Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 12, 1969 · Page 3
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 3

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1969
Page 3
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Three teensfjcrs hurt in auto rccident here Three tcraagm were injured I last night in a two-car collidon at Cajoo and Gardeo streets, police reported. Ofncer& said the accident, wtich occurred at 6:35 p.m.. in- v(4vcd a n9rtfab3UDd auto driven by Lisa Kane Liebennan, 16. of 30 W. nUton. and a soutb- boond car driven by Michael R. Aoler. 18. of 820 Orchard drive. According to police. Anter's psssenger. Paul Ivanuska. 18. of San Bernardino, instaincd a head laceration and ihoc". He n-as taken by ambulance to Community Hospital. Miss Liebennan. wlio complained of head pain, and her passenger. Sharon Dean. 17, of 1405 Garden, who complained of pain in her left arm. were taken to Lie hospital by Jliss Licberman's father, officers said. Storm pocps out with mere sprinlde It took a Pacific storm front a little more time to arrive in Southern California than was anticipated but around 9 a.m. this morning it snuck into Redlands. threatened rain, but left only a trace by 2 p.m. According to the Weather Bureau, today's sprinkles are expected to give way to clearing sUes by late tonight or early tomorrow. ' A second slonn. located 2.000 1 miles to the west this morning' has prompted forecasters to call for more rain by Saturday., Weather Bureau spokesmen ex-: plained that today's siorm arrived late and far less potent than expected because small cen- Dr.Mcinto$h resiyns fironi LB. stale EDITOR'S NOTE: Dr. Carl WnMn MclnlMh if a Mfiw •r Radlandf knd son of KM lalt Mr*. Cora L. Mcintosh of IMt communify. Ho is an alumnu* of Rodland* high school, class of 1932, and of Iho Unhrortity of Rodlands, clatf af IfM. Ho was prosi- Speaks at San Bernardino dinner Reinecke says GOP must show sensiflvlfy to needs "Goal of the Republican par- ing in a totally defensive posi- ture. We must restore the pri» ty today is to prove to the n?- tion as is the case when yon ciple that the individual can ds Hon that it is sensitive to the are the party of the opposition, more for himself than the gatr needs of the people," Lt. Gov. We have the ball and we must emment ever can do for him. ; Ed Reroecke told 500 of the GOP show that we can run with it. -we as a party need to have .t stMtm CmUmmm \ faithful at a Lincoln Day din- We must demonstrate that we a degree of flexibmt>- and not or loano mm ^Mmw^ > ^^^^ ^ Orange are capable of provkling lead- ijt ourselves get boxed into dog- iShow cafeteria. ership for the United Stales and ^atic po;iHons." he said. "Ye» from 1947 until his appoint' nwnt as protidont of Long Beach Stato in m*. Dr. Melntoih oamod hit master's and doctor's dogroot mmKVT » arm ovcrar a av9«««v i y 'J^. »nr i:;::^-:! ^ H ^inecke obser^ed that Iho touthom versity World War II, ha sorvod with •ho U.S. Army and was with SHAEF in England, Franco, Gsrmany and Belgium. "In Sacramento we must put world." be said. ^re need to anchor ourselves together a program that will "We have had eight years of firmly to principle and to a set carry California forward." he political experiments in the frJ- of values." cral government, many of which -our programs must provide the were failure." he noted. "Sel- sufficient grievance procedures ' uT-Hfc J^STii!^ ' Republican party is now in a dom in our history have we had for those of our society who are !? 'l»ation of leadership with Rich- such a number of poIiUcaUy ex- not getting a fair shake." Rei- II LTL^-IT-!* • ard NLxon in the White House, pediUous programs that didn't nccke said. Ronald Reagan in Sacramento work. Admitting th^t he is so new and the party in control of the ;'.