Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 11, 1969 · Page 13
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 13

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1969
Page 13
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Opportunity Knocks Every Day In Facts Classified Ads Kennedy nafional power shown Long tells how Kennedy beat him in party whip contest By ROY McCHEE likewise. And although Long WASHINGTON (UPI> — "God elected, both the liberals help us stand for something lest and Long were wrong, we lall for anything." a*" "Shts issue did mtu .»,.• fF/.— «h« not go away. The issue ot voting lal^'V PetTS^ "ch2^ raised and a biU was TLig en. states in a rather arbitrary exidanation to the home folks of "s?**" «> the fall of another southern''^^i^'"^- bastion of national power. arguing far poHic finaadnf of political campai^: (hat he outraged some acMton' t of decenim by hit mercurial and often emtio behavior <• the floor. Long recalled that the "nltra- liberals" fir*t prevailed an Sen. Edmund S. UatUt of Maiae, the party's nee praideatial Nor «35 that the end of it'nominee, to ehaHenge Long- receive federal '^'^^^s:^^ the ^"^^irr ^r^ r Sm^ttTt ^ trying to unseat me prevailed upon Kennedy to make the effort," Long said. Ihen be Democrats in the Senate. He governments had the nght to not be defeated, was defeated for re^Uon at a'•e^ ^seS^S?""" »>y law.; "It was at thU po«t that party caucus at the beginning of undertook to fight for a position!members tt the gronp that was the ne»- Congress in a lightning ^ ""e duty of the I— — -n-* attack by Sen. Edward M.i'™"" government to forcibly Kennedy of Massachusetts I require integraUon of the races,, In a 1,000-woni newsletter even in situaUons where ndtherjgave this sammaiy judgment of written to his Louisiana consU- Negro people desire I his defeat: tuents, the son of the late Huey i "Much of the reason tor (iOnsGsh) Long, said he had no This forced a conflict between;Kennedy's success in this regrets about the stands he took holding office as majority whip endeavor is, in my jodgment, as nliip; but he said he and being a senator fromjthe fact that the Kennedy (ami recognized a basic conflict Louisiana. "I told the people ofily has developed an eztreme " •' " ly strong nationwide organi . _ - Mtion whidi has the very best "It was suggested then that it ""e Senate insisted that as a of conUcU wtti the press of the was rather ridiculous for a condition of bemg majonty nation, with those who own and southerner to presume he could within the party when he sought J Louisiana that if the day ever the office in the first place. came when the DemocraU of I would be required to control the television media and S;"'^'^"Snt=m^JoriS-t ^n *^,*°'h!.?-\«*'*^^ ^ leader (whip) in a contested«!« People of my then find groups, as well as strong representation m every Demo- of my state, race, for the reason that hisficy would have to position on civil ri^ts would tliemselves another majority cratic organization in tiw United compel senators fi^m the jStates. North, East and West to vote "That is essentially what; 'The connections of the against him," Long said. .happened," the Louisianan said. I Kennedy family are so vast am] Long thought otherwise, rea-| This undoubtedly was a part r*^?