The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, December 15, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AnvAwa.a *,.,r. o^^™,™.~« „ ••-*» f f K-/ VOLUME .XXXVI—NO. 229. Blythcvlllo coiitier Blythcville Herald Blytheyllla Dnlly News Mississippi Valley leader Finnish Official To Request Negotiations In Appeal By Radio OP NORTHEABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI8SOUIU iK, ARKANSAS, FU1DAY,' DKCEMHKR 15, 1<W) HELSINKI, Dec. 15. (UP) —Foreign Minister V. A Tanner will make a radio broadcast tonight in tho Russian language to Soviet Premier Molotov, suggesting resumption of Russian-Finnish negotiations. In addition (o proposing new negotiations 11 was understood Tanner will put a. serious scries of questions to Motolov which he will bog him to answer by radio If there is not tin answer or IJ Molotov refuses to resume negotiations Tanner said "the whole world will know what value to put on the Soviet Union's principles and promises.' Before Taimor's announcement Finland called additional men to the colors, comnletlg what amounts to total mobilization. Near Norwegian Border SVANIK, Norway, Dec. 15. (UP) —Soviet mechanized troops, which smashed over the ice and BY WEBB MILLER. With the Finnish Army nl (lie I-rant, Karelian Isthmus, Dec. 35. (UP)—The Finnish army in the Karelian Isthmus has smashed a Russian stenm roller olVensivc in eight days of snvngc lighting without the loss of a foot ol' ground. K has broken up a movement designed to nnnk Die MamierJiclm defense line at, the enst side of the peninsula. Today, calm and confident, In the mood for n fight to Hie death for freedom, the Finns awaited Russia's next move. On a front only- a few miles long, the-Russians tried to force their way across a 200-yard wicic river. I have been watching them through a periscope from (lie Fin- Jury Begins Delibevatii ion On ' Vevdicl Early This Afternoon A trial Jury was deliberating Use Of M. C. Robinson, charged with assault with inlent to kill, after the speeinl session of circuit court re-o|)cne<l at two o'clock this afternoon following a 45_ minutes lunch recess. case .wenl to 'the Jury at The 1:15 o'clock. Robinson pleaded self defense during the trial which started yesterday morning. He ts charged with an alleged street attack upon c A Cunnliighnm, attorney and former municipal Judge, which occurred more limn n year ago. Witnesses lor Robinson testified thai the attorney first struck the defendant the climax lo Heave Sigh Of Relief After Diplomatic Recaption Passes of northern Finland into he Sal T, ° "- SMes " nve 1°" "cavlly. The raafnervi area yesterday Sarte-l Russlails al ' e estimated to have lost a new offensive today less than a t' PWnrdS ° f 2 '°°° dcad nlul nn ™- mlle from the Norwegian bo?dei "^ "««">«•'wounded. Finnish Russian troops rrftld^o be C " 01 ':.'"; ^°»<"»" § ly tow In pushing southward and to have , P P ' l ' ave no " B the Iess attacked thc Finnish defense nes ^"f, f^i ^ I ^ >eA f ''° m south of Salmaiaervi e flont "'"'• z came bnck *o the ti i~iio<-u|j*. iiuui iiiu- rni- 1 vtcji.-jii.ianv ab me climax to an * vtl:i nultl ni ft tense ilsli front line trenches, and they argument while wlli>e.w?s for the In "« spotlight wen are still on their own side of Ihej state testified that Robinson was of Ulosc notions now nm '- I '"e aggressor in the attach which representing powers si Salmajaervi. Russian infantry cooperated with tanks and a few artillery pieces in the offensive. Soviet planes bombed the Tiniiish lines. Cannon fire was plainly audible on the Norwegian border. Finns set fire (o a region about a mile square south of Snlmajaer- vi in an attempt lo hinder nns- slan attacks. Norwegian sentinels were placed along the frontier and Norwegian frontier guards erected pasts to mark their borders at Intervals of CO feet. The Finns left the northern lip of thc country to the invader and rallied, for new resistance southwest of Salmajnervi. Farther south, just above the > Arctic circle, fierce