\ow we must recogmze the California state poUtics that state Legislatmt>. mistakes of the past and clear- ^^ read "It is a lot different than be-ly define our goals for the fu- g„ j„ Q^^. aid Reagan's Creative Society "S-MOIONG SUE" PUFFS AWAY — A lueVike mannequin dubbed "Smoking Sue" is used bv Charles Schultz to de ".lonstrate the effects of cigarette smoke to two ice cream-licking youngsters a: Sage's in Redlands. Schultz, a student at Loma Linda University's School of Public Health, says the two lung-simu- la'iing mason jars contain "angels hai ' stained brown by smoke drawn from the burning cigarette in Sue's mouth. T. 2 demonstration is linked to a "five dav plan on how to slop smoking. (Facts photo by Herb Pasik) Demonsfraf'ion af Sage's 'Smoking Sue' shows effects of smoking Water suit settlement again delayed LOS .\XGELES (UPI) - Dr. ; Carl ^Iclntosh resigned Tuesday as president of Long Beach State College, saying he felt a need for "intellectual replenishment." Mcintosh pointed out he has held the job for 10 years and .<:aid. "My decision is neither impulsive or capricious. All colleges require new leadership i from time to time." i State College Chancellor Glenn 'Dumke met with Mcintosh at his headquarters here and tried to talk him out of resigning, but then relented and accepted the decision. Mcintosh requested reassignment within the state college system. Supervisors to deal with tardy woricers A lifelike mannequin known as gel's hair." and Simulating o.^an^e ^Sv 'w 'rrLI hit' BERNARDINO (CNA)_ along the front yesterday. One of the centers or wivcs"^"^^ ^"•''^ ""'tcrial in th^ Tare ^huUz td's""^ Mart:h i'a^e off from work early may moved into Ibe .Monterey area '""S^ " ^ demonslraUoni onlookers, many of them widc-:=>' ! sll ^rrt '^'lif ^"^.^ J^^""^ and caused rain south to Paso a' enlisting smokers in a I eyed youngsters, that smoking filing of a stipulation of judg- .S^av ^"P="^" siaiea Robles and Fresno. The other "five-day plan" to kick the to- causes the .'ame effect on hu- ""ent. signed by Orange County, "^"T'. , n • , „T, „ spun toward Southern Califor- baceo habit. man lungs as on the "angel's, Water District and the three' ."'^P'^*'*'"^ .•rUl, L nia and reached iU destination Charies SchuIU, a student at hair" which "filters the po"ison-i Principal defendanU in the case ^* ,.^"'.°} early today. Loma Linda University's Schooljous tars out of the smoke." i- San Bernardino Valley, West-'^™ ' mectmg with the per- The mists will give wav to ''"'''''^^P""'' "Sue" also "talks" through the ern and Chino Basin munici- _K—,„ soring tbe 4-7 p.m. public serv- medium of a Upe-recording and pal water districts, had been Redlands Daily Facts Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1969 Page 3 JAMES A. OSGOOD sonnel department to discuss tarduicss and leaving early. He said about 99 per cent of the P. TIM ROBB Photot by Upston Studio scattered diowers and cowid- '^f SaVrin w^m^ 'o 'nlo 'okere^ yesterday in Orange|—-, ^y^j'-'^.^^^n '^i- inV^^e^; bu't erable cloudiness tonight and by J, t^^g,, p^iday, said I chUdren, of the "hazards" of I County Superior Court. i that some action to "reprimand tomorrow Uie ramfaU probabUi- „,annequin also has been | smoking. I Attorneys for the major de- ty IS expected to drop to about _j ^ simUar demonstraUonsi The attendon-getUng demon-,fendants, however, opposed the 10 per cent • i-.—.-.— :. • : - —..-^.U,, , • j . Recreotion commission to meet At a meeting of Recreation Commis-ioners tomorrow morning. Bud Shirtcliff. recreation director, will report on the cost.| proposed financing and the benefits of moving the outfield light poles outside the large baseball diamond at Community Fidd. Another item on the agenda at public sdiools. This is how it works: A lighted, filtered cigarette is placed in "Smoking Sue 's" mouth and is actually "puffed" with the aid of a rubber bulb and hoses through which the smoke passes on its way into two masMi jars filled with "an- stration is used m conjunction with a brief Ulk by Schultz to enlist smokers wto desire to give up cigarettes in a "five day plan to stop smoking," which will be conducted by doctors from Loma Linda at the Redlands Jumor Academy, 130 Tennessee street. Feb. 16-20. DPC decision put off two weeks by Supervisors filing of the judgment imtil subsidiary agreements supporting the judgment are reached, "judge John P. McMurray agreed to set the case over