Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 1, 1952 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 12
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TWELVE EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Bible Saves GI In Korea LONG BEACH, Calif. i/Pi—•Army Sgt. Roger E. Haa«. 21. believes he owes his life to a Bible, five pints of blood pla-sma and a tape recording. Kaa? was wounded in the chest while attacking a Communist-held ridge in Korea. A Bible he had in his breast. nn<-iwt turned much of the shrapnel from hi;; h'"art and kept his severe wounds from being fatal. Hospitalized in Japan, the .sergeant was kept alive by plasma. But nurses reported the youth seemed morose, wouldn't take medicine and spoke to no one. As a last resort a tape recording of his parents' voices was flown to his bedside. As he listened through earphones, a smile spread over his j face. Worried nurses told him later' j that they knew then the biggest I part of the battle was over. Explains How Dam Got Name HUNGRY HORSE, Mont. — Ever wonder how the Reclamation ', Bureau's big 564-foot high Hungry Horse Dam now rising in a deep : Northwestern Montana canyon got its name? I Back in March, 1901, so ths slory I goes, two horses strayed from a pack j string while crossing the Flathead ; River's South Fork. The horses 1 wer. found a month later in "belly ! deep" snow. Their starved look ! brought the comment: "That's an awful hungry horse country." ! Then last October two rented I horses got lost in an uninhabited region above Hungry Horse Dam. The animal's owner spent a week looking for them in snow two feel deep. The horses were "skin and bone" when found. They were trucked home to their first real meal in 44 days, It's official now. That's an awful hungry horse country. lladio Programs FHIDAV, FEBRt'AKY 1, 19M The programs listed oe!ow are supplied by the Iocs! radio »:*t:oa«. n'blch are i responsible .'or tlseir accuracy. This space Ij provided without chirs« by the Time' as & service to listener*. TODAY One erf the things wrong wiffi ;' the world is that people judge a man by how much he makes instead of how he makes it. , ©«U Property Transferee! Claborn Alonzo Rlpley and Lucille j Ripley have sold property at Me- j Coole to Thomas V. Shoemaker and Robert I. Shoemaker for about $8,000. according to a deed filed in the office of the clerk of Circuit Court. P.M. 1:011 4:15 4:30 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 3:45 G:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45, 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00. 