Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 28, 1974 · Page 11
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 11

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1974
Page 11
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PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 74-H-2 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business .as: Hospitality House Motel (TTie Three Jays) at 601 Talmage Road - UMah, Calif. 95482 H. A. Thrush P.O. Box 65 Browns VaUey, Cal. 95918 James T. Gettle, Jr. 601 Talmage Road Ukiah, Calif. 95482 J. E. Ward 80 Cement HiU Road Nevada City, Calif. 95959 This business is conducted by a general partnership s—James T. Gettle, Jr. This statement Was filed with the County Clerk of Mendocino County on June 25, 1974. 6-28,7-5,12,19,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE Sellar, Engleking & Hartman 301 Central Bank Bldg. Concord, Ca. 94522 Tel. 685-8651 Attorneys for Petitioner P.O. Box 464 NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR • PROBATE OF WILL No. 15888 Dept.1 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MEND(X)INO IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF CL^RA B. SHOLIN, Deceased. ISOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha^t Gladys S. Burton has filed herein a Petition for Ftobate o^ Will and for Letters Testamentary reference to which is made for further particulars, and that the time and place of hearing the same has been set for July 19,1974 at 9:30 a.m., in the Courtroom of £>epartment No. 2 of said Court in the Mendocino County Courthouse, in the CSty of Ukiah, California. Dated June 24, 1974 VIOLA RICHARDSON, County Clerk By Mary H. Hughe's Deputy Clerk 6-26,28,7-3 ,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE RAWLES, GOLDEN, HINKLE & FINNEGAN 1- Attorneys at Law Post Office Box 720 Ukiah, California 95482 Telephone: (707) 462-6696 NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR PROBATE JOF WILL AND FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION WITH WILL ANNEXED No. 15884 Dept.l SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO ESTATE of MARTHA ANNA BRIMMER, aka MARTHA A. BRIMMER, aka MARTHA BRIMMER, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that MARGARET L. LEARD as Administrator of the Will of the decedent has filed herein a Petition for Probate of Will and for Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed reference to which is made for further particulars, and that the time and place of hearing the same has been set for JULY 5,1974 at 9:30 a.m., in the Courtroom of Department No. 1 of said Citoiirt in the Mendocino County Courthouse, in the City of Ukiah, California. Dated June 17, 1974: VIOLA RICHARDSON, County Clerk By Mary Gilley, , Asst. Co. Qerk 6-21,25,28,1974 PUBLIC NOTICiE Notice is hereby given that on July 31,1974, at 1:30 p.m., in the Grand Jury Room, Courthouse, Ukiah, the Mendocino County Air Pollution Ck)ntrol District Hearing Board will meet to consider variance requests for the Louisiana Pacific mills located at Ukiah, Willits and Fort Bragg. Consideratijbn will also be given the application for drilling and construction in the southeast portion of Metuio<;ino County of a geothenhal wdLby: the Sun Oil Company of Newhall, California. Variance requeists, compliance schedules and applications will be on review at the Aii^ Pollution Control District office located-at 890 Bush Street, Ukiah prior to tbe scheduled hearing. Public review and comment is invited. 6-28,1974 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 15858 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO Estate of JOHN H. GRAY, also known as John Hughes Gray, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at c/o HELLER, EHRMAN, WHITE & McAULIFFE, 44 Montgomery Street — 30th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within 4 months after the first publication of this notice. ' Dated June 14, 1974 WINIFRED W. GRAY Executrix of the Will of the above named decedent HELLER. EHRMAN, WHITE & McAULIFFE 44 Montgomery Street San Francisco'94104 Telephone: 415-981-5000 Attorneys for Executrix First publication: June 21, 1974 6-21,28,7-5,12,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS ^ No.15865 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO Estate of EVA G. REMORE, also known as EVA REMORE, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to' the creditors of the above named deceident that all peir- sons having'claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the ab^ve entitled court, or to present them, with the nectary vouchers, to the undersigned at Room 209 Savings Bank Building, Post Office Box 720, Ukiah, California 95482, which is the {dace of business of the uii- dersigned in all matters- pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within four nlonths after trie first publication of this notice. Dated June 25, 1974 NEIL REMORE Administrator with Will annexed of the Will of the above named decedent RAWLES, GOLDEN, HINKLE & FINNEGAN Attorneys at Law Post Office Box 720 Ukiah, California 9548iJ Telephone: (707) 462-6696 Attorneys for Administrator First publication: June 28, 1974 ' 6-28,7-5,^2,19,1974 New Books at pbrary By SHARON CANTBALL Life Show: How to see theater in life and