The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on December 6, 1930 · Page 9
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 9

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1930
Page 9
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1930. M I 0 Emil Jannings and Marlene Dietrich Co-Slav in New Film Reverting to Type t- - i : : Reverting -By RUN . "DININQ IN NEW YORK" I have my Russian moment In a Second Avenue stall Where gentlemen will whisper The "futility of It all!" My "Slgmund Freud" companions Sip their cafe nolr and quote men Like Demosthenes and Byron To the tune of Volga Boatmen. But the post-impressionistic school Of dear old Washington Square Needs a candle-light, a violtn And nickel-plated ware. And the Frenchman who invited me To Sam's American Bar . Doesn't need the obbllgato Of a silver-toned guitar. 'A gentleman who's alien To love which Is platonical Needs more of bacchanalian And less of the harmonical.) Oh Epicurus, who has taught Importance of Gastronomy, With not a thought to atmosphere, . Companions or economy, It isn't only what you eat But where you eat, and how; . It's Crepe Suzettes for gentlemen Who elevate their brow, And if you have a leaning For . . . Well, how shall I say it? For songs with double meaning And women who display "IT," The book will tell you where to go. "What book?" ... did you say? Why, "Dining in New York," of course, Tells how to get that way. - t . ALICE RAYFIEL SIEGMEISTER. Thanx for the Ad. Ruin. FORE AND AFT They're renting out binoculars at 10 cents a peep to the curious who'd like to get a close-up of Shipwreck Kelly atop the flagpole of the Paramount Hotel, and is Shipwreck, who's trying to collect a cut of the rental fees, peeved? Wheel . . . Some movie directors are still so dumb that they have to rely on the use of a reference to Brooklyn to get a laugh in their flickers. . . . The reason that some of the murals haven't been completed at the Four Trees, in the Vlllich, is that the artist, who was nine-tenths finished, walked out to get a cigarette and has never been heard from since. . . . The Barber Shop in the Main Street at the Village Barn Is so realistic that every time Lee Posner passes it his face gets all lathery. . . . Milton (Legalist) Herts has swapped his Lincoln for a Ford. ... Joe (Prexy) Burgun's Rotary Club tosses a Ladies Night at the Bossert, come the 11th. . . . And the favorite noonday rendezvous of a host of Brooklyn Bigwigs is the Soars Tea Shoppe (pronounced Shoppe) at 1621 Church Avenue . . . hcse boss is a grand brunette. . . . The Everglades, which is listed in G. P. as well worth the trouble, has gone in for pansy entertainment, which lets us out . . . and don't say we didn't warn yuh. . . . Sim Taub, one ot the newspaper game's best liked sports scribes, is now chauffeuring a column on sports for Zit's, whose new managing editor is Meyer (Ex-Telegraph) Solmson. . , . And to judge by the big names you see lb connection with scandal in the news these days, the most, representative people in the town aren't I ' . . ' John Barrymore used to draw those tricky sketches for the snappy Hogers Peet advertisements in the days before he brushed his hair away irum lllo proilIB. uaiiiic a uu,, wimc tlicy ,uivb juu iun.ku iiimj that even, is sending a Number Two Company of its floor show to Les Amba&sadeurs in Paree, come the next heat wave. . . . Vincent Sardi of Sardi's Restaurant bought the first copy of the new tome. . . . Typos Art! R. and Louis Scheingarten have both resigned as column chauffeurs on their college sheets. . . . And don't ask Edward (Eagle) dishing, one of the town's foremost music critics, how to spell "obllgatto." , . . Your V. O. Eagle employes are donating one percent' of their