Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 4, 1952 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1952
Page 12
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TWELVE EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1952 Phone -IBOO for a WANT AD Taker « : !';iri;i;i;!:is;:riiii:;i;i4.!ffl ill Hollywood — Judy Shelves Glamor By ERSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent I Judy and her hubby, Philip Rivero, wili be switched from the New Jersey site, favored by Orson to Southern California. The Martians will be weird creatures on spidery legs, and an ersatz atom bomb will be exploded during the action. HOLLYWOOD —Behind the! |have formed a company for the! ! filming of Judy's TV show. j can a bathing suit be "subver- " We're going to film half-hour j sive"? MGM thinks so. Screen: Judy Canova. the Beverly ;mov ies and they'll be made on loca- j The studio asked Cole of Call- Hills Billy who v/ent on a glamor tion with a different locale every Ifornia to design a. nautical bathing sprte a couple of year:, ago, will 1 week," she said. jsuit for Esther Williams' "Skirts ... stick to her country style ham-and- : "We've watched television for a eggs character whin she.makes her:year. There's nothing mysterious Ahoy." Cole designed one decorated with red and blue stars. The television ciebut in the fall. about it. It isn't a new medium. ] studio returned It pronto with the Revealing that she has "perma-i It's just movies at home." I curt comment: ner.jy shelved the mink-and-sable! Two Republic films, "The Hot! No «d stars, please. We might routine for movies and TV, Judy! Heiress," and "A WAC From Wallace called subversive." said- Walla' are also on Judy's 1952: Cole redesigned the suit. The red "I' wasn't glamorous very long,: calendar. :stars were replaced with blue eagles, mister. I decided that my face 1 * * * would have to be changed all over! The Ingrid Bergman-Roberto just like a lot of other gals in. Rossellini "Love Story," ir. a recent j &nes an undisputed movie empress Hollywood. I just didn't have the'issue of Look Magazine, was writ-! and he '* * Johnny-come-lately with time." i ten with their consent and encour- j dark, burning eyes. Their studio _____________________; agement. I cas ' tn em as lovers in a film and , Insiders claim it's the first stepj n ° w they're whispering off-stage ! In a public relations campaign to dialog. HOLLYWOOD SHORT STORY: BRING YOUR FILM WORK to b« developed •° RAND'S 24 HOUR SERVICE •WE SELL FILM OF ALL KINDS RAND'S Cor. Baltimore and Cftntre Sts. win back her U. S. fans. Spike Jones' latest record album j has an opera theme, featuring such musical madness as "The Quartet From Rigor Mortis." You'll recognize the mimicked foursome as Bette Davis, Tallulah Bankhead, Peter Lorre and Charles Boyer. * * * Paramount's forthcoming version of H. G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" will be run-for-the-hills stuff and twice as hair-raising as Orson Wells' famous radio panic play. Action Man wears the CLEANEST Shirts in the neighborhood" -•ifHif- •- •'•«.« ... they're done at the laundry DRY CLEANING RUG CLEANING *2O to nooo "Love at first sight," the I-love- a-romance set is murmuring. But it didn't happen that way. The fill* queen went "ho-hum" when she first met her co-star. Came the day she was to play hex first love scene with him and she balked. "I don't like him," she told her director. So the director sent out for some bottles of champagne. The set was closed while the beauty gulped down the bubbly liquid and gradually overcame her distaste for her leading man. The love scenes went off like clock-work. Next day the movie queen was telling pals that she was in love for the first time in her life! * * * It hasn't been told until now, but "Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd" is Budd Abbott's own independent production. Costello is merely working for him. * # * Prediction on the Patsy Award for the best animal acting of the year: Rhubarb, the cat, by a whisker over Francis, the talking mule. Jacoby On Bridge Never Quit Trying Bad Bid By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Add the servant problem to Hol- iywood's worries. Butlers, maids and cooks are hard to find and