Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 24, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1895
Page 8
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FOGLESONG BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers And Retail Dealers in m FURNITURE Of-all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROftDWflY, Calls Promptly Attended to Day or Night. Phone No i>9. INDIAN TREASURE UNEARTHED. Silver ColnN Hopposed to Have Been Burle* bo Indian* on the BuokH of Veor Creek arc Found by Koran Armxtromf. While OD the farm of A. H. Thomas RufuB Armstrong made a valuable find MonCay. On the banks ot Deer Creek IB the place where the old Indian village "as located a,t an ,'early day. la plowing over this piece of ground which had never been disturbed, Mr. Armstrong noticed a sliver half, dollar. He picked it up and very naturally Instituted search lor more halves. He continued un-- earthing coins until he had found fifty'eight silver half dollars bearing dates from 1807 to 183t. He also found a piece of bone about three Inches long, since pronounced by Dr. Z U. Loop of Galvestoa to be AGAIN HEARD FROM. John T. Xorri« la Preparing to Convict Frank Smith of Gold ' Brick Hoguery. The following dispatch from Rich mond. Va., will be of interest to those in the city who know John T. Norris tbeidetective, either personally or by reputation: 1 'Detective John T. Norris arrived here yesterday with his dozen wli- neeses to be used for the prosecution of the gold brick swindler, Frank Smith. Since the detective was in the city about a year ago he has raited a full beard, which is of a snowy white. It makes a great change la him and he passed many friends on the street who had to take the second look at him before they recognized him. He is quite handy with the beard THE FINEST LINE OF SPKING SUITINGS IKo be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. JOHN McMAHON DISCHARGED. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 013 Broadway. lie IN Acquitted of (be Charge of Thtfi—The .Tury IVaw Ont Tivrntj-BliilitlHInutCM. John McMahon, charged with picking the pocket of Charles Gettllng on a Pan Handle train over a week ago, wan yesterday acquitted by aj'jry after twenty-eight minutes of deliberation. The defense was well made on the ground that if the alleged theft occurred, it was committed la Lake county and was not withla the jurisdiction of the Cass circuit court; that the proof wag not conclusive as to the person to whom the muney alleged to have been taken belonged. Both men were Said to have been drunk, Gett- llng, the alleged victim, having, it is claimed, been the first to produce liquor. The matter will come under the search light'of the authorities of Lake county if it is to proceed farther. a piece of the radius of a human body. I and the changes he can make in his COCKBURN BROS. Jiomiy to Lonn on Mort^nse Security on Easy iloatbly Payments. We Wrlta Fire, Life, Accident, Flute Glass and Tornado Insurance. Buy nrul Sell Henl Estate Call nml See Us, Olllco Booms 2 and 3 Spry Building. D. W. TOMLINSON. .'SEAL.ESTATE bought and sold.' 3UONE3T loaned on roasonaole terms. OFFICE 409 Broadway, 3d floor, Entrance on 4th Street. Have Xot Yet Acted. The county commissioners are at present salting for the arrival of President Spencer of the Logansport street railway company, with whom they will consult before taking any definite action on the question of bridge building at Market street. The Board adjourned yesterday without taking any decided steps in the mat. tor. _ The Iterlvat Services. At the Ninth street Christian church tbe Interesting and profitable revival services will continue every night this week. Tonight the Rev. D. R. Lucae will preach on "Sanotifloatlon," The meetings thus far have grown steadily in size and enthusiasm. All are invited to the services. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. J. M. McKINSEY, Seneral Fire, jfjife and Accident Insurance. Money to Lonn in Small Amounts. 