The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1930
Page 2
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CE TWO — COUKIRK-NEWS Itehw of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News ol Women t Calendar \ Contract Keeps Alfred LunI """**•' ' i T ri -i-t i and Lynn rontunne !. outlier Jewish-Wei Aid society is ^«Hw°iu<g at Die home of Mrs. jov ,/:' bMCS tt 7 SO o dock trfth Miss j ' *U« Levy u co-hostess. i Sirs O P Moss la hostess to tin: • «M,Jid-Weelc club. : Sfji; The Young Matrons club and ,' •ffiteyeral guesta jre to to entertained I jg^y Mrs.' Matt Monaghan Jr. | 'j^JfiThe United • Daughters of Qou-! >Cf«deracy aro'rnceiing ai l!ic homo! cv'pf.the president, Mrs. Marvin hob- i fctosoh. • . M.- Friday ! "©\-The The Dorcas Sunday school; ...... rf the First Baptist church • having a meeting at the h:mo " Mrs. Alice R'Jnyan, 116 l)ist , hvenue, when Mcsdames . C. White, Joslo Bhrilc and O. ii.Basse will nlso lie hostesses ; The FIdells Sundya school clasr ! J the First Baptist church is hav- ! ig a party at the home of Mrs. f ' . .u Splcer, 110 Douuan avenue.' ;:Sirhen Mesdames Herman Walnolf, j /••'.Frank Roberts and Frank SchmuU:; ! Virlll also be hostesses. i ; Gorsts Entertained i : i-'Ai Tuwday Club Parly i >.£. Meidamrs W. H. .Minyard, W. J. ;v Pollard, Ruth Mahan, Marvin Rob-! 7lnsoii, M. A. Isaacs and Miss Grace 1 "Webb were guests of Mrs. W. D. \ ^Chsmblln, jr., when she also en- j ;.'• iertalhed members of Vm Tuesday; :'/Luncheon club. ; :"y_jio£e 'carnations centered the | .\thrce small tobies which were or- i irafigcd for a U'o course menu and | '-.'New Year tallies'spoXc the re:cnt, ; holidays. I -. - ,-Mrs. Edgar Borum won honors : among the club members and high . : .;for tlie guests went lo Mrs. Mln- •'•^ard. Both received hosiery. Bits of News Vlnsilv Personal All:-) Rirhlim left yesterday nf- > » r,.,. n ,. in, . . * Progress Reviewed, Plans For Basketball Touma-' incuts Are Outlined. . . . •••••.. where h" h sp.-ndlng several months bc- <'a.::' rf III health, aflcr spending j,,,.,,, e-i rtiyi at home. He Is greatly * improved. A review of (he progress matte In Mississippi county schools In the liast ten years was given si u\i. . meeting ol the superintendents and jcn Wc:t Msln sfn-i ! Mrs S P vnii »-i '™ teller lodny. ' ' J. Nlc-l: Thcnms. jr., of ! is i-pomliiii; n of this \vc2k at J:c and Nnlhnn Rcok are rc- lurnlni! to their Jvmo In uttlc Hick pflcv two days visit with Mr Kiirt Tvlrs. James A. Eass. i. Louis Lcroy and Mrc. principals group of the county cd iic.ition association at the city _ school last night. "Supcrvi- ticn" was the principal themo lak- Infoimal discussion. ,,°"^ ! f» "1> with several addresses anil nome | i,, |,i am ,i n g for (he boys aim illlris county basketball tournament; been: March u and 15 were selected as Ightly I (he dales for havign ihe junior nigh school tournament and the In senior boys and girls will play ihe week preceding the senior ocyi iiud alrls district meal, (lie exact date of which will be announce:: later. Crawford Greene, city, is chairman of tills committee. Osceola was chosen as the next , ..„„ „,.„. ^ a . date of meeting on February 5. !-'-» t'ha!