Valley Times from North Hollywood, California on July 19, 1962 · 20
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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California · 20

North Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1962
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20 Thursday, July 19, 1962 Valley Timas TODAY Alien HI i eh UHF Station Set For Fall Opening N-MDIO EDITOR Along about Sept. 15 Los Angeles most unique television venture will get under way. This is UHF station KMEX, Channel 34, and the programs will be entirely in Spanish. KMEX will be Southern Californias first commercial UHF station. , Thus far we have had only two UHF stations here. One was USCs educational station which operated for a time about five years ago. The other was the strictly experimental Channel 22 under the aegis of John Poole, owner of radio stations KBIG and KBIQ. This one will be for real, under the auspices of the very stable Fouce Amusement Enterprises, Inc., which operate the Million Dollar and Mayan Theaters in Los Angeles, as well as various other enterprises in the entertainment field. TRANSMITTER WILL be located on Mt. Wilson, offices and studios, at 685 S. Hoover St. The station will be on the air from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily, and 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. weekends. Program structure will embrace filmed or taped drama, music, comedy, variety and sports, with heavy accent on the latter. There will be bullfights and boxing from Mexico City, Two wrestling shows per week from Mexico City and Guadalajara, jai alai from Tijuana and soccer from Brazil and Mexico. (Soccer incidentally, is the worlds No. 1 spectator sports everywhere except in the United States.) PRESIDENT OF KMEX Is young Frank Fouce, scion of the theatrical family and he is entirely enthusiastic over the new venture, although few sets here are presently equipped to receive UHF. "There are an approximate 825,000 Spanish-speaking people in the area, he began. "In East Los Angeles, home of 55 per cent of these people, Zenith has equipped all sets at dealers with a strip making it possible to receive our channel. "By the time we are on the air it should be possible to convert sets to UHF for as little as 515. "Then theres the all-chan ncl bill, signed by President Kennedy last week. It provides that all sets must be so constructed as to receive the 70 UHF channels. ONE WOULD think that starting a UHF station in a locale so sparsely populated by sets currently able to re ceive tl.e medium would be a mighty risky undertaking, But there is some basis for Fouces optimism. In a recent survey conducted among Spanish -speaking residents of the metropolitan area, including the Valley, 57 per cent said they would pay up to $25 for a converter, 30 per cent said they would buy new all-channel sets, the balance were not interested or didnt understand. ALTHOUGH THIS may be the first detailed story on the project, an East Los Angeles television service company has already received 200 in quiries relative to set con version. It is likely that a whole lot more will soon be known about converting sets to UHF than at present. That is because manufacturers converter companies and KMEX have jointly em barked on a $100,000 adver tising campaign now in only