fighting was reported nrcund Salla. Finns were reported to have recaptured that towiriatejycsterday. Nearby towns had been destroyed but/the Finns hoped to-save Salla ns a matter of honor because the church there commcmorntes the heroes of the Finnish war for liberation againit Russia. Commodity Exchange Administration Probes Market Activity WASHINGTON, Dec. 15. (UP)The Commodity Exchange Administration, pushing an investigation into recent wide fluctuations of the cotton market, called today for detailed reports from New York and New Orleans traders. Traders were asked to submit records of their activities in December futures" on which today is the day for trading. These reports will be studied to determine whether the market was "manipulated" officials said. The Commodity Exchange Administration lias power to bar traders who are found guilty of price moniputatlo: markets. n In commodity New York Cottoft Dec. Jan. Mar. May JVly Oct. open close . 1081 1090-1100 . 1080b 1109 .. 1062 1089-90 . 1020 1055-55 .- 9D5 1016-17 .. 955 963-65 New Orleans Cotton Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. open high low 1083 1090 1090 1075 1118 990 1063 1104 1063 1035 1070 1035 1004 1034 1004 . S50 980 949 close 1111 1118 1099 10SI 1027 968 Stock Prices A. T. & T 168 5-8 Anaconda Copper 30 7-8 Belh. Steel 83 1-2 Chrysler 897-8 Cities Service 5 Coca Cc-la 1181-2 Gen. Electric 40 Gen. otorMs —; 54 1-8 stalled in Moore's cafe on Second street and was concluded In the street with Cunningham crlticallv hurt. Testimony of state and defense witnesses disagreed sharply as to what actually occurred. Slate witnesses testified that Cunningham lay Inert, in tlie street after he had fallen nnd that Robinson contliicd (o beat him and m-w iv , uiifi k 'ck him in lhc face. Defense wll- three-inch, six-inch anTsfflncTime's' ncss ? s testified that Cunningham eight-inch Russian artillery shells' eontmuecl attempts to light niter crashed down nnd exploded as If, llc ro11 or was knocked' to the pavc- reflectiiie the impotent anger of '" cnt nncl tnat Robinson continued the Red army across the Tnipela llls "Sluing nflcr Cunningham con- reserve positions to watch hundreds of Finnish .wounded being evacuated to base hospitals. On Ihe Knrellan front today, river. Three out of four of the I !lm >cd to kick. Attorneys Virgil Greene Claude F. Cooper testified civil and as to rase in municipal court when Cunningham ,wns municipal ' "••'-- In which a judgment alleged- Russian shells explode. The other is a dud. Sometimes—something I had never seen in nearly 25 years of covering wars—a Russian shell bursts and instead of making a shell hole Hares into a name 50 to 'V W(ls rendered against Robinson 60 feet high. Once In a while a Mr - Cooper is attorney for Robin- shell bursts and shoots out a show-1 s011 m the criminal case while Mr er of Russian propaganda leaflets.' Greene represents his brolher-in- reading-: "Finland started the war.".'aw, W. S. "Pete" Barnes, who is "We are not fighting, the Finnish! nl so accused of nssault In the nt- pcople." "We are trying .to'liber-! tack against Cunningham In that ate you Finns from the' capital-[he allegedly kept bystanders from ists.'i "Your government instigated; 'interfering with threats and dis- the war and .the patience of •• the| play of a knife.- i Red; army Is at-an end." "You arej _,Under- .instructions- given.: the hungry and we-'have bread.' •jury by Circuit Judge a. B. Reck In the battle has figured world's smallest submarine, British Claim Royal Ait- Force Craft Drop Explosives On Bases troops struggling and in their heavy overcoats, N. Y. Central Packard Phillips , , Radio North Ain. Aviation . Vac. 11 7-3 of N. J 43 1-4 187-8 3 1-8 38 3-4 5 1-i 25 7-8 figured, apparently, that If they could get across the river they could work along Lagoda, and out- , flang the Mannerheim Line. Their of Borkum, Sylt and Norderney PL- 1, I ot i i Ihe air ministry announced today. tlllck Lettermen Are The operations were part of