Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 12, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1969
Page 4
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Redkmdt Deify Feth I 4 - Wednexlor, FA. 12. iw' Service station qualify sfill sought Planners decide fo leave archltecfure, color alone Local Notes Lovely. Valentine Flewere Place your order niwr far corsages, cut Qowert. potted plants, ceramic planters. Free delivery. Phooe 793-1331. Redlaads' Hodoidge Florist, 29 So eih x Qty pianoins commissioners oA the city "to cncourafe bi£b-said Scbindler, "tui we Qink Palm TrM Fir* cau^ tbemsdvec off base j-es-er quality." Armantrout's coo- they try the cheapest oo us first. Firemen last ni^ extin-leiday. vaateing into the fieklsitentioa that solid masoniy walU Thetv are some lemarkaiiiv' guished a palm tree fire touched of color and architecture. Then, could be ufilier than the sigbts ,'rj~\„ VZZ^I^ off by vandals on Highland ave- uith some tender wrist-sUp- they were intended to hide »-as O^ut""" stations m a few other, nue near Uncoln street The ping, they agreed to leave such noted, but no cfunge in the le^as. which ReiSands wooM ap-; blaze was reported at I0:« p.m. judging to other experts. amendment was proposed. prorate. TOs amendment may There was no damage other than Sonie prompting also came Commissioner Ben J. Rabe. help us to say wc wwiJd like to fo the palm tree. from a nooH »mniissiooer. Archi- agreeing that architecture is be- ^ alternate ptons instead tect Leon H. Armantrout. His yond the commissioo's ofOdal . , „ letter questioned details in the s|Aere. said nevertheless the « »«*"™8 w «"« 7oo mony or too big SealcMting Give ^'our dmeway that New ^^p^ ordinance to gwem boTrd 'slwuM strive for quality Again dealing with aesthetics. 1/ / HIMMN IIELEmiRC Look Free e^matex on « M 1. »">'I*«~' w 6 .».cju v~«.u —.v — t—-— cMtine driveways and oartoE**"'''^^ ^ even within its own limitations. There the board got to discussing col lots. Also pacing and ^adig departmem of gov- was such general «ncurrmce ors to be used by Antonio Sousa, Kevari Contractors 792-5K2 x ""^^ *<wW assume such that Chainnaa Ed Hales drew, jn expanding Ms root beer drive- Power. this summary: '"nie amend-ijn on West CoKon avenue. Sousa VelcntiiM Carrit— The planners accepted the, ment lets the industry know that sajd franchise dictated by GibsDn; hearts & flowers, hu- tpinion that they should tread Redlaads expecU something bright orange siding, and Schmd- , , w . nsrous or Studio, you're sure lightly through architectural above the at'erage." ler suggested it be toned down.! fA CnAVf CSfleC to find just the right card at Pcstures. but ne\erthelcss adopt- The planning department, said a^b; ,-bo said he happened to''' JllWlf alHUba Winn's Drug Store. Comer Col- cd amendment No. 8 to Ordi- Director W. C. Schindler, will jijje "orange, declared that "if' ton & Orange. Phone 793-2804. x "aoee No. l .OOO. Tliis indnded fed able to "deal" with ser\-- ne are in a difficult position re- M^< «- M ..,h "^<^ standairls for the de- ice station applicants. Carting areftilccture, we are ixew varpar meens M mucn vdopmg, remodeling or conver- "AU the companies seem to in an abs<riutely untenable Dosi- One of the woiM's top photo- of se^"* aa^ons thrrwgh-have several seU of V>Mnsr liMy^^^txTTs^^g^-tr^vb^ wiH show 300 of hit JBielenberg In Loma Linda "I am happy to know that I am not an artistic slob, j City Councilman Charles G. De- Mirjyn, who is liaison man with ! the commission. "I also like or- iange." Sousa's Adult ort classes slated both daytimes, evenings R^'^>^T.>i^.i;s^i?"