1450 KC Backstaje Wl.'e (NBC) Stella Dallas (NBC 1 Young Widder Brown Woman My House (NBC) Five O'clock Sho» News Wills Creek Hoedown Van Roby Sport* Nfft'j Dick Hayrr.ei Play Radio Richard Harkness (NBC) David Rose Show News O! World (NBCl One Man's Fa'lly (NBCl Roy Rogers Show (NBC) Martin and Lewis (NBC) Mario Lanza Show Short Story (NBC) Night Beat (NBC) Robert Montgomery Pro and Con (NBC) News News ol World (NBC) Marine Corps Show Hews (NBC) UW KC FM 102.8 MO St. Louis Matinee Brighter Day (CBS) Treasury Bandstand Artlitry in Music Rosemary Clooney To Be Announced N'ews Sports Roundup (CBS) Old Timers' Club You and The World Jack Smith (CBS) C. 8. Navy Band Ed. R. Murrow (CBS) Mu«lcland U.S.A. (CBS) The Big Time (CBS) Paul Weston Show (CBS) Robert Q'i Waxwork* Capitol Cloakroom (CBS) Tex Beneke Band News and Analysis (CBS) Norman Lee Band Weather: Sign OJ1 1230 KO Valiant L»dy (ABC) Thy Neighbor's Voice Miiggy's Movie Matlcee Big Jon «nd Sparky Mark Trail (ABC) Space Cadet; News Local. National Newt Sports Roundup Man Magic; Dln'r Date Story Time Fulton Lewis (MBS) I Love A Mystery (MBS) Lon» Ranger IABCI Richard Diamond (ABC) This IS rour F. B. L Ozzle & Harriet (ABC) Mr. District Attorney Boxing Bouts it i» News; Magazine Theatre Frank Edwards Moonlight Reveries Reveries; i:OC Sign Off A.M TOMOBKOW COMCiHTKATJOK- M,UJONS AU ACROSS 0UR NATION SPEARMINT! Toleviiion Summary 8:00—Music Show—nbc Mama's Drama—cbs Mystery Film—abo Twenty Questions—DuMont 8;30—We th« People—nbc Man Against Crime—cbs Newspaper Drama—Duilont 9:00—Big Story—nbc Playhouse of Stars—cbs Crime With Father—abo Down Tou Go—DuMont 9:30—Henry Aldrlch—nbo Drama. Show—abc 10;00—Boilnj Bouts—nbo Talented Parents—cbs Cavalcade of Stara—DuMont 10130—HoIlywood Film—cb» 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 ft: 00 9:15 9:30 5:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 Noon 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 r< News; Mike Hurst Show " World News /NBC> Mike Hurst show Hour ol St. Francis Bones of Our Times Ed McConnell (NBC) Archie Andrews (NBCl Mary Let Tuylor (NBC) Salute to Reservists Hollywood Love Story Barrlault News (NBC) Public Affairs (NBC) U. S. Marine Band Farm-Home. Hour (NBC) Coaat Guard Cadets Coffee In Washington National Youth Week Plckens From Paris Downhomers (NBCI U. 5. Army Band 6:29— Sign On Sundial ., t. M »» World News (CBS) Tha Romney Hour News of America (CBS) Morning Melodies Garden Oate (CBS) St. Louis Melodies Oalen Drake (CBS) Eecreation Club of Air Let's Pretend (CBS) Qlve and Take (CBS) Theatre ol Today (CBS) Stars Over Hollywood Grand Central Station City Hospital (CBS) News. Melody Ballroom i* •• SiBn on News AM With JM: Newi ,r ta Msrtln Agronsky (ABC) AM With JM No School Today 4. M Space Patrol ABC Georgia Crackers; News Guest Star News Detail Man on Farm (MBS) Grandstand Bandstand Eddy Fisher Show Modern Concert Hall Metropolitan Opera .1 i. i . r\ /~i~nci zr*i 7 •> BULLETIN! Potomac Valley Television has started to extend it? television cable to the heart oJ Cumberland. By February 15, the company hopes to have the cable at Frederick and Decatur Streets. When the coaxial cable reaches Frederick St.. the'number ol applicants applying for service will determine the direction of the cable from