*" •* "•••W P^ees in •omng correctly that afterjot it But that''explanation''"*'"'**' '»•>«• and of the landmark civil overlooks other vital factors: of 1964, senators that Long upset Senate tradition, , ^ , south would think by his flamboyant defense of'^™"' ""Mid- passage rights biU outside the religion that one could write vol umes about it and still leave a that subject would not become a Sen. Thomas J. Dodd. D-Com.., " ws thu to-ft^^ major issue again. He cited the in the campaign eontritaUoni"t'«jrtuA WM rtte to^^^^ support of the then Sen. Paul scandal; that he ran roughshodKennedy »PPW«?«*'y " Do\Sas of niinois. a leader of over the rights of others inL '^'f ^^'J^t!^!?^? the Uberals, who thought tying up the Senato for weeksi-J^ejy^to^^^ve^^^h^^^^ tj«n _ , _ i contender." CARNIVAL OASSiniO RATU 1 uw* iM IS xm S Liiwt...... L3S ue US » Una 2M 1.7S ISJS iStSS-::::iS gS CLASSIFICATION INDEX ^^,^S!a'!^.::::::::::::: i S&^P^:::::::::: I g «^rSi51"..'!r?!'..::::;::S apM u Musical limnwiim js laMjUm 4t iwl EMM WantM S Comnwfciil PfBuity S4 HeuMt lor San..!: » IRRORS tawina firxt lnMft<en, cocracUen will ''rRlltdlMdt SSn'rISi net DEADLINES PHONE 793-3221 Diily •:N a.m. !• S pjn. t-M «.m. te 12 Weeii Stuf<«y 1 UstandFwJ LOST—Oilnuti*!), firahsuie dot Ex- LOST — Male BisMtt, last ucn on Los Altw. W8-S44S. STKayED— ?rem-aiO Mlr» Menta. deaf eoekar ipanKr. blonde, very By Dick Tunwr Chino inmate gives tip on stoloi painting LOS ANGELES (VPIh -fotice. acting on a tip from an inmate at the Ctlifon* Institution for Men at Oiino, Monday recovered a stolen painting reported to be Thomas Gainsborou^'s "A Lady m White." Detectives said tbey were led to tlie pahiting, wWch bore a SM metal plate indicating H . *'Ht mu»t have stacks of money . . . I've never seen him wear tht tame towel twice!" Aaswcr to frcneui Puule SSAltasmuth 42Aistnctbti« 43Fiistharao- cadcvktira 44BoetDiddIe 46Chilifsgune 48 Fdt concent about 51 Border S5 Exist SeBuKogua 60 Whole of 61 Manow inlet ACBOn Hhmapnlfm 4MevitioD's iacaniDDer •Fotm cheer nCitjria New York UWicktd jSLaalpmnt IBlloilsacei UAnser ISAztist'sbame eZUore MNaturalfit _,UBdo4>ne ScoSsef 64Child fcifrt«i«<i~i eSBcating aSBoK devices aAnride 66Cityintfae aOSnaUtumor Netheriands 3 «SfcS^ DOWN aSSuffixfor llGnuteskiB adieetivea .opening aiCwriar TAtfaeaa SrOHudioouatr SBolch aSHawaiiaa 41bKuline fMristuB 5 Mohammed's son-in-law 6Scottssh stream 7 John (Gaelic) gBftitming SDeath notice lOOiallenge UEuropekn river 19 Stray 21 Stitch 23 More 24Skeld>er 25 Cicatrix 26 Cougar 27 Crafts 29 Presently 31 Desert nomad 32 Loose outer garment 33 River duck 41 Garden tool 43 Lifetime 45 Idolize 47 Asseverate* 4STwo-«4ieeiai vehicle 49 Operatic solo SOPenisc SZFrenzr S3 Joyous StOtberwiie 57Bodent 58 Scottish alder tree 59 Beverage u 5- 3 t r It 6 7 B •11 a a a a aa • aa aa 9 10 II 14 17 Reagan maiis 19tli anniYersary of39tlibii1iKlay 2 PersNils BATHINET. Mcanant condition. Catp; fins''irtth*wd and fold vinyl cMln. load only 3 months. TSMOe alter 5:30 pjn. SIDE GUNCES ly Gil Fox ilNctkes FURS-Cleening and fla^ni. n rapain. r«na(Mi^_Stolcs. or eolian made. ; t7I4a ralinint, I bats. 4 EBplowiwt Wanted raoinrai ancL tram th«* Slat* 0*partm*nt of Social W*llara tor «ti* ca>* of ONE or mer* diiUran. or for oo* ar tnoir own Iwmas with or without compensatien lor U hour* or tor day c «r*. For further in- larmation contact the county Wal- far* Dept ai TU 4-12U. Ucaniai ar« ls»u*d without chart*. CERTIFIED t*ach*r will ,tutor in niad- ins or elementary tublects. 792-5709. • EXWRT-CAhPENTRY Call Bill at 792-0375 BABV silting. Expenanced, mature. Weferences. 793-f«9ft WitrtlNfi - A -1 tiiorwnanjhio. r*» MnabI*. "Bofc" D«Witt^jW37a MAINtENANCETIectrieian. M year* experience. 2 days week only, semi- retired. 792-«ia2. 4 Help Wanted RELIABLE cleaning worn»n 1 • wean. References. 