its first week. The Spanish International Broadcasting Company, sub sidiary which will operate KMEX, first applied for Channel 34 a full 10 years ago. They will open the doors at a cost of $400,000. THIS IS a very great deal less than would be required to open a new VHF, or standard TV station today ... but still a large gamble under present conditions But operating on 400,000 volts of power, the stations coverage area, according to Fouce, will be only 10 to 15 per cent less than a VHF station. The idea of a Spanish-speaking UHF station, although new here, is not new to the company. They took over operations of a rundown one in San Antonio last Feb. 1 and we are already almost at the break even point, said Fouce happily. He is hoping for as good, or better luck in Los Angeles. Channel Chuckles "I read these last winter but its rerun time. TV FOR TORAY AND TOMORROW IT' KNXT (2) KRCA (4) KTLA (5) KABC (7) KHJ(S) KTTV(U) KCOP (13) (C) Indicates Color Indicates Movie Title ic Paid Advertisement THURSDAY Flme Ch. Show 3:09 2 Secret Storm 4 Act I 5 Make-Up Tips 7 Queen for a Day 13 Felix the Cat 3:05 5 Tricks N Treats 3:30 2 Edge of Night 4 Highway Holiday 5 Skipper Frank 7 Who Do You Trust? 4 00 2 Amos N Andy 4 "Ride the Pink Horse 7 American Bandstand 9 Birthday Express 4:30 2 Life of Riley 9 "Rancho Notorious (C) 4:50 7 Newsstand 5:00 2 "Adventure in Diamonds 5 Popeye Cartoons 7 Love That Bob! 11 Superman 13 Thaxtons Hop 5:30 7 Soupy Sales 11 Cartoons 5:55 4 News Almanac 6:00 4 Jack Latham (C) 5 Bozo the Clown 7 Baxter Ward 9 Newsreel 11 Highway Patrol 13 News 6:03 4 Weather, Sports (C) I h ? mciMitnito i Barbara Stars On Zane Grey Show RICH'S DAILY DOUBLE: Barbara Stanwyck is seen as star of Zane Grey Theoter. She portrays a frontier mother who is blinded by devotion to her oldest son, Ch. 2 at 9:30 p.m. One of the great revolutions of history, the establishment of a union of European countries, will be examined in a re-broadcast of "Mr. Europe ond the Common Market," CBS Reports, Ch. 2 at 10. -k 'jW Miss Stanwyck Zane Grey Miss Hasso Movie Torn Kildare i Tv-f'f , . Vtel CIRCUS PAIR Chill Wills stars as the circus owner and Barbara Rush guest stars in the role of a sharpshooter in "The Smallest Target on "Frontier Circus at 8 tonight on Ch. 2. 6:15 6:20 6:30 4 News 7 Evening Report 13 Weather, Sports 9 Junior All-Stars Drysdale 2 Dunphy; Stratton 4 Curt Massey (C) 5 Clete Roberts 7 Mackenzies it Raiders 9 Cartoon Express 11 Space Angel 13 Waterfront 6:33 11 Dick Tracy 6 : 45 4 J ack Latham (C) 11 News 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:30 P.M. ACCENT Ch. 2 Rides out ot take a look at "The Unreal West and the American tourist who tries to make it all come true. 7:30 P.M.-ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET Ch. 7 Ozzie makes elaborate plans for a "peaceful weekend at the lodge. So what happens? Harriet takes it upon herself to invite their neighbors, Clara and Joe Randolph, to go along. Thats all. 8:00 P.M. FRONTIER CIRCUS-Ch. 2-Barbara Rush and Brian Keith visit here. Miss Rush plays the circus beautiful sharpshooter. Keith is her estranged husband. When they meet again, the happiness of their young son is at stake. 