Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 11, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1969
Page 4
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Redlondt Daily F CK I S 4 - TuMdcqr, hb. 11, 1969 33 classrooms usable in March Local Notes Three buildings on north campus ot RHS nearly ready TrMwn T M* Mrt, P«k FiW Sbop at Larry's Paint House, Winn Bldi^ CoUoo at Oranfe. We ^ S.&H. Gnaa (tamps! s "TSriJ^blSfire touched itrec buBdings on Redl«»ds earthqoake hatanb as , *«V , trfi^/'**"' oa a fii« Ikat caused mliiorjhijh school's north campiBjm by tte FieM Act, Ttuiteet h ««i "S £is'^for completion of riamase j^terday t. a i>u>d be the fir* facBiUes compWed . ,„ "-"-iju,?''^^, SSn «TiU, a b- truck o»i>ed by Dutch G i r 1 this year in the Kedlands Schod f^S^T- . . Cleaners, and Laundry, fire de-j District's current constnictioo!" ^ conditiamns and an elab- partment officials reported. Theimgram. loadins zone aad parldnc loti orate fire prevcoUon system.!by February, iro. incident occurred at Hastioss The tiiree ne»-buildings, local-Muchnieeded new lightins is also and (Hive at 10:43 aJn. led adjacent to Church street, planned. . ! north of the Citrus avenue inter- The final major construction Sealcaating i section, will house 33 classrooms project set to be completed this In the early planning sUgt is a new Franklin elementary school complex which vrill be completed by September, 1970. Site acquisition has already been made for three schools in the Loma Linda area "which wiU be used when additional public schools must be built in that part of our school district," Give your driveway that New and wiU be ready for uje in year is Kingsbury elementary Look. Free estimate* on seal- March, according to a project school c'.-ating driveways and paildng report from the district admin- Here constnictisn is well un- bts. Also paving and grading, istration cffice. der way on 23 claasroDms. a Kevari Contractors 792-5652. x -n^ following month, t h e kindergartsn, a raulUpurp:>se NB Ax ,it cianM fourth classroom building in the building, a library,' and an ad-__._ . , t-^^-.u^Ij.™.-« -1,,,-. "orth campus cluster is mmistration building, all south!school spokesmen said, n K u ,SSf^ scheduled for compIcUon. This of the oW school buildmg which i The three Loma Linda ^''^'^ •'<™_"^«™«*^=y'" sitsi include a future arj- 12, because of Lmeoms rooms, two homemaking In ihe advanced planning school facility on Redlands bo«te- Birthday, according to Jack raoms and a lecture hall. stage is the districts new orlh;- vard, west of Mission school; a Bmkley, coordmatm'. Clock auditorium, on the south pedicaUy handicapped facility at new junior high school site, lo- Far ViiMiihn GivkM campus at the high school, is Mission scbocd. cated on Mt. View avenue and k L SS ^I StiTH- Cha^ates beau '^'''S rehabUitaled and Five classrooms, an occupa-, Misswn road; and an elemen- tiMlTBift wnimed tor vour P"^"* completion in tional therapy room, a physical I tarj- site on Prospect avenue ^i^i^i^art^'^V^'^'^y' ^ ™Port continued. therapy room, an office and abetw -een Mt. View avenue and ^Kc* .tw^ T \^ff ««« r™^'i ^ addiUon to making the therapy pool and dressing rooms i Bentcn street; the report con- bw' C^toni to«|e P h one'**^"^ structurally safe from are slated for a new site south- 1 eluded. 