Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 23, 1926 · 1
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Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · 1

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1926
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in Ecn ely U )$ piece and: n R: sa:W ide Si airs no o icrr at car n i arou I t 1 St yi xii S3? i!on irt im !8 rr ic? £ is !a iitg Revivalist d into Auto By jan On Plea That Baby Was Dying ERS CUT BEAUTIFUL HAIR ffl TO MINISTER’S MOTHER1 I Mrs Kennedy and Party Will Pass Through In a m Mr Minnie Kennedy mother of Mm Almee Semple McPber-“f lo Anitelen mayrlM wlio “ been miwln Mare May 18 lien she was believed to hare been drowned while swimming at Long Beach California will paa throngs Tnmon tomorrow morning at 8:85 o'clock on the Gohien State Limited en route lo Douglas where her daughter to reraperating In a hospital from hardships experienced la her escape from her captor She will be accompanied by llte chief of polled of Lm As grhn and by trader of the An grins Temple who will serve as a body-guard for the evangelist on tlie return trip to Los As-gelee !oroformed By Captors and Rush-lexico Whence She Escapes and 1 on Foot to Border at Douglas Aimee Semple McPherson Escapes From Abductors Who Were Holding Her For Money FEARS ATTEMPT WILL BE HADE TO HER DAUGHTER ASKS OFFICERS FOR 1 bbs 21— Mr 5 r of her kid lie Associated vs Pars leach with isofir I want- last prepairg tip'-seicea to th-) t deliver tbat aerie tT W went (eiklbllfrg the burned scar) to mil me tell the easaer to question they said my mother bed asked to pro re that I was alive They threatened to' cut off this finger (the second finger of the right bead whirl has a long while ms UtttMt so that as sooth er weald know when she received "Tt' that they did bar m captive -I refused to talk I did answer tf) flrvj Dint Aft 1 would escape on question but I would not arsrer j '-IVCII IU UUU i UICU Th-re I changed th reef slipped on She was asked if ah had been K n haefer and abused i -iE9 clam chow- "So" she replied “Th woman Ross 1 tried to b nice to me I prayed eon- li t-t on to the atantly and talked to them of Tod! Dot G LAS Aria I rec-d a little I'll bet they were tired of hearing my ' my people that the Church of the fe't Ir raimmlng I preaching" s Four Square Gospel Is going ahead h Bm ”Krom “ 1 fru“ hall soon hare raised the need-1 th music Hh overhearing contestations of my ab- I V :o fr into th duetors they had planned to make C00009 o'" ho1 ' h tu'iurg After a away wrlth either myself my da ugh- train missionaries snd workers" said Sz Schaefer re- ter Roberta or Mary Bickford the ime Semple McPherson famous HAS ONLY TINY BUNGALOW FROM $30000 GIFTS MINISTER SAYS flTJEMPT JO t Preacher Avers j Newspaper Men Or-jun m --Ten ganize Party to Hunt Kidnapers “Hello Darling Mother!” Said Missing —Evangelist “That’s Aimee” She Says LOS ANGELES June 23 (AP)— Mr Minnie Kennedy shortly before 8 o’clock today talked over the long distance telephone with the woman in the Douglas Ariz hospital be-A lieved to be her daughter and as she hung up tbe receiver said l ” “It is my daughter Aimee Semple McPherson-v - -Qjj hei0 my darling mother Yes sweetheart” were the first words of Mrs McPherson this morning as she talked to her mother Airs Minnie Kennedy in Los Angeles home over long distance telephone “No I am not injured I am not hurt I am so awfully weak mother and I cannot talk very loud Yes I hear you sweetheart "Yes the two men cut off my hair honey they said they were going to send it to you to prove my identity No sweetheart I am not hurt They did not injure me” WHITE 9 Oil Al PET’S BE Walks to Border Then Collapses Taken’ to Douglas Hospital k 4 s tht liken moving picture metres They i! ' in4eluti recoerlnc In a hospital DOUGLAS Aria Jon IS— Chief of Police Percy Bowden of Douglas with officers of th city police force early begs conferences with the the state of Sonora with regard to making a search for th abductor j vr of A ! rree Semple McPherson Htu’ev I cam planned to kideep another I ‘"cic There were picture actreaa whoee name Here I was Tn- not mention” said Mr 1 1 had Jjl recently this morning ceremony for "Jfy abductor threatened to give ir4‘ me or sell me to a Mexican called Fe- 'Every dollar that I have V klaia ‘lip Then one day after they had raied except that for my tiny little A number