The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on June 8, 1952 · Page 19
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 19

Brooklyn, New York
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Sunday, June 8, 1952
Page 19
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anode isnn THE MANAGEMENT Of W JOVf ANNOUNCES THE ACQU1SITK flier Sptuuj'Hotucr BOTH HOTELS ON THE WATERFRONT .,..., kf OOWCAM MIMI S - - ir- THE OCEAN HOUSE (RHODE DIMCTIT ON THE OCEA" AMERICAN "lAM OrErTWtl JTTVB tl 1H BOOM 14 MOM rmOM NEW TOBB OS tt . - B . B. Ill OFF IKU EOAD TO BOSTON PRIVATE BEACH ELEVATOR TO BATHERS' BUT trrB FOB BtTHIII ON MABIKE DTC COCCTAH, BAR Ml SIC rOR DINKEB AND FOB BANCDW CBVECHEg XEABBY ACCOMMODATIONS BT BESEBTATION ONLY FOB INFORMATION WRITE r. O. BOX 11. WATCH BILL B. L " OR PHONE .VEST TORE OFFICE : MIRRAT BILL t-MtS NEWPORT ad . (. Illl III 1 : Broad beeches . . tumbliog breakers . . suaeniae aad turn for all. Thi world- I famous resort cii? of historic beauty t , ! Md modern charm welcomes you this i j lumen. You'll aio life here. 1 v " Hfr for FREE Booklet . V JcerreeVto Ofite, Drpi. HE - j ii K, Newport Publicity (MHalltM ji ! Stone Ettbge Inn TIVERTON. R. I. Lifted la "Gourmet' Oulde to Oood Bating." Cocktail lounaa. Porrti over-.kioklne water. Bathint. flahlna Ideal 'wtop N. T. to Oapa Cod. Ptmous for food food for over 80 year. nllHeHl-S $10 weak vn. tMarinal ' Ptan. On rke keach. bealkat VI Maola. Caxklail leoate.vl arOfcH Wf MaaWaMMVl faammmmtai 1 f. fm mmm a. R. L SEA BREEZE INN Quenechetau, Brdfotrff, R. I. Bnjar private aandr beaek. Seandlnaviaa aaklaa. - AS srta. Beaeaaafcle. Beaklet, - - OTTO Nl'BMI. Owo.-Mrr. MASSACHUSETTS e Clwai PUtel j ' WTllllHoilVilVal W A a m a 1 WaUAMSTOWN. MASS. Trip The BvkitairM. Srltnlc urrorjnd- uag4 bourt frotn nw Trk. OrBN ALL TEAS mhrlnalng fttut Tod All Iwriitlw hoOmm Outdoor atewU SaauUfiil bMkltt rrmH Mr nnHtir pkMtiira. B-VM HS-lAt wtMkJj, AamtI' Ttt. WllritBitwi T09 W. H. Hlnrfeht. Owacr-Msnkrar tCHANTERWOOD LEE MASS. Near TanUw4 4 Jaeek'a Pillow 1 p Print Berfcihlrt lake mtHlmi. Watlnr, ietraia, eta. m errands. Plarlwnaa, v4f, ones, chwrehea nearby. ftaiU Vmtf A Cabin. Good food, aMderate rate. Infer-mal. XSih season, folder K. lhon Lee M6. (Quaker ftfanor NANTUCKET. MAM. BeaaUfal ream la lovely eld heeae. Near beaek aed ad elata of tatereet. . Special rate tar Jan. Mr. Harriet Rosa, Prop. SHEFFIELD INN SHEFFIELD, MASS. ON ROCTB 1 Charmint country Inn. Room with bath. Blevator. Exoellent meala. Shaded lavma. Far reeervatleaa akone Sheffield 4S I er writ Staart. M. Beard td, Ovair-Mir. For Resort and Travel Information, Telephone Brooklyn Eagle Resort and Travel Bureau MAin 4-6200 CAPE COD. MASS. THI PROVINCETOWN INN . . Proylncstowa. Cap Cad, Mm. Located on tha exact spot where t tha Piltrlms first landed. Private Beach With Soft ftanda Colorful umbrellas, excellent new over the ocean or harbof. Caiiioe. Fansens far Qwallty Write tor Booklet - Chester O Pack, Jr. PECOD A ft raeai hot.l, dlrmly a Ike eatar. Prints Beaek (71 water). Ratee A BMhlat aa regeaat. Eatartalaawt.DaB.lag Uaan NORCROSS HOTEL Moaassest Beack 10, Cape