The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, 28, 193(5 BLYT/1EV1I,1,E (ARK'.y COURIER Ui THE WANT-AD CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING' INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consecutive Insertions: Ono time per Hne .......... 10c T\vo times per line per day .. Q8c Three times per line per day .. (We Six times per lino per day .. 05c Month rate per Hue .VflOc Cards of Thanks .... 50o & 7oc Minimum charge BOc ' Acts ordered • for three or B!X limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of time.s the ad appeared and adjustment, of bi'.i made. All Classified Advertising copy fatibniitlccl by persons residing out side of the city must be accom panicd by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table, Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Jiusmess Directory Coal & Wood ' We Sell COAL Blytheville Gin Co. For Sale USED CARS THAT ARE PRICED TO SELL 1933 CHEVROLET 4 - 1) 0 O K WE BUY WOOD C'onio to Superior Coal €o t Oppoilltn j«4te Vf'fr (iln I'laslering &, Stucco—I'honc 350 OUR STOCK IS NOW COMPLETE ON Rawlings Athletic Equipment At School Prices I'iionc 35 . Shoiise-Hsnry Hdw, Co, J. W. Shouse Wilson Hcni-y WETIAVB TKB~BEST n Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky COAL At ihe Best Pi ice Kindling Too GIVE us A :TRIAL Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chlckasawba' & H. R. MASTER SEDAN 1931 DODGE COUPE B4Z CIlhVKOLET C O U 1' h 1 132 DODGE SEDAN. Extra Clean . 533 DODGE SEDAN, Ukc Ne^v > , , ' 931 TbKKAl'MNE COACH : 931 p Q N TIA C "EIGHT' SEDAN • We Cold Weather Coming ! ! Protect Your House With Nil-Metal Weather Stripping Call Us For Estimates.. Pli one 40 Call Parker - 127 Daily Freight Service N. W. TRANTHAM Dealer In BEECH CREEK COAL Other high gradp Coal, Wood nnd -Kindling S. HroddwiO - - Phone 96 COAL PRICES Delivered In Bljtheville Slack Coal ........ .: Nut Coal ......... '.: Blue Ribbon Lump / White Asli Edd <7oal Kock Creek Lump ... BLII Franklin Lump Big Ben Lump .-. — . ton $3,2! ton 54. ton 55 7 . ton J6.5( . ton $6.5 ton $72 . ton $7.5 PAINTING-PAPEU IIANGTNG Freeman' & House - Call 748 MOVING - STORAGE LOCAL HAULING, FREIGHT CARS UNLOADED Wp Move Anythngj 4 HOTOR FREIGHT TERMINAL Sycamore & U. II. rhone 318 , AL\ib : Diis r t Ai«r , r ART s '•• - '"S 25c each ..... BURKE HDW. CO. Coal pelivcred Anywhere, Any Time - - 24 Hour Sen'lce HARRY BAILEY Phone 1505-F4 State Lin Mrs. J. J. Davis—Spencer Corsctiere Call 421-W for Appointments New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, .COOK STOVES. OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATEUS SEE - OUR. NEW . STOCK UCeral Traderm ^Allowance for Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. If You Want WOOD We Have It 1 ECONOMY COAL CO. Cueny & R; R, . flume 41 Coal, Wood & .Kindling PHONE 244 FOR THE BEST COA 'FROM ALABAMA, ILLINOIS, WEST KENTUCKY. L. I. RICE BEST COAL—BEST PBICES BUY NOW! "My coal Is Black- But I treat "you White." LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 10 ?2?5 $351) 5245 5295 5450 FOR SALK-I still Iwivo several level boHoni farms that grow ho largest yields of corn, cotton and alfalfa to sell on small down mymcnts nnd easy terms. Frank C. Ashby, Charleston, Mo. 24ok30 Biilck Four Door Touring Sedan. Demonstrator, with low.mileage. 