of American and Mexican f tj water lust burned n with cigar In an attempt bungalow on Sth avenue has gone °‘flrer are now la Mexico making a I Mhie I ’ was to force me to tell my story brought to mr chprch It has gone into steel rcb the area her Mrs Me Ilftri rn t one call- great hulking Mexican quit nd concrete No not for a monu- 8”r I Wat an- arl1 whom they said was Felipe I mMlt to Aimee Semple McPherspn fel bee- recognised think It was a bluff The man named but for a monument to God and hi i Steve was the one who burned me good work Here She had "They told me this Felipe waa from jf j bad been killed my -ork brou n eyes and Mexico City 1 bad never aeen fclm‘wonia have been carried on Those I ietij stollc type before I had never aeen any of niypar strf all made Th only other lbt t-r baby was abductors before property beside my home that I own wanted me to j Oreea May Be Cla Jar the lota on the hill that th gyp- it cot want to go j "I believe tbat my abductors got sles gave me biiinand had tha the dres that the woman called Rose I ‘I have lived a plain life 1 am a I Pi- a coat gave me a dais or so ago to wear worker for God After I built my I -o th car from some part of th country near church my people gave me J900 I t!icg at th aide here" believe that the gifts peopl giv to cd I be levs a Hup-’ The mnd-atalned garment worn by evangelist are given without any '“ inelde the car Mrs McPherson when she fell ancon- strings attached to them But whll jfb wag tbs baby la sclous at tha gate of a Mexican rea- tome might put th money into oil idenc In Agua Prleta Sonora waa a wells Into mines Into property I plain cray gingham one Kurae In look that $30060 and gave It to God-jM krew I was push- - the hospital her recall that tlww J W Insulted a that she tn Ia8t pIac (rldenty j floor- The was sal of such dress at a ocal In station Inth church ( the Tour I uu f fop : LAST DEMAND FOR RANSOM MONEY WAS TO HAVE BEEN MADE FRIDAY DOUG L 3 ‘ Aria June Si — "From certain portion of th conversation of my abductors which I overheard Pherson waa believed to have been while they had me In their power I held prisoner believe that they were to make a fi- Folsom Moore General manager of oal appeal to my mother for ransom th Btsbe Review Georg Speer city j money Friday” editor with Police Officer Patterson This was the statement of Mrs of this city headed another group of Aimee Semple McPherson this mom-searcher They left Douglas at 1 J 1°- o’clock I ’ "Pleas tell all of these 70 poliee- Ura McPherson ha given lucid de- i men and firemen who were In my temple before I was kidnapped to watch my little gtrL I am so afraid they will attempt to kidnap her “I understood they had been writing my mother letters Ask my mother If aha got let'ers She must have received them for when she was talking to me on the phone her jnst cow she asked me If th men had cat off part of my hair Tea they did cut it off They aabl they were going to send It to my mother" When Mrs McPherson was talking to her mother on the phone she said to her: "Tell th chief to com with yon Tell him be n eds a rest I (want him to come" l DOUGLAS EDITOR FIRST TO MAKE IDENTIFICATION OF EVANGELIST ca 20fcg Square Gospel Angelos Temple so Rw (he Escaped ‘that my people everywhere could tg enough The) "Hovrdid I escape? Oh how fool-jhear my voice lar’-t over me ish of ns to have overlooked that j m' ‘’I a tweet i "I had been In th last place where Scotland to know that I am alive al- (her a J they took me for about three or four though here on a bed In a hPitL 0 remark soto days I believe I waa hysterical I Tell tbe peopl of England and Scol- franflc I could not remember day land that I am alive- Glv them my 1 Ut 1 knew until I'l did not know what day It was I blessing - White bed ik What day U this? Friday? j “W have our school I J'h room with a “When waa It I waa abdutted? On have worked for my church and my closed T th ixth Of Mav What a terribly people God blesa them God bless about four days Eh believes tbat after escaping she must hav ran and walked a distance of I miles DOUGLAS Ariz June II — John D of frogs beside her bed when rh wss Anderson the American who brought a child “to ting to her” and many Mrs Aimee Semple McPherson across othsr intimate things McCafterty th International border this morn- had A A Sudin place a special tele- According to a diagram she drew J wheB h app! the home of -y closed