Ced, Maia. Fala.utk N.lkls, Bus. ral. Fakasit 1470 directly; "ON THE BEACH" Cape Cod's newest and most modern treamllned hotel. Every room with tiled shower and private terrace. Kltohen unite: 18-M per day for two people. Special . aeaaenai rates June, September after Lhor Day. Booklet. ARTHLB J. WAGNER, Owner-Manager. SURFS IDE INN CHATHAM a. CAPE COD. MASS. tx.v vaeatlaa ar weekeag at tkl. .llgkHal l.alpber. Phone Provilctovm iJ. or write. wlaaklag aaea. aae keaek, Bear all getlvltla. Pineal feed. M a? gallv. e.klrt. Oltatur 1-2171. Mrs. Jska L. MeD.naM. The GRAFTON ' CAPE COD, MASS. Tel. Faliaeata (M A Horn iw) from Horn. Dbra. a a, wkrta. aeaev kMfc. Watar Irv. uaa. 7ee, C.B. trelkr kulil Rear all aetivltla.. CUaa, larga. attraetlve, .aaar reaan. Oava frea May let tare leSlaa AaaaMr. laakut. tea Naef, OCEAN BAY VIEW LODGE S. Orleaa. Maaa. Tel. B A gneat beaae ani eetiAgee. Rvaeloa greands private aeacB. WIM TENNIS HIKE BIKE. Bel.v In el rlethea . appeti.lng aiealt. Adult eolj. H.o WklV. Mr. LA.NE. i-- at WATCH HILL ISLAND) MAPLE LAKE FARM KENTON. B. L Dlre.Uv Private Ua P1anla SUM Balk eaaeiaaviaa ceklaT IM-Aer Fam ALL Sport. Eta Balking AaMrlcea Pla Raatinf -Flamne Fam rVwsueva All e naM Om tha ami Iran jAw BtiUOETI EMtrtatlooa Jim tbra Real Bate Ett-SM Warklr Attractive Off-Beaaoa Raiaa. Bookltt. For An I'norgMlafce. VACATION Blfkt sa Ika Beack Rzeallmt Feaf a Bwytklnl Me4era Raaarvattaaa Jane If la Seat. taA Pleasant View House MIHQUAMICrT. ft. I. RICHT OX THE OCEA1S The Carlton Hotel NARRAGANSETT PUR, R. I. OPSN ALL TEAR Kxotllent Acoommadattana. Caektail Lounfe-Beataarant Sarrlnr Famoaa Nrw Enaland Dlakes. Eareaean Plan. WRITE OR CALL FOB BROCHURE TEL NARRAGANSETT 617 CHARLES D. O'CONNOR. Owner-Mar. Ideal gertsaealaw Oalf Vlikln Bidlar Badminton and Creeeet COCKTAIL LOUNGE Americas Plan Haaaa Stria Caekind Beaklet. Mr. At Mr. Aataoay Maatrasdrea Rhode Island Room 21, State Hooee, (Providence. R. I. Bend for the beautiful new Illustrated booklet tlvtnd fact and fig-urea about travel end vacation. - Christmas IJro fan I OAKWOOD INN Great Barrington, Mast. OPEN NOW For Reservations Address A. Wendt Tel. 485 BARRINGTON HALL- No. Ef rem en I ftd ftoate 71 Great Bar ring too, Maes. Tat. 1015 V iliac e Inn of nnsnr pasted beanty. Noted for New Englond Home Cooking Excellent serriee. Warm Hospitality. Write fer Brochure and Eataa. MB. J. G. MOKAN, Mir. ALL EXPENSE 54.S0 DAY person. Includes: 3 full course meals lodging, hayrtdea, excursions. Bummer Theater, air ride, boat, bikes, fishing, bathing beach t door. Direct buses, no changes, open. Phone 414. Booklet Gnnniffs Lodge Lake Chaaney Wostkaro f. Mass. SHANAHAN'S BR00KV1EW INN Laneakere. Mai.. Tel. Plttsflald i-SOSt Heoru DPMi.ln M..I. Inulfnn.M. Am ftim thc eukshircs. JS Bontln. SEA CREST SHORES taalki aaar ekareksa, tMaain sews aa Ml reertatlaeal laellltlaa. BcoUef sad Beta oa Bsoaeat Ml 4 Pstrlila Taytar Tsf. Mania CM Haewkkpert, Maaa . Sim Art!) 3nn Falm.alh, Cape Oei. Maaa. Centrally located Am ere. n Flan REASONABE BATE! rwvrealiiu to Beech fedl.ol Bwimmi ekkrt Tel. Falaeetb 1 33 A.. B. RtakareMa FMNCIS GUEST HOUSE 1411 Ceaiawrelal St., Prevtaeetewa, Mae. j Attractive room, overlooking Province- tn.n R. WfvaL. La. Near canter if itown. Boorta: fl.hlns Heaa.