^^F.:ff^ dasses «e offered. Jack Bink- located near the cori« of StiU- fianH"^ 1"'^^^^^ best color slidea in a pubiie pro -j gram at hmt Linda's Burden ^iJihaU SoDday night HB is Ber .j man BMenberg, of Warren. P». "This Land is Your Land" Is the subject of this program pre«eated by the Wind and Sun Coundi of Camera Clubs. It will decorating scheme. New pat. terns for 1969 at Maxwdl-Means will be shown in your home if you phone 793-2389 for friendly help. X Lions Plan Dane* Kcdlands Lions club will have a Valentine's dinner-dance at Redlaods Counlrj; Club Friday. Ladies Night chairman is Bob classes are onerea. jacK BUUC - locaiea near ine cwwr » j«ui-:e——» v-~.,. . „. . WiUiams who is being assisted ley. coordinator, said today. man and Division street Bran .jto sign an agrecroeot relating«« Ji.n^ by Mrs. Frank Pollner and Mrs. Evening dasses indode Ufe son has a master of arts de- "«! eventoal widening of Od- t««es, onoges, ciuw, Austin Wdch. Drawing, under the diredioa of gree in art from the Cbremont,«on avemie, which is in pros- ^J*^ ,lfj.' !i2t*L..?fJS' C.r.« Sal. - »M W.ri.ii.«ton Be™"* C- meeting ;Gradu «e Sd »d. He "IsoiPect because it is a major thor-,<*««hKPWiHea^^ cT,.?f *^ Tuesday ei -enincs. 7 to JO p^m! leadies co-amics ca Saturday ouShfa re by state standards, ac-l Bidenberfca clergyman .with Saturday and Sunday. x ^^^J^ hS'mS^ *:commodating freewjy „„ps. top oam« r^. ^ tw^ ,L .g '»n To H.M Dane sdiool campus. i DaySme beginning and ad- f*""""" ^Jf " "!"*L'* e^hit^ In X^uSTcSS^^ A valentine Dance wUl be ..^ ^„ ^„ M v e v ^iclT^ SS* is offered «^ ^orft .je,^ttus;«h^ors^ 'S^Zi^ Zs Sign problems occupy lime of commission Uoyd Beal can sdl gasoline oppositioa from OommissKoer as a sdf.cerviee sideline in Us Ben J. Rabe, «te said he had drive-in miik buciness. But he counted as mat^ as aeven un- can't met a guoline ago no- authorized siffs «a the Mobil m some of his milk siffts come property. Ihe diy's departiDait down, sakl the aty Planoingi of building impectioa, which is beU Saturday at the Redlands ^^^^ „^ several kinds of on Wednesdays 8 a.m. to 12:30 while two feet may be pared American Legion Post 650. 1532 ^g^ia to include diarcoal. pas-ip.m. InstrucUoo indudes the f ,he souft s^e North Church street Pete Or- ujc pen and ink, water color, use of pigments, brush tech- I™"" tega and his band WTU provide ^ Uiwrey is * well niques, composition and inler- tte music from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. jjediMds artist. preUtion of the techniques of Door pmes wiU be awarded to worit has been on exhibit oW and contempoiwy artists.; '^,'J^f*'=«l, v^™^ xr,^" several times in the BedlaadS;Drawing is from stiU IHe and> rJ^' r^X^n L area and he has had one-man'.deeted photographs and pic ^J^T '"shows. .Iin«. Beginning and advanced oil The class is under the direc. Salad LunelNon And Bah* Sal* paintmg. under the directkm oftion of Jean L. Cranmer. Mrs. at Highland Ave. Christian Be- Edward V. Branson, is offered Cranmer has a B-A. Degree Vital Records farmed Church. 11 :30.2, Thurs.. Feb. 13th. x Valentine Candy Fine hand dipped chx-olates. Please phone early for flowers. Cit>- Florist & Candies. Ill Orange St. 793 -1141. X Pattanon Cravaiidi Graveside sen'iccs for William, Robert Patterson were held' Tuesday at ii a.m. at Hillside' Memorial Park, with Dr. Ivan: B. Bell, pastor of the First Bap-| tist diurch. officiating. F. Ar-; thvir Cortner chapd in charge. Shearer Funeral Funeral senices for Mrs. Annie Louise Shearer «<ere held Monday at 2 p.m. at the Church of the Naiarene. with Rev. Andrew Young, and Rev. Edward Mieras oSidating. Pallbearers were W. H. Ferryman, C. L. Smith. David B. Pariter and J.; J. Gilmore. Interment was in Valhalla cemetery. Bnrbank. F. Arthur Cortner chapd was in charge. 0 MS Sarvie** Funeral services for Mrs. Mary- Elizabeth Dees were hdd Mondaj- at 11 a.m. from the F. .Arthur Cortner chapd. with Rev. Billy G. Woadall, pastor of the First Missionary Baptist churdt offidating. Pallbearers from Stanford University andj has taken advanced work in art, at the University of Redlands iind at Oaremont •chool. DEATHS SPRAGUE - Died in Riverside. Calif., Feb. 8. 