The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15,. 1930 ,, «...i. fc^x»_, »„,, (ARK.)' CmrRlRR Thursday tlrldgi- flubs Have Christinas Parties Christmas trees glittered amki green and red .sellings in the homes of .several women who yesterday afternoon wcit hostesses lo tiic city's various Thursday luncheon und afternoon clubs. One o! the largest of the club parties was that given by Mrs.j 0 ' Mr. course wns served nl ibc conclusion of the panics. I.aiKC J'ar(.y Oivcn nl Kiitil .N'oblc UYilnt'sclay Amid ii .silver and blue .st'itlii" U8 . Nash, who In addition to members of the Thursday Afternoon club, entertained five guests fov luncheon nnd brldgi;. Guests were Mrs. Chester CaHhvell. Mrs. Ei\ Williams, Mrs. Ney Hunt. Mrs. -N. M. Seasenbrnitjli and Mrs. Lowell SlotLs of .Moliuc, 111 ill UK: Blue Koom of l)u Noblt- W&ilni'stlay ' alleriu women played bridge us the guc-sts of Mrs. Ed Wiilimm. Mrs. KJdio Ucgcnold and at another ol large parties. Mrs. j. E. Heasl the winlc-r .seasoj day afternoon nt Hie Crisger home, A report of Ihe gciK'iul (J 1) C. convention. he-Id rrccnily in Charleston, S. c., was ,;ivon by Mrs. Janus B. Clark, rellrinj president of (he Arkansas division. Mr.s. ,\f. PitKsimtnons read a u:i- }:tr on tin- "lialtlc or Clilcka- iimutjn." The program \vas ««>- iludi'd with ihe singing of u iuwl- I(-y of Christmas carols by Mrs. Ralph IJcrrynian. A .special committcr for (lie by Mrs. w. I. DciHon, who will be the of hsr sister. Mrs. J. K. Waters, und fnmlly, Mr.s. 1'. N. uitlrell, formerly of here and now of Covlnglon, Twin , is here with her daughter, Mbs Louise Lultrell, who imdci'wenl nn operation Wednesday at the Wulls liosplinj. Her comllllon good. very • /a .ijyiv'tu (-t/uMiuMrr j<j silvered Chrlslmus tree de:o- Christmas rcinc-mbrunci' :u n ii'Mti lilnji. u,.».i_ . . . ... .... rated with blue Hghls „.... „ Cln-lstnias glow over the room to which n loucli of ml V.-HK raided by the bougks of rod brrrlr-.s ...Miniature trees were used In the I wined ubont ihe columns in the , centers of the small tables while ""^T o: HIP room, ^ the placecard-i ; ,llics also.bore de- Maiching tallies signs of berries and ory completed scheme. card-tallies also.bore de- Matching tallies und scoix-pads the trees. Vas=s of i-ed' ww ' c ''•™ t l"i«<le. Tin- whit? cover.-; id other Christmas green-1 ol b0 "' welc oi'immfjilrrt with blue nplfiHl her decorative cn "'! !c . s - . > Mrs. Roscop Crafton received the club prize and the guest pi-foe went to Mrs. Williams. After the names, the While the si.iad pl-.ue in the Christmas colors, red (uiilgiYi'ii. were dominant was being served a coins j)!ant the base' of which was attractively wrapped in .silver and UUiL-, v;as placed in the center sifts, , ,. °. f tlle ' Se , • t!lbles - After tli- games, wcre givcn tlie group gathered around large Christum tree while were exchanged. Mrs. Elton \V. Klvby and Mrs, j .'T* Walker H. Baker were guests of ' „,, , ., Mrs. Ereretl B. Gee who enter- ,/" l(h ? b "^e games, Mrs. O. W. tallied the Thursday Luncheon >r h-pi' 0 " ''^ ;> sllvc1 ' V;|S? dub. Mr.s. A. O. Uttle was hi»)i j ,,."T" • stclc ""'"' " 11(A Mls - '''• nnd Mrs. Byron Morse, secoiul ';„,, '„' R " w>ei ' l ?" KOCOU<1 | high store prize. A hand pninted I cookie jar \veiit lo Mrs. Loy Welch for cut prize. Out 01 town guests were Mrs. Ralph Robinson of Wilson, houseguest of Mr. and Mr.s. Regcnokl, high scorer in the Her luncheon table was made more colorful by a center vase of red and white carnations and red cellophane plncecards Imprinted with n Christmas design. Vases of . mistletoe and holly decorated the other rooms o! the house.'