the British "security patrol" designed to strike at German mine laying planes before they could leave Trie shells that click send tip' 8 vercii ct of not guilty or of guilty' great brittle clods of frozen, earth, on a "y one ° r Un'ee degrees of as- slither .' through the Ice-encrustetl s Rult may be returned. Thc hiBh- trees, snapping off branches and Cst de S>'ee of assault on which the sometimes entire trees. ^ ur >' was" charged, assault with In- The Finns laugh and say the !f nt(1 lo ™- carries imprisonment Russians arc wasting-.'their ammu- ,i'''f ltsl " e .. Penitentiary as pun- nition . i "snment while the lowest degree, •a, h ' t ,, , , simple assault, carries n fine. what they want to know is whether tlie Russians arc preparing for a new offensive. For "the first one, my visit to the front has left no doubt, has definitely failed. It was n strange, grim fight, fought in n part of the world where it gels light laic and gets dark at 3:30 p.m., a land of lakes and forests, of bitter cold and glaring ice and snow. the the Finnish Saukko, 89 tons, with a crew of n dozen men, operating on Lake Ladoga, the biggest lake LONDON, Dec. 15 (UP)—Royal In Europe, at the east side of the air force planes last night nnu front I early this morning bombed Gcr- The Russians have fired at the! 1 " 10 ' 1 seaplanes at their moorings Finns not only frontally but alsol in l "e German North Sea bases from the flank, from their own' of Borkum, Sylt and gunboats In the lake. They have tried to send men across Ihe Tatpale River Into the Finnish line in small boats. Tlie Finns blew the boils to bits nnd phlegm a tic ally, methodically, swept machine guns into tlie masses ot Russian screaming In the freezing river as their marksmen picked off individuals with their rifles. Thousands upon thousands of men, day by dny, have been thrown Into the fight, and have been Jtfrown back. The battle opened on thc Finnish Independence Day, Dec. 6. It collapsed on the eighth day of fighting, Wednesday, For the moment it is a business of angry artillery fire, an occasional burst of machine gun fire, the casual crack of a rifle ns a Finnish sharpshooter picks off an insufficiently careful Russian 200 yards "away across the river. When I came to the front, attention was on the fighting farther norlh. But I came to nnd that the biggest battle of the entire war has been fought here on this narrow front where big masses of men are opposed, and that the Finns have won it. what is to come remains to be seen. It was evident ns soon ns I got here with the first party of American correspondents to reach this front • that the Russian general staff had picked this particular point on the Talpale River as thc lly HUBY A. BLACK UilllM I'rei.i .SUfl CorrcS|ionJ(nt WASHINGTON, Dec, J5, (UP)- Washlngton officials breathed i of relict today-diplomacy had come through without n crisis at tho president's minimi diplomatic reception last night, The reception, which officially opened the social season for the 1'resiileiit and Mrs. Roosevelt, had hn<t administration officials in a dither tor weeks ns lo what might occur when Britisher met aerninn, Husslan bumped inlo Finn, ' or Japanese encountered Chinese. Diplomatic procedure, how'cver, functioned smoothly and no international social crises resulted. The reception was smaller nnd »)ore brlei than In former years Approximately 700 guests' attended Instead of the iismil 1,200 or jAutl. The last guest departed at IJIID p.m.— about an hour aflcr the fes- Uvllies began mid about two hours before the usual closing lime. Thc reception, though brilliant, ivns held in a tense atmosphere. the envoys at war, tii'ose striving to re- at least one _ . main neutral; nnd who serves a country no longer!on Ihe map, i Included In the list were Finnish Minister Iljnlmar Procope, ,'jovlel "rlllsli Ambassador Ix>rd Ixtthlaii, Ocniiaii Clinrgo d'Affalrcs linns ' hoimen; Ambassador Count Jcray l-'oiockl, representing the exiled Kwciiimcnt of Poland, nnd Vladimir Hurbnii, minister of non-oxlst- •»i! Czechoslovakia. Much of tho smooth functioning of Hie reception BUS- attributed to Ihe ruin laid down by Ihe stiile liii'se was the rcnutre- Ihiil diplomats to bo pro jiissy niu| One of DEBT TO BJ. II W«r For Survival With Russia Docs Nol Prevent Regular Payment WASHINGTON, Dec, 15 (UI 1 )- Flnland, despllo Us wnr for survival wllh Soviet Riistiln, today apld tho regular seml-nmiunl In- slnllmciil of {SJ.