Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 4, 1952 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1952
Page 16
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'••: SIXTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD* MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AU Taker The MATURE PARENT .—- - _- u -.,_.--,.T|-,- - -TTT--L-1- — _"*-•---. - ' ' ' Working Mothers Should Hang On To Femininity menfolk is our title to identical zeal, to substitute for a father, Della'l/"' -..-I.--. ("\f f At hoc nnlv ciir-rppriprl in ripfraudinz VrUUV-JUd V/11C1 has only succeeded in defrauding her children of a mother. Yes. I certainly wish that the rights with them. Since we aren't men, this is confusing. It has driven us to take pride in f em inists wno got" us the vote had anything but, the distinctive femi-| made more o£ a point O f telling us nine trait of tenderness and has in- i to improve the differences between volved us, among other, more seri-j men and us instead of trying to ous disagreements with men, in un-j erase them. ending arguments about things likei j w ^h they'd said. "Look, my our rights to smoke cigarettes on the i dears, the real battle is not for a [15 Scholarships Goucher College has made avail- exceptional students, well adjusted socially and emotionally, can profit by being allowed to accelerate at this stage of their education. They will enter college without completing '-Eight years ago, when Delia B. left I Ted B., she took a job and Ted disappeared. Resourceful and en-1 How close do I come?" "Pretty close," said her friend. "Don't look like that," said youn "'Delia. "It doesn't throw me; (Uprising, Delia soon parlayed her I used to it. I've been an orphan a Outstanding high school girls who will be between the ages of 15 and 16',-j as of September 29 this year and who will have completed at least ten years of schooling at the end of the current year'are eligible. The two-year scholarships, valued t $3,000, are made possible at the i we give a whoop about them, but j hold on to it, cherish it and improve j Towson college by a $108,000 grant By MURIEL LAWRENCE i mummies have to be daddies, too.(street and drink Martinis with our j vote _' you k now . The real one is foot on a brass rail. It's made ourj earning respe ct for womanliness men suspicious of us, defensive andj equal to respe ct for manliness. As I angry as they try to deny us privi-< vou can - t ever w j n it unless you rrn'' eges *' llat ' We demanci ' ri ° t Because j yourselves respect your womanliness, set March the senior year of high sch001 as a deadline for applications. because we just want to be sure T , . , , nf „.. : IJ^LtlU^C WC JU3U VVd.11^ IU UC suit tlldLij Job into a from office with her long Ume. I've had no good of ray . . . . . fofVior onH cinr-o mv mr»!-hpr start.-: J ^ name on the door and was s«rny mother start- enough money to buy her children ed thill!dn S sne had lo ^ave like; .. _ . . .. . , •» T'afhen- T'v» VinH nn mriinpr fMrnPi' i ." (from tlie Ford Foundation's Fund | for the Advancement of Education. Next to the electrical industry, i The project, Sn which Goucher is the best clothes, schools, toothbraces I and matinee tickets. In young Delia's last year at boarding school, she was given the star role in Its big dramatic production. Half an hour before curtain ja father I've had no mother, either ! Delia B.'s resourcefulness and en-| [he automotive industry is 'fie larg- time, a telegram was delivered to She's been too interested for years i terpnse are fine human traits, in proving that she's a better man! whether they are in men or women. than my father to have any time! Delia's problem is not that she pos" isesses traits we associate with men, rather than with women, but that ' est user of copper ind its alloys. the only women's college participating, is an attempt to determine if Heat Saver NKW YORK — (INS) — Housing experts say cracks around doors and windows can account for as much as 25 per cen.t of the heat loss in an average home, Weatherstripping alone will cut down both heat losses and drafts, and the savings in fuel and increased comfort soon justify the cost. And when stripping is used along with insulation and storm windows, the benefits in- Strange Methods Solve Murders KHARTOUM. Sudan — </P) — Strange and occult methods are still used in the Sudan. The official Sudan Monthly Record relates how "an influential leopard-skin chifif" found the killer of tv.'o tribesmen. A number of suspects were gathered and a black goat slaughtered while the suspects drank milk from one of the dead men's cows. No one refused the milk or confessed after drinking it — as should have happened, But that night one of the suspects felt deathly ill and called for t'.ie leopard-skin chief. He removed the "spell," the man recovered and con- fessed. The Record says guilt was later established legally. There are 450 species of ants In Brazil. Einstein considers time as the fourth dimension. Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness: and Worry No longer be annoyed or leel W-at-easQ because oi loose wobbly false teeth. FAS- TESTH. an Improved alkaline (non-ac d) powcXr sprinkled on your plates holds them \rnier so they feel more coratortable. Soothing and cooling to gums made sor» by excessive acid mouth. Avoid embarrassment caused by loose- plates. Get FASTEETH today at any drug store.