Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 20, 1957 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 13
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• j Dial PA 2^600 for t WANT AD OUT OUR WAY ; Bjr R. J. WUIUau EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, MAY 20. 1957 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAOR HOOPLE U'L ABNER ; -•-••. '- '.' /;V--.'-.'•*.•:• iTHTR'fEENl^ . R66L OF THESE CcWtf POLL UIK£ A CROWD 5TRUSSLIKJS — I FOR THE EXITS IN 'A BUS VlKSCK/A 2 H 1 VS'AXED X^m^iAUL^ Vy KeC !^} fSSLAR » People and Places Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Roman • statesman ' 5 Author, Fcrber 9 Pitcher —— 12 Eve's husband 13 Prophet . U Slir 15 Managen J7 Number 18 PlAUorm J9 Condemning 21- . virurrwjue 23 Educational organization Ub.) hatler- 27 Comparalive suffixes 29 Aleutian island 32 Feminine appellation U Straightens 36 Holy 37 Shoe part 38 Poker slake 39 Enervates 41 Winken, BlinVen and 42 Individual 4-c Peruse 46 Calmer 49 Under (p&ct,) 53 Uncle Tom's pel £4 Ballet position 56 (or tat 57 Actor. - Vranchot 58 TurXiih river 59 Drink made with mall 60 Italian citj ft Writer. George DOWN- 1 Scoundrels 2 Mine entrance J "Harp thai once through -i halls- p£ k* o u G- G ** e G K, & ts *i "M "e •pr A r k= O r-j 5 G hJ A N ka V. [in T" T t^ £ N F= ts IF i^tikteiutoi A T" T~ TJ u & ? ^ *]UJJMUJ|K|2)UJ| 14 B V' P 1 A" R 4 E A t. 1 K P ifri K F A, ^ T I t*t E l_ o s B V A r yg C?)E l- A, & o C?te 'D E O H f^J TELEVISION UK; n LIGHTS 4 Greek Idler 26 College dcgrc. 5 Superlalive 28 Stalk sullix 30 Far (prefix) 5 Kind or cedar 31 Employed 7 Fiddling 33 Dancer, Roman Castle emperor 35 Dtmented 8Maliclou» 40 Flagrant burning 43 Growing out »Al the cloying 45 Writing labte point 46 Caterpillar 10 AraWan gulf hair 11 Louisiana's 47 Wicked Hucj « ix>ve god 16 Shade of red 50 Water {.Latin' M Honey drinks 51 Veer 22 Deserts 52 Fashion 2< Pl»t«u expert, Edith 25 Actor, Ladd -5 Insect r s a. ft) * w 28 w W iS it«Hofl». The Time* ! STAT10H KDKA tFltlilmrcii, Ctunntl I) TODAY 5:10 Monday Movie 6:15 Wild Bill HLcVok 6:45 Newj. Weather 7:W Frontier 7:30 Federal Men «r« County Sberi/f £:30 Barlow Orchestra 9:00 Dr. Christian 9:30 Adventure 10;W Studio One 11:00 New* 11:15 Theatre Timi A. M. 12:30 Newi 10 Sw-lnf Shiit TiM Tod*>, Garrowij 9:00 Storylana 9:33 On Location tfljOO Garr>" Moore Mitt «aby PtoKram 10:45 Arthur Godfrey 11:30 School Program 13:00 New* 12:15 Cartoon* 11:30 Search Tomorrow 12:15 Guidinc Lijht 1:00 Bifi Movie 2:3t> Father'! TrotibU 3:00 House Party 3:30 Secret Storm 3:45 Valiant Ladj t:00 Queen for a Day 4:15 Cartoons 30 1\ WISHING Repiletcd U.'S. P*l«nl Office. S N N G. 67*2463 K S Y S T A T 7 5—5— 4 T R A S W O R G 528 I O E "5~~2 $—5— 4 < 7 2 H M U * -, 3 5~ T 2 S" ~g 3 "T E A 5 _T T A E R S ~8 4 « S J ?— — R ~5 —r—«" DID ~g 5 5~~^<T F K E ^ 7 4 53 f B ._ W . L> C Nv G "~^ — •S 2 7' ^ I T N ^55 6 453 I Z I F E U 8 3 I U 5 2 S 4 ^ I E . J I 4 5 5 6 4 &GAGIVLH t i S~ R T N 3 5 . B D 6 ' 2 5 5 ? 