>n:nn, cf Memphis, arc the ' Preceding- the program, a dinner hcu.'CKiiesto of Mrs. J. Nick Thorn-1 w:ls scrvc d to lliese tweilty pres- tis lr> thi s week. j»'- : Charles A. stubbs, Mrs. C. L. Viliton ^lar.i motored to lllttie' SUil)ks . Mrs - Luclls Haley, Cr.iw- Rotk and Beobe today where he! Iol(l arecllc . Missss Willie A. Lawwill visit Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J ! son ' D:ss for n short time. He will be ' acc-inpnnicd home by Mrs. | daughter who have been vlslt- i IIIK tire DOM' nt fi;;l)c for ten days. William Ijflnge Is attending the,— =• —'- w • National Slice Jionvcrjticta in .'('. M 00 ™ J r " M|5S Fern Gray, . Winnie V. Turner and LUIO Scolt, BIythcville; M. A. Kelleit, raidy Tliomas, Leachvllle; Thomas R. Ivy, Yarbro; L. H. Autrey, Bur. <itttc; U. C, Harnctl, Luxora; Mr. i mid Mrs. George uoyte, Mrs. C. L. Luib for sovedal days, b return tomorrow. He expects Herman Rcgula, of Paragould, Is -r.vtc life, uu.iraiilci; i.u their tlonrs'li- , . r tonrsi- tics j>y a contract which stipulates (hey thall not be taken out of th" Ettmc ;town by iirofcsslonal duties. T, -?i i i t ? , '" lnc Flr "-teain. have made sure that their lllfe i-""' y ' - irav i a business visitor in the city tc'd'ay DUyc louhe ' small Slat*" Ml' daughter cf Mr. nnd Mrs. Billy kJl " L ^ -"-" Galnes, Is ill at their homj on I licnrn street. She is now Improv-1 ; Mrc. E. L. Richards left today for SI. Lcuic where she will have nn I nvl riKin.'l VJsit ' Ola; Ed McCuistlon, Wilson; M. C. Outlav.-, Armorel, and W. M. Plncli- back. Dell. Helps Woodmen install Officers Slate Manager F. Neivueny, of , department in a. brief social: , A new coiilracl signed wlth-lhc IfoVr" Thncs'",md Miss Fuifini," .which preceded the business: Theater Guild hns u clause t >rovl:l- ; twice, notably when Linn "as iin- .: ! Ing ^nnt when they arc u?nt out- peering In "Volpone" intl "1" .'."..OcmpiratlvD rcpcris showed that, i side New York it nuisi b3 in Ih:: Millions" nml lib svlfc was •-the averagj altendtinco for Dcceni-1 a>me play. . ...... [tier last year, which was «4 for; They litfvc no obj?ctlon lo ap- yiife Sunday school, was the largest j Pairing In different plays al tiia ••ayeragc In the pnst five years for c:imo " M1 e on Broadway, but even ; the" tame month. John B. Lane, superintendent, , that separution Is unlikely, for It it happened one cast or the other ; '»hbrhittcd r. proGram fcr ths year's j v ' ou!tl 1 " ive lo 1>2 nltt .activities frlilcli Ims 2S objectives ! thc ' )la >' s coul1 ' ' m sent :..-'. . • i * Mr. and Mrs. Lunl— PIS Club Party ' ; ttrs. itay L. Alrldge, In having th'o Tuccdiy/club lit the home of Mrs. J. Ifejc^raTOrc, also enter- Louise Chajimlitir or; Memphis, who altered before on loiir. -- - _ -lie a mitlv. 1 of Wisconsin and she of Enslaml— were 'married In 1923, b»t I hey never were together on tho 5'as>; until they Jdined llic Guild two yonrs Inter 'nnd hatl..lhe^lead)!j;; roles In "The Gunrdsmaii." ' ards Mre. Harry Klrby was awarded the club prize, a'green glass candy box and a bmc'rf Hsio'rlcd toilet articles' W'BS given-Mrs. Chapman for honors among the guests. Th2 hostess served a ,,i n t = |. m i:h of salad, tahdwichss, candy, riuii •nd coffee. I*e and Jackson Program . Will Be Given Tomorrow, i The program, to be presented at the U. D. C. mcHhiG tomorrow 'af- terncon, will be on two of the grcnt rderi in southern history, Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Members are urged to attend i • - .