|,5!);i on K.s debt placed in line according lo Iliclr .seniority In (heir Wnsnmntou post. Peruvian AniDnssndor Don MIIII- ncl de Prey re y Saiilandcr was first In line. umef danger point In the seniority system resulted from placing Japanese Ambassador Kciisuke rforinoiieli! Immediately behind Dr. •In Shlh, Chinese envoy. Dtit all .vent well. The Japanese nnd Ihe'i,, Chinese smiled politely. ' . to llio Dulled States. Amount of tho payment to Ihe president .should be ^ d d,o n i'n 'TV , WM lu line aecorillnir In M,»|,. "_ W ' " 10 ' '» lll ° bucket com- polltcly. I'rocoui! wns In n "well-In, between the minister pared to llio JHCOO.OM.OOO-d)) owed by tho olhc-r 10 nnllons, none of whom is paying, except for Hungary's "token" rcmlttanco. lljnlmnr Proccpe, Finland's ' tall -"••—•-••oil minister to the Unit- called upon Secretary of ry Henry A, Mnrgcnthmi, formalities, 1 transaction took place where, n< representa- f « from tive of beleaguered Finland handed over a. check for $234,1103 to Iho Dank. SINGLE COfrlRS PI7R CENTS' Admiral Graf Spee May Break For Sea Within Short Time on the Gor- death watch slowly steams ' man podcot battleship Ad- a Hc.uadvon of Btsl m »<l Guil Spee were startlers today,. relentless as wolv- « £ y ™T* Uly for l( es . sta!ki "£ » crippled prey-f a COV - 1 ' f ba (lie dor- °V° n sea "V «ie crippled ihcy were German pocket battleship Ad- B holes in miral Grnf Spec, eight-Inch s!ilj> nnd sources close to (he Gorman legation Imllcnlcd I w he used lo patch the VJ1<1 , lie ctruf S|ice nmdo by eight nnd The Crack m lu'n nrnnlnM 1 ",,? r ", ls " , C ')" 3 ' 6tm '"'to'Cumberland nnd'othe> mteilnv " U dny bcrol '° Unlls - iv <™ r «i" >r '«' '° ""ve rcjn- Tlic SLo sources thnl'Mlr'^ V "" ACh " ! " "'' able o( While , repair I todies Qmf planes aboard, had Dcc. 4 ' and It wns loft .lomliirns and Ihe ambassador | i row The Netherlands. Oumnnsky, '„ r( i?, lc ', y I1 " lsl ^ r Pi-—,. , -•- t u ,,«,v, „„„ „„.- „..„,.. ,.„..„ , <vhose government Is nt wnr ivllh lc(l Mor K c »H>n>i tlwt his couu- on lo Iho shelter of a common ?! c °V, bo11 ; ?/ Uicm n " Bllt re!n - -inmnd, wns 20 places back. . vy> " om ' wenll"y and now llKhl- Bravo In the norlh ccmnici-v. ,"L C .° 'J! 0 llonll > wnleh here. i, LOU [GKEL5 [FFBRI TO UTILITY Funeral Services Are To Be Held Saturday Mom- ing Funeral services will be held Saturday morning for Mrs. Lou Eckels, member of a pioneer family of Blythcville, who died last night at her home, 310 West Asli street, after a lengthy illness. She wns (11. The Ilev. E. B. Williams, pastor of the First Methodist church, ^vljl conduct rites at the Holt Funeral Home, ten o'clock, assisted '; by George W. Patterson, pastor of the First Christian church, nnd buiial, will be made at Elimvood cemetery, ''Pallbearers-frill be:---u.- a. Dr^" son, Wilson Henry, E. .M:' Teriy,. A. O .Hudson, E. D. Ferguson nnd' P. E. Cooley. Born in port Slanlcy, Ontario, Canada, Mrs. Eckels came here hi 1907 from Ohio, For 22 years she was connected wllh lhc National Handle Company which had ^extensive lulerests tn Blythcville -mid when this firm closed its plant here, she moved to Memphis where she lived for ten years. Slic was connected with tlie American Fork and Hoe Company in Memphis, .having been relircd by that firm when she became 111 earlier In the year. When her condition became quite serious, Mrs. Eckels returned lo her home here for her last days. When a resident ot Blylhcvilln she was widely known in business circles and also took nn active lend In nffnlrs of the First Methodist church. She is