1969, Mrs. Ruby Jo Sprague. 7156 Bradford avenue. Highland, aged 53 years, native of Alabama and resident of Highland for 2Mi Deceased is sur\ivcd by her Man and Society Graduate husband. Mar\'bi Sprague ofi.— mtMjLmjtji Hitihland: her mother. Mrs. Min -COUrSe Wl I vrCa and award statuettes, five gold medals. 24 silver medals, seven bronze medals. 228 ribbons and many cash awards. He has the loBelle amnl firm the Photo, graphic Sodety of America for magazine work. His program, "TUs Land is Your Land." has been described as "a powerful inspiratiooal ap. peal for the resurgence of the American dream." RcgistraUons for most Adult nie Hcnslcy. Trafford. Alabama:] Society," a course Education classes wiU continue a son. Donald W. Wilson, Jam- ^g3 ,i„g ^U, principles and prac- to be taken in the Redlands, Pa. F 'J ^a: three pandchil-|^i^ ^ pu^^g ,^lti, gyj^rnet. I Adult Education dasses meeting Office. For at locations dren; three sisters: Mrs. Carolyn Butler and Mrs. Lawana ics and man's place in the uni verse. Is being offered by the Yucaipa AduU Evening School on Wednesdays from 7 to 10 P m. be Thursday e^-enlM at 7-30 Cleflaie Sharp will serve t5'm.'*^'^Sett "'LL '2 !l.i-^t^iSrinto,ST:? Linda chapel: celebration of thei ^'^i ^e lieW « Roo^^^^^^ .Mass. Norton Air Force Base !™J""'f» '*"P"* iCathoUc chapel. Chaplain John onSixJh street J. O'Malley. "pastor of the Nor- ^«g*''f ?° « ""u ^""^ Highland Palms Convalescent '»? AFB Cathdic.chureh. oHid- ^'^^ l^"'lixtt ,r^t" Hospital. 7534 Palm avenue. «'«'?• I°^'3"''nt« "Dlside Me-^ Sixth street monal Park. Emmerson-Bart- New hospital now open Conmisaian yeaterday. Signs ta feneral consumed the conuninioo's time T^ieaday, with negative results. But Bed was the only apptieant in the unusual position of einiMrking upon a business, earlier approved by the .planning commission and ci^ coundi and now denied the ritft to add a sign. It was all because there are two large milk signs on Seal's New YOIIE street property, wluch already have ooinMned area eX' ceeding the limit in the city's new sign ordinance, lie new law can't require the cid signs to comply, but it can prevenlj any more area from being devoted to signs, the commissbn agreed. In effect, the board's recom mendation to the dty council pro\ides that one of the large milk signs come down before a gascdine sign goes up. Beal did not object "We either commence to en force our sign ordinance or let it be picked to pieces," caid CommissioRer M. S. Kreston, ob -j serving that exceptions wrere becoming the rule. This phik>sopliy also prevailed in denial of the MobU (Ml company's request for a \-ariance at Alabama street and the Redlands Freeway. The company wanted a rei^cement sign exceeding the maximum area of 120 square feet In this district the city council bad previously allowed TUrpin Pontiac to erect a sign of 180 suqare feet But it was successfully argued Tuesday that this had simply permitted the Poatiac si0i toj equal those of earlier auto agen-j cies in the same neighborhood, and should not take effect m tavor of general applicatione. Come-and-go agns at the Mobil station and elsewhere excited wrfhrring the si0i ordinance, will be reminded of such mfrac- tkms, said FUming Director W. C. Schindler. ; Speaking of other city depart-! ments, Commissianer M. S. Kres-^ ton said the Citrus avenue sidewalk west of Orange street was partly Uodnd by overhanging automcAiles, whose froot ends, projected beyond the curb of the' dty's parking lot Coundfanan Cliarles G. DeMirjyn indicated he would ask city offidals to! check all iiaAini! lots for such offenses. Tlie commissiaa recommended that Gerald