793-2804. ' X Misaad Paper* Phone Bedland* Daib' Fact* drculation department, 793-3221, before 6:30 pjn. week days, or 2:30 pjn. Saturdays to report missed paper* and obtain delivery. Burglars aren't invisible LINCOLN SHRINE OPENS EARLY — Redlands' Lincoln Memorial Shrine will open one hour early tomorrow, accommodating a better public observance of Lincoln's Birthday. Mrs. Frances Collins, the curator, shown with the Shrine above, said to­ day that Wednesday visitors might push the annual guest list over 6,500. There are 39 states represented in registrations since Lincoln's Birthday 196& Shrine is adjacent to A. K. Smiley Public Library, between Fourth and Eureka streets. Wanted—alert people MENTONE-CRAFT^N VFW to dedicate Veterans of Foreign Wars will Br ROSKMARY CASSf L Facu Mentone CorrespoodeDt Pbon* 792-71U •r~^<. ».!..«:... ni».r •• ^° automobile UgaUons which can lead to ap -i would be strangers to the com^ irlifcJI Jy^L^M, "P '^"^ prehension of Ihe burglars and munity." bl^Lf^ S^v« wiS how residential street during often recovery of stolen prop-, Only yesterday, Ihe home of (h ^!rt ™n!jT.lSdiM-r«ri"^ ' ' Walter N. Lee. 446 Fourth Street, their amiual Valentme dmn«' and^ ^ neighborhood resident walk-! Det- Sgt. Dave BushneU of Redlands was entered betw^ evenmg ^Afoiiion seeks return of sfolen purse thinking no more of the presence of the car and the two men. That afternoon, two police de- Redlands Police Department is 11 a.m. and noon by someone m complete agrrement with the who took $76 in cash from a sheriffs lieutenant on that point!jar in the house. Another daylight burglary took place yesteitlay afternoon at the home of Earl Morgan, just west Valentine diiMier planned A Valentine dinner will be held «t tiie Meotone Coogreea' tional church this Thursday. Feb. 13. Mrs. Dale McKee is dinner chairman, and the com' numify is, invited to participate. Reservations fbr tile 6:30 p.m. diicken dinner must be called in to either Mrs. McKee or Rev. Wayiaod by Wednesday evening. A Redlands woman appealed today for the return of her sto-Dlaindothes len purse which contained irreplaceable famOy pholograi*s and various personal papers and medicine of no value to anyone but herself. Mrs. Ella Blae Cosentino, of 503 W. Colton avenue, said the -ivhite beaded purse was removed from her auto Sunday night in the 900 block of Lawton street while she was visiting her mother. 'The purse coi^ined a small If we can get the public to keep their eyes open," says BushneU, "the information they _ _ _ tectivcs mvestigating a daylight-jcan provide is utvaluable in mak-'of the Redlands'city'Umit at hours burglaly came to the ing swifter investigations." j9t58 Buckeye, while the resi- woman's door seeking informa-j Both officers noted a rising in- dents were away. lUon about possible strangers in cidence of bold daylight hour Taken worn u mmi ia.« rvT"' , , .. the neighborhood that day. burglaries in the Redlands-Yu- luiS^ iewX Si!? \ ^ ""^ "NV the told the;caipa ar« since the first of the fhain'ia ^r ^e ^l ^^J^^^^ mated at several thousand dol-' »- i~ DMi 't lOrflrt ... to pass around word of tbt new Recreation Program which atart- ed in the community last Thursday. Each Thursday afternoon officers. "I don't year. think wait a minute. There! "We feel the people responsi-^Iars. according to Lt. Farquhar. were these two young men in an'ble for these crimes arc prob- okl model car. '" "*"'"' ' -•- gram of craft work and physical activity. The program is ably rin"inc doorbells in manv =PPe»" object of! held at the Mentone Congrega .