The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 1, 1930 · Page 15
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 15

Brooklyn, New York
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Friday, August 1, 1930
Page 15
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 1930. ,1 15 Stage and Reverting -By RIAN IT'S THE GOING DOWN THAT HURTS! Oh, Rian, tell me, Is It true Of folks with nothing else to do, . When rapture first admits a heart They then begin to fall apart? As soon as we have climbed the trail -' And growing pains no more assail Can we not long enjoy the viewer must we promptly say adieu? At twenty-one I hoped to be Perfection In humanity, But now I'm old enough for glee 1 I've pains in my anatomy! Is life just reaching points like this Mirages In the sunset's kiss. And must we seek our joy, confined Within the limits of our mind? MAYBE. , THE VISITOR IS NEVER RIGHT If ever you find yourself on the road home from some place end your route takes you through the town-let of Brewster, New York, maybe you'd just better not come back. We had our experience with Brewster last Sunday with Brewster and a sour-faced traffic cop (he looked exactly as though he'd been weaned on a bottle of gherkins), and It was this little brush with the law that convinced us the slogan of the Brewster Chamber of Commerce must have been borrowed from Texas Gulnan to wit, "Never give a sucker an even break!" Driving down from Connecticut and it wasn't our car, and we weren't driving, so there's nothing personal in this we emerged suddenly from a road unembumbered with traffic police, traffic lights, and traffic. Rounding a bend, we found ourselves immediately behind a car whose driver didn't seem to know whether it was Sunday or rhubarb. He appeared wholly uncertain as to whether to take a left road, or a right one, and after giving him a full minute in which to make up his mind, our pilot leisurely pulled our car around his, and slowly started off. We hadn't gone more than eight feet, when suddenly Officer Schaeffer, Badge Number 2, appeared out of the nowhere; pointed to a light suspended across two tree-tops, and barked, "Pull over." There was no chance for either an explanation or an argument. In Brewster, passing a stoplight, even when it isn't on a crossroad, is a heinous offense, even If the light Is where you can't see It. Such hospitality must be observed. Anyway, after thati It was Just a case of learning that the fine for the crime was a standard three dollars; that you didn't have to come back unless you wanted to, and that you could send the Judge a check. All of which sounds to us like as profitable a racket as the old shell game, and easier work. The next time we go through Brewster, it will be in the dead of night and on a pair of snow-shoes, at that. Will the Brewster Chamber of Commerce if any please go sit in the corner I CRITIQUE If you like flip poetry and flip poetry is good for you these summer days you'll have a swell time reading Joseph Easton McDougall's "If You Know What I Mean," recently gotten out by Dutton. In McDougall's tome you will find bits reminiscent of Sam Hoffenstein. Dorothy Parker yea, and even the department's own pet, Arthur Lipp-mann which doesn't detract from the book any, but rather adds to It. However, the author has anticipated that you would come upon reminiscent bits, and in the following poem, which is the last in the book, he very cleverly defies you to do something about it. But read it yourself. It's titled "Defiance." Some one will say (And his brow will grow darker) "The best of his verses Don't touch Dottie Parker." Others who hold me A gay and a flip man Will place me ten