life in theater, by JohnLahr. A brilliant survey — convinces that theater is still the closest we can come to a universal magic. The Olmec Head, by David Westheimer. An out and put exciting adventure story by a wri,ter who knows how to make Uiem move. Riddles in History, by Cyrus H. (jordon. Author documents a breakthrough in the discovery of man's past revealing how ancient cryptograms can be decoded to prove the actuality of pre-Columbian contacts "between the Old World and the New. Show Business Laid Bare, by Earl Wilson. A racy bookload of gossip'^ieces, interviews and ;peFS(m@l memorabilia. The Sunls God: A iiovel about J.M.W. Turner, by Michael Noonan. A responsible portrait of the artist, J.M.W, Turner, ar rather sad genius and no doubt' unfinished man who liberated himself through a larger vision (rf light and space. Hie WilLof Magda Townsend. by Margaretplanning. A woman .in hcF^s-Jpeflects on wJbat has red since she/drafted her will 28 years ago! Yonnondio: Froik the thirties, l^y-TimeOlsen. Aiieartrending, often lyrical, fictional memoir of the 20's. It's ploignant and powerful in impact and^ revealing in terms of what the depression meant to a whole generation. Merry-go-round Backpack trip completed by Geo. Meaiiy SIX Friday, June 28, 1974 Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah Calif— Fireworks industry asks supervision by parents scrutinized Kv J \CK ANDKKSJIN WASHINGTON - Even as President Nixon was coiuting political support from George Meany, the White House "dirty tricks" crew was conducting a back-door probe to see whether the crusty, then 77-year-old AFL-CIO boss wpidd survive a serious chest hernia. As part of th,e snooping, according to "dirty tricks" chief Jack Caulfield, the White House used a managetnent consultant posing' as a doctor to try to squeeze medical data .out of Meany's personal physician. Meany's doctor denies he furnished medical information. The consultant agrees, saying he told C:aulf ield he obtained the information from two labor officials. But Caulfield nevertheless fobbed the "medical''' reports off on President Nixon as coming straight from Meany's doctor. According to Caulfield, the clandestine ope^ration on Meany was ordered by former White House coiinsel John Dean, probably at \he direction of ex- Nixon aides H.R. Haldeman or John Ehrlichman. In a roorh locked to the public and the press, Caulfield told the Senate Watergate committee of the Meany caper and previously ' undisclosed details of his other hidden White House chores. These, he reluctantly confessed, involved presidential nephew Don Nixon, former Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, the Ford Foundation, the newsmen who revealed the My Lai slaughter, the Nixon campaign's chief of Jewish affairs, "Newsday" and many others. To carry out his probes, the "dirty tricks" impresario got the willing help of a New York FBI agent; the White House resident Jesuit, Father John^ McLaughlin, who recently \ , defended the President's foul language, and presidential secretary Rose Mary Woods, to name a few. The once ruddy Caulfield, 'who has been weakened by serious abdominal surgery,, turned out to be a slippery witness, the classified transcript of his testimony reveals. "Do you know for a fact that the President was interested in getting some discreet information on the condition of George Meany" in 1971, (Ilaulfield was asked by committee lawyer Terry Lenzner^ "Apparently a memorandum went from Dean to the FVesident,". said the ex-New York City detective. "There was intense interest, I do recall, ...on the part of many people at the White House. (Meany) had a (chest) attack.!. The thrust-of the inquiry was how serious.,," When Lenzner pressed him on how he got his information, (Caulfield weaved, and dodged. "I received it from a friend of mine," said the ex-White House official. „ "Who was that?" demanded Lenzner. _ j "Mr. James Juliana," Caulfield finally acknowledged, naming an ex-investigator for the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, ; R-Wis, who is now a Washington management consultant. "Do you know how he got it?" persisted Lenzner.' . "I think he got it from a physician friend of his." "Your memorandum indicates that Dr. Marvin Fuchs, who was George Meany's pefsonal physician, was talked to on a.very discreet basis by another physician." "Yes," said Caulfield. "Was that Mr. Juliana?" "Yes," swore Caulfield. Both Dr. Fuchs and Juliajia deny this as a liaseless whopper. Juliana, told us he was advised the attack was serious by two friends in the labor -movement. He gave Caulfield a full report of his talk, he said, adding that the President should visit Meany in the hospital or send flowers. Within a few<idays, sure eno\igh, not flowers, but cigars reached Mteany from the White House. In another case Caulfield probed the Long Island paper ~ Newsday' which was preparing an expose of presidential crony Charles "Bebe" Rebozo. "The forthcoming Newsday article was a matter o^ constant conversation around the White House," recalled Caulfield. One day, he said, "I buinpedinto (iRebozo) in the hall of the White .House," Rebozo was "con­ cerned." But Caulfield assured Rebozo he was already on the case.,. As Caulfield recounted under oath, he and FBI agent Pat Henry