survived by three sisters, Mrs. H. R. Brandon, Mrs. A. E. all of Blythcville] Rotarians' Guests f. twenty four letter men of their base.? and imperil shirmlne in i thc hlgh scll ° o1 fo[> U> a » 'cam wore ' s l )0dal S»e.sts of thc Rotary club British Waters. (In Berlin it was announced that the British bombs dropped into the sea nnd caused no damage but reports from Denmark wcre that loud explosions from the bombs were.henrd on the sea bases.) Anzacs Stress Fitness SYDNEY, N. S. W. (UP)—Perfect physical fitness and a minimum height of 5 feet 6 inches, arc the standards set for the "2nd A.l.P." which is the force being raised by ! at its-weekly luncheon meeting nt the Hotel Noble yesterday when Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, elementary supervisor of city schools, made the principal talk. Miss Turner's talk which dealt with the general head of "Propaganda" was a review of the book, "The New Western Front" by Stuart, Chase and Marijn Taylor. In addition to the football players, other guests were the three football coaches, Joe Dildy, head Australia for overseas. coach, Mitchell Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. Dec 15 (UP)—Hogs: 11,500 Top, 5.65 170230 Ibs., 5.40-555 HO-160 Ibs., 4.85-5.50 Bulk sows, 4.25-480 Cattle 800. Slaughter steers 625-1015 at home or coac i,, a nd John high coach, and Pocahontas, Mixed yearlings and heifers 650650. Slaughter heifers 600-1000. Beef cows 600-575. Cutters & low cutters 350-475. Chicago Wheat open close Best, assistant d James, Junior Lloyd Hltl of John S. Palnlcr of Ironton, Mo., nnd Albert S. Alexander of Pine Bluff. Harry Kirby, president of the notarians, extended n welcome to the guests and assured thc football team that win, lose or draw, the club was 100 per cent behind the players. May Chicago Corn have Many Antiquated Autos On Connecticut Roads HARTFORD, Conn. (UP) — A stale motor vehicles department survey showed that 18.5 per cent of the 503,618 automobiles registered In Connecticut during 193D antedated 1930. Tlie oldest wcre two 1904 model Fords and a 1905 Locomobile.-Oth- ers, whose names wcre familiar a quarter century ago. included Chandler, Divls, Flint, Jordan, Kissel-Car, Marquetle, Moon, Ve- llc, Wcscott, Windsor, Haynes, open close Jewell, Met-z, Rambler, Pope- 55 1-4 55 5-8 Hnrdford, Columbia, Toledo, Tho- 56 5-8 50 7-8, mas and other out-modcd and dis- 99 101 5-8 Third Suit To Force Withdrawal of the 30 German nnvy merely men killed In the battle were lak- i conn- in to Iho shelter of a con ivy, never wealthy and now flubl- Bravo In the norlh ccmelcry. i „, „ -• • mg with every resource to pro- The cortege arrived at HID come-'„ ,, UrlI 8»aj™i government, with serve Us two decades of mdopeml- tcry nt »:36 a.m. nnd slmplo K er- f.'i 0 , , lU D^ 0 '" 1 ! and Foreign once, wns mnklng Ihe payment. vices were conducted' amid the ™™w'' Alborto Ounnl Iji charge, Tills time Iho United Slates, Braves of other Clerinam mid ml- ™"", c<1 "le • [fUesClon of tho Graf loo. Is milking n uesluro of gratl- 'oils who litul died hero In limes S I )CI!S status as n bellgercnt ship Uidc. Heretofore, Finland's pay- ot pence. , which had sought refueo In the incuts have gone Inlo tho Irons-1 H was 7:35 a.m. when Iho flint' nc !l tral llort of Montevideo. , la ury's working balance. Thin tlmo, ° r " lc! 3( i coffins covered wllh ni P un11 ' *°W "ic United. Press.ijln: however, President nooscvcll hn.s bl « swnsllkn ling and uuuvdet! by ''""'"."on of'somo reports pitbl.'yf.j asked (hat llio payment bu placed lwo mnrlne.s was landed at the ™ nl) '' on <lp U»>t thc BOVUI.I In a separate, "suspense account," (loclt - Tll ° olliers, similarly flagged, lin 'l reached no decision and similarly guarded, followed. i slln studying tho aspects of On lhc deck were 21 wreaths of tersccllonal usage which r\f C'l separaio "suspense acc Ul OlkCStoil LOSOS ""'" ccngress iiols on Ills gcstlon that II bo used for relief of Finnish civilians harassed by. Hie wnr. ' " f Thc treasury's