stipends to the unemployed for the next 18 weeks. . . . Perfumed fingernails are the newest gesture on Beeway ... where the apple-sellers are now cutting their own throats in ruthless price competition. . . . Frances White, who has been holding out for twice that, has finally gone R-K-O for $750 per week. . . . Incidentally, George Bancroft will rate a mere ten thousand dollars for a week's personal appearance at the Paramount, the poor wage slave. . . . Stanley (Flicker) Smith actually likes spinach. . . . When the "Royal Family" erupts at the Rivoli it will be tagged "The Royal Family of Broadway," so that the customers won't think it's a costume opus. . . . And speaking bf that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" thing, which nobody was, the prexy of the International Apple Association is The unemployed arc being given the lucky job holders will be broke. . Finland, as though you cared. . . Isn't playing the Palace is that he asked a mere $12,000 (which his band really rates) for a week's performance there. . . . Baltimore, to bear George Butterly tell it, is the only city in the U. S. which isn't in a county. . . . The recording instrument used in Ruth Chattel-ton's next flicker is brand new and, it' Is claimed, records a voice 100 percent. ... They won't give you any $2.50 goldpleces for Christmas gifts this year, because the Government has discovered that it takes too much gold out of circulation. ... It was nice of J. P. McEvoy to have quoted us in his Satyourday Eve. Post yarn, but what are we supposed to have said? Answer us that, willy a? . . . It's a new floor show 'at the East Side's swanky Club Plaza, which will startle you. . . . And Monty Proser. the P. A., spells Prances with an "e" when he refers to that Renault person who wears gowns, but spells his own name with an "1." . . . Hear Philo Farnsworth on the raddfo, and if he isn't one of the big-wigs in the field a year from now we mis our guess. . . . The Fox and the Roxy are now playing the new flickers day and date, with the Fox beating the Roxy to the metropolitan premiere two weeks In succession. . . , There'll be a "Babes In Toyland" revival, beginning December the Twenty-twoth. at the Imperial Theater. . . . And when Gilbert Swan saw .a new terpist over at a Beeway night club the other night he took one look at her lack of costume and remarked that it was all aha could do to keep body and soul apart. . . . According to Oeorgie Jessel. if they sell the country any shorter the Indians will be able to buy it back again. . . . Typo Dolores Is now on the staff of the Brooklyn Times. . . . And It was Fannie Brice who went to a house warming and nearly Iron ot death. ... Do you C...A...D? THE WEEK'S BEST BETS WITH MUSIC: "Girl Crazy" . . . "Fine and Dandy" . . . "Sweet afnd Low" . . '. "Three's a Crowd" ... and "The New Yorkers." WITHOUT: "Oh, Promise Me" . . . "Once In a Lifetime" . . . "Man in Possession" ... "Orand Hotel" . , . "The Vinegar Tree" . . . "Ladles AM" ... and "The Oreeks Had a Word For It." FLICKER FAVORITES: "Blue Angel" ... :Mln and Bill" . . , "Hell's Angels" . . , and -Llghtnln'." AND JUST FOR FUN: "The Village Barn" ... the new "Dude Ranch" at W. 40th ... the murals by Johns (with an "e") Martin Clifton at the Nut Club ... the Saturday afternoon tea-dances at Morton Downey's Club Delmonioo . . . Boulllabalse at the Beaux Arts . . . the next six-day bike race for a good sleep . . . Will Gordon's letter series In the Telegraph . . . Lillian Hitchcock's new fur coat . . . Praise Agents who dont Invite you to their clubs and then call you up and bawl you out for not writing about 'em . . , and Susie Blake's comment that it's tough to sell your soul for a mean of pottage and then to find that there