there. Don't be disappointed . . . apply for television service now. Phone us for details. POTOMAC VALLEY TELEVISION 100 S. Liberty St. Phone 4308 (By The Associated Prets) Radio tonight: NBC—8 Roy Rogers; 8:30 Martin and Lewis; 9 Mario Lar^za; 9:30 Short Story Drama; 10 Night Beat i Mystery. CBS—8 Musicland USA; 8:30 Big Big Hero Drama; 9:30 Tales of To- Time with Georgie Price; 9 Paul I w part n of . Twentv . thous . ! Weston; 9:30 Waxworks; 10:051 n Capitol Cloakroom, Sen. Homer E. and Leagues; CBS—8 Mama; 8:30 Man Against Crime; 9 Ann Sothern in "With a Will;" 10:30 Opening Film. ABC—7:30 Art Linkletter; 8 Mystery FUm; 8:30 Stu Erwin Film; 8 Capehart. Dumont—8 Twenty Questions ABC-7:30 Lone Ranger; 8 Dick 8:3 ° Not for Publication; 9 Down Powell Mystery; 8:30 This is FBI; 9 Ozzlc and Harriet; 9:30 District Attorney. MBS—8 Maisle S:30 Grade Fields Variety; 9:05 Magazine Theater; 9:30 Armed Forces Review. Television: NBC—8 Harpo Marx with Ezlo You Go Panel; 10 Jackie Oleason. Annulment Granted An annulment of the marriage o: Media Propst Cook to Robert P Cook has been granted in Circui Court here. Wilda Rae Pullcn has Pinza; 8:30 We The People; 9 Big filed an equtly suit against Joseph Story; 9:30 Henry Aldrich. J. Puilen. VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley I WANT A FIFTY-FIFTY ^PLJT ONJ THE : VANCTEWATES: HAUL, >f TUB, iAND EVERY OTWEK/ANVTHIM& JOB- YOU PULL! r"V MOU 5AY... OKAY (5AJL, IF WAWT TO. TAKE HIM DOWM TO THE RIVER, BOYS-. THE COLD WATER WILL DO HIM ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin I DONE LIKE OOPSAID.-AN7 HE SAID I WASN'T TO POUFf HE'S GONE! GOSH.l LET DOC KNOW-HERE SURE DO HOPE I'VE NOTl HE COMES NOW, I DONE WRONG.' rf^- BETTER GO. 1 i-/ WELL.ROOZY DID TH 1 ) - , TRICK ALL RIGHT.../^ ./!'. <- v ~BUT I WONDER < ' ''"* "' WHERE I..- CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner AL$O 1 'KNEW "TeOSH.VOU CHANGE T'SWEU.I / H£ CAM'T 6E SOFTER fAE'. BUT IN " " WEUB IM PAWGER,..EV£M WOKE ^ D'SOUlsE 50 — BUT I REMLV WORE IT VOU'UE 5HAKEN X HE KMOW5 WE'RE HEA.DED POR. OL'C WV^TEii- \FLORIDA...AMD HE'S H\RD TO IOUS PURSUER I105E. 5IHCE THERE'S NO ALTERNME TWICE, BUT HE ROUTE FROW HERti AROUND THE BECAUSE 1 OIDU'T WAN l c VOU THOUGHT 50 OFTEN. lA5T TO BE CECOGWIZED ANC CALLED JANET HILMS IN VOUR. PRESENCE! IWDfVMGEG: JWOET, I DUMNO 'D WAKE THIS /WH^ TO BELIEUE!,'EAT! THIS MAY TO PROTECT /<L ^-^BE WV CHAWCE TOGETTH'eTUFF THEIR CAR GULF, AS FAR AS PEN&ACOLM MAMAGES TO CATCH U5 A UTTLE LATER PRISCILLA'S POP By A.I Vermecr JEAN'S HUSBAND INSISTS ON HAM SANDWICHES. ETHEL'S HLJS5AMD PREFERS CHICKED SAID THAT7? BUT ALL. I THE BRIDGE CLUB WERE TELL1NS WWAT THEIR LIKE BEST FOi? LUNCM! YES, BUT MY GOODNESS. THAT'S NOT YOUC? I SA'.D MIKCEO LOB5TE5 SANDWICHES; EVER QE WERE VOUR S /" POTATO Ll'L ABNER By Al Capp AH'M TARO O' STICKIM' PINS IMTO THIS DOLL"/, AUNTIE. NIGHTMARE:.'