8:30 P.M. DR. KILDARE Ch. 4-Doc Kildare and an uncompromising medico (Rip Torn) dont get along. But their hostility ceases due to an emergency case. 9:30 P.M. HAZEL Ch. 4 Final summer repeat. Half hour musical, "The Lively Ones, takes over next Thursday as eight-week warm-weather replacement. Tonight Hazel arranges a pajama party for a 14-year-old but is told she cannot attend herself because shes too old. 10:00 P.M.-MITCH MILLER-Ch. 4-Riverboat life Is theme for tonights session. 10:00 P.M.-THE UNTOUCHABLES-Ch. 7-Three hoodlums combine their special "talents. They form racketeering service designed to meet any problem that may come up to plague the underworld. 10:30 P.M.-STEVE ALLEN SHOW-Ch. 5-Steve is going to read some Angry Letters to the Editor. Also engage in a go-cart race with kids outside the theater. Susan Barrett sings. Louis Nye turns up as a side, walk superintendent. 11:15 P.M.-ENDS OF THE EARTH-Ch. 2-Dick Powell and Signe Hasso in Oriental smuggling drama. (Not responsible for lost-minute chonges by the stations ) 8:30 9:00 9:30 4 Exclusive 5 Dragnet 7 Ripcord 9 Science Fiction Theater 11 Yogi Bear 13 Adventure Theater (C) 2 News 2 Accent , 4 Outlaws 5 Beat the Odds 7 Ozzie & Harriet 9 "Carefree 11 Best of Groucho 13 True Adventure (C) 2 Frontier Circus 5 Mr. Lucky 7 Donna Reed Show 11 Phil Silvers 13 Montovani 4 Dr. Kildare 5 Crime and Punishment 7 Real McCoys 11 Beachcomber 2 Brenner 5 Troubleshooters 7 My Three Sons 9 "Caged 11 Aquanauts 13 West Point 2 Zane Grey 4-Hazel 5 Cheaters 7 Law and Mr. Jones 13 This Man Dawson 2 CBS Reports 4 Sing Along With Mitch (C) 5 Clete Roberts 7 Untouchables 11 News, Sports, Weather 13 Deadline 10:30 5 Steve Allen 11 Paul Coates 13 Mike Stokey 10:50 9 News 1 00 2 Jerry Dunphy 4 Jack Latham (C) , 7 News 11 Tom Duggan 11:10 7-News 9 Golf Tips 11:13 2 "To the Ends of the Earth" 4-Tonight (C) 9 Racket Busters 11:25 7-Weather 11:30 7 San Francisco Beat 5 Cartoons 13 Waiting Churches 8:30 5 Yoga for Health 11 Adventures in Spanish 13 Public Service Films 2 Calendar 4 Say When 5 Face Lifting 7 I Married Joan 11 The Princess 13 LASC Telecourse 21 Love Lucy 4 Play Your Hunch (C) 5 Romper Room 7 Navy Log 11 Jack LaLanne 13 TV Hour of Stars 2 Verdict Is Yours 4 Price Is Right (C) 7 Abbott and Costello 9 "Primrose Path 11 Pamela Mason 2 Brighter Day 4 Concentration 5 World Adventure 7 Our Miss Brooks 13 Felix the Cat 2 News 2 Love of Life 4 Your First Impression (C) 5 Douglas Fairbanks 7 Ernie Ford Show 11 Broken Arrow 11:39 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Consequences 5 "If Im Lucky 7 Yours for a Song 9 Understanding 11 Kit Carson 2 Guiding Light 4 News aNMLQumm KLAC. 171 Ml 441 KMPC. IWl KUO, 741 KASC. 7Tr KHJ. Mil KFW(, 5i, KOM, 1MI KNX. 1.7.1 KOLA. 1111. MKD.IIM, MWhtm, (OIL. UMl KFOX, IlMi KWKW, 110; KFAC, WOl KALI, 14Mj KB LA, 14M, KPOL, I MB; KDAY, I MO l KIIV, tit. TODAYS BEST BETS KBID Block Cotfee and plttered Jo:. 4:01 enu KOBS Overture, 4 m ; KBIG Conttmperonf Patterns, 9.99 a n.j KHJ Walter 13:11 to pm.; KGBS Caravan, I p.m.? p m. Koledescope, 4 30 p.m., Moo, hrv fri.t KGIL Valiev Varieties, 9 P.m. e U KGBS Motiooo, B pm; KGBS Stofodoor, 6 b 9 P KPOL Commuter Carousel, 9 to 6 p.m.; KOAC-Interlude m Stereo, ? to B p m.i KBIQ-Swin Softly 111 Sundown, 7;M p.m.; KLAC Jocksen Wheeler, 1 p.m. DISC .IOCKEYS 11:45 11:55 2:00 12:00 5 Academy Award Winner THIEF OF BAGDAD 7 Movie 13 Meditation 12:30 11 Bathing Beauty 9 Tender Comrade 2 "Room in the House 4 One OClock Curtain 2 News 2 Givi Us This Day FRIDAY Morning, Afternoon 6:10 2-Give Us This Day 6:15 2 Morning Farm Report 6:30 2 Child Psychology 4 Guidepost 7:00 2 Captain Kangaroo 4 Today 7:15- 7-Daily Word 7:20 7 News and Farm Report 7:30 7 Summer Story Time 7:43 9 Our Gang 8:00 2 Panorama Pacific 5 News A.M. : L. A. 7 Chucko the Clown KSBt Duk Norton, 4 m i Jotui Krill, m.