Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 11, 1969 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Tuesday, February 11, 1969
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7m Ywr Phofi* 793-3221 REDLANDS. CALIFORNIA. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY II. 1969 $1.75 Per Month 14 Pages 10 C«nh Reds bomb Ulbase near Saigon SAIGON (UPD-Commiinist rockets totby bonlMRM for Uie seoood tine in 12 boon a: U^. Inlantrjr baae on a main! CuetrOU invasioe toute from Cambodia to Saigon, wouodiBg IS percoM inckidiBS 14 Ameti- can soUien. mstary apokesoeo caid aoo' U^. Iroopt and helicopter sundaps counlentlacked. But the)- aud the cuerrilla sunners «j>caped amid a barrase of eOO Allied mortar shells. The first attack came Uoodajr night Eight I(r7mm rackets dammed into the Army camp. »mashing a mess ball aad ttounding the Americans. Toda.v came the second ooslausfai. wounding two FUiinno soldiers and three Vietnamese dviljans. The camp Ucc 57 miles northwest of Saigon, three miles vest of Tay Xinh City and near the Cambodian border across uhich come Communist guerrilla legions from sanctuaiy in the neighboring nation, according loi military imdligence. The tvin strike—rare in recent wcekwame as Allied intdligeoce reported the Communists buiUing up for a major offensive later this month. Pueblo hearing CORONADO. Calif. (UPI)- Tbe Navy technicians «to operated the secret snooping gear aboard the inldligencc ship Pueblo testified today, during a da.vlong closed session of a court of inquiiy. Tbej' were the "CTs" — communicaiians technicians— n-ho went about their top secret business in the research space of the vcsseL a virtually autonomous command called the "spook unit." Bin^iamton. N.Y.: Donald R. alone among the enlisted men on the dup. refrained during public testimony from lavishing praise on their skipper. Cmdr.' Lloyd M. Bucher. LL Stephen R. Harris. 31. U S reaches accord with Cuba on jetliner return WASHLNGTON 'UPl" — The American proposal to send back continue on to Florida uith all a deputy assistant secretary of United Slates today announced to the C:ommunist-ruled island -he passengers who had been ^taie (or economic affairs, said 'l^ir^^^ '*P"'»lic Cubans in the United "!>°^r* ""P""" the United States was trying wnicn passengers on mjacked- . ^ . hijacker. .American airiinen wiU be States who want to go home. state Department officials """"^ '» ^^"^"^ ^ permitted to continue their The United Sutes last year said the limited agreement was agreement with Castro to flight aboard the same planes, suggested that Cubans wishing heartening but pointed out that discDurage hijackings but had A State Department go home be flown aboard air j. did nothing to resolve the not been successful, man. Robert J. McOoskey. said craft of the "Freedom airlift" main problem, which is to fmd Until Monday, the Castro the Unhcd States was gratified "'hich rcttim empty to Cuba «ays to deter hijackers. -ovcrnmeni had declined to let by the agreement but pointed "fter bringing refugees daily to fhe International .Air Trans- passengers on hijacked planes out that it did not solve the Florida. pen .Association (lATA) has leave Cuba on the same principle problem — how to halt Until Monday, the Cubans had been seeking Castro's agree- aircraft. The explanation given or diminish the number of permitted only the crew of an ment to return to the United airline officials was that run- hijackings, airliner forced to Havana to fly States for trial any hijackers ways at Havana airport were Mcaoskey said of the new back to the United Slates. The who are not genuine political too short to permit the take-off "understanding." which was passengers had to wait to be refugees. af fully loaded, large jets. «t>rked out through the Swiss picked up by aircraft charter by. However, an l.AT.