Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1954 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1954
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Silhouette Creates Switmnit Si vie N A new dressmaker « THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1931 nnii modifier! Mii|..- /i|ipf>,ns on hlm-k Irt-iiivf sh purr ,«„).«. .vat's wimsuils. K e m i n i n e •'•.•off touch" 'iirh tu.tirlr pl.iids nru m nn nswutmrmi nl rlnyi-n touches include rin.-h helts with and dupes lime t.viincrl MM- i.irinl inns. One nml-e, ut.". <•%. rtnst jn/r^ >,r ni ;a|irir. i^ ,,,<„„ rm,,, s „,„„,„. (/rry* Pawns fit Men'* Fashion? Men's fvfnina r|nthe«. which; ruffm 1,1,11- t.'ndr-r Ilif - Hiiihic||:i Men's Shoes Have Light, Airy Look Earmarked for Easter the adaptable RESISTO "Nassau" *10 I ( rarely sr-eui to change, have! acquired .1 new per* arid ;i IK-". < oior Dusk Or ''' Tin'- men * u<-ar color SMKS ti.ituu- nr-v. (|i«.inn. in a vhi rn jn"' i ing brilliance that. The n rw shoi-* for Sprint; and l»ipt,n. dr-nu.i -i,,ri •..•iuri.,1),. mHk ,. s ,, ,,„ ^ >:rr .||p n( foi | frr ; Summer are right in line with the Ih-ie nir, p..r|,il- t ,ii f hei«. l;,.r- Ifl0 rnrj|r ro | 0 ,-f,,| .-,rre^<tories! switch lo l/r,'hter-wei c hf clothes miifla sh.-its and r-|f,|,,,,.ft f-h.,rts nf ,w ; ,dor,ier| t, v the Modern! accr.rdint? to The National Shoe In win, n nealih of colmful trim. Male; ! stitute. which predicts that the -re ,,,-t- v,'^ff.. : co |, t, (r. r • -j hf , f;i! , n ,. ,,,,.], is ;n Hl | ;)r ,|,. i r"-w models in rof,|. a j ry ny | nn apmn«, finr.. jofkotv nrirt N,-,., |ri Uf(lslr .,| Hn ,\ (jacron: it is the rn " sh wil1 f ' nf ' bierh favor with ' x " rs '" n * nntahty m nil,„,,-,(,. jn lightweight |,, x ,, rv ""• well-dresscd man for general r.,.iirnM.M,|,.h..d ;,ml piactirnlly wnnklo-fr-e- ' ' ^-'eet wear. II-IIKI.III fnvi-rrihl'-s. lii ihiv i-fiir.. stylings primarily, though peakr-rl and twr)-ione tweedy effects will i 1,'oiy ;no Hie Mne l/nc-n 1 ; and ; lif'cls ni'f k| ill r"T'iil/i r w il h ••nine lend vai-iely lo (he new meshes' imr-n-lik" cr,i|,,ns nn ,| niynns i "cnnse r vative«." | which will appear in the r| as <ric ff-filiiriny cre,-iv-i.-vjv.iniirr. and easy wnshabilily. : winglip. the newer f-wing and ! ,-,..., - . -.- ! variations on these themes, j Custom F/f, Frepdnm in Ry AMf:M HART NBA Beauty Editor Here's news for wen ers of "hapless bra*. A well-known manufacturer of brassieres has 'list introduced one thaf offers, re believes, both custom fit and freedom from irritation. A pushbotton devire "recessed alonu the outer edge of each cup and greater comfort. By merely tr-uchint; a finger to the button, i (he wearer ca.n expand or con- ir.-ict (he cushioned wire frame as much as a full inch. DETROIT, . i P Detroiter Richard Coker's anger grew with; each block he tin-led. Hej couldn't find a place to park.! And. after all, he'd come down- > town to pay off a tirket for il- ! parking. Finally he drove | ck onto the sidewalk at City i . and stormed in to give the mayor a piece of his mind. The mayor was out. So Coker ; stormed back to the sidewalk ! only to find police had towed i his tar away That cost him S!0 on top of his $.? ticket. Utter* Perform HARTFORD. Conn.. /P—Harold J. Rani. YMCA physical director, jacked up his automobile to change a flat tire. But the jack wouldn't work