Valley Times from North Hollywood, California on May 14, 1962 · 6
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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California · 6

North Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1962
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INlew ynm Is IDo'eam Wrld Figures So Real , You Imagine Yourself In The Movie Scenes As Holland Did 1 xM 'T'nIM! ' ' 111 W, mi $$3 Mil c -) sr:p.r -P or -if . H,- !-ra..r-rt-HJ f'- fr 9 I V- rf 0 RHETT BUTLER and Beauregard Holland are having a tough time convincing Vivien Leigh that "th wahll be ovuh in two or three weeks, Scahlett, honey." It seema "Scahlett honey" read the book. Juit in case you have trouble recognizing Clark Gable and Miss Leigh when you visit the museum, the museum people have placed a giant wind machine Just to the left of this "Gone With The Wind" scene. Their assumption, apparently, is that if the wind machine were turned on, it would blow the figures away and they would be well, you know. By DAVE HOLLAND Vallry Tlmri TODAY Sntcrtaliuntnt Editor We all have Walter Mitty tendencies and when you visit the new 1 million Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, maybe youll experience the same sensation we did: The majority of the 65 wax figures of movie and TV greats are so life-like, you almost believe theyre real and you suddenly find your imagination playing tricks on you. Although you KNOW that youre just standing there looking, the figures are so real, you FEEL as though youre actually re-living their movie experiences, actually IN the scenes with the actors and actresses. Of course, it helps to have a very vivid imagination not to mention an adept photographer, such as the Valley Times TODAYS Jeff Goldwater. But who knows, maybe you will experience these vicarious thrills when you visit this gorgeous new show-1 place of the Southland. Now open to the public, the new a museum (7711 Beach Blvd.) has become a permanent part of the recreation area that includes Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and Marineland. Fashioned by wax artisans In Hollywood, Hong Kong and Mexico at a cost of $2,500 each, the figures are m elaborate settings and costumed to the "Nth degree. Many of the figures were clothed by Hollywoods own Western Costume Co., "the last word" In costuming to many producers. THE MOVIELAND WAX MUSEUM Includes the following figures: Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Jean Harlow, Will Rogers, Charles Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, the Bar- rymores (Lionel, Ethel and John), the Marx Brothers, Wallace Beery, Marie Dressier, Maurice Chevalier, Jeannette MacDonald, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Norma Shear- er, Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Roy Rogers, Buster Keaton, Vincent Price, Charles Bronson, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Also: A1 Jolson, Tyrone Power, Gary Cooper, Charles , Laughton, Brigitte Bardot, Gina Lollobrigida, Cantinflas, i Charley Chase, Harold Lloyd, Ward Bond, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Laurel and Hardy, Harry Carey, William Powell, Myrna Loy, William Farnum, Tony Perkins, Boris Karloff, Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Tom Mix, Charles Farrell, Janet Gaynor, Ken Maynard, Nancy ii Kwan, Jeff Chandler, William S. Hart, William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Eric von Stroheim, Robert Taylor, Hedy Lamarr, Pola Negri, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Alan Ladd. And there are more in the works! , -L 0 t ft HAROLD HOLLAND clings desperately to the ledge outside a window that is currently occupied by a lion. Harold Lloyd, whom youll see in this scene from "Mad Wednesday at the mu- seum, took the frightened bit one step further or perhaps we should say one step too many. When this photo was taken, Lloyd was on the next ledge down. -4 .4 4 Usa 7 T' A fey ft? ), f I jCS3 hollywood ioday Movie Shoots At Disneyland '-t - , 1 i , 1 . LCfSi'ZfXZzf mjV'i WHEN THESE THREE hombres. from left, William S. Hart, Tom Mix and Hoot Holland, go a-jinglin into the Last Branch (Long Chance?) saloon, the first thing they do is check their shootin arns and draw a bead on any newcomer in that thar smoke filled room. Three of the toughest desperadoes ever to ride the Hootowl Trail, Wild William, Terrible Tom and Dangerous Dave (the Terror of the Panhandle) hate nothin more than a marshal or a low-down, gun-slingin outlaw depending 00 which side theyre on at the time. A