\ delegation The understanding now ap- Embassy in Havana, "We the airline on whose plane they which was in Havana about 10 parcn'.ly is Uiat such take-offs welcome this more expeditious were flying when it was days ago left without any will be permitted if the pilot and more convenient method of hijacked. indication Cuba would be willing believes it is safe and if the returning passengers to Miami The first tangible result of the to tackle the heart of the hijack airline assumes full responsibili- on the same plane that has been new understanding came Mon- problem. ly far anything that may go hijacked." day when an Eastern Airlines A State Department official wrong. .McCloskey also revealed that DCS. diverted to Havana during testified last week before a Ten U.S. airliners have been the Fidel Castro government a flight from San Juan to congressional committee on the hijacked to Havana so far tfai* had .^hoHn some interest in an Miami, was permitted to hijack problem. Frank E. Loy, year. Storm may move Militant minority oil south along coast Strikers vow to continue efforts at Berkeley campus BIG JOB — Digging out was tlic ordc.- of Ihc day today in NVw York City following the heav>' .<;no\\-fall that pai^.vzwl the city. Scvne hcit? i.s on Fin;l a\-cnuc in front of the United Nations. (UPI Telepiioto) Millions struggle back to work in New York area S.\.\TA BARBARA. Calif. •I'Pli —.\ new rainstorm moved toward the Southern California roast toda>-. raising fears that BERKELEY. Calif. (UPI)- "TeU that to (Gov. Ronald)-more than a dozen persons who . niifmiL.. ^ L H .ini,^ """""V at Reagan." took part in more violent bljches aaoiiionai ^^^^ university of California are The California governor last demonstraUons at campus en- Booms »»-ere ri-ced to orolect ^"""^ ^ continue their strike „cek declared a state of trances last week. mS i^Los AnVelis Sv '*'H "S '.^ "^tr^'ne emergency" on cam-^ r"'"^""^-'- ^T'^^'J'' from patches of crwle oil which ''*^->?*^"'"L5"*'">- P"s and authorized unUmited chancellor for academic affairs. ™re reS sixties north of „^ ^"'^^ »;p"Js »ere shotited use of highway patiobnen to said he has received some MalibrM^Bnday rich """^y " noonUme maimain order on the campus, complamts that a few mstruc- Ma^hbu Monday ^mgm. rally permitted by school After the i^Uy, the muversi-'<"^ J"^'^K^'''"^^. director of the Federal Air and o^'"^ "">r.c ^ 'J^^- * ty ,y-s daily pickeUne saw aboul^'^P^ the current Water PolluUon Control Admin- ?.P<**"~" "I"* "=1. "f? 200 militants parade in front of''""?*f !I'^V'*!?°' ^ istration who is heading the ''"«^,« >" "cxpetunenl" and Bancrof^Telegraph En- f"''^'"^ cleanup task, said most of the "^'f ""tT ^ ""'"f*^- trance for 15 miwuT before;'? ""P"^ «8ula- oil has washed ashore. . they were dispersed by highway; , ^ ,^ , ^ • • But globs of the more than Amencan Student Union w-as patrolmen. Then they marched, was learned thaadrnmis. 231.000 gallons of oU that leaked speaker at the rally ,K~.,.. K,-I , f „-.k .i.™,^. trative represenUUves and abreast back and forth through SEW YORK (UPI'-Millions Mirtice by nIgbtfaU. Melrose. Mass., was in charge of commuters struggled to find Boston's Logan airport • Tlipmjy had southern vjs end. (rom an offshore well floated '»'<« » crowd of about 2.1X0 gjUjer Gate singing "Power to 7^?"' ^^'^'^ '"'^ from one to four miles off a «- "«« «»>e "white man s time is ^^^^ p .. " twice m recent days to discuss mile sIrtMch of coast on both "^'C- ' . j .- u j setlmg up committees to sk)« of Santa BaS 'Thi* « the age of black- As""''' •^.Po''" "'""^••ed formulate concrete proposals A camWnaUon T winds and "css," he said and promised outsHleSproul Hall and opened a Third Worid coUegr closci a. it. ocLcu ?l ^rke5rbrmaTr ^'«^TT'W worid Ubeniti^ -Governor Reagan and U. same ^roni would attain its goal of '^^Petscd and then Gov. Ed Reineckc both said nous Lusma ainwn iwu Nuuiucrii cnu. between New concentration in the same a"ahi its goal of <hspereed and ^^^^ ^ of the special seclioo on the a «ay to work today and one runway in operation by York City and Suffern. N.Y. to position, but winds from the establishing a completely auton- "^""P™ °' P°'"^ they knew of no move to oust Pilri>lo wticb w'as the nerve thousands of passengers re-Monday night and saM all .