Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 4, 1952 · Page 1
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, February 4, 1952
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The Weather Showers, colder tonight. Low 3540. Clearing, colder tomorrow and Wednesday. High, 43; low, 39; noon, 43. Rainfall—.76 inch. River—6.80 feet. Humidity—02 per cent. FINAL VOL. LXXXIIL—NO. 34 Associated Press Service ~ AP Wirephoto CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1952 International News Servi'c* 16 Pages 5 CENTS Hopes For Korean Armistice Rise Lovett Gives Defense Fund CutW arnmg Secretary Declares "Calculated Risks" Would Be Boosted WASHINGTON - iff) - Defense Secretary Lovett said today any cut, In the 52 billion dollar military faud- } get recommended by President Tru- , man for fiscal 1953 would "increase, , beyond the realms fy prudence, the ' calculated risks already taken." Lovett told the Senate appropria- ' tions subcommittee and the joint' economic committee that even this 1 .figure for the year starting July l' meant a cutback in original defense! goals, Strongly recommending Congressional approval of the 52 billions Kg believes is ^ rock-bottom figure, Lovett said: "With a lesser amount of money' we would be limiting our efforts to a program level that would increase, beyond the realms of. prudence, the calculated risks already taken. Would Hamper Output "It would force us to less efficient operations and would not permit the continued accelerated production during the next two years of the majcr military items we need." There has been widespread demand that the military budget- be cut to ease the drain on the domestic economy. Some have said if waste and mismanagement alone were corrected, savings would runj into billions. Others have urged a cut in foreign military aid. Lovett said the defense department realized that "the essential foundation of our entire military structure is a sound, vital and progressive economy" and that too heavy a drain must not be placed upon it. He said the defense department has' taken a "realistic" attitude, has made new economies, and Instead of attempting to reach certain goals in 1953 or 1954 it has delayed them and funds asked now will permit a program merely "expanding toward these goals." He listed these goals as 21 full- strength divisions for the Army; 408 combat vessels and 16 carrier air groups for the Navy; three full -divisions and three air wings for the •Marines; and 143 wings for the Air Force. Never Attempted Before Lovett said a program of partial mobilization while maintaining a strong civilian economy "has never Morris Under Attack In Federal Clean-up Firemen Battle Blaze On Baltimore Street "There Is Hunger For God Today" before been country." attempted in this "We have always operated mill- Evangelist Billy Graham shouts "there is a hunger for God today" as he preaches in front of the Capitol yesterday in Washington. The wavy haired revival leader spoke to a crowd variously estimated at from 20,000 to 45,000 persons. U. S. Mediators Seek To End Truck Strike MEMPHIS, Term.—WP)—Federal mediators moved today to settle an AFL truck drivers strike that has crippled highway transport across a tary production on the feast or; or about slx c ' ents famine basis of large production j The opcrators .' j, op o£fer WM 12 during actual war and little or no cmtf . more an } , our anfj & mllea(?e ten-state,strip of the nation. D. Y. Heafner of Charlotte, N. C., chairman of the three-man panel, called meetings between leaders of the AFL.Teamsters Union and southwest and southeastern motor carrier associations. The strike by about 10,000 'drivers and other union members started Friday when two months of intermittent negotiations broke down on the question of wages. Both sides went into today's conferences stating they would stand pat on their final offers. The union demanded an increase of 19 cents over the hourly wage scale of $1.41, and a mileage rate rate of 5 3 s cents for single axle for tandem (hea^y) military production at other times, heuRRW ' ,„ . „ • , trucks and 5 He said tremendous gains havej^. .^ been made in the past 18 months:; Slatos covcrcd , the di te were the Army from 390.000 men, 10 divi-.