Muskogee Times-Democrat from Muskogee, Oklahoma on November 12, 1919 · Page 1
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Muskogee Times-Democrat from Muskogee, Oklahoma · Page 1

Muskogee, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1919
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* * r*-i f * S ft**" f ,t . I i t , . _ pa f . py, NO COAL HERE, AS WINTER HITS ^ as Shortage Reported General Over State M BARRETT ; Muskogee Soldiers Probably WiU Be Here Late Today; Troops at McAlester Stay a Few Days. MostpfW/#fd Schools Dismissed Early- LOCAL TROOPS 10-DEGREE DROP CLOTURE MAY IN COAL FIELD IS DUfr TONIGHT U USED TO SPEED VOTE ON HUN PACT Heavy Demand fot Clothing for Poor and in Some Cases Charities Unable to Furnish All Needed; Downtown District and East Side of City Suffer Mbst. Empty coal bins aldd a badly failing fcas pleasure greeted the j first cold wave of the winter Wednesday morning, and Muskogee to faces another drop of at least 10 degrees tonight and consequent ! suffering. j From all oyer the city came reports of failing gas pressure. j Most of the ward schools were dismissed before noon because of MWra «ttfto -P Tplphratinn aa * he failure, and Superintendent R. J. Tighe was making a Winers Stage laeDranon aa | tour * of the scnoo)s in the aft ernoon to find out what conditions Word 01 Strike S End Is j W ere. Central High school is equipped to burn coal and was not Prohibition Commissioner Is Appointed to Enforce Dry Laws Throughout U.S. Received; Production In creasing Rapidly dismissed. Office buildings were cold Wednesday morning, and some of them, notably the federal McAlester, Okla.| Nov. 12.— building, turned to coal. ' (Special.) — Adjutant General Not a pound of coal was avail- Charles F. Barrett, commanding able in any retail yard of the the Oklahoma guardsmen on city, and only a limited quantity duty in the coal mining regions, of. wood. Prospects for more today ordered the Third regi- coal were not rosy in spite of ment, which is policing the Hen- the fact that the coal strike is ryetta district, to break camp, called off. and leave for home immediately. Compufnti to Qa» Company. Muskogee's two companies of! M £ k ™ Ze&^lo&Z guardsmen are Units of the- that complaints had come from vor- Third regiment. The headquar- ^ ^^V^L^ ters Company is Stationed at ! telephone mewsara from officials -of »t„___ J ,j.j.„ j \ t v the Oklahoma Natural Gas company. Henryetta, and Company A has. whlch BU ppiie8 tho local company ** been on duty at Coalton. Both *"> il *» other «in *uar companies in ,.f ^.^11 other cities Of the state, stated that vl these companies wiujeavefor; the »twmge was universal aii over home at once upon General:Bar-:»«*«»<»•,. w .ia«on%.Katorai.Jij rett's order, T^^r^^l^^.^^ £Ji« reach Muskogee this evening. , ditionai auppiy from mere by the General Barrett .&#^\*^ when ne issued the order clear-! od. it WM said, that the pun on the intT the Hfittrvettil f}iftfcrir*fcr irfrK** "K ae * Wednesday was as heavy as my UIB xienryeixa aiBinccr oi u^uy 0CCUrB on tho coldest winter guardsmen that the Second regi- day*, whu© the temperature went ment. Which ie c«n'inir in tho' dmvn u ' °°, lv - 6 degrees Wednesday. V. A . _T • • aervln * ln lne , morning, it was the first brc-„th ot McAlester mining regions, Will winter, and TO felt more acutely for be kept on the job for a few j reports Wednesday more days at any irate. i forecast a temperature of 10 to IS (]«- -. NiQht Shift is Working. ; Breea tonight, which in at leant 10 de Operation of the o-ou.1 minea under (Trees colder than Wednesday morn ' iovcrnnr Robertson's orders continues here, with a night shift of convicts 1 utarted at the Hiawatha mlno at tho J jrfmitentlary farm. Workmen at the Hiawatha mine ! were buv.