Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 10, 1969 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1969
Page 10
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10 - Mendox, Feb. TELEVISION IN bf KateOMm MONDAY M LiM, Beb MM OOHM fOCSL • Six O'clock Mo¥ie—Color it "THE WORLD IN HIS ARMS"— Cngprf Peck! aai VCtaft IMr 10 -nt mmmmikmritemtam)^ -SntKT F«ck. AM nyHL li 18S0 • M avMi «niN( • Sn Fnii- ciM •Ml iMtMi ii pM; Md, *rt« • aMoliM •» kk cmrl bt iMrti a RiniiMi eouirtm AK-I iK • <ww« awnict t» « »ri»».| Th^ ihcidt to HNny iwiwdlaWyJ M M OH «• •( IMr MddiiK M ii litiipit «ri kt nnt «* fori MrfrwMibMwriNlltaMto MirTaqritiMa .aki»rtiMrHki fecr to Itt y«4r- lJB9 h ««T fn^ «i to kMdwM Mt MH IMEM ttd k( it a ffafn- AMI i (Ml tlM aad dattrt Mil to hm to anaad a a Coar MoMM laarii. OM *i IkMi n (30) •« Cnra 01 Ifet mc* ttb« bis ftfto tka traHi: Ml ttlh fnd thit CBDifg it Imft p /l: Had dhraltet bit caOcii plans to Horaaii: Fnd lefstst to bditK Careljn. O DMtU OtoiMr (0 (90) figesb •r •IOC ou MOW HOLLYWOOD (VPD-'Tum- On." a aew ABC-TV aeries attacked at "Dirty.- bat been dwhred after one perfannaace. The spotttor. ttae oetmrk and tome diwathfied aUtkns put the clanps Snaday on the baU- iMur tepiieal comedy show tliat had iU premiere only lait Wedaealar. It waa produced by flie same company that tatms out tbe j natiOB's lopnted aeries. "Bow' an and Martin's Laagh-In." The move jolted BoUymod practiiiaaers of tdevMaa*s so- called "aew frankness." as wempHfied by "Lausb-In" and the Smothers Brothers show. It was considered in these circles a tignififaiit step after several years .in which risque and cootroversial material had suddenly ddoeed television, from taft shows to specials to regular SUtions in aeveland, Denver and Little Bock. Ark., canceled "Turn-On" last week. One station manager wrote ABC: "If your naughty little boys have to write dirty words on an adsr Jams Utsm. amvOy walls, please don't use our Utmm (O (30) Maft Ha*! (30) "Roaming the SfflilbsQniaft.** A trip into the miMlt^ai lift ef tbe American eMaiifatSJaAaMr 8mM Han (0 UiaBKitaiani »(0 (a) BVtMt k tba UOm af tbe! &(C )(60) ffihalaii (0 (30) The Last FmnUtr." A took at tba 4SS nil- lien acnt af public land under tbe direction of tbe Bureau of land ManaiemtnL The film travels from Arizona daseitt to Alaskan fladcis and tandra. 7 «aCK Emiai Ham (Q (30) Walter Cronkite. O mart Mr Uae? (0 (30) Soupy Stitt, Alan Alda and Ruta Lee are fueit panelltts. • rMtawd (0 (30) Barbara Eden and Peter Laadord guest ®UM Abitrta (60) A special hour-long program broadcast live from East Lea Angha. A pane! of experts and concerned otizena dtt- ' oatanploinnegtaBdjaboppertuai' ties available to the Merican^nari- can. Ed Moreno hosts. 8 Cnart ffffid (C) Tratt ar emaqMrna (0 •7 :3Ba8(I)6MMba (C) (60) nhe Reprisal." Kanhal Dm seri- outfr anunds a killer in seif-de- fansa and Doc mutt decide between staying to treat the injured outlaw or leaving to ddivtr a baby. Doc savaa the killer for banging, but reaches Tom Buflei's farm after bis wife. Sara, has lost their baby. Butlar bUmet Doc for the lots and . «DM aengeance. Jack Lambert, Jaei Do* Baker and Eunice Christopto! ara faatarad. haaa a( Jaamia (Q (30) the Govamofs Wife.'' MMchea a campaign to nahe Tony Governor of Florida,; despite HASA 'a thitat to discharge bim Inmthe Air Force. WlWtUntia iaaal SmSrmSk Kmtt (0 (60) The 1201 Mimi dinMf» honoTinc tbt Callianiia Ai«ris a «d tba Lea An- friat Dedgcts it amcaad by Dick BAaig. Alto ftatwad ate Glen Campbell and Pat Buttram. Special atwda w« bt prattriad to !n- Mdtr Billy Sodakit^ pitcto Bin Saiir, cattto Tea Heller and Baa Bqidela af tba Oadgn; aid to hm Miaf with. Maldar An- NO* •adriCMC, catdiar Ton SaM- am aad iafieldir Babby Kaaap af tba Aacrit. SISKSSn* *tii|tn (Q WTSa * to Your Leader." Stood and Taia ata asagned to tiae* Hte arigia af aa altocba case that ii being passed from agent to ifeaL They fmd that the traH leads dbactly to Idother.