are lumps in it. . . . How've yuh been? oopmsht. ltae. kr ih arwura dr smi. to Type JAME5- Mister Joseph Sicker I so many benefits that soon only . . This is Independence Day In . The reason that Guy Lombardo UELEX CHAMDLER t ; V'. At Batty William in 'Mathert Cry' th Ntu) Vifaphon Drama at tha Wintmr GarJtn. The Cinema Circuit -By MARTIN 'The Blue Angel' With Dietrich, Comes to and I lumber "The Blue Angel," which opened at the Rialto Theater yesterday, Is, as far as we know, the first English version of a German talking picture ever to be shown in this country. It is also Einil Jannm-js' ui-t English language talkie, the first picture to feature the onrushing Marlene Dietrich (it was made before "Morocco")' and the first ouiiu picture to be directed by Josef von Sternberg in a German studio. That should make "The Blue Angel" something of an experiment In motion picture procedure. And as a production which evidently required a good deal of experimenting this new picture at the Rialto reveals a certain crudeness, a lack of what American audiences have come to recoznize in their own home-grown variety of talkies as mechanical perfection. We are not saying that "The Blue Angel" doesn t deserve to be seen by all who appreciate such things as good acting and Inventive direction. Herr Jannings, as good as he ever was before the coming of the talkies, and the attractive Miss Dietrich give performances in this production that are little less than magnificent. Von Sternberg (the director of "Morocco") once again is revealed as a megaphonist second to none. The faults in the English version of "The Blue Angel" are purely technical ones. The Germans simply are not yet as far advanced as the American producers in such sciences as sound recording, cinematographic lighting an 1 photography. "The Blue Angel," gramma that it Is in other respects a dramatic achievement of some importance, is still a picture that is, from a purely visual standpoint, de fective. It is badly recorded, poorly lighted and so indifferently photographed that even the fascinating Dietrich is robbed of some of her extravagantly advertised pulchritude. On the credit side of the led"er It should immediately be reported that "The Blue Angel" Is better tnan usually equipped with a story. It is a story of a German high school professor, a middle-aged and dignified pedagogue, who is attracted to a coquettish young entertainer in a cheap cabaret. Though he later marries her, he is forced to resign his position at the school, and dur ing the next few years one sees the ' once-respected instructor sinking lower and lower until he is com- ! pelled to don the grease paint and j patched garments of a cabaret clown. As a clown the Herr Professor returns to the scene of his former respectability, and so completely does , he feel his disgrace that he goes i mad. One night he makes his way back to his old classroom and there, at the desk that used to be his, the Janitor finds him dead. j It Is a great role for Emil Jannings one of his best. Occasionally the star experiences some difficulty In mastering his English lines, for at best he speaks the language poorly. But that does not seriously detract from the magnificence of his performance. Miss Dietrich Is all that she should be in the role of the cruel enchantress, Lola, although it did seem to us that the vulgar side of the part had been unnecessarily overdone. All the other players In tlie cast are Germans and their names probably will mean nothing to local audiences. That, for the time being. Is our report of "The Blue Angel." Put it down as photoplay dramatically effective, superbly acted and brilliantly directed. Its technical deficiencies may be overlooked, If only because in the talkies you can't