<- for several hours yesterday • cleaning- up the derbis resulting from •t cave- iu which occurred during the -.inko, tut in which no one was hurt. Produoriug has increased In ail mines \Mlnif operated bore now, more ihan 1.000 tons being put yesterday. No Volunteer* at McCurtain. • Company H ot tho Second Oklahoma j r - • - - • Plans to Make Music Day Here An Annual Eventj — I •!•)«••* iruard rtagiment returned to MoAlonter thin morning from McCurtain where it was H 'lit to protect volunleers operat- )p.K thf U. J. Jordan strip mines. It developed that no forre eould be as- wmtli'd to v.ork the mines, despite promise* which had been made to • innentl ilarrett thai if he would supply protection inine<rs would be avall- ..'.;« in sufficient nunjiwrs to operate. Theru has bc^u no work at all at Mc- ' < urtain. Miners at KreiiM, the principal mining community in tiilw country, had limit and ytaged :i «(>ontnntoUH ceie- i^-ailon last night wh'h it wat) Iworn- <d tin .-'trill., was culled off. Men Wild With Joy. The celebration at Krobs Bhorwed how Joyfully the union miners received the word that President Lewis had ugreed to CJ .11 off the strike. The men went lPtftj—GOHlaelaa—4m— pT >mpfu Tiand was rigged up, and Many Charity Calls The United Charities had u heavy j !h> Atlantic demand for clothing Wednesday, and in i Ilorida. wme instances was unable to .supply the needs of the poorer people- All kJnds of clothing, particularly chlldren'x clothing, underwear, and supplies for the sick room, are badly needed. Charities workers will call for any article anywhere in Che city If notified by telephone. TWENTY DEGREES BEOW IN WYO. IS WEATHERREPORT Western State Is Coldest Place in U. S.; Louisiana Cane Crop Is Menaced. Washington, Nov. 12.—Lander. Wye, with a temperature ot 20 degrees he- low zero, was the coldest place in the United. States today, according to reports to the weather itureau. Ai cold wave covers the coojitry titirii " tl/p Rocky Mountain region eastward to the Mississippi valley with the line of frcestng temperature extending into Northwest T< xaa. East of the Mississippi rivet-, however, temperatures were wr|l abo.e (h« seasonal average, as n r'.'!; and were generally higher than on Tuesday- Cold wave warnings were ordered today for Tennessee, the interior of 1 he gulf sijites and the M.H.siUHlppI valley snutii of Minnesota. It.will he much colder tonight and Thursdaj in Ten- neHsep -tnj l n the eaMt gulf states and states except southern Movement to Limit Debate in Treaty Fight Started by Democratic Leaders. Foes Plan Filibuster Is Charge Made on Floor; Reed Making Long Speech I Washington, .Nov. 13.--A movement to limit senate dwbute on the peace ' treaty by invoking the cloture rule was j inaugurated today by democratic lead- I ere. A petition for cloture, requiring j j but sixteen signatures for the xubmls- I slon, nun circulated by the ad minis- i I tratlon leaders and,soon had more than , double the necessary number. I Some republican leaders snid they I I would support the democratic cloture ! proposal, which had been circulated after consultation between leaders of both parties. Effort to Obstruct. The petition said that In the opinion of the signers there was an effort to obstruct the treaty by undue debate and asked that tho cloruro rule, limit- , nect j on w | tn the tng each speaker's time to one hour i notice day, will b be Invoked. j ••[ (hin^ t^p wonderful response of When the petition would be pre- all the people shows the plan was ap- sented na« not determined by the adi predated, and I feel aar« In p.edlrr- minijttration leaders, who said It was Ing that Music day will be. nn annual In conformance with the recent dem- 1 feature for .Muskogee." said Mrs. ocrattc