Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 29, 1971 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1971
Page 3
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t ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., DEC. 29, 1971 Page 3 Part-time woman says it's 'harmless fun' By Abigail Van Buren [« 1»71 by Cklcaw Trlbvne-N. Y. News SrML, Inc.] DEAR ABBY: I enjoyed the letter from "Still in Shock in California," and your reply. I am « transvestite, and it is harmless fun. There are thousands of men who enjoy occasionally dressing as a woman and going out for the evening. Most are good husbands, fathers, workers, and producers. In many cases, their wives encourage them, and assist in this activity. I often assume the role of a woman oh weekends and in the evening hours. Dressed as a woman, I attend concerts, art shows and lectures. I go shopping and dine out—and always in the company of my wife, who doesn't object one bit. We do not attract attention, and we mind our own business. Nobody seems to mind. Do you? PART-TIME WOMAN DEAR PART-TIME: Not particularly. But doesn't It create a problem when you want to use the "powder room"? DEAR ABBY: May I offer another suggestion to action that should be taken with possible child molestation? The Social Service Departments, formerly referred to as "Welfare," offer Child Protective Services in cases of child neglect and abuse. When a report of child molesting occurs, a thoro investigation is made and no charges are brought unless there is ample evidence. Social workers are alerted to many cases of molestation when the reasons for young girls running away from home are investigated. Frequently these young girls have told their mothers that the father or stepfather is "bothering" them, but the mother is afraid to take any action against her spouse. It concerns me to think of the number of young girls who do not realize they have a place to turn. The Social Service Department is an impartial agency that can help find solutions to these social problems. Sincerely, A SOCIAL WORKER DEAR S. W.: The public would not believe the number of letters I receive concerning this problem. Thank you for writing. DEAR ABBY: A 17-year-old former Baptist who chose to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and because of it was being persecuted by her family, asked for your views on the matter. I want to thank you for saying, "I think everyone should be allowed to serve God in his own way." I have a quotation by Theodore White which may encourage her [and all the world]: "To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform." Abby, isn't it an outrage that in this so-called "free country," one must be a "hero" to believe freely? Yours truly, MRS. GINNY IN JAMAICA DEAR MRS. GINNY: Alas, it is. DEAR ABBY: Please give this message to "Married a Year," who is upset over the prospects of her sister in law wearing her wedding gown: My wedding gown cost $600, and I've never seen a wedding gown in or outside of the movies that was more beautiful than mine. The bridesmaids' dresses cost $200 each. And there were eight of them. My husband wore a $200 set of tails. And his ushers wore suits that must have cost every bit as much. I had the big church wedding I had always dreamed of. After the wedding I didn't have to have my gown cleaned and stored at my mother's house. Nor will my daughter be expected to wear a gown that's 20 years old. I took it right back to the rental shop where I got it! MARRIED IN STYLE IN FARMER'S BRANCH, TEX. DEAR ABBY: This is not a request for advice. It's a plea for understanding. I am a widow of 63. The gentleman is a widower of 66. I've been widowed for three years. He lost his wife five years ago. We've known each other for many years and were friends when our mates were alive. We love each other and want to marry, but here is our situation: The gentleman's income is a small Social Security check. Mine is both Social Security and Veterans Administration from my deceased husband. If we were to marry, I'd lose both pensions and we would have to live on the gentleman's small income, which would be practically impossible. So we are doing what some of the college kids are doing: We are "shacking up." We both own homes, so I moved into his and am renting mine out for the income. Of course, you know what happened. Our families have disowned us and our neighbors no longer speak to us. We are social outcasts. Our financial ties to this small town preclude our moving away. Besides, we both have members of our families in the little cemetery on the hill, so we remain here. Our only real sadness is our children's attitude. [One of my daughters in law threatened to leave my son if he ever visited "that whore".] Why does a society that has become more understanding toward young folks who are in love, condemn two old people who want to end their days together in love and companionship? OLD LOVERS SPECIAL YEAR END CLEARANCE PRICES ON ALL USED CARS MOTOR INN INC. Estherville, Iowa Work or Take Training R WASHINGTON CAP) - President Nixon has signed into law a bill initiated by congressional