I the llth of May What vomiting The terribly horribly long time that has you alL Ross was bean After my captor got me in "I have chosen “ people gave to me to th work of I God" ?o not know n day or not I 5 th morning 8 MliUea ‘t they wanted of (Continued on Pag TwoJ bT re holding me f " ' Ml ra ransom I Jer foolish that I “ “'h money that rhilL Theyre- i-ntr i waa Urto- Later they 1 P'-ana to get remarks I 1 rned that they re'l In San ‘o make ar-money ate St' canned food o look at a can 11 few day ago I fcr U te Co atomoblles w nc Then w f should Ima- L' Corructlon W toss The men (Th fc AkS not as the other ” had burn-'a ’h finger My Kingdom for a Plane” Bid Without Any Takers "A plane a plane my kingdom for a plane” wa the cry which came over the Citizen Associated Press wire this morning when the big story of the escape of Mrs Aimee Semple McPherson from the rendezvous of her kidnapers in Mexico "broke " The Associated Press bureau correspondent at FUoe-nix desired the airplane to "hop” over to Douglas m order to be able to personally handle the story ' Inquiry developed the fact that the only plane in Tucson was out of commission as the result of the accident several weeks ago when itjell while carrying two passengers one of whom was killed ' Cliff Maus local commercial aviator said that the nearest plane to Tucson was one at Safford too far away to be of im- mCd Tuc sonans'le a med of the big story in record time through a Citizen extra - ' on paper the went a distance of about ten mile through the cacti and sagebrush toward a mountain Police of Douglas and Mexican officers believe tbat th mountain to which she walked waa Nigger Head In Sonora ‘Arriving al tha mountain Mrs a Mexican family there for help wa at first skeptical that th woman was the famous evangelist Later she told him who she was and Anderson was later firm In hla belief that she waa Mrs McPherson William Fraley McCafferty editor of tbe Douglas Dispatch was tha ma McPherson barely able to drag her ° self along fell tlm after time from !who ldentlfld M"- ’ T”' exhaustion She found a fence fol- ! h alkd nto htr hoPUal room B lowlnff It towards road Prom road sha followed the glare of lighta M to thle city f oB recognized aim from previous meeting in Denver phone betide Mrs McPbersonV he in th hot pi tel o tbe coaid talk to her mother Hot Off the Bat fol I 09 waiaea mio ner nmpiiai rwra in ! company with Chief of Folic Percy! ghta 'Bowden he cried: “It Is Mrs MePher- j I anM anil ah panFn lead k i lit fprilTI NATIONAL UArZ Philadelphia at New Tork double-header postponed rain - Chnrehes Celebrate Chnrehes In Douglas are holding praise services this morning for the when b waa bolding services in that city She talked with him about th time the cured by faith a mas in Chl- e scape and safe return of Aimee Sem- I patown In Denver recalling that It pi McPherson Peans of prats are being aung and prayers offered up Hundreds of curious hav gathered about tha hospital where she Is being cared for No one la permitted to enter her room “I hav talked to mr mother I can have no other telephone calls now” she said FIRE LOSS IMMM TRINIDAD Colo June (API— Almost a block of buildings on the main street of Trinidad wfs swept by fire earty today The loss is estimated ut between 17300 and 1000uo The blaze is believed to have started in the kitchen of a restaurant at J m It spread to seven business build Ings destroying or partly damaging1 them Th fire was breght under control later this morning J waa the day tRe believed tbat Jack Dempsey won the championship) Mrs McPherson recalled tha ppm of another Denver newspaper writer and talked about the time th Denser Poet entertained her at a picnic nd j(t Cincinnati of how they got paper to her before Chicago 010 OOI 0 they left the picnic grounds carrying j Cincinnati 0"9 001 00 1 pictures of th event I Hoot and Gorzales Luqu ard Har- Mrs Minn! Kennedy mother ®r' grave Aimee Semple McPherson will leave At Boston (First gams) — R H E Brooklyn 000 000 001— T Boston 000 000 10— 111 Petty Erhardt and Hargreaves O'Neall Benton and Gibson At Boston — Brooklyn BOO 209 11 Boston 001 200 00 MoWeenev and ONell Goldsmith Graham P Smith and J Taylor Los Angeles today at noon on the Gold-n State Limited over the Southern pacific for Douglas Wi:h her will come the chief of pollc o Los Angeles Mrs Kennedy fold William Fraley SlcCalfeur editor -f tbe Dispatch