The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 8, 1930
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Served by the , 'Associated Press VOL. XXVI—No. 241 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT RKW8PAPB OT KOBnDUR ARKANBAjS AMD BOUTHEABT 1OS8ODIU. fclythwlU* Courier, BlytbertU* Dally New, BlythttUH Herald. MlMJulppl Valley Leaflet. .Bl.YTHEVMXB, ARKANSAS. WKDNKSDAY. JANUAKY 8, HWO ' •&fy ELGIAN PRINCESS WEDS ITALIAN Mil Record Downpour Starts Rivers Rising . • I -" ^M' V • ~ .— ——'-'• "•' ••;-" , — — • ^*^ ' THREE FEEIRT Pilot Prefers Ripe Old Age to Stunt Fame Many Small Streams Are Out of Banks but No Flood Danger Is Seen. MEMPHIS, Jan. 8. (fl 1 )—Old man winter and old man river were beginning a spree today in the mid- south. Chilling winds form the northwest herald approach of u coM snap, but they play second fiddle to steady rains which warn Ten- nessess, Mississippi and Arkansas of high water. Creeks In western Kentucky, southeast Missouri, eastern Arkansas and west'Tennessee and th» delta section of Mlasisippi VKK kaving their banks and swelling larger rivers which in turn were rwakenlng the Mississippi from it;: winter hibernation. Over 6 Inches of Rain . More than six Inches of rain had period ending at 7 a. in. today nnd fallen at Memphis In [lie 24 hour it was still raining this afternoon with no sign of a let up. Streets were flooded and considerable dam- ni?e was done lo public utilities. It was the heaviest January rainfall on record. The Memphis-Little Rock highway was impassable and several trucks and automobiles were left stranded in the mud. The Mississippi here rose almost three feet and was rising steadily between Cairo and Vicksburg. There was no danger of flood stage on the big rtvtr- but. observers daid the river would/''run a good stream: Some M^ihe Wifiutariet of the Mississippi may 'near flood stage but will hardly overflow. Lowlands Under Water ; Lowlands In this section were inundated by overflowing creeks but damage was slight and with low temperature exoected tomorrow Uie rain probably will change to sleet and snow. Flood warnings were Issued for ihn Ouachlta vallry In Arkansas, while north central Arkansas ex- perienxed its first flood of the year with the Black river four feet above flood stage at Black Rock. Local Streets Flooded Incessant downpours this week have made impassable many roads leading into this city while the street drainage system has been unable to care for the enormous amount of rainfall. Sections ot Ash, Walnut and Rush Million to Fulton to Help Banks PADUCAH, Ky., Jan. 8. t/P)—De- spite reassurances ol officials of :he two banks of which William Bradshaw, 51, was president, at rulton, Ky., nearly $1.000,000 extra n currency was on hand today at the opening oi business lor oiw of the institutions. Bradshaw, capitalist and lawyer, died yesterday of self-inflicted knife wounds. He was in ill health, 11 was explained, and upset by his failure to discover minor Irregularities by employes in one of the concerns of which lie was president. , Directors of both the First National bank and the Mechanics Trust and Savings bank Issued statements reassuring depositors that affairs of the institutions were In perfect condition, but nearly $1,000.000 In currency was brought here .last night from the federal reserve banks at St. Louisville. Louis and Veteran Has Record of 14 Years Without Accident and Hopes to Keep It. , ST. LOUIS (Jpj—Of all'aviation'£ nylrit" Wroes. Red-Harrigan- iroaltt rather be the oldest than the grcal- between 5,000 and the air—Red himself Isn't exactly sure-wlthout a i serious mishap. He has plloled scores, of ne'wly maunfactured j planes, worth millions of dollars, on baptismal flights much as scratching paint.. After nearly 14 years of manipulating every kind of ship, he still gets a thrill from every Might aim hopes his days in the air have just begun. Red,' christened John J. has been flying since 1916, when he learned to pilot seaplanes in the I navy. Never has he had a part in an accident, in which anyone was killed. On the other hand, he piloted the ill-fated dirigible Shenandoah short- • ly before its lost Journey. Likewise he planned a trip to Honolulu, only to have the flight thwarted at thc lost minute, about the time so many Snook's Appeal Denied by Ohio Supreme Court COI.UMBUp, a. Jan.' 8.