793 -U40. BOOKKEEPER Jor insurance agency. Send resume of cxpenenc* to Box H. c/o Facts office. , LVN for convalescent hospitaL Good j wages, employee^^benefi^ Excellent working conditions. 797-5176. . l ^uLL-tlME housekeeper, experienced, releiances. Must drive own car. 793-4460 evenings and weekends.^ MAID tor part-time worli: Experience Redlonds Doily Fact* Tueidoy. Feb. II. \969 -zJl 5S Hooses fir Sale Radlands HOMES — lOTS — rMIMS TRAOmONAL snvKC FOWLER'S 2ifl w. citfu* HEtToas iwm DO YOU HAVE..': In-Laws? Teen-Agers? College Students? 4 Here's the answer to your housing pretilems. A very livable, fflodem. 4 bedroom. 2 bath home PLUS preferred but not necessary. No phone calls please. Redlands Travel Lodge. 511 E. Redlands_Blvdj. "I don't understand it. I always thought long hair sapped your strengthl" 15 Bargain Spot 155 Houses for Sale MAID <or part-time worRTExpenence preferred but not necessary. No • le calls please. Redlands Travel 511 E. Redlands Blvd. phon Lodgi * —AUTOMOTIVE •U AUSTIN HEALV. excellent condi- lion. 793-4824. Radlands CRESCENT HEiGHTS- •HTPLYMOtJTH Fury 3. hardtop, pow_ ^ D„,,„-. „,,-, , er stering. radio, heater, excellent SS'"."' ""'H^f^r *<ppr sedan,. Very clean. new tires. S175. 7964)994. Custom built home with view: 3 bedroom. 2 baths, many charming features including covered patio, fruit trees and space for trailer. $27,500 or best acceptable offer.; OPEN HOUSE Saturday and Sun-' day. By owner. 1020 La Cresta Dr.' 792.«lg3. Valentine Special Automatic Transmission vw sedan. Vfiso. AM/FM radio. i Less than 24,000 Miles. Phone TrUTe%r;»S,^!JS,« JIM GLAZE. INC. Lincoln - Mercury 420 W. Redlands Blvd. ^StSTrSSCtSMEfi Immediate Openings San Bernardino or Redlands Commissions to 90'". Liberal Fringe Benefits Confidential Interviews Bob Parker Real Estate 793-2914 or TU 6-5101 Metal flake fiberglas body, extra set of wide rims and tires, plus tow bar. Phone 792-5830. i ,C—APPLIANCES G. E. Refrigerator. Good condition. Guaranteed 30 days. 794-2323. RENT A REFRIGERATOR HARLOWS CUSTOM BUILT HOME WITH A PRIVATE DINING ROOM schools. 2 bedroom, den with hardwood floors, and 2 baths. FHA; financing available and priced at only $22,000. PRESCOTT'S RANGE OR WASHER LOMA LINDA D-FURNITURE Realtors Multiple Listing Service Togjiia Redlands. Calif. Eves: 793-5689 J ^ state St Cays: 793-3188 A —APARTMENTS JJo7~"FURNlSHED. upstafrs, Olive. 792-2368. ^ C6TtAGE to Single adult No pels. "425" SACRAMENTO (UPI) - Gov. Got. Ronald Reagan received a number of humorous gUts Monday at a surprise birthday party thrown by his staff. Reagan, who turned 58 last Thursday, blew out 19 candles on a cake to mark the "19th anniversary" of his 38th birthday. The presents included a miniature loving cup with a tag on it which read, "the Unruh-Alioto 'Memorial Award for Outstanding Governor." Among those aUending ihei gob Parlcer, Real Estate 10 For Rent imons Hide-A-Bed. Brown' i Naugahyde. very good condition, ' $100. 792-0393. we BUY and SELL gooo used turn : ture. Value Center Furniture. 31S I W. Rudlands Blvd. 792-ll'.L I OAVENPORT . chair, $25. Dinette set WT: $25. Relrigerator. $25. 2 twin siied; box springs and mattresses, $20. Folding cot with mattress, $10. Dresser with mirror, $20. Miscellaneous items. 515 Linda Place, fc— MISCELLANEOUS $50 month, utilities paid._792^680. | SUPLEX — Excellent condition. 315 1 0filffR "HiSHED~2Tedroom. iTath^ l fiEAD SKIS — Now on sale. 25% OHT washer and di^er. $130. 11 N. San Pratt Bros.. 651 E. Citrus.Ave. Mateo. 793-1012. .[CARPET, new. 1st quality. $1J9 yd. carport,! Can finance. 