notches Below Arthur Lippmann. In face of these critics I'm thumbing my nose. My verse may be tripe But I wrote as I chose. ITEM The Manhattan Paramount Theater has gotten hold of a complete collection or at least it looks complete to us of those new Spanish postage stamps that seem to have Here's a Surprise! A successful summer theater may be a phenomenon, but it is no anomaly, according to Walter Tup-per Jones, director of the Westchester Playhouse at Lawrence Farms, Mount Kisco, who has decided to prolong indefinitely a season which was expected to close this week, with Sierra's "The Romantic Young Lady." So spontaneous has been the response given these young actors with their unusual visiting stars, that postlude which may extend to the end of September or even to the middle of October has been projected. Dorothy Sands, winsome embellishment of the Neighborhood Playhouse and the Grand Street Follies, is appearing in "The Romantic Young Lady," together with Maria Ouspenskya of the Moscow Art Theater and the Laboratory group of the East Fifties. George Tawde, John Eldridge, Hugh Miller. Doris Kempter, Paula Truman and Edla Frankau, who have been playing at this theater off and on during the past eight weeks, are also In the cast. Fill-Me-In Annvver Today's solution: Mind, MILD, MOLD, HOLD, HOOD, HOOK, BOOK. Screen News and Comment Rian James to Type JAMES- Mr. Sumner, the local vice-hunter, and his cohorts all hot and bothered. The most objectionable of these, from Mr. Sumner's point of view, is copied from Francesco De Goya's famous painting, "La Maja Desnuda." We don't know exactly what "La Maja Desnuda" means, but it's a painting of the Eighteenth Century Duchess of Alba, Dona Maria Theresa, plopped picturesquely on a couch, and appropriately dressed for the current heat wave. As a matter of fact, the lady Isn't wearing a thing, that's what she isn't, and that's what all the shooting's for. The story that goes with the painting, and a story always goes with 'em, is that the clever Goya, engaged by the Duke of Alba to paint the fair Duchess, painted another quite like it, for the Duke, only in this one the lady had on all her haberdashery. "La Maja Desnuda" is merely one of the Goya paintings that have been used for postage stamps, and of this some mere 29,000 only have been struck off. These are in 1, 4 and 10 peseta denominations. Anyway, you'll find a complete Goya stamp collection in the Music Room of the Paramount, and if we hear anything more of interest about 'em we'll run right over and tell you. VERY SHORT YARN It is Contrib Herbert Koch who sends us the one about the two Arabian business men who were walking along the street talking. "Listen," said the one suddenly "I hear you had a very socksesfool $50,000 fire by your place lest night. So congratulations hah?" "So you'll kipping you mouth closed please," snapped the other indignantly "it wasn't lest night it's tonight!" THANKS BE TO: MRS. R. W. BOUGHTER, who should know the restaurant she is trying to think of was the Castle Cave, once at 27th St. and 8th Ave., and now extinct. . .and to JUST A GIRL CALLED NED, whose phone number we're still after... and this has been going on for three years, too... and to ELDORA BRUNING, who should know that Rudy will be back the end of August... and to DEMI, who should know she's been missed more than that even, and the po-ems weren't so bad at all... to JOE BONNIE, who should know that the Eagle Mag uses no fiction, which is why, etc.... and glad you're feeling perkier... and to THOMAS McGRATH. who will find plenty of 'em in the "boat" columns of the Eve. Telly... to SKIPPER, whose rhvme fails to. . .and to BERT HARMS. LEE and