in reverse, rnr-ruited three husky lifters at the "Y" to lift the rear end of the aulomobile off the jack. STORE HOURS* Wi«PIIfc HWWHWl Center crenur, pined front, pork-pir — \vliiclir.vci'n ynui tlyle, you'll find il in tlir nr-w He*iMol I\a»*iiu, for you run \\ciir it in any nl llicsc HIUT »nyn Hrrp'n n hat neatly nlylcil willi nnrinwpr btiin mill tapcn-il crown, mid conic* to you in new spring ftliudc* with coninintiiiK HrsisloPn exclusive Self ('oiil'n f pal HIT given yon illdiv idilnl fit HIM) coitifort. tind long nvnl. other H»-*inlol liulu, f 7.^0 lo $20 Shop Friday 9:30 to 9. 0HMAU EVUtSTON Hera at* tho«s thai not ptomit» comfort . . . fh»x HI .fil't ,'hp \Y)iir Trrl info a pair nf i|if>r stvlrful KociiMvm. I rrl thr elifirrrnrr.' lAriy dip ant! ( urvr of your foot is IMHII hrrl in il lc finrtt rail leattver a\,n!Hhlr. Anrl J ; ooiv.i\r|- toiulort in Kiiaiasujrd lui the long, i«.sun« lilc ol the ilioes. AA lo D .95 22 MAIN FLOOR lo rule first for meshes, grained leathers and rep. lile will enjoy increased popularity. Style wise this type of shoe will be slimmer, narrower and feature a more decant silhouette. j The larelcss shoe will continue i I" loom prominently In the style. picture- for Spring because of its c.ise. comfort, excellent fit and smart styliris. The tassel moc- ca.sin is already a favorite amonR Hie slip-on types, but many other interesiinR moccnsin treatments will vie for favor, this season. The new lightweight tropical Ic'.-ilhers will fill the ncotl f nr good- looking footwear to go wilh the liKlit-wiMRhl Spring and Summer suits and combinations, according In Die Leather Industries o( America. The forecast is for a .sharp up- of blue, particularly in .suede leather used in all-over effects and in a combination with blue smooth-finished calf. Also popular will be (he light browns in the combination of brown suede with i Inn calf of Ian suede leather wilh ! brown cnlf. I The texture!- of I he leathers play an Important part in new fashion developments. Varied grains .show up in soft, pliable glove-like Ion(hers. The embossed leathers wilh fine grain will also he popular. Miury new variations of perforated i leather will bo seen. amount of bending, stretching or twisting will cause it to slip. The company also points out that one can lower the bra to prevent its peeping over low nock linos whitfi rot 3 inincr th<? natural uplift. There will be no need to endure an unflattering line for neatness' sake. The pushbutton device also permits the w»arer lo make allowances for the normal day-to- f lay changes in the si/.e of the breasts and for the usual difference in si/e between the left and right sides. The resulting perfect fit. the (inn points out, assures perfect Mcurily: The hra will not fall away from the body as one leans, bends or reaches. To insure complete comfort, Hie bra. which comes in nylon lallela or nylon lace, Is cushioned wilh foam rubber. And the lirm says that it has been sue- rrsfully tested (or washability. Keiiehliiff fur her evening wrup the imrt.v-goer (nbnve) is mi- worried nlxitit her strapless l>rn twisting out nf pliice. she l.i wearing a new di-Minn (lint Is snitl lo he twist anil bernl-proof. Alaska is larger than California, Montana' and Texas combined— these being the Hire biggest stales now in the Union. FRIDAY 9 A. M. to 8:50 P. M. MON., 9 A. M. to 8:50 P. M. GRANTS GREAT EASTER PARADE OF VALUES HELPS YOU TO Dress Better for Less TiSonlr* (« tlcillfol buying in hug* quontiti*« end: »• «ur Uw low ce<« of doing butin*ti, Grant* hat b«(om« (amoutt for quality with a lew prlt» log. Our voit Eo»t»r assortment! provt itl In Sports huge straw handbags and som- brcro-lype piny hats. 