Eubada be al- kiwed to repair guns at his- bome, 132S Washington street j Fermisskm was recommended Dor David W. Turner and Kenneth K. Kienow to di\ide four acres on the West side of Tennessee street, 330 feet South of Citrus avenue. They will build a: new home for Ihdr Pioneer Soil, Testing Laboratory on one front; comer, and the remaining three: Fonncr Cotton Naziirenc paste* pleads guiHy I A former Colton minister has ; pleaded guilty in Superior Court to charges that he obtained $9.310 by forging the names of his parishioners tb loan requests. Sentencing of Ray Allen Moore. 40. former pastor of the First Church of the Nazarene in Colton, was set for Mareh 27 following his plea of guilty to the forgery charge. SherifFs investigators said Moore, while pastor of the church, negotiated loans from 1962 to 1966 for the buildint rf the Calvin Community Center, a day-care fadlity located next to the church, but with no apparent church connection. An investigation was launched about a year ago when a parishioner reported the lending company had written her for a back payment of a loan she new nothing about Moore was asked to leave the church in 19S6 because of "financial reasons invdving misaiv propriation of funds," according to church officials. ProfessieiMl qreup to iMct III ClflMmonf acres wiU be used as storage: area by the J. P. Stevens hosiery mill. Herb Smith, <ttreotor of manufacturing. Scientific Data Systems in Pomona, will speak on Data Systems at the February meeting of the Inland Empire Oiapter of the American Production and Inventory Control Society Thursday. A tour of tha Systems plant at 600 East Booi- ta avenue in Pomcoa will follow the talk. Dinner will be held at 7:30 p.m. at GriswoM 'i Inn in Claremont CflmKB dJiptay The Pomona Valley Camdb'a Society will sponsor its 22nd annual Camelia show at 399 N. Garey avenue Feb. IS and 16. Displayed will be more than 3,000 commercially and privatdy grown blossoms. Helen M. Beeler, M.A. Licensed Psychologist ANNOUNCES THAT AS OF FEBRUARY 15, 1969 HER OFFICE LOCATION IS 47 E. Vine Redlands SPECIALIZING IN PROBLEAAS IN LEARNING AND KHAVIOR OF CHILDREN OFFICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Ph. 792-8512 Residence Ph. 875-3177 HOWARD J. LUND Howard J. Lund promoted by Morris Plan -vTsul^errrl^-U^. the "Snib ';^ch?f 'So^;^^^^^ ^ roe, Uo>-d Power. Doyle D.ris Plan Company of Califorma. I "'^„^,"? '^'^'^^^^^ Dees. Wallace Dees and Joe has been appomted an assistant Monroe. Interment was in Hill- vice president of the firm. Rob- side Memorial Paiic ert S. Waligore. presdent has ^ninnjpppj, F^tersMi Mass Lund a native of HinnesoU, Requwro Mass was hdd for| joined the statewide consumer Walter Ernest PattersMi todaj- g ^and finance company in 7534 Palm Highland, is now open for pa-., .. ... , , U«ts. -me first patient adniit-i'«" ."e™"™' Loma Lm- ted to the new facility was Mrs.!"'"^'"•"g" Ada Irwn. escorted by her granddaughter Mrs. Dou^s Al- ,lcn of Highland. Mrs. Irwin ' has resided in a Loma Linda convalescent hosptal for the past two years. Mrs. Garnet Br>'3n. diredor of nursing and Fred Hardy, ad- j,„. n m'nistrator, welcomed Mrs. Ir- jj v.-in to her new home. IjJn. is R ?5cn-alJ3ns for admission to|j«" }« the hospitol are now being ac- jH": u Avenfe February rainfall 2.40 Averace seaion total rainfaU 14.03 .61 _ SS S9 nalnfall Temp. 24 Horn n 3» SO .at so 1.80 4S .03 44 48 Scans 3.7S 178 Jan. 2t Jan. 33 • Jan. 14 I Jan. 3S Jan. M Jan. 27 Jan. 31 rmnM IWD-TtUi rmt Jjj; » wnUAM C. MOOBE. Pabllaher. Ij.„. 31 FRANK E. MOOBE. Editor. .Feb. 1 at 10 ajn. from the Sacred iis9. He attended Miimeapo!isiu35 .Mi ?i«j!* i • ' - - at Had- Feb. 4 Second daia poitase paid Unda. Calif, ^igal adrertl court dccfvc 30980- Subtoiptlon Rales (In advanea):' Feb. By carrier per month »1^;_ three Feb. .