Valley Times from North Hollywood, California on September 27, 1965 · 18
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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California · 18

North Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 27, 1965
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I 1 I 1 1 1 1 o I I I -mwmmil0 NL LOOKLynn Garland, left. of North Holly. wood, wearing previously used winter uniform at Argyll rpiscopal Academy, North Hollywood. examines skirt of new camel winter uniform held by then Wayman of Newhall, wearing new plaid uni form. Pickeis Please Governor's Kin SAN ritAscisco (Urt) three-year-old Patricia Kelly Pickets demonstrating in front, wall quite pleased by the pickets. rif Gov. Edmund G. Brown's who were protesting Brown's de-, home yesterday didn't sway the mand for the resignation of a governor's opinion but gave his state party official. Little Pa-' granddaughter a memorable tricia thought the parade wasl treat. ;part of her birthday party going Brown wasn't at home, but on inside. c New Discovery Now Makes It Possible to Shrink And Heal Hemorrhoids Without Surgery L. Stops ItchRelieves Pain In Minutes New 'ark. N. Y. (gives-10)s A world-famous institute has discowered a new substance which has the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids without surgery. The sufferer first notices almost unbelievable relief its minutes from itching, burning and pain. Then this substance speeds up healing of the injured tissues all while it quickly reduces painful swelling. Tests conducted under a doctor's observations proved this soeven in CIAOR of 10 to 20 )ears' standing. The secret is the new healing substance (Bio-Dynes) now offered in COLLEGES SCHOOLS CAMPS CALL: HAL GRIDEL 763.5141 787.2000 FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION SCHOOL of l TAP -11 DANCE Modern JAll BALLET ACROBATIC BALLROOM SINGING BATON Famous Cismisination Course Totten 'Quick Learn' Method Smell Classes Home practice instruction records Many other exclusive features Art LINKLETTERTOTTEN c,od-sn s Daitc- 5,uchos Coott to Coast CA,406A PARK 21923 5atice9 340.3401 MEDI 7443 Resada Riad. 342.2311 YAW NUYS 15339 Part Paola St. 192.24135 gasman Mc 14442 Rooters Blvd, S.O. .7194171 i ; 4.44"wom.4.,weve.4A4AANseAwc. .4 4: MTI 0 u.s. LARGEST BUSINESS SCHOOL 0,4 ,,g,,,n, ii, ism s ,,,c skills, ck,no, cethietied, stocking end linane ntois. Authotird to train tam. as Ittht Coto, Authorized to Itsue dioloolas be Superintendent ot Pubiic lostruction. ST 14534 Nal 11-3071 4499 ifau Nuys Mod. 1970 E. Main., Ventura 4 SWANSON'S RANCH SCHOOL 111DINGSW!MMING' w r1;41i0; P40-10t1.0-0 L:S ir--JO-H14 ROBERT POWERS-1 SCHOOLS I CALL moor !DR YOH 'NEE COASVLIATION Phonetics Music HOT LUNCHES TRANSPORTATION 780.5821 411... a ..e...,-.00 hnth 01,6,1,0 OF Cippot Onry form called Preporo tins, E. In addition to actually shrinking pilesPreparation H lubri cites and makes bowel move. monis less painful. It helps to prevent infection (a principal cause of hemorrhoids). Only Preparation II contains this magic new substance which quickly helps heal injured cells back to normal and stimulates regrowth of healthy tissue again. Just ask for Preparation H Ointment or Preparation H Sappositories (easier to use away from home). Available at all drug counters. Sotem.041..W.Olov.i LEARN THE SECRETE THAT NAVE NtADI THE t1'01004 WORLD FAMOUS Hty Dwatemoot Hit ilt,H 4 Not Volvo 4 0104 cow ewt,t1 WHtin E Pomo," W ttttttt A Ewito E11.1 1ock14 JOHN ROBERT POWERS 14252 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks Phone: Slate 9-7146 Requires only one afternoon or evening per week Saturday Classes Now forming Budget Terms NUISFRY KINDERGARTEN THRU 6t1, GRADE Three "Rs" Netv Math 762-3429 tf, L. 1. S:4 ,d,1 13150 Burbank BI., Von Nuys Avolt at,s S o, V. ay .i C alai -1-2-! Tests Given Abandoned I Boy's Mother ) 1 1 Li Aktt it 1'11 A MOI ttA IfvF.t r on-1 otan.lewokl tttr rhertt4-::V trtattki !ref' sta 6401 In M,,ftl sorporl un, tot 1,Irt . 1,1,4 (Pc NO y i 4t4t-tti, I' r t yr 1.'ttezi la It, LW I h;,1 I1i!,1!r.:: del, 4111.fttX4.1::'1iMit:Te:el. le 40e, 14 )eiti 0A 10$, hard 11trw IP (It,,,W, tA1 ,1 A I,e 4 n r, ig no the ' mIller baki been 4t4top;e'el 1 I "114 boy i11 me be te!tabe,1 i uto.I I ro tert4.n mete will mil I to i rorwrel,e of 111A etil .., bo.;,.);.1,1ge V.oppord in 1 I - ! Ailli Puling I -1 Ile ordered Mel Tborne, 444e 14 I 7 rtly, NI,. A , 14( fury man. ;weir 1 bger, eltanlitir4 by &DI tors al "Nf I !lc k4on Ntemmial Ilotro41 and I IAA st,e al tbargeti veuh ctblEf - I Ablotiment. I 4 t It m IA y Vi al M freM11111 at I op -, (minty 14clilly for rit(eptirmsol i-,.: I, hilitrn smut hi a mother's cake UPI P.m Vo A; dot ided., 11114111DAY 6nuliNGs A cluster of hands Mts. 1 home, who so:4 she- reach toward Pope Paul VI as he ended his visit brought the boy to Miami and! reach bsnuirned han in bom li3OMP tn a gypsy camp near Rome on his fiSth birthday -ao one would find and help him: yesterday. 