. All the members of the Midweek Bridge club were present for the parly given by Mrs. C. A. Cunningham. Chrysanthemums were used for her luncheon table centerpiece. Mrs. W. L. Horncr was high scorer in the bridge games which folioived. Roses and the tratjitioual Christ- decorative scheme was used in the entertaining rooms of the John F. Umti home yesterday when Mrs. Lent! had the Thursday Contract club. Spaghetti was the principal item punted. Mrs. J. Mi Veterans' widows was ,\|>Hr., W. M. Taylor and Mrs. HTII: named lo tills committee. A guest, Mrs. H. N. Hill, and Mrs. lierryman assisted in xurviili; ihe dessert plale during the social hour. * • * Son Horn, A son was born late last ni«h(, to Mr. and Mrs. Huisliel Tiallard. of Yarbro. 'Hie baby weighs olsjlil (lotnuls -and nine ounces. Bffore her innrrliij;i>. Mrs. Oal- Inrrt wa.s formerlv Miss Doi'sey Waul ol Holland. frank l^ahy ol Steveji.s 1'olnls, I Wis., left last night tor McAllsier. Okla., after having spent several , days here as the KUCSI o! Mr. nnd Mr.s. Hurry W. Halne.s and family The llnines molorcd him ;i.s fur ^. Terry, night. Uulph Robinson and son. of Wilson, linvi returned home siu>r hnvlni; s pcm two days here with Mrs. ifoblnson's sisters, Mrs. Tom 1'lillllps ami Mr*. Eddie lii'gcnold, and 1'niiillles. Bits of News Mostly Personals . , and Mis. Leo Kletnucrcr of Chicago, housegiie.'it ol her mother Mrs. S. S. Stcrtiberg. * - * Gives I.unehran 1'aity Small blue vases ol mistletoe and red berries were used in the centers of the luncheon tables Tuesday when Mrs. Rupert Crafton had Miss Marjoi'ie Warren, who attends Rnndolpli-Mncon Woman's colieua at Lynchbiirg, Va.. will arrive home Wednesday to spend the holidays here with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Warren. She will return to school Jan. 3. Mr. and Mrs. George D. Pollock Jr. will leave Thursday for Dallns. Tex., to spend the Christmas holt- of the luncheon menu. Mrs, O. E.I high and Mrs. J. •nnjr ik IMlh. J\ILJJL1 L \j\ rtlLUJl Jl3(J •"-"•• »•« .i|j«.*i>-t van. \jiii l^L111 11.1 ILL>11- her club for luncheon instead of' lla i' s wiUl Mr - Pollock's parents, the usual afternoon party. **" ""'' """ "-"•••• In addition to the members of the Friday Bridge dim, Mrs. John Thomas Scanlon was a guest. A brightly lighted Christmas tree and tallies In the "Yuletide motif completed the holiday decorative scheme. Mrs. Hugh whitsitt, was Keck, high scorer in tb^ games, 'was presented a wooden tray with an assortment of cheeses. Mrs. J. H. Elkins played cards with members of the Delta Contract club at the home of Mrs. W. D. McClurkin. Christmas tallies were used for the bridge games in which Mrs. H. A. Taylor received high score prlee. The hostess served a salad plate. Blooming plants were arranged aV.3Ut^the_J)onie of Mrs. Theodore f-ogan'Swh'o™'*•entertained 'member's of the Double Four Bridgs club. High scorer was Mr.s. Ivy w. Crawford, and second high" was Mrs. Howard Prisby. A dessert Try One of Our Delirious HOT 1'JT BARBECUE SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across from Hish Scliocil mim laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Ser*ic» Mr. and Mrs. Pollock Sr. The Rev. Frank O. Smith, D. D., of Omaha, Neb., will arrive tomorrow to spend the Christmas holidays here with his daughter, Mrs. R. F. Kirshncr, and Mr. Kirshner. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Farr and Mrs. Joe Triescbmann spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. Paul L. Tiuton will go to Dyersbvtrg tomorrow afternoon to meet, her son, Did: Tipton, who Is eoniiii!; from JscSison, Tenn., to spend the Christmas holidays with his parents. He is a student at Union University at Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. R. T. 3egrave5 will leave Thursday for Avon Park. Fla., where they will spend the winter with their daughter. Mr.s. Edwin Crabtree. and family. ; Mrs. Tom W. .lackson. Mrs. E. W. Simmons, Mrs. If. K. Drooks and Mrs. C. G. Hires are In Memphis today. Mrs. Hires will undergo examination at Crislcr's clink. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hubensr, of Little Hock, and son, Willis Hu- bctier of Pocatello, fdiho, are vis- Mrs. N. S. Snllbn in Joiner yes-' 'th'S Mr. and .Mrs. Hubciicr's son. terday afternoon. j Dr. L. L .Hubcncr, and family. Dr. Lunch was served at a lace i nnd Mis. Hubcner met them in draped lable decorated with Christ- Paragould Wednesday ni»ht. While mas greenery and holiday place-! here. Willis Hubcner will receive eards. Favors were Christmas bas- treatment for a compound fracture kets. i of Ihe arm. Card games were played follow- Mrs. A. B. Palrfield and son, Al- lunch. bert. of Nashville, Tenn., will arrive home Saturday night' to spend — -. W. Adams Jr., second high scorer in the bridge games. All Club members Allend llridge Parly All the members of the Wednes- da, Bridge club attended the party given by Mrs. W. H. Minyard Wednesday afternoon at her home. Red roses were amused in the center of Uhe dining table at which lunch wa? served. Holly and Christmas ,plncecards added to ths Ics- t>ve tdec6rations.' ' .' •' Mrs. W. J. Pollard was high scorer ni)d Mrs. Farnsworth Black, second, in the bridge games which followed. Hus Club Party. Members of the Prosperity chili were entertained at the home of V. 1). C. Has Meeting two weeks' Christmas vacation _. -- ._,.-... b . „ !.,, u i, v t^.T *_/lli laidHIS Vil.I(UlOl] Mrs. C. E. Crigger Sr., and Mrs. i here with M«. PairfieWs parents, Joe Isaacs were hostesses to mem- Mr. and Mrs. W. I Demon Mrs hers of the Elliott, Fletcher chap-! Fail field attends George Peabody ter of ^the United Daughters of the college at Nashville, while her son ^ <„., ,_ ... j s also ^ school lu that city. Mr. and Mrs. George M. Hunt and O. T. Hunt will go lo Atlanta, Ga., next Friday to spend the Christmas holidays with Mrs. Hunt's mother. Mrs. Spink, nnci family. They will be accompanied Confederacy for « meeting jester- E33KKX2I APPV GRO.& FREE DELIVERY 10.1 W. Sfaln SI. 1'honc 15 HaveSloctings/'li 201 W. Ash St., niythevillc Phone 75S Long Distance THIS IS Tilt 1DESL CHRISTMAS GIFT — FOR EVFRYOKE 5Z3E3EEK . This Certificate Is Worth $4.41 This t!vtif;«te and 5Vc cnliKe Ihe bearer lo one ot our Genuine Indcslruclib'e S5 00 NO S flUED roUNTAIN PINS. Visible Ink Supply. You sec the ink. UnivcrMlSzo fc, tidies. m m I The I'cu With A Life-Time CrmrrirKcc THE NEW t PLUNGER FILLER-VACUUM \ ZIP—ONLY ONE PULL AND IT'S FULL dl^J^^ U .;In r Vlv1 C DGUAB F S^^Sl,^^^ A(:o 51.50 To Malcli Above Pens Only 29t 2nd and Main S 1 El £ E ! Xmas Gift Box With Each Pan Caruthersville Society - Persona) Circle Tlir™ Slecis Circle No. Three of Ihe Prcsljy- teiiun clnircli met Wednesday nlshl :it the home ot Miss Mury Lucille Deftclgn. with Mrs. Morroll De- Rclgn [is n guest. Miss Mary Ellen Homer led the devotional, ami Mrs, Jiick Hnrt wiw in clinrgo of the progrnm. At the close ol the meeting rc- (re.shincnts ' were served buffet style. The table was ilccornle:! will] ligliled cnndles and n wnler- lilccc of inlstleloe. Sandwiches, salad, enke nntl coffee were served. Klrthduv Slirurise Mrs. Margaret Llghtfoot wns gupst of honor nl. n .surprise birthday pnrty Wctlnesdny nflernoon nt the home of Mrs. Guv Mic'hle, her (Inushter. About 3S guests were present. Gnmes were played during the nftcrnooii, aiul n number of prizes wore inviirdcd. Mr.s. Cora Ellis, dressed ns Sanln Glaus, prescnlctl Mrs. Lighlfool with bli-lhdny (jifls from the guests. Blrtlulny cake, minis, colfee nnd hot chocalntc were served. Out of town guests Included