JEAN MILLER, for the cards... and to ROBERT M. STEWARD, who should know we'd like to contrib but, man, looka all the copy we're turning out as it Is... and to nice-letterers S. P. M. Jr.. MRS. JAMES COCHRAN, PATRICIA DENGEL, G. R. INSLEE, EDYTHE CAMPBELL, ETHEL COWAN and C. A. C... thanks... thanx... and thanques. Copyright, 1930. Brooklyn Dally Zagte WANT A NEW GADABOUT GUIDE TO NEW YORK? The New Summer Edition TYellow) of "Going Places." a 40-page pocket-size booklet of Unusual Restaurants, Road-houses and out-of-the-ordi-nary places to go and things to see, is ready and yours for the asking. Simply send a stamped, addressed envelope to Rlan James IF YOU'D LIKE ONE Always in the Lead Madge Kennedy, star of "On the Q-T." the new comedy at the Brighton Theater, Brighton Beach, next week, lays claim to having established several records in thea-terdom. The first is that she never, from the time of her debut, played anything but leading roles. Her initial engagement was as leading woman to the late Henry Woodruff, in "The Genius" on a tour 6f 21 weeks, 11 of which were one-night stands a novel experience to a young girl wnose stage training, up to that time, embraced only what could be learned In appearing in two amateur shows. Miss Kennedy also holds something of a record of having appeared in the least number of shows for the years she hss been on the stage. The Power of Genius ModJeska, the famous Polish actress, was once asked to recite something from her native tongue. Her rendition stirred her audience, it was so feeling, so moving, and the audience felt the pathos and tragedy of the Polish drama she was reciting. When asked for the name of her recitation, it was simply the Polish alphabet! A rolling stone gathers no moss, but there are plenty of folk who do not want to be green. 'V 'THE LAST MILE' i; .rifew ... Joseph Spurn-CaUeia, in tha prison Sam H. Harrie Theater The Cinema Circuit -By MARTIN Clara Bote to Star in Avery Hopirood Farce Jack Oakie Starts Another Talkie Prepare to Do 'Fifty Million Frenchmen'' The Avery Hopwood farce, "Little Miss Bluebeard," has been selected as Clara Bow's next starring vehicle for Paramount. The film version, however, will be known as "Her Wedding Night," which may or may not be a more fitting title for the successor to Clara's current film, which goes by the name of "Love Among the Millionaires." Miss Bow has Just started work on the new picture under the direction of ' Frank Tuttle, who guided her through her amorous adventures with the "Millionaires." Ralph Forbes, Charles Ruggles and Skeets Gallagher will appear with the star in "Her Wed- diiig Night." j Mr. Oakie Too Jack Oakie is another Paramount star who has just started work on a new film. The story, as yet untitled. Is said to concern a champion lightweight boxer of the Navy who, through some means or other, is shanghaied aboard a foreign warship. Lillian Roth will be Oakie's sweetheart in the picture, Harry Green will have a leading comedy role and Eugene Pallctte. believe it o" not, will be a sailor named Hyacinth Nltouche. "Ex-Mistress" Boldly, courageously the Warner Brothers announce that they will produce "Ex-Mistress," from the novel of the same name, under that title instead of "One Hour of Love," as previously announced. Neil Hamilton has been signed to play the male lead, the only player so far selected for the cast. "Frenchmen" News from the Warner headquarters also reveals that "Fifty Million Frenchmen" is almost ready to go before the cameras. The musical comedy success will be filmed entirely in technicolor and will have a large cast headed by Olsen and Johnson, William Gaxton, Helen Broderlck, Lester Crawford and