'has i' Designers loured (ho world for inspirations that have made spring .sportswear the most exciting in ; years. From Italy, South Amer- i ica, Turkey and (he Canary Is- j lands conic native color, pattern j and design apparent in every j category nf active sports and spectator clothes. ! Oriental colors and draping i techniques have been duplicated in blouses and "fancy pants." The bold prints and earth colors typical of Mexico and South America appear in shorts, cotton skirls. Spanish feeling of the already- popular tapered trousers has he.^n carried to fringed blouses ;»K» jackets. From Kngland comes a Victorian feeling which is whimsically translated into high-colltr eel, while-cuffed striped shirts with garter sleeves and Inpelled ve.stoe r cove-red with wallpaper-printer. 1 squares. The can-can look from France of the 18!W's and Toulouse-Lautrec is noted more and more in ruffled blouses and playsuils of typically gay posler colors. Glorious fabrics and designs for her Fabulous Spring ... GIRLS' DRESSES SIZES 7 TO 14 2 98 otany "500 IPRIH6 WORSTtOS ideal fur DOW and lain $65 CAMfO SNIfN SAURDINI tlj«t'l to iniO'O-u-o-th I M 500 iLi INI6IQO V A N S TO N OAK PAR K: ( i v E R s R tells everything it knows! And it know? plenty. Good lliino; Boiany hasn't any skeletons in llie closet, fur they sure wouldn't be safe with the \-Kay Report in the pocket of every suit! Come in and scan a copy. Learn solid facts about: 1. Fine Botanv faliric.s. 2. "London Mellowing"—special shrinking and finishing operutinns ndil <tatnina and !u»ler to falirics. 3. "Choice, »pccijillv-|)rocc.).c(l |ittin<;s. 4. Kxtra-slurdv pockrling. ,ivr, i-f>ilii-nl CHIIVIU " O a|.front? in«ur« imnoth i' anil shapr-rc 6. Boiany'* •npcrKir ti'iinnnngs Ivpificd by pure-silk llireiiil and lni;l)-(|iiii|ilv bnltiin>. 7. Kxpcrt .cwinj! of edge-taping determine.? a garnipnl'i *liape and pn-M-ni* ulretchinu or puckering. 8. (.iiMiiiu-calilici con>lnirlion of collar, sluuildcrs, annbolpn. 9. 1 ii'p|c.-s inspection of tailoring and materials. 10, Smarl. .•i»un<l dcM»n tluil'i a .lyli'-iuark ol Botany "500." Ktw non' why llofanv .your bvMi lioi for Shop Fridoy 9:30 A.M. to 9 P.M. A world of n-onfl'rrful the marvelous 'Ever-" Ela/.e', and embossed cotrons, and no-hdr chromspun taffetas. A touch ot flattery in the pcrtecc designs. J hrfllmgly trimmed to highlight the .voting lady'j natural charm. A brilliant choce oJ fashion color*. '. •W'—jr'WS. 5W H IP w-t r ?~ X-vov^jpj,^ y ^ ^^ ffHfirjgtU^t *J-i ^dertfw&s* *. « * M v (** v '•*. w ikiJ ' ^«»«**W >' V.4*yftN Iv Many style favorittsl Lab-tested . . . Strongly made TODDLERS' BUST BEAVER SHOES All le*rher upper*, hc«l lining* & msolei. Fie*. ible »ol««, comfort • fit »sn>rcd. Satisfaction guaranteed. Sizet 4-8. GUIS' OURENE COHON SOCKS GIRLS' IASTW HANOIAC5 ,,xtra strong. Nylon rn'n- torced heel, {oe. V»t-dyed, colors. 9 to 11. Crisp $tr»ws, pUttict with Crown-up »iri. Gajr trims. lo new Sprinj col«f». »'«• iff 6 A n Y JOLUT

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