-llk ataaee. CAPE COD OLD STAGE COACH HOUSE "Ceaatry AtaMaker Near tka Baask." MeAar kltflaiMtt. asertaaeta, akaakeraal aawtH. eaa-eeriu elanm. n.U-U.M. Oaataa-ae. tarMk. Ml. kbit. last BM.Ia, . Tel. Paean lit. ORLEANS INN c'.l. BRUNEIXA COCHTATL LOt'NOE A FT DECK DINING BOOM BEIXJW DECK BAB ' BOOKLET BUY U. S. SAVINGS STAMPS AVn TJItvnQ A.MJ 2 k RoaU 7. Stoe.vbr.dt-e, Man. X Let th world 10 bv! Divio your ZRi time between th eanlc wonders' and tb refresh in pa.ure ol Wi our famed cuisine. Com for table, n V lr' cuest rooms. Nesrby eporu. M Jl Write for booklet. Telephone 13. MM IliPl StaPr TAKE YOUR CHOICE All types of vacation activities abound in the Adirondacks. Dude ranching, tennis, golf, archery, swimming and volleyball ore but a few of the pursuits offered. Prince Edward Island Park Boasts of Story-Book Glamor Prince Edward Island National Park has a story-book " appeal. Green Gables, the farm house immortalized by Lucy Maud Montgomery in "Anne of Green Gables," has been preserved there. The Lake of Shining Waters, the Haunted Wood and Lover's Lane still beckon from a peaceful world of make-believe. The park's principal charm is its 25 miles of red sand beaches. Facing the Gulf of St. Lawrence, these beaches offer swimming in water warmer than resorts hundreds of miles to the south. The four main beacher Cavendish, Brackley, Stanhope and Dalvay have campir.g and picnic grounds, complete with kitchen shelters, camp-stoves, tables, benches, fuel and water. Travellers with tent. are charged 50 cents a day and $1 for two weeks. For trailers the fee is 50 cents a day and $2 for two weeks. Hotels, housekeeping cabins and bungalow camps are in the park or close to ils boundaries. Daily rates range from $3.50 to S6.50 per person, American plan. Cottages, European plan, cost as little as $1.50 per person per day. Bxcellent accommodations also are found in Charlottetown, the provincial capital, less than an hour's drive from the park. There are auto ferries to the island from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Vermont Ads Draw Record Inquiries Montpelier, Vt., June 7 ; plaining that newspaper ads :uooa news ror Vermont s vaca- sponsored by tiie commission ;tion industry is contained in aniare drawing a large number of announcement by H. H. Chad-wick, publicity director for the Vermont Development Commis-, si on. "It looks like a good vacation season in 1952," he predicts, ex- NEW HAMPSHIRE Com o 1 r a c 1 1 J on ahor of beautiful Oulpee Lake wltn macnlfloeot vlev of mountain rente. Main lodge, dining room, oabini. HONEYMOON COTTA0E8. recreation nail. Exoelkmt meal. Private arrtr Datum Deaco, noatlnt, ratline, tennla. tliuffleboard, ete. Oolf. movies. mountain oluublnc nearby, w will meet train. Booklet. 