793-3774. FinrRestyling. Stoles made. $45 up. South of the Border Spanish style home with 2 bedrooms and den. Attractive B-B-Q in back. A real buy at $16,000. Garden Setting on , Garden St. Nice two bedroom with separate din- in room (or family room), central hallway, fireplace in living room. Be sure to see this at $22,500. ; J— BHJROOM. unfurnished. . . fenced yard, plumbed tor washer. $92.50. Brockton Apartments at Church St. fuSNTSHEt) APARtMENTi .McwrthIji Cleaning anil glazing. Years of eX' 11892 California St. Yu- 4 bedrooms. 2 Corner Lot a cozy 2 room and bath guest house with complete privacy. Smilay-Copa School Oisb-ict FHA Financing $25,500. Now You Can Buy On FHA or YA Terms This lovely custom built home in • most desirable southside location. 3 bedrooms, two baths, plus den wiUi used brick fireplace. Built-in range, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Quality wall to wall carpeting over beautiful hardwood floors, lots of fruit and shade trees. Low down. Only $25,750 or NO DOWN to qualified veteran. VIRGIL J. SIMS 18 W. Citrus Realtor 7 »-2777 Eves, and Sunday Fayrene Burton Wanda Griffiths 792-3982 792-4696 Martha Fouch Roy Buchei 792-3013 792-5170 Elsie Webber 792-8500 TOWN SQUARE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Real Estate Sales MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Older Charmer Completely Remodeled • Fantastic view. • 2400 square feet • Family room AND rumpus room. • New decorator kitchen. • New air conditioning. • Separate dining room. • 23 foot master bedroom. • Beautiful decorator drapes and carpets. If you are looking for the unusual- It you like to entertain — If you want a real value — Call us! OWNER SAYS SELL . . . ONLY $35,000 I West State Street Day or Nite 793-2841 Lots Lauer 793-1286 Bonnie Rook 793-1308 Helen Johnson 7924846 P:t Newnham 752-7122 Mary Poole 792-2197 Les Platz 792-9100 perience. calpa. 797-2204. ^^IfTGER CbMPANY was by GainsboR>u(b, by attorney Edward Gritz. GriU aaid a dient innnte Oominkk Barilla, 40, lemed of «ie UMlt and the whereabouts of tiie paioting at the Ftisoa. Hie painting, reported stolen last TUmity by owner Virgil C. Johnaon, ms ftouad in the Marina del Ray ana. However, Dr. Robert R. Waric, art curator of Himtinctaa Mu se<un of Art in Pasadena wUcb houses Gainsborauch's famous 'Blue Boy," said be knew of no such work titled "A LMly in White." According to Jahnaoii. ibt picture bung in tta HetnpoIiUn Museum of Alt in New York for IS years. Moiar fiofct MANILA (UPD-Tlte coven- ment began a maier fight today to eradicate rata that have eaten acres of crept in central Luzon and the island of Mindanao. A nationwide sarvey put the number of rats is the Philippines at M raillion. party in the governor's council room was Reagan's wife, Nancy. Reagan was brought to the council room on the pretext he was to address a group from Alameda County. 37 E. Olive Ave. . To eliminafe wedding ceremony CARSON CITY. Nev. (UPD- The Nevada Council of Churches announced Sunday it will support legislation to eliminate the wedding ceremony as a requirement for marriage, enabling couples to wed by merely signing their wedding licenses. The clergymen said they hoped this would end the "pseudo-religious" atmosphere of Nevada's instant wedding chapels. DES MOINES. Iowa (UPI) — Tbe question of how to save time by limiting the introduction of school children who visit the Iowa Senate during sessions was debated in the Senate Monday for 25 minutes. rates. ISO and up. u<"jb« j,.^ — •• . Children welcome. 