^peod the work of snow new storm couM move the oil to onious college of ethnic studies ChanceUor Roger W. Heyns of cater for gatherini: intelligence ""ned stranded or delayed at nmwa}-s sboukl be clear for remoial. The closing aka the south later m the week. on the Berkeley campus. Mmor scuffles occurred, po- the UC Berkeley campus. "ITie about the acUviUes of Soviet »«n>orts. raUwaj- stations and operations bter today. Connecti- applied to a road linking the .-winds accompanying the •"""'t ''.ce were taunted with obsccni- United RepubUcans of Califor- sfaips off the Korean coast •»« '^'P^ "> ^ aftermath of cufs Bradle>' airport opcoed Thruway in New York with the new storm will be out of the ""ny-" ^id Nabors. "This is ties and there were three nia Sunday passed a resolution ju «ntain RurhM- h,ri Connecticut Tunipike in Crccn-^u,heast at flrst," a US "o Joke. The age of non-violence.arrests on charges of refusing calling for He>Tis'ouster and a m «^ii «.mm>.S rf fiJft .MJ« ^•ortheast in eight years. At least E people died in «ich. Conn., and another short Weather Bureau forecaster » There isnt going to be, tc obey poUce orders not to backer of tte resolution hinted h)r^^«~iin «\r .rHi-•»rfim !Z ^ tranqwrlation offidal storm-connected deaths-O) m side road linking the Thniway ^o^^ ^, ^.^ an America any more like jxxi; obstruct a pubUc thoroughfare, he had inside mformaUon that ^Ha^^d riiSSv ^''^ the slick back up the coast kn«* >-este«tay. No more In other developments: the chanceUor would be fiiwl SLr ^tT^ h^ ""J*' ^'""i"" ^"^"^"^'J ^ =? P^>'::»""- Police T»|c New \orii and American ,o«art santa Bariiara. business^as u.sual. -Wan-anu were prepared for shortly. dent contT<d of his ^ec^et Kennedy. UGuardia and today identified three persons Stock E \c >-anfie.s. closed Mon- ..,,„„.„..„, ,„„, ... „, „ —— operation Newark airports which com-found dead Monday in a car day. openrd at it am, today. , " 1:. J, ."K. "'.^ " S The inquir>' w«« mio closed bined handle an average of tUUed near a Kennedy airport one hour later than usual. ..^''l^- sessaoa Monday aflermwn and oeariy a millioa passengers a pariring lot. The>- had apparent- Stranded cars stUI blocked Z^"^ wJnLT.. -S,*?; several members of the 30-man day in the .New Yorit metropoli- ly died of carixw monoxide major highways and many ^'^'Lv? „V. J„ intriligenee unit tcstifieid. They un ai«a were either operating poisoning. schooU and some colleges in "'^'^ included technicians Don E. on a limited losis or still Thousands of pa.s««ngers in suburtun or rural. area.s rr- Baile .v. 36. Ridgc\ille. Ind.: digging out. Kennedy oIDcials terminals were still stranded mained closed today, alihoush Michael T. Barrett. Kalamaroo, reported tme runway was open'waiting for airports to resume most big city schools wcir Mich.: James D. Lotion, for departing Highu only, normal opentioos. railroad open. BiBghamlon. N.Y.: Donald R. Newark bad one runway open;tracks to be cleared and The .New York City Sanitation McOareo. Chicago. Calif., and for both incoming and outgoing; highways to be ptowcd so buses Department, responsible for David L. Bitter, Menki Part, flights and LaGuardca couklicouki raU. clearing the city's streets. CaliL promise not more than partial! The «n-mUe New Yoric issued an appeal today lo Year ago today: High 57. knr — private contractors for ' the coast to the southeast." Weother business as usual. Jury selection completed for Sirhan trial Campus troubles Reagan for 'isolating', expelling dissidents SACRAME.\TO 'UPI) — Gov. from Alameda County Sheriff Russo gives more JFK plot testimony Rtdiands taday: Hifh (I, I MT 40 LOS ANGELES >UPI>Wur>- (To 1:30 p.m., ^^^ZjZ^^^e^L'S «"8an said today he Frank I. Madigan that he had . - C Aith the seatinTandtweartoG "i»»at>on" of student dis- delayed too long in calling offi- laige Mondaj-: High 71, k)w 38 = ' of ,hr«rm «a ~r.h «S "dents at the university andlcers lo the UC campus after a buUdozers and other heavy ^ ^ ^, ^ womJn vTl -r.