Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 12, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1969
Page 2
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2 - WcdoMdoy, Feb. 12, 1969 bdlandt Daily Facb Teocfter-sfudenf group seeks end to picketing no •y PMlSdbn N. Y. Sfoeks MPPy BlRTHfi^K PEAR F-fff. (Continued from Page 1) 'from entering. Just befoic persons picked up in a mass police moved in. seven male arrest Jan. 23 for partjdpatittg; students, led by football {dayers in an iUegal rally on the San Tom McCauley and Don Hor- Fraacisco SUte campus. phy, shored past about 35 ' Campus police scattered black pickets at the entrance of and «-faite militants nto used Bascom Hall. HcCaule; and force to restrain students and another student were launched teachers from entering four but not injured, buildings Tuesday at the Eariier. pickets roughed up a University <rf Wisconsin. Fi/iy man carrying a brief case, ftudmts sat-in at the adminis- saying. "You can't come in, out. tratiao building at Michigan out. out" State Cnivcrsity for 90 minutes A troman «ho left ber coat before police ordered them out. inside was turned back into 24- Some 300 students inarched degree cold, six- blocks thrwigh falling snow '-Those bastards won't let me to hold a "grovel-in" in front in." she said, the campus home of the' Michigan State University president of the University of rampus police said outside Illinois. agitators were taking part in Student unrest spread to student demonstratiocs. Gov. eeveral new campuses Tuesday William G. 3Iil]iken said he was as radical students pressed "deeply concerned" about dis- their demands for a greater niplion on the campus and voice in the administration of added requests for police aid their colleges and univeraties. would be met '•immediately... At the University of Chicago, with state pohcc and whatew rebd .<iudent occupation of the other means is necessary to administration building ended maintain the orderly processes its second week today. A of the uni»-ersity." committee of professors was to At the University of Illinois at make its recommendaUons to- Champaign - Urbana Tuesday day in the case of a radical night about 300 studcnJi gave woman sociology professor up plans to conduct a protest whose dismissal touched off the sit-in at the lUini UniDn. (Continued from Page 1> demonstration. Instead, they marched six ihursdav but was advanced a The seven-man committee blocks through falUng snow to ^i^wut explanation The headed by histor>- Prof. Hanna the home of University Prca- spj^jon ,,.35 fxpecM to deal Gray was to repsrt on wtether ident Dand Dod(ls Hcnrj- to „.jy, problems which may arise Mrs. Marlene Wxon should be hold a "grovel-in." during NLxon's five-nation Eu- retained. The demonstration was to ropean trip beginning Feb. 23. The occupation of the admin-urge the administration of the Rockefeller proposed distri- Istration building began Jan. 30 27 .OOO student university not to buting the surcharge revenue to by 300 to «0 students charging prosecute 35 black panlhers the states on an inslallmcal Mrs. Dixon was being fired frwn (3iicago who reportedly program. It wouU amount to because she was a woman and visited the campus f» recruit one fourth in 1970 and increase radical. The University of among 500 black students in by 25 per cent over each of the Chicago has 8.600 students. "project 500"—a program in next three \-ears. At tte a.OOO-student Uinversi- which ghetto youth are brought ^hc governor estimated that ty of Wisconan. 120 T«Uce to the UmvwKy. Several j„ uw first year, the states and mm-ed m alter Mack and white hundred of the project 500 jocaliUcs «-ouId be allotted S2.75 militants—demanding a black youths were arrested at the hUJion That would rise to SM curriculum, enrellmeat of more beginning of the semester or billion by 1973. he said m his black students and teachers, vandalism in an incident at the statement and admission of 90 black union. In addition, the Rarkcfcllcr students expelled from Oshkosh Protestmg "the racist nature plan called for distributing one- State Universit}-—fought and of the university." the students, fourth of the federal revenue restrained ieacbcrs and Jed by Studenu lor a Democratic gro»lh in the years to come — a students. The blacks were Society, kndt beore Henry's move he said would give the expelled from O^osh State home as campus police states S6.5 billion in the first ^^^Pfr S\^M TO yo^ Off 'sea sweep' program hindered by storm winds SANTA BARBAKA. Calif. The oil thus accumulated will (UPI)—Union OU Co. wants to be pumped aboard barges and skim big Santa Barbara oU ^^^^ ^j^ore for disposal. '^j^th^m*^; pi^h i^"ih^;^^ -a ^rV ^'^^'^^^ to cfloUmmate more beaches. -^iMn ordered his science A storm expected to blow adviser. Dr. Lee A. DuBridge, W.V in Paris Tliureday amid tentatively agreed to aiqufre' f '^""^ assemble a panel ol expert! McaSjX NS ^Vi^!