—(A>(— The stale supreme court today denied an application of Dr. James H. Sncoks for a rehearing of his appeal from a sentence of death In tho electric chair tar the murder last June-13 of Miss Thcora Hix He Is to die in the electric chair January 31. The court denied Dr. Snook's double appeal from a conviction jn clmmon pleas court here. The former Ohio State univertity pro- fesscr had. '.'sought review • of the case r.n its'merits and also ; .held a''-ix:Ution.jn error. The""nexV step In'the case_js the. United States supreme court: -It was indicated ' he d ^' " P|)eal without so their (resh try who possess official qualifica- tions'to pilot any and all kinds of aircraft, Harrigan is known as a "safety first" flier. A ship must be airworthy before lie will fly it. Chlckasawba streets and oilier lesser thoroughfares have been submerged, with the flooded ections more than a foot deep in some places, during the week with th," steady rainfall proving too much of a burden for the drainage system. Probably the longest stretch of submerged street last night was Ash from Fifth to Seventh streets' completely under water. Many firm making deliveries into sections remote from the paved highways have been forced to un-1 than the greatest flier." load their heavy trucks at the pavement line where the transportation of goods and supplies has been taken over by teams and wagons. ' Bif Lake Rising The government gauge at Big Lake showed a rise of 12 Inches during tlie past 24 hours, accord- Ing to a reading by Harry John- LlllLtTTETO GETFIpJOB Agreement Indicated to Prevent Carrying- of i Party Row to Floor. WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 MV— , ~..,.*.., ,* ekin . B a wav out of a 'hnialfm- aviators lost, their lives trying to ed P ubhc airi "S ot differences be- BELIEVE lUEt THERE! H Wynne Man Held in Arizona Admits He Was With Woman Before Murder, LITTLE HOCK, Jan. 8.—(fll— Jfflccrs investigating the staying ot .ena Waugh. 35-year-old divorcee, oday believed arrest of. a man 'at Phoenix, Ariz., had solved the nwnth-old Marked T.-ee William Wnlker of Wynne" Ark., arrested nt Phoenix In possession of he slain woman's automobile awaited extraritlon on a murder charge filed here yesterday.' Walker admitted he was with the woman a thort time before she was tilled, but denied implication !n he crime. Trying lo sell for *2i» the au- lomoblle he obtained ' from Miss Waugh brought about Walker's arrest. When he arrived In Pheohlx he was without' funds. ' Tlie auto dealer was'"'suspicious. . He cnll*d PhfJonrt police and Walker w|»s SODII in jail. '.'_:'•• • ;'•- Name.Causes'Mfcup ^ • -; In the meantime, Arkansas 'arid federal authorities had' confused his Identity with that of 'a -negro named Willie Walker held in jail at Dallas. It was not until ''yesterday that Walker's whereabouts were learned in Memphis, where Inspector Will T. Griffin Is.'lnvestl- satlng thc murder, 'and inlittle R-ck. where Sheriff E. H.- tandew of Marked Tree, and Chief 'ri'W* teotives J. A. Pitcock were 'irylnir to'pick up Walker's trail.: ---.-• r w ->"> Questioned by Detective ' Genn Fulton In the Phoenix jail, Walker admitted that he obtained the- car from Mrs. Walsh, but • said, he bought it from her and thatt-' he left the we man 'at the • Claridge- Hotel in Memphis the night.of Dec:' 11. the night of the murder.' ; Warrant chargin? him with murder was filed late yesterday In Little Reck. Sheriff Landers and Detective Pitcock believe the woman was killed arid then carried to the lonely wood sc-~p«'oh the Marked Tree-E<ir!e highway. Admits Being in Wynne Wnlker admitted he was in Wynne, Ark., with Mrs. Walsh for several days prior to the kilting. He said he met her in Littte' Rock and left there with her on Dec. 8. He has not been questioned about the he is alleged to have cashed Royal Couple Idoli/ed in Rome I 3$ cross the Pacific. " " tween Senate Republicans party One of the few men In the coun- ! leaders today tentatively agreed to the appointment of Senator La Foliette of Wisconsin, a member of the western Independents, to the powerful finance committee. As the