a . , ft u , Rocketdyne To Debut Actors Next Friday and Saturday nights, the curtain will rise on the first stage production of the Rocketdyne-AI Drama Workshop. The performances will take place at the Valley Theater in Woodland Hills. Under the direction of character actor Milton Parsons, the club will present a dramatic review which will be multifarious in composition. In a well-known suspenseful, one act play, Joan Sliv-yak dramatically portrays a terrified invalid. EARL Goodman, Paul Pet-terson, Mario Petrillo and Walter Silvers demonstrate how women play cards in a one-act comedy. Individual monologues ranging from serious drama to comedic, will be given by each member; also, several pantomimes, and group readings which will be enacted by the entire workshop. There will be a donation of $1 per person. w, - - - -- - t, AtrVmto-S ARfetW .4 ROCK HOLLAND escorts Marilyn Monroe to a movie premiere. It looks like Marilyn forgot her dress but then, knowing Holland, he probably forgot the tickets so they wont Ret in anyway. llLPOLICY! Sm SUMMER PRICES -NO RESERVED SEATS 3 Performances Dill 1:30 500 8:30 MATINEES 1 Mon.thru Sit Children under 12-75 alt time m CRUISING DOWN the Zambezi aboard the "African Queen, Humphrey Holland and Humphrey Bogart keep their eyes peeled for cannibals, leeches and Katherine Hepburn (who will have caught up with the boat and taken Hollands place by the time you visit the museum. Allied Artists Distribs ' Days All.ed Artists has been tabbed to distribute Samuel Bronstons "55 Days At Peking, starring Charlton Heston, in the United States, Canada, Japan and the Near East. The agreement between Bronston and Allied Artists prexy Steve Broidy follows Robert Q. Acts Robert Q. Lewis makes one of his rare stage appearances In the Pasadena Playhouse production of "Send Me No Flowers, opening I riday night. Lewis plays a hypochondriac who, through a misunderstood phone call, gets the wrong impression that his earthly days are numbered. 'Jumbo' Star In 'Fall' Stephen Boyd has been signed to star in "The Fall of the Roman Empire," to be shot in Madrid in October. ACADEMY AWARD WINNEVr BEST ACTOR MAXIMILIAN SCHELL BEST SCREENPLAY test urn m.w I.., RKO VANTAGES THEATRE HO 9 2211 6733 Hollywood Blvd 25th Anniversary Season Los Angeles CIVIC LIGHT OPERA PHILHARMONIC AUDITORIUM Evo. tExcopt Sun.) B 30 Mots. Wd.-Sa. 2.30 Gaul mm r 3 IKiWi I GOOD SEATS STILL AVAILABLE Philharmonic Box Off ics So. Cal Mutic Co, Mutual Agtndes No Mai or Phono Ordert their successful association on "El Cid, also starring Heston, which the studio is distributing in the Western Hemisphere. The filming of the story of Chinas Boxer Rebellion is set to start in June in Madrid with Nicholas Ray directing the screenplay by Philip Yordan. Locations are set in the Orient and worldwide premieres of the pic ture are scheduled for Easter, 1963, when it goes as a road show. Bronston pointed out that although the infamous uprising took place in 1900, the story is still timely since once again, the Orient "is seething with conflict and intrigue. Tsf Bobby Rydell ren 5 I I DAVE HOLLAND. Editor 6 Mon., Mty 14, 1962 Valley Times TODAY In Pictures Cameo recording star Bobby Rydell Is to test for the coveted role of Frank Sinatras brother in the forthcoming Essex production of the Broadway success "Come Blow Your Horn. Rydell just landed the prized film role of "Hugo in yet another Broadway hit, the Columbia Pictures production of "Bye Bye Birdie. J Ik ft B By ERSKINE JOHNSON d' 4 lx- VALLEY THEATRE GUIDE! PCORBIN After seven years of saying No, Walt Disney finally flashed the green light on Disneyland as the background for a movie sequence. He was like Old Dad laying down the laws for Juniors first date in the family car. He read every word in the script, changed a couple of things, added a gag of his own, grinning, "I was once a gag man, you know, and censored one scene. The script had a pretty girl complaining to a policeman that a man in a crowd had given her an affectionate pinch. "NOT IN Disneyland, Uncle Walta notation read on the blue penciled scene. "Besides, we dont have policemen just security officers." The film is Tony Curtis "40 Pounds of Trouble, a comedy in which he becomes custodian of a six year old girl (film newcomer Claire Wilcox.) Her fondest dream is to visit Disneyland and Tony finally takes her there for an afternoon of fun. Disney i reluctance for seven years to approve any movie filming at Disneyland is understandable. He has a $40 million dollar Image to protect. Half a dozen produo ers, including