tm tU March 31 after stating thati principal representatives of any local agencies which feel they cannot support the four-district| agreement will be requued to appear in court on that date. SAN BERNARDINO (CNA)— County Stipervisors Tuesday Another item on me ageiwa fl,„nsdves two weeks to for the iKcakfast meeting sched- ^^^y^ whether or not to hoist against it other than "alleged charges of malfeasance of operation." A representative of the Red Now no sfreef through UR's new gridiron If anyone ever entertained the fear of automobiles breaking < or dismiss, if necessary" those persons who did this should be taken. "It's a problem I think we can correct before it gets out of hand," Board Chairman Ruben Ayala stated. f^l ^^.'^.J^^nv ^J^\^ S^''*> in'P"Pa^«i<»' for «'agi"8the"DPC a "melting pot." airf, f ^ltorrTomaU ^ns Tn th?'said today, by Dr. James Kenny ana iNor ^j^^ poverty. oaiH the semor citizens were thciif-: i>_ii,.»ic Lioskey s Garage looted of $1,228 in tools An automotive garage at Lu- gonia avenue and Orange street in Redlands was looted by burglars who took power and hand tools, auto parts and tires valued at a total of $1,228, police James Osgood, Tim Robb earn Eagle Scout awards James Osgood and Tim Robb.jPhiUip H. Robb of 204 Franklin; members of Boy Scout Troop 16,1 avenue, has been in scouting for program, he said that he has been working nearly around the clock to set oriented to Sacramento. By virtue of his office Reinecke is a member of the University of California Board of Regents. "I have attended one meeting and my opinion is that many of the regents are too old." he said. "We have got to have men capable of meeting the changing times and I do not feel that some of the longtime appointees on this board are that type. The>' are ap .Domted for 16 -year terms and that is too long." He pointed out that it is important to the Republican party to keep control of the Legislature m the 1970 elections. "If we do that, then we can do the all important job of redistricting the state after the 1970 census." Rep. Jerry Pettis, congressman from this district, was in attendance and was roundly praised by Reinecke as "one of the most respected and capable men in the House of Represcn- tatives." Reinecke, until his re- icent appointment as lieutenant I '; i governor was a Congressman ' from Los Angeles. I Sen. William Coombs of Rial;to introduced Reinecke. Assemblyman Jerry Lewis flew with Coombs from Sacramento to be ! present. ; .Afilton Sage was general ' chairman of the dinner which , was a $23 a plate fund-raising • event to finance the "Go Paper" the news organ of the County were presented Eagle Scout awards last night at the troop's Court of Hwior held at the First Baptist church. Osgood, the son of Troop 16 scoutmaster James B. Osgood, of 1346 La Loma drive, helped to reorganize the troop two years ago. He has been in scouting for nine years. the past ZVi years and currently serves as assistant senior patrol leader in his troop. He hoMs the 50-MUer, Nine Peaks, Grand Canyon Trail Hiking and Historic Trails awards. A junior at Redlands high school, his ambition is to become an attorney. Redlands representatives on the committee are Dr. Edmund T. Dombrowski. Richard Mulligan and Roy Wick. He currently is junior assist-! ^ number of other awards ant scoutmaster of the troop i also were presented during the uled to start at 7^ a.m. their own ensign and don battle lands Senior CiUzens Club caUed the DPC a "melting pot." and said the senior citizens were the I ^^i^.ersily of Redlands grWiron' Lipskey and Son garage. 1258, and has received the SO-miler, Historic Trails and Nine Peaks awards. At Redlands high school, where he is a semor. he participated in tbe Chepulechi Art Festival. He plans a career in business or art Robb. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Court of Honor. James Meier received a Gold Eagle Palm. Star Scout rank was awarded to Jota HoUenberg and First Class tL^'^^!!