'Thousands also crowded Vatican City mimed tip last waht at Interns. to wish the pontiff congratulations. urinal Airport, the place where! Ruh!, was fauna standing quiet. --------- - ------- '!y last Wednesday. i !I I a w on on TV D.C. Home Rule at Issue S S M:s. Thorne scd .he brought, WASHINGTON (UPI) With President Irndon B. John. Ricky to Miami on a plane from . son's prestige riding on the outcome. the House turnesi twin) . Detroit becattse "I ag desperi to the most emotional issue of the session self-govemmeni -ate to get help ... I was at the for the nation)) capital. end of my rope. I A measure to return a form of home rule to the District ; She said Ihnrne learned about of Columbia already has passed the Senate. The House was 'his son when he saw Ricky's pic.I k-heduled to begin debate on similar legislation today with Hos flashed on a te'evision set a vote expected tomorrow or WednesdaV. in Chicago esterday where her The Senate bill would provide for an elected mayor, city , y and his wife re staying dur council, and a nonvoting delegate to Congress. se , mg a business trip. Ricky. who cannot communi- Debbie Strengthening cafe because he has been men., tally retarded since he sofferedi NEW ORLEANS (UPI) Impical depression Debbie, from encephalitis when he was still undersized but potentially dangerous. moved slowly north. IS month!' old, was found byl ward in the Gulf of Mexico today, gathering strength for a police Wednesday in the airport; possible attack on the heavily populated U.S. Gulf Coast. concourse. He had three cents l The Weather Bureau said Debbie Wag expected to con in his pocket and all the labels tinue in a slow drift toward the northwest and build up slightly. had been ripped from hi,, Although there had been no intensification in the last 24 hours. clothes. I The Weather Bureau said highest winds in the depression Supersonic Test Pilot Gets Award BEVERLY HILLS (t.PI) Alvin S. White of North American Aviation has been presented the Nen C. Kincheloe Award, .highest honor in the aerospace industry for a test pilot. White, who tested the XB70, forerunner of supersonic trans. ports, was chosen by secret bal . lot by members of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. The award was presented Saturday night at the Society's ninth annual banquet in the Beverly Hilton Hotel by Kincheloe's widow. Kincheloe was a test pilot and Korean War jet ace. The two-day symposium was attended by more than 700 test pilots f rom throughout the world. Speakers included astronauts Neil A. Armstrong. Alan B. Shepard Jr. and James A. McDivitt. Chamber Will Hear Transit Talk PANORAMA CITYJack R. Gi !strap, assistant to the general manager of the Southern California Rapid Transit District, will address the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce at noon tomorrow at the Panorama Bowl. Gilstrap supervises administrative, public information and management analysis for the Transit District. He will discuss steps to expand existing service and the financing and construction of proposed systems. He also will report on the findings of the hearings held in Los Angeles on methods of financing the "Train' of Tomorrow." : - - - license plate number monitored, akehiond7rirsrelan,leinf,,,ul1,7and place of i;ublicWori.;:-1; one- n se,slon. on the of said decedent. I LONDON (UPI) Queen' i i, feli 25th day of August. 1.95. publicly Reitz A Dane. ! Queen Mother I electronically checked and I . , Donald E. Dufford. 12230 VIewcrest opened, exam!ned, and declared ell attorney-tLaw. Fli7AhDth will nntan Kritnin q Queen Mother In 13-Mile Detour ABERDEEN. Scotland (UPI) Queen Mother Elizabeth, holidaying with the rest of the royal family at nearby Balmoral, was forced to take a I3mile detour yesterday when a two-ton beech tree toppled on the road she normally takes to attend morning services at Crathie Church. ;peal 111111111111111 RECTAL TROUBLES? Hemorrhoids. Pils. Fissatms, Colitis. Pro lops. Got Olervousooss. Loss est Pp 7 t t o4, lAs Ao WASHINGTON (CPI) With President Irndon R. John. sons prestige ridng on the outcome. the House turned Wirt, 1 to the most emotional issue of the session self-government for the nations capital. A measure to return a form of home rule to the District ' of Columbia already has passed the Senate. The House was kheduled to begin debate on similar legislation today with a vote expected tomorrow or WednesdaV. The Senate bill would provide for an elected mayor, city council, and a nonvoting delegate to Congress. NEW ORLEANS (UPI) Impical depression Debbie, still uqdersized but potentially dangerous. moved slowly northwsrd in the Gulf of Mexico today, gsthering strength for a possible attack on the heavily populated U.S. Gulf Coast. The Weather Bureau ssid Debbie W3i expected to continue in a slow