Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 1, 1974 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
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Monday, July 1, 1974
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Weather NorftWeliefa California: Fair ttvoufti Tuesday, except for .bar clouds win patchy tog ad drtele along the cant, soathiirf Areata araa, low dQuds extending into tal valleys^tonight and Year ,1174 Date m Le Date ffi 30 99 » Neea Today 82 Rainfall 0.00 . It ' Last Year OM Ukiah, Mendocino County, California— Monday, July 1, 1974 16 pages—2 Sections—15 Cents mission' r nf to Atlanta on \ 'Black Hebrew in Mrs. King's murder ATLANTA (UK) - A chunky black man, describing himself as a "Hebrew" on a mission, pleaded not guilty today to charges of murdering the mother of the lateDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. MarcusWayne Chenault, 23, of Dayton, OhibY^int sought to plead no contest to charges of murdering Mrs. Martin Luther King Sr. and a church deacon, plus assorted other counts. But Judge William Brock, who ordered him bound over to a Fulton County grand . jury without bond, directed that the pleas be changed to not guilty. Chenault, accompanied by attorney Randy Bacote, who said he was hired to defend the suspect tpp-rpenon who didn't want to be identified/ was in the. arraignment hearing for 20 minutes before, being taken to the county jail. The specific counts against Chenault ' included two of murder, one of aggravated assault, two of carrying concealed weapons, two of carrying weapons without a license, and two of discharging firearms within the city limits. After he was identified by witnesses as the man who fired two pistols at Ebenezer Baptist Church Sunday, killing Mrs. King, 88, and a deacon, Edward Boykin, 69, Dacote said Chenault wanted to make a statement. "My'name is Servant Jacob,"* the accused man said, "lama Hebrew. I was sent here on a mission and it is partially accomplished." Chenault refused to comment when asked about events at the church, but' replied "I assume that I have" when asked if he had shot anyone. Afterwards.'when asked what Chenault meant by saying his mission was not fully accomplished, Bacote said "he still had not confronted Martin Luther King Sr." He said the suspect was "not a member of any church. His acknowledgement of being a Hebrew is from revelations to Mm." Bacote said Chenault had told him "his god is the god of Jacob" and Chenault had "denounced his immediate family," claiming he had no. "earthly family." Atlanta police have expressed doubt there was a conspiracy in the church shooting, in which a third person, Mrs. Jimmie Mitchell, 65, was wounded during a barrage of bullets. "There is nothing to indicate at this time that there was a conspiracy," Assistant Police Chief J;L. Mullins said. Police said Chenault, a black graduate education student at Ohio State University, fired his weapons at the scattering congregation until they apparently clicked * empty; then he tried to flee out the back of the church but was overpowered by pursuers, including one of Mrs. King's grandsons. - , "Don't hit me, please don't hit me ... they did it to me in the war," he pleaded with his captors. Police said the gunman's intended victim, the Rev.. Margin Luther King Sr., 74, was just entering the church when the shooting started, and Mrs. King became a victim because "she was the nearest to Mm." Police in Columbus, Ohio, said they found a list of names in Chenault's , apartment containing what they believed to be "possible targets." King's name was on the list, composed largely of prominent civil rights leaders. Fellow students at Ohio State University said Chenault took his religion, although admittedly his own brand, very seriously,: even using a stereo loudspeaker to preach out of his window. He was fined $50 last April for disorderly conduct as a result of a loudspeaker "sermon." Argentine leader Peron dfes CHAMBER PRESENTATION - Carrol Ornbaun, center, outgoing president of the Mendocino County Chamber of Commerce, received a surprise at Saturday's installation dinner — a handsome portrait by Michael's Studio of Miss Mendocino County of 1973. The beautiful color portrait of Linda Thornquist will be hung in the County Chamber's "Hall of Fame," along with that of Kathy Swenson, Miss i972, and will be joined shortly by that of Janeane Brown, Miss Mendocino County of 1974. The presentation was made by Al Norris, left, executive director of the local pageant, which is sponsored by the County Chamber, and Dr. Larry Kinney, assistant pageant director. See page two for additional installation photot*. — Journal photo by K. Hunter. BUENOS AIRES (UPI) - President Juan D. Peron, the Argentine strongman of the 1940s and 1960s, died today of a