have everything. "Princess and Plumber" tOX THEATER "Tht Princtaa and h Plumber." Movlatona production baaad n tht novtl by Allra Duer Miller, directed by Aieaandel Korda. with Charlea Parralt Maureen O'Aulllvan, Joseph Ciwthorn. H B. Warner and Bert Roacn la th caat. A gay little romance, "invitingly titled "The Princess and the Plumb-er," Is the nev screen offering at the Pox Theater this week. In It Charles Farrell returns to the type of role which won him popularity In "Seventh Heaven" and some ot his other earlier vehicles. He Is not, this time, a plumber, as the name of the picture might Imply, but the son of a wealthy radiator manufacturer who Is attached to the Oeneva branch of his father's firm. That Is how Charlie Peters happens to be sent to Inspect the heating facilities In the palace of the Prince of "Daritsia" and that Is how he hap pens to meet snd fall In love with ' Maureen O'Sulltvan. the prlnreits. i "Th Princess and the Plumber", Jt;sv 'Wwa. - DICKSTEIN- Emil Jannings and MarleneCoie the Rial to 'Princess Is tax feature i i "The Blue Angel" A Ufa nrodurtlon directed hv Jo-ef Von Sternberg from the novel bv Helnrich Mann. At the Rulto Theater. TUB CAST Prof, lrntmnuel Rath Tftl J,nmnt LolaProlich Marlene U etrirh Klepeit. a musician . Kurt Oerron Guste. hia wife Foa Vle"i Mazeppa Hans Albera Director of Srhool. Eduard V. Wlntersletn The Clown Retnhold Berni The Beadle ..i Hans Roth The Publican Karl Huszar-Putty The Captain ..Wllhelm Dlegelmann The Pollcynan Gerhard Bienert PuDhcana" Wife ...lis Furatenbera Is not, as you may have suspected, a musical play, although its frail little plot might easily have been turned into the libretto for one. The story Is based on the novel by Alice Duct Miller and it serves Its purpose elegantly as llsht screen entertainment. The plumber." needless to say. wins his princess in the final chapter and everything ends as happily as things most always have in pictures starring the boyish and likeable Mr. Farrell. Moviegoers hereabout, especially the adolescent ones, will probably find AMUSEMENTS MANH ATT A Otii SKINNER in "KISMET" Todav 2:4V8 a fl'mdftv Leat Dav 3-6-8:4 HOLLYWOOD Theatre war a Slat St. R ftlrmanS Rfimfcerf A Otrar Hanmeratela Sn4 VIENNESE NIGHTS WAKMKa nao. the. Dally -4S S:4 I an a l. Sundae 3 ft 8 43 "Shall I Have Chil-flreii Will Thrr Brlnl Mt Joy or Sorrow?" "MOTHERS CRY" WINTER GARDEN From tht novel by Helen Grtwt Carlisl VtreMi Vtth M. Cor;n'"Mis : Pop. Prtrf MidniW Show ROXY Dirrrttos ft. L. ftatfcftOI ilOXVt O WILL ROGERS" X LIGIITNIN ii.'sT;1 Y Fas MTtetna PradaeMa On Star "(iay fertleal" HOWARD HUGHES' rr""i Alt Np.cleea "HELL'S ANGELS" 34,h CRITERION-GAIETY urrar I .' ' wtte, ln, aj pAJl.T 1 t III WAR NURSE ACTOR "y t:S0-8:S0 Thrw Tim Sundae Hollcay at 3-8-S 4S 'yaW.tfti.MU. me flat ! MK-tl Eva.SOc-S2 R R NiteOwlSboaeal Baall Jamunca with Mnkat Dietrich is "Tht Blue Aocel" IV CS I I UNITUD B mmr v - 1 ARTISTS at e MOROCCO" Oanr Cootier Marlene Delrteh Adotphe Umiwi WILLIAM HA INKS in "K EMOTE CONTROL" , V If K-;.ef trjti -It'iwfT Hnmnf j BlejM Bnhk OrrlMlr APITOL'r.V I TOWN II 4 1 I, T U N I U H T AT .VM DEERING Mgt N JM', Arl.U pWTirt Mum 4y rSiH'iy i-; a at 4th li) M a m The ROrrtOIR DIPLOMAT ith Betty Caaaaaaa laaj Batik , L Theater News 'Ilerlda Gabler1 at Civif Stage Gossip Eva Le Galllenne will be seen as Hedda in "Hedda Gabler" for the ! first time this season tonight at the Civic Repertory Theater, Jacob Ben-Ami will be seen as judge Brack. "Hedda Gabler'' will again be played on Wednesday evening Dec. 10. Getting Along "That's Gratitude." the Frank Craven comedy at the John Golden Theater, is 100 performances old today. No Agreement George White announced today that the report current to the effect that he is planning to present Eddie Cantor under his management is erroneous. Mr. White sta..