412 BROADWAY. DAILY JOURNAL. WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 24 Stevenson & Kllnaick offer shoes Tory cheap this week. Barbara Weaver of the city has been grant', d an original widow's pension. Try Busjahn'g soda water. It is unsurpassed by any IB the city. Pure jyrups. Go with the crowd to the Trade Palace for bargains this week. See Hhe new novelties. See advertisement in this issue re- jarding sale of the Cyrus Myers prop- *rtjr on Clifton avenue. Eight thousand dollars had been •.Mitocrlbed yesterday afternoon .to the Haeonic Temple fund. Msj. E. W. Mclntoah will lecture Wednesday eight at the G. A. R. hall an "Prison Lite In Dixie." A program has also been arranged. The ascertainment is to be given under the auspices of the Ladles of the G. A. R, • A horse belonging to Adam Weiss »f the West Side was badly cut in the hips Monday nicht by some unknown scoundrel who forced an entrance into •»he stable. It Is hard to guess at the motives of euch a vandal as Mr. Weiss is not known to have an enemy in nUtence. Merlon* Injury 10 a Farmer. Ferdinand Chambers of Clinton township is laid tip with an injury to his spine received yesterday morning while rolling a heavy log at hia farm. Ihe injury may be a permanent one, and is at least a very serious one from which be will bo long la recovering. Grain-Knight. The marriage of Chae. C, Craln and Miss Nellie Knight will take place at 9 a. m. today. Tbe Rev. M. E. Cam. pion will pronounce the ceremony. Tbe couple will make a short visit at Dayton, Ohio, after which they will begin married life in the East End. Cantoo. Attention! AH chevaliers if Canton Logans, port No. 15, I. 0. 0. F., are ordered to appear at the drill hall this even, evening at S o'clok in full dress uniform for official Inspection and score of Canton for the information of de* partmeut headquarters. Past Capt. D. H. Chase will conduct the inspec. tlon and score, and it is expected that each chevalier will appear with himself and his accoutrements neat and in order. Immediato'y after the inspection the prize drill will occur. J. D. ALLISON, Capt. -A Friend In X«d Is « Friend Indeed." A friend advised me to try Elj's Cream Balm and after using it six weeks I believe myself cured of ca. tarrh. It is a most valuable remedy— Joseph Stuart, 624 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn, N- Y. My son was afflicted with catarrh, I induced him to try Ely's Cream Balm' and the disagreeable catarrhal smell all left him. He appears as well as any one—J. C. Olmstead, Arcola, 111. Price of Cream Balm is fifty cents. To aiutlcBteFrlion food. Before Lewis Porter was taken to. the penitentiary yesterday an Lnpres. Blon of hU mouth was taken by a den- tlet who will furnish teeth with which Lewis will for three years masticate the prison grub, which he claims is not easily consumed by the usual method. . !*chroclt"I > ler«*. John S. Sohrosk and Allie E. Pierce were married Monday eveaing at 6:30 o'clock at the home of the. bride's pa-enM on the North Side. The Rev. T. S. Freeman officiated. Mr. and Mrs. Schrock will reside in the East End. It is generally known that «he Indians, when they drew their money from tbe government would let the squaws take care of part of it, and the bucks would go on a spree until their portion was exhausted. Tbe squaws always buried .the 'money. Many years ago during one of these periodical debauches, tbis village was attacked by a hostile tribe and the villagers are said by local, historians to have fled in great haste. It is supposed that there is a vast quantity of wealth buried in and near this neighborhood, left there because of the In ability of the fugitives to secure it before making their impromptu excursion into the wilderness. A search will be made in the hope that more cash may be turned out, KveryUody'H Favorlt«. It is stated that in Ed F. Davis' pro- duction—tbe one to be given at the opera house Friday evening April 26— every scene will be produced for the first time in this play in an elaborate manner. Among the scenes that will be especially attracted Is tbe gorgeous Apotheosis, and the last scene, the ascent of Eva to Heaven, borne by angels, the pearly gates and-the stair* way to the Home beyond the Skies, the Ohio river in mid winter by moonlight, a Southern Paradise by sunset. Allegorical scenes typical of. tbe birth of Liberty and .blessing of little children, the weird rocky puis, and a realistic cotton plantation scene. In the last named, some fifty-odd quite celebrated vocalists and dancers will appear, Including Miss Pearl Wilson and the Brothers Grundy, who are claimed to be the greatest buck and wing dancers in the world. Walter Espey, a popular young colored actor, will appear as Uncle Tom. and the talented little Helen McCabe will play ZjlttleEva. Twenty ponies, donkeys, burros, and a dozen Liberian bloodhounds will be added to the above. manager Patterson'* .Benefit. On Wednesday May first Frederick and Marie Murphy will