792-758S. 1122 1 Repossessed 1968 Singer Sewing ma- West Palm. Apt 1 , chine. Zig zags, blind hems, mono- uir unup DI:MTAI<: grams, overcasts and appliques. WE HAVE RENTALS | p,ymen,s 55 month. CJII Mr. Hammit for free home inspection. 793-2901. _ _ bath home in lovely low-traffic area. Built-in bar. Attractively landscaped. Lite of luxury for »31,000. :4S Bob Parker, Realtor "APARTMENTS Unfurnished 2 bedroom. W29Hi»s^FRtim^i«tABi:is— ORANfiES — 10c lb.: UOO per box. 1336 W. Highland Ave.. 792-1526._ 37 E. Olive Open till 7:30 TU 6-5101 OPEN SUNDAYS peling. J115. Pool, air condilioninfc 1 Q^-ftfrs.ANIMAl -S ,.w.,u w.. ....r^w^.b.. . and laundry. Adults, rio pets. 835 jJLj,™ — registered' i ^r'T"^"' Palmbrook. N.W. comer Brookside BEAGLE PUPS - AKC registered.! and Ash. 792-3586^ Kuf^'.i..^\Zi^i. „..n.,u laSiiiT This 4 bedroom. 2 bath home in a "bURRELL APTS. I ^^SSf w ^^lfS ^I -"'"ble southside location offers Furnished. Mtracthrel ^I 'bedroom unit, i K — GARAGE SALE both side. 792-0252. attached 5130. carport, pool, laundry, 793-5785 NEW YORK ST. APTS. 25 New York St. Mr- Apt 8 732^)756 Completely redecorated. 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments $125 and $145 per month. GAH~ASE SALE—Forced to sell everything. Tools, all kinds. Beds, chairs, old radios, phonograpn, wire recorder, and antiques — all kinds, refrigerator, gas stove. TV, hardtoe boots (8). antique desk. Trailer house. $10a 32291 Ave. E, Yucaipa. 797-0027. L-MOTORCYCLES r ^JIOUSES RENT or LEASE — 4 bedrooms. 28 Dale Lane. TU 2-7294. 2~BEbR00M unlumished, close-in. $40. Key at 112 First 792.4611. F5R ~rEASE -3 bedroom, den. (ire- place, range. $175. SCARBOROUGH REALTY CO. 30 E. State Day or Nite 793:3124 (iB5R ~Redlands Country Club, modem 4 bedroom. 1800 sq. ft. deluxe throughout water paid. 792-7122 alter 5. _„ PBITTEASr ^^Btcollent location for military. 4 bedrooms. 2 baths, back nrd fenced. Cope-McKlnley schools. (175 month. Call 792-6117. REBeC5RATEl5 ~2~bedrooin duplSt Patio, enclosed garage. $117. or $147 furnished. 926 W. SUte. 79K304 or 793-4696. ATTRACTiye, well or 3 and den. HONDA — 250 Super Hawk. Sharp.' top mechanical condition. 792-7876., 42 Money Wanted NEED $3600 immediately. 2nd trust deed. Redlands home. 5 years at „ny.ii.,= ,,^^0.. 10%^. a Crane. 1403 Cajon SL;'oJJS WJtek Cert .Tn' RMLE??.!? 50 Lots and Acreage 2160 sq. ft of easy family living with a 19 1 22 family room and a large "step - saving" laundry-work i room. The living room has an at-1 tractive fireplace and the kitchen i boasts modem built-in range, oven.; dishwasher and disposaL Outside Is a comfortable 15x33 covered patio completely fenced back; yanl. and a 2 car attached garage. $25,900 I REDLANDS REAL ESTATE | EXCHANGE I Realtor-Multiple Listing Sereice 7 East Citrus Anytime 793-2825 David Waters. Cert in Real Estate , Evenings — Grace Maloof 793-1947 I Are You Dreaming . . . of moonlight and roses and (abulous poolside parties?^ Thii beautiful home will be a dream come true. The stunning beamed ceiling family room has a rack fireplace and there is a mora formal one in the gracious livint room. 4 large bedrooms, 2% baths. Among the many other attractions, this home has a spec- DOSS Reolten 793-3354 33 E. Vine MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Open Saturdays Eves, and Sundays Call Paul Meinei 792-2740 Harry Beguelln 79^47^3 Ellen Boyd 792-499S Carl or Maxine Doss 793-4100 lanai. fireplace. Excellent location. 792-6351. kept 4 bedroom 2 bath, screened carpets, drapes, water paid. 1 ACRE view lot near Country Club. Graded, underground utilities. $13j50. Owner. 