Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 11, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1969
Page 2
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2 - Tutf^, M>. 11, 1M9 ladlondt Doily Foch S.F. State College crisis Several dgys required to count teocher return SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-The deadline for striking teachers to apply for rehiring at troubled San Prandsco State College passed Monday, but officials said it would take several days to determine how many responded. Acting President S. I. Hayakawa recently sent letters to 199 faculty members and nine administrators informing them of the deadline. They either u-cnt on strike with the .American Federation of Teachers Jan. 6 or refused to cross the union's picket line. Meanwhile, security precautions on the I8.000-student campus were tightened as incoming freshmen arrived to prepare for the opening of the spring semester next Monday. The school has been in turmoil as a result of the teachers' strike and a walkout by minority groups which began Nov. 6. Hayakawa informed the 308 faculty members they were terminated because of state regulations wfaidi provide that an emidoye absent five days without authorization is considered to have resigned. His letter advised them the college would be willing to rehire them if they announced their intentions to return by Monday. However, he said it woaU be up to the State Personnel Board to reinstate them, which carries with it the tenure and sabbatical leave a teacher accumulates. College Vice President DonaU Garrity said Monday some of the letters should not have been sent because it would be found out later the professors had been teachmg. He said "proba­ bly about 30 of the letters shouki not have gone out." Garrity's assistant, William Schuyler, said there wouW be much sorting and opening of letters, and it "probably won't be until Wednesday before we have even a sloppy estimate" of the number responding. "But. the letters are coming in," Schuyler sakl. "and the grapevine tells me several striking teachers will tell us of| their intention to teach." Professor teHs of chaos in classroom Coin club fe hear history of wooden money The history of wooden money will be the subject of the program being presented by Earl O'Cathy at the Redlands Coin club meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Provident Savings and Loan Association, 125 East Citrus avenue. The first of (he 1969 U.S. coins has arrived and will be distributed to members and guests toni^t It is the new lincoln cent from the Pfailadel- I^iia mint Following its annual tradition the Bedlands Coin club will secure the v^us 1969 coins for distribution at the meetings as they become available. Plans are being made for a Norwegian night to be heM March 11. Mr. O'Cathy will illustrate his lecture with an exhibit of wooden money issued during various emergencies and also those used as souvenirs. President James Patterson has issued an invitation to all adults and juniors interested in coin collecting to atteid the meeting. SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-Dr. Arthur Mejia, a history professor at San Francisco State College, described Monday bow a classroom was left in chaos by a group of "black men in black jackets." Me^ was one of four witnesses who testified before Superior Court Judge Byron ATOM in connection with an action brought by 27 teachers and students to halt mass picketing at the college. The hearing resumed today. The eight teachers and 19 students earlier obtained a temporary restraining order which limited the picketing to five persons. AmoU is asked in the present action to make the injunction permanent listed as defendants are 15 campus organizations and 29 <rf their officers. An attorney representing the defendants said striking teachers and studeob have a constitutional tight to demonstrate in support of their demands. MejU testified Monday that 10 persons entered his class early in November and told him anything he had to teach regarding French history was less value than current events. He said they left after a furious argument The professor said a group of black men in black jackets invaded another classroom two days later. "I was in the hallway when they entered," be said. "They walked up and down the aisles, overtunung seats with students in them, r^l'ng maps off the walls and overtunung tables." TlK invaders saU if they could not be in classes, no one would be, Mejia said. Reagan remaits on hamRng campus troiMes (Contimed from Page 1> of only beeomins "part of the eontosiea'* in SHUBC compromise. "Rose