^^^ Arkansa . s , Georgla , Ploridai «ons and 11 regimental combat j KerUuckyj Loulslana . Mississippi, 1,570,000 r~,.,., n TV>vof nnr\ t~\\f\ n It nm a teams in June, 1950 to men, 18 divisions, and 18 regimental j units; the Navy from 380,000 men; with 238 combatant vessels to 790,0001 men and 400 combatant vessels; Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma. Meanwhile, 4,000 striking APL truck terminal dockmen in Chicago last night accepted a 31 cents an hour wage hike and will return to Marines from 74,000 men to 219,000; work lmmediatcly . They have bcen and the Air Force from 411,000 menj and 48 wings to nearly 900,000 men nnd 90 wings. Points To Whittling Lovett said the armed services originally wanted 71 billion dollars, on strike since last Thursday mid- (Continued on Page 5, Col. 3) Ohio Swollen By More Rain LOUISVILLE. Ky.— <IP)— Thc tur- Federal Mediator William J. Murray said the agreement boosts the dockmen's $1.55 hourly pay to $1.86 and reduces the work week from 48 to 40 hours. The proposal calls for a work week of five days running from Monday through Friday. Dentisls' Parly •/ Draws Children, Too Many Arrive Yoimg Family Dies As Blast Causes Blaze BINGHAMTON. N. Y. — (ff>) — A young family of five died today in their flaming third-floor apartment after an oil stove exploded. The dead were: George Rcsseguie, 23, his wife, Lola, 22, and their three children, Georgette and Georgia Anne, three- year-old twins, and George. 13 months. Patrolmen Harry Jung and Richard Koffman braved smoke and flames to run through the three- story frame building and rouse other occupants, police said. The victims were found in the charred bedroom of the family's three-room apartment. Fire Lt. Joseph Dale said lh« baby's body was found on the floor! Morris appeared shocked when near a window, one arm outstretched along the base of the wall. Dale said the child apparently had attempted to crawl to safety. The bodies of the parents and the twins were found lying on a doubl* bed. Firemen threw up ladders to reach the windows, but were Unable to enter the apartment because of the heat and flames. Lawyer Opens Inquiry Under Trunian Order Laughs At Criticism . By GOP Leaders And Asserts It's "Hazing" WASHINGTON — (£•) — Newbold i Morris, the Truman administration's I Republican "cleanup" man, set up | shop for his corruption-in-govern- tnent investigation today, laughing off a barrage of criticism from members of his own party. The six foot three and one-half inch. New. York lawyer likened the Congressional heckling to the hazing inflicted on newcomers at many schools, and declared: "This is, you know, an election year and I intend to keep my sense of humor, if Rosenberg, Lilienthal and Acheson can take it, so can I." These references were to Anna Rosenberg, Assistant Secretary of Defense; David I. Lilienthal, former chairman-- of the Atomic Energy Commission; and Secretary of State Acheson. All have been targets of Congressional criticism and inquiry. Denies "Red Tinge" Morris told newsmen, in reply to specific criticism leveled against him, that he has never been associated with any Communist front organization and that he has "never been''involved in any snap deal." While Justice Department officials were arranging a suite for'him —he'll make his headquarters^in the department's Pennsylvania Avenue building and investigate the department itself at the outset — Morris held what he described as "my last press conference until I have something to announce," He asserted that if his Investigation turns up irregularities, that fact will be promptly announced. "I won't keep it secret," he said. Greeted By McGrath Morris was greeted in his new office by Attorney General- McGrath, who appointed him last Friday as his special assistant for the proposed government; cleanup. Morris later told reporters Louis E. Yavner, former New York City Jommissioner of Investigation, will join him here tonight to organize the investigative work. In addition, Morris said, he has arranged for frequent, consultation with Reuben A. Lazarus, former assistant to the late Mayor Piorello H. LaGuardia and now New York City legislative representative at Albany. Morris, former president of the New York City Council, had lunch with Don Price, who worked with the Hoover Commissifln on Government Reorganization, price is now with the Defense Department. Smoke billows from buildings shortly after 9 a. m. today as firemen battle four-alarm blaze that .menaced Cumberland business district and caused damage unofficially estimated at more than $100,000. (Story and other pictures on local page of Times today) [ekes Funeral Will Be Held [n Washington Riles Set Wednesday For Old Curmudgeon Who Expired At 77 WASHINGTON—W>)—Death came quietly at dusk yesterday to Harold j. Ickes, 77, the New Dealer whose ;harp wit and blunt speech stormed or two decades across the national icene. Ickes. self-styled "Old Curmudgeon," died at 6:25 p. m. in a coma U a hospital here. He succumbed ifler an U weeks illness following implication of an old arthritic