Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 23, 1963 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1963
Page 3
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They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo] PENNY-WISE AUO FIRTY- DOLLAR-VV1NCOW FOOLISH" THEY USED IP $150 WORTH OF SHOE LEATHER BEGGING FOR R4SSES WON'T SPEWD A SKIM 4ND 4 HALF FOR A TICKET-BUT THEY'LL BLOW A COUPLE OF HUNDRED OM THE NAGS AND THINK NOTHING Of IT- / I HAD TO CALL FOUR GUYS- TOOK ME ALL-MORNING OOT A PASi- YOU DON'T CATCH ME COUGHING UP TO OET INTO A TRACK—- SAME HERE! 1 HAD TO OO DOWM 1(3 THE NEWS PAPER OFFICE SE£ A SPORTS- WCITER FRIEND OF MINE—ME DUKED ME IN THEY WANT TO BE SMARTER THAN THE HORSES-THE NAGS-WAVE TO PAV AN ENTRY FEE STUDYING THE FORM of THE LARGE PLUNGERS WHO PASS IN THE NIGHT- /MHO MT TO CHUCK MlftUSTAOT, NEWMSXICO STATB FAIR, ALBUQUERQUE ,N.M0 Today in Washington United States Presses for Economic Reform in Congo By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WAHINGTON (AP) — In the news from Washington: < HOLD DOWN: The United States is pressing for economic reforms in the Congo and is using its aid to the African country as a lever. Until Washington^ gets assurances from the Congolese government that American assistance will no 1 be wasted or diverted, American aid will be "slowed dawn," officials said Monday. The Congolese government is "currently studying ... economic NEW LINCOLN 180-AMP AC WELDER Now $110.00 WELDERS SUPPLY Phone BR 6-4861 reforms ... to check inflation and curb the black market in foreign exchange," said State Department spokesman Richard I. Phillips. The United States assist s the Congo in a variety of programs and no over-all figure on American aid is immediately available, Philips said. PRESS RATES: Spokesmen for newspapers and press agencies have recommended that the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. and the Western Union Telegraph Co. develop a separate press-service classification for rate purposes. They also have urged the Federal Communications Commission to maintain present rates for private new s and picture transmission circuits. or 'Cross Country When you're traveling, this, be sure to take your Blue Cross-Blue Shield identification card. It's a secure feeling to know that wherever you go, your Blue Cross-Blue Shield will be with you to help pay the cost of unforeseen hospital or surgical care if you need it. APPLY FOR BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD THESE WAYS: BLUE CROSS EMPLOYEE GROUP . . . where 5 or mart work. BLUE SHIELD OF KANSAS ASSOCIATION GROUP . . . through many business, professional and farm associations. NON-GROUP . . . Individuals under age 60, in good health, with nq Blue Crass - Blue Shield group available. SERIES 60 ... Individuals over age 60 In good heslth, with no Blue Cross-Blue Shield group available. BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD OF KANSAS 1133 Topeka Blvd., Topeka, Kansat Send information, without obligation NAME ADDRESS- CITY -COUNTY- EMPLOYED BY_. (Njm« of Firm) _NO_ ADDRESS— DO 5 OR MORE PEOPLE WORK THERE? YES My age is: D below 60 My ipouit'i 191 it: D bilow 60 Q 40 or cur D 40 of oy»f The spokesmen gave their views in papers filed Monday with the commission prior to a hearing on pending rate increases Sept. 9. In opposing the increases, the spokesmen said they would amount to as much as 150 per cent in the case of some newspapers. The boost would average 19 per cent for over-all press private-line business done by AT&T and Western Union. GNP UP: Preliminary estimates of the President's Council of Economic Advisers show that the Gross National Product — the value of all goods and services— reach a record annual rate of $579 billion in the second quarter Of 1963. This is an increase of $7.2 billion over the first-quarter rate and $13.8 billion above the rate for the final three months of 1962. However, the April-June figure is about $2 billion below earlier, unofficial estimates. The second-quarter estimate was contained Monday in the monthly publication of the Senate- House Economic Committee. Commission to Study Strained Relations OTTAWA (AP)-A 10-member commission will spend th e next year studying ways to ease the strained relations between French-speaking and English speaking Canadians. Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson announced the inquiry Mon day. United States Nation on Wheels By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (API—Americans' love affair with the family car is making weekend weather an economic force in many businesses, large nnd small. If the weather was miserable In your area the last few days, the effect might be felt in time as far away as Detroit and Akron or the oil fields of Texas—and certainly was noted sadly by dealers, resort keepers, highway restaurants nnd motels, both near you and some distance away. The United States hn s so many family cars—some 66 million, or 60 per cent of the world's total- that it is the only nation that can carry all its population at the same time (nt some three persons to a car). And if the weather was good this past, weekend in your area, and -you were on the highway, you may have thought all 66 million were out there, too. An entire summer of especially poor (or good), weather could mean a variation of up to 10 billion vehicle miles of highway travel. Such an extreme case would mean a difference of nboul 700 million gallons of gas burned up, 35,000 tires worn out, and perhaps 300 million meals at roadside eateries. Alto affected by weekend weather are many things, from the sale of bikinis and sun lotion to the picnic supplies and car rental services. For example, maker? of suntan or sunburn lotion s and creams have raised their annual sales from $7 million ten yeans ago to $14 million last year, 'Whether this summer's weekends are fair or dreary can have a lot to do with the Industry's reaching its 198,1 sales goal of $2 million. The $1.7 billion a year molel industry is particularly sensitive to family decisions to take off for a long weekend jaunt or to stay home because of the weather. Reapportioned Oklahoma May Appeal Decision OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)-Two appeals are in prospect from a sweeping federal court decision which reapportioned the Oklahoma Legislature. Atty. Gen. Charles Nesbitt filed Monday a formal notice of appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and said he hopes there will be a decision before the 19G4 elections. Glen Ham, Democratic floor leader in the Oklahoma Senate, said a group of senators will ask the Supreme Court to hold up the decision handed down last Wednesday by a three judge court in Oklahoma City. It distributed scats in both the House and the Senate according to population. Leaders In rural areas,' which will lose representation under the court's redistricting, had been expected to ask for a new trial— delaying effectiveness of the court ruling and keeping the case away from the Supreme Court. There was some question whether the attorney 'general's appeal might block such a move. ~Sen. Ham suggested there is another remedy: an initiative petition campaign to get voters w adopt a home-made apportionment formula to be substituted for the one decreed by the court. Atty. Gen Nesbitt said the purpose of his appeal is not to delay . but to get a final decision as soon ai possible. "The greatest danger we now face \ s that this appeal might still be undecided at the filing time for legislative races next February," h 0 said. I Some 45,000 motels and motor i hotels, with 9,60,000 rooms, have a national yearly average occupancy of 69 per enif. flood weather can raise this by 1 per cent and Rl\Tn an even greater boost to profit*. Resort hotels suffer from a prolonged wet spell, but motels are even more sensitive to weekend weather prospects. As Secretary of Commerce Luther It. Hodges recently told operators of Howard Johnson's R50 roadside restaurants and 150 moto r lodges, some tOO million Americans make 23 million trips for long or short distances each year. Weekend weather was a prime economic factor with his audience. It also is with many others, Including Holiday Inns of America, which has 388 Inns in 41 states, and Ramada Inns, based In Phoenix, Arizona, but operating roadside hotels across the nation. the Automobile Manufacturers CROSSWORD By Eugene Sheffer 44- 49 22 41 \lo 31 13 26 So S\ 33. 4(0 43 4o \Q 33 47 II 4-6 HORIZONTAL 1. paid notices 4, courageous 9. spread grass to dry 12. varnish ingredient 13. style of type 14. Scottish explorer 15. lessened 17. assign a. place to 19. color 20. melodic sounds 21. baking: chamber 23. to ogle 24. college official n. twice 28. variety of lettuce 29. seed integument 30. neuter pronoun 31. outline 33. bone (Anal.) 34. silent 36. sea eagl« 37. pismire 38. lath 30. skill 40. three, at cards 41. lure 43. large paddle 44. source of aupply 46. most peculiai 49. high, in music 50. endure 52. mineral spring 53. Abyssinian . prince 84. glut* 55. son of Odin VERTICAL t. awing 2. to peck 3. frightens •4. engendered 5. fishing pole 6. exist 7. worth 8. son of Setli 9. vestiges 10. con. sumo Answer to yenUrtlay'a puizl*. Avtrtf* Umi tl lol«U»»: U mlnutti. dD 1W3, King Feature* Synd., Inc.) 7-23 11. Scotch river 16. denary 18. apple juice 20. an enigma 21. death notices 22. essential 23. eternity 25. expiate 26. ill-natured 28. small bed 29. large cask 31. quoted 32. worthless scrap 35. military student* 37. to stem 39. largo artery 40. a small child 42. Scottish land tax 43. excess of chance* 44. distant 45. Guide's hlghe*t note 46. undivided 47. enemy scout 48. sailor 51. near DQWCB BSWQES BSNJGKSM KICK* KG YB GMKCDGYB. Yesterday 1 * Cryptoq.ulp: CANNED MUSIC SELDOM FUL- VILLA SAD SOULS. Ellen Creqan, of Chapman, appears to be thumping out a lively rhythm on a pair of bongo drums, but she isn't. Ellen's hands are posed above new round dormitory, buildings on Marymount