-U m.i Duk Norton, II noon; John Fr.Ui, It noon-1 , m.i (III (srnord, KMPC D'ukWhittinokilt, I to It m.i lr Cook, II o.m. HI Kotor Carroll, I to I o.m.i Johnny Gran!, I to I m.i Jtrry O.xt.r, p.m. KLAC AILoh man Jr., I.-N o.m. to ..m.i lion Warwick, I o.m, to 11 noon Kay Brltm. 1) noon lo J p m.i Dick Whittington, I P m. to 1:10 o.m.1 Carl Mdntirt, till o.m. to 14 F.m.i Rod Wdlvoino, 11 miOnlint KPWK GanrOw.n., 4 o m. to I o m.i (lllot Kioto, I o m. to 11 noon, Joa Yokum, 11 noon to 1 p m.i Oano Wood, 1 p.m. lo 4 p m i B. Mitch.ll Rood. 0 rn. to t o m.i Bobby Palo, o.m. to 11 mldnltht, Roiar Christian, 11 midnilht to 4 o.m. KPI Ooorto Dvorak. 5:11 to ill I m.i David Storllnt, Till to II am.. Chuck Cll. II a.m. to I p m.i Bob Korr, 1 to 1 P m.i Chuck Codl, I to I p m.i KPI Bandstand, i to 1 P.m., (Ill Haworth, I to tl p.m., Lorry Chaltorton, II p m to 11 M. KHJ Rohort O. Lowis, 1 11 to tl a.m., Lucky Rlom 11:11 a.m. la 11 noon, Woltor O'Koolo, 11:11 lo 1 P m. Porry Allan, 1:11 to I p.m , Pout Compton. ilM to II p m.i KGBS John Fritz, I to II o m.i Duki Norton, II i.m. tl t p.m., John Fritz, I p.m. to I p.m., (Ill Barnard, I p.m. to J p m K(LA Jim Amocho. I o.m.- p.m., Pud May, 4 P.m.-tl p.m. KNX (ob Crono, 4 to 14 i.m. NEWS 2 Burns and Allen 4 Jan Murray (C) 7 Jane Wyman 9 Cartoons 11 Sheriff John 13 News 12:15 13 Milestones of Century 12:25 4-News 12:39 2 As the World Turns 4 Loretta Young 7 Camouflage 13 New You 12:55 7-News LOO 2 Password 4 Young Dr. Malone 5 Consult Dr. Brothers 7 Star Performance 9 Playhouse Nine ll-"Of Human Hpartk" 13 Womans World 1:05 5 News 1:10 5 Mr. Motos Gamble 1:30 2 Art Linkletter 4 Five Daughters 7 My Little Margie 9 Kingdom of the Sea 13 Laughter in v Paradise 2:00 2 The Millionaire 4 Make Room for Daddy 7 Day in Court 9 "Svengali 2:30 2-To Tell the Truth 4 Heres Hollywood 7 Seven Keys 2:55 2-News 4 News 5 News KPI KABC, K NX-On th hour KHJ On the hour end Mt hour, with 99-minute weekday afternoon final at I a.m. KMPC KLAC KFWB On the Naur and Ml hour SPORTS NEWS KASC-Honk Woovor, S:4I p.m., KMPC Sob Kolloy. 4 P m., KRKD Ract Rowlti, 4 p.m., KNX Tom Harmon, liN p.m. KWKW All Dodior Gamot In Spoi lih with Java Oarcio. FM TODAY KPPKi n.h kvpm, n i; krhm, m.?j kpmu. n; kduo, tr.s; knob til KCBH. 91.7; KOWC, 90.9; KHOP, ft J; KMLA, 199.3; KUT, 191.9 KOLA. 103-3; KBAC, 109.1; KGMS, 105.f; KBIQ, 104.). KHOP Tha Oulet Time, 1) noon; KBM& Luucheoi. Musicale, I p.m.; KHOP Reauest Hour S p.m.; KIMS Showeata ..artnade, I p.m.i KPAC-Mutiial Master Pieces 4 p.m.; KMLA Award Showcase, 4 p.m.; KPPK Children 1 Hour, I p.m.; KRHM Strictly from Dixla, I p.m..; KHOP Twiliahl Malodlas, I pm.i KPPK Readina or Humor, 4 p.m.; KNOB Dinner Jozr, 4 p.m.; KVPM Sinatra at Seven, 7 p.m.; KHOP Family Bible Hour, I .m.i HRM Les Ciaypoel Show, I p.m.; KPPK P datura Shaw, p.m.; KMLA Faraway Placet, P.m.; KHOP Storliaht Rhapsody, 9 p.m.; KRHN This I Slava Alleni 9 p.m.; KNOB Ballads and Blues, 19 P m.i KBMS