*no:StJWtf.ctu^ J ^^^esday. but weather-determine how to prevent NEW YOEK (UPI) — Ibe ^sowing ibe nation's jobless aiaiket SmsiMd loww today in: rate hdd steady last month actitv tradinc. j provided initial support Afier getting oS to a good The UPI stodc maricet indica- start on cncoucaging economic tor, measuring all stocks news, the list took on an eisieri tone in the second hadf of the session in light of the nnc«tain-{ ty surrounding the rcsufflptiiMi of Vietnam peace talks. Roundi previous four is scfaedided to get under;Friday, iFMled, siNNKed a loss of OM per cent on 1.580 issues traded. Scienlific Data was in retreat after axMning 17U in the session. Late last Xerox, also easier. mese nay be planning a major: steels also watted revised their predicUons -sudden and massive" ioffensix-e aimed at strengthen-Respite recent favorable produc-^ forecast its arrival today, pollution in the future, ing their poaitian at thetioa remrts. Chmifah lacked' Union, whose runaway well in Following a conference b^ganing taNe. . directioB, while motors traded ; Pi^)ecte of anofter Mte In „, 0,1,0^ Oils glowed jtroclong rates, the ttara in less: g^attn^ sti^gg^^ ^jjj '• than two years, bri^t corpor* ate financial deveiopi a Labor DeparHncnt report Reds thwarted in effort to bomb Saigon buses oil with the Santa Barbara Channel Interior Secretary Walter J. poiffed some 231,000 gallons of Hickel, Xi.xon said the govern- crude oil into the ocean before mcnt's l3-yearH)ld regulationa it was capped, will start "Opera-on offshore drilling were a time . The The company idans to gather President said Hickel told him up the oil with two .800 foot last }-ear's decision to open the lengths of pipe lashed together Santa Barbara Chaimel to in V • shape, and dragged offshore drilling also bad been a through the sea by tug boats, controveraal one. Rocliefeller for compulsoiy health insurance CouDcU meetins. standing at 'Continued from Page 1> one end of the big table in the building and slightly wounding a uPl Marfcct Indicalar Cabinet Room and iUustrating Vietnamese child. Today's dome net nrfce hi; ideas with slides projected About 30 minutes later, a GI change of all NYSE stocks toad- onio a larfc screen. spotted a bnetose layfagjej, computed by Quotron Serv- Nixon sat m the center of the ag«nst a rear whed of another jce, was off 0 U percent from table at his regular chair, bus about to diutUe 50 soldiers^^s^.g close foUowing Rockefeller's prcscn-to 1^ Son Nhut Air Base.! Using April l' 1966, pricen as lation with what appeared to be «tere the officers' bus also had - 100 base the'inHiMtm- rinorf close interest. been headed. The GU evacuated; ai 135 W Even in the somcubat dark- the tnis. A bomb squad found! ened room as Rockefeller had the briefcase contained about: Ad^ggces various financial tables flashed six pounds of explosive set to go Dedioes on the screen, .Nixon had a off the moment the bus mo»-ed. unchanged noticeable deeper tan than any The second bomb was dis-1 -j^tji of his colleagues. He spent the armed without iscidcnt The! weekend in Florida. : terrorists escapee;. | Dew Janet Stock Averafes clair. trading ez-dividead. and. Cities Serrice, each up mare^iw Sea Sweep" as soon as the maUer of dispute at the than a point after Ihm hoon of weather moderates. they were prepared, trading. Rails were • narrowly imgu- !lar, as were airiines. Aircrafts, too, moved in uncertain fashion. Armour turned lower after gainmg nwre than 4 in the previous session. Greylioaad and General Host both trading narrowly are seddsg Armoar's shares. Share Vehime 5.170,000 5,430,000 903,000 11,530,000' Hi|b Lew Close Chnt !