- that ne- frotiations betveen hiir:?lf and Mr. Cantor during the past two months have not resulted in any agreement. "Smiles" for Benefits Rcvum at th Forty-mxth The popularity of Florenz Zieg- Strtat Theater feld's new "Smiles," In which Marl- ' lyn Miller and Fred and Adcle ' of Unemployment, Robert V. New-Astaire are co-starred at the Zieg- man will give a cnecial performance feld Theater. Is seen m the iact ! of "Bad Girl" Sunday night ut the that four of New York's outstanding j Hudon Theater. The entire east, charities have arranged lor benefit ! including Sylvia Sidney, Paul Kelly performances in the next : wo weeks. and Charlotte Wynters, have'. o , ! nated their services. The performance next Monday nigiu at tne Charles Hopkins The ater, where Edith Barrett is appear- !ng in "Mrs. Moonlight," with Haidee Wright and Sir Guy StandUig will oe unaer me auspices of the Oberlin Women's Club of New York for the benefit of the Women's Physical Education Department of Oberlin "Ladle- All" Ends Run Ladles All Prince Bibesrn's comedy. starring Walter Woolf and Violet Hemint. at the Bilnn Th. tcr, begins lis final week here Monday evening. It has been running tinre July 28. The play will open .n Boston on Dec. 15. flay for Jobless Under the sponsorship of Mayor Walker's Committee for the Relief rnuch to please them In "The Princess and the Plumber." The Fox stage this week offers a new Fanchon and Marco revue. "Country Club," featuring among others Masters and Grayce in "Her First Lesson," McGrath and Deeds. Ray Samuel. Leonora Corl and Frank Elmer Bob West's organ mhos are st ii a prominent attrac tion at the Fox. AMISLMENTS MANHATTAN BASIL RATHB0NE is A KISS OF IMPORTANCE ith rFKOKRICK KeRR ANN ANDREWS Atil K LOt IVAN SIMPSON riinrvw si. Eve. B:50. Mta. Wed i: But ROBKRT V. NEWMAN presenU VINA DLtMAR'S B A D . C I R L, HI DNON H itSt.EvB fl i&Mats U'rt i,Qdi Hf?al Rtsprird b Phone Branl WiHtt fiROWN BUDDIES ur HIM HflHlvsns 4MfLlf H ' J Mitince Vejfjredir snd Saturday P--t Se.ite, $2 SO MHHTV thm.. W 4'r St Tct Wii in ft rprtorv PO WL of to play Turirm vir.HT1 Todav Met Ai E.e. and Mun.. Tun, Wed "ART AND MRS. BOTTLE" Remnmna nekt Ihursdav Evenlns Manne Elllotfa Thea., ., E. ol B Eva. 8:40 Mta. Wed. St Snt. !f:40. Pen u A Theatre Ciilld erodnetioi ELIZABETH, THE QUEEN nul l. THI ATKK fitfd trVett M I Even. 8 40. Mat neec Thur. Bat ? 4d Aaron A Vtnloi Pprtllft GIRL CRAZY? is.- 1 1 r.iMi t it -toil f ftlfUll pk WiMt fl(nt lMiam HOH 4RH R(H.f.R ki;m A IAIN Tha.. W. 5'2 8t Muti. Wfd.Abit Ht RM AN KMI MMN rtnlt QRAND HOTEL N 4TIONAI. THEATRE. Wet 4IM Street Evb. 8:30 Sharp Mala. Wed. Hat - :tu "'a it I um Ufui LYSISTRATA :Ul.t VtAB UTH ST. THEA.. W. mt Ba. Efa. Mia. la Erl. SJ.M ta l. Bai. H.I.. e 40 Wr4. a.'.KItaal. Sat. t la l SAM H IKRRH ireeau QH PROMISE ME ! tawtn Kunii''t Ytrt.." 1 r H'n'rf MOROhf O. W AS. Ev! 8 0 Mt.WM APat. PriCPB: Evkb, 1 to 3; Mara 91 T.n i ri HM H HARRIS P'"La QNCE IN A LIFETIME hh jro,a4 Mitrr nut timi ffateV4 Ml tttr R(IX THEATRE. IV. 4Ath Slrrei Evea. 4". Mallneoe Thara. S Sat. t Ml A Sneak Hit Rat rrlee Inereaae Nihta (I to :t 8'iMatlnee It w f M rnr.aR ai.ia'e' rensational hit QN THE SPOT CRANB Wliet'R ANNA MAT. WONO OI.ENDA EARRFI.I. rncll WAIIAIE'S EIIRREST THFA 40 W otR v Eve 50 Vlen 'ed pt : ir LENORE ULRIC PAGAN LADY -ailartnr at all tmM.rT (TH t- Tha. Pkttnf Rry.i Iwnnr -Vi 31 fiOOn FAT!I AT 1.H Mi rwnr. Tta'silra r.n'M rr-4teUa ROAR CHINA noon stats at box office MARTIN RECK Thea.. 4.V W. af Mh Ave. Cvaa. 8 SO. llatlneaa Tfttira. at Bat. a w LAST WEEKS! STRICTLY DISHONORABLE with TI'IUO CARMINATI NEVER AT l i t RATES AVON.W 4jHl. ... T-J-, Th-ea. Evenmaa a 50 mal. loaay ttot. M MARILYN MILLER FltD THE ASTAIRES adele in 3IE' E't.DS PKODUCTIOI4 CM1LES a- lal H.t.ll'f Mal( A Te'ef'T't ItrAfrm r iron in theatre. 