^,. ^^*«ate colleges. He said they then violent ^^^^ equipment to help with snow Smot: Nooc Wednesdaj- or "o""*" Z„^Ln%,^ should be e.xpeUed. The United Republicans of Thursday. Within smog and fire for the regular panelists. eovermr was ;,sfc«t ,i California passed a resolution Most in .New Yoric roles, burning OK. Smog read- Opening argumails and testi- hiTw ^kly ^ws coherence Sunday call^ for He^ oust reopened today and absentee- mgs for Monday are unavaUa- ™»>: J".,"'^..^!!,.!'J^^™^ wL he SopoT^ iofo^Z er. A>cker°of thej ^lulton accused of murdering Robert F. „'~,'J'V '^ha77harncteiriied as indicated he had inside informa- Kennedy was expected to get ^^J^^.'^'J cS™ arc?- "on that Wnted the chanceUor under way Thursday, after the = , .. famous "lay be fired shortly. ; Uncoln-s Birthday bolklay Wed- „ " .-tl . ... . But Reagan toW newsmen: "I "nesday. • ^''"l" ' .""^,"'^'» know of no decision for a The tedious process of jur>- JTJJnLuTi, ?„'I!^f !^?c^,'^^ "^"^"S^ Pe^o""*' »^ I <J«>'' . ™.„.. ..n-. ^ selection ended this morning ? "f oone-isolalion of this par- think one would be commg up r^r,^ •itoes. in *e trial . P«ty » . ««.pi»cy .n -{^yvir;^ did Clem To^^^u ^'^'-New"^. ""^^ «he„ ^ prosecution «lvised SdSuflljnff S '^^^ SrSSirStaw ^«Stodtod.>- ag^«t tt nacted and be B«rt«nd (the name by «t,ch ,X „^ „„r normal San ..martfin. Valley: Rain the court it approv^ of the j ^alniXJ^^ of followers „"*"8^" "l"' "-^"^ hi nmr ooosiiwd m alleced does not hack out before one Rucso saj's Shaw was mu»- service, although some Imes moderate to heavy at Umes to- alieniate panel, and the defense . . and once isolated and ex- f^^^an last week m a news ^ to kiB Pnaident John F. overt act is ccmmitled. |duced lo bun) ever agree to kill promise only periodic i^ghL Frequent showers but concurred. posed, then separaUon from the conference where the govenior —J . ithe nreadmt?" Dvmond asked. . »-ith gradual clearing Wednes- The alternates were seated ^«eges is I think the nrime announced he had declared a NEW ORLEANS (UPI>—* Under Loutaana crifflinal ident?" Peny Raymoad Eusco. the star ooaspirao' U»x taeb pertoo is "No," Dymood asked, retried Basso. ism. reported as high as 70 per hie. cent at the firms which did - o;^^ open Monday, was reported not ^ oeariy as high today. PreH: Uwcst temperature Commuter rail lines were coldest Redlands area e.x- criMed by the storm, and pected to be above freaing to- man>- Hibwa.v lines toM^ amut enough to m d» fifth day of tesiiax«y .^at, rSr "***:««tified with a Baited Soitfi- SSf ^?Ki £f.^lir.!!SIr ***** » P«<y •» attended in — rnirlT .i ,.,W7T,i-^^^ ^ lapittiaent is mtaA the assas- spna^ cowewalWB m UO. gnatjon was ^Icgetfly plotted Bi« he said be new toanl! by the thrae. Shaw or Lee Harvey OBmM\*nT^^^^ . the president?" Dymood asked, service "No." Buto taU. : "WtMld it be comet to say never beaid anyone agree?" Dymood sakl. "Hie problem," Eusso replied. "woM be with the word "agree.' It vould seem to me tfacy agreed wliBre certain. tfaiBCi were concenied." Did you penooally everj Venezuela jet Mjacked to Havana day. Rainfall probability 80 per after Miss Gtoria J. Haffey. a requirement '• "^^ " ''^'"^ "e.xtreme emergency" cent late this aftentoon. 100 per telephone company worker, was „ '.. . ... at the UC Berkeley campus. A rtnt tonight and tomorrow. accepted by both sides. !u„„" .L f!!l • .spokesman for the governor said ^....^ r n • ~, Fifty-two persons were dis- '"f^ J^J^ l^^Z^ ^'^^T^ «he omission had no particular S«rtb.n, tUlifami.: Ram mod- , ^ eourt ^ ^9^, ^..f^'^r.l significance. "Would it be fair to sv. that a„ agreement to kiU jm did not oonader this a p,^,^^ Kcmedy?" by a ~ ~" linal DisL Ji A. Haggerty Jr. _ CARACAS (UPI»—A Venerue- and deserts throu^ tomomw. Dymoad Ian government-owned jetliner.Snow level kiwering to 6,000 feel carrying 72 persons, among Wednesday, him it wookl be them two U.S. business execu- difGcult" Busso lives and three Venezuelan military officers, vw hijacked adnd. "I told ^ ^ ««t.ined "^^^ ney. F. *» Criminal DisL Judga Ed- described Ferrie. «. a l» Cuba today despite strict Boston ••WelLywdrfn'tlinoirnowto^^ A. Hagserty Jr. instroctor «*o died two security measures imposed Chicago take Feme, B OSKI nu. a. testified eariier that he »^ ago as "a very anabiic before takeoff from Marcaibo. OncinnaU jlistCDed wfaOe Fenia ontiiaed oabaanated. learned in Marcaibo airport announced Fairbanks coaidBX p^^^H^flBi^tjio spoke poHties, icUgion and medicine the DCS. first Venezuelan Fort Worth occasionaHy. and not xi emoliaoal type. aircraft hijacked this year andtHdena But today, be tdd Dymood he "Beinc opiiuoaated. it maU the third since March 1968. Honohihi was not there constantly, having not be oat of cbanacter far him crate to heavy at times coastal "'"r^'"":So ^toTmd''Sx' ^1 ^^^^ j"l '!!