- (edaentore) "SS — iaeouetj StnM, Kart Katnar. Parataaof i* IndaOiina li* their lives gallant aHtflipt to driva out label torcct. MTMi ar eaataiMacat (0 (30) Epwiy MatM (60) EBI Awl ai al Niia staning in 'Ths Seagufl," based on Chekor's slonr: recordmt artist Jody tjoesa of the Road" Miller: singer Dick Xanmin: actress Lse Giant Emmy wnner for her creation el Anna Chemak on Peyton Place and currently staning to the notieo picture "loena Sara. Mrs. Camp- beH." and appeering in the Laa Angeles production of Tlaza SuHe": and tba conMdy team af Cohria t Wildar B Beat toe Odda (Q (30) TV Mukal Oitart MOBIM«T m (0 (30) Mike and hit friend Harold have a boyhood argument so the menfolk take them on a camping trip to thow them how adults get atang. O a ® ® "*C Haadv Herir (C) "Beaa Gatto" (adventure) '66 — Guy Stockwell. Doug McOure. Leslie Nielsen. Telly Savalas. S Gcerge leattrs Heia Caato tbe t (Q (60) Glenn Ford is guest d honor. Featured are Edgar Buchanan. Jin Backus. 2sa Zsa Geto, Giselle Mackenzie, Jan Daley. ^ Utile, Pat McCormkk and Joey vnia. 0®C £)CBIkc Ootcasb (C) (60) "Act d Faith." Eari and Jemal bdien a murder susped they've captured and tunied ever to the sheriff for his own pratedien is inmiceflt and they set out to find the real killer. Ron Soble and Biodr Peters guest — Baa tor Tear life (0 (60) HCT toanal <60) -nt Siith A man torn between tradition and the temper of the times. Pope Paul VI is appraised by hb ecclesiastical colleagues as he weighs bis birth control directne. ®U Bnia Ma!dito IdOSMtr Mi* (Q (30) When Undo Bni tokes tbe family to Spam for three months, he doesnt foresee the adventures ahead. Cissy promptly meets a handsome young guide and Unde Bill is attracted to the dindren 's pretty Spanish teadier. Part I of three parts. g Rews m (30) Ted Meyers. Revitto Musical |U «e @(£Caral BanMtt (0 (60) Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert and Nancy Wilson guest (R) OOlicn (C) (60) O HEART ATTACK! if Advances in the care of heart attack cases are explored in depth O ®(£ ED BSMl Heart Attack (0 (60) E. G. Marshall aar- rales a spadal filmed in Las Angele that tells what medicine is doing in one U.S. hospital to kmei the homndous statistics on deaths from heart attacks, and to give hope to potentiel victims. "Heart Attack" IS the dramatic on-the- scent story of the survival el eaidi- K patiento and d tht lifa-taving skilis d phyadant and tba tbif at tbe Haapital d the Good Samariton in lot Attgdet. OHMkdOaat (30) QTkal Sbaw (C) (30) "When Hoover Invented tht Vacuum, He Sure Cleaned Up!" ffilbt Citat War (30) "Endurance." The Ume is July 16, 1916. to November 1, 1916. Tbe British launch their "last" great oRensne against the Western Wall and fafl again. The Battle d Somme. SDkba Rebada l >I!r«"*T^!l »"-*P*^ -"Hlar (drama) '62- ntuie) -SS — lieouesi gg^n, gasehart. Maria Emo. (Q (30) (30) -The Singing Two sdentists discuss the use d flame as a kwdspeaker with host Dr. Richard Brenneman. . SMB Sia Nistoria (0 "You know, I think spring is here- quit shivering!" -the robins have walls. It's all right to be racy.; but this is just plain duly. producer of "Laugh-In" and "Turn-On," said Tom and Dick Smothers, Nancy Sinatra and Tony Newley were among performers who volunteered to be on the new show. "Turn-On" using double entendre and barte about hot subjects, was hosted by a computer, and employed elec- tremc distortion, graphics and animation in emphasiang impersonality in modern life. It moved at a furiously fast pace. Schlatter saki the ^ow was a "bold step," and that he "nothing but respect" for