conference action authorizing Claude I„ Steele, prominent In many Senator £Mtehcdck, administration ? of* the city's musical clubs, leader, "Ho make sucji a move if it the' moving spirit of the invasion. Uncle Sam Prepared to Make Thirst Permanent by New Enforcement Machinery. Nation to Be Divided into Nine Districts; "Director" Also Promised'Each State. AS CITIZENS AND OFFICERS JOIN FORCES State Troops Patrolling* Streets of Centralia After? Armistice Day Outrage, j Northwest Is Aroused by Affair and Plans for Deporting Reds Are Made. Portland, Ore., Nov, 12.—Im- proceeding-s toward Washington, Nov. 12.—John K Kramer. an attorney of Mansfield. Ohio, hits heen appointed federal prohibition commissioner in direct eh;trge : mediately of the enforcement of war time and . deportation of all aliens among; constitutional prohibition. ; . . The rommisMioner win «., r k under the men arrested last niprht m a- the bureau of internal revenue and ..,:,] u„ 4U p nnWcv lit f W W ivll! h-iv.. charie of the find force ItUU tne P ,, " w Jv VV ' ".?<k vin h will !»• used m enfor. ing both headquarters here will be taken, • I he temporarj and constitutional dry < lit •I ( \ according to an announcement ven ie. today mafic public ! made today by Rarnett Told- Hoper. com mlssivner of •r enfon-.jrnent of prohibition. ii"ld force ,of nine supervising . prohilrition agents and, a pro• " iirei-inr in each state. The i ling federsg agents will have! •tio-Ji t>vcr stein, acting U. S.-attorney MRS. CLAUDE U. STEELE. Music day in Muskogee, observed generally in the city yesterday in con- elebmtion of Ax- an annual event i Guards Patrol Centralia. § Centralia, Wash., Nov. 12.—^ -r nine territr.riai units National guardsmen are patl'oll- huh the country has .K *n d,Md- jng Centralia ^fay yhere y eS -, ., C 'mler the direction of tho super- terday four members of theV w-u .ca.Ke t.ts w.ii be a m«biie force of. American Legion met death dur- U-deral airents which will be sent from , . . "J. , , , one" point to another as conditions ing an armistice day celeorationw; wamint. : when men said to be members ; fed"SfTentTaHho,ilh e noT^t™ of the Industrial Workers of the decided upon. proba;i>iy win be located i World fired on the paraders. as fo,lows; Seventeen alleged Industrial Workers are in jail. The secretary of the Industrial Workers' Union, Britt Smith, was hanged by unidentified men and his. body riddled with bullets last AJbany, X. Y., New York City; Richmond, Va., Philadelphia; Atlanta- Chicago; Omaha; Little Hwk, and •San Francisco, Adoption of cloture reuUlres ._ ... two- thirds vote.' Willie nil of the signers i of the cloture petition were democrats. Senator 1'nderwood. democrat. Alaibnma, who circulated the p-tHion, 1 said it was assumed of considerable republic:, n support. It was explained that the cloture proposal If presented loii :ij'. could not come to a vote hefore next Friday, betnjr required under the rules to He over for two days. Charges Filibuster. The cloture mov.- followed charges that n filibuster hail been orRnnized by the treaty's jrreconciliable foes, see-king *o prevent final action at this -session. ration for Music day Vas chiefly responsible To- th city-wide observance In song, r.nd the brilliant sura-, ss of' Ui- plan. The ,,| ea of ot.s--\in K Armis•'<•• day in sotiK was Mr.- St-. I 's o .vn and sh> 'pui it ac:o«s" j n >. ->;U , style with the .-isslsta'.cc m' ih- Tit T s I fttiiw. the mus;,- 'on r i , i- a<*--.o,j ni s. 11 tin! of , sap. i w-re- show , Wi dnesday. >m |. i irn* r. :a: ri -d upon M The, departments or units over which their jurisdiction will extend aro to be known as the Northeastern, , New York, Kafiturn, Southern, Gutf, who was central. Northwesterr* Southwestern "and Pacific. Th«< bkjii'.