4ih at mh A. MATINEES THOm HAT FRANK CRAVEN .S';,.. THArS CRATITUDE JOHN OOI Or THI ATRC. W. 5 Mat. Wfdnr-tlar A Rattirdetyn. F- 9 40 JHE GREEKS HAD A WUKD tUK II 'AM H. HARRIS Thea.. 4' At.. W. B'a Eva. Mil. We4. a Sat. . El la. alUHl IHTIH If unruly JHIS IS NEW YORK if rnmrAtt h rTORrVrT R mfiwPWtifiU with LOIS MORAN PI TMOI'TH. lUk 1 . af R aiav Evea, a (a, Matltteea Tkaee. ak Sal. t i I ! lvv' ' v-, ; ' : - - f F,alartJ .Sw, and . Ih, G. H. Gay in Charge O. Hamilton Gay. for live years ; technical director for Ivor Noveilo s I Productions in En-land, will have i charga of staging "The Truth Game," the comedy by Mr. Noveilo in which Biilie Burke and the author will be starred. Old Custom Revived The excitement last niht at the stage door oi the Fulton Theater 1 wa.-, not a riot. The crowd repre- 1 sented 8 KrouP v" 100 flappers ur.iM.-ing dkmi urtimxMic n,r auiu rrraphs. The suave young star of "A wi r trfn." h.A .k outstanding malinee idol of the New A" application for annulment was York s(ae made by Mathilda J. Delanev of 362 i., rki.,.. ' I P'ne St.. Frecport. She charged that Jonesy for Chicago , she marrled Jamfs c D(,, ln Gcori-e E. Winlz Is asembling a ( July. 1027, at Hempstead, and that cast for "Jonesy," last season s com- j at the time he promised that he edy success by Anne Morrison and would ao through with another cere-John Peter Touhey, which he will monv In a Catholic ehnreh irt i open at the Playhouse. Chicago, on Dec. 2a. Thomas J. Ross has been engaged for the leading role. Fill-Me-In Answer DON'T. DENT, WENT, WEND : WEEP. AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN iVow flKJl RUN IN BIU.TN J f. M'tookhis oicttion... jlut wot ted his kisses. . . CONSTANCE WE1T Stir of Common Cty'in SIN TAKES A HOLIDAY . . Then fate married them ... arte untied away unlo.ed or. 4 lone.j noneymoun. .4 I'ntkr. htrtu,. uu3 RKOViudevills WATSON SISTERS r-onnpier. HENEE RJAWO .4 MI ATA llll a J'-. :-" NORMA TALMADGE in MDv Barry Wnnan tf Panin" vrssimmsm JANS V WHALEN M.ralrireilv stera Lienl. oiii.Re. Elorrle je Vera. Otht. Midnight .Shows Tonilr VALtaALlANormaTalmadje Jamaica, L. I. In "1)1' BARRY" KLNGS EDDIE rtalha.k-Tllde.Ava. IS A mTrT T "Pitkin" CANTOR Pllkln-Sereteae Ave. ) r1'''" GATES ( ' ("'v Lo.le, A...Rr..d... "WHOOPEE" J MAJESTIC THIS HU H SISTERS CHORUS Etf'ia Enid with HIBBARD MARKEY CHARLES FARRRELL inl "The Prmeea. and the Plnw.fer" " MAI REIN O S IVAN Panrhon th Marro e.. mi "Country cluh Iriee" 8V. O O K. L H aramoiui' TYNNi iah lakal Mrva RUDY VALLEE In Parttnn! Stuart Barn.- Blei. Thowrr RKNTAI RANTS MANHATTAN ESTABLISHED 1882 amoug 3Rttuttnt lis; L m See 22.000 Christmas Baskets Assured by As recoid rrowdi continue to throng the "Main Street'' hich hns been set up In the Biooklyn Elks Club for a "County Fair" and "County Store' bazar, prospects of j a full Christmas dinner basket re- j main very good for 22.000 needy , families, according to Arthur j. Dunne, chairman of the basket committee, who stated that last year more than $120,000 was ( raised and 18.000 baskets distrlb- uted. Individual contributions by ; Elks will Increase the bazar's proceeds he said. Seekers after atmosphere may i miss the crushed grass underfoot and tlie cracker barrels In the cor ner, but they will admit the genu- I i ine cries of the barker? and feel compensated by the very urban range of wares. The doll booth in the center of the "Villane," with many of these china beauties sittlnB( proudly about the si?n "Past Ex alted Rulers." leads In popularity. The toy booths ehare the honors ol We season and the lamp booth is Lynbrook Ionian Seeks ! I)iorcc From Husband J