drift toward the northwest and build up slightly. Although there had been no Intensification in the last 24 hours. The Weather Bureau said highest winds in the depression were 35 miles per hour in squalls, and small craft along the Gulf Coast were warned not to venture into the open gulf. Residents of coastal Louisiana, still recovering from super-storm Betsy which smashed into the southeast section of the state just IS days ago, kept a nervous watch on the latest threat. Betsy killed S3 persons, 71 in Louisiana alone. Pollution warrant was out for her arrest for failing to appear in court on her traffic violation. "It's a good thing I have steady nerves. You can drop '$01C-A1.Z Pr-. t. o i CI:n!rki terla prtly r.t ran nnyr cr,"'., -1 , o,,10,1 ri-O ,,,o C.,.,,,o. ob ek Itr, ?tor. If ,3,J Ir.,. ih,e4mteet Pp7.-!Ink:e !!, T EF I f.r) bitg14,0. 0.1,4r1111, rte. vatos PkSTFI-TH i til eel tr,,,n-P tit r.,1,1tor trt he11 fain Dl 1. D. ItICH, D C. rr-r ther f m, 14111 Victory Mad. V N vy, ,r,rnt,sr-rr. it,ArnrrIT fus-v IS Dry11.T Km t,,- 781.6633 ).-or-h Go, 1111111geggsgeggiout day St drt4 couz:aart Chewing Efficiency ,vt ;g1 no 64 Increased up to 35'',6 Laid to U.S. Navy 4 I U 1 ?WRAC NOTICI runic NOTICI afro s 4 . 41, e i I.. I, -,, s ,s Ssi s.4 6,. Ls, s a ss,61 S. t -10 b ,Is 116; IN,Ses I. 4 ,.... - o , ., ."...- - - '''''''.'. 4" oit r . - 44-1 s- s-,-,s s , ,.. -, , ,,.. .., , . 6 ss., , 6 I ts 6 6t ....-.6 - -6 U. 0,, 4 . - ,,---, .. s . i A 11... fils. I -.4111..d- On Frontier In Kashmir iw mitit (UM) - UtiPt, trui !tams ttc!tJ thd trociatr te!orets In ittuttvss Ma ; rut., ',yr ur!vo re fl In- t- -.L c s,-... .. , t-,., s, ta t4 ttl A....AA: t At ',AAA '-"-of 'al" id, ani pakvin in in r!en,lit t- - --...--...- ,...,1 tt At-A:1A 01 Attitt, A AtAtitAA tt t.t -..1,- I , 40 t - 4.11. ... . I Ito Oat omit toss 411,4.4 '' l'"4 'S. p.,, - .- 4.4 , t AP IAA A tt tit A bir itiebt rit01,1 at a dt,ttimm,n.,k t-- r.,-, ,--, P -.. Abl , tAtAA4 A I. A I thAtttoAttatt At t - - '(est, tie, Lit, - Is o Ilolt ittotteAAA A I 1 St 3 0 I h 'Act tepor tej ths ' "'.'' ".."4 k "'"" '''. 14"'"" " 6e. a', I rP to- .-S tAt a A...A A A t AAA -- - " ' 4 11 itettal )estetelay an,1 a a t I, 7, k sA t...4..A 1,..., ,, I., , ...., 40, .-- 600 la 411 0,,,, 41 bi i fli el I tit otticr fur 1, : ii. i t , nit ,.:..." L::, 4:-.,,:.i7 7 411" v. 4741' -1: . .''''.1 11..-e3 '1-1:A :::"-I: '1:"4":tt1111. ',AAA,. ttlt A ttAtit tt At A Ali ..61 Lo A; s e .t 14, it 48,,. i4i o Ihtt agreertient le 111,0p rs t L A t. Is th0 ftit bltp latkarti boat rg 4vo; -8 ,..oa .1 en' ti eit 4-t tit 14TY r,e1, U. long dlhpute Olt't Kothtifir l" " te API r 11.4, Mi,ttpot. Ormilk s-ta 1,4 ,11 1,4 Itit,O1 11 folt ,at, it 4444-4481 arty re llora !tidily aid tit r , 4"1."--'"' Mt 1,44 AAA 4, 1;4.- tr ;84 rid , 41.0 r 4 1.11 .144,444; I of tmlning hnd d wi .ed &n, kit tr? Hi t, $.41 - - - ti$ $1,4.4, il ,, tootoo 4841 bteh nistion$ muds it clear they j EA,148, Iota,- 11 0 4 ,t 144 111, a 1,4 tof- PrePhre 1 to atr'ke saa'rt "' " 1 hirtt4'$44$$$.44"441: ris 'tie 644. 4 1;444 attAcked, And ne.ther 'tinned, t4,41,41 rt1441 484 184 by a 414 c,t 1, 4 tot mg, 4,41 tooI it Ito to any a Ina of svrldrallollt troll 4144, 444 4.4.- 4444.,i4 4.4 44.4, 44..,$ 0 40t, gh 110 64,4,4641 ierritory Iup4 &affix the o- - AFI I 11"" t ()OH( t whit h was sipped to '1 i4 04,4at kokAty k.414 Piss Ondod lo 1 hurcioy. at ,01 04,,,Fr4 0'4C Now I loottlihed 111,4,.tott I ,I, ' 44 41 44, here er nf w rePort I of p.m ,,,,, tas. tvia 1,,,1 at ...a bloNthel In Kaahnlir Uat. Pt.64." I, V4 14tti Pi tlandettine Mt 0 Of X4 01. 1111 RaC110 toporet1 h I t totall.ey i "' "I I " t ftAre fl ii III;0 W ttoeto d "I- reed()m po,rnit 1.1 4l OSI called Kathmiri "I reedom et,,Ao al I to t 04 4 Fightert" killed :rx) ant. dets ,' tot 1,,111.4 item yeverday ani b'eve up! (41111t1Ct"OrPlo t - - - - - 31 Of PI ) d T, 100S ).1101 seeral bridges in thi dikputed v .J3ht-o.63 sta,P. UN. ntlithry ()boners ro Two Valley Servicemen Honored - -- , e ,s, .-, 4 s 0 .4..4 . 41 ., I,. . L 4 6.0 -46-- 4104 I .49t A',1i ..,-... ot...6.- to .... o, ,, 44,41 . ,, I . - , -., - 41,4 046-.4 pi... WI --..1.,-,,---AL 6,, - , g -.a, I- i. t ',,,, s,-..---,,,,- 4..0, ., t . - . t,4 414t ow. ,-., At, a 0 lx , 1..4 I S. ,4,.., ilk., ,m. .,,oa S 1S 1.41411 .'" . .1 1,,i tz)4 J 6 -. 1 bei i 4,6, - . ..i. i I 11, i464,- el, if - - -- ---.- o. ,. 4. . 44.4 OP 4 - ,414 fr .4..0 I. . ,,.. it U., gos-t 141 p4 abilth l" 1 :1;:711:7.4 t651 "Oa 1 0.4, 64. t.,M a Itinada .4 It lb b., s..t . be bL1 I 4 ,4 tsL 4.4 We I. 11.,,4 S.. lt- .1- I .0044, ..4141, -; I 400 10p4 a. it. 4841 1,s1b 4 .P 4tss a ir ,so t to, - P , t ....Li, bt . tl 0lits, IStmsts-11 St fots, 4 frs, U. 11,41hi$ ie Sill 41, $4. I 11 44 -- - .4 164 1 sL 9., , ,,, 6 600 1411 1. Lff A.,., A". I, .3 11, 1,, 14. I WAN t tit. IN.. r.!ivf$ t ott.., thil 144 A, litir fl t t tt,tgh A.F40.44 , 4,4 An 1-- ,Arq f 1Voftv, 0 bon( I T.0 I pit011.000$ ported yesterday that the shaky r P" P "1 ulotif.1 t,t the Stet of fail, truce along the border between I tot nts, 1,1, Mt. t',Atiity India and West Pakistan south! ta m,..1.;7,17.