College campus in Salina, Kan., where she's a student. The unusual structures will house 174 women students when complete. The picture wai shot by Fritz Mendell of the Salina Journal from a higher elevation. (AP Photo) Association says auto trnve) hns jumped 47 per cent in the years to 733 billion vehicle miles n yenr, This Is expected to increase further ns the Bureau of Public Roads pushes Its i\roRrnm fo r a 41,000-mile highspeed network of four-lano highways, templing Americans to lenglhen their travels because of savings in travel time, And the more mileage clocked on weekends, tho better In the long run for sellers of new nnd used The nation's 200,000 service stn- tlons sold OR billion gallons of gas las! year. Officials of Humble Oil & Refining Company, affiliate of Jersey Standard Oil, estimate n drop of t billion vehicle miles in pleasure trave] due to bad wenther could eut sales by $210 million for the Industry nnd federal and state gas tn,x revenues by $21 million. This year the. tire Industry hopes lo soil around 35 million new tires to Hie auto makers, and some 81 million replacement tires to motorists, float Is the big enemy of tires, according to officials of the M.S. Rubber Company, especially bent built up (hiring sustained high speed driving of the kind thnt fair weather weekend's encourage. The result: (he more good weather, the more fust trips, and the more tiro replacements. TwoEscapers Are Captured KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) Two men who escaped from the U.S. disciplinary barracks at Ft. Loavonworlh were captured Monday night by Wynndotto County patrolmen. They were Rober A., Molsscr, to, nnd Robert G. Lopshlrc 20. The two fled from,a prison farm in a pickup tni>ck Simdny nlflht Encountering a traffic Hamv at tho entrance to tho Wyanclotto County fairgrounds, they thought It was a roadblock, so they abandoned tho truck. Deputies said the pair was prowling around a filling station when the capture was made. Molsscr was serving a term for escape nnd being AWOL; Lop- shlro for disobeying a noncommissioned officer. Pag* 9 (•union Mlv T Tuesday, July 23, 1963 t;~ To Present Plan for ~ Growth and Development BI. DORADO, Knn. (AP> —1 comprehensive plan for thn growth nnd development of Kl Dorado In the next 20 years will be presented tonight at n clvio dinner. The City Planning Commission contracted with Hnrr and Hare of Kansas City lo produce It, with the federal government providing par! of (ho money In a gr«i|t through Hie Kansas Industrial Development Commission, It Im* been In the works a b o u t 15 months. The plan will b«> presented at a Joint dinner of the Lions, Klwanis and Rotary clubs with the planning commission nnd officers of the municipal government. ready for the HOT DAYS AHEAD! Add Central Air Conditioning to your heating system NOW You don't need n crystal bull or occult, powers to got tho "" picture. So piny it nitmrt nnd lot im InMnfl control nlr con- ; ditlonlntt NOW. No waiting— , nnd you'll bo not for tho Unit; « warm dnyl Froo OHtlmata. JIM SLOAN'S Garden City , SHEET METAL WORKS 205 S. Main BR 6-4101" Garden CIry-The Garden Spof J.M.MCDONALD co. JULY CLEARANCE Girls' and Ladles' SWIM SUITS Assorted Style and Colors Broken Sixes — Values to $22.95 Ladies' SUMMER DRESSES Regulars—Juniors—Half Sixes Assorted Price Ranges Values to $17.95 GREATLY Al , REDUCED Ladies' Values To $8.95 Summer Dress Shoes $O77 And $ A 67 Assorted Styles and Heel Heights ^M ••i Sixe 5 to 9 AA and B Widths Now One Group LADIES' SANDALS Regular $3.99 Value — Broken Sixes — Beige or Black $ 2.00 GIRLS' SHOES u Assorted Whites and Bone Colors Not All Sixes Values to SM9 $|77 . $277 Men's Wash and Wear Values to $9.95 Summer Dress Slacks $ . Pleated or Unpleated stylet Size 29 to 42 — No Alterations Now ,95 T . $795 Men's mm A DRESS STRAW HATS 1/ 2 nrjro Genuine Panamas or Milan Straws * A •^B 1%^P Size 61 to 71 Now • CLEARANCE SUMMER FABRICS All Fabrics 36" to 45" wide. Dan River Ginghams—Silk Shake and other Dress Types and Sportswear Fabrics Values to SI.98 Yd. 47' - 77 'Yd. Ladies' SUMMER JEWELRY Earrings—Necklaces—Pins Regular SI.00 Value 33 'Plus Tax Girls' and Ladies' SPORTSWEAR Jamaica Shorts—Capri Pants Blouses Eet. Priced as Marked ALL ITEMS Greatly Reduced GREATER THAN EVER WHITE SALE MONEY-BAK Muslin Sheets and Cases 72x108 or Twin Pitted . . 81x108 or Double Fitted 42x36 Cases . '1.57 '1.71 2/77c FINEST QUALITY SPRINGMAID Percale Sheets « and Cases '1-94 '2.14 42x38 Coses .. 2/7TC 72x108 or Twin Fitted . 81x108 or Double Fitted CELLOCLOUD FITTED Mattress Pads First Quality — Save 99c Twin Size Full Size $ 3.99 '4.99 MONEY-BAK QUILTED Mattress Pads With ANCHOR BANDS Twin Size Full Slit '2.77 '3.17 QUALITY Tea Towels 4 For 5 For99C Hemmed 34 x 38 Unfcemmed 30 x 30 Washed, Bleached and ready for many uses. Good absori bency for fast dish drytaq, CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS NO EASIER TERMS IN TOWN

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