ledcors will credit Court, yralcrdny In Its eight-year Congressional leaders Imvo Indl- HOWCIM. . one of thorn was en- scrlbcd In EiiKlish: "To thu memory of bravo inci applicable. Uul the diplomatic pait of Hie situation, Important as it might with n " trTooo of lllc sca ' tr om' Iliclr comrades' 1 "!, was overshadowed by Ihe dram 1 " ml *- "'''"•' wm " nnt - Mrvloc/ ' «•*"•***"' Plcsc " '• • A Qerninn bund played 'the Clor- nmn nnllonnl -anthem and thc Na/l nnlhcin Horsl Wcsscl. Meanwhile llio Uruguay Roverii- for rising Ihe moiioy for relief would bo follcwcd, While Procoiia wns being mcnt s lhc :e preparing on ILs right of the Tin) nrlttfli cruhcra hud stenm- cd slowly, their crews at baltle station, four aftei hour yestci- dny and during last night, off the pci-t, ready for action ow_ucrt light nnd power plant. Division No. 2 of the - Supreme Court affirmed n Scotl to make .a'Spec mndo n break, to remain | The chief surgeons ot the Graf nations scut tlielr "regret 11 Ignore, payment "day nl- 1 decision Uierc. A perls hiurpxamlned thciGraf Speo'ccl lo the Pastern""hospitaiThcfe , nnd submitted n formal report on inslsled that most of the uockct Us sen worLhlncss. H wns Indlcnt- britlleshlp's wounded *"•.«*•» [cd Hint If they held that " uit, nnd thereby .[ _ the city's pellllon for removal of the iillllly compnny'c wires, poles and other equipment fro] "" streets. of .. . , llc W Dcccm- ..,„, u. A scmf-nnniml Installment, vvnr $92,200 was dua today. But of tlons vvh C h-cais c d,,eSu- prcme Court, in 1032, to deny the. n city's first ouster petition against.' Acll| iilly, $101,107,550 was due the company. It also overruled tllc United Slates today from war the city's assertion that decision debtors.' no longer applied. In the 19J3 Poland ivn.s tmnbio to pay Its Incase, the Supreme Court held the stallineul cf $5,Ga2,OaO. Polish am- clty was estopped from bringing bassador Jeray Potockl advised that Its first ouster suit, by permitting Ills country was ICKS able now to the company to operate without resume service of the debt limn objection nftcr expiration oi I Us before, because of the German and franchise on Dec. 15, 1022, mid l>y Russian invasions various official acte acquiescing In of about As of today, this Is what for- Farm Bureau Meeting Hears Discussion Led By Charles Coleman Mississippi County Farm Bureau members, In a meeting last nljlit nt the Shnivnee sshool at Joiner. years. , i* IVlan J01I1S pnymen i 0 , Mi Mlssl i, p V Coll 5u y nclBlum ...... . ..... $457652820 lndl *t«tiicss, made plam .for ' lc?,eclioslovnkla Esthonla j >uWI ° '""ting nt \V)lson sometime n Jnnu ary when slate agilcuHu- ti •, in,, »i Eslhonln 91 191 nn ' """""'/ WHUH siuic. ngriciinu- Untted MatCS Navy Fininnd 8"l428flO rnl Ioi>tlol ' s wln hc present, ami France .'..'"" $.1,200,33204(1 vv ^f '™' VC(I " t"rkcy dinner. Kite Lynn Sago, of Manila, has •acrmnny .. • » ' - J ' u ™ «,»«„. « n_, -, ^_ enlisted in the United States navy Qreat Britain at the Little Rock office as nn Greece apprentice seaman' and lias been Hungniy 2112700 sent to the United States Nnvnl Italy 2 025 525 9.11) Training Stnllon. Grent Lake, 111., Latvia ' ' ' for training. R. Coleman of Qsccoh, president, led an Informal discussion of tlie proposed bond teuc. to he voted upon in n speclnl elcc- She Believed In Santa Glaus Jugoslavla Armenia . Russin ... it om i i 304M2M9 394,992,002 lion Dcc. 30-provided legality of the proposed election is upheld by the supreme court.. Dean Horhacker, of the Collee.; slly, Fnyctlcvllle, and Ifonce E. Thompson, n.