Laura Lee. It will probably be ready for release in the early winter. Screen Rights Pathe, and not certain other film producers who may have made announcements to the effect, has purchased the screen rights to the Arthur Hopkins stage play, "Rebound." It was Pathe, it will be recalled, uhlrh produced the screen version ot the other Hopkins success, "Holiday." No actress has yet been selected for tne role which Hope Williams created in the stage "Rebound," but It will be either Ann Harding, Constance Bennett or Helen Twclvctrecs. Foreign Talkies Feature productions in French, Italian and Spanish are listed in the schedule of the Fox Film company for release next season. These films, which will be produced for the for eign market, already include French and Italian versions of "Common Clay" and "Last of the Duanes." A foreign-language unit, consisting of foremost European plavers, has been organizr1 at the Fcx Movietone stu dios In Hollywood. No Holiday The vacation which had seemed tuch a certainty to Edmund Lowe is now an impossibility, for Lowe has been notified that "Scotland Yard, in whlfti he will play the principal role, goes into production this week 8lnce he co-starred with Victor Mc-Laglen in "The Cock-Eyed World,' Lowe has been one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. He has com j pleted six principal roles In as many pictures since then: "This Thing Called Love " "The Bad One," "Happy Days," "Born rteckless," Good In- RESTATRNT BROOKLYN MOOERATE OPEN J CHARGES,jAU YEAR ' l-f lillir.l'I Y.liR' M drama which continues at the DICKSTEIN- tentions" and recently, "Men on Call." ' "Sit Tight" With casting completed, the War ner Brothers comedy featuring Win nie Lightner and Joe E. Brown has gone into production on the West Coast. Lloyd Bacon is directing the picture with a cast which now in cludes, in addition to Miss Lightner and Mr. Brown, Claudia Dell, Paul Gregory, Lottie Loder, Hobart Bos- worth, Prank Hagney, Snitz Ed wards and Edward George. A Born Financier Small Nephew That dime you gave me slipped through a hole in my pocket. Uncle Well, here's another. Don t let it do the same. S. N. Perhaps a quarter would be safer, wouldn't It, uncle? AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN A sfory written in the hearts' blood of human' ity. Beautifully performed by an all star cast. ON THE STAGE SOM ETIIING NOVF. L DIFFERENT! "LA TICKERA"Bte hr and with IHVINO CAEtAft Entire Roxv Fntemhle and caM of principal Delightful, Hrfrf'hing Stage Fuiumi "SUMMER IOYLL" with Wm. Rofevn, Hcatrice IWIkin. pjtricia Rowmin, Kov Ballet Chofu i Rssvetlea SELECTIONS FROM "TNE FORTUNE TEllER Rosy bvm phony Orchestra LYSISTRATA Th Comedo tut Tnft ft'nr A hnut 4TH RTREET THEATRE. W. at Brnadwae Evenlnna 8 :I0 Mali. Wed At Hat. 3 M GEORCE WHITE'S FLYING HIGH with BERT I AMR and orR Hv Matlneea Wedneadar and Saturdaf. 2:31 CFOROE WHITES APOLLO. WettCMHt al f Rwar ! lrl J" Allllh' Today IJiTI.K A(( IIKNT' DOLO FAIRBANKS Jr.. Anita Paja Rallr Blane, y.arn rim RONALD COL.MAM abfiaca of Advenrurera b "RAFrLES 'l At TH B'waT at dlad LIU Nile OwlShowi! Ri With CUudette COLBRUT and Fredrie MARCH IVOLIXEilf-SJJX "ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT" A rnlTtriat Pirlar Ptm. br Ctrl I central i :.;; r.v.M1 Tlmea Bundar: 3:4.4 .I 4.1 a 4ft Miunlfhl Show Ivtr Baturda Theater News 'Flying High' 11, In 17r Stage Gottip George White's musical comedv, "Flying High," will celebrate its 175th performance tonight at the Apollo Theater. To See Her Own Play Marya Mannes is rushing home from London on the Berengaria, arriving today, to attend rehearsals of her play, "Cafe," which will have its premiere at the Savoy Theater, Asbury