• .this especially arranged nro2ram I Judging champion at the Interna- vrlilch will be ' ' *"""••. -• |,ig Nina In O'NenTs "Str t[rl«dc"-nnd sometimes . gcnclcs of (he thtnler h=v It Hr.rry Mitchell, of St. r.ouis, Is'the Wocdmeirof World" l5(lBc''wai attending lo business here. ; in charge of the installation ser- Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCulchcon - vice last evening when Uie leaders v.'cnt to Sll[cslon lodny for two days' 01 'he Ashwood camp iNo .154 were business visit. : placed in charge of the activilles Mrs. C. D. Driver, • of Osceola for ll! ' s y ear WM a visitor in the city today. ^Judsc G.- E. Keck mid Charles I'artla'.v rctiiniudi last night from piny- jP.ggoll, wliere c-.urt wns in s°s'ion ;e In- fcr two clays. They will return cxi- i Jfondny. Uiken ! Mr s . n. Morris King nnd daugh- •. 0^:1- i lor, Mary Mazepna, nccoinpnnlcd | bv Miss Mamie M:seby of Pace, lh;!r !\si S5| t,if t today for their new Thus annual public installation was altended by a large crowd oi IIIMI and women, despite the Inclement weather. The new officers :ner John W. Frnser, council commander; E. P.-Davis, advisor lieutenant; H. J. collier, banker; J. J. Jaggcrs, clerk; William Mann, senlry; H. Tinker, L. D. Boyd and A. H. Reagan, managers; Doclors . deputy by home l M' c slatc rnan»S?r highly com- "Elizabeth and Esses." Young Champion's Biddies Lay Happily at 50 Below IRON RIVER, Mich. Wi—When .irtlc winds howl through Iran {liver nt HID time of 60 below z?ro— l-r-r-r-rt—Miss Inijrid Mnttson'r, bins keep right, on laying, i Miss Mnlison Is only n but slu 1 knows her eggs. Oho knows her hens, too. else she would not Iravir boen named International rxniluy ,- " a^sLi York In "Meteor," and they nrc to iff 1 Wl> ° lmve " winl " to ««, toaelher laler .hu's'— , I c^v'Utofr, of s, ,.,„, ls fl In Ihe principnl parts of a nc'.v|niess vuilcr In the city. ! plishcd last year which was a gain drnma by Maxwell Anderson title.l ' '• E ' Crltz hns returned from Lit- over the preceding year, especially |t!e R-rfc where he attended n am-' among" the sick and those in dls- Jerencc as one ol the four ngrical- tress. Many members received in- tural njEiits Eeleclcd from llic stntc. surmice compensation in this time. Mr.?. H. I,. ReyicWs returned (o-' ! R. D. While of Lake City, deputy «oy from St. Louis, where she at-'' malinger, accompanied Mr. New- enried to buslners for n shcrt time. | berry here. Mrp. Mibcl Merlin has returned I _ — 'rom Chnnulc, Kau.. where she (•pent the holidays. She rctides at tlie Hotel Noble In thu winter sea- ...... — Elven by some of ihe most table members of the or- .ganizatlon. Sun- ..„ Postponed. .- The meeting of the Ben . a "' ^"it ^J^lLtlll OILL]aay school class of the First. Presbyterian, church, scheduled for Ins;, night, was postponed until llcnal Livcslock show In Chtago. Temperatures ot M below usually (ililll the egB-layhi" cullmslasm ot l::ns. but ingrirt keeps the proiiuc- tltn of her hens up lo notmal. Unit's why she's champion. "They've just fiol to by." s.-iy^ I.i3rld, a biixoin Morse giri.s vvlu i.i ..— — i.w-.