.' AH THINK AH'LL HANG IT ON THIS U'L GALLOWS VQ'GIVE ME FO'HALLOWE'EM- THAT S A GOOD SCARY LOU.' MM-DIDAM HEXTWET DOLLN, OR DIDN'T AH? WAL-EF AH DID-ITS HUMAN COUNTERPART IS COMMA FEEL EVERYTHING WHICH HAPPENS T'THE AH DON'T FEEL NO MORE PINS STICKIM' IMTO ME—fc-BUX- IT'S G-GITTIN' K-KIN DA H-HARDTO IT'S OUST NERVES.'.' -AND, NOW TO BUY UP ALL THE CONFEDERATE MONEY IN (-PSSrr. r -HE'LL PAY rt£ A A aUSHSL. fO'ALL TH'i MO\'£Y WE GOr/. r - f «v PO&E SOOL HA/fJT HEERO TTH£T t GSM'&Aj.. L££. cxy^'E LOST.''.''-) if RUSTY RILEY By Frank Godwin I AM TO BOARP A COMMUTER TRAIN AT THE MAIN STATION AT RM.,CARpyiNG A PORTFOLIO. WITH THE STRAPS OPEN. THE MONEY WILL BE IN IT-SOMEONE WILL TAkE IT OUT AS I WALK TOVVAEP THE TRAIN. MOW, AM3ASSAPOE, LETS HAVE THE RETAILS AS 7D HOW YOU f?£ TO PAY TOE RANSOM MONEY/ MRS.MAITLANP-.I HAVS TO SEE MV BROKEN IN TOWN-.THE ROAPS /APE BAO, SO I'M 60IN6 BY TKAIN. I'LL BE BACK pew THE HORSE AUCTION TONI6HT. NOT LEAVIN6 US, ARE YOU, FAYAL? O5NNIE WILL BE TEKEIBLY PI5APPOINTED/ STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff 2-1 /THAT5U5Jeer BABE >( I THINK IDE 1 I KNOWS WE'VE ear HER -^CASE WILL HOLD il cctp,eirr SHE WONTAnwniN COUKT, BUT ] I eiVINS TOO5E ROLL'S OP /A CONFESSION "> THE REP A6ENT.'./WCHILP SAVE THE IT' "V^ "f\.. . nggv^ TAXPA/ERSAr 2 ' ^^^m^^^^LOTOF^OUO^ ^W)w&* ' I 3*\it f ^ATE.,.WHV DID YOU TKt To /VWKE THE COPS THINK i STOLE DOC SUM/V\IT^ SECUeT NOTE5? ...15OKTA THOUSHT WE WEEE WE HAP LOTS OF FUN i. TOGETHER...WOULP YOU EEALty HAVE LET ME TAKE THE BLAME FOE AU.THI5 ? J SUPPOSE I MU5T L/STEN TQ VOUg. aUESTIONS. PUT I PON HAVE TO WEAK THE MOONINQ5 OF THIS COW COLLE6E CASANOVA'.' AT LEAST &VB MB PoUCS PROTECTION.^ RIP KIRBY By Alex Raymond NOW, NOW.' IP YOU tXJNT STOP VVOBKYING ABOUT ME, ] 5000 NJSHT, DABUNS^J VOD'RE GOING TO6I?OWA hJOW PROMISE ME VOU'LL \ WRINKLE ON THAT PEETTY GO RIGHT HOME AND POBGET ALL ABOUT THAT SILLY OLD MOTE.' REMEMBER VOU'BE ON VACATION/ '*% f^'f f J THAT'S THE HOUSE... IZ5 SANDERS STREET, MAYBE I'D BETTER MAKE MY CALL IN V DA.VUSHT/ BUGS BUNNY WALK RIGHT IN, KIRBY/ WE WERE EXPECTIN YOU/ I WANT TO TWAPE IM MY CORNET ON §OME HOW ABOUT A TROMBONE OK A TUBA? I GOT A ^WELL 0UV IN CLARINETS .' A RECORD- PUAVEK ANP AN ALBU/Vv OF, LULLABIES / NO, MI* NEXT POOR NSISHBOR. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin »l HftM<3\ W BfSCK TVK* Of " TIM TYLER'S LUCK KilHj By Lyman Young . PLANJ2 5 > \VE2£V T IV IT .' K'4 ._' x .' ', ~± .'-~-!\r 'Al.nK "N.'' N CJ ALONE,) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS DKIDES Th/AT V£MDY<£' -VFF/55 4 LITTLE " 4 1 KINS '.' - s PCAH'Mfr. AC-, A FORVER ,r -' STL!?n.M~ C. r SMAOVS'DE" , L WAMTA PUT >OU WISE ' ? ~ EASY DOES IT, VANDYKE/ WE GOT SOMS BROiDCASTiM6 TO DO ONi STanON R-A-Z- .. ( ./?,''^-v AWAKE/A VOU SEE i'OW i^S 3C' J COL MtS To PC T r "'/"F I V .'-S ur=c-J BUT r r*>':. •Aff^MMYl b^M_i^ik By Merrill Blosser ^ ^ ITS TiME ROP, A KIEV..' ' HEADiROUMDMEPE- MYRTLE kJ^ 6W% <3 7.-f ^ By Dudley Fisher

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