White House was report- Asked about his philosophy of thc ' ln S Hat President Hoover was tak- air, Harrigan always makes the j '"S no active part In the latest same laconic remark: 'squall between Senate Republican "I would rather be the oldest j regulars and the independents, the 1 worried Senate leaders seriously considered Senators La Foliette and Thomas of Idaho for the all important finance committee vacancy assignment. Thomas Is a member of the young guard Republicans. Another meeting of the Republican committee on committees, which son early stated. this afternoon, it is The Lake Is rising steadily with the Increase expected to continue for some time, it is said. Cctd Wave Sweeps South KANSAS CITY, Jan. 8— (if)— Over the favorite domain of king winter there rolled today a sleet storm which made the old monarch reestablish Its rule. From the Rocky Mountains east to the Mississippi river a cold wave was spreading southward to Texas. Shoots Former Wife, KiUs Husband, Then Suicides ATLANTA, Jan. 8. (If}— John E. Barnett, Chattanooga, Tenn., today- shot and killed George Mason, probably fatally wounded Mrs. Mason, nnd then committed suicide. He was a former husband of Mrs. Mason. All Italy has''opened Its heart to the little Belgian princess who through her marriage ^todny to Crown Prince Humbert, some day wl be its queen. In these newest protographs you see the bride and groon nnd, lower left, thc lady-in-uatling lo Princess Marie-Jose She Mile. Madeleine de Lantshcere, a girlhood friend of the bride. Marie Jose, shown at the tcp ] adhered lo her plan as the traditional "whit at a Marked Tree filling station at j * )r ' t * e '" an d thus costumed, was quickly recognized wherever she ap 2 a. m. Dec. 12, possibly soon after \ peared with Prince Humbert, lower right. thc woman was slain. It bears I Walker's purported signature. Meanwhile Sheriff Landers • and j Sheriff Ed Cor per of Wynne began j tracing Walker's movements In de tail since he left there Dec. Sheriff Landers declared last night in Little Rock that the pistol with a broken hammer found under a bridge near where the body was' discovered has been positively i Identified ns thc property of Walker. PhcrifT Cooper has discovered j he said, that Walker and Mrs. j Walsh were together in Forrest; City the night of Dec. 7 and in ( three days. Wynne fcr the next El the Miss ; Lobby Committee Told of Publicity Man's "Personal Method of Approach" WASHINGTON. Jan. 8. —(/p)— Hold Duncan Services at 2:30 P. M. Tomorrow Members of the Blylhevlllc l>< who'lmvn long been associated wit Ramsey Duncan, well known )oc Ituvyer, who succumbed nl lv home he re w fly yes Lerd ay, act us active pallbearers nt the funeral services to be held at Lhe Leltor a Huse Says Father of Mimlero.d Roy rei'ljArt BLUFF 1 , Mo., Jim. 8.— ••"I— l)cllo( that n Idler picked up cnr ilic body of Elmer Sheeny, omul nl"ng llio rnilroiid tracks ear Shrevcporl, la., Sunday night, as a ruse lu lure him from his "rk, \vns expressed today by lowuril Shecliy. his ftithcr, wno ves ueiir Poplnr niufl. Shceliy loM officers Him no letter ml been written lo his son urif- >g lilin to c&me home, "nt nny oil" because of his iiiolhci's al- ged Illn-.-ss. The letter was wrlt- ni within a wi'ek ol Christmas <iy, iicc-rdlng to Sheriff Hughes f Shrcroport. , "His mother wns not sick nnd no no here wrote him to ciwiie homo, 1 Is father wild. "I believe it was Tltten bv the man who killed nnd cubed lilm." Shechy's taxly won (ound badly iiuinlrd nud with it was a letter •hlrh, 9nl<| his mother was dnngcr- iisly 111 in Poplar Bind anil which r(j«l him to come home. BEIlUSSTnTE Wins Award for Average of 130 Bushels' on Five Acre Tract. LITTLE ROOK—Mew agrlcultur- I honors for Mississippi county i p ere announced here last night at Jic amnml banquet of the State Seed Growers association W. T, Beall of. Wilson, heart ot the famous Beall family of farm -hnmnlons, won first prbejnl. MOd I'l tVi fl"- ncro, corn rontwt; prb- •''"•Inn 130.03 InisM* TOT acre on Ive acres. Ho nisi ^ n Uis Ar..... -s' aw tint Ion trophy for the' highest ylclrl -of tern on live acres. ' Setond prize of flM in th'o c-^r rontot was won by fillliman broth-; cr.i .whois"fulrtrCFs Is Ix'panto bu\ who live Pi Mlwlsslppi caunty, wit.' •T. yield of 112.01 bushels' per,' sere. In the five ricrc cotton conlet! H. K Brown of Pulaskl .