over long distance tel-phone that the birth mart on her children's bodies as described bv Mrs McPherson Mrs McPherson to(j of having taken a colt Into her borne AMERICAN LEAGIE At Chicago— Cleveland 010 000 2 Chicago 101 062 0 ' Vhle and Mvalt E’ankenstip once when a child of having a buiket jCfoufe At St Louis-Pittsburgh St Louis Song" and O'Farrell 010 ooo Gooch Haines and ad DOUGLAS Ariz- Jun Poaitire Identification of a woman In a hospital here as Aimee Semple McPherson Los Angeles evangelist who was reported drowned there May IS last a as made over th telephone by Mrs Minnie Kennedy th evangelist's mother tn conversation with William F McCafferty editor of the Dispatch this morning Identification waa established through a long white scar on th second finger of the woman's hand and also by her giving tha name of a pet pigeon She told the name of her pet pigeon when the was five years of ag Th name was Jennie Sha told that she waa Injured on her second finger of the right hand In Durham township near IngeraolL On tar la Tha mother gave th same information She told of th name of her cousin Mrs Emma Nickerson who died of cancer Her mother told the same story Word received her by th Douglas Daily Dispatch says that Mrs Minnie Kennedy mother of Mrs Aims Semple McPherson in Los Angsies has received tbe strands of hair cut from the head of her daughter Aimee Semple McPherson sow aafe In a hospital here AIMEE SEMPLE HePHERSOT Aime Semple McPherson famous evangelist who escaped from abductors and walked to Agua Prieta Mex collapsed and was taken to Douglas Arizona Hospital MAN WHO WROTE BIG STORY VET OF WORLD’S WAR Htnt CHOPPED OFF DOUGLAS Ariz- June 23 — Aimee Semple McPherson is alive and In Douglas Her beautiful hair chopped off by her abductors two men and DOUGLAS Ariz Jun 23— William Fraley McCaffeyty editor of th Douglas Dispatch who earned a place In tbe annals of news-gathering being able to Identify Mrs Semple McPherson missing evangelist and to "break" the story first to Associated Pres neaspapers was born In the south and was educated In schools In Virginia and West Virginia Leaving West Virginia university he went to a woman bedraggled muddy tired ! work In Fairmont West Virginia so fatigued eh 1 shaking and quiv- Later in search of newspaper ex-erlng so frightened eh can hardly j perience he worked on a dally paper talk tha famous evangelist Ilea in a I every eity in West Mrginia Later bed In the Calumet and Arisons hos- j pltaL here with police guarding her to prevent her re-abduction Dakota California New Mexico’ Mls- Tb famous evangelist of th “four aotirl and Colorado square gospel" who mysterious j He was a member of th American disappearance from th Ocean park j expeditionary force In Fran'-- and a California beach on May 13' was on the staff of the second corps I he worked oft papers In Penns) I vania New Tork Maryland Ohio Xortts- startled th world when tt wa be !!evd h was drowned tells m coherent story of her abduction She escaped from a shack In Mexico about noon on Tuesday so she estimated school at Cha?H!ion-Sur-Sin xde was a member of th first American permanent’ training Cadre Man Sent Up From Pima Escapes Pen from th position of the eun and ran as rspldly as her condition would permit for miles and miles Becoming exhausted she dropped ! tlm after tlm to the ground Fi- i nally sighting a mountain which has - been Identified by officers her as the famous Nigger Head mountain about Abrahlra Zara!’ 15 miles from this city south in So- the -tale "eptlary JaM yenr to nora Mexico she headed toward 1L ! rTe nt-nce dn a burIsiv Reaching the mountain about dusk cbarg from count rzpJ from she located a roa£ and struggled I Institution Monday local along as well arf her meagre strength auf horltf w?® informed todpv f would permit falling time after time j rrv F 4°fl ° 1 only to be Immediately revived al ‘ member 2 1 1223 u-idr entenj of fear of recapture and pressing on I 15 AVrh Zarate eapd and on towards what she thought to Antnnlo roas eri g ortf tur be the west Later she was able tofbrrary In id drHand see great patches of red light as the Jwsu Lorrorjue also ner"!ng -entne night wore on and these were later for burglary identified by police here as the glare (Continued on Page Two) Th offens tor whi-i Zarat w? 8ntnr'd hm tl r 1m rc - r 9 horn ouh M?er sr fV tty A U -

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