Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 28, 1974 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1974
Page 7
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Friday, June.;28, 1974 Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah CaKf—7 Questions about retaining water LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB — Like so many people I am confused regarding water retention. What is the normal amount a person should retain, and do^s this condition keep excess weight on one attempting to lose weight? Could this cause a loss or gain of pounds over a few days? I am 67. We surely appreciate your columns and have received so much jjielp from them, DEAR READER — All of us retain some water because of gravity; Man is an upright person, and when standing. • water accumul^ites in the legs and lower part of the body. One of the experiments I did to study weightlessness was to put healthy young men to bed and stury the change in their weight and water. It was common for these young men to lose three to five pounds in 24 'hours, and it was all water loss. We demonstrated this by measuring the amount of urine they passed and the amount of fluid they drank. So, the ahswer to youi; question about the possibility of losing several pounds of Avater in a few days is yes. Sheinwoldon bridge Ancient rules are poor guides The human brain is a mar- veIou,s thing. It starts working the moment you are bom and stops only when you are in the middle of a grand slani. Perhaps that accounts for the way this hand was played. North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH • AKJ 10532 . <5 8 6 2 <> J8 ' • 8 . ' EAST • 7 C> 9 7 5 3 ,. O 974 3 2 975 VjfeiT 0 Q84 10 4 6 5 QJ104 3 2 J|k SOUTH Nor^h 4 4 5 O 6 0 0 • East Pass Pass Pass 9 6 AKQJ AKQ 10 AK6 South 4 NT 5 NT 7 NJ West Pass Pass All Pass Opening lead — • Q ^ South won the first trick with the king of clubs and thought of the old rule about finessing for a queen: "With eight, ever; with, nine, never." Translated from Victorian English, this means: Always finesse for the queen when yoii- have eight cards in a suit; but never finesse tor the queen when you have nine cards. Happy to have a rule to follow, declarer led out the ace and king of spades. The qiieen failed to drop, and South eventually gave up a club trick. Correct Play The correct play is to cash one top spade just in case the queen happens to drop singleton. When nothing, startling happens. South leads out his top cards in the red suits. , As it happens. West shows up with only two cards in each red , suit. What's more, West has to discard four clubs on declarer's top cards. When South then cashes his ace of clubs, West must follow with the jack of clubs. That;leaves West with only-two cards. , If West is a genius at deceptive play, he may still have the nine of clubs and one small spade. But if West is the average good bridge player, his club plays will be honest, and his last two cards will be the miSsing two spades. Any declarer worthy of his salt would take the spade finesse and make the grapd slam. Daily Question Partner opens with one heart, and the next player passes. You hold: Spades A K J 10 5 3 2, Hearts 8 6 2, Diamonds J 8, Qubs 8. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid one spade. You are not quite strong enough for a jump to two spades, but you are far too strong for any jH-e-emptive jum^ in spades. Other things affect the amount of body water, too. Remember that over half of your body weight is water, under normal circumstances. We are not instant dried humans. A good physical workout with sweating can cause a person to lose 10 pounds. But, don't get excited over that, it all comes back just as soon as the thirst and salt requirements are met. It is not a loss of pounds of fat at all. It is common for the body to fluctuate as much as five pounds in relation to watiet-' intake, food intake, heat, exercise and other environmental factbrs. That is why it is so easy to llose the first five pounds on a diet while the rest is harder. Many of the diet fads IH-omoted indiscriminately to the public tiakc advantage of the easy loss of waterinitially. Most of these people promoting these thing^-taiow the truth; they just waiit your money. The