^lunty nd first, with a producttn'h of pounds of lint and 11,040 But Two Nations Celebrate: Union of Two Reigning Houses. ROME, Jan. 8. (/I 1 )—I'rlncess Mario Jose, only daughter of the klrig anil quvcn of Belgium, today became the brltte of Prlnco Humbert of Piedmont, hetr to the Italian thvouo. The ceremony wns performed at mass In the historic I'anltm; chui>el, scene of four cojidavcs for the election of po])C5 and scene six ycnrs ugo of the wedding of Hum-. bert's sister. " . ••••". Cnrdlnal Mulll, archbishop of Pisa, performed the ceremony. He Is a noted astronomer nnd friend of the Hultnn roynl family. Ffvo queens, flw kings, 'J8 princes niid • M prlnccsjc.i of royal blood wcro - lunoiis tlir Bursts who constituted one of tli -nosl brilliant iissemb- ; ' luges seen ..i any Eiiropcnii couvt since the \vnr. • ' IKIngij iml queens Attend King Albeit and Queen Eliza.-. belli of Belgium came from Brus- . scls for the wcildlnu. King Vlctof'-' Enmnuel of Italy, Queen.' Hclenii and other incmbera !ot the Ilnllah royal .fnmlly were pr'L'seiit. King- ' Boris of Bulgaria and Prince Paul and I'cliKcss Oljia of. 'JMgo-Slnvin . were among (he .oilier royal gucsti ' 'llie ceremony was ;as' simple us' " the Roinun Catholic cli'ii^eh allows. Besides the royul gucets ther'c were . no others to witness' thu weddinj. •. Rome and nil Italy 'nnd Belgium, ' gave way 16 ceremonies and leasts pounds of 'l. nf n total 'value ot »I.269.06. or J25S.81 per acre, but ho received ii close race from M. W. H. Collins of Wilson. The latter produceil mnrc nounds o( cnt. ton than did Mr. Brown, but thr staple graded samewrmt sh-rto: and the price per pound was there fore lower. Mr. Collins pro-Jnccf 5,872 pounds of lint, worth $37.">.4F and 13,345 pounds of seed wortl J233.61, baking a tilnl of (1200.10 on five acres 'or 1241.82 per ncre. ?>fr. Collins also won the Lee Wilson trophy for the highest yield of lint cotton on five acres, F.lstner Be&ll of Wilson was third with $1015.90 worth of seed and llr.t on Jive acres. Immedately after the.'ceremony. Thc pope guvo his blessing arid : . 5.000 Italian provincials poured one: : lionmge In a marvelous pageant yeslerday to tho 23-year-old Bci •','-."•' glim.pruiccss. '•:.--. .-•" ':•'/ With others of thc Belgian royal .' party she motored .to thp Vatican • '• Tuesday from'the Qulrlual'between. ''•*-' lanes-of troops.v .: •;.•;*;:'*•••' " .!.-v iPcacanls P.iy Honor . '.' ' ~ Wasters, of stage settings would have despaired had,they : witnessedy, .. .he folklore prodosslon "which l.iter:,- *'cund from the military barracks:'•'.• jf Rome lo.tlio QulKnal, where the''.'".; royal-families walled In a grand-"- "• -Uinct. j _'_•' Peasants, drawn from provinces, '. took part with a complete lack of "• and brought, tiw breath of their unspoilt country Jlfe. . . Italy, as she has survived througn the Rtrifo of centuries was arrayfd ' jefore Marie Jose In the pagcanl.' t'ho princess saw ItaJy of the fields' md of ancient tradition, as each jroup danced 'or sang songs on ' ipproachin llic royal tribunal. * Each Group Brings Gifts "~ Each group laid gifts at they base of the royal pavilion. These Included precious lace,' amphorae of wine, cakes, fruits grain, nuptial bread, bvonze water pitchers and shawls. May Establish Class in Military Science Here '\ Captain Sam G, Fnlrchllds, ol St. Louis, will confer with members of the local Nntlonnl Guard tmd Reserve Officers here tonight i In regard lo having n class In n 1 , . ! •" "-B***M W JIMV1IIK LI l;IU.13 Jll 111113- First Methodist church Thursday, | ary science given In this city The afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The Rev.| mce ti n? has b^n „,„,,,, J j or 7 P. Q. Rorle, pastor of the church, o'clock at Dr. A. M. Washburn's Vynne fcr the next three days.; """-""^i^o. JU n. o. —i«-j— r. ^- «one, pasior 01 uic cwureii. i o'clock at Dr. A. M V Irnesl Putnam, special officer IOT i \ I « t °- r read t' da V tettlr = the sen- will officiate at the services, as- cfflcc at the courthouse i._ ,,- •. _, rt_.m_ i_»j n t__ ! ate lobnv rnmmifr^A .iaH lhaf tv ctcfnH Ki. tl,n not.