• • , fncL !J ^fn .lJ ^rfni^K^™2 these Further questiomng of ""e »°f„^«^8 hom« .^rgef items - basic-lis limited to thoST cfaiMren wToman led to a somewhat de-"hen no one answers, theonied ,, ° cuns TV sri« anrf Lt. Farquhar. "ITey Probably! he said. "Such items arc easily disposed of by the Vltol Records alt ^ioueh for much less amoMt of money. Mrs C^s^-i^ U ,ej- had burglarized an- threw away the purse and its other contents. She has oS^ered "a small re-! tailed description of the car and! its occupants. Three days later, the information provided by the Redlands; w«»«»« nwwwa «•« actual value, area woman w^ing her dog on' BIRTHS i There is no particular pattern the day flf the burglary was res ENDEZ - Bom, a daugh-;of entry in the burglaries, ac- strumental m the apprehension, "^^^-'^ ^ Manuel cording to Fartiuhar and Bushof-two Colton area men shortlyi ioi3 websCer stnset.inell. Door locks are sUpped in Redlands. Feb. 4, 1969, atlsome cases; unlocked doors and Loma Linda hosfrital. IMARRIACE LICENSES ISSUED I neighborhood. "Every time a crime occurs,' ^ ^ .. „ I says Lt Willard Farquhar, com IMWBW ^f.."^ ^* mander of the Yucaipa sherifTsiTUST-RAMOS - William ward' »r the return of the, j^^^y^^i "someone invariably; Tuat, 21, Coopersburg. Peno.; purse '"'d It con^te. lie find- somcUiing." ' and Bartwra R. Ramos, 19, '!L,''-^wX^pXna ^s That "something" could be a! Redlands. and contents to the Redlands doort)ells!BARB(W:HAVEZ - Refugio pouee depanmeni. j.^ ^^^^ neighborhood, or an occu-', Barbo, 36, and Flora Chavez, i windows provide the avenues of entry in others. In the case of the Morgan J. ''burglary, said U. Farquhar, in- ''vestigators found evidence that the burglars' car apparently had been parked on Pioneer avenue just west of Buckeye. "I'd venture to say that 15 from kindergarten up to and in- duding the sixth pnade. More information can be obtained by contacting the duirman of the program, Mrs. Lewis Barber. Rotarians hear inturanc* *lery> Tbe Mentone Rotary dub met last evening at Las Polmas, «ith J. W. HcAndrew presiding at the dinner meeting. The guest speoiMr fcr the evening was Ron Goss «f Pasa dena, a representativ« of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company. Gass, assisted by Mike FarreU of Altadena, ex Mrs. Herbert Mihier (Georgia Rodgers), former Redlanders, were here from Saugus, Calif. The Mihiers are planning to have ceremonies Thursday eve- move to Florida in the verj- "ing to dedicate a new banner near futur«. jf"'" Post 2062. District Com- Also oresent were Air and™™^^"^ ^"hert E. Morgan. San \.rrVr ^^„H m=.„i['R^'Bernardino. wiU officiate with plained various insurance Pl^ns, /^^^ Third district drill team. • M-^^^^m ^ArT ^fTi^" The meeting will be at 7 :30 at ^'.