Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 1, 1952 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. f FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Early Action Expected On Vetoed Bills Teacher Pay Measure High On List; Some Are Of Local Interest Several of the 61 bills vetoed by Governor McKeklin after last year's session of the General (Assembly, which will be first order of business of the coming session of legislature, affect Cumberland and Allegany County. Most of the pressure is being brought on the teachers' pay Increase measure which was passed unanimously by the Senate and House of Delegates. The teachers' associations have been working to override McKeldirrs veto. The Governor declared the responsibility for teachers' pay increases rests with the county governments and not the state. Some Bills Listed Here are some of the 61 bills that the legislators will act upon when they convene February 6 for a one- month session at Annapolis: Senate Bill 430 — To set up a board of barber examiners in Allegany County, Senate Bill 46 — To make the state purchase Maryland mined coal Senate Bill 318 — To bring the members of the Cumberland Fire Department into the State Employes Retirement System. (Since the last session the citj firemen have been taken into the state retirement system under previous law. Senate Bill 318 made useless by the placing of the firemen in the system provides that the firemen must join the system. The old act made it voluntary.) House Bill 406 — To make the state pay bounties to those killing foxes and weasels. Senate Bill 461 — To increase the license fee for oyster packers and dealers. House Bill 95 — To alter the law concerning the stamping of insurance policies. Senate Bill 141 — To alter certain state merit system regulations. Auto Tax Measure Senate Bill 31 — To exempt nonresidents from the payment of the motor vehicle titling tax when they move into Maryland. Senate Bill 218 — To increase the share of the local gocrnments Jn certain motor vehicle violation fines. Senate Bill 255 — To supplement payments to retired state employes. House BUI 340 — To increase the allowance of the members of the Teachers Retirement System who retire under "ordinary disability." House Bill 341 — To supplement payment to retired teachers. NEW DEMONSTRATION AGENT — Miss Evelyn P. Hutson, above, arrived here yesterday afternoon to begin her duties as the home demonstration agent for Allegany County. She succeeds Miss Maude A. Bean, who retired after more than 25 years service here. Miss Hutson was formerly assistant home demonstration agent in Frederick County. She stopped off here yesterday after spending a vacation at her home in Warrensburg, Mo., and left this morning with Miss Thelma Allin, assistant home demonstration agent, to attend a meeting in Hagerstown of Extension Service workers. Republicans Rap Truman Remarks WASHINGTON— (ff) — President Truman's dismissal of state presidential primary elections as eyewash brought sharp retorts today from Republican contenders for his job. Harold E. Stassen said: "President Truman's statement is an example of the cynical attitude of the Pendergast machine toward the rights of the people." Gov. Earl Warren of California said: "The election process in this country Is never eyewash." Some Fun PARIS —(INS)— A French film entitled "Fun in Bed" was confiscated by German customs agents who reportedly lost no time in arranging a strictly private screening. But the projection room, chock-full at the outset, was empty after the first few frames. The reason: the film was merely a documentary showing how to handle children who are difficult to put to sleep. House Bill 610 To give the public school teachers a salary increase Rt state expense. House Bill 483 — To extend state licensing procedures to Include the buying of poultry on credit. Senate Bill 287 — To regulate "going out of business" sales. University Measure House Bill 412 — To build a $5,000,000 state office building in Annapolis. House "Bill 295 — To amend the law providing tax exemption for the tools and machinery of manufacturers. Senate Bill 398 — To change the utate income tax law in favor of the stockholders of corporations being liquidated. House Bill 381 —- To grant autonomy to the University of Maryland. House Bill 701 — To have the regents of the University of Mary- and take over the powers and uties of the trustees of the endowment fund of the university. tate guarantee certain loans made o paraplegic veterans. Senate Bill 348 — To transfer upervision over the weighing of ;olid fuel from the department of .