«!s'tnnt director of „, by "*v , r --i v," (tiLfii ;:iL-[Jt!ni7ii iimi; tiiitl bV nutlioi-lzcd .'but not cflfldnl sources at Berlin, Hint the Billlsh shlpi bad used imi'itnrd ga 1 ! wns firmly denied by .Uruguayan surgeons and physicians who examined wounded men both.on tho ship and ashore. Prof. an. Neerhoff, a famous Montevideo eye specialist vUlo e\- jamlucd one Graf Spec officer, blinded during Iho action sup- pucdly by mustard gas, said that there wns no trace of gas nnd that Ihe officer's 'wounds were due to an ordinary shell Di. Arrmldo Merhoff, who (rented one "gas" casualty' afconrd the Giaf Spec, said that n shell splinter caused the wound. It was suggested that, ns often happens, some of Ihe - men might have been affected by plci(o acid fumes ill a normal shell." ^ There . were Gl happy peopib nmoiiB those Involved In the .battle of Montevideo They were'<6r-H fleers niiii men of nine British merchantmen sunk by thc Graf Spec during Its. weeks of rnldi.ig In the southern seas. They were landed 1 last evening, thc younger ones among them shouting wllh Joy, the older ones more restrained. Tola, $14,60-1,016.10 ~ meeting in Wilson. which thc United Stales holds women who served an early Chrlst- Otrmnny responsible and the cosia n ns dinner to the of the army of occupation and present awards under thc Wiir Claims Act of 1928. One O'Clotk Press Time On Saturdav Effective tomorrow the Courier News will send Its Saturday ejition to press at one o'clock P. M. The advance In Saturday press time is In line with similar advancement by otiwr and Is necessitated Indirectly; by Deadline Near For Auto Tag Purchase 'Can't Draw Me Out' Is Roosevelt Stand HYDE PARK, Dcc. 15. (UP) — i President Roosevelt refused today People of Mississippi County are at llts prcss conference to answer a not purchasing their 1940 state au- i 1 uesLl011 «s to whether he agreed Bclty knew the jolly old Sniiil would noi forget her. How a child's simple failh worked a inir- aclc of Christinas. Sania Claws Brown Starts Today •On Page Six tomobile licenses early, according to R. B. Stout, district supervisor of the stale revenue department, | who said he had been noli:tcd by his department that there would be no extension of time. Extra help has been added to take care of the thousands expected to throng thc revenue office in the court houses at Blythcville and Osccola during the next two weeks. Police in Pennsylvania To File Laundry Marks NORRfSTOWN, Pa. (UP)—Laundry marks will be .filed by police in Montgomery and tiro other Pennsylvania counties. Thc markings, also to be kept In Berks and Bucks counties, will be itted In checking clotlilng found at the scene of crimes and tor Iden- 100 farmer., | federal wage-hour law statutes. Servant House Is Destroyed By Fire The 0. L. Nabers servant house at the rear of 1026 Wast Walnut street was practically destroyed'by fire last, night which broke out nboiit eight o'clock. ' : Thc loss .was estimated at $250 by Fire Chief Roy Head. with Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes that Federal Security Administrator Paul V. McNutt was i f , n ^f unsullsfactory as a liberal candi-1 Infant OOP Ut dale lor the 1940 Democratic presidential nomination. At the same time he made it clear Hint no amount of nueslfon- fng or controversy would draw him out on the 1940 campaign until ho was ready lo speak. B. F. Slaten Dies Kitchen Soap Eases U * j * 1% • " I afr <*"*«j r tw«K*- p tfuiui-cr.)' w Bridge Into rOSlttOIt Cobb Funeral 'Home in charge. • The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Statcn died early this morning at the family residence, 300 South Division street, after having lived only two days. He was. an only child. Burial was made this afternoon at Sandy «ldge cemetery with WESTFIELD, Mass. (UP> — A common "kitchen Bid" saved tlie day for workmen moving a 418- ton bridge to a temporary location. When the "going .was tough'" for victims. WEATHER Arkansas —Cloudy to partly clcudy IqntshE and Saturday, show- four 50-ton, four 100-ton, and sev- ere and warmer In eist'portlon Jo- cral 25 and 15-ton jacks, workmen. night. speeded progress by rubbing the Memphis < and vicinity — Cloudy . . .. . lj "n !Is . along which the structtira. with occasional light ^ tains to- of suicides and amnesia wns being guided, with cakes o! night; Saturday cloudy,and slight- yellow soap. • . - ly colder. >

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