Serenade m tha NiM, 11 p.m KPPK Modem Jarr, 10:30 p.m.; KBCA Jolt, IS M. ED. NOTE; Tha following AM stations olso broadcast ever FM KFAC (92 3) KNX (93.1), KPOL (92 3), KABC (95 5), KRKD (94 3), KHJ (101.1), KHOP features rellplous programming and KNOB fazz, KBCA (109) all classical. PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES (Valiev Times TODAY 82277) NOTICE INVITING STREET WORK PROPOSALS Pursuant to the provisions of the Improvement Act of 1911, (Division 7, Streets and Highways Code), the Board of Public Works of the City of Los Angeles invites and will receive In ita office. Room No. 153. in the City Hall, up to ten oclock a m. of Wednesday, August 8, 1962, sealed proposals or bids for all of the work and improvements described and referred to in Ordinance No. 119,759, to which ordi nance reference is hereby made for a description of said work, the specifications therefor, of the district to be assessed to pay the costs and expenses thereof, and of the serial bonds provided for therein The above numbered ordinance Provides for certain work of street mprovement and of sewer construction in LEV AVENUE, between 380 feet northwest of Gain Street and 250 feet southeast of Gain Street. The estimated cost of the acquisition ot lands, rights of wav and easements in connection with the said work or improvement is 8825 00. In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code the said Board of Public Works has ascertained and determined the general prevail ing rate of per diem wages and of per dtem wages for legal holiday and overtime work for each craft or type of workman needed in the execution of contracts under the jurisdiction of said Board. The schedule of said rates of wages is on file in the office of said Board and is hereby incorporated and made a part hereof the same as though fully set forth herein. Copies of the said schedule may be obtained at the said office of said Board. The said Board of Public Works will fix 45 days as the time within which the above work must be completed by the Contractor Ail proposals or bids offered shall he accompanied by a certified check, payable to the City of Los Angeles, for an amount which shall not be less than ten per cent of the aggregate of the proposal, or by a bond for that amount and so payable, signed by the bidder and two sureties, who shall justify, before any officer competent to administer an oath, in double that amount, and over and above ail statutory exemptions, or by a corporate surety bond to the satisfaction and approval of the Board of Public Works. Bids must be submitted on forms which will be furnished by the Secretary of said Board upon application. Dated this 11th day of July, 1962, at Los Angeles, California BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS OF THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES. By MILTON OFFNER, Secretary. Pub. July 18, 19, 1962. (Valley Times TODAY 80498) NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 456-399 In the Superior Court of the .State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles. In the Matter of the Estate of FLORENCE H. FRELS, Deceased. Notice is hereby given to creditors having claims against the said decedent to file said claims in the office of the clerk of the aforesaid court or to present them to the undersigned at the