Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 28, 1974 · Page 12
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1974
Page 12
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12—Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah Calif. Here^s Another ... Friday, June 28, 1974 FOR YOUR CAR :ROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS When worn these affect battery and spark plugs. —r- monoxide, a 38 42 product of a polluting car engine. 13 Vital engine lubri- ^ cant in Madrid , ^ or Mexico. 14 What fictional Lorna was. i> (2 words). 15 Persian currency. -^^ 16 When approach- 51 ing a car at night, 52 53 do this to your headlights. 18 The welfare in U.K. 19 Actor Byrnes, known for role of "Kdokie." 20 Not good. 21 Gen. St.——, "Waltz of the Toreadors" character." 22 12 months (abbrev.). 23 The average car ; weighs about two of these (sing.). 24 Large reptile (abbrev.). 26 What fpuled plugs' don't do: ' 29 Two singers. 30 Army Transport Command (abbrev.). 33 Car for hire. 34 Slow down when roads-are—'•—• •55 57 58 Important protectors of chassis, parts. Park (poetic). Wank Aarpn's . weapon. Abbreviation for 7 Across. Not left • , (abbrev.). Large passenger Vehicle. Wood for 41 Across. United (French). Senator Hart's party (abbrev.). Preposition. "Kind of Engine Wankel is. This part isn't \ found in 53 Across. ' Cl^eck these frequently and replace linings at about 24,000 miles. What 38 Across helps eliminate. 25 26 27 28 29 31 32 34 35 37 DOWN 38 • for your car. 40 Battery product 41 that can harm the case and cables. '42 Piece; of a necklace. , Diamond 35 Famed defunct New York newspaper, (abbrev.). 36 Gouging tool. 37 Question word. 8 9 10 11 12 And .(Latin). Popular car model. shaft, vital engine part. Public notice.. Popular Western event. Sound of displeasure. Exclusively. do-well. 50 51 52 54 56 Psychological term. Curtis —magazine publisher. . Not an amateur. Threefold (Prefix). This on a tire could cause a blowout. Feeds gas/air mixture to engine (abbrev.). Railroad terminal (abbrev.). An animal's appendage; Irhportant part of drive train. • Morning dampness. rod, pafl of front end. Television network. . Emerge victorious. Egyptian Tomb Resident. Faulty thermostat may cause engine to run^—. Cruces or Vegas. To smash. Wh^t auto body repair man does. Place to park. aboUJ. To exist. Poker game stake. Portico. What car horns do. Spanish diminutive (Fem.). Prefix meaning Hard (Gr.) University in Ames, la. Gen. Lee's initials. Intelligence test. For Correct Solution See Page, . . 13 While Here at Home k mm Checking more ihun a million cars in ihe 37 top pollution centers is the goal of the U.S. Jaycces this year. About 2,000 Jay^cee chapters will conduct ortiissions tests in the 37 cities identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as clean air prpbleri'i communities. Program Director Bernie Brand points out the same engine problems creating high emission^ are the same ones that waste gasoline. ^&T0 FACTS TeMPCRATURE TEULS A UOT A'. fHB iNvesTlOtJ OF THE- CHANSe MBPICAU HISTOf?/, evEN >Ml"m TOPAV'S TECH- NOLO&y.WHeN YOU'RE SICK.,THE FIRST THING A POCTOR USUALL-y POES 15 CHECK yoUR mMPER-:, ATUR£, IT'S A CHECK Ohi yOUK WHOLE SYSTEM. r ANP so IT le WITH y©UR CAR.EN&INE TIEMP- ERATURE TBLL5 A LOT. THE WAR^'^^»G Ll&HT t=DUNP IN MOST CARS TOPAV IS peSIGNEP TO TELL yOU IF yOUK EN6INE IS BOILING OVER. BUT IT WON'T WARN- VOU OF EAKLy STA&&S OVeRHEATlNG. So IT'S WISE TO RAy CLOSE ATTENTION TO yOUR COOLING. SVSTEAA. THE CAR CARE COUNCIL HeCOfM/iBNPS FREC3UENT- CHECKS OF HOSE^, SELTS ANP PRESSURE CAP HAVE THE "SySTEM FLUSHEC? At^C NEW ANTI-FREEZE COOLAHT INSTALLEP ANNUALLV. ANC? FOR EVEN <pR=ATERSAFE- TV> HAVE A TE/V^reRATURE SAUGp INSTALLEP. ) CARE FOR YOUR CAR & MOTORCYCLE Ukiah With Gad Rationing's Specter, Pollution Controls Mandatory . . . Car Care Key to Keeping Yours oii Road Twin Problems Faced By Motorist Require Better Maintenance "May I,use the car?".,. This questicMi is no longer the exclusive property of some teen-ager asking dad for permission to use the family auto. With growing shortages of fuel, restrictipns of emission limits and other regulations facing the motorists, soon the whole nation might be asking, "May luse the car?" As we enter the period of the year when car ownership and operation is most pleasureable — vacation time the motoring public must face up to some unpleasant facts: The energy shortage is growing more severe and pessimistic sources predict..that the price of a gallon of gasoline may climb even higher in the near future. -— Some Positives Emerging There is talk of revoking the very privilege of driving in certain areas of the country. This is particularly so in locales with high concentrations of cars and with smog- prone climatic conditions. It may require uncommon optimism to see the flimsiest silver lining in these black clouds but there ate some posi- i tives enjerging from this negative state .of affairs. One such