- \lnr\rm A »» i _- n. . ,.... uri Pacific told Cooper he » te '<*by commi er In Memphis the morn- °- DArcy, PV b ' Walker In Memphis AH wnumucc ua tuimmuees, wiucn """ ..«mt. ,n '..x.... K ..,o i..^ .,.«*-. .„ . - Is working out the new Republican ing of Dec. 12. His hand was band-! C°ca-Oc^ company, has a person-..*..-. p i . —j ... was ij ro i e M r put- "' method of appr-ach to Hoover slate for later the Senate was called E 8 Cha™.n»fci|«'n. "id. The latter indorsed a ilttce said that W. slstcd by the Rev. Marlon A.| Members of thc National Guard Hetty mnn for the Boggs of the First Presbyterian;to be present will be Captain Ivy church. JW. Crawford, Lieut. Arden B. Those who will serve as active Crowder and Lieut. Wendell Phil- Nary predicted an early solution of the problem. The western independents, who are now without representation on The shooting took place on Hill i the finance committee, have de- check for him. street. A small boy told police he saw two automobiles drive up the street. The front car suddenly manded appointment of La Juliette 1 Reopening oi Charleston Bank Is Thought Likely! and have threatened a floor fight.] CHARLESTON, Mo. -Efforts lo ' "nforfatton is going t see that Hosver gets the full data on the sugar subject." > The reference was contained in a ! letter written by H. H. Pike, Wall I street sugar broker, to T. A. Stapi les of Cuoa, who Is conncclcn with i the Centra! Hershcy company Pike, i who was on the witness slant, said was received "from holding to his shoulder \n autc^ pirns and Harrison Executive Board of 'Red Cross Completed Seven men and two women form the newly elected executive board of the local chapter, American Red Cross, according to Mrs. Ethel Wil- eon. secretary, and will hold their first meeting tomorrow to elect officers. The members of the board are: Roy Walton, Mrs. J. W. Elder, T. J. Mahan, Rev. M. A. Boggs, .. auto- » matte pistol with a stock that made This he emptied into the rear au-! tomobile In which Mr. and Mrs ' Mason rode. After firing inlo the car he pulled a revolver from a shoulder holster and Bred a bullet :hrough his head. In his car po- Ice found a third weapon, an automatic shot gun. [reorganize the closed Bank of someone:' but added he had for- Charleston appear favorable. E. P. gotten who It was ( ri.,,,1 __-,u.«L *.* *i._ i i_ __-j . Rosenwald Marries St. Paul Woman *8111 Lead Joe Isaacs, E. D. Paul Tipton, Mrs. Ferguson, and Dr. P. L. Husbands. Ross Stevens At the annual meeting of tho ™ 1<J , tfw »»»J)00 on deposit board of directors of the Blytheville Buildin Loan A &5*Thfb.£ £ £* «£ j ..Benatsr Robinson of Indiana, the Opposes ModificaHon f after the state had made pallbearers are: Judge W. D. Orav-! lips. Thc reserve officers are: Cap- ette, A. G. Little. C. M. Duck. Vir- j lain Norman P. Moore, First Lieu- gll Greene. R A. N. Nelson and'tenant Charles T. Kramer; Cap- E. E. Alexander. Lawyers of thlslla'n A. M. Wasljburn, Captain W city, Manila. Lcachvllle and Osce-' 5 - McCall and Second Lieutenant ola will serve ns honorary pall-i cllarle s A. Stubbs. If there should bearers and will attend the serv- lbc n "y other officers here they are ! asked to attend the meeting. j Seeks to Restrain Judgment Sale Order ices lu a body. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 8. (W—Julius Rosenwald, head of Sears 1 Rocbuck and company nnd Chlca-) go philanthropist, was married today lo Mrs. Adele Goodklnd of S 1 .. Paul, Minn. ..,.•• Mr. Hosenwald and his bride, wlio is the mother of Lesslng Rosenwald's wife, came from New York last night In a private car awl spent thc night at the home of her son-in-law. Lesslng Rosenwr.ld is Julius Rosenwald's son. Tlie mnr- rlage ceremony was performed ai . thc Philadelphia common pleas court. Borah Wants Civilian As Haiti Governor Building and Loan Association held today, W. M. Bums, who for many! lhe * > ! ban in year, has been active head of the 1 ' •representing state met with and state D'Arcy had "icms backstairs way | of getting b the president." o s - who < ' , association, was reelected secretarj ? 1 ' Loul * TUM™V ta present a plan ( and manager, and Zal B. Ha?