difficult to keep. The other night Sir Ceclric Hardwicke held, a dinner party lor eight people at his home. On his first appearance in the dining room the butler was coatless. Sir Cedric overlooked it. On his next trip the butler's thumb was in the gravy. Sir Cedric "This was a very peculiar deck of looked the other way. j cards," said Dick Kahn, "and the But 1 when he served the salad j king of clubs looked to me like the with a cigar in his mouth. Sir!king of spades. You must admit my Cedric pushed his chair away from | bidding is quite reasonable if I hold the table, stood up and announced j the king of spades instead of the to his eight guests: Iking of clubs." "The dinner will continue at! Chasen's restaurant." And chat's where the party went. BORROW SENSIBLY If you n«ed cash for Winter expenses, our jtrvict U prompt, friendly and private Loans up to $300.00 Note — Fi-rn!ture — and Auto Loans INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC. No. 301 Liberty Trust Bldg. PHONE 97 Salvation Army '51 Report Given Reports on activities, of the Salvation Army in Cumberland were given at a recent meeting. The financial report by Treasurer Lynn C. Lashley showed income during 1951 of $25,107.21 and expenditures of $24,544.32. P. W. Eiler gave a report on Christmas income total of $5,003.29 compared to a total in 1943 of only $500.58. The report of activities for the year showed attendance of 14,776 persons at 630 senior meetings; 1,433 participants in 126 street meetings; 137 senior and young people converts; attendance of 8,766 at 104 Sunday School meetings; 495 at'79 Bible study classes; 1,392 children attending Daily Vacation Bible School for 17 days; 1,380 attending 67 Young People's Legion meetings; 608 persons at 79 teacher training classes; 14,776 attending 630 young people's meetings; 460 at 41 Girl Guard sessions; 1,633 at 106 Home League meetings; 3,748 at 101 Boys' Club sessions. Visits to hospitalized individuals numbered 6,617, and interviews totaled 1,391. Christmas gratuities amounted to $2,809; families aided, 554; grocery orders, 651; garments supplied, 7,672; shoes supplied, 648 pairs; medicine, 11; adults and children provided services,/ 1,840; lodgings supplied, 617, meals provided, 903; visited in jail, 327; other aid, 175. I Blows Snow Away NE1V YORK — (/P) — Snow plows that may be attached to small garden tractors for the cleaning of sidewalks and driveways •generally are simple devices, but one gadget now on the market resembles the rotary snowplow used on railroads. It has a small blower that makes snow cleaning .somewhat faster. ^iiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimiiiiimiimiiiiiiiiiE \ NORTH AQS8 V J 1087 43 WEST *KJ107 V AK5 4QB EAST 4643 VQ962 • J63 *Q32 SOUTH (D) * A52 "None • A 10952 *AK763 Both sides vul. South West North East 1 • Pass 1 V Pass 1 * (!) Pass 2 A Pass 4 * (!) Double Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V K '"True enough," I agreed. "But that was also a very peculiar raise to two spades that your partner gave you." "That's also true," Dick admitted. "I thought he had four trumps for his raise. Otherwise I wouldn't have jumped to four spades." Anyway, there he was in four spades doubled —a ridiculous con- tract. Was he downhearted? Of course he was. But Dick Kahn, who holds the Masters Pair Championship and about a dozen other national titles, gave the hand the old. college try and managed to make his ridiculous contract. West opened the king of hearts. A trump would have settled declarer's hash, but West didn't dream of leading away from his king. Kahn ruffed with the deuce of spades, cashed the top clubs, and ruffed a club with dummy's eight of spades. He returned to his hand by ruffing a heart with the five of spades and ruffed another club with j the dummy's nine of spades. ' Now he took the ace and king of diamonds and ruffed a third heart in his hand, this time with the ace of spades. By this time he had rattled off the first nine tricks, and the queen of spades was still in dummy. West was down to his four trumps. Kahn now led his last dub, and : must be reasonably safe no matter West could not prevent dummy from i how bad a hand your partner hat — making the tenth trick with the;provided he has four or more spades. queen of spades. Neat, and also a little gaudy. Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 1 Heart Pass 1 Spade 2 Clubs ) He needs something like an HIT .,:;d i two kings to have a good play i.-r | slam. If he has such values, he w:il Ibid again, since your raise to i.i;;r ! spades shows a very powerful han j. Today's Question South West North l-:,i-t 1 Heart 1 Spade Pass ?;• .; You. South, hold: Spades Q-J-5-2. 1 You. South, hold: Spades K-7-T, Hearts A-K-Q-4-2, Diamonds A-Q-Jj Hearts A-K-J-9-4, Diamonds K-S-3, Club 4. What do you do? A—Bid four spades. This contract 1 : Clubs 6-:!. What do you no? Answer Tomorrow FIRST APPLICATION RELIEVES ITCHY SKIN Zemo — t 'modern highly medicated antiseptic—promptly relieves itch aod aids healing of surface skin <j f mm «v »nd scalp irritations. >. £CI*IU HEADQUARTERS FOR MIRRORS and Furniture Tops PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 317 Henderson Avenue Phone 3*57 TOPS in QUALITY Imperial ICE CREAM Hour Cleaning Service at no extra charge Also Waterproofing, and Mothproofing Available South End Cleaners 219 Virginiq Av«. Phorit 3Z48 branch store Cumberland's Only Complete DEALER Leonard's 318 N. Centre St. Fountain Room MONDAY TRAVEL PHONE 2765 for Finest FUNERAL FLOWERS HABEEB'S 26 IS'. Mechanic St. CHICKEN CACCIATORE ON RIGATONI SALAD and COFFEE 60c Lazarus . . . third floor You can b(' sure of fast, dependable service at HFC — Household Finance Corporation—because we are America's oldest and largest consumer finance company. • • • No matter who you are or when you work, you ran pet extra cash noui—when you peed it—for any good purpose. Loansmadepromptly on signature, car or furniture. • • • Select a monthly repayment plan comfortably arranged to fit your income. Take (i. I 2, ]f> or more month? !o repay depending on the purpose of your loan. Get a prompt cash loan on terms you can afford! Call friendly, dependable HFC today! /r _ It ft not n«c»tiory for you i f —„ \ fQ jjyy ijfa f Ji^o/^ or accident rniuronc* 'A o«f a loon h«r«. TODAY If you're the kind who likes to spend vaca- tiontime traveling, why not go the savings- way! Small deposits made regularly quickly add up to a perfect trip. Start plans ago- ing by opening your account today. First Federal Savings & Loan | Association | Open Tonight from 7 until 9 1 56 NORTH CENTRE STREET PHONE 362 =! ^immiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiiiimiiiuiimMiiifmiiimiiiimiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiK Attend The Soroptimist's Benefit Dance Aii Ghan Shrine Country Club Friday, Feb. 8th . ART SHAFFER'S ORCHESTRA Courleiy SUPER 40 DRIVE-IN THEATRE MILLENSON CO w KEM P-All THE LOVERS SINCE THE WORLD , BEGAN IT'S ONLY j HAPPENED TO US... - ', PfOduceC Jiy Direclei) Dy Screen ?!s; i!? SOL SIEGEL • ROY BAKER • RANALD MacoouGAa INDIAN UPRISING and CRIMINAL LAWYER STARTS TOMORROW The Mt-em-first heroes who spearhead the way to glory STARTS ESDAY H8N&I H£U> TH£KAVY W/Tff/l CREW £/& THIS.' Coth You Got * .MOO ,100 500 1000 MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS :j 1 tn 1 ;: ! ,-.:•,.•..•> SM.62 48.14 .*.si-r.'\ s_r.::7 •;; i;[ :ii//i (i::,u C5'-""' 1 ' '":' ""' : MO '^ i s - Ks '- .'•iO.M I of W •!(i.09 j 89..'vl !>i.i,s jirr>,.):; USEHOLD FINAHCE \2 vSouth Centre Street S. E. Cor. Baltimore, 2nd Floor Phone: .HSO—Curnberland Armored with Insurance Accidents resulting in financiol loss can come to anyone, anytime. Guard against these with insurance. Call us for help. PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE! BARNES & BARNARD • INSURANCE - BONDS « Clark-Keating Building Phone 25 LAST DAY LAST DAY 2 - GREAT TECHNICOLOR H!TS! - 2 Take Care Of My Little Girl STARTS TUESDAY TOMORROW * WtJl/M I HERE'S A CHANCE TO VISIT THE HOLLYWOOD NIGHT CLUBS! SEE and HEAR VIC i MONICA DAMONE ^ LEWIS IOUIS ARMSTRONG nnd hit ORCHESTRA JACK TEAGARDEN •£• KAY BROWN >• EARt (FATHAi HINES PIAYS "THAT'S A PLENTY" — THE SURPRISE PICTURE OF THE YEAR, "THE STRIP" SONGS _ "A KISS TO BUILD A DREAM ON", "SHADRACK", "LA BOTA", "BASIN STREET BLUES" AND "DON'T BLAME ME" M-G-srs KWIKA « MUSICAL FXTBllAIWttXT! COMPANION FEATURE Robert Lizabetii Roliert MITCHUM • SCOn • RYAN RAW ACTION! L ^TT

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