^.00 942.81949.09 up 0.12 380.87 277.69 279.10 up 0.33 140.03 138.20138.93 off 0.61 348.04 343.95 343.98 off 0.05 Quote of the Day f! because of violence there. Tbe demdostratars surrounded foor Wisconsin buildings and restrained student and teachers. «-atcbed. and urged the admin- year and as much as $30 billion istration not to "block the or- after four j-ears. ganization of black people to gain] Rockefeller presented his plan! self-detenninalion." eariy in the Urt>an Affairs) At one point as Rockjifelleri •rhe iwmb i ":«;°ats came' was explaining his ideas for s),ortiy after U.S. urcraft and conOnuiiig the surcharge and artillery killed 50 guerrillas earmarking it for welfare and, apparently trying to rocket the education, the governor sakJ.u.S. Army's Vietnam headiiuar-l^ •This is purely a suggestion-I, ters in nearby Long Binh.] sales todav were 11.53 million suggested answTrs." Isn^g two Viet Cong sam- "esday. j Delia below Saigon. GIs in the: L*tttr. bt*u a ca.) Cenbal HiglUands killed another =~ «if Communists. vajm om M . riu sis LOS .VCGELES-Mrs. Mao -Voar the abandoned Marine =^ '^"^ — Sirhan. appraisin;; the jui>- that base of Khe Sanfa. in South will lr>- her son, Sirhan B. Vietnam's northwestern comer, Sirhan. on a charge of Communists shot davm a U.S. murdering Sea Robert F. CH47 helieoptcr, killing one Kennedy: .\merican soklier and wtunding "They seem like nice people.' eight more. It was the I.006ffa 1 must pray for them and may 1 U.S. chopper downed in South God give them light" 'Vietnam. IMJM ISIJM m .iM *S.IM IXIM in .iM M.IM tSA Cnr. _ 4»'. VMC t7>. . 3*', Braanrick CtUaJt. M>(. _ Si'i B*kkl* Brnkl _ l ><4 CI P m* G u Zi *t Gulf WM. 4IU l.M« SUr GU-. ZIM Arw««r - • Citira Strr. »n SuU r> la«. ... Bta caiM on OM.. ss -SH + H -I'i ~ •• +i<i -in -!• - 'k •>• >. -l"i + 1 - « OPtN TONIGHT Lefs TALK TURKEY about your INCOME TAX Tmes gobbling up y«ur income? Maybe you're net claiming all the legal deduction* you're ollewed.. BLOCK will ioe to il you get all you're entitled to . . . saves you timef worry« and msneyi tool Com* intedayl sCttAIANTII America's largest Tax Service with Over 3000 Officas 1S7S L Hiditand s. Idno.! Ctmer Oil Rau I32J "E" St, San North sf BiM Lint rtialtk K1 W. roMhitl IN E. Citnis Witkeam i A.M. ta i P .M. —Sat a Sun. S-S; Jtl-IUI ••MM NO AmiNTMCNTS NECESSAIIV ^HMH New A t Sage's Redlands 1 1 Prices Effedhe rd>njer>- n-Fdminry-16. J9(.9 Suhject 10 Slerk on Hand Mn WMians Mnt Visit our special paint clinic—Saturday February 15,1 969 from 1 0:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. There will be a S her win Williams factory representative present to answer all your paint questions and problems. FREE Brochures, Balloons, and the best prices in town. Tough SWP House Paint Super Kern-Tone The cosiest way to lovelier rooms thot stay lovely! Dries in one hour to o »«lvef flof finish. The wosho- bl« latex wall paint for your ease ond convenience. Brushes and rollers clean right up with only warm voter. Your choice of 26 colors 9 56?? SAVE 1.20 6'Aluminum Step Ladder Stur^ mode of eluminum with rungs that con't twist, heavy duty nenilip fief, and 3''»de rails $799 I lteg.S9.99 14'Aluminum Extension Ladder Feohnes ningi Art eenH W. beo^r duty nen-«lipfee »,an4 spring leaded safety lode Mode of thing Eght eknni- fwtn. 8 A-100 Latex House Paint Easy to brush — covers up to 400 squora feet per gallon. Dries to a beautiful velvet sheen in 2 hours. White only. Reg.S8.95 $795 I GAL SAVE SI 00 The rejreda sem!.glou inle- rier«iterier enomeL f>ries in 2-4 hours. Hardens to a touch, durable finish that looks and washes like baked enamel. Ready to use end Kcm-Glo usually cavers in one coot. Choose from 26 assorted colors. Kern Glo Re9-S1M9 KemGloiuarts, .'2.99 Redwood Log Oil Preserves ond enhances the natural beouty of redwood. Perfect for touching up the winter storage marks on your rtdwoed eutdeer furniture. Reg. $1.49 GAL Smkmmml sm/P , \ HOUSE PAINT ; •lOU wwtf «" •«« WOOD UW"'* . A tough durable finish for all wood surfaces. Gives yeur home extra yeorsef beauty and pretec tion. White only. Reg. $8.95 $795 I GAL Paint Brushes ^"P^^: 1 H '-a" v»ide, nylon and no'^^^J^ turel bristle. Reg. 69c each. \ 2^$100 9" Pant Roller Set Our bargain of the doyl Don't miu this spectacular buy an a pan and roller set to make yeur painh'ng faster and easier. I Kem-Kleen Mokei paint, greoie, oil •Molve in wofer. Fosf and easy cleaning of all your painting supplies, os well as cfothing spots, garage tloors, engines, etc. Formerly Kem Point Brush ond Roller Cleaner $|79 Refl.$2.09 AVAILABLE IN THE HOME SHOP-SAGE'S REDLANDS -450 E CYPRESS

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