-v ot the bpie*V of mter- nul revenyt will be to reftvforco local off -rta u> Ihe extent necessary U> se- (ti. e prop<u eufnicement of the law," Mr uoni-r stUd. "No state, county or mueicl'.-U officer will be relieved of r« « nsluility and every' officer of the. f •! : il jrovemment of every state, ci mty and city must be siircha.r(rf.-d with the full responsibility of a pro• " enforcement officer. and \ 'iLlMtion Steele Fear for Sugar Cane. New Orleans, Nov. 12 \\'l:h freez- underwear. and supplies for , Ing weather In the Interior and frost to the coast predicted for tnnieht darn- nge to the sujrar cane crop In Lower 1 ouislana Is feared. Tho cold wave also will he felt In Mrs. Winifred Brown, superintendent ra - st Texas, according'to the weather Senator Gore, democrat of the Charities, said the Child Wei- 1 bureau forecast. There will he frost | another opponent of the fare committee will make over aj.y i 10 coast tonisrht with frei-zlng in garments unfit for use In their pr.-s- , the sugar and trucking region Henator Reed, democrat, Missouri, resumed his attack on ttie t realty when the senate convened. He proceeded slowly, making long pajses at times to sort over the stack of papers on his desk. Additional time was taken up by a Quorum call on the motion of Oklahoma; TMLEQUAH MAN MADE CHIE CHEROKEE T STOCKS TAKING DIZZY TOBOGGAN New York Market Becomes Completely Demoralized; Call Money Highest Since 1907. hough the music wasnrt anything to boast of 30 far as harmony .was con. oerned it ga_ve the men a chance to show their fjeeJlnBS. Thebomd Heart- od a monster panUIb that wound time i.nd ayain through the little mining city, playing "The star Spangled Banner, • "Dixie." "America" and other patriotic rottslc. Henryetta^ Okla., Nov. 12.—(Special) J ; ."J^L!? f J!!!LjL h -! rd r,kla '">nia National iContinued on pa«e eight)" ent state, and the Charities will be j*.ad u> aocept anything that can be made into a serviceable article. Tie vlsltingr nurse was rushed with calls Wednesday morntiiu. and needs bed clothing and gowns badly. Pressure About Thr»e Ounces. Gas pressure was around three ounces at most of tho stations In thu city early Wednesday, it was stated at tho gas company office. The normal pressure 1» four oum < s. In some Instances, however, the preaanre was much 1« HK . tl\an that, particularly on the far tuist side, and In some sec- j tioirs of the business district. I The eras reHrulator station .which tho ; Bus company It.ij) planned for the business dl ' present form. tre ' Uy ""Andrew Cunningham Appointed It was understood that Senator IJI- foilette. republican, Wisconsin, ex- prct»d to follow- Henator Heed. MORRISON SAYS DID NOT INSULT UNIFORM OF U.S. to Wind Up Nation's Affairs; Succeeds Rogers. •i. I Washing! | A adre.w I! I luus been ••n. Nov t *unninp v t. 1J - ISpe, • I Tah becau use a lease has not yet been secured from the Itaty on a tract near Cherokee and Broadway where the company plans to put the station. As soon as it Is i»ut In, gas company officials hope the pressure In the business district wit" be better, and outlying districts will be relieved of the pull of tho Ims-iness district on their distribution systems. The city S-inch line, conneetint' the two sides of the belt line around the city, is really of little benefit in this cold snap, because the regitlator station is not yet in. "DRY LAW UNCONSTITUTIONAL." , l/:iuisvllle, Nov. 12.