2th Year. Alao (urnltoed houaekaeplu cottate. Seuoo liar JO to OOt. 13 J. L. UABLAND CENTER OSRIPEE, N. H. Tel. 11T-11 r-RED GABLES i NEW LONDON NEW HAMPSHIRE Th. Idal spot fer a wcadarful vacation! atta-awd en Lake Plaasant. facing KHraarga ML A renrlt. far over H year., print, sandy besfh, kosu. fllhlng. swimming, .nuffaoeard. tonols, movlrl. tauara dancing, all an area-!. Golf nearby. Dallclou. food. Nar C'hurrhM. RaM 135 4. BookIM (). New EnsUnd Boailullty by New England People. L,f'" A lIlllAk kUCAUHY. rMa..Jj A HERMAN HOUSE NEWFOUND LAKE BRISTOL, N. H. Tit. 129-23 30 acres of fseaUonUnd located on the west side of tha Lake near Wellincton State Reservation. Lawn Games Ideal for Pa mi Uea Rooms with or without private batf). (US to $43 weekly Includes three delicious meals daily. B LODGETT LODGE On Lake Banapee For folk who like thing nioe but not expensive. Send lor folder. Don Preble, Blodcett Landing, New Hampshire. JESSEMAN'S FARM LISBON, NEW HAMPSHIRE Quiet, homelike farm In the White Moun tain. Oood food. Mr.. O. A. JER8EMAN MAIWE fneladlnc private eettare and banaalewi! for S la $ oer ions with complete hotel! servtee. Booms, baths, runnlny water, danelnr, private sand baaehea. fishing, eaneelnr. tennis eoarta. Weekly, Inelodinc n-ts. Canreolal atsBospherm. opens Jnoa lftth. Free Booklet. A. L. Nelson, MAEANACOOK. Ml. VEHMOVT ENJOY SIGHTSEEING TOURS Montreal, Ausabl Cham, Mt. Mansfield. Lake Champtaln. Excellent Fishing and Swimming Nightly Donclng to Orchestra. $40 and 146. Meal Included. Booklet. Mayfair Manor Hotel HIGH CATI FALLS, VERMONT VERMONT FBZB FOLD KB Seat fer new H-aaga, fvU-eeier keeklet. "Vaaaellet Vemeeat.'' Tear gsld t t har Saner helidav. Writ Devalef-merit Ceataaltalea, Mentaelier t, Vt. "Beauty Corner of New England" BENNINGTON, VERMONT FAY FARM-in-tha-PINES Idea! farm in th Mts Room with private bath. Borne cooking. BookM. 'Reasonable rate. Pbon 4102. i1 J inquiries. Figures compiled by the State agency since 1937 indicate a di rect relation between the size of its advertising budget and the number of vacation Inquir ies received at its Montpelier offices. The ads are drawing "especially well'' this year, ac cording to the official. Mast of the Inquiries are re quests for Vermont highways maps and vacation pamphlets, but Chadwlck states that nun dreds of letters require personal replies. "I'm not surprised at any thing after 20 years on this job," says (jnaawick. "Une youngl lady inquired about Vermont Summer resorts and specified plenty of male compajiionship. Another wanted to. know the location of 'all nudist camps,' and one fellow wanted our assistance in selling some old cab inets he had in his basement." Thousand Island Area Opens Summer Schedule Alexandria Bay, X. Y June 7 Summer vacation activities have already started in the Thousand Island area. Actually there are about 1,700 Islands dotting a 40-mile stretch of the St. Lawrence River between the boundaries of Ontario, Canada, and New York State. CANADA YARMOUTH. NOVA SCOTIA. Canada A Vtcatlon Playground on the flhoras at Besuttful Lake KUenwnod. Aefommodatfen; 14 Quwti In Main Ixxit. Laks LedtM, Cet-Um American Plan. rarlUtlat for Indoor and Outdoor Hpnrti Within easy reach of Tuna and Dm twee riihlng. Open Hay IS to Nov. li. Write for Literature. COME ta YuwnMa fot tk. worle". aval taaa Un, 932euaaW eaaatit by sua BK aWv liaSaig S00 eWgnt a 1951. averag. weight 414 fee. YeaawvawtWHckTea. ia 19)2. Cewia