Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 5, 1952 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1952
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Mi)., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY, 5. 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Russia Boosts Spending For Arms Output Ited Atrocities Aired Police Search * By Germans Who Fled For Army Post Robbery Clues ISLE OF ISCHIA, Italy—! jsrim tale of ptrocities and misery GENEVA. Switzerland — iff-) — A l£rom eastern Germany is told here "Many have been found raped and | shot at the entrance of their homes ' The oarenis of the girls are com-; FORT BELVOIR. Va.—'VP!—Police United Nations report, shows that' b >; a German industrialist and hisjpelled to sign a statement in which! alon!S the easte rn' seaboard today'.s expanding military ma- wUe wnrj escaped recently fromj they recognize that the girls died of i SOUKht clues , 0 a S49 O 'oo t'heft from ^'- -'- ' ' ~ '""— U ' """ 'natural death . otherwise they'll^ Pon Be!voi ; post exchange safe . chine absorbed 77 per cent of last Saxonv in tne Soviet zone. year's gross investment in country, an increase of eight cent over 1950. the per The industrialist island off Naples arrived at this via. Berlin. He asked his name be withheld because shockingly low, the industrialist remain in eastern Ger- be traitors too." A PX employe discovered yester- Big Bogus Money Ring Smashed By Secret Service, Five Nabbed WASHINGTON-«*- Federal agents also are investigat-: The Sferas brothers and Skally Billy Grah!un B°t quick action on CHICAGO —UP)— A multitnillion- Uollar inteniationa) counterfeit ring, described as one of the biggest in National Prayer Day Is Proposed ing evidence that the gan? may have | been responsible for the counterfeit- were held in $10,000 bond each. his suggestion that Congress ask Two others are held, Anheier said, Prices are very high and wages: dav moml hat M zj d \f\f*iriritY\if i/iw t Via in*ln<«ti>ti1t<?fl- the nation's history, was smashed ling of more than one million dollais anc j a t n i rc ) man is yesterday by Secret Service agents. Jin Cities Service Company bonds. |cago. One man is John" Drake, 29 More than $2.200,000 in bogus S10J Two of the five men nabbed in la taxicab driver, identified by agents and $20 bills were produced by the; Chicago are owners of a West Side | as the seller of $3,500 in bogus bi»'.s. ' said. "Gross investment" as used in the rel a' iv es report by the Economic Commission ma «V- for Europe <ECE> meant money put Tne industrialist told a reporter j hour week of work. (There is no of- into plants and equipment plus de-. l ' lat: rlle Russians had taken every-1 ficial exchange on the ease marki ring in the last four years, said | printing plant which was raided stamped "F.B.P-X" of ''Fort; Harry D . Anheier, chief of the See-! the agents. They said the phony "A worker cats 50 marks for a 48-| Belvoir P " X " were mlssin P- A P° st !ret Service in Chicago. (bills were printed in the plant, the '"formation officer said the bags; Five Chicago men were seized and | Sferas Printing Company, owned by . : thins P-'cciation. • The survey-admittedly of an ap-i had proximate nature-repor'ed 179 bU one wh ° doesnlt lion rubles in 1951 'went' for arma- 'considered against them." ments, munitions and maintenance " You cannot even sleep in east of troops in the Soviet Union. At the official Russian exchange . • slan rate the ruble is valued at 25 U. S. cents. he had "and soon they'd have ^ which is worth roughly about four| skin . * ' had not fled. Any- 1 cents in terms of West German i J. ne lnCtU.Strldll.St UVIU c* tu^^ll.*.* ,(IV/LU wccn. Ul rtwift.. > A 1IC1 C 111 ilU Ul"'..-.-*-: > *jnnn* r. t • ~ rt ,.K ~ ** ^ ' I ~,. .64 m cain antr further arrests are expected. An-, James Sferas, 36, and his brother, total weight at 175 n eier sa jd. He disclosed that the I Samuel. 