-- Federal JurtKel Walter Evans in open court declari d 1 here today he Is "firmly oi" the opln- j ion" wur-rlme prohibition Is uricornsti- tutlonal and Indicated a disposition to j ... f ©t-beerf-»B ^a---r* ,, * >Jw '"' Blw<,0<l '" iimnfHon rtT,rT " ( ' r ' 1r or ! Told Morgan He Was Internal revenue for Ketitucky from | interfering with the sale of about 1,0.00,000 gallons of tax. paid whiskey known as "floor stock." Ppoini.,1 pi itiri |,.i! i the ''herokee nation lo sitrn .i. I hundred d. eds to tribal land ; Sime the (leal), ,,f l'|..,.. I titers ha* Iwrn no exerutivi- the p.,ii „n arid funninsharn's meat is iilu'le necessarv hv u:ih I i.t ' w a • l J 1 - l:-..ker •ISMI.,:.. U'l i IJ— Pi i. ei with a V-> irron ' e lo-ra 1 ,\i ( J'.-Uili- nte> : it was ale mom \ a I Smith'.* HtSiy, winch *vus "haia^S ^Mi from a brldg" after two undertakcJW'v* ™ refused fo tiandle It. had disappeared^ this morning and it was said the ropej; had been cut allowing the body to drop . Into the river. Hand bills were pasted by Centralia authorities in all parts of the city ask- •• Ins residents to report any knowledge of the shooting or of any I. W. W. ; they rtiy have see .n. A d'ive has been launched to clear tie- 1. U". W- from' i 'fiitralla '• It. wus said, and former j service men who came here durtntr the | nif;hf from neighboring; towns, are t' 1 i h-- use,] in the work Woman Among Prisoners. (»ne woman is among; thf* prisoners I in I 'le-jnil. .She eon'hleled a. hotel In which the I W. \\ hall was located. ' According to one version she with her husband, when the p -icnders. started to ransack the p !ac<-. rati out caxrylnjT a ."mall AjTier -can fl xr and demandinB iri .teetion Th,- men it. was sanl. took I t h<- 't-ip -T ^-nr. t.i.-in CentmHa has been combatting a • radical elem-nt for several \ears and vstenlay's .--hootinir was th-- elimax ot ,i *e'ie<5 (,i* (.^»nf'n-ts Two ve .irs apo whirl the fi:--l fl- ,i l *I-|.-,s li f u :inr was dp.ppe,! t n htad i .r ippo.nt need cnchjib' nat ion the 'inf>n ( s aed ; Disgrace to Uniform," Employment I Man's Explanation. ! 300 PUPIL8 SUSPENDED. Waco, Texas, Nov. 12 Three hundred Waco High school students, 1 »oy H and girls, were suspended Indefinitely today for quitting school yesterday and staying out all day because they were hot allowed an "Armletice day" holiday. Not a Pound of Sugar to Be Had; Shortage Worse Than War-Time Scarcity; Even Cafes Run Out J. W. Morrison, manager of the Oloh, Employment agency tpld his side of the , story that brought charges of deroga- ; too' remarks against, a V S. army uni- ; form. In his preliminary hearing be- fure U. 8. Commissioner R. M,. SJount- ! , castle Wednesday afternoon. ' .„,,. I Morrison said George Morgan, ex- BODIE5 HECOVtHED. ! soldier, who made the charge against Karrlsburg. Noy. 12.--Bodies of | nim cajne , nto the Globe Kn^ioyment ; none of the seven members of tho | m wearmg a uu iiorm and smo-sing HuntlnK party from this district who , areUe . Mrs. Morrison objected to! were drowned when their launch wan 1 ,, „. , ,„ _„,, 1 capsized in the_ Mlssi«slppl river be- | the cigarette and asked Morgan to quit H| >e n I WII il m-u i-hief )i ..1 l„ fiuf- eight i rrie<I S ar was never like this! uskog'ee awoko Wedheed,ay morn-- ingr with not a, pound of 'granulated sugar In a retail or wholesale. store, •ind a- mere dozen pounds of .powdered jugar avallaKo at Uoen's grocery-,' Only one wholesale housje would hold Put any hope of relief : The Orlf- fin Orocexy company reported on« ear on the rood, and' due to arrive any minute train Twin Fp.lls. Idaho. When - it*get«f-hciro,-l*"w11l 1x\ but a drop in tho bucket, for a, car of wugar 13 a little less than a pound per' capita for the population of this sugar-hungry city. All the down-town cafes are fcramblirur for sugnjv tied popular establishtri&nt served 'oofft'o **w1U».' dut" We4ncRo>y. ••< .