Mineola, L. I.. Dec. 6 Four cases were on the undefended rtivorceand: , annulment calendar of Nassau Su- ! . c , vc,t,rd xn, ,psslon ; Prf,me court yesterday. The session ( was presided over by Justice John B. Johnston. Meta Anselm of Lynbroti asked a divorce from her husband. Otto, who Is residing at Ozone Park. She testified that they were married in New York City July 23, 1917. Lou- Ise Hanmiek of 172-12 Jamaica Ave. testified that Anselm occupied a 1 room In her home with an unldcn- ! ned woman in September. j a short time, she said, he refused to ' R0 throut-h with th. hrh ...- mony. Other divorce actions were brouaht by Philip Paxton of 69 Winter St.. Lynbrook, against his wife. Marlon, I .Uh AyveMMrndhar?rrdian, ! 5"4 ' ncn Ave.. Manhattan, against her: husband, Michael. I . AMISLMENTS BROOKLYN WITH CAPITnl. tuii. wwt,M'--: - " ' Brooklyii ACADEMY of MUSIC METROPOLITAN OPLRA llivinv) ''"iT:ij Fliejende Hollandei Jerna. Iclia. Kirrnholl. s.l.orr. I'ltllker. Clenena. Rodanrkv. RNAflE PIANO l ain EXrH'MWI.T FEATURE FILMS MEUIORU .paiia. runon SI ThroopAv Ill I.l.ealn. IjIW Hejlord A Hkal a Rrie.l. Eiillon SI. u Uedloid Av Jah. ROROI l.ll HAI L AND Manle ( si. t.earie Plavhaaae. 100 Pmeapnle Maala ( II.II.HTIIN 1 I a--....- . WITH Lni'WS TERIEt T TAI KING Hf airvi ' " IX - .nn;-vcAVOR. f;r. , : "Jp-- v rSsx r r : tu ,1 ! IOI RRtK.nBT Bievoort-Rertlrtinui vA ,-HTt"- Erertr Mrrh I I IOI BROADWAV.B..Tm"m, EaVIlh Ali,- ."at1TISD ' ' ; .m SIENtlRi. N0.1r.nd-Pk.1rie' ''bVbthIImT. n' ' ' I.OHfONEV ls.SurlS lll.e'l 1,1 OHI 4 a 'rl: la.rel H.r, IOEHS HIM.MDE. Jama.c. . 7 i AMY rARRO?? i a. VJ.,.'"- ' I.OIH S KAMI O.E P.v-No,tr.nd THE Bit.' H.lf s V.n"'1Ir" "r,t I. o:r miira Mvin..ton-Hano"er t.l oria "vV Uiol '."""J f""' ""'' I I.OEWS ORIENTAL. Sftth 18!h... ti .OR A EVviiillN Jft.' ' " Hfl ; . ..E S H'll.LARU. WooUhaven A V. 'J Vi.7 .' V,'... r . l.ieda.rxean Br,hion L iark Hnli. Tfc, s,. II.ATBI SH SECTION f.len.oeel. 1471 PltthllKh Av . Illllan f.l.h .. orattad.. Churn, i, Nonrand Av. 'sirt'u Z P4RR SLOPE SECTION Aandera.ProapectPk Weat14lht . Claire L.e.. I, ,h, , THERE IS A FOX THEATRE IN EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD EOX AI.RA. B'vav n Av... . Nanev ( area I. l.J.a,?" TODT EOX HI NON, Aoth St A, 20lh Av Ha. J ( , aa.eE EOJl BH ERI Y. CMirrh-0,.,..nd t E.l.,.;,r.,Ila l .'.'a "? '.""" EO T, ( ARI TON. Platbuih Ac Hh Av. Vlel..",,, i". ' '" " " MIX(ARRtIL U.,r. Av At Cro.n. t Ee.tlrJlv,!". T HJ"i" . rtlA I III IIMII . B av-Chail:l.e JK- ..." ' " "J -" "-.'" v.n.a.1 La. EOX (ONf.RE. Ht. John l-BurialOLt EMt.rejrr, Y"1"""' EOX ( ROs RAY. rikvWrth.n Blvd I Mhi tlm alifc 'Heed Ta'd IOX ( I HER lath At Orave.ena 5 ' ..i. iZ,. "L7',' T'a" " "' eox M EEirm imfneid Pulton. An i t."i 7,Z ,."1 V EOX EORTWAY.eaih Pt Ham. Pkr.An. Hard ni l lrTlj i ir11' '"! U" EOX HII.HH 4Y. Km,. Htv .W II h Al" 0. i ,J ,1, ',.' ' ' .1 EOX KIS4IET. rieK.lbATomnklni. jEe.i.r.N?.., T.k . a J"! 1 ' " J rOK LEADER. Ne.a.rk Ac Coney I.I N.ey ( IlVf- 1 ?.7a. " "' EOX M4RBI1RO, Bay Pkv At 10th.. BUM the Kid Jk,."'! . ' FOX ME SI Rill E, T22 Manhat. A ".hi aa '"! 1 ard EOX PARK. 44th St At 9th A.. . . . A i'.tu,.l, !.t !"" '", r"m"' . EOX PARKSIIia. Pl.t ArParUld.. N.VyVIlT. I al.IJ . 'Z "" EOX RITZ Alh AV. A 4lh Ht Edmanl ".. ! 'V 4 J EOX RIVERA. St. John a-Kln,.ton. . Rl-ha" RrHJr-Iir ll -1 EOX SAVOY, Bedford A, Lin. n . "a Til. VII IE ? 'n".." mUM ' EOX STATE IleKaib Prenklin . t I al.rri...hil- .VI T J".!".1"" EOX SI VI N E R. Hum nev A Umn.. . ll'.'iZT"'"'" ' mtm .1 S...V. f '"5 I' "" "A, le.nRl. Madaaa SM .life. I'.T'l.fV ... - r. sai.Kai, i.u. Av. Ar Mth St . V Al III v T (..,,. 