The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1930
Page 5
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fF&'.VM 1 #^; 'AGE SIX ULYTtlttVlLLK COUKIKU NKWS IBB COCRXQ NKW8 CO. POBLIBRntS Ki" * C- *• BABOOCK. Wltoe -f ', ,«. W. HAINEB. Adwtttiin. • • HHJOOftl H nu*KJ«ui»^ nCLfl*">CUM11JVCV- Beckirlth SweUl At^ncv, Inc.. New York B :—. "TO «. Louli. r>trolt, iC«ns«s City. f^Atonta. PniUdrtphit. sta Fn-idMo, La* tmil^ • ' trery afternoon except S'JncUy. «"•*«»<> cliss matter «t the poit •* BlytheviUe. AikanjM, under »cl it . 1917. . '.' Memben of .the Associated Press. The •' *»ocUt«d Prws Is exclusively entitled to the '.'.U** 'or publication of all news flspatthe* -i credited to II or not otherwise credited In • thb p»per. and »lv> the local news piiblli>«) r hereto. "• SUBSCRIPTION HATES , By c*rrler li the city of Blylhevllli-. 15c per ...'*»*k Or tG£0 per year In advance. i: By msll wllhtn « radius of 50 miles, 13.00 .-fet yetr, $1,SO for six montlu. 85c for three " month*; by mall hi ptalsl mnes two to six, i Incluslre, M.BO per year, In /ones fven anil ; cUht, 110.00 per year, payable In advnucc. .No Guarantee of Profits \ The warning issued by C. C. Tongue of the federal fiirm board that the board will not undertake to assure n profitable price for Hie 1!)30 colton crop unless the farmers of the Soutli keep .their acreage within rcusoniibla limits ; is a timely one. The farm board IH not going to guarantee farm profits, and 'that is something that ought to be generally understood from the start. :;. Mn league might have added that The best place for reducing tlio cotton •.acreage is in the hill areas where yields are such as to preclude any profit from .jthe crop at any price that seems even remotely possible. From the standpoint "of. acre yields, attained and attainable, Mississippi county is the logical place to grow cotton. But even here it is \vorth paying attention to what Mr. Teague has to say. "If Southern farmers," he says, "should raise their own food and fond arid in addition raise so far as the cli- Imate and .soil will let them, the food ; that Southern city people eat, there would be small danger of anj-i cutlon ;surplus or of an unprofitable crop." He might, have added that such a program would reduce the cost of muk- • ing the cotton crop, would permit a -.isystem of crop rotation that would .make easier the task of maintaining t soil fertility, and would ultimately give' the Southern, farmer a measure-of independence that he has nevor enjoyed in the past. When we make ourselves self-sustaining, with the cotton crop a genuine cash profit crop, our problems solved. A Community Responsibility Biytheville is fortunate in the sense of civic responsibility possessed-by her citizens. The editor of the Courier News, in his^somewhat limited experience, has never known a community where, in proportion to the available wealth, any worthy cause could be so .certain of financial support as here. When it is necessary to raise money to meet : some community need the money is almost invariably forthcoming. The offer of Mr. T. J. Jlahan to pro- OUT OUR WAY =====^^~^™ == -_^.^^ vide for five high school students under the new tuition system, und the he!)) from others which is sure to lie forth- coining to rmikc lii;rh schoa! advantages available for every boy find nirl who realljvwants them, give a splendid exemplification of this kind of public spirit. An emergency .siluiiiioii iv/lli respecl to our schools c.xi.sLi, und it in b?injf rncl in the hest way available. Hut Hlyllie- villc cannot afford to have her .schools dependent, evi-n in ;i sinnll measure, upon the generosity of reliiliv;-!)' n small part of her citizenship. Schools are a community responsibility anil il i.s only through full assumption of lhal responsibility Hut tlic situation will be fully and properly met. The Courier News ,ippn>ciuk>.s Dial tax burdens liav; been heavy. It i.s a rare community, the length and breadth of this land, whose residents have not foiling cause to 'complain of Imnlciisome taxation. But the solution, here or anywhere else, ilo. ; s not