—Adv. for Bill or me „, . ,. , . ; u f ,„,„ Though young Delia's ins ght Into her mother overslladow Idoesn, know USV^S' She'll ^minine auality_of tenderness. "You open it," young Delia told j does resent her mother's repudiation the friend who was sharing her i of feminine tenderness, dressing room. "I know what it j responsibility, as do many children says. It says that my mother can't (in our confused, divorce-ridden era. this unbalance that makes her and entfi ^ feminine s> instead of assets> to herself and • get here because a big business conference has come up. It says for me to remember that this kind of thing is bound to happend when CUTICURA In a sentence from his book "Love Against Hate." Dr. Karl Menninger.l the noted psychiatrist, sums up the! problem of women like Delia B in I this way: "Feeling oppressed and' frustrated by males, woman identifies herself with the aggressor and depreciates her own femininity. A woman's repudiation of her femininity is self-destructiveness and to the extent that she accomplishes it, she frustrates herself . . ." Sometimes I wish that the earnest ladies who were so keen on getting us "equal" rights with our sons and husbands had been more specific about the meaning of the word "equal." As it is, more than a few of us have the definite impression that our title to "equal" rights with our YOUR CHILD MAY NEED IT TONIGHT! Always keep St. Joseph Aspirin For Children on. hand, ready for an emergency. Chil- _ __ , nprnil . dren like its orange f of.JUSEPH: flavor. No need to | » ASPIRIN break tablets, each is \'\ adult dose. SO tablet bottle 33c. RALPH FRANTZ Super Market SELF-SERVE RIDGELEY, W. VA. Phones 879-4690 NEW LOW PRICE! MRS. FILBERT'S OLEO Golden Quarters .... 2 Ibs. 53c Golden Pounds ..... 2 Ibs. 49c Mrs. Filbert's Salad Dressing, pt. jar 28c; qt. jar 55c Mrs. Filbert's Mayonnaise ......... pint jar 41c Mrs. Filbert's Sandwich Spread ..... . pint jar 28c Armour Star Pure Lard 2 <'.*: 39c Lean Streaked Dry Salt Side ....... , ---- Ib. 25c Sugar Cured Bacon Squares ............. Ib. 25c Jumbo All Meat Bologna ............ 2 Ibs. 89c Sunshine Krispy Crackers .......... 1-lb. box 28c Brownies Potato Chips .............. Ig. pkg. 25c Donald Duck Frozen Florida Orange Juice 2 cans 35c MNHOU.. 2 N ° Apple Sauce can s 25c Dial Soap ...... 2 teg. size 25c — 2 bath size 35c New York State Potatoes .............. peck 73c RODDA JELLY EGGS 2 "" 39C New! Post's Sugar Crisp 2 $£ 49c BEECHNUT BABY FOODS STRAINED 6 JARS 59e JUNIOR 6 JARS 83c "Candied Coaled Puffed Wheat" Needlework Shop 47 North Liberty Street Ovsr Turby's • Phone 2752 SPINNERIN WOOLS Guaranteed Moth Proof . , . won't shrink, fade or itretch. Corde, Chennille, Gold and Silver Lame. Accessories for Crocheted Bags. New Shipment Needlepoint Pictures . . . Needlepoint French Purses. Diana Embroidery Wools and D. M. C. Cottons. Prescriptions We Deliver Free Up to 3 Miles By Auto and Bicycle We Mail Your Prescription or Send by Bus Within 50 Mile Radius Just Call 3646 or 943 Walsti-McCagh Pharmacy MARYLAND'S LEADING PRESCRIPTION STORE 101 N. Centre St. Free Delivery BEFORE YOU INVEST IN ANY FINE CAR... COME DRIVE THIS CHEYSIM V8MGM! Heart of FlrePowcrl This UM urtufooi' ic chamber, with large, wetl- cooled vahres right in the dome, is the bams reason Firepower outperforms ail prerioos en (fines, CUOM on ^oo-piuiimDi fud! • Power Otoaiini and Fltrid- Torquc Btauctard on Crown Imperial*. Poiw Sleoring opUonol st exizn coet on all other roocMc. Hnid-Torque optional on aH modcb. WHETEOEK you plan to buy a Chrysler or not, we cordially invite you to drive this revolutionary Chrysler FirePower V-8 engine. It is the most talked-about engine of modem times. Only FirePower performance can possibly tell you what it is tike. We want you to have that experience. The FirePower engine is a basic new design so advanced it can meet rising performance needs for years to come. Today .it delivers 180 horsepower, even on non-premium fuel, and when desirable, with simple changes in manifolding, compression, and carbu- retion the horsepower can be raised to 250 . .. or over 300, as in the experimental Chrysler K-310 car. Naturally, others will imitate this Chrysler achievement, at least in part. We honestly believe that the FirePower engine will outperform any other car in America . . . and we invite you to learn the new standard in engine performance Chrysler has set by driving it yourself at your Chrysler dealer's at your convenience. CHRYSLER ALSO BRINGS YOU THESE GREAT FEATURES! The Att-Speed Safety and Parking Ease of FuH Pow?er Steering* The Priceless Security of America's First Power Brakes The Advantages of Driver-Controlled Automatic Fluid Transmission The Getaway Swiftness of Fluid-Torque Drive* The Rimgh-Road Comfort of The Unmatched Onflow Ride Th 6 Sad-Weather Protection of FuUy Waterproof Ignition DRMa Chruskr and LEARN ttw difference POTOMAC MOTORS, INC 111 S. George Street Cumberland, Md. — Phone 1852 MORTON'S GARAGE Water and Mechanic Streets Frostburg, Md. — Phone 300 . far your OLD RANGE! * 189 "Magic Chef Gas Range 30°° TRADE-IN *229 50 Magic Chef Gas Range 30°° TRADE-IN $159-50 ^ all you Pay! $]gg.50 ball you Pay! $239 50 Magic Chef Gas Range 30°° TRADE-IN *299 50 Magic Chef Gas Range 30°° TRADE-IN $209-50 fs all you Pay! $2gg.50 ^ all you Pay! HURRY! . . . HURRY! . . . this Gigantic Gas Range Trade-In Sale ENDS SATURDAY! UP TO 18 MONTHS TO PAY AT , . . . 8 9-H N C€NTR€

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