^u.i^u imui nt'sL B'-'Od to look at. "Neillioi I noi' Tuesday night, because of the in- anybody else can afford to keep clement weather. Ihens that don't produce c^s a: ' * * * jany season of the ycur. rrlce-TollMon. i i -of course, U requires cnr-ful Miss /ilice Mae Tolltsoii nnd >I i J. W-. Price, both of Mtcola, Mo were unilcd in marriage this morning in this city with Justice E u Walker performing the ccremonv selection of hens anil it nto c.ilJs Icr gclllns up nl 4 o'clock in nio morning in bHtcr wcalhrr in brliv; Iheiu liot mash for nn early Uronk- North Sawba Child hist, but we have lo iuv, l.iying." ingrid doc.'in'i p.*;y any i\->.j for her blddlcj lo U: •y- ,• , n . " ] don't heal ilu; clilcki'n lr Victim Ot rncumonia £'« snld. "The natural 1-ai chlok chU'kcns kjcps them warm 'James Gibbius jr five-vear-o'd cvcn '" thc coldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Gib- ' llise 1 '"'" "' bins, died al Ihe family home tithe North Sawba ccmimmity ea'riy Txieiday morning of pneumonia Funeral services were held I>IK moniing nnrl Interment made at the Korlli S,m-ba cemetery Arrangements were in charge of the Ccbb ndcrlaking company. . l:o- Kf.'l rinse I fccrp llic hens;-? up m tlic wui'.cr \\i\\\- 1::- they arc insulated." Ingrid wants lo bo 11 -1-H cirl| leader when ilic is pradualcd fm:n Micliigan slate colk'sc. \v:-e.-e s:': !•: a frffhinaii. Willie .<!i: is nt school her brother her egg faciory. Girl Boating F.nlluisiasl Is Town's Harbor Master li:,-. OASSIHED PA1GKTON. En2l.ui:! ciirk-cycd licvon i:iii -.\:i]. Came has bpcu:;-,c ' l'.r*l woman h.irtcr She is S'.clla Gak; ;.n..;i jachiiny ciithi.^'as'. \-,nh i.snally broad know led ;c' i vtmts and seamanship.' For Ihe las; four l:ccn working for ;m ( :, 4 tomiwny hen-, but uuirl; i pare lime w.ts spent ;,];:. i.iolcrboat cv on the dick < ing yacht. When the veteran hail-. cf P.iigntoii died Mis; ( ,,,,„,;„ lor thc job. and her rii;nh: ,c:i!ions .vcre such lliat ihe director* i-'ihc I harbor company ieli jiibtii;,-,! in ilhrawing all precedent cvcrboard rnd giving the position to Li g j r i. Read Courier S'evs V.'s:-.' Ads. i-l hoi- 'Vu llCI 1 L a rac- m.isler Mr. and Mrs. .George Doyle, cl Grccola, vliiUnl ' friends here last night. Miss Willie A.' Lawson. county iiil.-eriiueiicicut cf jcnools K nt- Icndlng lac mecllug of the Pnrent- Tcncher nss:cuition in Osceola this Rftcr noon. Clear Lake Farm Mr. nncl Mrs. Iva McLcmcrc and children of t-Ynir Point. Mis?., aer vljthi; Mrs. SlcLcinore's parents Air. and Mrs. Xf. Ci. Joiner (Iiis v.-crk. Odns I/;\vis leti E^ilurdny I'rt- Chillicathe, Mo., whore he will study nt Chilllcolhc Business college Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Jones visited -Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Joiner Sim- day. Mr. and .Mrs. John Richardson mid children, Mr. and Mrs. C L tiibanl-r.. aim Shirley Oarncr vis- !tc-:i Mr. und Mrs. Turner liichard- £u:i Siindny. Ml«s Joyce Sap|iini;-Ion hud as her Eiivsls Sunday night. Virgini'i •I l:irr and Benlricc Alien. C_M. uivls. Jolui Bennett and i>. F. Siqiyliigton unidc n bnslnc's ;i'i:i tn Hayii, Mo., ivrently Fic:l Qarner. p. E. Eubanks. Cliarley" Taykr aiul C. MISS IXOKIl) MATTSO.X No More Gas In Stomacli and Bowels Melburn Wentherlnglon, of this city has been sent to Fort Ressell, Wycmlnj, following bis enlistment In lh» Cnited Slales Army at the Iccal recruiting 1 station. 