lie in refusing to meet such community obligations as the education of our children. \Vc ask every lilytheville property owner to answer in his own mind: Which will hurt my- inlcrcsts the more, an extra dollar or two of taxation on the thousand of assessed valuation, or acknowledgement to every present or prosi>ective resident of this city of its inability or unwillingness to maintain a free high school? B)r BOBBIN COONS HOLLWOOD — Eddie Dovilln? muiical comctly r.tar, has honestly admitted ever since entering lalkto- H«t lib eficrts . here v;ouM be 1 cilrcclcd at tlit bux-olllce only nd founds Kilille Bowling c\l Mm;: in "Ilainbow M'M,' :mct now 1 1 Illii/.e o' Calory" l.iia it further. " 15 1 a :: e o Cilriry" Is lacliry. nose in n 1 a- drama, full „ •e n t i in o n l a 1 ;ongs nnil allusions to p R l : and buddies , niu distinguished l>> Uic presence of Deity Compsoji and Henry B. Wut- ihnll, whose inlcrouhoiiuU voice Is n treat. It Is novel, however, In combining lluec iKjpuliir tyiws of talkie dire hi one picture, Hushing bue: fioni a innriler trial (o n Broadway luviiQ to French battlefields wlti Eomctlincs confuting effect.. Movie folk, their Christmas tree. btrlpped of tinsel and spangles and I cone to the nsh heap, still UI » chuckling over some of the "gag 1 treetlngs they received from UK mere clever or facetious nmong their Hollywood friends. T'*nt recent $500.000,000 sieel merger reminds us—lins U:ibe IJiilh signet! up yet, for 1030? Crime hull's the cumcra ami (lie reporter, says a magazine- writer, i-'or tint matter, so does Gene Timney. In Hollywood, probably more than In nny city In Ihe world, the ca- paclty for witticism and wlse-crack- vry Is exalted and revered, r.nd In .onr.cfjuencu there are many v/ho strive lo extend the old wishes In ligliler vein. Last season the talk of Ihe col- .(i)' v,us the large humouors urcei- ins sent by James Cru/e and Ucttv Cumpson—u curtoon depleting ah •:if licme" In the Cru/j; household In which a bewildered host, anj hostess did tht-tr best to bj hoj- . iblc lo "euesls" tiiey bad nevir sctn before. • • The liear's Hear Kchoes This past Christmas the recent slock market collapse and conse- ->m financial troubles inspired numerous Kag artlBto-notubly tlw one who "owing lo recent, development In Ihe stock market was forced to mind ficetlnen tills year on margin." v/hlch lie did around the edges of his card. Then Ihcrc wn:i the newspaper :nan who "still whhed you a Merry Clnlstmus" despite ^he array ol [last-due bills, (raffle violation tickets, paknshop receipts, dims from clothiers, liorlsU;, et cetera, his card pictured In detail. The gagging, however, seems can- fined lo writers nnd others outside die ranks of the stars, the majority of whom preferred conventional jjirds cmbclllihcd by wood-cuk, etchings, or other art. , Walk Connecting Scliools Memorial to Class of 1930 A new concrete walk connecting the Junior nnd senior high schols nas Just been completed as the me- inoriul to lie left behind by tho mid-term graduating class of tlir junior high school. Tile walk connects the two buildings and 1ms :i circle at Its mid-point at which it Is thought a future class will construct, a frostproof ivnter fountain, there being no fountains on the 'niii]>i:s at the present lime. Coincident with tlie walk con- iccilng the two buildings has b?oti the construction or A wiiik from the front of Hie Control ward building lo the rest, rooms in lh° rear, which hns bocii Onnncc:! by the p. T. A. groups of the Central Ward und Junior high schools. Tlic 1KIO i-onlor class of l!:e high school, as a part ol its manorial lias constructed a. walk from llv: front of the Building to the lie?: walk connecting with the i.snloi high school. These walks were constructed without nny expense to the school board and will prove of much use lo (lie pupils in their trips acroi:, Hie campus. Ben White, the contractor, made the Improvements at cost. ol7"coVpVTs''sTudVing fur""ihe''for-i ainlnatlon ' although two c.ualil.