present Pygmalion and Galatea supported by tbe famous Julia Marlowe company as a benefit performance, the receipts less actual expenses to go to Manager Patterson to partially reimburse him for hia many losses during the season. This will be a rare theatrical treat and an event when every seat In the theater should be filled. Miss Marie Murphy is eaid to be one of tbe handsomest ladles on the stage today, sho making an ideal Galatea. Secure tickets at once. facial expression are wonderful. He can make himself look like a native of Dublin, a swell Englishman, the fancy Frenchman, a atolcal Hollander or a grinning Yankee." JOHN CAMBINE CAPTURED Judge Blddle'M «{ule* Humor. Judge Horace P. Biddle of Blddle's Island, enjoys a gook joke, and his own keen sallies are well worth repeating. Yesterday Drs. Coleman and Banta and Major McFadln, made a call on the sage ol the W abash. On their departure the genial Judge said: "Well, I congratulate myself upon having a good appetite, although I was visited by two doctors and a pall bearer." A HouMhold Traisirc. D. W. Fuller, of Canajoharie, N. Yi, says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the house and his family has always found the very beet results follow its use; that he would not he without it, .if procurable. G. A. Dykeman, Druggist. Cats. kill. N- Y., says that Dr. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that he has used it in his family for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that is claimed for it. 'Why not. try a remedy so long tried and tested? Trial bottles free at B. F. Keealing's drug store. Regular size 50c and $1. While FlourlMltlnjr in a Threatening; Manner n Wicked Looking Knife—He IN Locked tj>. John Camblne was locked up yester/- day by Officers Hougnton and Morris. The charges placed over against hie name on the slate were drunkenness and carrying concealed weapons. Camblne, before ho was arrested, succeeded in making Walter Wilson, a painter, feel very uncomfortable for » short time by drawing a mean looking knife on the latter and making rash threats as to what would happen if Wilson was caught in the act of breathing. Camblne has caused a number of sensations in his brief career, and many people think him a dangerous man. The "Llonf B«M6 Ball Team. The following are the members of tbe recently organized Lions ball team: Gay lor, p., Pottmeyer, o., Gorman s. e., Helms 1st, Beamer 2d, Matt 3d, Kennedy 1. f., Hlldebrandt, r. f., Laudry o. f. Subs, Grenert, Carroll and Schneeberger. Pat Redmond manages the club and Harry Hlldebrandt, right fielder. is captain. A game will be played Sunday on the North Side grounds with the Burns team. A nirthdar SurprUe. A surprise was given Sunday to Howard Johnson by about fifty of his relatives and friends at the home, No. 1408 Wright stroot, in honor of his 33d birthday. A very enjoyable time was reported. Richard Johnson of Colorado, an uncle of the victim of the pleasant surprise, whom he had not seen for ten years, was among those present. School* Make a t*ood Hecord. Toe following ie the monthly report of Supt. A. H. Douglass of the attendance in the city schools for the last month: High school, 235; Central, 705; West Side, 5-16; Sixteenth street, 218; Eighth street, 176; South Side, 169; North Side, 119. Total attendance at date, 2,168. Mr. and Mrs. Johnatbaa Grable, who have been in the city this winter, Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserinj Novelties all in waiting for you to co and select them. If you are hard to our goods and prices will win you. THE TAILOR. PIERCE, 310 BKOAIHVAY. Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At WflLKER & R^UOH. Where quality is our first object at prices t\ make them GO. ALL THE LATEST STYLES IN Summer Suitings AT 4i8 Market have taken possession of their farm in Bethlehem township. A New Firm. STEELE & YONKEY can save you from $6 to a suit of Tailor Made Clothes. All wool goods and perfect fit guaranteed. Suits from $14 to $35. W| invite your patronage. Steele & Yonkeyj 4O4 Broadway. LOCAL*. Lleenntd to Wed. •John Shuttrumpf and Christina Kerns. John L. Sohrock and Allie E. Pierce. Michael J. Dahlll and Kate Bowles. Jacob Rolhrock and Mary Myers. Hugh Smith andQLaura Bunker. The chandeliers at the German Lutheran church which are being repaired, were taken.down with the aid of the hook and ladder department yesterday. An Easy Way to Clean Tau and Black Shoes. What is there that spoils the appearance of a nice dress or suit more than a dirty or rusty pair of shoes. The way to keep them looking nice is to have Filling's artist clean them for you. No charge. Sorely it is the easiest way to keep your shoes nice. We •will clean your rubbers»and shoes, and polish them free of charge.' We keep a man who is an artist at the business, expressly for the work. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls all are welcome to free shines as often as yon want them providing yon are Filling's customers. If we forget to give you a shine card ask for it, we assure yon, you are welcome. Lisc W. FILLING. 412] Broad way. The Columbia single tube tire seems to have established a record for holding air. A Toledo rider reports that his tire was pumped up in Oct., 1893, and did not need to be inflated again until April 14, 1694. Surely that tire knew how to hold its own. Bee samples at LING. W. FILLING'S, Shoe Honse, 412 Broadway. If yon-want your lace curtains to look the same as new, send them to us for laundrying. A long experience in this line of -work enables ua to guarantee satisfaction. CAMPBEIiLfBBOS., 439 Market St. Armond Heflley of North street. 1 reported sick. See our white stitch shoes and slip pers—Stevenson & Kllnalck. Alma Burklt has been granted divorce from Chas. A. Burklt. S. Parker & Son, the Twelfth utree grocers have put up a new awning 1 . Frank Martin is putting up a nea cottage on his Pratt street property W. C. Black of Twelve Mile, is pro paring to ereot a (tore room at tha place this summer. Mrs Bertha Stern has qualified as the administratrix of the estate of the late Herman Stern: The case of Wilson, Humphreys &, Co..vBthe Olympic Publishing Co., has been continued in the circuit court. Tbeault of Capt. Hardy vs The Linseed Oil Trust will be cilled next week In the Federal court at Indianapolis. Walter Conkling was yesterday de clared, in the circuit court to be of sound mind, and capable of managing hit estate. We will open today fifty dozen* laundried percale shirt waist?, »49 | cent St; make and quality game •• $1.25—Trade Palace. John Row, ir., an old resident of Noble township, was stricken with apoplexy Monday and was yesterday said to be in a critical condition. The board of directors of the Cumberland Presbyterian church have chosen (T. N. Austin permanent chairman and C. W. Garrett financial secre. tary. George, the young son of Mrs. Lizzie Hamilton 'fell off a sprinkling wagon yesterday noon inflicting painful injuries to hia head and arm in his descent. A. number of young friends of Mies £mma Burgman of the East End, perpetrated a surprise on her Monday evening. Several hours were spent at games and cards. A small disturbance resulting in an exchange of blows, occurred Monday night on th% South Side In the neigh*, borbood of Schneider 1 !! saloon, participants were Joseph O'Nell John 8 wisher. Willie Gillie has begun work at th Western Union telegraph office. Minnie Williams and Tootsle Pea have again been released from th county jail on promise*. It Is snld the fire district at Flo Carroll county, will soon bo built with substantial business blocks. A grocery will soon bo opened i Medland building on Sycamore by Jerome Michaels and Clem berger. Henry Dlllman and Elizabeth Tell Twelve Mile, were married Sunday the Set. Bolepaugh o! Mexico, county. . . The late Herman Stern i« said have carried $10,000 Insurance on h: life, and the amount will be paid in few days. Four braves were adopted from lodges of the pale face, into the tee] of the Independent Order of Red Mi last night. Monday was the eighth birthday an nlversary of Bay Rea, and she gave most enjoyable picnic to her frlen n honor of the erent. Word has been received that tbrMJ fine borsesof the lot sent to the British market in charge of Frank Stukty, ltd died on the way over. The Rev. Tlrmenstein of Logans >ort Monday night delivered the pastoral sermon to the Synod of lh« ^utheran shuroh, in session at Indian, poll*. Dr. F. M. Boser has purchased * fine carriage, which with his recent purchase. "Ex." Frank Williamson 1 ! Ine horse, will mike a handsome urnout At the meeting of the city council ext Wednesday night, objection! to. he improvement of Market i— '—"• rom Second to Fifth streets, rick, will be heard. In the ditch cases of Wm. Gundrn cd others against the commi«slon«r» nd treasurers of the counties) -ol White and Cass, new trial* hare ranted, and the plaintiffs will ask change of venue.

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