conservatives which requires many healthy welfare mothers to work or accept job training. Critics of the measure say Nixon's signature kills any chances for enactment of the other key parts of the Presi­ dent's welfare reform plan: a guaranteed annual income and welfare benefits for low-income job holders. The bill Nixon signed at the Florida White House Tuesday during the congressional recess goes into effect July 1. It makes it mandatory for many of the 2.6 million parents in the Bad Axe Confused As Missile Falls BAD AXE, Mich. (AP) Confusion led to a radio Monday report that a Soviet satellite was expected to plummet to earth somewhere within a 200-mile radius of Bad Axe. But it wasn't such a bad day at Bad Axe after all. The satellite splashed down in the Indian Ocean near Australia. The confusion began when an area radio station quoted the Air Force 754tti Radar Unit at Port Austin as saying that the satellite was on its way. A spokesman for the 754th, in turn, said it got the news from the NORAD Space Defense Center at Colorado Springs, Colo. But NORAD was baffled by the whole mix-up. "I don't know where they (the 754th) got this idea," a NORAD spokesman said. "We regularly send out alert messages four days, two days, one day, 12 hours and six hours prior to impact. In this case, each message predicted a landing off the west or southwest coast of Australia." He said the satellite, prob­ ably an unmanned scientific vehicle, stood less chance man a meteor of landing in someone's back yard. The spokesman theorized that if the longitude and latitude of the Indian Ocean site were reversed, Bad Axe was near the target point. NORAD Regional Division Headquarters in Duluth, Minn., offered another explanation. Officials there said the satellite was supposed to come down near Bad Axe but changed course in its final hours aloft. And Pentagon authorities confirmed the satellite was on a course aimed near Bad Axe last week, but that a "last-minute change" shifted splashdown to the Indian Ocean. At any rate, residents In Bad Axe reacted more calmly than authorities to the mix-up of signals. "People don't get very excited around here unless we have a big snow or ice storm," said Harbor Beach Police Chief John Stickney. "They just figure it's a piece of junk that's going to fall out of the sky." 1mA Chick* The Old Colonel A new sign of the times has sprung up in front of the former Tastee Freez building on Central Avenue across from the State Liquor Store. Workmen have been in the building for some time, and it is expected that a manager will be named soon to take over Col. Sanders' finger lickin' chickens. (Daily News Photo by Chuck Ostheimer) fmm^mm 50 Extra Estherville controversial aid to families with dependent children program to sign up for available jobs or training. Only the aged, the sick or disabled, those in school or mothers of children under school age are exempted. The measure, attached as an amendment to a larger bill, was quietly passed by the House and Senate Dec. 15 with little debate or advance notice. Welfare administrators say the problem is not finding welfare recipients to sign up for jobs, but finding any jobs at all for those who will or are able to work. In signing the bill, Nixon acknowledged it amounts to something less than half a loaf. The welfare system, he said, "is yet in need of reform." "Further economic incentives must be provided to keep families together, rather man to break them apart; to encourage welfare recipients to take jobs rather than to discourage them from working," Nixon said. But he said the work-incentive measure "represents a significant step in the direction of welfare reform." At the same time, he called for quick congressional passage of the rest of his welfare proposals. The work-incentive plan closely parallels a portion of Nixon's over-all bill, now stalled in the Senate Finance Committee after passing the House. The Senate is expected to take up the bill after it reconvenes Jan. 18. Finance Chairman Russell B. Long, D-La., strongly opposes a provision calling for a guaranteed minimum annual income of $2,400 for a family of four. Southern Democrats say the gauranteed income, based on a sliding scale according to family size, would encourage illegitimate births. Some liberals also oppose the over-all bill, saying It is not generous enough. Government Buys More In Midwest WASHINGTON (AP) - The government has bought another 1.75 million bushels of corn 'from the midwest, boosting the total to 4.9 million bushels purchased since the price-boost campaign began two weeks ago, the Agriculture Department has announced. The corn was purchased on the open market in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. In all, some 19.5 million bushels were offered to the government in the latest weekly round, officials said Tuesday. Prices paid ranged from $1.12 to $1.24% per bushel depending on location and transportation costs. In earlier purchases, one for 1.425 million on Dec. 13 and another from 1.77 million on Dec. 20, the prices ranged up to $1.32 per bushel. 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