935 TERRAPI.ANi: 4-DOOH SEDAff $135 935 G. M, C. 2 TON TKUCK S3J5 B29 D 0 1) ti E New lues 935 DOUtiE I'/ 1PN THUClf Buni Like Ne» 5100 8ROADWAY SALES, Inc. Ill Broadway OBRIENfa OAPB, completely equipped Doing good business or past 16 years BARGAIN Lee Motor Sales. Used PIANO 28-ck-2 lion. 310 S, Price LnXe In excellent, condl- rlght; Jack Craig. Mi) R30 Home Made Pure Pork Sausage ! ! COUNTRY STYLE One Trial'Will' Convince You. Pickard Grocery riions GT3 ion • Tw'o gooii inules cheap. Elzn Wlieel- cr, I'lillllps Motoi CO 27-pk-2 , 1'or Sale or Teinif, To Responsible DELTA Paitlci , Inc AVanted To Buy •SO or more Acres. Terms p/ cash. Thomas Land; Company. We Buy CORN Blytheville Gin Co. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co, 301-3U3 E. MAIN WE Hides & Pecans Melals itnd Scuip lion Blylhcvlllo Iron & Motfll Co, Clicrry & 11. H. Phono $48 Pair Young, Miiles, goon condlttoii 1,100 01 1,200 los I need BO acres good land, will pay $200 cash down. Mrs. P. B. . Quails, Flat Lake 27p kl Brunswick POOL plefe CHEAP TABLE, con)- tion SEDAN, in good condi- At give away price .. SIMON, Phone 7d* TRUCKS FOR SALE International,' '£ Toil, luting wheel base. International, 1 Ton, : Stake body. 1035 !'/_ Ton Chmolet, Stake: body. '19M \\i, ion Cheirvlel, Make bod} NaUors Pole Trailer, Electric brakes. In Good Mechanical Condition with Good Tires. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. For Sale or Rent Store building for salo cheap or will rent to permanent renter Lake St. See Dr. Salibnr'Plione 410, ktf tor Kent 2 or 3 room Furnished Apartments. Reasonable. OH' Hcarii. Nice comfortable bedroom, close in, MIA Nolcn 310 W. Walnut 21-ck-tf Nice stenmheated bedroom adjoining bath, 003 W. Ma|n Phoiie 042 24-ck-tf We Pay Highest Prices FOR SORAPlnON, METALS, PECANS. IJlDliS & PUIiS Wu!{ Arian 120 E Mnln -- Phono 170 Lost Doi's Silver King BICYCLE icward for rc|iim & or Infornmtloi leadiii" to leturn N6 questions asked Joe Wl'nbsrly, J25 EX)Ugan Tel cphoiiD 647 21-|>k- Wanted OU COOKINC3 111 home, aoocl references. Almu Jiiclison, 023 3. "YiwkHii. a7-)>k-2 Personal T yiaoH A'i' ONCE w oUrcs Tonlo 'lab els contain inw oyster Invlg rnlors nnd other etlimilimls. Ono lose peps up. orisnns, glands, If lol delighted,;'. maker icfumis few cnls paid. Call, wi'ilo Klrby. Bros. Drug Btorc. »K EKI STOMACH ACID, GAS PAINS, INIHOESTION relieved quick, Ocl free Enmulo doctor's HLttllpllon, Udgrt, ill fill by BIO'S, Drug Co. Nurse jy Slock ant om cnily teaming 1JRBD-UP Pccnn <iml Finll Ticcs now. (Jat- ulog ficc BIISD Pccnn coni|)any, Lumbeiton, MtM Populntlon of Wnici, which showed a sie.icly hicienso for 120 hnb been dqcicuslnj for 10 FI.KCTRIO WELDING AT DFbT PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. (Plaque . ),i. A br ))ln<mo ]3 Jo bo , placed Un the grounds of the Capital to commemorate Amelia Eartiarfs 'flight to (lie United States \ • WION13 10 HAVE SEOUREp "THE SEltVfpES OF AN RADIO MECHANIC ivho ulll guarantee to repair jour indjo to fliet glnss condition. A Complete f.lne of Tubfs and I'arli - - 'm»i Prices' Tire & KaJ, Co. Phone 476 ° Tlic udijht of n single huge iHio wlinle Is • raid ' to be more UKUV thi! combined woleM of flvo cleplitiuls. Yarmouth Ens, cxpoil.s to' Uuropo 1110(9 tlinn 80 poi tent of the 1000,000 oon lieirlnii landed here annually. GAY & IUUJNGS, Inc. Coal - Wood - Kindling PHONK 70 find Now Locitcd !>l (OJ ^Ort ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FDWAllDS, Proprietor All nmlcfjj of Rebuilt Tjpoprllert. Adding Micliinm and Ujtjbons Bus. Opportuiiities NEW .CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course HAY'& NIGHT CLASSES State supervised TUITION VERY REAdOMABLE See Mrs. Win. Berryman , Elaine Beanty Shop CALL R P at Wonder City Coal Co. FOR' ORIGINAL G ENUINE Monteyalio AND OTHER HIGH GRADE CuAL '"•PHONE. 