and my vwat lack. Writ.Bwa4Mi"Yar-ainwlk. Nova Scetia. VIRGIMA BEACH Rmm pinzn Il 'lFralia In wrl lu. I. th t I kaon eelf M an llhila J1 .00 II mm fl.b lfr.ffi aa E v F 1 along w eWavweneer thi Maaa lar rise " WMa trail .n. Far Pan. the atari. t la Re) Oa law Ocean at lUi Street VIRC1N1A BEACH, VIRGINIA PRINCESS ANNE HOTEL VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA 250 Feci On Ocean Front Amerlran A European Plan During; Sraeon SPECIAL JtTVK HATES Las Vegas Inn Opens Palio for Outdoor Dining Las Vegas, June 7 The' Travel experts predict that Country Club patio, outdoor-1 w,;i over a million persons will style dining area adjoining the jvaration ,n Main. m Mr swimming pool at ilburi . , . Clark's Desert Inn, Las Vegas. bra" MMUng records for has been unveiled to add to the.txavel to the Pine Tree State. many delights to be found at; the reson-hotel. I This third restaurant facility! accommodates a pproxim a t e I y 125 people and will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, ac cord tng to Pancho, maitre d'hoteL With the Impending opening of the Desert Inn golf course, the hotel's management de termined the necessity for a special breakfast, lunch and snack room which would appeal to golfers and to swimmers who desire an informal dininir' room. ' jone of the most healthful The Country Club Patio is animates In the United States. emirtlv loci crri an raiinmnrl n H 1 glass room with flagstone floor ing. Gothenburg Now Sweden's Main Shipping Center Gothenburg, Sweden's main port of her west coast, is now, according to recently- released preliminary figures,. Scandi navia's leading seaport th terms of goods handled to and from abroad, it is announced by Swedish American Line, one of the leading shippers out of Gothenburg. Expert goods handled through the port of Gothenburg during 1951 amounted to 1,650,000 tons, figure exceeding the one of 1950 by 40,000 tons. It also marks a 31 percent increase over the 194(5-1950 average. Imports totaled 3,700,000 tons, a result well above the previous record of 3,170,000 tons in 1947. The 1951 figure is 40 percent above the 1946-1950 average Despite considerable increase In tonnage handled through the port, the number of ships call ing has decreased. Accordingly, during 1951 only 51.000 ships were loaned or discharged in Gothenburg, as against 67,307 in 1939, which is significant of the change to larger vessels in oceanic shipping. . Panama Lives Up to Its Name -Plenty of Fish The rod and reel sportsman ; who likes to try out different waters will find a paradise only four hours by air from Miami in the Republic of Panama, where Pacific sailfish and black marlin are plentiful. The luxurious new El Pana ma, a Kirkeby operated hotel in Panama City, has acquired a beautiful 40-foot Mathews cruiser, fully equipped witn fishing chairs and outriggers, light and heavy tackle, which is available for short or long trips at nominal rental cost. Panama Is an old Indian word meaning "abundance of fish," and not little ones either, for the Pacific off Panama grows them bigger and gamier than most anywhere in the world. Short trips to Taboga Island, 12 miles from