heart attack at the age of 78, his wife Maria fisteta f^ron announced Feron'a death of a heart attack came H» days after he handed over his presidential duties to Mrs. Peron, 43, became of hit illness. Mrs. Peron,.a former cabaret dancer named Isabel Martinez, became the first woman president in the Western hemisphere. The Argentine news agency Noticias Argentinas reported the federal police Kidnap, assault charges lodged against Ukiahan I, Ukiah police arrested a 24-year-old man I Saturday on. kidnap and assault charges after he allegedly beat-up a Ukiah woman early Saturday. The suspect, William Randolph Hines, reportedly : moved here from Fort una two , weeks ago. He was .apprehended on information supplied by Humboldt County and a 14-year-old boy who reportedly took down the Hceqee number of the suspect's vehicle as be fled from the scene. The victim, 22-year-old Gloria Susan Bennett, was treated for a broken nose and numerous abrasions and lacerations, and released from Community Hospital. Reports indicate the victim was walking ' to meet her husband at his place of employment at 2:45 a.m. Saturday when the suspect allegedly forced her into his car in the Safeway parking lot. She began screaming, and he allegedly hit her with his fists in the face. He drove eastbound on Gobbi, and she managed to kick the passenger's door open. .The accused stopped the car between Waugh Lane and Leslie on Gobbi, and the victim jumped out and continued screaming. The suspect allegedly grabbed her and began beating her again. Two juveniles in a passing car stopped, and the suspect reportedly jumped back in his car and drove easthound on Gobbi. Three juveniles at a nearby home heard the victim's screams and came out to investigate. One of the youths wrote down the license number of the vehicle as the suspect drove off. Fortuna police and Humboldt County sheriff's officials supplied local police with information on the suspect, and he was arrested by Det. Dennis Marcheschi and . Officer Frank Seward at his place.of employment. Hines is charged with assault with intent to commit bodily harm, and kidnap. Your Carrier is Collecting Your Ukiah Dally Journal carrier is collecting today. He would appreciate your help In- making collections by payment when he first calls. Motor routes payable 3 months in advance. force had put into effect an emergency plan of security measures reserved for national crises and said provincial governors were expected to be called to the capital momentarily. „ Al the presidential residence in the Buenos Aires suburb of Olivos where Peron lay gravely ill with his wife and government officials nearby, machine gun emplacements were set up on the grounds inside the compound. Soldiers were placed on guard duty inside the compound and heavily armed police patrolled outside the fence. The death.was announced after a series of medical bulletins were issued throughout the day, each reporting that Peron had suffered aheart attack and that his condition was deteriorating steadily; Mrs. Peron did not disclose the time or cause of her husband's death. Medical bulletins earlier said he suffered a heart attack and complications following two weeks of illness from a bronchial infection. She, burst into tears as she read a brief speech telling the Argentine people that Peron "gave his life" as the supreme sacrifice for them. "May God show me the way," she said aa she fully assumed the office two days after Peron handed over all his duties to her. "The president of the Argentines has given to his nation and the Latin American continent the highest expression of greatness and Christian, humanism," Mrs. Peron said. Tears streamed down her face and her voice faltered as she spoke. "With great sorrow, I must transmit to the people the death of a true apostle of peace and nonviolence," she said. There was no immediate announcement of funeral arrangements but the country . was expected to go into national mourning. All radio stations began to play sacred music. Mrs. Peron had been holding her first full-fledged cabinet meeting' when the three doctors attending the former dictator reported the end appeared near. The cabinet meeting quickly broke as they waited for his death. f&St. State's new budget record $10.13 billion * SACRAMENTO (UPI)—The state has a brand new budget today, a whopping $10.13 billion package signed into law by Gov. Ronald Reagan, the "cut, squeeze and trim" conservative whose first budget eight years ago was only half as costly. The record spending plan will see Reagan through his final six months in office and then carry the state's new governor until next summer. Some highlights: —It was the largest state budget in the country, and the first to exceed $10 billion. Saturday's 106 hottest reading of year thus far It wasn't