November 12,1977) FINNEY COUNTY Quarterly Report For Quarter ending October 31,1977 Garden National Bank 66,872.76 Fidelity State Bank 83,567.82 Western State BAnk 173,054.91 Investments 1,429,602.40 Cash .. Cash Items 74,882.89 Jimmy's House WASHINGTON (AP) — For all those who have ever puzzled over whether to address a letter to Miss Jones, Ms. Jones or Mrs. Jones, Jimmy Carter has the answer: finesse it, Carter style. First of all, drop the traditional "dear" from your salutation. Then begin: "To Dorothy Jones," or whomever. It's really very simple. When U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica wrote Carter that he planned to retire from regular active duty, the president's reply to the Watergate jurist did not begin, "Dear Judge Sirica" or "Dear John." Carter's salutation: "To Judge John J. Sirica." Jody Powell, the White House press secretary, says Carter adopted his rather unusual approach to letter writing as governor of Georgia. "It avoids confusion," said Powell. For example, if Carter were writing to two men named Jones, use of "Dear Mr. Jones" might result in the letters getting into the wrong envelopes. But under the president's formula, the salutations automatically would include first names. "It also gets around titles and nicknames," Powell observed. Although Carter took note of Sirica's title, had he , been in doubt he would have written, "To John J. Sirica." As for nicknames, some of Sirica's fellow judges call him Johnny. Had Carter written a "Dear Johnny" letter, there's no calculating the ways in which it might have gone astray. How many Johnnys does Jimmy Carter know? Then there's that matter of Miss-Ms.-Mrs. Why didn't somebody dream up the Carter Formula sooner? According to Powell, the president eschews the use of "dear" except in "the most personal of circumstances. So how can one explain those thousands of Democratic fund-raising letters that went out last month, over Carter's facsimile signature, to "My Dear Friend." Some would bet the president never saw them. It would have been more his style to begin, "To my fellow citizen." Incidentally, a number of administration officials have adopted the Carter Formula. When the cats are away the mice will play, or something Powell and Hamilton Jordan, the White House aides considered closest to Carter, took a half day off last week and, so far as reporters could tell, a holiday air ensued. The appointments schedule for Carter himself was oddly thin. And the press corps covering the White House was told it was safe to go home at 4 p.m., the earliest weekday "lid" yet in this administration. Jordan and Powell flew to Albany, Ga., where hometown well-wishers and Carterites threw a big party to "roast" Jordan. .._.„. ... Powell spoke, as did Bert Lance and Robert Strauss, the president's chief trade negotiator. County General County Road Federal Revenue Sharing Agricultural Extension Council Ambulance Assessor Direct Election Free Fair Health Historical Museum Juco Tuition Library Mental Health Mental Retardation Noxious Weed Retirement Sand Royalty School Foundation Social Security Solil Conservation Workmen's Compensation District Coroner Special Appraiser Building Special Highway Improvement Special Road County Landfill 1975 Tax Account 1976 Tax Account 1977 Tax Account Ad Valorem Tax Reduction Delinquent Personal Tax Delinquent Real Estate Tax City or Garden City General Tax Foreclosure