ABC- TV and the sponsor for tr>-ing it But he said: "I'm determine the show's future! direction. I But Sunday's statement sakl tbe networic was "in discussion with Bristol-Myers to determine future programming" for the half-bour Ume period. Schlatter saM be was told meetfflgs about "Turn - On" would be heU this week. Sources said, however, that the main purpose of meetings, at this point is to arrive at a financial settlement. Sunday night, the first of a number of special productions had I by the Royal Shakespeare Company arrived on CBS-TV: a 2 M hour presentation of "A MWsummer Night's Dream." ^ _ shocked .\nd it will not soon be forgotten:upper hand in their never-end' The Side Lighter By DICK WBST WASHINGTON (UPI) - Let the record show that by the year of 1M9 our chriliiatiott had advanced to the point where householders were receiving personalized junk maiL This brilliant achievement, before which one must stand in awe and admiration, has enabled direct mail advertisers to regain, at least temporarily, the and disappointed. I can't believe they'd take it off the air." He added: "We just felt the public was ready for the approaches they have already accepted in other art forms." An ABC-TV statement Sunday did not say flatly "Turn-On' by the vkleo audience. Filmed near Stratford-On- Avon and directed u-ith rich adult humor by Peter Hall, who wisely emphasized doseups to give full due to the bard's words, the broadcast was a simple, unadulterated joy from postal was canceled, but sources | start to finish. These Royal indicated it definitely appeared]Shakespeare Company produc lions SO. The statement said: ' moments in television. "ABC understands that Bris-j Friday night. NBC-TV offered tol-Myers has sent a wire to the the first prime time outing of Schlatter - Friendly producUonlits notable "Experiment in producers of "Turn ling batUe of wits with addressees. We can all remember when junk man was addressed simply to "occupant" or "rerident" It didn't take us householders long to develop a resistance to such dehumanized solicitatioo. Like Pavlov's dogs, our responses became conditioned riTr-ii ^ici^n ^""""iby «P«'««-we learned that we opened the envelope we Schlatter company, On' stating that the shows are unacceptable to Bristol-Myers and instructing them to cease production immediately. Television" series—a wildly joyful celebration of Yiddish tradition as exemplified by the writings of Sholom Aleichem, on whose woric "Fiddler on (he "The ... wire also said that!Roor was based. Ernest ABC has ad\ised Bristol-Myers Pintoff, who last season direct- that the programs are unaccep- ed an "Experiment in Televi table to the network. Last Friday, ABC-TV said it was pre-empting this Wednesday's "Tum-On" broadcast to NATIONAL GENERAL CORPORATION 123C^«iStoae^^9M331 LAST DAY I Comp. Show 7:1S p.m. AduK Prwfram U ar ovw Patamoin FWixes Prescrts AWMamCasUepnooucnoN Ro^s Tecmicalof^ Pvamouni Pieture SUA AlaainctlM-JMMFanda "BAKMKELUk" Tinwrw» SPKUI CMU RTA Shew I PJN. ANSMHSBC sion" hour about ftfarshal McLuhan, employed McLuhan techniques in the Friday program, with uproarious effect. As Sholom Aleichem, Jack Gilford was a delight, and so were David Bums and Nancy Walker in support DavM Steinberg did the splendid script about the writer who was knou-n as the Yiddish Marie Twain. No Admittanct WESTWARD HO, England (UPI) - When Chris UtUey got permission to build a fallout shelter under his front lawn be im mediately issued a warning to neighbors who have been kklding him about his preoccupation with the bomb. "There will be room only for me. my wife Gill and my two- year-old daughter Katherine,' Uttley said. "So those who are skeptical now need not start lining up at the door when the bomb drops." **S ^"Da!» Joats, d The Men- 1MB, goods and the "Mod. Mod Werir legmtat salutes Valantiat's INarijn (30) ifgnanraaa d Caarga lia -;l I (60) Exceil ' UaraCtob (O Maeir "Mat d CatIM- (drama) '53 - Edward AffloM, (g)S )ffiNawi (C) Il :1508C9ffi "m (C) „ iipts from tbe films 'ujogHnjc Owr Ike Mtoalicr and d«b*bod«,d the man whei itnm) -SS-Guy Madison, ended, edited and miented many| eiHiir Tbe San Hever SdT d todai-s stock film tadiaiqaes| (3«shiie) •3»-BasH Rathbwie eaperi-edin. a. eari, asi gS^^l ^r (0 09 is ftnOad d bdng imiited ttOMUTJ tba sedd amat d the seam ''"•'.