77, iZ.'lu, ' CENTURY CIRCUIT THEATRES 20th CENTURY ENTERTAINMENT El ATRI AN SECTION Albeaiarle. Plahiih At Allwsnarle RKO THEATRES. THERE'S ONE R a O Atke. A I bee Squ.r R K.O., church and Platou.b R K.o. Madlaa., Mvrtle-Wyekofl Avl . B K.O. ftT. Pulion m I " ' THE THE THE R R.O. R..k.leh. B .av and Howard R J O. I.rae...l.l. s? Manhattan Av.. Till R Rn.Penpeel.mhSM and Mh A. . . . THE R n. Detee. M.i Near .Vk A. - THE RKOa.Hh.R.:kHIMH.'l.ld.M.rl,. THE S a O. Ill.ea. Uiipoa. , Suepieinaee. .. th A.ala.. Km,. Hien.a, E !.h St MONTE (ARI O. Jea.eii. Mae a I Empire Hl.d R.!.nAv .RTA I.ARRII R."..,, 2 vlT.. !L i. "T'"' arrat.(. Elatou.h At Rotera Avi .II..4 1," I "m?. l .'.t VVj"" ' K........ Km,. H,.,.Conev I.I Av . 1 he I at I J"" 1"r.''V' ",'? ' ' M..M.(on.v 1.1. nd Av At,, r. The l..h .7, . Slri I 1 I Marine. Plelhu.h Av A Km,. 4,., R.dd. R-'er HeTe. i... Id. I . tl.V". "T" Conay 1.1 AV Aa. U. ... Re,. Hhe.le, Rahe," Vj.lJJ 2.lJ ,'ki Mld.d Aa JS lltAMt al OTI AN II I n da I' "., Patla. 474 PlatkiHh Av The I at 4 reeM .h. T.J..T 1 V . . ! lOSfl Pl.thuar. AV The sl.e, Z:"'f.: 'h.N Ske..e. Shp. A. Vo.r A..: , "rf. J.t...,;VMIV..'k.".";k::.'., Elks Fair Crouds another winner. Of course, the food is not neglected ham, bacon, crarker. randy and cake supplies must be replenished nightly. Texas Guinan Billed Tonirht "Main Street" gets close to "Broadway" this evening, when Mm Texas Guinan and her "Kiddles" will i pay their promwed call at 8:30. Other feature events scheduled for next week are: Rudy Vallee and his band, .Tuesday, Dec. 9: Ed Hughes, sports writer and cartoonist of the Eagle, and other sports feature writers, Thursday, Dec. 11. The final evening. Saturday, the 13th, Jark Sharkey and posMbly other famous prize flchters will appear. Among the politically prominent Rronklvn citizens mho have at- tended the bazar durin? the last few eveninifs are Borough President Henry Hesterberg. Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division Edward Lazansky, County Judge Alueron L Nova and Commissioner of Gas. Electric and Water Supply Harry T. Woods. Auto Salesman Held For Larceny, of Rinj: Charged ltn keeping a diamond ring which had been left with him '"r. ",n"T,. , f, .Pi! ,,,.u Edward Regan, 38, of 436 E. 137th St., Manhattan, was arraigned in the Lonsr Island City Magistrate's Court yestrdaye. The technical charge was grand larceny. Ernest Singer of 249 W. 97th St.. Manhattan, charges that on Oct. 28 he went to a used car salesroom at : 27-16 Bridge Plaza South, in Long I Island City, which was operated by Rcaan and a partner known as Nolan, and left with him a diamond ring valued at f.SO. He said Regan had offered to buy the ring but wanted to have it appraised first. He charses that when he came bark a short time afterward to complete the sale the showroom was closed and Regan was gone. Detectives Devery and Laydcn of the Hunters Point precinct arrested Regan on Nov. 29. In court ye:rday Regan pleaded not guilty to the charge and was held In 12.500 ball for the action of the Queens Crand Jury. . . f" 2 "'''Ve're'd a'Un"! taimn a complete net of Ne Yor rum Knnse peciahm. tabulated atcordms AMI SEMENTS BROOKLYN -I vii GEORGE ARLISS in "OLD ENGLISH" RROOKI YN Fallen A Rwt.elt On . pop p.. Mtdnite flhow TONtTK STRAND SHOWING TODAY SECTION lhra tomorrovt haul u Ma.: lu ."" a.17. . "' V rPe Mark a.aBa a.u. k. . " eairaa. aake nilWVTna. ... Se.., aria: el I p the River aria: ilia Sam. la Nala 4. -a REACH Ulnint H T.elielreea Oar Caefer E4n)j.a La. NEAR YOUR HOME. LEtTcoT) "rl "'" "laoea lUeaHl ll Me i II ! I?'" T.el.etree. RKO 4.1a I AT ( KIEPS, H.I, RKO AeM (AT I Rl I PS, HUM TSIItllk.X ( AT ( Rl EES. MM EN lltlTII Ea Mllklir.. HII.HTSIK I I CAT ( REE Ps HE EN 7! 1 CAT (RMPS HI I EN la I CAT CP I I ps Hri EN iSMMt"!!. CAT CBACPS. BELSN TYvSLVITRl Seella.d Yard Haul , , . . .

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