5 K T T D Y B S V TJERE U j pit mnt Jillle g*me lhat .will fiive you a mem*e every * ••• d»y. It i* a numerical purzle designed to spell out your fortune Count the letters ]n your first name. IE iji* number of letters is 6 or more, lubtuct 4. It the number is less IVian 6. a<Jd 3. The result Is your kty number. Start ai the upper left-hand corner of the r«. tirjf ]* tnd check every one of your key number*, left to right. Then md the mtwife the letters under the checked fijurej jive you. " MO.VDAV, MAY 10, 1«T not red from program* for Ul* cburei. TQMQECOW ?:W Today, Garrow*y S.OO Littl« Haccals 9:30 Romper Room 10:M Home lliM Price li Rl s fct 11:30 Truth, Con'quencei 1Z:M Tic TBC Dough J2.-M Jt Cculd Be Voa ' 1:00 Close-t'p 1:30 Club Sixty 2:30 Tennessee Erni» 3;00 iUUnee Theatre 4:00 Queen for * Day 4ilS Modern Romance* 8;30 Barlow Orchestra 9:00 Pr*« Coo/erence 9:30 Top Tune•, 10:39 Studio 57 11:00 New*. We & tier 11:15 Sports 11:20 Mystery Thealrt rOUQSKOW 12;M Clown 1:30 Ladies 2:30 Favorite Story 3:00 Public : 3:30 Canior Theatre 4:00 Brijhler Day 4:15 Secret Storm <:30 Edge ot Night STATION WSTA H»riUoDbori. Cbianel I (Slindird Hat) VIS New* v 6:00 Va, Showcai* 6:15 Weather. Market 6:30 DiintjUnd 7:30 Goldea Pla>^r, U ie 6:00 I^icy Shaw 8r3a December Bridi 9:CO l-or»tta YOUJIJ S.-30 Panic 10:CXJ This li j^Jr LHe 10:30 Mystery Thfatre 11:00 News, Sports 11:15 MflvlctJme USA TOMORROW JI:09 Film Theatre 11:15 Love trt LU« 11:30 Search TOJJIO/TOW 11HS Guiding Ufht 11:00 Oose-Up 12:30 As Wortd Tums 1:00 Matinee 1:30 Tennessee Kmfft 2:00 Matinee Tkeitje 3:00 Brijbter Dav 3:13 Secret Stom 3:30 Edffe Of Xi^it •4:00 Comedy Time A:30 T&eatr* Tim« CTAT1O.V KTTG CBmbeilind, C*bl« ij TODAY 5:00 Milt Graot Sho%r 6:00 Billy Johnson 6:30 Tfte Fun Houae 7:00 GUderileeve 7:30 I Spy B:00 Mo-vie lime USA, S:30 CorJidcmial 10:CO Famous Fi«bt« 10:15 Boxing 11:15 Neui 11:25 D. C, MoTietbn* TOMORROW 9:00 Kariooa Kiub 10:00 MornSng Movta 11:13 Frankie Laiua 13:00 Music Hall 13:30 Afternoon Film 2:00 Ladies Be Seated 3:30 Cartoons STATION WTO* . JKU*1 II (Cumbtrltad, C»Vlt 11 TODAY 5:00 Amoi aod And/ 5:30 ilar^ie 6:00 CUco KJd 6:45 Edwardt Hew« 7:00 Soldi«« Tortutie 7:30 Roblo Hood 2:00 Burw and Alien 8:30 Talent Scout* 9:00 Uicy Show 3:30 December Brid* 10:00 Studio One 31:00 The 11 Rrport 11:15 1"be Lite Show TOMOMROW 6;55 MornJug MedtUUon. 7:00 Jimmy Dean 8:00 Panorama Potomaa .5:00 Captain Kanjaroa 9:45 Oswald lUbbjl 10:00 Cart? Moor* STATION WEO IODAT 5:00 Comedj Tlm« S;33 Susie fi:CO City Detective 6:30 News, Vflt&er 6:45 Sports 6:50 Sam tnd Fricndi 7:00 Death Valley 7:30 Nat 'Klnf Co!« 7:CS SBC Xe»-i B:00 Sir tJnrelot 8:30 Wells Fargo Tales 9;CO Tw-eoty.One 3:30 Wash. Square 10:10 County Sheriff 11:00 News,. Wntfcer Hr2Q Sportt 11:25 Sam and Frienda 11:30 Tonight STATION WJAO TODAT i:GQ Jangle Jim SrJQ Soldiers Fortuna 6:00 Sports 6;15 Neus S;33 Kin Tin 7ia 7:00 Plajhoiise 7:30-Nat 'Kins' Co!« 7:« NBC News . 