^^ t: P^t^"^ "^"^^ thei -atcMoirof m^-^nimi^Ion:^ --7r ,:;,e"t~ -^--ente^' EiOhth ^^tt fmdmgs regarding Teen f <> s t^^^^ ^^^^ testimony concern- He urged the supervisors not to probable today. sometime Mondav mght or ear- 3 » sometime Monday night or early yesterday by thieves whoi and procedures; a proposed spring art project for juniw high students on the fenced area of the Methoifist diurch; demen- taiy and junior hij^ track neete and; a tour schedule of Becreatiaa and Park faciUties for MMdi L Commission to plan tour A proposed tour of the dty's parks by commissioners will be scheduled at a Park Commission meeting tomorrow at 1:45 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Safety HaU. Other items on the asenda include discussions on a list of street tree planting replace- of the Dependency Prevention Commission. Supervisors gave notice of their intentions at a meeting Jan. 27, after an attempt to negotiate on the number of commissioners on the DPC ran into a block waU. The board had feM that 45 members wm too many to allow tbe commisson to function effectivdy. and Board Chairman Ruben Ayala flatly ordered the DPC to reduce to 21 members. However, the DPC, feeling that a cut-back would destroy communicatioa with the poor peo|de rejected Ayala's demand. George Ashton. Redlands, chairman of the DPC, said any action to reduce the commission membershfl) would "concentrate too much power in the hands of too few," and said that it w-as action nity.' A representative of the Con gr«ss of Racial Equality. (CORE), told the board the DPC wouM be "more susceptt ments, desirable areas for freeway landscaping and a flag-polei j^^ ^ IM'^TJ^'DPC at Prospect Park. meetings were, but the end re- ble to rubber stamp people" if the menbersh^^ were liccreased. Support tor Ayala's proposal to appoint another body to assume reqwosibility of the DPC under supervisor control, was limited principally to "establishment" groups. Letters favoring the takeover eame fivm the mayors ct Mont- dair and Barstow. Howard Snider, mayor of Ontario, attended the meeting. MichiQOT QhllM tlMCt Burglar enters Moedt house on Center PoBce are investigating the theft last night of a radio and fg in ooins of various denominations in a burglary at the home of Philip C. Moedt. 456 S. Center street Uoedt iM investigating officers he retained home atwut 9:40 p.m. after an iabsence ofj about two hours and beard a door slam as he entered his house. He subsequently fooaj that Mmeone had broken in through a living room door and ransacked his bedroom. Foiin aid the aoond beard by Ifoedt may have-been made IQT the bursar leaving. The UiBversity of Uidiigan Alumni dub of Sao Bernardino and Riverside will boU a dinner meeting Friday, Feb. 14, 6:30 p.m. at the Ramada Inn, „ Riverside, according to William suit of the meetings was the im-jPalhtth of Redlands, newly portant factor to be considered, elected treasurer. Prof. Clyde He called the hearing "peculi-jH. Coombs of tbe mathematical Top NMIM AlC PatB* W. LMdt. at air-! craft radiBiflMBian at ttie »d Oommnnieatiani and ElaebvB- ICS lUintcamoa Svnata. has Mieeted Ilia Natta Air j^aam d tbe Mootfa for ar," in that tbe DPC had not been informed of the charges psychology speak. department will • • • r . r,«„„ T ,,Z' pried open a sUding shop door missions first acton at Tues-^^ gain entry, according to in- day's meetmc was to recom- .... J/r. . day's meeting was mend the offidal abandonment of a forgotten roadway caUed Stanford street At least, the portion crossing the university's new athletic field should never, never be built, the commission agreed. This was an overdght, which the tmiversity has discovered since the fidd ws laU out'' said Commissioner M. S. Kreston. "I think we should correct it in favor of the university." So the 40-yard line will never be a concrete curb, and a 66-foot strip, extending North from Brockton avenue for 628 feet will be made safer for end runs and screen plays. Hie dty council, of course, has to agree later. Directors of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce will meet for 7 o'clock breakfast at Griswold's restaurant on Wednesday. Feb. 19. President Donald L. Pierson will announce committee appointments. vestigating officers. The