Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 26, 1936 · 2
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Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1936
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TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN TUCSON 'ARIZONA FRIDAY JUNE 24 PAGE TWO I 5 J ? LOCAL COMMITTEE WILL Bible School MAKE PLANS TO OBTAIN Ends Tonight BOULDER DAM POWERlWithCcrcmony Oripaniration Will Jfc ( xmaitlrml At - j Mrrtinp Tonight r ? f V y 4?i r yf rf i ) U i hra'l of t he Fima j rpJ i!iwfpy I l'"tw-r TranwMMon TAVlt 1 tVT til - r and m na n a v -a at an of- unK I id W elreday nrv O Jaa‘1 mayor H H Ormorvi manager i San!rv Kltt rc- ' e Tjf'aon Merchant’ - AIN'T I jrnt m anagf ! II rg roiwpany ’ n ’aff mrmlier of I v of Arizona and rn ir‘ta chairman of tha 1 tf smisort of Pima KnowThesc Traffic Laws Program By Will Be Presented Member Of Croup AHol( (ttotlM or oil lo drip from a rar tf not only rry dan-poroua but 11 tf violation of the law It tf unlawful to disregard any alga placed for tb regalalloa of traffic iuch aa keep right alow daagrrnaa croaalag etc a g'U Throwing tarka aalla p eer of tin Iron and other sharp ub-atancea which might cause puncture or hlow-outa of tire oa tha afreet tf a flotation of the law raw committee will hold lta tonight at 7 10 tn the c"Hr of tne board of supervisors to discus nomiratlon of permanent o'ficrra of the IlouMer lam Power T rarani-caton rompan a local The slate will ba presented a a meeMng of the Tucson -local Wednearlay evening July j tn the council room of the city lal at which time further details of the organization will be worked out Purpose of the Boulder Dam Power Transmission company branches of which are to be established In al prmcpal cities of Arizona la to obtain for Ih afat the IS per cent of ths dam a power output allotted to Arlaona by federal regulation The company propoae to build a transmission line through Arizona to the Mexican border with branch lines feeding market all over the state' The line would be built a a self-liquidating project bonds for w hlch are to be paid out of earnings on distributed electricity over a period of 60 years According to question and answer booklet distributed by the Transmission company “the 1‘nited States government has stated through the President that It would help Arizona as It has California and Nevada by advancing PWA funds or other funds In exchange for the bonds" Prime reason far construction of a power line across the state from Boulder Dam tf to obtain for Art- - sona consumers a reduced rata of ' aleetririty In private as area as tn Industrial and commercial fields Cost of the power st tha dam has been set by the federal government 1 at L63 mills per klllowstt hour or 1 lea than one-fifth of a cent Adding to this tha cost of transmission the price of electricity delivered In 7 wholesale blocks la expected to be about four mills or ha than half a cent per KWH On that basis domestic consumers will pay from three cents down for power de- livered to their homes ? Officers of the company formed ' to bring Boulder dam power Into Arizona are Albert Stetson executive secretary M J Dougherty Chairman of tha Arizona Power commission and W C R Smith a member of tha commission Both Stetson and Dougherty attended tha Initial meeting ami are expected 1 to attend tha meeting to be held J July 1 The constitution and local by-iaws of tha Boulder Dam Power I Transmission association hare ai- ready been adopted by tha Tucson - Chapter I -Sara can intersection be made only at It tf a violation of the law to ride oa aajr part of a car aoi la traded a a seat for passengers The drier tf responsible Sponsored by tha Tucson 2ft JO Club Safety committee through the courtesy of the Tucaon Daly