5;00 SLT Lancelot S:30 Wells Fargo Talc* 3:00 Twenty-One - 9r30 Wash. Square 10:30 Jim Bawlts 11:00 Ncvrs 11:15 WrMlUng T01IOKEOW 7:00 Today, Garroway 3:00 Romper Rrxjm 10:00 Home 11:00 Price li RlfM 12:00 Tic Tac Donsli 12:30 It Could Be You i;«0 Town Hall 1:30 Featarc Theatre 2:30 TtEDesiCf EraJfr 3:W Matinee Ttcatre <:00 Queen lor a Day <:i5 Modern Roraaccei J1:CO Valiant 12:15 Love of Ufe" 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 Culdiac ZJjht 1:00 New* 1:10 Donna Dcuplas 1:30 AJ World Turns 2:00 Our MLsi Brook* 2:35 House Parly 3:00 Sig Pi*o« 3:30 Bob Crosby ' •*:(» PickTemple KancH STATION WMAL (Wnblnttun. Cfe»a*I T) ICvakcrSsnd. Cabti J) TODAY 3:&5 NHtiey MOUIB Club S.-OO Clowa Corner £;3fl Town And Countrr 6;55 Wealier 7:00 Xtvrs, Sportj 7:15Joha Daly 3:30 Wire Serrica STATIOX WrBQ 4AltooD«, Ch>aA*l ' 5;M iUckey Mocti Qil 6:00 AcnapoHi Men 6:30 Peana. Ttxlay 6:« News T:GOPhil Silvers 7:30 Bold Journey B:00 Burns and ". J:30 Talent Scouta 9:00 Lucy Show 9.-3Q December Brlda 10:00 Studio One 11:13 Beat Movie J TOMORROW 7:M Jimmy Dean 8:00 tiptiln 9:00 H onions 10:00 Movieb'm« USA 11:30 SlrikB U Rich 12:00 Vews 12:15 Love oi Life 11:30 HFD 10 1:00 New« 1:30 As World Turn» 2:00 Search Tomorrow 2:15 ~ 2:30 CJimrle* Fljim 3:00 Big Payoff 3:30 Theitre Thru -*:00 Brighter Day <:13 Secret Slorm <:30Ed«e ot Night On Bridge Safety Play Assures Slam Property Transfers Russell A. and Hazel Flafce to William T. and Patricia M. Donahue, property east of Cumberland. Counts* Commissioners of Allc- gany Counly (o Delbert W. and LcEsIa M. Martin, properly in Allegany. County. Michael J. and Ethel H. Malonc lo Rosa L. Hoylc, properly on Memorial Avenue. Francis J. and Margaret R. Martin io Edward J. and JoAnn Greise, property in Cumberland. Mary A. \Vin(icld to Edward J. and JoAnn Gcise. properly between Bedford and Valley Roads. Bernard J. and Lucille R. txira- ditch to Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, property in South View Addition. Helen S. Brown to Mr. and Mrs. William S. Stewart, properly on \orth Mechanic Street, William P. and Pattie Laugh (o State of Maryland, property on U. S. Route 40. Ernest M. anrf Mabel 1. Thomas lo Ralph L. and Helen A. Resh. properly east of Cumberland. Josephine E. Blamble to C. Fahnon and Martha E. Webreck. properly in District 21, Allegany County. Charles and Mary V. Welsh lo William H. and Mary F. I.arry.' property on Sedcwick Street. ^ Enjoy It After Every Meal Helps keep teelh clean. Freshens mouth. Sweetens breath. By OSWALD JACOBY Written lor NEA Service Hard luck Joe won the opening only one tricic. spade lead in his own hand andj Suppose that East would hold promptly led a small diamond^!! four diamonds. Now after lo dummy's ace. After the customary whereupon Joe would have lee the jack, nine or eight. If West covered, Joe would have won with dummy's ace and continuec the suit, Ihereby holding West one Irump trick. Should Wi choose to duclc, Joe would du also, and West would still make moan having played the king of dia monds, Joe would lead a smal *"*^L »*!