loot included three paint spray guns, a rivet gun, a car radiator, two ^dal auto tu-es valued at $80 each, various auto parts, a power drill and two tod boxes contaming assorted hand tools. Pilone company not granted interim liike The California PubUc Utilities Commission has denied General Telei^ne's motion for interim reUef to offset the effect of the 10 per cent federal surtax. The telephone company had sought interim Commission authority to add a 1.3 per cent charge to intrastate billings pending final decision on General's request for a total $41.7 million rate increase. Public hearings on General's overall request ended January 17. and a final dedsion is sev eral months off. students get essay awards With one public and three church school represented, the awiarding of prizes last evening in the annual Lincohi essay contest was an ecumenical affair. It wasn't planned that way. The essays by dgbth grade students were judged without knowledge of schools or authors by Dr. Anna Grey, the Rev. Frank Toothaker and James A. Smith. Pam Widenga of the Christian School won the first prize, $15. Both in second place, and each receiving SIO, were Vicki Piper; L of Cope Junior High and Cindy ^ Mariano of Sacred Heart. Honorably mentioned vere Layton Lui, Seventh-day Adventist Academy: Jan Smith, Cope; and Michael White, Sacred Heart. Dr. George H. Armacost, president of the Lincoln Shrine Association, made the awards at the annual Lincoln Dinner at UR. Korton crews now taking part in big airlift Following dosdy on the heels of the mammoth European airlift exerdse Crested Cap/Re- rank to Jeff Peterson and Casey, forger, StarUgters and crews of Stiers. Rudy Dimery received Norton Air Force Base are pres- Second Class rank and J ohnlently engaged in "Rancher Cor- Coleman, David Wilkerson and m," a comprehensive air- Craig Turiey received Tender-ijft of combat Marines and their foot rank. equipment to Northern Nevada. Jlcrit badges were awarded lo A seimcnl of the highly suc- David HoUenberg, .Mike Foeh- cessful 63d Military Airlift Wing- ncr. Buddy Spohn. Clay Corwin. 5th JIarine Division affiliation Kurt Judvik, John HoUenberg, program, the new Corral is the lames Meier. James Osgood and third in a series of joint opera- Tim Robb. The Troop scribe tions to test the muscle and re- j patch was awarded to Mikesponses of the new partnership, and to polish the confidence and ability necessary in the event of an actual emergency. In past, C-141 Starlifters — based at Norton — have flown to El Toro Marine Corps A i r Station, to receive one battalion of Marines and their combat materiel and speed them to the FaUon Naval Air StaUon, Nev. I ranges, where they deplaned to take up positions in simulated combat situations. Rancher Corral III will step up the number of combat troops by adding a second Marine battalion to the exercise. This will 'add realism to the training ca- I pability of the Marines, and test Norton's ability to double the number of missions necessary without disturbing the nor: mat Southeast Asiatic airlift requirements. .Airlift commander for the exercise is Lt. Col. Arthur G. Phillips Jr.. who commands the 14th Eminent authorify poses question af dinner last nighf Why has Lincoln's image gone into eclipse? Tbe image of Abraham Lincoln — Iveviousiy as bright as the sun over America — began to enter an eelqise in 1962 and is now diadowed. Why? lliat is Qie picture ... that is file question . . . posed last evening fay an eniinfi< lincdn autiiority before the annual Lm- cdn dinner at UR. He is Or. PMBp Van Donn Stera,_ editor and anUior of numcTDUs Uncbta books — cuRCBtly engaged in scholarly researdi at the Omt- ington Library, San Harino. 