Citizen This week tf 2ftJ0 Safety Week all over the country LAXGER or ms CUTS LEAD OPPONENT : FARGO N D June 28 (AF)— Former Governor William Langer 1 assaying a political comeback tn North Dakota's primary election eut Governor Walter Welford's lead for the Republican gubernatorial - nomination to 230 votes today Late returns from the western ' part of tha state favoring Langer provided a spectacular finish and raised the possibility that one of the closest contests in ths state’s history may have to be decided by the slate canvassing board next - month - Welford given an early advan-‘ tage as the count started Wednesday night built his lead to 13noo early yesterday Hi margin dvAn- died rapidly thereafter With only 33 of 2-242 precincts missing Lan- per had 634(5$ votes to 63746 foe -WeT ‘ lelf or d 1 FEW ARRIVALS To Mr snd Mrs W LI ton Vat1 -J037 North Third avenue a girl (Stork's N'estJ FREE! TALKING PICTURES TONICHT AT 8 P M O’RIELLY MOTOR CO USED CAR LOT 41S N Sixth A vc VALUABLE FRIZES! Cool Comfortable Scats! Mexican Candidate Slain By Assassin MEXICO errr June 2 (API -Six bullets from an assassin's gun ended the political career of Manila Fario Altamirano 45 candidate for governor of Veracrux tn a crowded ca'e early today While A J Urn Ira no a federal deputy sat with hi wife aa unidentified man walked Into tha establishment pointed a gun at him and fired a pistol shot Into his body The slayer walked out of the cafe got into a waiting automobile and swaged A prominent politician and leading radical Altamirano recently accused General Plutarco Elisa Calies former president of com-pllcftv In the bombing of a passenger train Later he suggested ezua of Calies and the former "Iron mao of Mexico" was expelled from the country Police begin an Immediate search for tha assassin CIlng exerctfea of lh commu- nitr dally VMs'lon Bibls school 14 U Laid JriJsy to hk 0-43 o'clock In the auditorium of Rnsk-ruge Junior high arhool Mrs Frances list is principal announced today Tie program will b aa follows: Salute to ths American flag America sung by the school s student body Salute to the Chrtfttfn flag Hymn "Holy holy holy" sung by the school Greeting Perdlna Miller Kindergarten departments Song In his verses Dramatization of the finding of Moses Herbert Boyd Mildred Boyd Lie nor Dlnwlddie Margaret Ann Dodson Seth Dodson Stanley Grimes Ralph Kitchen John BUI Laubacher Bkm Laubscher Marjory Bell McGill Joanna Markina Geraldine Smith Ann Wilson Marian Dewey Harry lee Hancock Sonny Meads Emma Jeaa Hughes and Edward Davia Maury Departmeut Song "Children of Our Father" "A Whtfper Song" "Our Neighbor" Wayne Crutchfield Martha Ann Roberta Kerby Smith Theresa Predttfa Eleanor Shaw Tha World la a Wonderful Homs Jerry Matlock Emily Jan Vasey Lawrence Prince Mary Powers A Beadtiful Plan” Joan Irvin The One Hundredth Psalm by Temple Detert Rett Schedules Serticet El wood Patton win ba the main speaker at tha Sunday evening Worship ’Death the Stars” at Tempi Desert Rest on Prince Road just sast of North Campbell ' nue It was announced today 1 The services which will start at o'clock will Include Lucy Curry ss reader Elizabeth Deertng in sola numbers with Martina Powell accompanist Daily meditation periods at Tempts Desert Rest are held at 930 a m It was announced Week day radio me a area from tha Voice of Healing which has headquarters at Tempi Desert Rest are broadcast over KGAR on Monday Wednesday and Friday at 3:13 p m ARABS WRECK TRAM AXD FIGHT GUARD JERUSALEM June 2— AP— Arabs wrecked a train on the Jerusalem - Haifa- Lydda railroad line today killing tha engineer and a soldier A general fight between Arab attackers and the military guard on I he train Immediately developed around the wreckage The first incomplete report from tha scene said