^T ^^S,^„H ^-;i 'he School Board room. Lugo- rrosram«a the ^ J^k RodccrsTf Sfe "'^ ""^""^ """^e street » » - H - £ a sister who resides in Okla-jl homa, a brother from Arizona, and anothec brother from Palm-! dale. and retirement plans for seilf-employed businessman. Program chairman for the con nity meefins Wednesday The Mentone 4H Club will hold their Febntary community meeting tomorrow evening at the Congregational Parish House oo Brighton avenue. As part of the program several members will present demonstrations. Mrs. Warren Cliogman is community leader. Pattison host family rwnion Weekend guests at ihe home of Mr. and Kirs. Archie Pattison, 1357 Chrysolite avenue, were brothers and sisters of Mrs. Pat tison who arrived for a family gathering. Present for the reunion were seven of the ten living children of Mrs. Mary Rodgers, San Bernardino. Here from Alice, Texas, were Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Overstreet (Lucille Rodgers) who were on their way back to Texas following a trip to Hawaii. Mr. and Dollars for yoiv old bike! Sell it with a speedy (HassiCed Ad.j Just dial for an ad-writer today! 793-3221. MORE SOFT WATER FOR. LESS MONEY! RViSOFT^ Check Our Prices ••'j before you buy., .^j Call 793-2359^ Redlands ' 612 Texas SI. ' CURTAIN GOING UP February 20tli DeWin'S A to Z PAINT SUPPLY 327 No. Orang* 793-2 «M| SELL IT TOMORROW With low-cost Classified Ads Weather jpied car parked on a street un-| 59; both Redlands. {Or 20 people passed by and saw der suspicious circumstances. | MENDIETA-ORTIZ — Richard I that car — and probably the "If people are alert," he adds,! R. Mendieta, 19, San Bemar-iburglars, too," he said. "Those they could supply us with thej dino; and Rosalie IL Ortiz, 18. are the people we would like to! 1 missing pieces in burglary inves-' Redlands. I , H0PKINS5HAFFER - Roy H. A%-er»fe rehnuir ninWI 2.4S |^/L_--.'-. iL^l Avenst MMon toul ninfiU 14.03 yy flQfQ $ TnOT Jan. 11 . Jin. M . Jan. U . Jan. M . Jan. IS . Jan. IS . Jan. 17 . Jan. 18 . Jan. 19 . Jan. » . Jan. 21 . Jan. 22 . Jan. 23 . Jan. at . Jan. 25 . Jan. as . Jan. 27 . Jan. 2S . Jan. a» . Jan. 30 . Jan. 31 . Feb. 1 . Feb. 2 . Feb. 3 . Feb. 4 . Feb. S . Feb. « Feb. 7 . Feb. S . Feb. • . Feb. W - Xaln2all Temp. 24 Sea- Houn aea . SS 41 . 68 39 _ .59 so .02 2.1S . e2 SO Leo 3.7S . S3 48 .03 3.78 . 61 44 . . 56 46 . truck crash on freeway? Hnd in order to get a description of the car and the sus- Hopkins. 20, Hi^iland; andiPects." Louise D. Shaffer. 20, Red- 1 PLUNKETT-MILZ - Michael J. i Driver course Plunkett, 21, San Bernardino;! V.. and Vickie L. Hilz, 20, Red-! OT TUCOIDa lands. A Redlands Fffe Department! DEATHS 57 62 64 _ S8 _ 58 _ 58 _ 65 _ S9 _ 55 _ 48 _ 53 _ 55 _ 39 _ 57 63 _ 70 _ 65 _ 57 _ 52 _ eo _ 67 as _ 71 48 SO 34 50 43 43 56 54 41 40 31 29 32 32 34 35 39 45 45 37 36 37 38 J5 J60 1.07 .39 ~*4 3.41 J6 .47 .09 M -Irig sped to_;'Citrus avenue and ,s „,,j„ _ 455; the freeway" in Redlands early today after the California Division of Forestry reported an ! overturned truck at that loca- 6JS 7« 10.44 lion. IIM 11.47 11J6 iia* .38 1.43 .38 12.27 13.70 13M 4fliiooneemenf ot Funeral Services SMITH. Hn. Dorothy H. 11:00 «jn. WedncKlay raifwifM Chaptl BERTI. lira. Santia 11:00 ajn. Thursday .Yncaipn dupel SPRAGUE, lira. Ruby Jo Saury: 7:30 pjn.'Thuridar Lmn Liiria Chaiid •:«« njn. Friday MMOB AF8 Oiapd The firemen checked the free-j way "from one end of town to; < Officer Ray Dunn of the California Highway Patrol will Banning, serve as instructor for a driv- Calif.. Feb. 9, 1969, Blrs. Doro- er educatnn course sponsored thy H. Smith. 