ontlitlon. Virtually an unknown in 1932 Veep Will Get Eye Treatment WASHINGTON— (If)— Vice President Barkley will enter the Navy Medical Center Wednesday for treatment of an eye disorder. Barkley said'there is "a little obstruction to the vi.sloii of the right eye which requires routine treatment." The 74-old-year Vice President said he expects to be in the hospital at Bethesda a week or ten days. Three Storms Batter Coast, Western Area (By The. Associated Prrs.s) Three storms which brought thc country a wide variety of weather ., . ,,. over the weekend converged today, vhcn President Franklm D. Roosc- boc]ing high w|n{fc and rain for NfiW Search Widens In Arizona For Famous Slayer Police Baffled In Hunt For Mrs, Judd, Who Escaped Asylum POENIX, Ariz.— (tP) _ The search for Winnie Ruth Judd, red-haired trunk murderess of 21 years ago, spread throughout Arizona today with police admitting they were baffled by her disappearance. Officers from border to border have been alerted to watch all points of entry into the state and particularly roads leading into Mexico Sunda y '» n bittor ' hour-lone patrol where some think she may be head- ; !lclim - n llad bcEn announced car- Allied Leader Asserts Reds Set To Agree California National Guard Battles Enemy In Kiimsong Sector MUNSAN, Korea— W)— A United Nations Command spokesman said tonight the Allies and Communists 'have moved closer to an armistice" in Korea. He added that the Reds also may "have hopes of an armistice." Brig. Gen. William P. Nuckols said agreements reached by staff officers working on truce supervision and the subcommittee on prisoner exchange mean "we have moved closer to an.armistice." Acceptance Cited He said Communist acceptance of a U. N. proposal to start immediate negotiations on the final section of an armistice indicates "they have • hopes of an armistice." .Truce negotiators scheduled a full dress session . Wednesday to start work on the fifth and last agenda item. And there were optimistic predictions from an Allied member of the prisoner exchange subcommittee. "I think we can get together and write the rest of the agreement" on. prisoner exchange, said Rear Adm. 3.. E. Libby. "For the first time, I ;hlnk we are in a position to settle the nuts and bolts of the situation." Differences Arc Minor Staff officers drafting truce supervision plans made no measurable headway. They still must Iron out differences over troop rotation, neutral inspection and definitions of coastal waters. U. N. spokesmen have described the differences as minor. The'staff officers are not debating the key truce supervision issue—whether the Reds have the right to build and repair North Korean military airfields. The full, five-man armistice dele- ;ations will meet in Panmunjom at 10 a. m. Wednesflay (8 p. m.' EST Tuesday) to open negotiations on agenda item five—recommendations to governments. It will be the first plenary session since Dec. 4. Subcommittees and staff offficers have been in session daily, however. California Division Clash With Chinese SEOUL. Korea—C/T)—The newly- arrived 40lh Division — California's old National Gtmrd outfit — todp.y was identified in action on the central Korean front east of Kumsong. The Eighth Army reported the 40th tangled with the Chinese Rcls CLEVELAND — f/Ti — Two thoiis- bulent Ohio River inched up to a level of 33 feet today, five feet above the flood stage, and continued to rise .slowly toward an. expected crest and kids missed chances to see den- about one foot higher. j tiste yesterday-and were sorry A general rainfall over the Ohio; about it. Valley yesterday and last night help- So was the Cleveland Dental d Loses Life In Chasing Thief eri to swell the flooded stream, but Society, which for 12 years has given i A ^\ ° f an , Ems «' orth dam S"ard officials exjecfr edlittlecmf :lcvcvjparties for them. The aim is to en-| drowncd ln the Onio Rira '- salary or otherwise" as head of the China International Foundation. The foundation, a tax-free charitable organization, was described by the New Yorker as functioning for —(/Pi—Calvin Car-i the Benefit of Chinese students in ; lisle. Jr., 21, is held on a man- j this country and for American stu- slauehter charge today in newsmen told him there had been some implication in Congiessional criticism of his appointment that he may have profited personally from surplus tanker deals which have been under investigation. "Do they really get that low around here?" Morris asked. He then asserted that he hadj clt appointed him Secretary of thc Interior. Ickes had become one of thc most turbulent figures in ooli- tics by 1946. when he resiprned in a huff to