the mainland, bring fishermen to waters where corbina snapper and mackeral abound. DUDE RANCHES Ranch WHERE THE OLD ROMANCE OF THE WEST IS STILL CARRIED ON AT ITS BEST Fin kern.; Dlitureuu trails; keaut. et Ha; everts. swlM. awel. Ceaklali levese, barbMU... best la ken. mkln. tg, A R. aanl. H al. few N.Y.C. Rita, frea led VI. It. Fer rMarvatlsae eall-wrlts. Single Clleatele Orrtaen 1. N.T. Bt. D. Tel. 4-M71 STONY CREEK DUDE RANCH 16th "Not tht nevtlt or fst-hut a favorite lor thott who IU informal ranching at a rtalonablm rase." Su.wk feo. 25 kerM. lak.. keats. aeneM. aeuar. denilaa. Ramawa reea. All taerts. ADIRONDACK Mt. Nataral Lake. Write fer Beaklet E. 8TONT CREEK. -PALOMINO MIKE'l- tTQHt HOUSE RANCH ( aa Route II Bet. Cornwall At Vail' Oat Tel. C.rawaU 1-eUO Rnmethinc new la Dade Baneblng. ipalomlne bora, Hated eablaa with .tall abowera, aaaar daaelng. eeektall bar. heme cooking, lake ewlmmtng. Charche nearbr. Wriu B. D. 4, New- burin. N. I. ataua XV wRir. A ae. J Mt Ha9 LKvB aPa. H nmnrn fc a Iperts Eanah Coma try Clab 1 OaiHini. le asllrsesatk Hts. peaSseatfiiaelaaiRa HMlaa A D-1 Ml. Rates. Fell Prearass. Iktet. aaar mas imm, wsrrsesaarf II II. Y. N0RTHW00DS RANCH "Meet Povalar Dad Ranch In the Eaat" LAKE LUZERNE, N. X. ADIRON. MTS. Directly on hvka Prfvata baaob. Tour weekly rate Ineludee room. ceilenl meals, une of eplendld homes, nenoes, tennis, ehuf . fieboard, etc. NO EXTRAS. Hear Churobea. Sni for Candid 0ooll I. 1 -bar-ajlan j A Haribek rllag. iastro. B I li 1 K t'"1' ew'aalM Ml. ...k. 11 I A'A If tall hue... aavln. B SilrtPil Bblt. N Y. Tel : IN IXKH). D Rsetk: Sreeavlll. I U MAINE LURES MORE TOURISTS EVERY SEASON The prediction, they said, Is based on these factors: The un precedented number of Inquiries and reservations that have been received. The un broken growth in popularity of the state as a vacation center over the past quarter century. The diversity of vacation attractions that Maine provides. The growing knowledge that according to the U. S. Weather Bureau the State or Maine has Despite Maine's steady growth in popularity no evidence of crowding will be seen for a great many years. Maine is almost as large as the rest of New England combined and vast areas of the State's un matched beauty await development. Thus the vacationer goes to Maine confident that he will have plenty of elbow room, September Ideal For Journey lo Austrian Resorts Austria, which customarily enjoys mlia ana .spamung weather throughout September and October is the perfect country for September vacationists and has many new or remodelled hotels, castle-pensions and inns to tempt them. The Bregenz Forest is especially exhilerating in September when the foliage is sensa tional and native festivals reach a picturesque . climax. The Hofen, a converted castle-hotel at Lochau, just out of Bregenz, with an adjacent Lake Constance Beach is the place to stop. Near Innsbruck the Villa Blanca offers every comfort, great beauty of setting. Hohe Warte, near Imst. is new, shining and Tyrolian, situated in an Alpine wonderland. At Sighhardstein and Schrattenegg, both near Salzburg, visitors can become paying guests at baronial