•abor and Industry to the Department of Markets. House Bill 349 — To create Maryland youth commission. I Eat What I Like Without Acid Indigestion of heartburn, sour stomach docsn l mv enjoyment of favorite food; Like millions of Americans, I carry Turn always. Pleasant-tasting Turns ncutraliz excess stomach acid—soothe the burmn gensation of sour stomach, heartburn gtu, almost instantly. Contain no sod 4o cause acid rebound. Follow the rul for happy eating—"Keep Turns Hand —Eat Like Candy." TUMS FOR THE TUMMY House Bill 545 To have the Gives Ten Rules To Catch Hubby MIAMI BEACH—(INS)—This i: Leap Year and the time when thi gals are supposed io do the mar riage proposing. But single damsels can take it from Mrs. Augusta Holzman — any young lady can get her man without doing the chasing. Mrs. Holzman, known as "Lady Cupid," is a hotel social relations director. She has drawn up a set of 10 rules for girls desiring husbands. Mrs. Holzman claims she brought about nearly 100 marriages in the past 15 years. Here are her rules: 1—Be feminine. No matter how Important you are in your profession forget it under the moon. 2—Be adoring. Make him feel there's no one in the world just like him. 3—Avoid being catty about other women. Praise them and he will think you are unusual. 4—Dress smartly but not sensationally. If he doesn't approve of Bikini bathing suite don't wear them. 5—Even if you are a fine golfer or tennis player, don't always win in games. Let liim be the winner more often than you, and you will win in the long run. 6—Don't be the life of the party. 7—Laugh at all his jokes — even if you've heard them before. 8—Don't play up to his boy friends. This kills any romance. 9—Let him decide where to go for the evening's entertainment. 10—Show an interest in all his activities, business ar, well as social. Plans Offered (Continued from Page 11) that $10,000 was contributed by the ity and county. The other $5,000 ame from the people in a two-day ampaign that raised $8,787 in cash. Wood was to be given a bonus up to $10,000 for new industries. 'ledges, of $11,450 were obtained to :over this amount, Walsh continued. 400 Firms Contacted The rest of the report follows: "Mr. Wood, who had been work- ng for the company during the ^receding six months, contained his efforts to locate new industries, and ince February 15, he has actually contacted almost 400 various com- sanies, and monthly reports of his activities have been furnished to each member of the board of directors. "As you know, despite the efforts of Mr. Wood and of the officers and directors of the company, no new industries have been secured. However, interest in Cumberland as a possible location was expressed by perhaps 25 or 30 companies, but due to the absence of any facilities ready for immediate use, nothing tangible has resulted, with the ex- :eption of one company with which negotiations are stiU being carried i. "This company is now engaged in the manufacturing business at another location, and under the proposals which it has made it would necessary to raise approximately a half a million dollars to provide a plant and equipment for it, and the repayment of this money would be extended over a period of 25 years or more, and up to the present time the Board of Directors of The Cumberland and Allegany Industrial Promotion Company have not felt that this proposal is practical. A counter proposal made by thej promotion company has been declined, and further negotiations are being carried on to see if there is any posible way in which this industry could be secured, but frankness compels me to state that the chances of satisfactorily work- campaign for funds was contributed by 126 individuals, firms, corporations and associations, including various labor organizations, and after the completion o£ the campaign, the by-laws of the company were amended to provide that each tlonal industries for a period of six dustries have yet been secured for! f wirt«>^i- nftn*. r»oVimo*-t» 1A ioiv> ' fhi<: rommmiir.v hut 'Voitr hn;tvrt cif I months after February 14, 1952, ^ community, but board of i that the; with the understanding that he! directors firmly belle-. es would only be paid on the bonus | efforts to secure such new indus-' Obituary (Continued from Page 11) basis set out, in his present eon-;tries should be continued, and the; ( cosner) Schell; two sons, Delmar tract in the event he secured any | board greatly appreciates the co-;sehell. Morgantown. and Owen new industries during the six j operation and help which it has re- Jschell. at home; a sister, Mrs. Iceived from every segment of our Charles Godlover, here; two bro- cnntributor should automatically!months' period. Iceived from every segment of our ; chal . les Godlover. here; two bro- become a member of the corporation,! The board of directors approved i Population. It seems clear that such! therSj Alfred g^en. Shear; and and these contributors, together! this proposal at a meeting held last! conunued cooperation is desirable. :Emory »schell, Buffalo. N. Y. with the members of the board of j night, and instructed the officers to directors, practically all of whom | arrange to prepare a contract with are also contributors, constitute the • Mr. Wood on the above basis. This membership of the company. The:seems obviously sensible, as under by-laws were also amended to pro-1 this arrangement we will continue