34. phony SiO and S20 bills have turned j Also arrested was William Skally, said only seven per-' up j n cities throughout the United j 41, described by agents as an A kilo of butter 02 Ibs ) costs ->5i sons had lhe corr - bin aUon to the, states, as well as in London. Paris.; convict and the top plotter and sales marks at a state "store' and the| Safe and mdications were that all JRome and in other parts of the j manager of the ring. They said he ern Germany," he said. "The Rus-j monthly ration per head is 5.5 Seven wera either on *e reservation | world . —- -«-- > —— " ««• The fifth man held was not identified. Lake shores depth of about 21 feet. St. Clair rias low marshy and a natural maximum President Truman to proclaim a national day oi prayer. Rep. Priest (D-Tenn) introduced legislation to that effect yesterday and Rep. McCormack (D-Mass), administration House leader, quoted the President as being in favor of it. Graham made the suggestion Sunday, during sermons he preached from the steps of the Capitol. for them is | currency). political police (NVD; arrestjounces (150 gramst, A pack of cig: people during the night and takejarettes cost 10 marks, a handker- them to concentration camps from! chief from five to seven marks, a Comparative figures .showed Rus-: whicn tney wil1 never 8 et out - ! shirt about 70 and a pair of stock- sia devoted a larger proportion of "Recently over 25.000 Germans: ings 125." her resources to military spending nave Defcn |hot in the Bautzen con-| "Of course, your local Commun- " lasl year than did the United States | cefur atio n camp in Saxony. Thejists will never believe this," the in- was nabbed after he accepted S3.500 The Russian military expenditures ' Russla " s hold c ° lle ctive trials and dustrialist said, "because for them to have sentenced tojali that happens under the Russians! of 124 billion rubles in 1951 were 77j are per cent of her gross investment. TJ. S. expenditures of 37 billion dol- ;Cay - lars were 67 per cent of her gross investment. The ratio of direct defense spending to gross investment in Russia was higher the last two years than In 1937 but still was considerably smaller than from the Munich crisis of 1938 to 1941. Heavy industry in the Soviet Union grew "enormously" during the postwar years ; death thousands of people in one is heaven." day. The industrialist will sail soon "A woman who resists a Russian; with his wife for South Africa to is a traitor," the German said, i establish a rubber plant there. Rich Uranium Sources Found In Sweden, Company Reveals | cage in which the safe was located i had been opened with a key. The cash was post exchange receipts. The money was put into the safe because Belvoir's branch bank closed at' 3 p. m. Friday. STOCKHOLM. Sweden—(^P)—Rich while consumer \ uranium deposits have been discov- goods increased only moderately, < ered in Sweden's rocky soil, a high the commission found. The output jatomic energy official disclosed to- of the engineering industry in- j day. creased 130 per cent after 1940. The; Harry B rynielsson. director of the output of consumer goods-textiles, part government-controlled Atomic footwear and household goods rose only 17 per cent. Purge By Reds In Sofia Seen VIENNA. Austria — W) — A shakeup—possibly a purge—within ounce), the Bulgarian government was reported here by Tass today. In a dispatch from Sofia, the Russian news agency said the Bulgarian Parliament approved several Energy Company, told interviewers miners have found the uranium in shale deposits near Stockholm. Brynielsson said that at Kvarntorp, west of the capital, heavy shale deposits were found to contain about 175 gram's per ton. In some samples, he said, the uranium content ran as high as 3,000 grams a ton. (.There are 29 grams to one or had been accounted for. ; Anheier said that approximately in marked bills from an undercover The safe was riot marked, accord-j $1,400,000 in counterfeit money has [agent in return for $50,000 in bogus ing to reports, indicating that it had j been circulated by the gang. ' SIO and $20 bills, been opened by the combination or' by an expert safe cracksman. A quarter-inch steel mesh screen had been cut from a window in the building in which the safe was kept. Police said a door to the cashier's changes in the government yesterday proposed by pro-Moscow Premier Vulko Chervenkov. Other big finds have been made in Oestergotland, southwest of the capital, Brynielsson added. The Atomic Energy Company, formed in 1947, is