Alfred Hitch cock, were eager to use the giant play pen as background for murder. "People, Disney grinned, are never murdered at Dis neyland. SEVERAL "quickie film producers tried to talk Walt into filming scenes in Jungle-land, letting audiences believe it was darkest Africa. He said "No to them, too. "We knew, explains Producer Stan Margulies about 40 Pounds of Trouble, "we had only family entertain ment in our film and we just took chance on the fools rush in theory. We didnt show Disney the script until it was completed. We sent it to him, asking for permission to use the park for a 20 minute sequence. "Three days later he phoned and said, The Park is yours. Minus man-pinches-pretty-girl scene, that is. TONYs afternoon of fun at Disneyland with six year old Claire and the films leading lady, Suzanne Pleshette, becomes a chase over the attempts of his ex-wife to send him to jail because of unpaid alimony. Hes a gambling casino manager in Nevada threatened with arrest if he ever steps foot into California. The casino is at Lake Tahoe, on the Nevada-Califor-nia border, and he cant even leave his car in the casinos parking lot, which Is in California. But he becomes such a Patsy for the little girl, orphaned when her father is killed in an auto accident, that it is Disneyland or bust. A private detective hot on his heels during the Disneyland tour brought a warning from Uncle Walt: "No leaping out of any of the sky rides. I dont want the kids who see the film to get any wild ideas. "Why not let Tony and the girl end their visit, suggested Disney, "with Tony thinking hes safe at last. Then the private detective grabs him just outside the Exit Gate. Smart fellow, Disney. Let em have fun at Disneyland. Hold off man-gets-caught until one step OUTSIDE. ... CAttTMFATAP (f Bff. -fW 4-0413 ESTiCOAStiTH AmmcE to soli 4"k011TH HOttrwOOD k fL PORTAL . mi iiDkotiiii POMUI : opi 12 it CartU Jwm FrtiHiMM THE OUTSIDER lST or OlltHfC " GUILD V 1 LL-Uitlll r i tm Oh Mi R run, it A lilim MAJORITY OF ONE T Dafta A. Dltktaaea Rome Adventure A 4 STUDIO CITY I5 isimocm isite VtitiM I3 Vtittara t-2177 IR ftratl Da Ma iiai light In Piaui X BEVERLY hTlTT W1LSH1RE 440 WiUhir OL-3-M3 Fit Ihm Daria li Rodten ft Hammerttein $ Hew STATE FAIR FINE ARTS wilnirt OL-MiJI ho in IHUflN ClMMlI Amt ti,imr "JESSICA" 4 VAN NUYT FOR riiz v n si. r-5-i7ii lPH It 41 I lill Pfl,y Follow That Dream J. WtyM (. Whitman COMANCHEROS VOGUE NZI HlrvO, OL not uti m it il ( Iwl-I. Thxlia 4 HORSEMEN OF APOCALYPSE J Vantwra Blvd at Corbin DI-I-12W i Optn ft p m Sat, 10 45 Sun. U.4S It EMs ftratiay Anna Haim t "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" i ftottana Iritil Olivia Da Havlllani j "LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA" s f 4 14 N. Mlay, S F. EM-14211 J : Optn 4 45-Srt. t Sun. 12 II r( "GlDGET I ? J "GlDGET GOES HAWAIIAN I' LANKERSHIM J 7JH lanktnhim Blvd. FO-t-HSS V Open ft X Sal, ft San. UtU j Civil Frailay-Anna Halm , "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" I FlUJ SHOCK HITI 'DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT fIRE" tl, ! Lam . s V !, A, 4 4 i 4401 W. MAGNOLIA-TH-5-1 504 ; Dally 4 45 Sit. 4 Sun. 104 f, V . 'I .. GUnn Card - Ingnd Thglln 7 "4 HORSEMEN OF APOCALYPSE" n $ Avdray Hapburn fthlrlay MtLiinft ! "CHILDREN'S HOUR" I ft W - -v 6. f i file Van Nuyt-Parkmg-EMIU? 1 Opan ft.J0-FrKJJO-Sat.-Sun, tlilft I i Olann Ford Ingrid Thwlm 5 "4 HORSEMEN OF APOCALYPSE" ' i Raiiana Iraxfl Olivia Da Havilland y "LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA t i 4 (r ' : 15052 Vtntuft llvd. ST-43011 3 AOUITS 00f Frnl, 5in,tr, . Otan Mull ? "SERGEANTS THREE Shirlay Maclatna Audray Hapbum , "CHILDRENS HOUR" i BEST PICTURE I Winner of 10 Academy Awards CVU. (MON. THRU SAT.) i30 PM EVES. HOLIDAYS AT JO FM TONIGHT EVES. SUN. AT IOOM .' H' WED. SAT. MATS. AT ODC PM M SUN MAT. AT 200 PM All SEATS St SERVED , For Hckt I IrlWMlKN COOUS St HtlieHAOION toll NO 4 8111 a DAI lli A MIC for thrilrr sortln GR AUMAN S toil HO 8-3248 CHINESE -Ctln THEATRE HO 4 mi nllw 8 iw w Wind ne H5 hoelywooo bivO. (PACIFICTTHEATRES? ENCINO Encrne ST 4 1.23 L Herttv rseirtaa WALK OH THE WILD SIDE BtLie SOMMEFB OPIN ft If SAT ft SUN 17 39 CORNELL fturbank TM t j25I Teny Curtt Jmei FrinriAftta THE OUTSIDER MAJOR STUDIO PREVIEW OXEN 4 15 SAT S SUN II M RESEDA r,r(l . I ll 4 HORSEMEN OF APOCALYPSE UfiHT IN THl PIAZZA OFiN 4 M. SAT. 18 N. SUN. 12 N r,M4i DM 4155 k Mavay Caaunaa WALK ON ME WILD SIDE TM-5.IM7 8ELLE 80SIErS Oh 4 J4, ffl. I 88. trt. I.A 12 it

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