demands, regardless how just they are, cease to be the issue wten they turn to fire- bonbing," he saki. "TbeD violence becomes the only issue to be resolved." In the future, Reagan sakl: "wbcBever a situation arises similar to Bcikeley there wiU I be DO delay m calling a state of emergency to keep order." Asked if his actions were not "over-reacting" to student dem- oulrators. Reagan replied: "This is Uie kind of Ulk you get from those who shy away fiiom aU eonUct" N. Y. Stocks NEW YORK (UPI)-Tbe bulls won a narrow vktory in the stock market today after the opening was pushed back one hour to n a.m. EST to allow Wall Street personnel more time to get to work following the worst snowstorm in Uie Northeast in eight years. Trading was active. The XJPI stock market indicator, measuring all stocks traded, was up 0.10 per cent on 1,577 issues traded. There were 710 advances and 617 declines. . Rising steel production and an increase in retail sales last monUi reported by Uie Commerce Department encouraged traders, although the relatively slim margin of advances over declines again reflected uncertainty over Vietnam and the Middle East Steels generally gave up small fractions despite the boost m production. The department store group, however, generally responded favx)rably to increased retail sales. Autos were mosUy easier, alUwugh well-known economist Walter HeUer said tight money would have litUe impact on the high rate of automobile sales: Alrcrafts showed scattered strength, with some issues gaining a point or better. Piper, a big winner last week, continued to gain ^tnmd. Chris- Craft, which recenUy acquired a large number of Piper shares, also stirengthened. Rails, chemicals and oils moved in both directions. Scientific Data was a standout in the electronics. It gained a huge chunk. Xerox tentatively has agreed to acquire Scientific Data. Xerox was firm. UPl Mariwi Indicator Today's closing net price change of all NYSE stocks trad ed, computed hy Quotron Service, was up 0.10 per cent from Friday's close. Using April 1, 1966. prices as a 100 base, the indicator dosed at 135.24. Share Valuine Advances 6.320,000 Dedines 4.600.000 UiKbanged 1.400.000 TWal 12,320,000 Dew Jones Stock Average* Hl|h Lew Close Chn* Ind 954.00 941.94 948.97 up 1J2 Brs 280.87 277.43 278.77 off 1.11 UU 140.53 138.42 139.54 up 0.26 65 348.22 343.76 346.03 off 0.20 Sales today were 12.32 million shares compared with 12.78 million shares Friday. IS MMt AMn SiMki (Dav-JMM Serrkc. Cmmrtnf Vnttr. Br» * C*.> sn E. aute Valana Cl«n Ckraia it* cnu — it'i + »i OccU. Pel. _.. S»>i -i- I'i !M.*M V*. CukM* iV.k -f- ir:jm sci»t. otu _ii7 >4 +ivi IS,*M Aain. T. * T_ »>i -4- >• IU,7M Aninr 1CH *S4M Kal. era. « MJW WA Cmrr. Sl'i Quote of the Day MADISON, Wis.-Chaneellor H. Edwin Young oC tiie University of Wisconsin, commenting on efforts of some students to dose the univeraly with a strike in sympathy with demands of black students: "No one who talks about shutting down the univeraty can convince me Uiat the welfare and advancement of black peofde is his foremost concern." !^ F=l F=l COMHiTER CONSULTANTS MarW laMank. Faiacartiat. aad Owr.«Ia>i tamrck. — cfiaaMa odaAt laaay MM di)a canaanWt. Owt prafauiawb -art « lack «;>ana iiaWt at Kmimmtl. EMlMvia*. M<ia<ac«aria«. tataRait. Cauaai. Caacatiaa. Ma«c<aa. Afrkallara. M4 PROGRAMMERS ScMific—FMtraa Cmwiitlal — Cafcal tAL. M6 IIM< SYSTEMS MiAUtSn Mmiaiaat l«fi—Ba>. Talapiecaiiiat. Ac* CUBir COOItOINATOKS falidw fit ccH^^^ef fid4s scMsAela m -nn. +1 _ 4- ?i 15^ VMC b<. Zi>m + U Ujm Osiaa c :ar*. _ U<i — U •ajim AJ. us. liia + H •nam 1UM» Caa SSU sack. •s»M» va. on caur ss'i + s UM* irc ria. ii'i — n n,t»t Braanrick It^ - »» Govemorsays wimnoKmig bil to be filed SACRAMENTO (UPI)— Gov. RonaM Reagan said today Uiat Assemblyman William T. Bagley's announcement he wn sponsor the mcome tax withholding bDI d^ored by Reagan simply "puts us on the opponte sides of the fence again." Bagley, R-San Anselmo, was appmnted by Assembly Speaker! Robert T. Monagu Monday to bead the key Revernw and Tu' •tion Committee, sueceedhig As- semHyoan Jeiai G. Veneman, R-Uodesto. Asked about Bagley's support of withholding at a news coofer- ence, Reagan arid "Uiat puts us on opposite ades of the fence agam. I don't think that win be a situatioa that is en- {tirely new in our idataons to tar." Reagan noted that toow Call fonia BepobHcau wtn happy" that Vcanan aec«pttd appeiaiaMst fa the Nina ad- ministntiaB as BBdeneeccUiy «f HMMI. EdyttcB aad Wd- Ittc Bt dtpnten triouBid by «M er Ite IcpoNfaaa'a 41-31 «ILU MMU TO MYT SiT ym M loBgar IM Dial

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