-.a;; Ftrii of Kashmir "further deteri aaa "" laa"aa" ()rated." het., y eft le if.11,0t6 hving Cionst agniinI the 041,1 4 Secretary General Thant a..1 1!!. la!' "a " she of the tie, of the sioffmtil t-,uft passed that report along to the ''',, Pr'"" "ra " l's u""" a!'" at U.N. Security Council in New 7iak.;!,!.4 Ji4 ?no, 1:4 York, but he did not ask for any oa.1 county. Sorb ittst olio is the council action. htine of the tin irs goril in all matters rentettitog to u1 vtAt ?e,Irts te jh t V,Nut ' to ,gh Ile Itio,,,ott-411 14-.0441411 tAti et I tor 41.4,11, Otoottot- it totoo y oli to s twi,, he I le t 44,1 pe..04,. to tt ott Po 4.4 too P too f,o,t toot voto,,-, 4o, plo .16 of th ooab too No tit 1414 ',owl ol tot, , K..9.4 HI to tOtt goo, Oi the t 0,4h, et,olt woo total pot po,,C,o, 1,04,0,1 owl cot , j hittel,y hititee lb .pm al LI 4 le 00 It 14 Set rthen 1 ttoottoo :I' :dr: fle hf I to Rtt 64.4 t Ihrloby 4aol000 t.1 I, tam 4,11so I I tv O noottlOki of o Ilhploottonoot otO to 1.0 ottoott4 to mit Si. tolit OO4 110"44 d top- to,4 gt Its itt000t 4h.,! Itt',0 no t ittsby ottooketood to pub,..14 1Pi,t. invilkhe 14 riolookalo a WO. VO th podolototti of to I Art ono! trutoonotoont tit it It tin goo, ol otobit 1,1 t ttlf ert thotetot es gap, S hi to Dail let le el Meet AO wik tp.n h nip Moot atoll rept tlf y It the hditiveg of 141$e W Watt, ,4 he4 feu. the sorbs to PP ptati,,,,,tot o,,,, in It 1,tott 1 avot PioIy toftqy that tit fotorttof ,wtto,n,t, oat tnttorito, toil at the moot. to,g pf too tout. II of ittot t op ott too Ar,solo of Potottmtr I, 326S mini s t1 At he olirl I iterteethet 1 eh tt In a tote oi Pot Iota Mitt itotpHthe of Om 1,0re 11,10,0 AA IPR PETIPON, CitI alrkt Pt tt Ivn 4 Peru t or G leuot Se filed err presort trial a. i A Aroma, Pap' It. I frai al,deoo,1 e,!hin , mown eta, 11 . INcriAl P 11itrA11fl . fietO publication of this notice. avtirc 1dayor Pro 'reimport' Dead trrt I 4 I ,ri 'S PO No 311 141 ALPPP I re 1,01-1Ftibartf aka It Sept 21, 19,4, (MON 1 3IT) Ar(it OA 15.4,1-714AcH 1 Aerutrix 41722 of tr wilt of 664 dieediont.. ...------ ..-... P1111 a DANA. A110,13014, at law iValloy 11mm-11111 1071 Lanktohirn Mad . OPIDIP AN( g No. 116 III Pio. 14ollyro noel, calif. Ar Ord,r.erre of tho e ity of tee 4t Sort. 20. 0, Grt 4, 11. 3165 orderot rartain oura Id he (Mob; 41 aP4 li 49148 ebui on 10 i MAN AVTNVE AND nunurea 81.1711Y. 117111,17 Lit,11711sr 1):5711b 7 tVetly Timps--11Sal 717. PFOPLY 7tit CITY Cr WS Wall WAIF Itt'aiNLBIL ANGLIJA DO ORDAIN Al OLLOAO SAN PEDRO Two Valley, rwrrnot I sow Clinn Pursuant to this tvremt. 1 The undersigned do certify they lire tens of the Improvement At of lett servicemen hare been honored, conductive a buctiose et NW Ben ,Itiv 7. Streets and H,Vn.IYa end AentiC North Hollywood, Colifornia, the Cruntil of the It) of Los Anattes One posthumously, at special ,in,ler the tit,oug lir M name, Of hveby orders all the work deserihed CUSTOM(BA)1 hitt'ORDINFI, end that and Warred to in Ordinance ho ceremonies at Ft. MacArthur. Br i roCons:iel Wad, Nrowunit, shofr.eIv;v2erdiVb abt ohl en.. l firm is composed of the follow.. 13. 445 to be (Inn Reference ec is pit1,1,0tr,zn -r:41deohnors.eanr:mpos foiritinfst,ioll and hereby made to said ordinant for a descri'puon of amid work. of the di- .. Peen Talley. Mt') Ben Ave North tru t to hat t (I In pay tho Honvoraol, ( o !anima and ex pensea thereof. end nt th Ronald Talley, 1727 Campus Road. setts! boritt provided for therein I flanrnia liC 2 The Board of Public Work'. LOO iling(001 i, ralifornin SPc 2 Th. Pe,ard of Public Work'. Dated, SPrtornber 1, 15. II hre,by directed VI t nntjr, as 1)FAN TALLY itirmicled In ocd Imprrivemmt Act elf Ihrin 111,1 VIM. IT CULL.,11 Int til , ted tornber 1, 11,15. 114 horshy direrted to 0 notlro, as 3 persons, 71 in Louisiana alone. for his son Robert, who died In f PFAN TALLEY Iprovicled in osid Improvemnt Ael o I I II f LI FltAtO the Dominican Republic crisis! RONALD TALLEY q11, Inviting oald proposals Or trtr dming paid work. - - while serving with the Army. '1,;.,An",',:le'.:(,.;u-.t.i I 3 The- City Clerk WI certify - - - . ". u.-..,), I igAN hstml mo. I to th romknizo of thlt ortimanra r; d'e rotarhug. nAl.dcN ri oca :e1137co rt;st nt I I.. CI I LA I ki a la Iltalf S. Sgt. Antonio M. Madrid. 114-,?anry8repPutliT,,,b.irni.0- 49,165f0 rbeZo'd ricer:Art.14h' Ten helltot";lempaune"iislhisIll WASHINGTON (UPI) The Great White Fleet is gray U.S. Air Force, was the reciphnerg,ndallY IrPnem;nt'n'i.r: n T when it comes to water pollution, according to Sen. Gaylord ent of the Air Medal for meh-!It'bna,"rt.t' raTomo aeYt1t..hoo n a 'nee aro euh. An (elms, A. Nelson (11-Wis.). torious service during his duty a Se 1Fl rkinnbloetiwittrt,igthe:thlt.ovttet.,Inuatttrriumthe:toaamned.!emitinhsenrly..caosrtplf.y.thmatbythtahatotece,trunotrorl Nelson charged yesterday that U.S. Navy ships re pal- in Viet Nam from Dec. 16, 196,1 FRANKLIN t DANA. th City of Loa Angolea at Its luting harbors, lakes and rivers. He said he had written to to Pet). 