were drinking in New York when Henry said, "'There i&an article coming out on Mr. Rebozo... Would you be interested if there's any. in- foriiiation?' and I,said, 'I sure would.'" Although Caulfield first tried to withhold Henry's name from the record, he finally admitted that Henry passed on information about Newsday. "Mr. Henry, as I req^U, had friends at^the newspaper (and) spoke to those friends about the publication date of the article," Caulfield teistified. The White House gumshoe dutifully relayed this in- fonnation-tb Dean. Caulfield said he also believed that Newsday reporters in Florida who worked on the Rebozostory were under Secret Service surveillance. ' Six boys and ,twb adults completed the Second annual Mendocino County Probation Department Backpack Trip last Saturday. Bob ' McAlister, deputy probation officer,, and Doug Barrett, juvenile hall counselor, led six wards of the court across '60 niiles, of the Mendocino National Forest. The backpack started June 15 at Bloody Rock near Lake Pillsbury in Lake C^ounty. The route took the group over Snow Mountain and , into Fouts Springs Ranch in Colusa County a week later. . : "7 The boys, ranging in age from 14 to 16, were intensive supervision cases. None of the boys had had previous backpacking experience and found it a challenge to subsist on freeze- drifed foo'ds.;andispring water. Although the trip . consisted mostly of hiking, the group found time for trout fishing and swimming in the snow-fed streams and lakes. The annual backpack trip Was organized last year as an extension of the Probation Department's juvenile delinquency prevention program. California's largest fireworks wholesaler, the Red Devil Fir^eworks Company, and Division manager Leo' W. Oawford of Redwood City, urge the July 4 celebrating public to follow safety uistructions and common sense in the use''of their fireworks this year. Red Devil products sold by local organizations go on sale June 28 in most of California and June 30 in Santa Clara County. Crawford stated that (California approved "Safe & Sane" fireworks have proper use instructions printed on the individual items or the assortment box they are packed in. All instructions should be' read carefully, prior to lighting the device. The Fourth of July has always been a time of family celebration and parents should not allow their small children to play with fireworks. Small children may fall to read instructions but can still enjoy a family display if parents will do the chores of lighting the display for them. Red Devil Fireworks is the leader in a nationwide program of product safety over Uie July 4 holiday. Crawford added that in Santa Clara County an age stipulation • is now in effect which allows the sale only to children over 16 years of age., This age factor differs in some areas. He further stated ' that if parents and older children win use the following safety precautions their July 4 celebration will be both "Safe and Sane." 1. Buy quality fireworks from reliable sources. 2. Follow printed instructions carefully, and use common sense. 3. Don't give fireworks to small children; use fireworks under adult supervision only. Use lirewdrks outdoors only in a clear • area away from houses and buildings, never in dry grass or wooded areas. 4. —Never carry fireworks in your pockets, or shoot them in glass or metal containers. • 5. Light one item at a time; move back quickly once fuse is ignited. 6. Don't experiment or use homemade fireworks. 7. Never, under any condition use illegal explosive, dangerous, fireworks whidi are prohibited by local, state and federal law. 8. Remember you can help your local fire authorities, and be a good citizen by obeying the law. ONLY SATURDAY JUNE 29TH IN UKIAH CHARGE Mastorchargc Bartk America Cards SPECIAL OFFER KNIT SUITS 2 For $125 HONG KONG CUSTOM TAILORS Silk Mohair Suits ...(Sf.OO Silk Sharkskin Suits 57.00 Wool Sharkskhn Suits ..:.>.t?.00 Fino.Worsted Suits ;. .79.00 Sport Coats.. 39.00 Custom Made Shirts S.OO SUITS & SHIRTS 3 For $150 Callo/VTsit:. MR. ANDY KUMAR SATELLITE LODGE 406 S. State St. Tcl.4«]-8i11 BIG.SALE 1 DAYOtiLY SATURDAY JUNEZfTH .10 A.M. TO r P.M. CO o SAVE OF MENDOCINO COUNTY IT EARNS MORE FOR YOU Let' your money build a secure future;;^; the benefits are many — so stop in today, our counselors wilt be glad to help you with your savings plan. Your-money can earn the highest interest under the law with one of our insured certificate savings accounts. REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Any amount. Interest figured daily clompounded quarterly. Deposits byifuiy lOtti earn fron^the first of July. 7 % 6 V2 % CERTIFICATES Investment Certificate $1,000.00 Minimum Deposit - Four To Ten Year Maturity $1,000.00 Minimum Deposit Three Year Maturity. ^ $1,000.00 Minimum Deposit For one year or more. 5500.00 Minimum Deposit For 90 Days To One Year. In the event a Certificate of Deposit owner isaiiowed to withdraw all or part of his certificate before i maturity, a substantial penalty" will be imposed, as (Required by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. SOUTH mTE & WASHINGTON UKIAH Member Federal DepositJmurance Corporation HO PLAN D FORT BRAGG A FULL SERVICE BANK S^OOL & STANDL^Y UKIAH

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