793-4894. PRIMTCOCATION Russians likely to win race to various planets Br WILLIAM P. OPPEL RICHARDSON, Tes. (UPI)— The United SUtet may. be tbe first to land men on the moon, hot Russia will wis the longer race to the piaaeta, aecerdinf to a noted q^ca aeiealist at the Southwest Center far Advaoeed Studies (SCAS). Dr. Ftandt S. Jdhnioii. head of tbe Atmoapbcrie and Space Sdencea DivisiaB at SCAS, located a few mOct aorth of Dallas ffl Richardioa. says the Russians pnrii their space program harder than the United SUtes because of Uie beaefit to their eoooofflir. 'The iDtcacive space efforts of the Soviets are adding tremendously to their tecfanolo- gteal and maaagencBt capabSI- ties." he says. "lUs iaereaaed eapabliUr mnit «fMd ia tine tbttmfh alhcr aiaaa •( th^ coowmr. cspeeiaBy dectionies. computers and fnilttary devices." JetoaoB ilnaHi Aat it b aot| of (oes~daBg wilk ifit* aqplara- tioa that liUliiMrii lha basic strength «f a ' RossU Md the Uaiiad Statas de net eoMaH ii WhoSV ^i 'l? Quick-Reference Directory to Business Household and Professional Services HOUSE In Redlands to $i5 ,iw). Cash. Qnly $8 per month buys o minimum, 2-line ad in this diredorf -'^'^^^iH^eR -EoSitY ! Call TWJJJI for further infermaHan We pay cash for the equity in your | - BUSINESS LOT Excellent comer. 10th and Stale,' bordering Redlands Blvd. Wi" «ally, sacrifice for quick sale. 792-4868. _ | 53 Real Estate Wanted home. Bob Parker Real Estate j 793-2914 2 bedroom with den. IV* baths. drapes, carpeting, fireplace and air . conditioning, on landscaped comer 37 g olive Ave. lot $195 per month yitb lease. ^i—^g—Q-^. -. .gij Lease-option considered. 792-3621_.; CASH IN A PLAiM 5 :rOFFICES-BUILDINGS __ 1 NET CASH - ALL CASH CtSHStEHCIAL b u i 1 dTHgT'Redlands Weneed your •'S|»J„-;;JJ<'*J;*,^^ Con- * Air Conditioning- Heatin* BURGESON'S * Lennox « Day & Night • Fedden Sales and Sendee. Call 793-3885 ELL'S 792-1849 BhS -TsTro: K «.ir2FiS -t 792-46II. , ajl_^c 0 ?.li..«l«fil'!!J «...P ;i''"«;S' Since°f «4*9 -*"4 «tee -'TM .kes^ 13 Wanted to Rent-Lease average layman may believe, according to Johnson. They share much of the knowledge they have gained in space ez|riorations and between the two countries, scientists now know quite a bit about tbe pUaet Venus. One thmg they know for sure, Johason says, is that Venus is not even a nice place to visit aad no one should want to live there. Re describes Venus as 'hot", a seemingly gross understatement. •Venus is near 800 degrees Fahrenheit at its surface," about 300 degrees hotter than the normal kitchen oven at fiiil blast Johnson says. Russian scientist! have measured the atmosphere of Venus to contain 90 per'cent carbon dioxide. "Ibese two factors make life, at we know it oo earth, veiy hestfle." Johnioa aotct. "Bat to say Venus cannot sappott life of «ay kind is foolish. It just might aad the possibility dwuld be ftartber exidored." liars OB the otlier band has laaiperatures comparable to Earth's in some placca at some tinea of day and. at least, has a litOe water on it "TbMt may be tbe place well prefer to visit te the teture," JoimsaB says. made ' current immediately. •TJAV^BUILDERS . inc. 9439 Sierra Ave.. Fontana 823-4276 or 875-3140 collect • Art* Electric Tune-up, Air Conditioning. Brakes REDLANDS AUTO ELECTRIC • Jewelry Mfg. • Repair ALDEN JEWELRY- Mfg. A Repair, UC Orange. 10 a .m. -4 p.m. 793-4078. ir Mevina and Steraae REDLANDS VAN 4 STORAGE 1955 Industrial Park 792-7148 ^Miifflars ROOM in private home. Call 792-2348 alter 6 p.m. 15 Bargain Spot 54 Commercial Property COMMERCIAL BUILDING for lease. . 