^' R<=3«» '^^'^ ^.r ^ffht with questMning to find six ^ some hopeful signs ^,er he had addressed a law •fS^JS^^^i^Sil^r ^SwSe "» " "^S^^^recenUy that some of the more JXcement inference spon- " violent things are beginning lo ^''by toe N»t^^ W ^Sy wST^^ '° set to them." S L consisting of high- we«mesaa>. winoy roquoi- jj,^^^ ^„ governor said again that way patrolmen and local law the University of Califoraia Re- enforcement officers. Newsmen gents had never discussed oust- »ere allowed in the conference ing Berkeley ChanceUor Roger only long enough to hear the W. Hej-ns. governor speak. "This has never been the He said governments "are oh- subjcct of discussion at regents' ligated -even at bayonet points meetings."' he said. -lo preserve the rights of the NaHanal W M M NT 124 bom cDdtaa 4 aAi Hiflh Law Precip. was <te invada Cub»-I wbrtiMr ke inteBded to invade Cuba or not" "Bit you did not Khefter in tlint aaeliBK (bey havJuK « bnfl Dynaid. "tern," Kplied BaMi. StKW, Si, a Rtirsd man. tscfaarsBd with Oswald and Fmie-both dead-to kBI Keooedy hot not wiSi flie aetoal nurder on Nor .i "in 32, IML Jew bear the «Blii« "bi your laiwim did Davidi Fcfrie ever asrae to kB (be piendent?" Symond asked. "He said Hrell kin tam\' at Santiago de Cuba at Kansas City giaieantinae«mt&onitiffle;8tapartytosay tbepresklent 8:45 a.m. EST instead of its Las Vegas to time and (faerefac dU nat|«fli be kffled,* and •well set destinatioo of Maiqueta. Los Angdes . hiBi.''Wi*lit?"DyniondadMd. On board were two offidaJs of | Minneapolis Rosso said it WBokl not. the (teodyear Tire and Ridiber]New York Russo testified Slooday ftat Co. director T. II Harrington: Palm Springs the atsasninatinn talk he said he and treasurer Paul WeDboni, I Sacramento beard in FCtrie's apaitmentl according to a buBetin issued by;Salt Lake City ooold as easily bavc been "anjUnea Aeropostal VenezolamSan Francisco did Oswdd inrflnwqniwKri baft scawm" as;(LAV), the stateowned Vene-|Seattle kX (be ma-Jtaenoasadiane. iznelan aviioe. 'Washington 33 22 37 30 40 28 2 -5 72 42 34 18 83 72 SO 31 60 36 68 54 35 IS .01 36 22 75 C 63 51 .04 40 18 64 54 .03 51 45 40 22 Legislators ask pay incroase - A Lt Gov. Ed Remecke sakl in i people" and called "the right of ,San Francisco Monday that he! the mdividnal to feel safe" the I SACRAMENTO (UPI) iwu permitting lepdators to^i^ ..jon^e misgivmgs" about most presang domestic task to{give «^«««»»«»»P «r„^; Heyns' actkms but also knew of day. pay ralse-from 816.000 to J19i00 no ,^ye to dismiss Wm. | Tuniing to campus birmofl, "I don't agree with his send-'Reagan said permitting disd- ing a letter to a newspaper dents to disrupt classes one statfflg there was no need fori time "is just the first payment Immediate outside ptdice hdp to the blackmailer, on campus because he felt "We cannot tolerate this for everything was under complete one minute because of those contnd and there was no reason who, out of fhstration, Uke the for alarm." Reinecke saM. ilaw into their own hands," he This was a reference to a'sakl. a year—was oOered Monday by jScn. James Q. Wedworth. I "We've not had an mcrease and costs eootfame to soar," thie] Hawthorne Democrat sM. "We have to nahitahi two homes, two of evcrythiaK while we're m office." The average lawmaker last I year was paid more than $a ,000 letter Heyns wrote to local! >in salary and expenses. inew^pers replying to criticismi He accused faculty members (Continued <in page 2)

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