•, .. • -jt';l« usolw* to ask my "tiia wB>' B "tttorlttos and thereby give some Idea of what has happened to the qugar supply. But out of the maze of opinions, only this fact stands out clcarly thero is an acute sugar shortage, and Muskogee is in the ex;u* middle of it today, •8u#&r production of refineries in the east is said to be limited now to points east of Pittsburg, and the middle west and the rest of the country mflst depend for Us supply on western beet srigar. TJp to date, this supply hasj not materialized, ln any large Q/uantHieji. It la said to be a little ea^Jy yet for the. bulk.of western beet enjrar to move in ^arsre qaantltied. but wholesaleri wilt >t pot prbmise that conditions urtit-psafertaUy.:- |««)orve. . ahorse rt,^v r gyw i >^aw 'am «fboJ«' low Memphis, Tenu., today had been recovered. Searching p;iriies found the boat yesterday, but the cabin wus gone. Pour members of the party who h^J ; ^. ed ^A a • V,, retu ™ odr to «h«<r j Morran had^ said that Morrison told i2i a ^ iJS.™^™ 6 ma > ror °* Harrisburg him a man In today offered a reward of $50 for smoking in the office, Morrison said. Morgan refused, and Morrison told him, according to his story, that he was "a dirty dog,' - and a "disgrace to the uniform." each body recovered. I. W. W. PLAN CAMPAIGN. Spokane, Wash, Nov. 12.—That Industrial Workers of the World are preparing to launch from their headquarters hero a propaganda campaign throughput the northwest and perhaps through the entire west In the near future, was the declaration hero today of officials of the department of justice. So far. they said, no orders to proceed against them have been received. FIND SOFT-NOSED BULLETS. Charleston, "W,. Va., Nov\ 12.—Careful examination , of, the ammunition s»h|ed with v nlne • nil b\ary rifles at lHfc^BV.W* Vai *y deputy sheriffs to•^-" ; 4t «|0B^ith«iJw^»«|it!* 'Pt sorne=S.00 uniform was U«wer than a dog. C. W. Sill, in charge of the Marine recruiting office here, testified that there had 'been several complaints among service men of bad treatment at Morrison's office. Miss Wrennle Iniseoll, who went there to get a Job, said Morrison told "her he had no u»e for a man in uniform. The hearing has not been completed. for l. blinille-* of th. Horn and l.ii^ed near Viniia,_ t.-he nejy chief. Andrew f"itnn iiiKham. has been active In '*ffni.i! Cln-roKee circlex Tot many venrs An '•\eciitiv'f secret, i ry both to rhiei Iingi-ri, .mil i finKton. Mr . i "nnningham \earp in int'rnat.- t'Htch iiffali-*i. !•'• o-nierlv ili-t net . ffi.-i i i' T i »..• i >:..h > t..i-al Mat- ' i - - '..• v- .i > .•; 1 - elgh' h bio-. I i 'l k > • ,i.d :.-< -i 1't 'on '•'•-nkrni' i; < \.->i no- >.••-[-.• tuo ;o • he .->...•f f. ,- v . .i r« -. M. 1 *u n ri! cL.e ni \\. i i .o .n' - d :n .-t i at Tuhb-,|iiat. II. i,>, t .ii,.,i tro .n tho l posit i' n e .ir • ili -e of !-io! he.lit 1 , I 'm ; .noil' hei-n .il I I • t Sl -r. i, -id • ' ill mi itie- a c • I \ i t y. Since (,'hief r- ,li.-o r .euh yr -ar ai<o t n.- <*h<- no oftici.U head ntiitter^ ft rnnin t. AlM'Ut 1.!J deed allotted land.-, i en fore the 1'htTiiki" Wound up. Most • • • er *>,u -a h.iiiu'. I L tie Ii .^d v^nc-f. .. Th.- rnnr.ll jr nn.nev i-..s.. highest int.- ' >-\ er - nig ••' were son • i -r- wl^h'ld up not. ."hiiri-il i \\ ere riie\ iris v. . •f itidii.s-trlrtlM ihirmg m .nket im-aim. complet i m v price '^ri.vvn w uiil.l :,! i .l- yrar !V de­ li- hi there. bti'/..oir of.-, to ilyn.-imiri :. i r \«- , -. , . ,| *-rs !.il--r.-,l ill .-m.l .It l. WII- I'. • entll : K H.S -. i«,n. ,| before the • l iVu I \\ w intended t trei 'i in which I he ai'- ' •' ii t •-. I \ t • ,'I;I t I itne cit I'• »:t ores in the 1. W. W . •.vi. the se.-reiH!> from •In. ,11; . ,1 . i-: -tti- -H 'Trrr -ri Mitnrs '••> p >j!i:t liurt\ ;.er e tin- i'linn .f«es of to to d throughiiui the i flowed Mil of i l» list Ilhe 1 1 COTTON BREAKS IN N. Y. $7.50 A BALE \ e AS .. y.r-n-- de .T to'. V I - yi' , ..: of.ii i.-il- I w. " \ . ripplr. >1l ^t .