Park, on Monday, Aug. 11. Seats for "Journey's End" Henry Miller's Theater at 124 W. 43d St., Manhattan, which has been dark since "Journey's End" completed its 14 months' run there on May 17, reopened its boxoffice yesterday to commence the seat sale for Gilbert Miller's second presentation of "Journey's End." beginning a limited engagement there on Monday evening, Aug. 4, with a new cast. Wynn's Winning Son Ed Wynn yesterday stopped work on his talking picture, "Manhattan Mary," long enough to celebrate the 14th birthday of his son. Kee-nan Wynn. The boy. who is the youngest speed boat pilot on Long Island Sound, was presented with a new 22-foot speed boat by his parents. It will be named "Manhattan Mary" by his father next Sunday. Coroner Sees Suicide Victim Of Parasites Young Londoner Gels $30,000 From Father ami Drinks It Up The suicide of a young man who ran through 6,000 pounds ($30,000) in three years was the subject of an inquest in London recently on James Scott Law, aged 30, who was found dead in his flat. Miss Amy Thompson, secretary to Law's father, said that the father gave his son the money for him to settle In life. Death was from paraldehyde poisoning. The coroner said that in a letter found on the floor Law had written, "I have taken all the sleeping dope I have accumulated for months." The coroner added: "It is a tragic though not unfamiliar story of a young man being provided with a large surrr of money, uncontrolled by anybody, before he has arrived at the age of discretion, with the object of rendering him independent. He became, I understand, surrounded by parasites and sycophants, and soon began to drink heavily and spent all his money, being left penniless." Law wrote in the letter: "Can't Istop drinking; have no more money: good life and a hell of a one." He asked for forgiveness, sent his love to his mother, sister and niece and said that he was tired and disillusioned. AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN Celebrating the New and Greater Movie Season at the world's greatest thea'tre with COMMON All I aiding Movietone Drama with CONSTANCE BENNETT LEW AYRES Tullv M.r.hall Matty Kemp Beryl Mercer 1 A Fox Picture Directed by VICTOR FLEMING 30th Straat anal 7th . Otraction S. I. DOTHAFEl Ro7 Brrk Prmbrtea present! STRICTLY DISHONORABLE I Cmr4f Hit bv PrM(n fttar with TulM rsrmlnitt BtmrtM h? Aniolncttc P-rr? Mr. Pmhrrtnti AVON. W. 4 hi tr. MU.Thur.JKil . tftiir timid ITwdi tun m GARRICK GAIETIES BEATS AT ROX OFFICI (I 00-3 OC r. ti n I HI A IRE v.-a v n,.i ol l er Zu. S 10 Mata Thurt ft Bat 9 30 THE BIG HOUSE "X'frtijrrtit'4" A CT,nrI? Braadwal and 4Mh St. oTlaaJ A - IV, Xvirn litl t -.10 e.-.lft Join CRAWFORD in "Our Bluihinf Bridei" COOL RtateShnw Bun. titita l Ra. k.tgiln BARTHELMFaSS in the DAWN PATROL A AIR-FPtr at the WESTERN FRONT Refrigerated I Contlnuona at WINTER GARI1EN Ful.r Prlrea tr W a Latin American Envoys Honor Senor Padilla Spanish Ambassador IfoltW Unique Position in the American Capital You've probably heard his voice over the radio only recently Don Alejandro Padilla y Bell, Spain's Ambassador to the United States, says the Washington Associated Press correspondent, Herebert Plum-mer. Twice has he spoken over the air lately. Once he talked on the tariff bill, and his remarks echoed on the floor of the United States Senate. Again he was before the microphone in a nation-wide hookup to present Infante Alfonso de Orleans, cousin of the King of Spain. This grave, courtly Spanish don, who wears a mustache that reminds one of King Alfonso, probably is one of the most popular diplomats resident in Washington. The second Spanish Ambassador to this country, Senor Padilla