low- carbohydrate diet fads are in this ballpark. When you eliminate carbohydrates drastically, the kidney eliminates more . salt than normal and with it goes about five pounds of qormal body water. So, you are delighted when you get on the scale and see how much you have lost. But, it won't last, either, and^ unless you continue to restrict your calories or significantly increase your physical activity to use calories, the water and the weight will return. Even with well-planned, good weight-reducing programs, the body water is a factor. There may be some iiutial loss as the excess fat is broken down and used for energy. CHP commends UPD for crash luction Cal Health Dato prexy Hillside dinner speaker CHP officers will be out in force for Fourth "It's Going to Take More than Good Patient Care for Hospitals to Stay 'Good Guys'" is the title of the talk by William J. Warhurst, president of the California Health Data Corporation, at the annual Hillside Community Hospital of Ukiah dinner, Monday, July 1, House of Gamer. Warhurst will be addressing the annual event s^nsored by the hospital's board of directors to honor the medical staff and their guests. Also attending the dinner will be the Community Advisory- Council and other business and professional leaders in the community. "This is a controversial subject," said M.R. Berman, chairman of the board, in announcing the dinner, "but I believe that it is essential to have someone of , Mr. Warhurst's stature come and WILLIAM WARHURST discuss'.with us the influences .and stresses on hospitals today." Warhurst was vice-president; of Blue Cross of Northern California for a number of ye&rs before becoming prlesidenr of the California Health Data Corporation (CHDC) on May 1, 1974. CHDC is a medical data corporation' sponsored by the California Hospital Association, California Medical association, the Health Insurance Council, Blue Shield of California and the two Blue Cross Plans in California. It ' is a statewide support center' for control of data for the 28 Professional Standard Review Organizations (PSRO's) in California. Warhurst has served on many task forces and committees involving hospital and physician activities, including a ' national task force for the Blue Cross Association on Medicare, the .American Hospital Association on a uniform billing form for hospitals, the Peer Review Commission for the CMA, and the Subcommittee of "the Hospital Rate Commission of the State of California. Four days of vacationing and fun for most. For some, pain, suffering, and death as a result of a traffic accident. This comment was made by Capt. Hays Hickey, Ukiah area commander, as the Fourth of July holiday period approaches. The holidiiy period this year extends from Wednesday, jujy 3, to Sunday, July 7. "We anticipate that most of the motoring public on our highways will exercise their responsibility to drive safely and obey the traffic laws. "To those who seem to forget this responsibility, all our available traffic officers will be working to remind them. " "Again, our efforts will be directed towards the drinldhg: driver and other accident causing violations," Hickey said. CARD OF THANKS ,We the family of the late Harley Rosenthal ^Wlsh to express'our thanks arid appreciation fotiaJI the floral offerings and many cards and acts of kindness in our recent loss. Thank You The Rafenthal Family red I The California Highway- Patrol, has commended the Ukiah police department for the reduction in number of accidents in 1973 over 1972. A letter from CHP Commissioner Walter Pudinski and Ukiah Area Commander Capt. Hays "Hickey states, "This reduction indicates to me that a determined effort has been made by air concerned with the important job of accident prevention.'! There were 364 accidents reported in 1972, 101 involving injuries to 132 persons. One person was killed. In 1973, the number of accidents dropped to 312, and injury accidents declined 19.7. per cent to 82. A total of 110 persons were injured, down 22 from the previous yfear, and there were no fatalities. Tekprompler announces its July 4th SPIRIT OF 9r SPECIAL. / Well install CableTVin your home (or ju^ 99t instead of our regular ^9^" charge! That's our'SPlRIT OF 99!" Get into the spirit! Celebrate the 4th of J\x^ with a spectacular display of new channels you've never seen before .. . brought to you by Teleprompter! You'll see netvi^ork programs and specials. Local sports and news. Educational TV. All coming through on the best picture your set has ever delivered. .Color bright as firework?. Crisp black and white. Sharp, clear reception ypur old antenna can't match! 