-xl "'tin service. ' | ' n 'he one held last spring and nc-,v With another Wfisli!nst:n girt, | " c . °«««Pylng posts In Geneva ami rj__ _, .. , . i*cirot, Syr is. Miss Mitchell lives In Washington with her mother, Mrs. Caroline Miss Eleanor Wells, sh; Is i«8 to crash gales which havi proven quite clijncuit for women. L WASHINGTON LETTER WASHINGTON — one of the shoulders of Shortrldge, the latter most adept men In the senntc at ! sngijesterl: There were 1,500.000 people over 10 years old In country In 1020 who could not speak English. Probably the Influence of the siiorls pages. The golden \vcddlng anniversary Is ths day set aside for celebrating payment of the last Installment on (he wedding ring. . chiding, although less generally known than some of the others, Is Ihe lull, solemn, always grave SDIH Shortridgo of Culifornhv Most of the time Shortrldge is painfully dignified. But on those r.ire occasion.'; ivhcn lie steps OM of character to razz one of his colleagues, tliere are few able to do the Job more effectively. A Hollywood stnr was innrricd in, the con- rcnticnnl mnniicr the othar dny, prabr.hly In the effort to get n little publicity. Just before the senate adjourned ' imK 1 > bl ™< i . praising especially the for the holidays was one of lliesn • " in " baml of m0!1 w ho started tre occasions and Brcoklmrl of Iowa'• " ( " c s * on? m '''""I Lane (Great was the target. Britain)" which hns now grown nvookhart. who had been prnis- m:o n '" r 3 c cooperative system. Ing the success of cooperative bank- Shortrlrtge based his final thrust ins systems abroad as compared i ™h a play on the name Toad Lane, The man whose five children were given drums and horns for Christmas must Imve n lot of . fun reading what the nationalist government of China has lo put up with. For the 10 years endhiB with 102G we 230,000 more laws thnn were already on the statute books. And one of those has been broken quite frequently, we understand, Men ninke love lo blonds, says a color specialist, and marry brunels. Statistics also probably show that bvunets can jhoot strnighter than blonds. Hcrr Fritz von Ojiel has arrived in New York and says he will develop an airplane that will fly 2.000 miles an hour. Even then the fellow who. take; his family cut for a Sunday drive won't be sntlsdcd. We s:«nd $600,000 each year to guard the inaiis, according to government reports. But even that doctn't prevent your receiving let- lets lellini; you nil about that new remedy lor bunions. By Williams "Lei me .slinre t.'ie Maine ivith DS other senators." Then Shortrldge wan ted to know if Brcakhnrt himself didn't vote for (he Inrm bill, nml. when answered I In the nfHrmntive, Invited him to 1 share the rcs|xj!)slb;iUy. Brookhiirt wound up praising ngnln the cooiwratlve banking sys- to those of this country, was -!..„ Honed by Shorlrldge as to why licople of those countries were praying lo come to America if they have been so successful and we such failures. •I&K»',Ys. California Brookhurt replied that it was for the same reason Shortrldge lei't Iowa nnd went to Callfronia. "Things got loo hick for him In Iowa, nnd he had lo go out where there was more territory." "Oh, no," said Shortrldgc, "everybody wants to go to California, and Ihe desire of Ilawkcyes to locate In the Golden state has almost depopulated Iowa." 'iownns are coining back to Iowa now," Brcoklmrt shot back, "because they can't get enough to live on nny longer In California." Shortrldge's reply was softly persuasive: "If Hawkcyes ara returning lo Iowa, It Is because they have made money enough tlo return, pay otr Ilielr mortgages tt:lt i live happily ever after." They would have kept this up indefinitely had not Walsh of Massachusetts Implored: "Let ns not get inlo n discussion of the merits or demerits of California, or we will be here all evening." "I beg pardon of Massachusetts." said Senator Sam with a bow. When Bi'ookhart sat down, he arose anil solemnly quoted from the English poet: Sweet are tne uses of adversity, Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, Wears yet a precious jewel in his head. WASHINGTON UP, - Canllns No women succeeded In ' Mitchell. Luxora Society—Personal Mr. ami Mrs. Joe Dean anti daughter, Alllo Lee, of TyronzA, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs L«\vls Spaim Monday of hit week. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wiuiderlicii and children, Alvin junior aii-J Bttlyc Jean, visited relatives in SI. Louis last week. Miss Elizabeth Spann i>.i:ti Mrs. Cliim Poison shopped In Memphis Tuesday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. William Wundjr- llch and the Misses Mnblc Cookt and Rosa Lee Cooke were vislloir. in Memphis last week. Mrs. S. V. Frazier and children and Mrs. Martin Nicholson of Osceola were visitors in Luxora last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Wllloiiehhy and son of Tyrcnzu spent a "few clays in this vicinity recently, visiting friends. Mesdames Charley Scott and Ray Graham. Ihe Misses Charlie ana Evelyn Scott and Meredith r.ncl Olivia Graham were visitois In Memphis Monday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. li. N. Payne and daughter Elizabeth ol LcaclivilL- v:ere the guests ol Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Wllkins Monday. Read Courier Nr-'S Want Acls. NEW COAL PRICKS Genuine EMPIRE and SIPSEY Coal $1O 'c'r 'Ton Cnsli On Delivery Hij;h (iradc ' Kentucky Lump Egg Coal Pcr Ton Cash On Delivery We also sell Genuine Montevallo and Marvel Cahaba Red Ash Coals BROWNE & BILLINGS, Inc. Phone 7li New Biytheville Feed & Coal Co. Phone New Hotel I Heckling He snt down, but at every opportunity during the remainder oi Brookharl's siwech he heckled. When the Iowa senator attacked the farm board policies and saiil part of the blmae restod on iho Each Year More Mothers Treat Colds Externally! The Dangers of "Dnsinj;" Colds Now Avoided by Use of Modern Vaporizing Ointment When Vlcks VapoRub was Inlro- ' dnced. mothers especially wore i quick to appreciate It. because It is just rubbed on nnti cannot upse; i children's delicate stomaciir. as i "dcsing" Is 50 apt to do. Today.' the whole trend ot modem medicine 1 Is away from needless "dos-- Inf." | '\s more and more mothers: nrtopted thio modern external treat-1 men!, the fame of Vicks spread until tcday it Is ths stsndby for colcir—artuiis ns well as 'chil- ' dren's—in over 60 countries. | •Jus; rubbed on throat and chcri ' Vicks act-; Ihrough the skin like a plaster: and. at the same time Us medicated vapors, released by the body beat, are Inhaled direct to tM inflamed air-passages, locscn- ; ins the phlegm and onsin? the I difficult breathing. ; Evcr-lncrer-sing rt'inand for tills Wtlir mcthcd of (.-eating colds Is fhc^u in the fnnlllar Vicks slo- 1 Ban. ,Mnrt e famoiK when Vlcks reachc-d "17 Million Jars Used •icr.rly-—later raised to "21 Mil. lion"—there arc now "Over IG MiKion Jars Used Yearly." Adv. f V7 win/irVi j \ V H-"^*-^ *-KiC£LLl'hl-T, • ARISTOCRAT*/ »T.LCVIS TRIAL BALANCE December 24th, 1929 ASSETS: Mortgage Loans Stock Loans Bank A-C LIABILITIES: Monthly Dues Undivided Profits Surplus $260,400,00 20,350.00 24,508.45 $305,258.45 $208,045.00 73.670.23 25,543.22 $305,258.45 £ S item ,i [ o (° ."'w ™Y tOCkll ° Ui T ; Jl! (1(tllC public ''" « CIlor:l1 - wc ™ P«l>Hshm K the above fi,,»u- v lie o sc I - e h,,n S J n^i i^', 1 ' TI ?' lh? V y ° 11 - may k '! ou ' lhilt " is llot ncccssai-y ta go out of Blvthe- assfst in hr h M <" g nf If n . S Association is purely a local institution and 1ms done much to tni-D t Hiding of Ijctlcr homes for the citizens of Rlythoville. Wo are in position at all tim=s to ike care of all loans that meet our requirements. We havo been operating seven'e years and have ha I a foreclosure and w c do not own one dollars' worth of real estate We we *rat™ il for Ih ' in/iis m,l f?" 10 " 1 ") 11 "^ . I . ) , llilt1in f * homc >. remodeling or rcfinancinsr. we would appreciate- you consnlt- Vo fr P | h, \ : ' ff mCOt «'« « < » uirc | nc n ts ' *'c are i" a position to close the loan without ilelav ue tec (hat \\e can offer you one of the most liberal contracts ' We assure you that your business j s always apprcciutetl. The Mississippi County Building & Loan Association 89 B. A. LYNCH, Secretary '

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