first presented his credentials to the President of the United States in the autumn of 1926. Pay Homage to Him Spain's Ambassador to Washington holds a unique position in diplomatic circles of the capiial. That large section of Latin America, which still considers Spain as the mother country, has envoys here. And it has been the custom for them to pay special homage to the Spanish representative accredited to Washington. That Ambassador Padilla has accentuated and centralized this devotion is evidenced by the way the republics of both North and South America participate In the Iberian exposition now being held in Seville and Barcelona. Amiable, possessed of an almost unlimited knowledge of Spanish art and curios, and himself an enthusiastic collector of pipes. Ambassador Padilla enjoys a wide personal popularity in the capital. The Spanish Embassy on 16th St., the first permanent diplomatic home which Spain has owned in the 140-odd years of her friendly relations with this country, was purchased by him, and a great part of it furnished by him personally. Is Active Socially Personal treasures which have come down through the years In both the Padilla and Satrustegui iSenora Padilla) families are to be found there. The three Padilla children also play a prominent part in the social life of the capital. Young Ramon, the son, Is following in his father's footsteps. He came to Washington as an attache on his father's staft", but soon returned to Madrid, where he was given his diplomatic spurs. Now he is back with his father as .second secretary of the Embassy. AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN riK.31 KU n In D lLT n, r j 1$ Stealing Another jffe Woman's ' rlusbindb Jr. LAWFUL BMCENYpI i or hmous suqe p:i'y vitn BE BE DANIELS tr LOWELL SHERMAN and brwlunt of" RKO VAUDEVILLE VARJEXiS Fitit Appeirancs m 3vn. ICURTISS WRIGHT 3; 11 LICENSED PILOTS-MAST I K MUSICIANS WALTER 'DARE' WAHL DAROt COSTA REVUE VICTOR OLIVER. BILLY KELLY CO. fcj TO LAWFUL LAKttNY bwsWnmShom VALENCIA ;iVT.'hTs;oP?-.' f- f - - Mare snow r TOMORROW! ' DOLORES DHL RIO in "The Bad One" TOMORROW! DOLOKES DEL KIO in "The Bad One" with EDMUND LOWE LOEWS "kCV VAUDEVILLE- TRIXII PEN Fltlt.. F.I.I B LI S t.lll 7lS SMITH A HART WATT O I l T'O-es Ted ,e " Al l, 111 SHORT 77 Isaramount V U ' B E r K MORA! and MAC K la "Anrbody'i War!" Paul ASH In Staia Revae! CARL and It SIE I bkighton Ti.i ow'e,dh."; ,',',"'t,", David i- "DANCING PARTNER" orth I vnne Overman Irene Pnrrell IHenrv Sle-ihenaen. ( harlotte ttranvllle V 1 1 H t M4IM.E BF NNEIIY Urn lur V T' fEEPLECIIASE uum2 The Fuddj Place ' L "2s 77 m I with EDMUND LOWE B m "PITOLTHrATRE STriE SHOW M A Herman Timhera In "lllttv llate" n ; S wlthllarbara RlalrA SammTTinberf CJ i y' Mldnlte Picture. Saturday M ITPOPQLITAN i j.toN uviNir"jririr)iO( El AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN 'SEEING IS SHOW WARNER BROS. SILVER Starts TODAY 25c 1 91 ) 50c MATINEES H SIV 1 1 J MI4.HT Eac . Saturday. B T XanoooaaeaRvaWwaaepV . SundavfcHol. taafaaT fiili'aaaaT atimlMrT JRj3 Hot. Maa. START T FLATBUSH AVE 4. NEV1NSST. f- m rUl-TIUT VTrT. -J ST PDrSOMUTf .TODAY ' TW wtvala ceamtrr't WCK zpffi. "GOOD Ip INTENTIONS " I Richardson; WMOHBl0wf f'&'&ss. FX HIL A RATING -sJ xTSl BOB WEST SrcTan iAci(X I FANCHON & y 77 JSSl I MARPlYC 1 I rio cuu I I ITlHnivU o I Trrjori i o I mthicm coooom I V -TRfIS"id.s ItKKtLLft V vul.uh,iU HANLEY . y THeVII thrill ymi . r-i", t 'be marrow """ j4 nt mt w IT I "5r7T "'" nstw V l Blent I A , HP. I ri KlynaiKAim fS THE yj; FLIRTING WIDOW Had NEVER been married! NEVER loat a hunbandt Yet SUE "widow"! MIDMTE SHOW Warner Broi. BROOKLYN ft rrf araiaal 8 ALL LOEWS COOLED TO WITH 1.01W