477 Phbne179 For the Best Goal frora Niglit Clubs DISCING Everv Night 9 'Til 2 Silver Moon Night Club 2 Miles North Missouri Line Music by Harold Gudbury and His Orchestra NEW FLOOR SHOW FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY DIRECT FRCDI NEW ORLEANS —ADDED ATTRACTIONS— Good Comedian - Master of Ceremonies ING Every Night 8:30 to 2:00 CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB Four Miles North of Missouri Line Frank "Wcimcr" Harmon, and His Sensational Q-I'iccc Orchcslra, of Chicago VIor Show- Thursday Through Sunday - Direct From St. Louis Hubert Utley, Owner anil Proprietor Keal Estate 5 Room FOR SALE House, bath, large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town. Could be made into apartment. Cheap tor cash. 809 Chlckasawba. dh tfi For Sale: 80 acres FARM land near Manila. Slernbcrg Cotton Co. 20-ckTtf A( Piiccs YoSi Cnn-Affou! '/Vic ,«DS( JMmifrfr C/onl Tin t'OOJ/Ai,, KANUI'S, UOdK OVES I ],AI!NI>Hl SlOVI'K Is I ft i , GREAT HBAKT COAL Hyp, Site ' "Wfllil's.llesl Itcil" 0 Quod allowance/for 'your bid su 1 on new tailored suit U MUIR, Tailor 'rlio cost of lmrln\ scnlce heie Is, coHBldcratcly adjusted to your > niertnu. Rccnidlcb of yolir cxiiendllurp rittenttvo 1?. glycti oveiy detail DR. SALIBA Ejc, Ear, Nose & Throat GLASSES PITTED Itoom - 21ft ^ Kcs. rhone'410 Office 418 COBB FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE room Fin Apaitnient, pirate gaiagc 224 Dougan. 'Mrs Wert 2oc ktr 3 room fin nnailmcnt, bath Mis Mick )10 W Ash 27-j)-k-2 THAT'S DIFFERENT! ',' I AlMT GOT. AW ADMV. ' IHAVEt.OTA DINO^AIID UGNUS>AUK MAT IER WITH LILY FIWGEPED SAPS' 1 C OUT TH' MONKEY-BUS^ESS AM'.THCOW TH' BUMS GITOUTA MERE, YOU DUMB \WAOVA .MEAKI.TRW TGET PUMMY \VITH MY ' YOU GOT A DIMOSAUR?' WELL.WHYWCHA, SAY so BEFORE? BOOTS AND HICI. RIIIIDIFS FKK|)Y IS FOR'-ri'! BE 6\.fsO TO 00 MAKE YOURSELVES <A'I THE SHOW MAKES ONE MIGHT STAMPS. VOU F-DV51L DR1V£ THIS TRUCK., AMP SLEEP ON THE CUSHIONS THIS IS MAR.V, .W ONE AND ONILV : DAUGHTER.. SHE'S OME OP THE SOUTH SEA'ISLAND GIpLS, AND HAMGS HER TA'L IN THE MONKEV ACT. HELP VOUKSELVES TO THE" EATS, BUT GO EASY, /vllNP VOU— THE CONFOUNPEP FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HALF THETRISK! MAYBE YOU WOkfT USE. A GOIWG TO as AT "WE BAHQUET TOKJIGHT; soy 1M SURE GWVD 1 HAVE MV LEFT ARM IW, A SUMS.. THATUL LEA^E ME ONLY ONE HAND WITH WHICH TO MISTAKES. - IF YOU HAVE A FRUrT'COCK- TAIL FIRST,"rbu USE A SROpsJ-BUT IF A SEAFOOD coc(i.TA|L is FIRST, You USE A SMALL - FQEIt. PULL THAT AND TIGKT SHOULD-BE.... rr GCTT QUITE ATNVIST WHEN I MADETHAT ILLINOIS,. ALABAMA, WEST KENTUCKY COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompt Service -- Call 47 KIM'S COAL CO. Auigraotive LET US CiffECK YpUR BATTERY COLD WEATHER IS COMING! X&CLUNE Jackson Service Statjon—Call 8 CALLING ALL CARS !.]" GET READY FOR 'WINTER Heaters, $1.19 up Radiators anti-frceze, 78c gal up Texaco oil, 2 bal can, 89c New Guaranteed batteries, $3.25 up! Floor' Mats, 75c lip " Good prices on radiators exchanges. Healer parls: cheap. See Us Before You :Bny Anything For Your Car" : WOLF ARIAN 120 E. Main — Phone 178 EXPERT SEAMSTRESS. Do. fancy work. Grace McParland, 013 Holly. Phone 936. Furniture WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbar.d 2nd Hand Furniture Store • Phone 1031 Hotels Clean, comfortable steam-heated rooms, hot and'cold water rei- sonable rales—day, week or month - HOTEL Seeds - Plants TVe arc buyers of Ear Com Los- 1 pedeza Sred, Soy Beans,' Cow Peas and Pop Corn. Ri^ell Heckle Seed.Co., Memphis, Tciin '

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