4s Mary j«id Doug Came Home 8 - 103 ° Menus .here's no pises like home, even though It's not so humble; Just ask fary Fickford and Dcuglas l-'a'lrbanlc3 | famous movie couple, pictured :erc upon their arrival In San Francisco, aboard Uie liner Asama Maru, rom Jaiian, completing a world tour. They got a. oryal reception everywhere. By SISTER MARY NKA Swvlce .Writer Its up to the cook to serve steaming hot chowders and savory roasts to combat the cold day.-. But along with (his hearty fan', vegetables and fruits must not b" overlooked. Good brands of canned vegetables and (rults are ore. fereable to stale and wtlty "fresh" Root vegetables are Impart am at this time of year. Their bulk, es- ! pcclally, plays an Important part in a diet rich- in meats. In order to use n little I;s3 neat, try the "mock ducks" arid •stuned" steaks and chops whic.'-. are popular in many homes. Tho dishes are savory and satisfying vlth a decided meal flavor, tiu they reduce the amount oi inca; a minimum compatible wiin Chance to Watch Garden Grow Both livln; room face a garden in this plan ot a six-room Georgian type-home. Tli; terrace, vdth openings from bolh rcorns also, should be covered willii a briglitly-colored awning. An inside lot Is the preferred location for this plan bill it; is also fuitbblc for a corner site. The owner's • bed room,- in this Kixuricus home, is equipped with a private bath room and thc other two bed rooms are conveniently located in relation to the second bath. The unusually large living rocpi includes u fireplace, as fioes the master bed room. Ample closets, tho spacious kitchen cupboards and Iho well-placed cnlries to Ihe kitchen are special fealures of appeal. NEW YORK OT—There-are 350 sight saving classes in the United States where children ars taught under conditions calculated lr> pro. serve a waning sense:of sight.. I Suffer Every Winter Nut Lin-0-Nine Always Gives Kciicf, Says Danlmry Ladv TROUHLKD THAT WAY MO UK THAN 10 YEARS •I have used Lln-O-Nlns for ten years or more and never found anything cclds. b?:tpr for Bronchial have Uronchltls evcrv lion could be mixed in Die average druj store doclors would be prescribing it all over the country. It remained for the famous. 45-year- old Kerr Chemical Co.. of firciu- wood. Md., to Install the equipment necessary and manufacture it. Today druggists are rapidly putting !t In stock. Your druggist can easily get It for you of his jobber A generous size, 7-oz. bottle cosls size for S'.ucco or brick white-washed are i?eested fcr -the exterior with i tile or slate roof. type home can be built ceo lly considering Its size an< conveniences. Estimates lor the larger cities .range from $14,000'.to 016,000 and lower In rcglo'h5\wher'| the wage scale is less. ' '.. . The following menu Is ideal for cold winter day. The dinner menu is particularly appealhi;; witii ft salad which Is snappy anrl ens i and a pic spicy ami iragren: BREAKFAST— Slewed d r i e •.; leaches, cereal, cream, eggs pcach- xi in milk on toast, extra toast Inilk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Corn chowder, croutons, raisin and orange salad, sraliam rolls, rice souhle, milt; lea. DINNER — stuffed sp.iiirltj. southern stewed