624 Texas I ^Aute Repair 792-4776 ALSO exhausts-tall pipes. 792-497S. Guaranteed for life of your car. Royal Muffler. 601 N. Eureka. ir Office Machine* • FumHur* All Chi Canrey Chrysler, Willys, Fiat Cars Motors. 415 Orange. 793-2323 •k Aute Sales A Service A-AUTOMOTIVt %) bUltK Calrf-.lii. ujwei slawiiig. -•- -mod condition. 792-1307. ™D."top book and n^KHt; comi inpletaly overhauled. 792-9610. station wagon, natic 10 For Rent A-APARTMJMTS Pine Crest Manor Apts. 1001 PINE ST. Mv- Apt 2Z-7»-UaS NOWRENnKG Just newly cempletad • Bachelors. I. 2, 3 Bedrooms. • $100 to $190 per month. AI W%u ••••• GoM Ideirior retail business or office van Dorin Motor Co.. Chrysler and space, loor. location. 30'x80" and Dodge. 1617 w. Redlands Blvd. only 20 cents per sq. It C *JB -Op Dry Cleaning-Laundry Campbell & Keteherside!^^ 131 Cajon St. 793-2033 YOU DO IT NELfS CLEAN SH0P_ 792 -2ia or WE DO IT 55 Houses for Sale • tar Washing-WMlna Radiandi tV Otiha*-* bedroom, nor Sage's,! REDLANDS 3 MINUTE CAR WASH 412 W. Redlanda Blvd. 792-7S51 it Cleaners, Shirt Laun*Y VIRGIL J. SIMS. REALTOR IS W. Citrua • «V OWNCR — i bedroom ind Dutch Girl Cleaners 34 W. Colton 792-3630 ir eaier Tetevisien Service SERR-S OF REOLANOS 208 E. State 79^3^3» • Painting GEORGE MOEHLE Painting. 792-3179. 5-7 ftm. FREE Estimates and Guarantee No Job too Large or too Small 15 years area experience. Call evenings only for appointment 792-9361 • Paint and Wallpaper ANGUN & POWELL. 793-4S70 Painting arid Deceratinj^ 792-5118 NorUiside Paint Highest quality. • PlumMng I Orange 792-941S SANITARY PLUMBING 1248 Wabash Ave.. Redlands, 794-2131 CLARKS «(L6R ~WTERVlEr 1425 W. Park Ave. 792.8051 Stat* lot carpet drapes. Fireplace. Near Country Club. 417 Beverly Dr. ir Reefing -RER60FINGrA0CKS -0R SMINGLE 4 Superior Roofing Co.. Est 792-3681 it Rotetilling ARTSUR ttMMWi^ PROg- JSS^UlJ ^'-c.ric^^W^^if lawn, sprinkler systwis, yard clean-ups and shrubs trimmed, h taur room, den, oo Eliabeth Crest I4e«»- IV redecorated. Magniflcwit vi«;. d»t>er transferred. Ol,70a 792-«a9. IVTSBrNER. i b«lroom. i bath. e»r- peUng. drapes, fence, built-ins. %2JCM end assume SVi". lean. Shewn by appointment only. tEAY iniUiion. invest In this lovely 3 bedroom. 2 bath home, on corner lot and iKem income fion smaller guest home witti iU.own privatedrimand fdncadnrd. Many extras. By owner. 822X00. 792-4997. ^PRlME'LOCATION 2 bedroom and den, IW baths, cem- pleta wiUi drapes, carpeting artd fireplace, air conditionad, doulile carport and brick wall patia ^ acre comer lot beautifully land- leaped with fruit tnes and now- en. S26jae wiUi lO-^ dewn.^Owner will finance: TSMSZL • ' .112 M. riTUl iwmmmi it Dag Creaming 794-22S3. Free estimates. • Sperling Casds PROFESSIONAL dog grooming. Clip- pint, bathing. All breeds of dogs. Phone 792-5016 for appointment Van Dyke Pet Store. 316 Oranaa. BICYCLES-Bicycle reeeira. Sctnrtnn. Pratt Bros.. tSl E. Citnia PROFESSIONAL dog grooming. Clip- pint, bathing. All breeds of dogs. Phone 792-5016 for appointment Van Dyke Pet Store. 316 Oranaa. *Stati «Mry6ifl8. Cards it Fumacas SERR-S OF REOUWOS FURNACES • SALES - SERVICE Ed. Sampson, 24 hours. 794-1130 ^ Uphelslerers *6lau •EVERYTHING IN GLASS." Rtdlands Glass House. SU Orange. 792-5623. ir ^S^JJSS^WMllt ir Hm*mtm mt AppliaMas v IMPERIAL HARDWARE Ctiffofd ftttWTt Jflwstaf 7 N. S» St 7SMI7S » E. Citrus T»an *Herses 112 N. Fifth St Ttum ROTHENBERCER ARABIANS Stud service — DastuTM. 792-3310 irWMm AKSMS^rsAStiAWS . 71Mt3S If no answer 684^44 Chas. E. Messo weMing Wotto TSl w. suoit AM. num

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