office of Clarke A Swink, 11136 Weddington Street, in the City of North Hollywood, m the aforesaid County, which latter office is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to said estate. Such claims with the necessary vouchers must be filed or presented as aforesaid within six months after the first publication of this notice. Dated June 25, 1962. MARILYN R. PERKINS and BERTHA BARRITT. Co-Executrices of the will of said decedent. CLARKE A SWINK, Attornevs-at-Law, 11136 Weddington Street, North Hollywood, California TR.7.4U6 Pub June 28, July 5, 12. 19, 1982. CLEARANCE SALE 1962 TV MODELS To Make Room For The '63 Models PORTABLES COLOR BLACK & WHITE STEREO Yeu'rt Paying Tee Much If You Don't Buy it Manny's MANNY'S TV 6628 Lankershim North Hollywood HOURS: 10 A.M. t. P.M. DAILY-Incl. Thi, SUNDAY PO-5-7596 ABCC forms available. Ne money down with trade Sports On Radio Detroit vs. Angels: 1:25 p.m., KMPC. D o d g e r s vs. Cincinnati: 3:53 p.m., KFI. (Friday morning: Dodgers vs. Chicago: 11:23 a.m., KFI.) 9AdtdtdtdMl A Complete tine Of dH r 2 UMP & FIXTURE PARTS 2 W And All Typo, T REPLACEMENT GLASS W DARRELL'S J , 1 No. MACIAY IM. 1447 t3Ba,0Ema7 ormanttd. DRESS UPI MEN'S WIAB 6314 lenfcftrihte Onentnwn North Hollywood T 7-304 PACE PARKINS IN REAR brighten your life with o IKiVJli (Mil) 'iUOTS tEBES . i.. cicirjT: d) cjuc JJ1315 coznBad?i iTi ip, iiEnvffPH' uj mr iTYrfflff-nh 9 7h s i If ,gr 1 M.llljJ.i Iff mnnitl ration Ml fluMB S3 93.9 -OKHDCUR1 MEDICAL PLAN th. San tariunrfa Vallay Families May Now Enroll Membership dues of $3.50 per month for Husband, Wif and Children under 20 years of ega plus small registration fee and subject to Membership Application and Agreement provide: MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SERVICE BY A DOCTOR NEAR YOUR COAAMUNITY when and as often as you need him and for any member of the family, plus additional charges as set forth in our fee schedule. Pscaimt, lapulvada, Bar Fernanda, and ather parts of Canftn In Rasada, Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, Van Nuy Offica Calls Surgery Madical Treatment Cbstatrlaa S4Hour Kmargancy Service Majer or Minot Operations laboratory Teste Diagnetis Periodic Physical ixeminatioti "23 Years of Successful Operation Only limited number of new member will be accepted In fhla community Sick or Well May Join VAlltY HIAITH FOUNDATION I "A N.n-F.ofit Clllf.rnl, 0r,4nl,.H.n , J 713S Vi Nuy lla.. Van Nuyt (a.m 101 I 0 MAIl THIS TODAY n4 w will F.mlik y. with mn j J.ttIUd iitf.rmtliM VT I NAME ADDRESS I CITY STATE i I STOP WORRY MAIL TODAY j TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR NQDWl JULY SPECIAL FR INSTALLATION ( J the new Mitch enAid Superb VariCycle dlehwuher it's here! its new!, its designed Lforyou! COUNT THESE FEATURES: Puh-bulton control for convnlnc. O luminout look with modrn otyllna Kmg-ui. cpcity for 12 (NEMA itndird.) Cboic. of flnlih now Indud.i wood e "Guldtd Action wh icrub cln Riming Ag.nt Ditp.nur htlpi dry potltty Flo-Thru hot air drying, no "hot poli". Two thr now trii nd prtbl, too, with imny othtr now ftitur.i. Com. In nd thm 11 THERE'S A QUALITY KITCHEN fl ID FOR EVERY KITCHEN - EVERT BUDGET AETNA APPLIANCES 4870 Lankershim PO-6-3721 Bird. ST-6-4484 North Hollywood TR-7-2417 iO.OOOJWATI

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