It was believed the Arabs had suffered heavy casualties I EE !:0!1E SERIOUS THAU YOU TII1IIX a group of tha department gong "Lullaby" (Johannes Brahms) Violin solo Ruth Edna Meek Jaa far Departs eat Hymn "Savior Like a Shephard Lead l a" by ta group Tha Twenty-Third Psalm The Ten Commandments Dramatization of the story of Joseph Mary Coleman Frances DeVosa Dick Hand Judy Matlock Marian McKale Margaret McLean Ruth Edna Meek Perdlna Miller Charles Shaller Kandall Smith Philip Fsnnoua Martha Van Aadlan Viola Van Aadlan Margaret VogeL Gail Cipt Jack Parber Bill Brown Catharine Parger Ferry Markins Betty Houston James Alexander Wilbert Barr Lou Ouchley Katherine Pender Margaret Skidmore John Slmley Mar-Ivn Wilson Fsy Teeter Evelyn Joses Em Rob Padgett and Margaret Wood Plano aolo John Slmley - Iatfrwediata Depariaieat Beaut itudea by the group "Burial of Moses" Lola Duaea-berry Location of Interesting places In Palestine Roy Nunnaily James King Helen WUeoa Ruth HIH Fred Austin and Lois Dusenberry Dramatization of the story of Ruth Loans Cipt Katherine Smith Elizabeth Greene Frank Power Warren Padgett and Alvin Teeter Following la tha staff of the school which ends a three-week session with the exerctfea tonight: Mrs Arthur H Davis superintendent Mr Albert W Miller director of the junior department Gladys Gooding and Mrs W P Smith assistants Mrs Arthur W Cable director of tha Inlermedlat department Mary Prince and' Barbara White assistants Mr L D Terry director of tha primary department Ada North and Mrl Greene assistants Mrs Arthur Roberta director of the primary department Gladys Heller Margaret Cunningham and Betty Jean Monday assistants: Louise Frantz director of crafts Glad vs Gooding: musician and Joan White registrar - - - - v r) n I' "' yjf ' r Iff on l kVwHP1 o zmi' i £ k$&$ i r ' v' K 1 lb Hera ar seme f the deleoatsa bsnssr and ataU standard la evMene e the floar f the munlclpsl auditorium at Philadelphia as ths Democrat began thalr national convention The California Boor flag slow It right sdg la ths whit suit I Booster K ty Plttoiaa a Nevada (Aaaaclatsd Press Phsto) 3IARRIAGE VOWS ARE EXCHANGED Mr J D Burns ha announced tha marriage of her daughter Edna Bird to Raymond C Wolfe The wedding vows wero exchanged Thursday evening at 9 o'clock at the bom of the Rev R E Beal The couple was attended by Mias Doily Woodworth and Paul Lang-don Other present were Mr and Mrs Philip Bird Mr and Mrs MV vin Davis of Ruby Mr snd Mr William Barriger Mia Elizabeth Tuae Beulah Mae Jarratt R A Jarratt Jess Vermillion Robert Hardy Mr Dora Woodworth Mr Wolfe tf a resident of Findlay O and attended the Vnlverslty of Arizona for two year The couple left immediately after the ceremony for Findlay where they win make their home AJO MAN TO FACE BURGLARY CHARGE The Pima county attorney's office Friday morning filed an Information In superior court against Francisco Corona of Ajo Corona la charged with night time burglary According to tha Information Caron burglarized the home of Francisco Marias mi tha night of last June S Victim Of Stabbing Fray It Improved Girl Pleads For Permission To Wed Condemned Convict PHOENIX Jaa It (TP)— Thelaaa klartls M-year-old Phoenix waitress said ska would ask liar K B Morse's jwalsilM to toasry Rolaad (Jerry) Cork-rase H wfca Is swaltlsg deatk la tke letkal gas ckamker of Ariaoaa’s stats priaoa at Flor ears Tke plaaip yoaag waaaaa Mother of a alx-yearsild daagk lev by her earlier Marriage sold sbe a ad Corbraa bad fallen in tov aiaca be was seat la tke death bees fur aOrgediy msr-dertag a Cbaadlrr aaaa fa a bold a wkk h netted Iras Ihaa M During their vtfil at tke yrisoe hkers they have beea furred to coavecs aader the re of gaards aad wkb Meet bar betweea them they decided to ssarry she said prison authorities