positive is the growing realization on the part of the car owner that there is indeed a "tomorrow" 'as far as the supply of gasoline is concerned. The motorist can no. longer operate a c^r without considering the need to conserve fuel. Therefore, he accepts the fact that he must both drive sensibly and maintain lus car to get the best pos^ - sible fuel economy. Ah increasing number of owners are aware high speeds and erratic driving are shameful wasters of fuel. A.speeder and practitioner of jack-rabbit starts and habitual lane-changer uses significantly more gas than the prudent driver. Compelling Reason for Shortage Add to tifiis the car owner who neglects tune-up, who fails to keep his tires inflated properly and commits other maintenance transgressions, and you have as much a com- pfelling reason for gasoline shortages as all the problems in the oil-producing world combined. The threat to your right to operate yoiu- car has its roots in the energy crisis and air pollution problem. However, the level of pollutants from cars is on a steadily declining plateaif. All cars, built since 1967 Jiave some'form of emission control devices. As low emission-equipped vehicles replace older cars without such equipment, the air is getting cleaner. And as more motorists are made aware that engine maintenance keeps emissions low, even the older cars are emitting less pollutants. It's no exaggeration that the average citizen would be lost without his or her car.' Therefore, the average Joe and Jane is Idoking at his car in a new way. ' Car. Something to Care For The car is now being regarded as sotnething to care for, so it will run right and last longer. This Care For Your Car Section, recognizing this new trend, is dedicated to helping you get better gas mileage, lower emissions and longer use from your car. It is further dedicated to the tens of thousands of skilled technicians in this land who'll help you keep your vehicle running right. ELECTRONIC TUNE-UPS Means Accurate Work SEE YOUR CAR ON... COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE FLOYD'S TEXACO Foir Fast Accurate Engine Diagnosis Visit Us , 777 S. State St. 462-9644 HELP!!! If your cur .should break down on o busy liigh^yay, tlic Onturio Truflic Safety niini.slry sugf;c.sls you lalcje the following actions to summon lielp *and create the least possible hazard to yourself and other motorists: • Pull completely off the road onto the shoulder. • Use your four-way enierRency- flashers. • Lift** hood of your cur and tie a white hiindkcrohief to the radio iinlcnnu or door handle. ' • Use flares if you have them. Gasoline prices haven't soared to the point where the fuel will he a stihslilule for cash at the bank. And a savings aceoiititrctr gas is not one of the services olTered by even the most innovative financial insliliition. Uiit this young motorist and her banker friend demonstrate the fact that up to two gallons of gasoline per tankful can be saved when a ear's engine is tunetl. Driving sensibly is another sure-fire way of helping to solve the energy shortage. When Sleep Is Not Good _i • • "Asleep at the switch," an expression current during the days When ••railroads were a major njeans of transportation, could haVe a counterpart today, "Asleep at the wheel." About 20% of all automo- -bil6 accidents are believed to be the result of driver sleepiness. A survey in Oklahoma, indicated that 48%'of drivers involved in ' fatal accidents during the past 11 years liad "fallen asleep" at the wheel. i Extended driving without rest is the chief cause — even three hours of driving without stopping can cause attention lapses of three or ,four seconds while driving. Gas fhieves Othier conditions that waste gas include poorly set ignition timing. A poorly timed engine means loss of engine power so more gasoline is needed to provide power necessary to operate. Other engine power robbers and fuel wasters include clogged PCV valve, plus other malfunctioning anti-pollution devices and poor compression due to bad valves or other engine defects To detect and correct any of these gas wasters, bring your car into your favorite service outlet for a tune- up. Don't be surprised, if the fuel you save almost pays for the cost "of that tune-up. A loiof it. In nationwide fuel economy tests, motorists' cars were tested before and after a tune-up. Results showed that a tune-up with new Champion spark plugs saved, on the average, a gallon of gasoline in every tankful. Considering that 3 of every 5 cars on the road need a tune-up right now, tune-ups alone cocjid save us millions of gallons of gasoline each week. Tune-ups benefit us in other ways, too. Quicker acceleration for safer passing. Dependable starts. Plus a substantial reduction in emissions. See your^mechanic regularly for a Champion tune-up. Once a year or every 10,000 miles. Toledo, OH 43661 Tuned engines^ mean cleaner air. V\fe've got your plug. •'1 •••

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