vide that the president of the!to receive the services of Mr. Wood County Commissioners and the j at no cost whatever, unless he mayor of the City of Cumberland!secures one or mor° new industries, should be ex-officio members of j and if he does secure any new in- the board of directors. and h ° th * lve " tually combined efforts of the community ] will be successful in securing new industries. > The body Is at Schaeffer's Funeral Linawcaver Services A requiem mass for Loy I. Lir.a- Bonus Pay Arrangement ' austries, it is clear that everyone 1 would be willing to pay him the While the board of directors be- bonus provided in the present con- lieves that Mr. Wood did everything tract. possible to secure new industries for "At its meeting last night, the Jumberland and Allegany County;board of directors also unanimously during the past year, it came to the passed a motion directing the of- conclusion that since no definiteficers and board of directors 'o results have been secured, it would!study the question af future activ- be inadvisable to renew his contract iities in Cumberland and Allegany on the same-terms and conditions. | County, with a view to deciding In addition. Mr. Wood advised the;upon a program of industrial de- company that he did not wish to; velopment before the expiration of renew it on the same terms and j the six month arrangement being conditions, but he did offer to con-' made with Mr. Wood. "I also wish to take this oppor-, weaver. 40, of 407 Fayctte Street, tunity of thanking all the members I who died Tuesday in Allegany Hos- of the board of directors and theipital. was celebrated today at St. other officers of the company for i Patrick's Church, with Rev. John their helpfulness during the pastiu. Lyncss, assistant pastor, as cele- year, and their willingness to take; brant. Interment was in Green- whatever time was necessary to mount Cemetery, carry on the work of the company.: Pallbearers were Kenneth Wai- No one failed to respond wl en ask- : ker, Paul Yarnall, Charles Hans- ed to do anything, and it was a : rote, Waverly distinct pleasure to me to have been ' ion, Charles associated witti them all in the ef- Dunn. Rice, Walter Alcier- Cook, and Thomas forts made to promote the industrial i expansion of Cumberland and Alle-1 gany County." Mrs. Reese I. Hardman Services for Mrs. Lucille M. Hard- jman, 47, wife of Reese I. Hardman, The financial report shows $18,787 j who died yesterday at her home, contributed. Of thi? amount, $15.000 i "A" Street, La Vale, will be held went to Wood; $6.60 for phone calls; $20.21, envelopes, and $8.42 for let- Sunday at 2 p. m. at Stein's Chapel, with Rev. George Baughman offi- terheads, leaving a balance of $3,-ciating. interment will be in Eynd- tinue to endeavor to secure addi-! "it is regrettable that no new in- 751.77. man, Pa., Cemetery. ing out this matter are nofc too good. Many Groups Contacted "In addition to the industrial contacts shown in his reports, Mr. Wood has also been in touch with numerous agencies of the government in Washington and elsewhere, including the government's defense agencies, and with a score or more of industrial and civic agencies, and I am satisfied that Mr. Wood has closely followed every possibility that has been developed. "Also, the officers and various members of the board of directors of the promotion company have contacted many government officials and agencies in Washington, visited several industries in an effort to interest them in coming here, prepared and submitted to the Defense Department, the Maryland State Planning Commission, the Baltimore Association of Commerce, and the Industrial Department of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company a summary of the advantages of Cumberland and Allegany County as sites for Industry, and have investigated every lead of which they had any knowledge. The company also sponsored and aided in the passage of legislation enabling both the city and county to grant limited tax exemptions to new industries. "The $8,787 raised in the public New Spring Cotton Dresses oil shes Tots to Tttns LILLIAN' 64 Baltimore St. OPEN TONIGHT Until 8 For Your Convenience NATIONAL STORES 16 Wineow St., opp. A. & GERBER'S Chickens , b . 63c Chickens , b 59c STRAINED BABY FOODS JUNIOR 6 4 59c 59c Heinz Tomato Soup 3 I. 1 35c Heinz Ketchup 14 ;;• 25c Nibieis Corn le Sauce 12-oz. NEW WINDSOR Green Gut Beans Sauer Kraut «>«' FI °" Heinz Baked Beans Belmont Milk 2 2 No. 303 cam 2 No. J cant 2 No. cc 3 7 T'l 16-oz. cant tall hd.. Ig. bch. FRESH PRODUCE New York Sh Potatoes 15 lbpk Iceberg Lettuce Pascal Celery Fancy Slicing Tomatoes Tender New Cabbage Fancy Red Grapes Sweet Juicy Florida ORANGES 49c . 2 2 35c 23c 25c 27c 4Tc 91c 73c 35c 27c 27c 19c 23c GEORGE WASHINGTON INSTANT COFFEE 8-oz. con Save 15c SURF LARGE CUTS WASHDAY TIME IN HALF GIANT MRS. FILBERT'S SALAD DRESSING or SANDWICH SPREAD Pint Jar MRS FILBERT'S MARGARINE Quarters lb. 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