6, 1965. Notary public !Davit's of Sertemher IT 19AS Madrid, back from Viet Nam,,i 'REITZ A1, orny DANA, VALTER C. PETEREON, City Clerk, the Secretary of the Navy and the Coast Guard commandant Sy Charlet' J. Port, Deputy, is tte for a precise account of how many v with the Van Nuys essels are guilty of this. isano77NIA Hn117a:hinl.8cl'asile. Approved Sept 17, inse THOMAS 0 SHEPARD. "None of our Navy ship Warhead support team. s s, with the possible exception of s Hercules rt Acting Mayor Pro Teentior m File No 115J,O9 7947111 se The ceremonies o veral housing barges. have any sewage treatment or re- It Sept 27, 1965 (MON.-VT ant tention facilities." he said. "... Ship pollution. while stat- 8713 istically small, can be especially dangerous because it often c last Friday. occurs in areas of prim rire recreational importance or close to The undersigned do certify they are An OnriltdVn!lim .il.." . Timel-117111 0. mes A took place! IkT4rIN!:vaTrttiv . )c8Al thi1lm s- 218:731T-8211 OF r'3t8 NAatik''IS iLn" tmartl'd public drinking water supplies." Mama an conducting a bu.lnese at (Ina N. Rob- aneelet California. under Madrid, back from Viet Nam, 1 Attorney nv t nnrorn 4. 1-,,vt.. LmpuLy so77 Dinkftr.him Sisd , Approved Rept 17, 1965 is with the Van Nuys Hercules I North Hollywood. (alif. THOMAS 0 SHEPARD, Warhead support team. 503,,-,i, c it, ilss. Acting Meteor Pro T File No 115.699 i A-114, 79q The ceremonies took place I !40tNS:42823.)-827, It Sept 27, 1965. tMON.-V last Friday. (Volley Three) 8713 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS. Firritious NAME Marriage conducting a bu.inese er,S N. Rob- The underlogned do certify they ere ORDINANCE NO. 130 1114 e City .. ...... .1rmg Acertin work t ,. ,,, ymti- A Lehrtp.ogni,,tilm.AnfremlecnaCtleifoorfnittiAusKntilNer. AnA:le,s::,:l;e11:6"ornTthl471,1) marriage ,i An Ordinance of the City of Loa Angeles ordering certain work to he public drinking water supplies." 1 LIcenses (conducting a business It s.,o munndo,,; Itehr tseGoEfniNe, HLitinnostr, AthntegitremloeRst.dn aelrlanrimel f ooirsfnci aim po, .of the following persons, whose names A.91314 HA . ASKINeti lin full and places of residence are Bair' " done on AMBOY AVENUE (NEAR rit.. MORE STREET) IMPROVEMENT NO. The Computers May. PEOPLE l7lttots, rAneNorth el ts . VINESOCHANANJerald F., 24, Van nwl!' i THE OE THE CITY OE IA26 IANGELES DO ORDAIN AS frOLLOVS: Pauline Baskin. Section 1. Pursuant to the provisions Num and IC nt the Improvement Act of 191 1 anv. MAP k.NAF I Ayseia sep t.h ,e 3n1, m I nor 1 HIg411111, 4952 Palomar Str and Highwys Code) the T , Hollywood, arid Sandra R., 21, Sherman , ouncil of the City of Los Angeles , eets a Drive.)Tartana. Calif. C ill oaks. ;Shl,rinan Oaks Calif. 4112 Wc""dcilft. , Dated: September 16.1965. Nab You Next -I- oaks. Frank J., 2S, Banta , PAULINE RASKIN and referred to in Ordinance No. 130. BERYL HAGOPIAN 417 to be done Reference is hereby 1 BROADWATERFLEER Stephen R., n, State of California. made to raid ordinance for a descrip-, Palmdale, and Chervi L., 20, Van Nuys. Los Angeles County: hereby orders all the work described monica, and Cecile B., 30, Pacoima. 4 assessed to pay the costs m t vided for therein, Panorama City, and Shirley A., 32, Van a , tion of said work, of the district to be NEW YORK (UPI).It was a'drive her to a station house toFAHNESTOCK-WINktE Tom C., 21, l On September 16. 1965, before me. and expensous and Victoria J., 19, both Sherman Oaks. . Notary Public in end for said State thereof. end of the serial bonds pro- , delightful day and the attractive,be booked as a scofflaw (one 'is FREDERICKS.WORKMANArthur J,, 29, personally appeared Pauline Raesnkntoidn povid In said Improvement Act of I and Beryl Hagopian. known to I Sec. 2. The Board of Public Works blonde in the white shorts was who scoffs at the law). NUYS. be the persons ,A. h o 15e names are sub.. hereby directed to give notice, as tooling along Grand Central Ex- The p o I i c e department had -ncred ,KALSMANROSENTHAL Meyer S. 43, scribed to the within instrume n , I end Anne, 32, both North Hollywood. , e pressway en route to the beach. set up the demonstration for'novE FRITZVient T., 21, and Connie , ig sealed proposals Or iiT,IreCoititt2t;rko idiball certify She was well within the speed newsmen and police officials toi .. Hi :. le Ot2 ael C04. 24 end Shelia i My TmLission Expires Ort 7 Notary Public :e i,esterlio)wiedgeri BtE they acre Duted hiNtG he. came t1911 invtin I j 'bids foe doing said work. NMI Burbnk . s s limit and had nary a second show the efficiency of 7Ri the com-1 .iy, , 2 20. 