half-owned by the government. This year the gove'rn- ment allotted the equivalent of $2,Tass said the Parliament also 500 ' 000 for atomio research. approved a law modelling the en- "The main production is directed at radioactive isotopes for medicine and.industrial use," Brynielsson said, in the Technical tire Bulgarian legal system after that of the Soviet Union. The Tass dispatch gave no reason j in an article /or the government shakeup but Review. at New Year's, Bulgarian President "Our first atomic reactor will be Georgi Damianov said In a public j completed by 1953, but it will be of address that there was a "need to i small size," he said. Later he added, eliminate the weaknesses \vhich had become apparent in 1951." Handie-W alkie Made For Army- Has Tiny Tubes a bigger reactor is planned. "Then, finally, we are going to work on a really bit: atomic pile, which can supply useful energy to compete with other sources of WALTHAM, Mass. —(/P)— A new, j compact U. S. armed forces! "handie-w alkie" communicating i system, with units smaller than a' loaf -of bread, was disclosed last! night by the Raytheon Manufactur- j Ing Company. Company engineers transmitter-receiver is Thieves Crack Safe— Wreck Grocery Store LIMA, _ ,_ _., °. -- «n- Thieves really crack the safe at the Wil- Brothers Grocery. Thev set two charges of nitrogly- cerln that n °«' or >Iy cracked the safe said the i butl "recked the grocery. made of Hay Williams, one of the store's magnesium and aluminum parts ' owners - said tne thieves got $4,117 and weighs but six and a half from thc safe - Hc estimated damage p-unds, compared with the former I to tnc SW^y at $8.000. _ model's 11 pounds. '' • — The engineers said the new model has a normal operating rnnRe of one to three miles, depending on terrain conditions, compared with the old model's reported reliable range of less than n mile. The "handie-walkie" has tubes so tiny workers must use microscopes to assemble them, the company said. Priest Ousted By China Reds HONG KONG—WV-Father Paul Coquoz, 47-year-old Swiss priest, reached Hong Kong this week.after the Communists forced his Roman Catholic refuge to close in Tibet. Father Coquoz took 39 days by ski, horseback, wheelbarrow, cart, boat, plane and train to reach Hong Kong from his Saint Bernard, •> Mountain refuge 13,000 feet up in | tion. the Himalayas. A communique from Munsan said The Communists forced the she!- '•he Reds first rejected then agreed to consider (1) Permitting joint Red Cross teams to visit POW camps after an armistice and (2), Addition of other prisoner exchange points beside Panbunjom. Planes Pound (Continued from Page i) will hold a plenary session at 10 a. m. Wednesday (8 p. m. Tuesday EST) to begin discussing the final item on the armistice agenda—recommendations to belligerent governments. Key points of exchanging prisoners and supervising an armistice remain to be settled. Wednesday's session would open the way for arguing over all three points at once. At Allied truce headquarters in Munsan, Rear Adm. R. E. Libby said "we had another very amicable session" discussing exchange of prisoners but remained grees" — exactly opposed key question of voluntary repatria- "180 de— on the ter to close by refusing permission "to take any supplies, food or fuel up there," the priest said. Built in 1936, partly from material carried all the way from Yunnan Province, China, the lofty Catholic i outpost sheltered an average of j Attorney Expires 4,000 people a year who stopped for warmth, companionship, food and medical aid in Latze Pass between Tibet Father Coquoz baptized 2,500 in the Catholic faith. Tibet and India. Although is a Buddhist theocracy, Shipbuilder Succumbs ABERDEEN, Scotland — (/P) — Sir Andrew Lewis, 76, shipbuilder and a former lord provost (mayor) of Aberdeen, died yesterday. c H A N E Y Storage Warehouse 23 Howard St. Private Railroad Siding Phone 3258 FACILITIES FOR HOUSEHOLD GOODS OR MERCHAHDISC Boy, Nine, Nabbed By Trail Of Coins NEW YORK—I.4V-A Brooklyn patrolman, spotting a broken store window yesterday, followed a trail of coins until he came upon a nine-year-old burglar. The boy was carrying a bag full of coins which were dropping out one by one. Police said (lie boy, whose identity they withhold, had takon S150, mostly in small change, from a March of Dimes "wishing well" in the .store window. Police said he used a hammer to break the window. He was held on a juvenile delinquency charge. Children Burned To Death In Fire INDIAN HEAD. Md.