5 extraf channels! Best possiblepicturel All (or just pennies a day I • 11 Channels •All Networks • Independents • Educational TV Station ' • FM Radio ' Stock Market Reports • Our Own Local Station —Channel 13 Background ' Music "Spiritof99"specialends July 5th Giinow! Gil 462-873/ ou pay only one month's tervice In advance. Offer good In cabled areas on TELEpROmPlERGZI^LUE TO7 USE YOUR *. BANKAMERICARD' OR MASnR CHARGE VALUE GIANT A DIVISION OF • ' CASTtE&COOkE MERCHANDISING 2-DAY SPECIALS! SALE PRICES EFFECTIVE FRIDAY J\ND SATURDAY! ONLY! JUNE 28th AND 29th III' I. ^asssssmm • Quantities limited to Stock on Hand. • No Dealer Sales. Aquateers Full Feature MASK & SNORKEL SET SALE! 2.59 ' Adjustable full-view mask with plastic safety lens. "J" type snorkel has soft rubber mouthpiece. Underwater observation of creatures of the deep! 311 S. MAIN ST. UKIAH Willits Residents Dial 459-2262 Floral Patterned PATIO TABLE SALEll .29 19" Diameter. Perfect little accent table for your outdoor furniture! Lightweight aluminum frame with no-mar legs. A-140 "^"Advance look" TONI PERMANENT 2.25 VALUE 1.09 One Application. Easy do-it-yourself home permanent. Regular, Super or Gentle wave. OF DECORATOR ENAMELS Worid of Color SPRAY ENAMEL SALE! 69*^ 13-Pz. Can. Spray a new coat of color on wood or metal . ^surface. Prevents rUst and corrosion. A rainbow of, colors! 1-22 ~ Jartco Protective REDWOOD STAIN SALE! 1.29 Gallon Can. Protects and . \: beautifies redwood furniture pr, fences. Resin , base, water-repellent preservative. JANCO REDWOOD i STAIN j-1 Silicone Seal SAVE! General Electric SILICONE SEAL SALE! 99*^ 3-02. Tube. Use as perm,anent glue, tub caulk or instant rubber. • Resists mildew. Guaranteed not to crack, shrink or dry out! IlllUlillllll L-55 Hair Control for lAen COMMAND 1.79 -yQ<; VALUE. /5f 13-Oz. Spray Can. Dry, natural spray holds hair without" stickiness! Regular or Stubborn Hair formula. #437300 JCE CHEST Sale sturdy foam ches.f is leakprbof. Just fill with ice to l<eep food or beverages cold. Jwin grip handles for portability! Lightweight Foam 30-Qt. Capacity . Decorative Orna menta I Plastic GARDEN FENCE Sale ^9c Decorative whjte border fence for garden or patio. Each section is 3-ft. long and 1-ft. high. Envee Extrii-Rich POniNG SOIL SALE! 59*^ 4 -Quart Bag. Blended mixture o'rganic forest by-products. Contains no dirt! FoT all house plants. C-111 SAVE! 100 mg. VITAMIN C TABLETS REG. 59c 39^ Bottle of 100. 'Ascorbic acid to supplementy ydur daily diet, "C" for health...see the savings! #570895 Sterile Eye Drops VISINE® 2.49 VALUE 1.59 i-Oz. Plastic Bottle. Non-staining eye drops soothe and comfort irritated eyes. Clears eye redness! #500878 SAVE! WATER WIGGLE 2 59 Attaches to garden ^ose. Turn on the water and watch it go wild! Trigger-Action ICE CREAM SCOOP 49'^ Easy "trigger finger" operation! Cast aluminum bowl with no-slip plastic handle. Scoop up the savings! Lever Action ICE CUBE TRAY •SALE! 79^ Lightweight aluminum tray with quick-release lever. 12,full-. ^ size i^ce cubes at the flip of your wrist! i-25 Classic". ALLS Arnold Palmer GOLF SALE! *^FOR1.99 Pack of 3. Durable Surlyn * cut-proof , covered golf balls. Designed by Arriold PalmeV! Sale priced by VALUE GIANT! GO-12 Colemdn Silk Lite® LANTERN MANTLES SALE! 23*^ Pack of 2. Triple-lock woven rayon mantles. Fit all gasoline or LP-gas """"lanterns. Buy a pair of spares for emergencies! CA-31 All-Purpose Safety Red Cap Super "6" FIRE EXTINGUISHER SALE! 7.99 2VA-Lb. dry chemical extinguisher. For Safety purposes! For car, horfie or boat.'U.S. Coast Guard Approved. Auto Return COOLANT SYSTEM , REG. 3 .49^ SALE! ^.43 Attaches to radigfor. Stops engine from overheating. Prevents anti- freezei loss AL-143y VALUE GIANT 6«0 S. Sf ATE sr. AT COBBf OPEN 7 Mon.thru1=r ...,...).. .9-9 DAYS A, Saturday, 9-7 WEEK Sunday ....Ti. tO-5

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