'Tbe times — and the spirit of the times — are against Lin- eobi and aU that he stood for." Dr. Stem told the andienee of; neaiiy aoo. "We are finog in an age that toa Mt bdyre in heroes aod dwlftBlt authority fig- 1hi« if tta day of the ati- hao, ttw bumUer. the evader, the man who welcomes failure and rejoices in it" Then, he examined segments of America. -Writers, historians, biogra- pbefs, painters and senlptocs are shying awa^ from Lmcoln. he said, because puHisfaers and art galleries say the market for sudi worin is depressed. They don't want anythmg about Un- cotaL —"Hie great white, middle- aged, midiflfrdass of America hears less and reads less about Uncoin than they used to. Many o( them have lost interest in LincobL They have become the silent peopla — tileat| in the faea o( mwhaaffy wj Crovcngr and. fictoa ilwaimia- tioiK of things that once aU believed in." —Tbe racists, both white and black. Here he turned to Roy Basler. author of the "Lincoln Legend", who told Dr. Stem: "Certam people on opposite sides of the street as exemplified by Black Power on one side and the White Citizens Council on tbe other,' are trymg to make Lmcoln out to be a ra- dst by quoting esdnsivdy from the Oiarlestoo debate and/or twistmg the emphasis in bis letter to Gredqr' to mean that be didn't give a damn about slaves." Dr. Stem concedes that Un- cdtt's veeefa at Charieston. BL ea September U, USB dnring his ddMie with StepiMB Douglas was a key to Lincdn's attitode toward the Negro. "I am ... not in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and the Mack races," Uncota said. "I am not in favor of makhig voters or jurors of Negroes, nor qualifying them to bold office. I am in favor of having ... a superior position assigned to the white race" How does Dr. Stem answer that? By insisting that the Charleston speech expresses lin- cohi's attitude in September 1858 — but only at that time. "Lincoln grew enormously during the war — even about the Negro," he sayt. Loicotai did not live to see the end of slavery but what he did brooght about itscnd. DAVIO B. McKENZIE Photo by upjion Sludio jijijtary Airiift Sq. at Norton. Continuing through Friday, the mission will greatly enhance the continuing training program I for flight and ground crews and troop units in the important area of combat airlift To load- masters ^vill fall the greatest element of practice as the Ma; rines and equipment are load• ed into their aircraft David B. McKenzie, son of Dr. Utilizing all types of rolling Tbe seardi for a dearer un- and Mrs. Kenneth R. McKenzie stock from Jeeps to 105-niillime- derstanding of the development of 1725 Dwight street, was ter howitzers, the loadmasters of Lincoln's attitude toward the awarded Eagle Scout rank last are speeding their proficiency Negro will go on. Dr. Stem j night at a Court of Honor held (in accepting all types of possi- sakl. "Lincdn's essential great-(or Boy Scout Troop 7, spon-ible materieC David McKenzie earns Eagle Scout award ness may be marred by some of sored by the Presbyterian the things he said, but that isichurdi. like diipiHng away at a granitaj McKenzie, a tenth grade stu- sUtue — the basic shape still re-' mains. dent at Webb schod in Pomona, „ ^ ,. .,, . has been in scouting for four The prewjt eebpse wfll end.; g^st as a Cub he predictod, "for a inan as last three as a Boy great and fascmatmg as Lmcobi e.o„^ cannot be put away on the sbdf ^ ..... . « permanenaV. The finest bodcsl He served on the Jjn|wrslafl _ ^ ^ ,^ . about hun are perhaps, yet at Camp Tulakes and presently! n^,on from their vantagi to be written." is an instructor at the camp., points, and assure maximum use Norton Airlift Control Element (ALCE) teams are d^yed at El Toro and Fallon. Maj. KeiHieth R. Eail is ALCE coordmatra- at El Toro, while Capt George F. Marschalk is his contemporary in that position at Fallon. Their oommon job is to maintain a constant and complete surveillance over t h P Dr. George H. Armacost pres-; His awards include 50-Miler. ident o€ the Lincdn Shrine As-;Nine Peaks and Historic Trails. sodation, and President Roger Hdden at the Kiwaois Oub of Redlands, "fB ''f ?«»H as heads of Ihe nHspoosoring orgaimatioDS. He also is a member of tbe California Scbdarsbip Federation, and is interested in a career in sdence. of minimum ground time for Starlifter arrivals, on and offloading, and departures. Sorties will be 45 minutes apart with ground times of one hour idus 30 mnotea ma »immii.

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