President Truman. "A unique figure in American public life is lost to the nation," President Truman commented last night, adding: "He was withal a true patriot England. One had whipped up a blizzard in the central Rockies Saturday that, took three lives, nnd blanketed the center of the continent with rai-i light snow and freezing drizzle as It moved cast. A second slicked rlnsfc thousands of feet into the air over much of Texas befort settling with rain, and and a many-sided citizen passing leaves a void in our national I ncssee. whose] j moved on over Arkansas into Ten- cc j "We have no clues." Sheriff L. C. Boies of Mnrlcopa County «tated. "and none of the usual tips received have panned out." Winnie Ruth. 48, dubbed the "TiRcr woman" after she killed two women and dismembered 'their bodies in 1931, has eluded capture .since escaping from the State Hospital for Insane Saturday night. She opened a third story tower window in her ward, slid down a 48 foot rope improvised from restraining straps and disappeared In the night. Police are still checkine re- lifp not easily filled." Funeral services scheduled for 2:30 p. m. Wednesday at All Soul's I (Unitariant Church in Washington. with the Rev. Palfrey Perkins of N - C., as it took a northeastward never been in any ship deal, "never Kind's Chapel, Boston, Mass.. prc- bought or sold a ship" and "neverj ~ . -, ri received one dollar in the form of p " p ' ; I siding. Burial will be at Sanoy tne j dents specializing in Chinese studies officials expected little property damage or inconvenience here. The river must reach the 37-foot stage at Louisville to cause much damage. The Weather Bureau snid it expects light rains to continue today tertain the. youngsters, teach t-hem.jg , ,. about dental health, and, inciden-' ' Police said William Shimon. Jr., into the river yesterday The foundation owns all of the stock of United Tanker Corp., whicn operates tankers on world routes. A third, with winds ranging up to ! 75 miles an hour, lashed the Atlantic coast and drove a 2.600-ton freighter aground on" Cape Hatteras, liet thc division had been in Korea about, two weeks, but today's report wa.s the first, of a It, was the day's biggest patrol clash on the snow-covered front. The mercury skidded to 15 degrees below zero and Allied infantrymen elsewhere huddled in their bunkers. Thc bitter cold and strong winds limited today's ground action nnd air strilccs. However, a flight of 19 Sabre Jets spotted about 50 MIGs high over northwest Korea and reported scoring hits on two of the Red jets in a brief exchange of firing passes. The Fifth Air Force reported "l"""jfighters nnd bombers attacked 700 "' (Continued on Page 5, Col. z) During the turbulent depression years of the 1930's Ickrs wa.s head man of thc Public Works Administration, overseeing—sometimes down j to the last, penny—more than seven] A I I'If It Mm™-, ^i-vllnvc ii'rt».*v, r*r «.,ui;« i-*• '^^ course paralleling the seaboard. The result was rain over the middle Mississippi and Ohio valleys, southern and eastern Great Lakes region, and most of thc middle and north Atlantic states. billion dollars worth of public j building. His bittor feud sedan waiting outside (he nine barbed wire hospital fence. It was her fifth escape, from the! institulion IMagis Irate Rules Theories of her whereabouts! varied widely. Lt. John Slaughter,! officer in charge of Phoenix police To Get search operations yesterday, said he j/4/f (*/* POrff*! was convinced .she was still in Phoenix, and would probably turn! up at thc home of one nf her many j friends. Harry Hopkins. Fifoiuriii, the late; Roose- By Brili sh Group velf's close friend and head of thrj Works Progress Administration,) I Manner's Wife Hurl • In Hold Explosion PHILADELPHIA — (IF) — The wives of 14 Philadelphia men are TOini; to receive unopened pay envelope's after this, due to a ruling of Magistrate Samuel Clark. The magistrate pronounced that sentence on 14 men arrested durinff n raid on a luncheonette where . ,. ,. „. , . . . Profits, he said, are used to finance i m!Uie NcW Dcn! hlstory ' **\j\j\.\\, \iuii i/tn iivtvtttt, rtiii.1, iiiv. iwt -it" i 'T .. i ------ ' --- ------ * " — V-,, — .. „,... -..„..,. .^,, ; tally, get on the good side of them ! W1 " e stJU 8B hn g to hold Carlisle | fellowships for Chinese students and j To assure a good turnout this 010 " 1 police were chasin S '" con-; American students interested in time, the society offered prizes ; nectlon Wlth a stolen a«'0- Police China, to rehabilitate the Formosa said Snmton tried to stop Carlisle! University library, and to make Some 3,700 packed into Public Music j strueslc Shmton fell into the river.