however held that aiaca Corhraae aa a coavlrt is a ward of tha atats k caawot Marry wtfboat permto-tua U briber tke-goverme ar say ether stats official may groat permtfafea was not decid- Mtf Marila tn aanosnetag her desire to Marry Cochrans even tkoagk ktf appeal to the state sa per aie coart ia deaied and be ia assented diarleerd ah aad The condition of Clarence Carrel t 42 Negro who Is In the Southern Methodist hospital tinder treatment for stab wounds in the abdomen was reported improved Friday Garrett allegedly was slabbed Wednesday night in a pool room by Frank hits 29 Negro 657 Anita No charge has been filed against Whit yet Thursday by a car driven by C C Da’yrymple 1532 South Sixth 1 nue driving earth on South £1xth avenue Police reported that Dalyrympl was not driving recklessly when hi automobile struck Use child h injured boy is the son of Mrs Florence Borozan 35U South Ninth avenue Child It' Injured When Struck By Car Nine-year-old Mirio Borozan 3511 South Ninth avenue was in St Mary’s hospital today with one broken leg and bad bruise and cuts suffered when he was struck It Causes Discomfort May Even Lead to Disease Constipation 1 not a condition t be treated lightly Continued neglect ef regular habits of eiimi-t canon tend to lower poor resis-: fence Than there la tha actual discomfort For constipation Is ana causa of headaches poor appa-tUtf liiflicunm Common constipation nT!y de-vslopa when yoa cat tneaia that Wk saffiriewt "ks!k“ Tmu Sjriva fails to get needed Internal erer- Ctfe Fortunately today you hev gynerotfs aourt of effective i Wik" ta-Xatisgg’s AUrBazjt " With! a (ha Uif the Wk U AUrBtutt sbaaris tooiature Snd forma a soft meat which gently daanaea ths system This natural laxative food alao supplies vitamin B and contains bon I Serve All-Bbak as a cereal with milk or cream or cook Into muffles I breads etc" Two tablespoonfuls daily ar usually sufficient Stub- bora case may require Alb-Bug oftener If not rslievsd this way consult your doctor Aurlhujr Is guarantesd by tha Kellogg Company aa aa effectiro laxative food foe ermeti nation" Sold by all groeeis Mad by KeL I logg la Eatti Crack 7 written on your face? Arrest Made Wlicn Woman Boards Train Coronado Contract WlU Wi Accompanying Bad Of Ilnsband To East For Burial Artrated as sbe prepared to hoard a ftoutiierit Portfh- train to act (m-psny Ttw b'Iy uf !r tote huaband to lb east for Ixirtfl Esther F West of Tucaon Friday morning was fined 3 In Pima county Justice court Mrs West pleaded guilty to obtaining mo nay under falsa pretences The charge was filed by Lewis B Scully According to Gus Vasques deputy sheriff who was forced to arrest Mrs Wsat tha woman had accepted approximately tKJ from flv men boarders aa advance rent and board bills However upon the death of her husband Mis West prepared to leave the city planning not to return The money was not returned Representing tha five men Scully filed the charge against Mrs West snd had offtrsr arrest her just as sbe enframed In fustic court however Judge D G Chalmers found tha flv men merely attempting to recover toney which they had the money which they had expended The court decided the men could not use a criminal complaint tn collect money but when Mrs West pleaded-(tuiiiy to the charge Judge Chalmers was technically required to fin her TAX LAW CIIAXCES PLACED IX COURT The proof of the watermelon as with the pudding lies in the eating Contend Officer McLaughlin and Comacho of the Tucaon police department Called to a downtown market to quell a durturhenr Thursday eve-mug they reported "Some man had bought a watermelon and after eating half of it brought the balance back and demanded hi money back or another melon After sampling the melon and finding K good we sent the man on his way" WASHINGTON