Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 30, 1967 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1967
Page 6
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Junior Editor Quit on OLD CUSTOMS : ~^ " • QUESTION: Why are ships christened? ANSWER: Wafer craft have been extremely useful and helpful to mankind. Boats have enabled men to gather food from the sea, explore the ocean and sail to new countries. Be- c.iusc the sea can be treacherous, boats must be carefully constructed. A boat owner's pride in his craft leads him to select a name symbolizing its importance. Christening is part of the Christian baptism ceremony; on this occasion the child is given s name and then sprinkled with sanctified water. Ship owners adapted the idea of this ceremony for launching their ships. A lady sponsor is selected and she breaks a bottle of champagne over the ship's bow. In our picture Kenny and John have constructed a sailboat from a kit. Now John's sister, Phyllis, is christening the boat by pouring soda pop on the bow. Even the smallest boat may share in the seagoing tradition. (George Hohn of Woodridge, N. J., wins today's combined priie of Compton's Illustrated Science Dictionary plus $10 cash for this question. Mail yours on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper.) Daily Times Herald Monday, October 30, 1967 Features . . . Comics TIZZY By Kate Osann ^ ^ 'I have to redecorate—these are all my last year's boy friends!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "Five rainy days in a row! Grimes, call up my lawyer and have him disinherit somebody!" READ THE WANT ADS CAPTAIN EASY Insect Life Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Tliplorous insrrls 0 l'l:int post 11 Hoi'nrtl nyjiin K) l.nhni ;int 11 I'nrrl.-itod to olliios 15 Stiirl aRnin Ifi ]''.iicirciinn strip 17 Of :i rrrtnin cunt inrnt 19 I'Yniiiiinp nickiiiinu* ?H Ancient Scot :!l 1'isniirc '.'.•! City in Nrviidn ^.fi Isii.'ic's inutlicr (Hit).) 27 Hliick widow, for one 29 Indite 30 I.nriiil 31 l'';i!so ironiti. form I 33 Shakespearean spirit 31 Short article in a newspaper 35 Marry nr. Kind ;)7 Vegas, Nevada 40 City in Turkey 42 Flash of lightning 43 Boring insect 46 Coleopterous insect 4fl Size 49 Prominent speaker 50 Props of eye fluid 51 Matured DOWN 1 Takes hold of 2 Valley in 3 Coral island 4 Small pastry fi Health resort (1 Plane surface 7 Hindu foot soldier R Luck 9 Suffix 10 Low luiunt 12 Camelot lady 13 Stamina IB Arachnid 20 Hicyclc part 21 Dry 22 Defense group (ah.) 23 Definite article 24 Ceremony 25 Pleasing to the taste 2fi Cuckoopint 87 Forefather 2B Gave money for 30 Uncooked 32 Greek geographer 36 Seasoning 37 Game of chance 38 Let 39 Forbidding 40 Affirm 41 Loud noises 42 Bruin 43 Moist 44 English river 45 Greek letter 47 Unit of energy CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "That dance was wild, Dad! Could you show us those steps again, without the skate?" BUGS BUNNY By RALPH HEIMDAHL Y20UF1/ / BEAUTIFUL DAY, R3HA39V EH, GUVNOR? V-30 YEAH, AN 1 I'M ICEEP/U' IT THAT WAY! BEAT IT, BUM', GENTLY, SIRE, OUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN '.' TH' CLUCK'S GOT DOUGH! / CAPE T' LOOK AT A MENU? 19-30 By LESLIE TURNER We.'. I BEEW TKVIM' TO LOCATE 1 SWELL 1 . TWO )'J FOR- HOUK^: GUESS WHO WE [ HERE? R.ATBUSH FATS! ONE OF 'EM T FIMEl TAKE HIM HAD PONE TIME ) TO NW BOAT! I'LL>N JHE SftMB y HURRV THERE AMP CELL 6UJCK f/ SCUTTLE THAT CHI5ELER BEFORE DAVLI6HTI THE KID.5 MUSTVE 5LIPPEPSOME'TDOW'T WORRV—THEV> CUT-UP RUBBER BAWDS INTO MY i WOW'T.' BV THE TIME HUMIPOR, BUT I AIN'T GOKJWA 6IVE \ YOU'VE SUFFERED ^ THEM THE SATISFACTION OF LETTING/ THROUSH A PIPEFUL THEM THINK IT BOTHERS ME.' IF /OF THAT STUFF WE'LL THERE'S NO FUN IN IT FOR'EM ) ALL HAVE HEADACHES THEY PROBABLY WON'T DO IT S FROM SMELLIN' IT AMD < VOU'LL BE READVTOSWEAR OFF SMOKIWe ALTO6ETHER.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . with . . MAJOR HOOPL1 6EE.KAND ALL ALOM6 UNCLE1 VERY CAREFUL VIITH \ATTORM &VjAW06,i UNCLE BUL6Y 1 WA5 PAflN u6 -\O HAUL THEM TO THE MEY'RE PRICELK5V FUTUR6 ART WOULD NEVER PORSN& ^o IFA TREA-DUKB WERE SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL StiLL JFALO/SOF NBV B^ BROTHER? APtER ALL, WMAT COULP WOE-SE TMAM HAVIW6- 'BA5V THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA ANP THAT CAT, BIFF SHE- RUNS WITH... HE*5 ALWAYS FALLING 5Y TO ^COFF UP MY FOOD//' ^ I MEAN STRICTLY FBDAA . PAD/ ...OTHERWISE IT HASN'T AFFECTEC7 ME TOO MUCH / HOW DO YOU LIKE HAVIMCr A TEEN- AROUND TH' THE CHICK'S ON TH' HORN ALL PAY LONG-// PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER C3OOD HEAVENS" WHAT NOW? POP'S SORE AT DE GAULLE AGAIKJ 'OM, HOW I WISH THOSE TWO COULD v GET ALONG/ ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN / WHAT \OLJ FIGGER TO ^ PO ABOUT THOSE } NEANDERTHALS \ SPECIAL I KIPNAPPING OOP? ...BUT SOMEBOPY OVER THERE'S GONNA PAY FOR THIS! WIZER, HOW PNOU FEEL ABOUT LAUNCHING A ' PUNITIVE EXPEPITION AGAINST TH 1 NEANPERS? x LOOK! WHEN I COME TO I'M \ VOU FOR ADVICE, I PONT , AGIN WANT AN ARGUMENT.' IT.' JI WANTA HEAR WHAT I WANT TO HEAR/ -> Elc. CHEAP -^> fcVrf* ?$ ^ IO-3O WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI YOU WANT ANOTHER. DOLLAR? WHAT HAPP5NEQTO LA&TON5 THAT VOJ CAN'T HAM5 A CCOAG JosrAA/y- T7,Me VOJ WxWTONfi. FOB. TWO PRETTY'GOOD. "•il 1567 by NEA, Inc. T.M «cj U.S. Pal. Oil. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By HENRY FORMHALS IS VERY OPP.' THERE'S A LABEL IT/ MINE ALL N\Y IS GOME- * IP FOUSJD PLEASE "Ib CLARENCE ' „ • • © 1967 by NEA, Inc. T.M. R«g. U.S.' Pat. OK THE WILLETS By WALT WETTERBERG

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