house parties very much in the grand but informal Austrian manner. -September is a good time too to stop over at the famed Gold-ener Adler in Innsbruck, one !of Europe's most picturesque inns, with a kitchen that is a g0Urmet's delight, furnishings to turn an antiquarian green with envy and an owner-man ager, Herr Cammerlander, with a name that was distinguished among European inn-keepers before Columbus sailed westward. Berwang, Unken by Salzburg (the Eyb) and Ginzllng near Mayrhofen offer very good fare, very comfortable accommodations for $2 a day. MISCELLA1VEOI1S CHRIS'S LIMOUSINE SERVICE Trips ta all sammer reeorts. Mentleella. Greenville. Cairo, East Darhasa. daar-to-dear servtea Brooklyn, Mannattaa and Brans. MAURICE CAFFREY II OCEAN AVE., BROOKLYN Call U later 6-28S1 Vacation fun at if s finestl ASSAtLD 6-DAY CRUISES t. NASSAU IN THI IAHAMAS $125 (real New York Jaae 13 Jua 24 Jun 27 Jalv U and evary Mdoy nSereofler al 10 P. M, hM day and evening In Nana e SPECIAL Independence Day Cruise July 3-7 Day $145 2 Sayi Ir Nassau ship your hotel Gay, informal shipboard Of en a 24,400-ton linarl professional ntartakv ment. Pr-rleo movies. Outdoor pooL Air-conditioned public rooms. Oarslond-Ing food and tervice. Traraportation tax additional See your Travel Agent INGRES NASSAU UNI HOMI LINES, Geeenaf Afeera 41 aVaeatway, New Yrk 4. N. Y. Paenet Digby 4-6 JA3 TAUCKM tbreach tA Peraenally Cenoi AUCK MOTOR TOURS STERN AMERICA Peraanallv Conducted lae.tloa Tear. LhvIi, Rew Ywk wMklr lo prlMI. niaorlel tluk Bfkf thrwsh NIW INBLAHD. NIABARA ONTARIO. "0R Y TR. - OlO VIR8INIA. GRAND CANADIA. UIATMtR-tTOCKINO TRAIL. 0AIFI A Uf,RiC. Write for Pre Ulefr(d boo f TAUCK TOURS, lc, 47S 5th Av, N.T. IT or eon ml t yoar locol Iranel at CRUISES TOURS RESORTS Air Bleaaaehla . Hotel Reaerratlea BROOKLYN'S TRAVEL BUREAU 166 R EMS IN ST., BROOKLYN At r.ort Rt Bore Hall. MAla -t4 Oven Afsndev A THuriian to t PJf. LTyV S.S. BROOKLYN EAGLE, Colorado Excels In Vacation Lure - In many homes this month, hotels and ranches in the moun the annual debate Is develop- tains Just above Denver wher Ing as to "Where shall we go vacationists may spent a week this Summer some place that's or tw0 l nominal cost, and en-" ; joy a multitude of sports In th au,erenl- JenvignraUng sir of the Moun- Baltimore 4 Ohio R. R. travel ujn state. experts have come up with Denver is only two jshort what they believe an answer ; overnight trips from any East-. Colorado. Not that they favor, em city, the B. & O. points out; this above others, but that State 'One night on Its overnight meets the needs of many sons, especially those seeking a colorful vacation at modest cost i From careful surveys, they know that there are many'vacationland. pull up anchors lL!:srs! S2H tbt csal bbi seas n til ki, gtictst ptitii TV... - .. '; " . r T...7-; -1 s.s.siiUEnsTnn jala 10 diy infernal uBE IfEaSallBIGl! nnunnn nnssnu minim leaving NEW YORK ID day RMSEi Jum 10, June 21, July 3 .-.. " alntrt!tnsttTitotllJbv Sb(1b3 twimmmf pool, 3 tw nnnt foods, wines iiKoadilioned Right club a connncnlil seme, nleitainment - lxiinoiil dnf yow kotti 1 H o'tt aw la hntaTel et$ fu ncl 1 lfr Kit tttt ! HtNnflTt Vt MB BURJ ItUtiN CnMstt. Reserve space now for a memorable voyage Set your Trtvtl Agint Of phorw SILVER STAR UNE HAnoyer 2-7400 Arnold Bernstein Shipping Co., Inc. . 