H "AI E" VAI 1IH11 I t VS METROPOLITAN. Pulton St.. Maria OrrMlrr. Polly MoranXaurhl hort: (IStar Aria PITKIN. Pllkln-Suratoifa. MKN ARE I.IKE THAT; Our (.am: ll,d A Ma drna fS 4IITII ST., 4(1 N. Utrecht... I.I PE i:.p In llrll Harbor: Tnnl Varrlla A . V8 GATI.H. Oatra it Broadway.. I I PE VI I l. In llrll Harbor: Oriental Hkelehea r VtlLLAKO. Wootihavrn U K W.LIZ In Hell Harbor; Maryland Colleflana ON LOEWS PERFECT TAI.KINO at UF.ENN VB KINOS. Platbush ft Tllden, . MEN ARE LIKE THAT. Hal SaellT; Oar f.ane l"H ALPINE, liwh A 5th Dorolhr Maekalll. Mrlrl,, Modern: I aurel Hardf VS HI IIHIHI). B' Ulnril-Bersen I t PF VI I t . Ill I L H 4KHOK: Jean Her.holl rs HOKO PAKK.blAiN Ltre.tit. HOHI DI (.OOIIS. Jamea Klrhwooif. Mrrna Lor V PIKLVOOKr. Hrr.nort-Ceil.d I I I' I. VIII 11,1! Harbor. J an lie h it I S BK()AI) A. B vv -M-rile Lope Veler. Hell Hr.-or. A Ra'hlern .Vlavourneea F.Nlt V. NnMrand-PM! MARION IMVIIS. Flnrndora l.,rl tha'r temf I S COM 1st... 8url tt 8llh tii I I PI l I I In H, II Harbor: Jean Her.holl V S till I SHIP, Jamaira I III (,tll HI N 4 VI F. II rlrrndel. Laurel t Hard t S K 4.MMI. t Pv av-Ni'lrand '1BII 111 I M ON T N Tln Al : I aurel A Haidr 'S Ml I BA. 11 V M.I HOI N 4N Mrt.NI M ; Ol R I.ANf. 18 ORIEN1AL. 6:h Ac Ibln I t I t VI I I . llrll Harbor; Jean Hrr.boll FEATURE FILMS BEilFORO E TION Apollo, Fulton St. At Thrrtop A ship From Shanrbaf: Uo Cite filrl Rent, Fullou St. At Bedlord Av t.rorie Arllaa, Ihr t.rern t.oddrii.. BOROLbll BALL AND DOHNTOHN Ki t TION Momart, .Son F'llton Bt .. Doable na Roada- alao fit r.lrl St. Oearie Plarhanx. 100 Pineapple Refrlarralrd-Irue to the Nair; alo Lammoi ban, a P.KII.IITON HI At II M l HON Tuirdo. Ocean Pky. nr Brighton L Allro While. Show tlrl la Hollywood Double Pea'.ute I L AI III SH SECTION t.lrnnoed. 1475 Flatbush At Sue Carol, The Rl Parly Mar. on Daviea PVRK SLOPE SI t TION Ssndera, Prospect Pit WeUA MMiSl. E. I. Morton. H ide Open , iara THERE IS A FOX THEATRE IN EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD THEATER ADKREa ' FOX Al RA. RroadvotFi"i-hlrAv EOX BENtlN. Brith 81 Al 2uth Av I KX HI LRI.V. Church-t,taieei.1 I FOX t 4RLTOV P atbuih A 7th Av j EOX t ARROI L. tttra Av A Craon. I EOX COI O MIL, B a .t:iio':n. ev . I FOX t ONi.RI ss. Bt John'a-Rutlain EOX t ROs BAY. Rkv-Wnhvn "'d I EOX t I I I I R. IBth A (Irave.-Tid FOX fit Ft II i n. Dnftieti a Enimn FOX FOBTWAV, Bath-FI Ham Pkv FOX IlltillW AV. K.naa Hpv -W UU FOX Kl-Mt r IV-Kalb At Ton. uklm FOX I I nfR. Neklr At Conev 1M. EOX M4RHORO, But Pkv A 10th FOX Mt l KOI E. TJ3 Monhat. Av . FOX NATIONAL, Wah A Prospect. FOX P1HK. 4l'h Rt. ft flth Av . ... FOX PRKSIIE. Flat At Prkld( . FOX RITE th Av. A 4',th Rt . ... FOX Rl I RA. Rt John f Kin"nn E'tX s tlov, tlrl l.-rri A I liirr In FOX ST 41 E DeKa'ti A Ptankl'n EOX SI'VINIR. Sumner A U'liprv t tlX Tt RMt (!, 4'h 4v I)- J. EOX WALKER, lUth Av A 64lh St . t'KNTL K Y t'lKC'l IT THKATRKS 20TM ( KNTl Iti KNTKRTAIXMt.NT It 4TRCSH SEt TION Albemarle. Flath't'h A Alheinar'e . FOMI NO tOWf In RORN REfRIE) Avalnn. Kllifl Hlghaav A E lHth Rt Al Jill MtN In M4MMY t mpreaa, Empire Blvd At B k I v n A V . P4R4MOI NT ON P4R 4ttP and TEMPI F TOWTR Earraiut. Flatbmh A Hnvera Ava . .. 4IINIR R4XTFR In t II F: ARIZONA RIO Ktnivwav. King. Ilawv-Conev 11 Av..Rotl I 4 Rot tl . In Bt 4t lt4Mir r Manor. Cnnev Inland Av A Ate K ..t.FOHl.E 4KI Iss In Tilt t.KFFN f.OOBFsa I Marine. Flathuvh Av. At Kltiea tlrv, y. , Mavlair. Onejr ll Av At Ave. U. .. Midwood. Ave JAR 13th Bt Pallo. &74 FUthii.h Av Rialla. IIW.1 Flatborh Av sheepahead. 8nrrp. Bay it Yoor Av. J 41 K I HKti Circuil Ihrnlrm. I hfrr Onr Sent V tur Humr ItI (: 1 RKO. 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