Mrs. H. E. Doerner. Mrs. John McArthur, Mrs. Waller Mlchle, Mrs, Will Mlclilc, Mrs. I'. B. Fender and Mrs. Lucille slevens, nil of Steelc; Mrs. Lilllc Cmtner and Mis. Bob White Jr., of Braggadocio. Poduck Supper Officers unil teachers of the Bitp- tlst! Sunday school held n politick slipper ut the church Wednesday niglit. Principal speakers -'after the supper, were U\e Rev. D. K. Foster nnd n. M, Pierce. * « * Junior Circle Meets Twenty one members of the Junior Circle of the Chrlstifin church met at the home of Miss Joy Nceley Wednesday night for a Christmas party mid potluck supper. Following Ihe supper games were plnjcd, and ihe members exchanged gifts. • * » Ace Club Blecls Mrs. Glrnrd Callihau, Mrs. George Cook nnd Mrs. R. L. Wnrd Jr., were guests of the Are Club when it met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mr.s. Everett Reeves Jr. .High score pri7,c, bath towels, was won by Mrs, Earl M. Coppagc. nnd Mrs. Calllhan briOgoed and received a box of Christmas cards. Tallies, score pads and luncheon clotlis were In keeping with the Christmas season, and small packages of assorted nuts and candles were, given ns favors. The hostess served a salad and dessert course * > * The Rev, and Mrs. W. L. Meyer Mrs. Margaret Llghtfoot. Mrs. T. A. Horex, Mrs. Lynn Smith. Mrs. A. V. Tarpley, Mrs. Althca Randolph and Mrs. T. E. 'Lewis "nt- lended a zone meeting of the Woman's Missionary Societies of the Poplar Bluff district at Kcn- nclt Tuesday. Clyde Walkins of Hayti visited in C.inithersvllle Wednesday. Mrs. T, F. Glllis of Jl.iyli was n business visitor In Cnruthersville Wednesday. Cagel DePrcist of Portagcvllle spent Monday In Caruthersville. Beck Dye nnd W. M. Parker of Braggadocio were Monday visitors here. Gaither Lucker of Portngcvillc ! visited in Caruthersville Monday. I Mr. and Mrs. Pnul Johnson of! West Plains visited here Thtirsdiy • and Friday with the Rev. and Mrs i W. u Meyer. i Word has been received here thai Misses Mary Loralne Canlrell and flcleii Rccd of this city, both Us For Prices Before Selling Your Soybeans Lee Wilson & Co. Wilson, Ark. Mr.s students nt UK- soulhensl Missouri ni Tf '" l ' llm ' «rtl<W at Capo unaiurfiii, hnve bcni elected Inlo ip In llu> Clio Society, n woman's Ulr-ruiy club. Mr. and Mrs, Henry 1'nri.s of \es( plains .spent Tmirsiliiy and «••• the guests of Mr. anil Jiwt Mclulc. •'• l-'. ll.uvkltLs and the Rev. W, Meyer intended a district Mis- liNUuti! morting at Poplar '1'biirsduy. ^f^•^. (iulitle nsher nnd Miss ftainnc (iarrcll spent Wi'dneititiiy In ili'inplils, Mi. :m,i MIS. Iliilph llululitson, M'. «ml Mr.s. Hob Muillnlks, Jas. M. Hccvos, Jnmcs Alirril nnd Alls"" nlliiuui attended a bamiuel given by l,yje Miiloni; at Sikr.slon Mii'sdity nlglu for members of the 40 and B. C. C 1 . •nioinn.s spent Thursday in Kcimini on bu.sliH'.s.s. Mr.s. c.i'orge (ilo/ier nnd Mrs, c.H[irli>.s Walton spent Tlnnsday In Memiilil:,. ' Mrs. Alutltc Coppn s e of Cli-ve- »'"«. O., is here to spend tho ™ , s "»«« bolliliiy., wi (h Mrs, Dorothy Wiinl and other relatives Manila Society—Personal Mi'.s. Mnyme Odell siient Tucs- ny In lllythevlllc on business Miss SccU Flccmnn Ims been con- iod to her home here with an altark of tonsllllis. Mrs. Hoy Smith, who has been scr.ously 111 for several weeks Is repoj-lrd lo be lifijiiuving Dr. Henny I'endlcr. u-lio was operated n Tuesday niuht in j,,]i.i tlastou hospllnl In Memphis for "ippendlclifs, is reported to be rest"a 'Jotlcr. ur. Pcndler, who is Iho son of Mr. nnd Mrs. A Fend- lei- of Manila, Is .serving m, |,)| ml - .sh!]