17Bittifyplic,NewY0Tk4.N.Y. More thrills per mile from your Canadian Pacific train tk ..!!.. If AwALueAel i iu 11 ic rua,iiii, nwuiifFBii I ?. For Information, set your local atrnt or Canadian Pacific, SSI Fifth Avenue, .. tew York 17. S. Y. Pl ata 9-4431 J CRUISE THROUGH If SSSwTI !S AIL tha historic St. Law- W ref,,'0" ranca and the majettie Sag- T$ rlr"!?J 3 uanayl Fascinating foreign jjf ,ronn"l?l 1 land so near. Ask for illus- f ,v"r tratexi booklet. J """d a. I ' mJz Iaabw I eWWA STEAMSHIP LINES I ES See Your Trevel Agent or - M J. J. D.y, 333 Filth Ave. f S V IMV 7-112), New York 17.N.Y. SSlBSBi DIXIE BUS DEPOT 241 W. Atad SVoot. Lower irroi warei "" IflNGSTON O70 It 4 Albany 3.35 ...1.4S Saratoga .... aarH...A.S ...2.1S ...1A0 ...4J 45 1 Aa Plarld ..724 Cat at., tar wM Lake. 7.40 Maiea aUS Wk ,.iM Maaaam ,...-2v Via AafrevKfac Trenail Lfwa Y.ILKES-BARREQ.30 C, SCRANTON OSSU .95 TH tattaa i gtrORM ttraaataurt . tM I PHrrtaa . . I.5S VIA ATI coses MARTFORD .... 2 aaeanan . . .M I DteAwry . . . I M VI f Ml ABBOW tlWE WASSAIC SCHOOL. 1.90 HARLEM WLIT HOSPITAL. 1.T1 . AB fsmsBBIas ta federal taa 1 U araae. tare. Can. Cel., nywk.ra ; IfELLY TRAVEL AGENCY BRUISES I OURS flu. LINES Y. TR. I - SUN., JUNE 8, 1952 19 per-jtrains to Chicago and another, on the Burlington Zepyhr. the North Western City of Denver or Rock Island Rocket, put travelers in this unsurpassed IUU. (rrt ptrctaw RT fe UN llB)t ,- taa masti( Canadian Reckla from your Canadian Pacific Diesel train! Wide berths, Air-conditioning ddicioui meals, perfect service, make every trip A vacation-in-iuelf. Oleriaa Oraerl loka c raise on your trans-Canada train trip ! Sail two breeze-cooled dayg between Port McNicoll nd Fort William. Canadian Pacific train connect with all soilings. Alongside steamer. FirM class rail fare covets everything but meals and berth. Budget 5 -day AJI-txpense Great Cruises too: ABle.. .n,i'c.,,.:j f . ki. t er SAGUENAY CRUISE TOURS 3 daya and nihtt at Chateau Fme-tenac, Quebec. See Murray Bav, Tadouaaac and Begotvilla. Vint 8te. Anna da Baaupra. etc. PerennaHv acorted. All expense. From Montreal every third day. Booklet "A" m BDaya '111 U.S. Tajaifrai A WONDERFUL WEEK i 7-dy Escorted Tours by private motor coach leaving New York1 Sundays. Pennsylvania "Dutch-land", Valley Forge, Gettysburg, ( Hershey, Cooperstown, N. Y, and Hudson River Valley, Beit hotels,! rooms with bath, meals, sightseeing, tips, all included , for information and roservarfee THOS. COOK & SON . 587 Fifth Ave. er 221 Broadway ,AEUR0Pt.D CAii(oin COLORADO O N(rnttuHn REv.rO..D UOklOA O TfU0vWT0a Bfw mt.-D sMOtTBTta rc nowisra t.CAHMAOUTlMla MEXICO D H.0RLEAMS SO. AMERKAD OR WCWl-U W. lUae and AAerey a. OeeA, t -TTTT7T ( ixsTMAOisoM stater Chicago All Travel Arrangements EUROPE, BERMUDA, SOUTH AMERICA DOMESTIC TOURS Flaiboah Travel Agrary I SNYDER AVE. BU. 4-70IN At Ftarkwa .. an. ktaek trim Ckur.k At. II0S i llily I N. a

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