•r*b. Feb. Heart chureh. with Rev. Henry-Busbess College as an account W. Keane, officiating. PaUbear- uig major in his home state, ers w«re Fto^-d Owen. George uind was named manager of the W Weyhrau^ Gayior WSm- Redlands office in 1965. \;^Srii»riix-^o^iiJn.-c^ Feb. gleton. Herbert E. Corferj-. Lund is a member of the Red- year (19.40. By mau per month BM. Feb. 10 George W. Oemens, John P. unds Ujns cUib and the Ameri.' ^ > Bav-ho. and Clinton A. Sdieunne. can Legion. He and his two sons Interment was in Montecito Me- ine at 19 North Church street, morial Park. Redlands. Fatcinaling items are for sale in the "Miscellaneous" coliann ti today's Clasafied Sectiob Read il now" ... 57 _ a «4 38 58 SS 8S SS SS _ S3 ._. SS 9S . . 57 .- cs _ 70 . (S _ 57 _ 52 80 87 . 85 - - 71 SI 48 50 S4 50 43 48 58 54 41 40 31 2» 33 33 34 35 » 45 45 37 38 37 AS *J3 M *sa 1.07 S J OO M 8L3B ~J 84 TS 3.41 ia44 M 11X0 .47 U.47 JOt 11J8 .3< tlM JS 1.43 li37 13.70 use UNDER DIRECTION OF f.iUIIIIOt CORTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVE. 92-1411 DOSS REALTORS EXPAND WALTER ERNEST PATTERSON Beqmera Mass 10 am. Wednesday, at Sacred Heart Onirch. EDWARD F. MdENNAN Services penAng. i4nnouncefflenf of Funeral Services BERTl. Mn. Sanlia 11:00 i.m. Thursday Yucaipa Chapel SPR.AGUE. Mrs. Rub>- Jo Rotary: 7:30 p.m. Thursday Loma Linda Chapel Beqidcm MBK: Norton Air Bate Chapd MURPHy, Joteph A.. Jr. Ser\ices Pending Redlands Chapel ,i Carl and Maxme Doss of Doss Realtors are pleased , announce (hat Ellen Boyd and Harry B««uelin have joined j the Don Finn. EOen mmed to Bedlaodt in 19St from Alabama where the had owned and operated a Fabric and Tailor shop for 3 j«ars. EOen and her husband Cliff reside at 1331 Morritcn St with 3 oftheir 5 children. Casrie. Glen and Cliff JTA mained dangbter Vctaa resides in Huntington Beach with her husband Jack Sestie and their ftmUy. Their nianied MB Dan and his wife JiU live in Poaooa where he aitenda ^ Poland his wife teaches in the Bead Start pnwn^ Mr. Boyd it manager of Van's Croecn' in San Bcraaidino. Ella U a graduate «( the LnmUean School of Red Estate and U a menhv of the Bedlands Board of Realtors. Hany Bego^ has baa a rcrtient .oj ^- ^ IKS. He wotked as a tenrice maaafer with the Osfaan and U«e k. Yount Ford t^g^pfc-In 1»I3. togete with the tete Uojd WWar. he fouafad tte "Harry h Uoyd Oldsmobile" dMkrship. lUt dealenUp was Mid in U67. Hany midea at IBBT FWcher fai^Bedlaads and fa a member of the Ut Baptist Cteeh ofSeaan*!. tte Eto Onb Hd a past member «r the Uow dub ol Bedlmds. He baa a muifadm Hark. »b» k aa agent far SUIa Farm Ins. k Hifhlaal, Calt. - Vacation Planning At JIM GLAZE Vacafion Center '69 Cougar S DOCK HARDTOe 3312 MM Ta and Uc OaliMrad -m bdlonds 351 Cu. ln.V8. Select Shift Transmission, Tinted Glass, Deluxe seat and shoulder belts, Head rests, WSW tires. Deluxe wheel covers, AM radio. No. 87. JIM OAZE FBMMRY BARGAIN CENTER- '66 Mercury $1995 4rfa., Hr Automabc transmission. FACTORY AIR, A perfect car for you. No. eszs. '64 Uncoln Continenfal $1495 Full power equipment and FACTORY AIR, 4 door sedan modd No. C6823. '65 Mercury...... $1695 l-4eef HT xfR '^Sdi'a^wss. ^"^^ '65 Mercury Wagon . . $2095 COLONY MRK VS. automaUe transmission, FACTORY AIR. power steering, brakes. No. FOS. '67 Comet Cdienfe . . $2295 3.DMr HT Va with autoraaUc. FACTORY AIR. Power steering and brakes, WSW, No. LR735. '66 LTD $1995 2-Daer HT 390 V8, automatic, full power equip. Fresh paint on this beauty. No. 6839. '64YW $1195 Foor and four for comfort and economy, 4 cylinder and 4 speed. No. '67 Couyir ...... $2495 Automatic transmission, FACTORY AIR, power steerinc. brakes. No. 69SA. Your Trade Is Always Worth More! JIM GLAZE LINCOLN • MERCURY 420 W. Rodknds Blvd. COUGAR 793-2141

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