-.nt^nl^ . i.'-li'ii-'-i lie r- 1 n-- dim league wa:- • V was to be il ordered to r to ttie citi- .rune the at• o the beliel - tnd New N'ork. N ket w -I.M we. ik I"!.-.* i- r . .ii-n-i; to tn.-ivs b n*ri.. isn.;M .»\ end ileehllen |i I .loll'. Ill t Kin i bioui^h .i -re puiind in the market for h I- Th, Hon in e.l tod.u „ : ' "' $T •••< • :.:,), ',u;i!;it i. ni ,s ,i r . still er the money siMiaiion i for. IK n eM -hiuife •f spei-ui , |M [M' ;1I t ^ -1 li "f .!»••» i cut ., 'free futures W. Was Expelled. . •v.!- .-si .-red to a potnt .f < vtitrnhrrTwo or - three? :•>•• •eii .icinic I- W- W- lit. m i II re .ml piiG-ung the sale of n paper" the governor naid. "but I lee.-ill no ^f-riolIM trouble with the I v.. w. there. I believe the cripple returned mid w;i.« escorted to the city In 1 - ,i -o,•,.!,.! lone .tnd told Hot to ret urn. , /V • T • I W \\ wrr.1,- .1 lot of Kttlffi' n • -.,!<•»• .II ' ;'i. ..Ileged deportation'.'-- i."ioi:. wei- n -renmpanied hj" ', us «h. h i hey referred to the gen»i il The n'torney gon- ould be done a« :'fi in ••r..l •thing rig 1- id come from the progecut- i uunu nned on page eight} h i- norm i i n.iti ii I.. hn-d • •p'-. .. •••» > ."• dl.spo.-e .1 of. ••' li I!' •! ' oil I inI II tl in to be siirne .l be- nn f inr s aff . irs a ro f the other nations have several million dollars worth of property Htlil I o'be disposed of. JACK OWENS HERE FOR T. B.' MEETING U.S. Is Growing Tired of Red Agitators From Europe, Says Hoover at Meeting of Poles been bert H< SENATOR MARTIN DIES IN OLD AGE , CharlotJjWrJlle, Vn_ Xov. lfc-^epa- tor 1to0m#mM *rtlXL, the democratic Jack ('(Wens HI <"ii- '...l.o.iui i' is. ;'"'. • in. r manii? r of the Mnslocte Has S r KleclrU- ronijxiin is in MuskoRee to .attend the annual mreiinty tonisrht ot' Ihe executive hoard of the Anti-Tu- beroulosis sociei> oi wh'ch he i.s state presiditnt. Ta.m .s Hub;, pcesideivt oi" j ver said ihe local society, called tonight's meet- Insr, at which reports of the work done in the lart year will tie submitted. Or^iat • progress basj been mwle, here iiii the last year \j\ pro'vVdlng proper attention fc" tuberculosis sufferers. Td- d».v ilOO patients aro bftlnq cared for in different parts of the c4ty^: thferwork Buffalo. X. Y.. Nov. 13.—The American people are growing impauent with foveigu airitators and unless the attitude changes, the door that has always pen to V^urope may be shut. Her- \-er declared here today in an address itt ttie convention of Ameii- cans of Polish ancestry'"Many foolish idea .M are beingr ci 1 - culated among the foreign-born population otoche I'nited States." Mr Hoo- Many <.f those foreign born are inttirestlnsr themselves iu the destruction of our primary institutions and defiance of our laws. The American people are -fast losing patience with this attitude, it may develop out of this the ''open door" toward Europe, will be,, m t a fcutfe roeaaiwfy; clpsed; worsb. thajt this. thece .m »r4evei& against extending; aid to those conn- • • tries in Europe from which our foreign, born populations spring.'' ••» Any needed reforms in the United. States, he asserted, would "be carried t ; out by those whose; parents baV*i i frown Up aiivid our institutions- and, those who Iia.\c lieeome in seutimenll .; and spirit, a P<i.rt of our people." "II is fortunate that the Polish pop* vj ulation of the. 1'ni.ted States have bee« but Utile InTinonced by thejft) forTtt« , i oi agitation," he continued. "ITaPrtlH'i exists who has associated himself With \ the organizations that devote .. theffl- \ selves to the destruction of our instl-"'5 tutioBS, that Pole is not only disloyal, s'.a tq the United Sts-tes, but he Is en-, , a«4voringr to paralyze the;.arBfcthaMM.-($

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