- 'or reorganUatlon and If favorable ; '„ ' pu When Pike sold hs did not knew lnformati:n ught This Is the Hold Last Rites For rlson, president. Other officers' &cllon te taken a de n^te announcs- elected were E, D. Glllcn, vicc! ment *' m ** '"rthcomlng •'•»•"•• ' president and J. L. Guard, treasur- ! said that to the er. Bomar Child Thnridav 1 Reports submitted to the officers! "•""/ showed the t iTwo Killed in Bos •Pike said lie tmdcrsi'od all lhat Collision Last Night,!;' !«as meant wa? that D'Trcy either Knew Mr. Hoover or c:uld reach im through a frlncd. Zt>rv\fAc nHIl KA ^ u aftonoon rt »•» o'c oc home for " ««» i Bom * r ' r " 14-year-old son of Mr. J. c. Bomar The youth died Tuesday morning, the victim of tetanus as a result of a slight burn received while playing with a cap pistol Christmas. showed the past year to have beenj • a prosperous one ns reflected In i the association's accounts, It isj UNION CITY, I'enn, Jan. 8. VP:'\ BEEBE. Ark-Thc total d= ™* d '. T1 } e ^L. S 2_* itnes ?w th« -Two men were killed and two I on the Powell & Company build- others were critically Injured In tht | Ing by fire here Monday morning collision of a bus and a truck be- was about $6,000. Damage to fhe tween Union City and Fulton, Ky.. I stock of goods amounted to retirement of the first series of stock of the association which was compietea in oep emoer, 10 years !•....*.. v v .,.j *u u rmiwu, no.,ia.wn oi BOOQS amouniea 10 ^o.uw, after the organization was first lale last nljht. The two men In- j and loss on the building was about , ^ ,„ ,«io !,.._., , . 'S1.600, according w Mr. Powell. The fire was caused by defective wiring, and the loss was covered by insurance. formed In 1919. Jured fatally htve not been Identl The annual statement ol the as-1 fled definitely but they are believed j soclfUlon Is being prepared for pub-1 to be brothers named LnwTence ol (Hcatlon. 'Anna, 111. of Packers' Dscree Suit has been tiled in chancerj i court by Jake Rice of Manila ask- WASHTNGTON. Jan. 8. -«Hlng the com \ to r«tr. n .h , Protest against any modification of!£ 8e o^V.T Shaver sherin" from the c.-nto<t dxreo entered Into by,selling cerUIn prowriles to UtlsfJ m=at packers in 1922 was voiced „ cou \. t ..TS " ?K fL «„ S the senate tac'ay by Senator Black, democrat, Alabama, who a court Judgment In the case of the Bank of Leachvllle vs. L. M. Ross, ct a\. thc packers had appealed lo In the com p] ttlnt Ricc sta , es he att rney general for modlflca- that the name of "Jake Rice" sign- lion of the decree. cd to a stay bond is a forgery and Sjnal:r Black salt! nullification , hBt the bond nlso signed by the of the decree would permit the: defendant* was never presented lo pac.:ors to open chair, stores "for j h i m . R i ce declares that he was In the sils of everything to eat and 1 no way a party to the suit everything used." j Rt ce complains that certain of S£r.»\«r Kcndrlcks, democrat. | his properties have been advertised Wyoming, said he had reliable In-1 [or sale to satisfy the execution on formation tnat thc attorney gen-; January 24, 1»30. He asks that an eral had declined to take any part; order b*. granted, restraining the In the case and that he had lieM: sate ot his land and that on final the question was on for the courts, hearing his nnme be stricken from Tho decree prevents mcht packers i ihe stay bond. from entering Into other business-1 C. M. Buck, local attorney, U rep- WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. W)—Immediate appointment of a as high commissioner or governor of Haiti was proposed today by Chairman Borah of thc senate foreign relations committee, which began con-.j':cratlon of President Hoover's n ;.~st for & commission. WEATHER es. tre:ent!nz Rice. ARKAN3.W —R ain, , probably sleet in south and sleet or sr.ow in north portion tonight and Thursday; somewhat colder in south and east portions tonight; continued old Thursday. It rained, 5 Inthes here yesterday until midnight last night making one of the heaviest rainfalls In ona day for recent years. The mint- mum temperature here yesterday was 37 degrees and the maximum. 64 degrees; cloudy with. north winds. . • • On the same day a year ago the minimum temperature was 24 degrees and the maximum, 42 de- gieesj clear with northeast winds.

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