>. vuoiuinaij' jiiiMii JJJUHUA, jut: wouiu. Jcau a smat about hard luck, Joe made anjdiamond to dummy's ace am effort to sare the slam from Ihe play dummy's last diamond. Eas wreckage. He ruffed a heart, would win one trick with tb' entered dummy with a spade,:quecn but Itiat would be all. ruffed the last heart, cashed the' last spade and went after the club suit. H West had to follow, to three clubs. Joe would have v *ir The bidl! 'ng has been: made the hand, but West ruffed! V j> E * 5 ' Sooth Wesi the third club and got out of 21 p* ' * Pass trouble with his fovirth heart. -"~ - ass 3 * As usual Joe had manufactured his own hard luck. It is tough ta find all four trumps bunched against you. but Joe could have guarded againsl this with a simple safety play His only problem was in Irumps and he only had to fear a four-zero break. Joe had bid six and could well afford the loss 3 N.T. Pai You, South, hold: TODAY'S Yoo hold (he same hand." I n 8 three no-trump bids four diamonds. l do? of one trick. Hence, Joe's first' NORTH ;o AKQT W A95 * A < 2 *KQJ6 EAST *-"09 AS6<2 ISfA 3 VQJ10S7 * 0 10 1 3 « None *92 +10853 SOUTH (D) A AS3 i KJ9865 + A74 East and West vulnerable ^**^l , Wt*t North I » Pass 3 + 3* Pass 4N.T. 5 V Pass S N T. «* Paw Pass Opening lead—4 J Pass Pass Pass Pass play should have been the king of diamonds from his own hand. East would have shown out, ! Miss Zaks Named Class President Miss Florence Kay Zaks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zaks. LaVale, has been elected president of the sophomore class at Flore Stone Mather College of Western Reserve University, Cleveland, for the 1957-58 school year. During her freshman year, she participated in the all-university choir, school paper, inter-religious council, stunt night, May Day and various other class activities. She is serving as chairman of the Hillel Installations and awards dinner. Miss Zais was graduated from Allegany High School in 1S56 where she was selected as "best all-around jirt" in the gradualion class. i/'T>f OAEKN BUTTON,YA ^ -FATHEACtf'-VOO PRESSED TH' RED BOTTOM ,'.'VOU START EP TH FLAMIN SPEMTAMI TO MAKE THAT PRESS TH ; GREEN BUTTON AN' START THE ' AIR- CONDITIONING. STEVE CANYON IV! THAW COPIES of COL^ IT WAS «SV To OPEN VOIIR 8A<5 AMP TAIC6 'OH, I WON'T BE cAittHrJ..M.ri«xttu Atv^ ... ONE EcfiEtT 1$ THAT FATHER WILL NEVEe on Eveev PAGE, IT WILL BE EASV To K«N DIM IN THE AIK FOZCE' KNOW HCTV SKCESSFU. I HAVE BEEN ' so HE cento eg faovy OF ME JO/IR Prentice and Fred Dichtnton 6ST US TO TUB KSAKgST PCKl. wen FIHD SOS\E CUAtT TRy FOX A RESCUE... /S StfCW 77/1(5 LATER CAPTAIN EAST S^i««;. w . F _"-\ (IT WE 5HOUID Se BACK UTTLE TWE OH OUK 1 TRAIL NEAR WS LM TOVKW?ROM BY THEM. TftDAJJDI ARE TAXSiS CB« 1A5T 1 SAIL BEFORE IfWlUS HAN05 WMILrJ SIR I SHOKsllNEI IT ROCKV THUMB! IT* WELL WORTH THE CLWS I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OA, GOODVJ>\S>S\f] ' ^ /^i&i—) Cf\V>V,VOCV. YES, GIRLS ,Tjre Besr LARD ISGOIMSTO ^SMACK-SMACK "1 you DIONT- at" ALLTMECANOV, i nope/ _7 BEST.. NEVER OF 1M EtTHER.UKE ALL 1H' REST; A STRANGER ID ALL BUTHS OLD FftLFCCCY, VVMO (5 NOSVOJT RUNMIN3 OO\VN CLUES 1M TH15~ BOME ^SE MY£TEKV. MICKEY MOUSE

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