^.-••.^ bat tmbit rmding an eliga)le UJ0OMfn« maa to escort ber to tbt ptttr.] Wtaa tMi Unde Hany is unavaa-; aHa, mm and Craig amngt tori _ iraia Fiaai «raa^ (id-fi) -SS - Jdin Agar. gMki naailK "FaaM aad the TUESDAY DArriME jUdBaftiklMN- (nishnf) '47- Deaglata Hentgomety, lehtod Udtod •tanr (nysteiT) '48-ftb- triCaritML •WHS* •duid Daaaing, eoria JtML 3:3(1 ' (idianhw) Ti- Gtid FDM, Mb SCHOOL'S OUT AND DISNEYLAND IS OPEN FOR FUNI umxi mma mam j it would find a brochure touting cemetery lots or homesites in Arizona. Ergo, we quit openmg the envelopes. But junk mailers are a hardy breed, possessing much of the tenacity and ingenuity of hill collectors. By exchangbig maH- mg lists, they managed to start putting our names on the envelopes. For a time, this ploy was successful. One hesitated to discard an envelope with one's name on it, there always bemg an outside chance that it contafaied somettung important. Like maybe a second wammg firom the bill collector. Eventually, however, our junk mail instincts became more sophisticated. It was almost like having a sixth sense. We could merely glance at the envelope and a little voice inside us would tell us Uiat it contamed another cemetery lot brochure. So we agam began Uirowing Uie envelopes away unopened. The latest counterthrust, as noted above, is personalized junk mail. The plastic windows in the envelopes have been enlarged so that you see not only your name and address but also the first lute of Uie enclosed communication. If your name happens to be West, the first line wOl say something like "You can do something worthwhile, Mr. j West." Upon opening the envelope, you find that the first line has been typed in and Uiat Uie rest of the message is the familiar DRILLING PLATFORM — Three, look-alike structures stand in the ocean, six miles seaward from Santa Barbara. One of them was responsible for tapping oil on January 28 and it bubbled up into the sea until the well was plugged Saturday. This picture was taken yesterday by Bill Moore from Maj. Gen. William C Kingsbury's airplane. OIL TAMER — A few miles east of Santa Barbara this workboat was blowing something on the ocean"yesterday to dispel the oil. From the air the brown stuff had the appearance of sawdust (it may have been a chemical). Although the open sea was filmed with oil in some places, and merely streaked in others, the black, gooey patches were found near the shore and in Santa Barbara harbor. Today's Grain of S.ilt is about the oil. form letter from the cemetery lot promoters. But Uie important Uiing is Uiat you opened Uie envelope. The junk mailers have scored an obvious coup, a triumph of oneupmanship. Neither our Pavlov's dog responses nor our sixth sense instincts have evoluted far enough to cope witii Uiis masterful sb-oke. In time, we may develop a natural defense agamst personalized junk mail. But for Uie moment they have us playing Uieir game m their end of Uie Geld. Having been outmaneuvered. I render them a grudging salute. Children develop at varying rates By Ol. WAYNI O. BRANDSTAOT A mother writes that her S- raonUi-oW son cannot yet sit alone and has poor coordination when he reaches for his toys. She is worried Uiat he may be mentally retarded. It is