27, Oct 4, , 1965. ,hall cause le ame to .bo1MpylocrhtahH0,,d, l4t.Cosr 11. Public h 3r.' rbempaun4,141 812alts .,Mfod u R PaDtricra ld J H.,.' 234, NSorh.rti . thought about the police carputer in nabbing traffic offen- m (DaWn N1 O iniv in some daily newsparte-r-Orinted I nor the eey ,, c. c. ;ur And published in the City of Los stopped along the roadside.ders. Holtywo Ti rd. (MON.-VT 287) (Valley mes) Angeles. I CUE VAS.WiLSONManuel M., 27, and CERTIMATE OF BUSINESS, htonb o dtohfu actte te ha 6ct the nem2Li a( That :- cenists) utilizes two police carsi That is until a cruiser darted! operation Corral (computer i Barbara t., 27, both Arleta. rim-riot's NAME innr At The undersigned do certify they are up beside her blue sports car, oriented retrieval of auto tar- and the patrolman at the wheel' ls' Canyon Hollywood. Cali- 'Angeles of September 1SA5 And Wall passed at its meeting of Sep- motioned her to pull over. !set up 900 feet apart and the l PUBLIC NOTICE- I tennrr.ndater iau,ct9ini:0161. ubnudo, No. :ts:eartict6t3t:i.Cfnirldn: S. 196S. IVfillev TirndmOVId41 Immo of CINEGRAFIC PusLicripis;.s, WALTER r pp.Trtmw ros, r1.4 . . motioned her to pull over. I set up 900 feet apart and the! !forma, 91hoo! linger Toe TICUI,UP 1,1 J11 aelleY Times-8244) NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR Iname of CINEGRAPIC PUBLICATIONS, Mrs. Gloria Placentia was In-, I services of the Univac 490i City of Log An that geles land at s aid firm is composed of the dignant. Her outrage Increased L housed in the Federal Pavillion n followi persons. whose mime In full , POLICE PERMIT 'and places of residence are ita follows !ng s when a busload of newsmen and at the World's Fair. i Notice le hereby give that applice oseph V. Mescelli, MO No. Taft j photographers wheeled upt to As traffic streams by the first tig,;,,i7rehas been made tn the Board of Ave., Hollywood, Calif. Son2B J l ;;;IoEnnetr;rtf.Irnma4,termit to NnIttaHcollivtA;., Radsrritit; grACrewe at.. Name o watch radio patrolman Beri a ja. police car a radio patrolman conduct Caf Applicant: Howerd M Flora I Dated: Bert. 16. 1965. min C. Fishman arrest her for m o n I t a r s individual license I 1 Dana Busines as: DkiNt iz Patch. 'I JOSPPH V. MASCFLIT .. .. .. up beside her blue sports car, oriented retrieval of auto tar- uncersnineu ta,v ing of the Council of the Citv of Los feonducting a bu,iness at 6340 and the the patrolman at the wheel' Ater Canyon, No. Hollywom. Cali-'Angeles of September 1, 1S65 and cenists) utilizes two police cars! PUBLIC NOTICE pagaed sit its meeting of Sep- motioned her to pull over. !set up 900 feet apart and the! itnrnia, 916. under the fictitioue firm temb., R. .1965. (Valley Times-4244) Id ntim. of CINEGRAFIC PusucArioNs, 1 WALTER C PETERSON. City Clerk. i" I Tiois,00 AQ11i lan that geld firm is composed of the MITI L.. risnman arrest ner 10F, MUnIt LI r s IIJUIVIUUdL JIell Dana Businevm Dav.g Pntch. I di ,r,rri v. r passing a red lighton May 5, plates and relays the numbers( Located at: 7555 Foothill Blvd Sun- MACK W. RADSTONE land State. of California, WALTER C PETERSON. City Clerk. Ity M. B Wilson. Doputy. Approved Sept 17, 191;5 THOMAS D SHEPARD. Aettre Mayor Pro Tempore File Nn 1.1S.2011 A.11-9131A) it Sept. 27. 1965. (MON.-VT 29( 4711 " "".Y s' t''" " 1964. 1 by radio to the computer. The An - Computer Did It numbers are fed into the com, 'issuance of this permit shill make a written protest before September I".ted at: 7555 Foothil l 15.1..v.d7.5un- 1 ' plates and relays the numbers land. 'IssuanYcePe MAC( W. RADSTONE (Vallee TimesRIM) NOTICE ICI CRIDITORS by radio to the computer. The An On Sept. 16, 1965, before me. a Superior Court or the State of Nit- 1 No. NCP Ian R ! numbers are fed into the corn-, rostonthriiseelpreinremitto shill mike oteateAnleCle8sittgunniat'y a written protest before September Notary Public in and for said SToltet, forma. for the COunty L A E I A . oar l ILd-1 - .t ," -e " The New York Police Depart:outer. which has memorized 1965 to the Ims Angeles Pohce personally appeared Joseph V. Mas-I In the Stetter the Essete )196000 ic warr l po e ants and can , Tornimoission. 150 North LoS Angeles relit and Mack W. Rad Stone. known tn CHARLES CURTIS HANGER. aka ment's computer made another! ' st ngete,. Calif. 91012. me to be the persona whose names.CHARLES C. HANGER. Deceased. t the finger on lawbreakers' Upon receipt of written Protests, sire subscribed to the within Instru-1 Notice Is hereby given to creditors arrest. .pu r"esting persons will be notified of ment and acl(nowledged they ex- having Clairril, against the said decedent . ,, ment's computer made another! 196'Ut" ponce warrants and can t--,E,-;-;c,- '- A- mf, to be the persona whose names,CHARLES C. HANGER. Deceased. geles Calif. 