potatoes, cmim- natlon salad, rye bread, uppla pn- dc luxe milk, coffee. StufTed Sparcriba Two or three pounds Epnreribv 3 cups stale bread crumbs, a-» CM > minced onion, Vi cup mlnc;d celery leaves, 1 tart apple, salt and pepper, 2 tablespoons melted butter, hot milk.' Wipe meat' with a soft cioth wrung out of cold water. Tiiui oil excess fat and crack bonss acrc-^ Into serving lengths. Fill with th! stuffing and bring the edges together. Tie firmly with a stro;ir> cord. Rub with 2 tabkspoons iloiu- sifted with 2 teaspoons salt and '.-; teaspoon pepper. Place "in hi toaster and add ',4 cup bollintc water. Roast lu a hot oven for two hours. To make the stuffing, 'pare, core and mince apple. Combine crumcj, celery, onion, apple, salt, • i.pp:/ and melted butter. Add cuou»r hot milk to make moist. To serve, remove . cord ODforo sending to the table. Cut bctsve>:i ribs and serve a slice of th?»i;.-cj- meat surrounded by 'the rib.. BEAUMONT, Tex. *[#/—Mrs. t;. E. Taylor, owner of a grocery he.-o, found a nail in a hen egg whic.i was normal otherwise. . WOMEN NEKD DR. PIERCE'S ' Favorite Prescription'*' only 50 ccnls or 15-oz. colds. have Uronchltls every ?1. If the local dnigglsl, prefers winter, but find Lin-o-Nine always j lo gel rid of old time mixtures be- glves relief," declares Mrs. Martha i fore he gets Lin-o-Ninc, it is easy J, Marsh, 30 Washington Avc.,|lo send 50 cents or SI in .stamp 1 ; Donbury, Ccim. coin, chock or money order anci llic Kerr chemical Co. gladly sends boltle return mail. They pay the postage loo, and guarantee further that money will be cheerfully Thousands of Asthmatic Bronchial or kindred kind of' winlry cold; and coughs nrc relieved by Lin-O-Nlnc. accortiing to enthusiastic smnctl mcst beneficial and effective while -mill.. UIIIMniui; lu ciuiiuM- vim iimt muncy \viii DC cnecnuiLy users, t'liysiclans say the refunded any riissatijfied user. The' h. while creamy emulsion isjuter to be sole judge and jury.! users like its pleasnnt ice-cream In fact, if such a prcpara- trfstc. 'Ihe Brentwocd post office is right in their building so your order can't go wrong. Adv. NOTICE: Due to an accident a few of liie papers last night did not carry the complete signature cut in our advertisement. The advertisement on page 8 headed WE WILLL NOT BE UNDERSOLD" shouk! have carried the full signature cut as shown helow. SERVICE COURTESY - - - ECONOMY LEAD! PHONE 220 DOMINANT STOKE OF Bi/YTHEVlLLE K you i nil th «f«h to Ixr Rfl* in slo:n ' iteiaiJTc. 1 c«!y fo Ud clfecla ig (ro:n That empty. RnawinK Ice'ira nt the pit oE the stomach will <Ji'.ip:ic.i[; nnxlous, nrrvouj fc«Jiny v»:lh Kritl Lc nble to Lake & ?*'..> \>Tcdlh vi-iil,oiil Thai dro-.vjy, lieepy (eellru; nllcr c'lnncr »U b* replaced by n iStairc fnt cnterlainnitnt. Bloat lint wil! cc.iir Your limbj. Arms nntj finder* ^-tll na longer fe^l cold and "RO to ?Irrp" because Rialmann'* Ci* T.ilile!* prevent pas from Interferinj ivhli thr i-it:\:!i- lion. Cei the at ar.y c , (n th« ycllov prcfc- j J dtu c »tore. I'nct 11. I OH hand at CITV DRUG 6TOKK ".ANNOUNCING/. ootery Semi-Annual Clearance Sale Complete Details in Tomorrow's Paper I'Viday. January IGlli. IBih. Friday, January lOlh. i Saturday 18tli. "Good Shoes and Hosiery'

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