certain- hormones? ly too soon to make any suchj A — AlUiough thb is a Q — I recenUy read an article that said hormones could b« used to curb a child's growth. My daughter, 11, is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Should she take More than 50 Disneyland aijventures and attractions for your enjoyment. PLUS! A special PARADE OF CHARACTERS. See more than 30 of your favorite Disney characters astheycavortinaspedal 3 PM parade. fc «i added IhMtofs KilMay spadd, DiiM»larf iadlas »»i to be dff latst tor a pdfdMW ol ^ "DEIX MOUEITS VITB MLUKOU" Disneyland A Let Anfltltt Thtatrt CuiM Hit Sh««l NOW COMING TO SAN BERNARDINO TOM STAR OF "THE lTcir '?iid^I "A» tht World '"^aSili" Turn." WiMi Ptnny on TV't knidwav 'S Glamraos Musical HiK ON STAGE —ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY * CALIFORNIA THEATRE * S«nd Mall Orders To California Theatra, 562 Fourth Ave., San Bernardino Call TU 9-2678 MAIN FLOOR: tSM-HJi- KM BALCONY: «475 - KM • StJS •ex opnci SALi STARTS FIB. IM lyJAiuroiiiroi^^ MAKI CHICKS FAYABLI - Th» Appl* TrM Name Address Caj;. Stale Zq> Ticfccto atS Ibtal assumpUon because children develop at ttidely varying rates and many a slow starter later catches up and surpasses children his own age. But is this child really a slow starter? Atost babies don't sit alone unUl they are 6 or 7 months old and then for only a short time. At 5 raonUis most uifants use both hands — rather awkwardly — to grasp a toy and hold it very briefly. Coordinated controversial matter, I believe it is better to reassure your daughter that tallness is no tragedy than to ply her with drugs to stunt her growth. Female hormones often give preteen-age girls a new set of an.x- ieties without completely getting rid of Uie original one. One doctor who uses hormones in such cases says that they should never be given unless both parents are 5 feet 10 inches Meeks nof grasping wiUi Uie thumb and tall or taller and the predicted fingers of one hand usuaUy! height of the daughter (twice doesn't come until they are 101 her height on her second birth- cr 11 monUis old. Don't expectjday) is more Uian 70 inches, a child to be a prodigy at 5|lhe treatment must be started monUis. before the child is 12 and her Q — How old should a baby i^oc age is less Uian 12 years. be before he can stand alone? WouM standing him on his feet earlier make him bowlegged? A — A child usually stands j i alone, holding onto a chau: or iTlCcK table, at 10 or 11 months and _// stands unsupported — for two' OTTBi Qtf Pr three seconds only — at 12 „..„„„„ _ ... _ . or 13 monU«. If a baby who "'\NFORD, Cahf. 'UPI) _ is not yet ready to stand alone Shakespearean scholars who is placed on his feet, he will want to know "What's in a simply slump to Uie floor. Bow-'name?" should ask burglary legs are caused by excessive suspect Manuel Martinez who is weight for Uie chiM s age or by convinced Darren Meek should a deficiency of sunshuie and vitamin D. Mock inoriio^ WASHINGTON (UPI)-Used Volkswagens are bemg soU to U.S. customers as new cars in a "mnltifflillioD - d 0 11 a r Uack maricet," according to Balph Nader, the mariutplace militant Nader made Uie charge inj a letter to Sen. Warren G. Magmisoo. O-WaA., whote Seo- ate Commerce Committee win aooo hegin hearingi on imaS car imports. change lus last name. Police said Martinez invaded Uie Meek home Saturday and ended up with a German Shepard's teeth marks in his posterior and bullet wounds m hoUi legs. Officers said Martmez, 24. Turlock, Calif., grappled wiUi Meek who had been awakened by his 6-year-old daughter, Rhoda. Mrs. Meek, meanwhile, unleashed the family dog. Then Meek seized a plstd aad &ed five shots. Martinez was found in a yard tvro blocks jaway.

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