9o012. .put the finger on lawbreakers' Donn receipt of written Protests, sire subscribed to the within Instru-1 Notice is hereby given to creditors arrest. protesting persona will be notified of ment and acl(nowledged they ex- hawing against the said decedent one ninety-two !qrs. Placentia was the victim, within thousandth , d ate, time and place for hear ing ecuted the same. to file maid claims In the office of the 1, 1 rA1,14;r A WIWITRMC)RIE rielrk rtf ha is( ri ,,,, 4. airs. riacentia was toe V1CLIM ' , (Seal) CARRIE A. ValITERMOR rl E. Ierk of the aforesaid court or to i of operation corral, a new police of a second. pomm op POLICE CONINIISSIONERe i The police department feels st. sept. la, 20. 27. 1965. t 510N, Notary Public 1 nresent them to the undersigned at the 51)77 tanker,. hiidR.,eii n tzth a. e iti,Ttny 8' of North Hlly- o 1 technique which uses a Univac m, the syste which has spotted 'VT 231)-6244 , N(Imy4oteN. osm..vmprtis2s28132n)2117701rcets. 4.) .11 ilyi .119 61 59.6 6 . 1;!rtm r856 11. ( iwood, in the aforesaid County. which 490 computer to spot stolen andi , ,2 COO scofflaws and precipitated (rvoi,y Times) Flatter offi he ce le t place of bueines uninsured cars and "scofflaws" CERTIFICATE or nIlSNESS, (Valley Times-4603) of the undersigned In all matters nom1100 arrests since going into op- FICTITIOUS NAME NOTICE OF AWARD OF CONTRACT rtaining to said estate, Such claims for whom warrants have been The Un s ruled does certify he Is, der i Pursuant to the provisions of the with the necessary vouchers must ha , . eration last May. can revolu- iccitoti anti iiiirnneert I ennductine a business at P.O. Root 211. ' s,s ,is los s i nivisinss 7 , - - - Ss-s s - i 2- --iss , , "" --- I of a second. POARD OF - (Seal ) CARRIE A, V-111 i I!. tu,lut, .. i cleric or tne aforesaid court or to Notary Public ;present them to the undersigned et the of operation corral, a new police POLICE COMMISSIONERS 1 1 The police department feels st. sept. la, 20. 27, 1965. ilii0N.-,My Commission Expires July 16. 1966.:office of Reitz A Dane, 5077 tanker- technique which uses a Univac VT 231)-824e 4t. Sept 20. V. Oct. 4, 11, 1965. ishim Blvd., in the City of North lolly- the system, which has spotted' ,,000 -. . (Nom', Tim...A) (MON.-VT 2.82) !w ood, in the aforesaid County, which 490 computer to spot stolen andi Flatter office le the place of miAineAs uninsured cars and "scofflaws" 6 scofflaws an precipitated CERTIFICATE Or RUSNESS, (Valley TimesS03 r- i of the undersigned In all matters pe 1100 arrests since going into op- FICTITIOUS NAME NOTICE OF AWARD Or CONTRACT rtaining to said estate. Such claims for whom warrants have been . .. , The undersigned does certify he II, Pursuant to the provisions of the with the necessary vouchers must he . eration last may, can revolu-conducting a business at P.O. Bc,s 211,'rmpemement Act of 1911, 1 DiviFIN1 7. Mod or presented As aforesaid within issued and ignored. tionize law enforcement. Feverly Hills, California, under the st,,ta and Highways Code), and tosix months after the first publication Within the course of 27 sec- fictitious firm name of BIZTEN COM- the Resolution of Award of the Board of this notice. onds and the space of 900 feet. :PAN Y end DEE INDUSTRIES ADVERT1S- or public Works of the City of Lc'eF Dated September .13, 1965, the Queens housewife had her Queen Will Presd LNG AGENCY, and that said firm is Angees, hereinafter mentioned, notice ARTHUR L. HANGER. e c-,.,m1,,,,,(Kt of the following worm. is hereby given that said Board of Executor of the win i ,whoss name in full and place of public Works, in open session. On the of said decedent license plate number monitored,' i LONDON (UPI) Queen residence is as fo1lows7 25th day of August, 1965. publicly Reitz A Dana. electronically c h e c k e d and found to be on the wanted list Donald E. Dufforri. 12230 Viewcrest opened, examined, and declared all Attorney-t.Law. i Elizabeth will open Britain's Rd Studio City. Calif. f,erd.ed proposals or bids offered for PO. Box 730. Parliament Nov. 9, it was an- Dated: Sept DONALD E. DUEFORD ember 17. 19s5 !doing all of the work orilernd In In) 5077 Lankershim Blvd., The rest was routine p o I I c el .. I cione by Ordinance No. 130,677, which North Hollywood, California. ;nouncea today. State of California, Fd ordinance provides for certain 4t. Sept 27. Oct 4. 11. IS. iss5 . work. i 11,os Angeles County: I work of irnpr,vement in itMON--VI 343)--53404 "What am 1some kind of f On September 17. 1965. before me. 1 EL DORADO AVV31II ',inn-161011" tho orionc, Iiroixenifo CI IKI kAnnm TtrICC . a Notary Public in.and for paid Petal (NEAR JEROME STREET). I (Volley Times P3I05) - a Notary Puhlic in and tor ,.aid (NEAR JFRO! aid State,. perenally sopeared Dtmaid E Dufford. horohy I Notary Put, In and tnr paid Stated (NEAR JFROME STREET). 