> In the hospital and was suddenly slrlckcn wliilc on duly Mis. \v. p. ftutchlns of Miinll.i was rctimiNl lo the Baptist hospital hi Memphis enrly Tliursdnv morning, Her condition Is reported to be unimproved at present. Mrs. Veitu Undciwood. of Paragould. Ark., K-»S visiting her mother. Mrs. McDonulil oi 1 Ariuilla a few days this week. Junior Goza, who lias been visiting in Manila for a few weeks will return to his home In Advance, Mo.. Sunday. Raymond Hudson of Cannlou Mo,, transacted business In Manila Thursday. vDode Smith made a business Irip lo St. Unils Ilils week. , J. J. Masscy has returned lo his home in Hot Springs, Ark. He Is planning on returning for a few 1 flnys for (lie'Christinas holidays. I ^Rlniley McCullougli, [fay wood Mmbrnnncr and Albert Besl-.ira In Now Allwny, Miss,, today Oil business. vt! W. A. IliUUm itud Ills fnllier, J. M. Jltlllon, of MU- nlln, utlcudiMi to business In JOIIM- boro Thursdiiy. Miss Wllmii liourland. Miss l.u- cli'lle Parks, und Mrs. Frank Isiinrs, Airs. Hurt U'lvls nml Mr.i. Vernon llolllniirv s|H'»t \\ r «lni'.(- dny In Mciniilils. l.i'Hoy James of Forrest City spi-nt this week in Manila visiting Ills lirotliff. David Jiunes. Mrs. Di'ini Pierce, Mis. \v«i. Ed- wurds, HI-,, und Joe Kilwiirds hjicnl Wi'ilnosthiy shopphtB In lllylhr- Vllll'. Riverside Church To Be Singing Scene .So Interested hnve become .sliii!- IT.S tit Mississippi county In uslnx their (ak'iil.s thill hc'lwteu ItllH) and 1500 people me ntd'nillng (lie Jiionlhly convcnllons of tin: Mississippi County Slnxlng Assocln- llou now belu^ held, nccordlns lu J. li. Morgan of tllyllu-vltle, presl- ileut. The Btoup will Imvc an all duv inceliili; Sunday ill Ihr Rlver.slilc Methodist I'hnrrh, fmir mile* wosl of Reiser, whU'li will begin nl ten o'clock. Aiiinng (he visiting sinners will lie the Jackson, Tenn., quartet, tho Jone.'itoro, Ark,, ijuarinl nnd (hu Jolly Trio from the same city. A slandnrd MexscrsrhmiU Gcr- m:m lighting plum, ims u top speed »f M4 mill's mi hour, and cruises lit 2SB for a range of 021 miles. Us nriuimicm Is lii- u mncliliie guns and one 23 JIMD, c'liniwn. PA'GE' CH1LDS COLDS Relievo misery direct •^•x- n i -wlU'olit "dosing", V*r3f? Use swift-acting VICKS VAPORUB Wert Optometrist "UK MAKKS 'KM SEB" <>»rr Joe l.sanrs' Storr I'hone S40 — PRESCRIPTIONS— Sttfe - - Acciirutc Ymir Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Mnln & Klrit 1'hon* HI -NOTICE- For Expert Body & Paint Work See 'Red' Davis T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY 121 W. Ash Phone 111 WATCH VAiyes! Now I.oc-aUd »l 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FDWAHDS, Proprlctot All Mtk» ot Rebuilt TypenrHtm, Addln, Macblnn »n« Calcutotor*—Rrpalrtnt—P»rt»— Klbhoni SAVING MAKES PLANS COME TRUE OPEN YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT IN THE FIRST NATIONAL "fjavc a reasonable percentage of your incomu KVIillY month." That's Rule N». 1 for people who iire determined lo improve (heir t'irciimstniK'c.s in life. And K's a rule thai WORKS! You are invited lo place your savings in The First National Hank, a lUyllievilie institution where the First Rule is lo serve YOU, with efficiency and courtesy—and WITHOUT red tape.' May we suggest (hat yon open your First National account by the first of the year—and take advantage of our liberal 2'/; rate all of Ihe next interest period. All accounts are of course regarded by us as matters of the confidence. ess-- ^f Savings deposits in Ihis bank arc insured by the Federal Deposit Insiir- P- anee Corporalion lo the extent of 55,000 for each depositor. THE FIRST NATIONAL, BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE "The Only National Rank in Mississippi County" MEMHER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PA 1 RITE ANGLE 17 Jtw.l, GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE 2C9 \V. af Finnic 49

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