1001 South 3rd; by the Yucaipa Adult Educa- street, Calimesa, aged 69| tion School on Wednesdays from years, native of Denver,, 7 to 9:30 p.m. Colo., and resMent. of Calime-j iHe course, which will be held sa for SV4 years. I in Room 45 on the Sixth street Deceased is survived by her^bigb school campus, wiU cover port was slightly off course. ling. RegistratMns are being taken _ , Funeral services will be held subsequent radio check by Red- Wednesday at 11 a.m. at thciat the adult education'office lands police shon-ed that the kv Eromerson-Bartlett, Calimesa 1 12358 Sixth street daily after 1 cation of the truck accident was chapel. Rev. Richard Osness, "Citrus avenue and the freeway in Fontana." not Redlands. p .m. 1I0BFH7. Serrim A, Jr. UNDER DIRECXrON OF f.WHUR CORTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVE. 92-1411 pastor of the Yucaipa Christian church, officiating. Interment in ;l>esert Lawn Memorial Park, I Emmerson-Bartlett Memorial I chapel. Calimesa, in charge. \ BERTI — Died in Loma Linda,' : Calif.. Feb. 9, 1969, Mrs. San- I tina V. BerU. 12835 Alta Visla drive, Redlands, aged 90' years, native of Italy and res-] ' ident of Redlands for six ^ years. Deceased is survived by a son, . Lewis L. Berti, of West Covina: 1 a daughter. Mrs. Mary Van; _ . ^ ^ Court of Redlands and four. ^CjdlCrado. - Avaran granddifldren. 1 J^T?!^J/*1*JL;L* JJ?/ Funeral services will be heUi" ^ ^ • niursday 11 a.m. at the Emmerson-Bartlett Memorial chapel, Yucaipa, Kev. Duane Logston officiating. Interment in Hillside Memorial Park. ar, or Ms paranls. Savbif* from tn la lit ar* net unu* boaror of faad iradat, «)han it coma* lima le p»v 1k» atrtamaWa htturlnca pnmkim an Ms, or yaor, car. It arauM •oom M M yaw orawW aam an A WALTER ERNEST PATreBSOIf Rooaqr •rneai^,7:30 pjB., Tneaday^at tka>F. Arthor Gartner CbapH. Requiem HoH 10 ajn.. WednesUy, at Socnd Hcsrt Church. WILLIAM ROBERT PATTERSON Graveade serricss 11 a m.. Tuesday, al iUSsid; M7- morial Park. About People '^'^^^ . Lowis Prica, M, Army private fint class, son of Mrs. Doris M. Spongier. 161C Alta street, was assi^ed as a combat engineer with the 16Mh Engineer Battalion near Di An. Vietnam. Jan. 16. Hi] wife. Loiraine. Uvcs in McBtooe. laa BtealaW at Center, Ba4-| iaadi. tam ssn. . Secood da» polaaa Md at led-i bad-. Caiif Lnl adi-crtliciacou • ctr-rt Csestc SOtO. Sub;^*!^^ Batsi -m adnacc': Z'* -carrier per inoB 'Ji S1.7X ttire*>. Usi. Jr. rc--nt."«) 8*10. cos ear S11L4I>. Br oaU per oeaU «:.03i .nu}c^«3440. i; !avpr.CooktCo< IntrtKi $ Swiff tttis 12 W. Stiff; nMM7f >^2ll4 RRDLANOi, CALIPORIIIA BUT DO IT SAFELY. T mc A important Mahty 1. Don't cross streets or highwajrs whik flying kites. 2.Dott'tfi]ra]dte with metal in the' frame or tail 3. Don't use tinsel strinfcwireorany twine wtdi metal •nit: 4 .Don'cfl]raIdte dverTVacnd^ antennas: • S.Don'tfljralate nearelectricpower lines and don't try to retrieve a kiie caught iu power lines. dDon'tflyaldte indienin. FREE SILVERPLATE offer ends February 15. LAST CHANCE! Today—trade in your ^!;' stored-up Silver Certificates... redeem ' them by February 15,1969... and complete your silver sen/ice at only S2.75. {including sales fax) per place setting! Of course, there's still time to start or add to your United States National Bank savings account with a S50 deposit and receive a 5-piece place setting of beautiful silverplate FREE! 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