Fund City of Holcomb General Junior College General Junior College Junior College Junior College Junior College School Disl #457 School Dist #457 School Dist #457 School Dist #457 School Dist #457 School Dist #457 School Dist #457 School Dist #363 School Dist #363 School#363 School Dist #363 School Dist #363 School Dist #363 School Dist #363 School Dist #363 School Dist #102 School Dist #102 School Dist #102 School Dist #102 School Dist #102 School District #102 Bond Cap Outlay Social Security Voc Education General Bond#l Bond Cap Outlay Social Security Special Ed Vocational Ed General Bond Cap Outlay Workmen's Comp Social Security Special Ed Special Imp VocationalEd General Bond#l Bond #2 Bond #3 Cap outlay SocialSecurity Special Ed Special Imp School Dist #102 School Dist #102 School Dist #102. _ School Dist #102 Workmen's Comp Kalvesta Union #5 Bond Garden City Township Garfield Township Pierceville Township Pleasant Valley Township Sherlock Township Tax Trust State Educational Bldg. State Institutional Bldg. State Correctional Bldg State Vehicle State Vehicle Sales Tax CETA Drainage District #1 Drainage District #2 James Draw Watershed District Pawnee Watershed District Groundwater Management Groundwater Management 1,827,980.78 474,269.74 433,131.56 115,376.06 11,334.67 32,620.30 31,071.00 38,681.99 582.95 6,110.94 2,023.87 23,174.71 6,490.34 1,009.34 22274 60,752.09 23,919.65 2,825.53 2,115.90 10,027.57 205.95 19,133.10 450.40 13,471.00 100,327.14 10,076.66 2,462.66 28,038.76 1,555.91 3,000.00 1,958.67 17,365.75 99,975.11 13,044.96 5,013.58 CR 16,512.41 167.14 CR 2,651.50 1,864.23 131.50 354.89 1,104.58 41,060.94 1,841.70 1,865.87 1,139.71 1,710.52 103:52 128.28 14,445.76 136.65 115.23 2.76 36.59 27.81 11.65 42.58 289.69 5.08 36.91 19.39 11.00 21.84 10.41 5.29 16.20 2.25 29,113.48 17,945.70 2,646.91 720.30 48.,26 5,830.53 1,623.13 31,136.46 7,784.10 7,784.10 5,481.84 7,544.53 177.48 150.47 8,897.38 6,109.40 3,435.23 244.11 NAW-LET'S MAKE J SOME POPCORN, HOl_D HANDS AND WATCH TV - SEE — lSNT THIS JUST LIKE GOING TO THE NOW ITS JUST LIKE GOING TO THE MOViES/ LET'S GO TO THE MOVIES, I HONEY HE WO) T EAT SOUP OR RPPlESflUCE OR ICECREflM--- HE EVEN TURNED DOIMW A PENNY AN 1 CRRVON!! '(V) WORRIED ABOUT TATER'S flPPVTITE.PAW-- BEETLE BAILEY< THE OUT- FOR THE-EXERCISE" FLI&HT HAGAR THE HORRIBLE Escheat Inheritance Tax Miller Halsey Escrow Stray Animal Collections County Attorney Training Fund Si General No Fund Warrants 2,375.00 1,871.71 17,847.60 892.69 550.33 437.00 11 (SEAL) ned: Jonnie Zirkel, Deputy Finney County Treasurer Signed: Carol Brown Finney County Clerk $1,827,980.78 TIPBS inn TMATS PROBABLY HIM KlOW THE RYATTS 'CAUSE YOU'RE BEGINNING TO SHOW AtfOUNP MIDPJ.E YOU'RE IN YOUR AMPPLE-AGE YEAR'S, AREN'T UNH-UNH, 1 JUS' KNOW... I'LL CHECK THE BATTERIES IN MY PORTABLE RM>10! -TWIN6S COULD 6ETHOTAROUNP HEREANV/VIINUTE/ TWEV HAP TANS LIKE THOSE JOCKS WHO RUN HEROIN ALONd THE RIO 6RANPE/ PAPERS 5AY THEIR BIRP IS ON LEASE &V A TEXAS TOOL COMPANV WERE NEW IN THE BUSH.' FROMANAIR- FIELP IN ALASKA -JUSTONEMORE TAKE50fFTO CARRY REPLACEMENT WRT5 TO PUMPIN6 STATIONS ALON6 THE PIPELINE... you earn. ANALI MAC6KAUJ TYPS? ALRIGHT. ALAN, U&RE60IM6TD .SIGH' OH, NO.. AS OF 7HI5 YEAR,THERE ARE MORE WOMEN ENROLLED IN ODLLE6E THAN MEN! tor ABOUT mrtpicAL RIGHT. HE'S MSOA WOMAN. r SAY MS PRMMMC, CA&BRrORlENTEQ, AG5- OF A lOOMM!

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