| of their native land. but not enough to cause too much;Hall, but the society sadly estimated ; after ne abandoned an auto and! census of highly educated Chinese A concern for residents along the Ohio, i another 2,000 v.-ere turned away. ' """" '•"""'"" """""''-' 'Hollywood Style' GOP Rally Slated Tonight In Washington " ~ WASHINGTON — (/Pi — Republi- < Sen. Taft of Ohio, a candidate for cans limbered up today for an old-j his pai . ty - s Presidential fashioned shindig in a university LONDON — i,Ti — Britain is poing,' to protest, to Argentina about the] BUCKHANNON. W. Va.-',P,_An ! police found three tables of poker reported firing on a group of Britis-h I explosion which damaged the first i going full blaM, explorers in Antarctic by a party of: f]oor of thc four . story Baxa Hotcl | Inspcctor Albcrt Duboiri tolfi lno Argentines. 'here injured one person. IniiiRi.stralc the luncheonette wa.s Reports reaching here said the| Mnl , a g Cr Edward F. Baxa Mid raided on complaint of some of the ..,,„,_ ,. „ .Argentines opend fire when :.he - his wifc was blown t hrou R h a wall' wivos who didn't like the. idea of IANCOCK. V H.-^-Mrs. Ella Britons landed at Hope Bay. a n-gion of thdj . living qil;jrlcrs whm , hc lhpir mP!] f hom(l ]a)r an[] Robinson. 93. _a. member of the, in the extreme south claimed V,- 1 ' Gracl Dies ^Tof1:ommHnirt n orruSnl, fir f ^ l\ ^f ^ ^"T ^'' b ^ B ^~'™«'*^™-''^ ^ njhu 'Her'^ri!ion Stot ^TnVhrnch cone S' owner was held ausp of Communist occupation|last night. She was both a Gold Star; cxplor-s reportedly were forced , sorious in $100 bail for court mother and Gold Star grandmother., back to their ship at pistol point, f — 1 I'l !_._ '...'...''. American Girl Released Bv Guiiitiaii SteelMa S natcSa > spa y Hikc py:n—a Lincoln Day rally tonight! !had a speaking engagement in; frnturing punches at the Democrats '. Wcst Virginia and could not attend. FRANKFURT. Germany — i/P. instead of at each other. the Washington show. i Pretty Mamie Ruth Shelton, the Thc annual SI chicken box sup- Part of the five-hour program—to I firs t American girl kidnapped in pcr-first of scores to be held latet ;bc heW in Ge0rgetown Univcrsity . s ! postwar Germany, wa.s threatened throughout the country—advertised: u ^ 'with death by a gunman in U. S Hollywoodian party of ^ ""' iK " r> •*••' ' j6 '^"Wa*. ar ' a ; unl f 0 rrr-, before he abandoned her in a sr-olen car on a lonely country ! road, she told investigators today. The rod-hairrd stepdaughter of an Kidnapped In Germany By Man Wearing V. S. Uniform warned her "don't, move out of this speeches, square dancing, group telecast, .starting with a series of Hj singing, band mu.sic, and an un-: torse speeches at 9 p. m. 'EST'. ivhenrsed audience participation in! Adolphe Menjou. tlie movie actor. a panel discussion. Unlike the Democrats' annua! Joffprson - Jackson affairs which ' ri! *e funds for the party campaign chest, the GOP get-together will; hardly clear expenses will be master of ceremonies. Fairless said today his United Sta.t.o.v .Steel Corporation could mr-et, wage Her stepfather. Master Sgt. F B. | The kidnapper was reported to'drimnds and hold its present r.rir-r-; car or you'll die." then he vanished ; Burns of Hot Springs. Va. said the: have told the girl and her compel- -but this would rr.s On foot at about 8:30 p. m. yesterday girl wa.s "perfectly all right" despite ions he escaped from a '2:30 p. m. EST'. her terrifying experience. He-stockade at Mannheim. But Paralyzed with fright, the 18-year- brought her back to her mother in thrre said nn prisoner was r Would Cut Federal Tax Total NEW YORK — OP i — Benjamin F,'for no other rear.on than to protect in a GO p r - f•£•!';• rrr.iurMon in lax payments. old victim huddled on the front. :r family apartment in Frank-' Burns said his stopdauzhtrr \<a< inrrr,v*e. if -.iir-h its inx rever>uc' ; and to maintain Its own ir.i'omr. 1 ," F.iirkv-s 5.1;:!. Fftirios.-, prrviC'ntcd hi. ar«un'i(;nt,s aL'aiii-t a not her pay boa-: foe i-,teel v orkrrs ;r, n .staf-rnf'ir !>;-!>>re a of the stolen sedan until morning. ! furt after she rested this morning not phy.McaHy harried in she said. V/sf:<: .sf.-ck.i he Army medical dispensary When it wa.s light, she walked to Hanau main road and asked Thousands of American militar sprndinz the night the /> prevent ; :i;!irr,fT.!;-. for an }?,'•_• rem.^-an- .' '."Zi'.c ii'.rrr.'i.'e mid or.hor bctiin- v.-r-rr- made before ;lu. c board t.hf CIO United Stenl- •<.r,r'-••--. Thf union, ori Friday, fi.dd- f! a rirtnar rl for ft (juar.-ir'.tf.ert mir;i- mi.i:r! A-.-.I-M'. 'rage amountint; to

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