quite hot enough to melt the sidewalks over the weekend, but temperatures did qualify as the year's highest to date. Ukiah Fire Department figures reveal that the city is in the midst of at least- a mini-heat wave, with area residents sweltering under a hot 103 degree sun Friday afternoon. The low Friday dipped to a mere pleasant 55 before shooting up to the highest recorded temperature of the year Saturday afternoon — a smashing 106 degrees. The low Saturday night was a balmy 61 degrees. Sunday, the heat waned slightly, with a recorded high of only 99 degrees. This morning's low was 59. After rather mild temperatures for June, Ukiahans have been made strikingly . aware that summer has arrived! Final rainfall figures for the year stood at 57.09 inches as compared with 42.08 inches for 1973. Rainfall figures returned to aero readings today with the advent of the new fiscal year. It amounted to roughly $480 for every man, woman and child in California. —Measured by spending, one expert said it made' California Jthe 6th largest nation in the world. \* \ —if represented about a 7.5 per cent increase over last year's $9.38 billion budget. —It was nearly double the $5.09 billion size of the fiscally conservative Republican's first budget,in 1967. —Reagan said it "fits within" the limits of his ill-fated tax limitation initiative which voters rejected last November. The governor had vowed to stay within the measure's spending ceiling anyway. —Using his "blue pencil" veto power, Reagan trimmed $107 million from more than 90 programs in the budget proposal set forth by the legislature. Unlike "other years, Reagan did not have a traditional signing ceremony at the Capitol. The 1976 GOP presidential contender was weekending at his Pacific Palisades home and the budget was flown hack-and-forth from Sacramento. The final, signed version was delivered at 2:30 p.m. Sunday just 9 % hours after the beginning of the new fiscal year. . In a prepared statement, Reagan criticized the Democratic-controlled legislature for "irresponsible and uri- statesmanlike conduct" in sending him the budget Friday night— two weeks past its constitutional deadline. He said it forced his administration into around-the-clock efforts to review and prepare the budget on time. Among the deepest cuts from the. governor's blue pencil were about $33 million for health and welfare programs, and $19 million for special education efforts. Former area man drowns at Clear Lake LAKE PORT — Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at Jones Mortuary here for David Dewitt Davis, 25, Lakeport, a former Ukiah-Redwood Valley area resident who drowned in Clear Lake Friday afternoon. The Lake County sheriff's office y reported today that Davis, a son of Claude Davis, Redwood Valley and Mrs. Mary Berry, Upper Lake, drowned in Clear Lake after diving off the pier at Nice into about 6 feet of water. The coroner's office reported that the victim had a 1% inch cut on the back of his head and apparently hit bottom, being stunned and then drowning. He had been swimming with a girl friend in the Nice area about 3:30 p.m. Friday. When he didn't surface after the dive the girl summoned help and his body was recovered quickly. Davis only recently had been employed by Parnum Paving of Ukiah.. Among survivors besides his father, mother, and a step-mother, Dora Davis, are five sisters: Thelhia Long, McKinleyville; Freeda McCoy, Willits; Oleeta Raines, Sacramento; and Bohita Butler and Regina Davis both Of Los Angeles. Inurnment will follow at Santa Rosa ;GhapeLof 'the Chimes. 24-hour protection authorized for coast By MARK RAYMOND Sheriff Reno Bartolomie was authorized Friday to pay overtime to deputies on the coast to provide 24-hour protection in the town of Mendocino through the tourist season. The board of supervisors met in special session Friday afternoon at the request of Chairman Ted Galletti to consider a solution to the problem of recent burglaries and cases of vandalism in and around the unincorporated area. Before the one-hour meeting had adjourned,, Bartolomie and Supervisor Burgess Williams locked horns in a near- shouting match, and Supervisor Ernie Banker told Mendocino residents in attendance that if they want 24-hour protection in the future, they had better provide for it. Bartolomie, Undersheriff Tim Shea, and Lt. Billy Odom of the Fort Bragg substation met with a group of Mendocino residents Wednesday morning to discuss the outbreak of crimes, and to seek additional patrol coverage during the evening and early morning hours. The same group, which consists of merchants,' property owners, and Supt John Simmons of the Mendocino Unified school district, met with Galletti that afternoon, after which the board chairman called the special meeting. Authorities 'stymied' in