June 2 (XT)— Constitutionality of taxing provt-sioas and changes In the revenue statutes not directly affected by tha supreme court decision outlaw Ing NR A was challenged today in a petition filed with tb board of tax appeals by tb Cord corporation of Chicago PHOENIX Phoenix off 11c rotf ni-tl J ID- mrnt of 1 e' trail to tlx- the b-timr f bid i ' ' ' U? W'tj Iprsav ' r I i - iftolhr r i A ® H “ ‘"-k-r good tmm OS THIS ffU : itLlk 32? &0CKGAS D0E3 IT! 0 Maay a good tt-al wuldm cooked over di-tr lactj coal re in aaa Clra the- tia beat-eoatrotied nut kg j Magie Flam of EOrjcu watch the 4iff:ta rt' aooka rasch ar tetfta tf 4 thia an importiiit Ft tf kb hnngry familr Wkat'a t th end ajt too It’s aa ad restart fese lew recipes Cose U lit heat the dirt as i the frMuq M asother it fresh an I uf tha sad af the day HERE CENTS SAVE DCUX Tot east estimate the a-to lima tsmper ail f-jffrji ROCKGA8 brief hat jee haw dollar aad tecta mtoe actaaiif aiade ia coutntfv aad faL n Backga StninCtk iUlOCKCAS tot X Fowrtk In Tn the Madeaaef aua wee (Head better ha waa arrested aad cea-rated Hhe said both her Mother aad Cochraae’a had approve rd thrir tmtentmm to merry "I have eared for Jerry for a lung time" she said "sad Ta reedy Is go srith him throagh tha lari day ef htf life— tf tt ceases to (hat— as his bride ' "Of course 1 want him to he freed so r esa beg! Ufa aS over seats amaeplar where ha is ant boost a I wrsat to auks up to him fog the things k has a-voted" hhs vMIt Cor hr os every week ad aad sostloully danrtag tha week Oa a few errastoas aha set tha ceadrmaed tons have heea permitted to walk about the hieuk priaoa yard together What Gov Moear will da if astl whea he ah his perm to-sioa to wed Cochraa was aot drterMiaed ' If you are a ood judge of - f 1 fine whiskey and exceptional value we suggest you taste at once the "Ijouble-Rich” Kentucky Straight Boutbonl OA Mf WWAdf wa kr rnma lifirty m5t tm toiiNM liBwIy wf VW'W'urv'e Vu 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURDON WHISKEY COmtfCHT 1M SCHENliv DlSTHIBUTOliS ISC- NEW YORK V ake Your Own Weather With YORK AIR CONDITIONING IN YOUR HOME a Humidify Controlled l Filtered Air 0 O o o No Dual— N Pollen 0ufsld6 Air Brought In - For Ventilation ’ Circulation Without Draft It’s Portable Just Plug it ia K Water CannecHoas Bcqdirc4 ' Low Operatiaf Cost VE"' Easy Fsjmcntx Ask tor Demonstration e J NOW ON DISPLAY AT ZFHC?¥ t3&22h223lC&ZXSSJ 16 In Jubilee TTover Has 10-in Rubber Tire Whe:t Q£ Our Ooldcn Jublle lawn mower givea yoa the extra strong overstxe construction the quiet smooth operation tha long-1U dependability that you would expect In a mower coating (13 lS-lnch Mze Solid rubber tire on 10-tnch wheel Improved raised-lipped bed knile Fire ld-lnch crucbte tos Oversize precirion-type bail bearings Ail geaa teczxm machined Double riveted bracket Strong hn m 4 heavy bracket blade support Other Uawen 479 t ttl Amerlleafs OrtsUst Garden Host 50 Ft Heavy Green Ho ! Guaranteed for Fire 1 eartl ! Sensational Oolden Jubilee special garden hose gives yon a new low for per-y ear cost of service! Strong corrugated green 11 v rubber cover 8 tout cotton cord fabric reinforcement Vulcanized between two layer of rubber CJuaranteed long year Without A doubt the world frtie ho value! & Gam Our Other OuMandlfigd1 In Carden Host 1 S'Ara EradH Tw mi m o I (mm SA t to H fmeiwnn ihio hAtstsy Dtun W suf to mo99 from jrioet to (teer tout JiUto to opto is frrt WSWJ ic‘ tty aoci to'' fin tpC- 4i88) :urili:i rly M’? : t c Y n k o' fgoi Uocs Jal r 11 xle a-TT bi'i It i I -t fsm AH b fc lei ay CT-i IfjU io in nv fir Tte Ae b idi sen- ring Fly r meg n tin t es i’TK- snd I P' i a )c Si CMtNpstoa m to tosaflrfeat "HA J - tawsgsssaaimeiMaagimgMimw asms

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