1 (Volley TIrnes P31081 criminal?" the angry housewife SUN, MOON, TIDES ,nersonally arpeared Dnnald E Duttord.1 Notice ta herehy elven that, on the NOTICE TO cRrpiroRs nckAti whon P,mbtrin to!,1 1-,pr known to roe to he the rerson whose ',nth A tt I thai Wirt ER. asked when Fishman told her a. .known to rne to be the person whose :nth day of Septenber, 1965. the said NCP ISO7 rim. is sus.", . ,crihed to the within in- 1,...,4 1,st gInael,,, C..,.. -a qkirserio,rr tCh Couty of Anee ourt-of th' eSts-te of Cell- name is susbscribed to the within In- Board of Pub' Wo ks. by e it 1 m wl.l.MOTH. Deceased ----Tr----:.1-1 strument nd acknowledged he ex- ass arded the co"cntra;t for -s aird'c' wourrtnr; for'na f e n 1.,,,g c, i 1;..JH e- .,::.:1.ii, 1 u ted the the low same i tSeali BERNICI D KTNG, est, regular. responsib. bid- In the ',fluor of the Estate (If ALICS der. to wit' Ms. c..,1,,n r,pirpi 0,N"t..tar-f Pub To the SecuHty Pawing Co. The . 4, Qo-,I. 7 , at rice is ellen to creditors N hereby , . the prices mimed for said work in haym; cia'rbs ezeinst the seid do- . cedeot to fsi sad eitlInIS in the office ''' "" ' - Stitt UM I ',.....,,' - ' '' c1 4 11' 1965 luILPr'P''''l therefr'r t ,t, fLU worn "1 nes ,ng C1,111 azsinst the ssid de- cedent Vs f:le sald eitIlITIS in the office NW Pair Stitt talT MOON OVA UK MOON OtJaat El .thfO'N.1712S..6; Oct. 4. 114 1445. It.8Prr'fP.I:rt'hierthrsserrt&I'rculsrs, reference is of the clerk of the at,re,ald thourt d hereby tnele to wri twoolut,bn and to tn nryse,,t then, to the urierslemed 1 Lom. , 1 it - A. SniS 011 A. t.1a, (Volley Ittney--91341) rrelY.AAI nt tut en ftle In the At tlte ofIcy. of SPPPurity Nounntil CERTIFICATE OF RI SINESS, cff nt tr.(' 14-,-..ard of I C Y Wo.kt Fot-k Fl '2 Van Nu Y. Blvd in the city growleti as police prepared to. MONDAY. SEPTEmBER 77, 19.1 ricrrTious NAME 74P',1 Pt 1,-. CA',fornio. VPPI N11,4. t, n'opP,Pid CPtUntv, FP,r,,PS 46 t, P 43 P Y t, P.', )5 p 1.111PIPP4t;n1P1 doe. cert,9 r-ty (, leTter it the pitt-e hug,- rF cnE ef the 11,1,clicned in All mAtle-9 AFALS E TEE7H : 1.E,P7E (0:0 sE , , r, 7.F ,,F" 7 r-; .Ari rttAe Sich c:Atr 9 SPPrrtt,v h the nN-p.,-N, von,,,r nAuAt - - - - - - - ELLIOTT :NT: :4,4 R-, L Al d A ', el ', r-ettented 8 6400004,4 55-,05.4., co,,t k S. k i.,-. ..q., fir, , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, t ,-z 4'00- :4 507-.. :-. :; 1," 4 V:3:4; 4 0 N 7,,h,- flor 014 4rAt pu,!:,-Atv't 8 ttt A 8 t '751 I 45 I 5 11.54 4 I ,-,. , A,.--t - in itt and r Aqc,1 r't '11 ,,,-, 44 i 4 ; , , , t , 4 6 34 9 Dr ,,. ',IC 8- It, 7-0,!,-, 8 - r..1 '9,--,,,,,,r 1 '44; :I .:. c9 ' 9 5 4 )A11 )1 5 4 4 I' 11 4 55 : 4 '7,1 ' ! ., ,tt ,S - 2 r -,,,,It trill., 711,7-7) SE -1. RiT't F.RS7 NAT,,,,; A! 44 4t:,Ir .; ,,,-. , , 4, t 7-.. r . , ., 4,0 n A ,,, , A t NVrii E A ,1,:i..trA,,,, ts,1 ,? ifi : : r' I :" : I ' "' 5" ' al I" ,;,-, , P8, m . ;7 ',le t-tq t-- -, '9' '.1.'--t-'1, ,,', '--- ri:9 . "' '9 1 1 ,,,f to,e - F4 v4 h1,1 , 4 ,r r ,-4 I If It -r, 1-,-,,,,,,, ,f .51..4, --, 4, ', ' ,Attl 717ea -t 8 -8 t 1 7 At 7 1 ,7 0 44 15 III r,re, Au,.. 2 1, PN rYTIR S K..,4R0:l I 0 40 1,0 5 ! 5 I 41 4 4 II A I V::: :AM ' r' ! '''!!!"7 --,8-,,,--, ,, ,q , !,,,,- . ,11 ,ft., ', 1-,' ,, ,'' t Tr,t Offt, 00 ,0-47.04 eo",.1 1,-,-,p, .4,,,,,..1 ttl- JA it; L 111ANZ,AI.L t"v! n,,,, tho s,,er 1- r i-ttliv. g r,,,. ,,--. ,, el p. hpts .-a a,e 'New St,11,0 ,4 (-a' f'-'1 a Q,9,91 twernrd by Evrd of A tuvfnev-st tr,r. 00,.... ..,1 1.. Ar, Os 42,7. Al, Tr 440 11)50 Anturs Rh 4 1 t --Ot ,4 In rtov,nTrt 5.. nnt 't ,ons rn A ,,,t 2 144 .5 p.,-., atr I -4, ,,Attmn 74 ill A tAtt,o1 PAT' .14Atrito itty.t.811(ftrnts I Atrs-A t Kt-',-- -no . .7; a N-, F ., - - -- - ' -- r' , -" -, ' ':' i, se... 1. (1 IL 111 IICS t ",11. g: rZ cres r -, t -- Orrrona-r r2AA:r1 Nk Ana I- 1.-.:...z. .-...1 Ira: la ;a tze o-t...0 :::e:-e.t r ag M .N -'-t 34; ,--F3I'S ( .11 ril,f It I ' At 1 I V 11'111. ki 1 , o,ft r,, I ,,c I . r.....-1 vit I -- f 1. ,,,, , , , --, i v c; r:, 1 , (i re--, ( i N..?,,e I ('(-7-''I'l?), cl"---'14: . 1 rí,..N...o ) .. .1 ,., . ,,,,,?r )- ,-.,-4a , , 1 it 11,, sir : ; 4,3 4 --le 1 0 -4 :t lb I IP .i Q - i i14, i lw , 1 0 ) ! , 0,01 j ! l; , i. , , .',1 - . , P t t (1 t .. i ' i,,, It 'a i i. 1 - i i to 0 ; ot , ,.. . It lif oc-T i 1 gia ,. ...- ,.F... ? , i ::14 147 4411,, AIL ,., ) crirry I I . i s -1 i cf:;is - , : ,......0 ,.,:,,, . , , . , ..),,. .,,,,,,,s,.... , ,1?.... k ,t, 1 73 .; IPtrirev'T" f b al I j ':i ';- 'A -, rI 4 1 - 4 , r' t . - ff 2 , ,i4IZA:ee::. d ..! 4 t' ' '4.Y1 (.:0; sq,t ot,;- j - tA e i R 4 - ,. . . , ly t , 1 f - 0 ..P1 I r; tr I , 1 4 r; 7 E 0 cl , 1 I 1 1 I 'I . a I. C .IJI,- - ot I .. 1,,, 4,...., -- r, r o' I '1 0- 9 ) --..,,, 1 Si i k d t lir, 4 0 I 1 1 ) P I ' f 1 1 4 1 P , :771P.-'-.e' Nee""......"'INSI It P ... ' )...4 1 I p I' 11: 5 IC f 1 ; I ' I 4 1 ...-4 1 I . . I 4, , 4 i 1 I 1 i ' (5'1' ii 1 ,terf (1:0".."J 1 t r ( ' PI ,,4,? Aes'"41 ! , I 4 , -.m l e b . A o--,, - 11 . 4it- ... Artitcar . J. i 11 4 - it X. A 1 tt ,to 0

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