—.-,r—-A two- year-old boy, his sister and cousin, both one, burned to death yester- dny when an explodinsr stovp showered rhc walls and floor of their home with blazing oil. Dr. Frank A. Susan. Charles! County coroner, identified th* younc victims as David Patrick Woodland, j his sister. Barbara .Tran. and their cousin, Ann Elizabeth Barnes. Three older children were rescued by an aunt, prances Woodland, but police said the flame. 1 ; prevented her from p e t 1.1 n £j bark to save ihe younger ones. flutoloom FULL OR TWIN SIZE HEAD BOARD 10.95 NIGHT STAND S $50, $100, $250 or More Drivt owoy wild the loon, rsoionobit rot*, «a«y r«poy, Service right owoy. MILLENSON CO. S, LiSorfy St. Mgr. .50 NEW GLAMOUR For Your Bedroom Ready - to - Paint Your bedroom becomes glamorous instantly with this smart new Super Ponderosa Pine bedroom ensemble. See the modern, streamline simplicity of the bed, Hollywood headboard, and night stand shown above. Notice its sturdy construction with all surfaces sanded satin smooth and ready for your paint brush. This bedroom furniture is "open stock" for your convenience ond economy. MARTINSBURG, W. Va .— W)— Robert H. Boyd, for the past 11 years assistant prosecuting attorney for Berkeley county, died in a hospital here yesterday. According to specifications (Including the Loan) You don't purchase or build a home unless it meets your special needs. Why not choose a loan on the same sound basis. We specialize in sound Home Loans. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Cumberland, Maryland Msmbor F.D.I.C. PONT UCO HEG. u. s. TAT. orr- ENAMEL Iff One Coat Magic! Gives sparkling new color and beauty to furniture, walls, and woodwork. y lo uit—drltt fast «ri solidly—on« coot J DUCO Semi-Gloss REa.U.S.PAT.orPi FOR WALLS & WOODWORK Here's a new product from Du Pont laboratories—famoun DUCO in n satiny sheen that'c easy to clean! Easv to apply ... one coat covers ;.. popular tints or deep rich tone*. 2 .64 Qf* • FREE DELIVERY • PAINT & SUPPLY North Centre Street at Polk — Phone 158 FIRST SHOWING TOMORROW The Most Dramatically New Fine Cars istory Slondorrf eqotpmenl, ettitwrUi, onrf trim illuttrotftd or* tubjncl to chang* without noticn. Whit- tlda-wall tlr*i, wh«n available, optional at «xtrc coil. SHONTER Furniture JLnE CIJBTAIN is up. Thrrc in the spntliptit is a significant new autorrmhile—a fundamentally now concept in luxury rnntoring. Il is Lincoln for 1052— the nnc fine car (IHihcrntelv dr.fipncii fnr mnr/rrn lirinz. More llian lircath-laking beauty, lirre is hoauly with purpose, design with reason. It is an enlirelv new approach to fine cars— vilh cverv rule, on the .•Imc.rirnn Rnad a command perforrrmnre even for the d.iinlirst woman driver, 1 hanks In Mipeth viiihjh'fv, the unique pro-ahead hnod, anil the trim design fore and aft. Here is a = loni=hinir performance that onlv LiiK-oln's completely new engine could make pn--t!>le. I his i.i our in\ iMtinii to vi-it our s!mu - mom and view the dranialicallv new Lincoln f! and Capri. Then —make the disenvei'v of the our line rar thai has e,ip- (nred the air. (he feeling, of modern !i\i:i;. THE ONE FINE CAR DELIBERATELY DESIGNED EOR MODERN LIVING ? THE ENGINEER'S BRILLIANT ACHIEVEMENT ALL-NEW 160-HP V-* The. completely new IM-HP'T.inroln V-8 rngine, InlcM and greatest from the m,iMrr craftsmen who have built nuirc V-8 en. pines: than all older car makers combined. Newe.jclupive"Ili-Swirl"<viml>iiMir>n chamber?, new overhead v,il\e,.=, hiphcr enm- pressinn ratin and prratrr he,r i -epnwer — more pouer than von may ever nerd—teamed with Hv:in'v\[ATic Transmission as standard equipment. or TOWN w.'h En SuHivr,.- 9.00 P.M. Sio'ion WTOP, oi hi!, 'TOAST O" THE ^.mrio/ ?»oong. 8:03 'o IN wo foe 128- 130 N. CENTRE ST. PHONE 1753 CUMBERLAND LINCOLN-MERCURY Inc. 828 N. Mechanic Street Cumberland, Maryland Telephone 6402

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