search for killer WILLOWS, Calif. (UPI) - Authorities said today *hey were "stymied" as to the whereabouts of a hulking woodcutter who is suspected of killing three members of a family here and holding three others hostage. Butte County Sheriff Larry Gillick said it is thought that the suspect, identified as John Wayne Card, 26, has possibly changed vehicles and slipped by police. "We are stymied,at this time," Gillick said. "We have all our deputies on alert and planes are up today searching for the suspect." ' Sunday search planes crisscrossed dairy and rice farm country in Northern California looking for Card. "We're doing every darn thing we can do," said Glenn County Sheriff BeJ Kamig. Card is being sought for the Thursday slaying of three members of the C: B. • Griffiths family and the abduction Saturday of Kay Skillen, 34, her son, Wesley, 13, and a daughter, Debbie, 12, from their ranch outside the tiny community of Durham. Authorities expressed concent for the Skillen family's safety because of the "cold blooded" killings of the Griffiths during a $5,000 extortion plot. Dr. C. B. Griffiths, 53, a prominent veterinarian, and his daughter, Lisa Ann, 13, were found shot to death in the backyard of their secluded home Friday. Griffiths' wife, Nancy, 54, and a son, Ray, 22, were taken hostage, deputies said. Mrs. Griffiths was forced to cash checks totalling $5,200 and was killed later. Young Griffiths jumped oWof the car he was being forced to driveNvhen they stopped at a rice field outside Durham. He shouted, "If you're going to shoot me, you'll have to shoot me in the back," and ran across the field. Deputies traced Griffiths' car to the Skillen ranch, where Card allegedly abducted the Skillen family and escaped in a white and green Chevrolet pickup camper. Mrs. Joan Freitas, of Sacramento, the married daughter of the Griffiths,»said she had talked to her brother, Ray, and he told her the slaying "was not premeditated. That guy was just crazy, extremely crazy." Card was described as a woodcutter from the community of Woodland in nearby Butte County who had no previous criminal record. He had recently resided in Princeton An southeastern Glenn County. Simmons presented the board with a petition signed by 61 residents urging support of the group of about 20 present at the meeting in its request for additional protection. "The deputies working in our area are doing an adequate job with the time they have," Simmons stated, "but we are not adequately covered." Bartolomie likened the problem in Mendocino with a similar request from the Brooktrails area near Willits last year, and pointed out that to provide 24-hour coverage, an additional six deputies would be needed. As ah alternative, he suggested that overtime be allowed. ' "With the influx of tourists, they need full protection," the sheriff stated. "I sympathize with them and think they should have it." Capt. Arthur Moe indk*a£d that to provide 24-hour coverage for an 18-week period ending in October would cost' approximately $32,000, not including allowance" for sickness, court appearances, holidays, and vacations. "The deputies would have to work a 12- hour day, and won't be able to take that for 18 weeks," Bartolomie added. Galletti criticized the sheriff for not automatically ordering overtime to handle the situation, such as when the Hells Angels coverged upon the town. ' „v. Bartolomie indicated that the Hells Angels situation was a different type of emergency. "All you have to do is tell me I can spend the overtime funds, and I will," he stated. Supervisor Banker noted that law enforcement problems in Mendocino have been discussed before, and told residents that incorporation is the ultimate solution. "We're never going to be able to provide at a county wide level the service you can get at the city level," he commented. Supervisor Williams began questioning Bartolomie on the possibility of moving personnel from the Ukiah area or other assignments to the coast to -baadkr~ffie problem, and at one point the sheriff arose from the table, walked toward the panel, and stood glaring at Williams. "I'm just trying to get your explanation," Williams said to Bartolomie. "I've given it to you," the sheriff returned. "Let's get the personalities out of this." "They haven't been in it," Williams returned. "They've always been with you," the sheriff rebutted. "I'm just questioning whether or not it's necessary to spend £32,000," the supervisor explained. The two cooled down, and Williams went on to suggest that perhaps reserve deputies could be utilized to assist: The sheriff indicated they might resist working an assigned schedule and noted that moat of- the tinye they spend on patrol is on weekends. <Coat'4.attPg.» "•V f 1

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