Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 17, 1957 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 14
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FOURTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1957 .Dial PA 2-460Q. for a WANf' AD.: JudgesBoast VeteranClub For CVAL Tests Here In Meet LITTLE SPORT Powerful Handley High <mesler. Va., coached by Fort Hill High star Eddie Sie-l Bert, will be favored io repeat as champion in the Cumberland VAllcy Athletic League track and iv°, lor t n ;iLoop-Leadillp! J>la J OJP league Night Boxscores :ddie Sie-l^ ' n '• ~, -f \ _• ^ T »~1 ^rwr 7, rr-f r t . ™ n — . _ P«s/ Records Oiitdoor,VFW ClashTuesday HOCKIXr, CIUIB UEACUE White Sox 8, Wats 3 CHICAGO Phlllipi 3b Fox 2b Minoso U Doby cf Lollar c I-andis r( ^' Propo lb 3 iAparEcjo u 3 Pierce p abh t> * 5101 4 40 1 3170 4 1 « 0 3010 i<mi i 1 0 1 WASJ11NCTO.V < ab h o 8 Indians 4, Orioles 3 CLEVELAND BALTIMORE l'»h« cJ Runnels Ib Sleveri If l.emon it Flu8'raid i Plews 2b Snyder ts Ramos p 4113 4040 4191 4230 4 1 I D : 4 1 1 0 4241 C 0 3 7 Minor. League Busby el »bboa 5130 (3140 till 3110 0000 Altobelij lb 1000 Colavito rl 3230 Car's^uel AS 2 o 4 0 Smith 3b Wertz tb .Time Sl.l ,, r i,n'a,. — «.«-. UO-VARO BUS — Jackson, llandl.y Time — 2:03.3 minute*. »III.E liUX — Grim. Handles-. Time — 4:45.7 minutes LOW HUHPI.KS — Wheatlev Hind In: Time — 21.9 seconds. HIGH HURDLES — Kur»y, Martini •"••- Time — 16 8 second? The base-hit happy Outdoor Club continued to murder pitch- 2001 Slric'Jand 2b 3 o 1 0 1 0 OOtHtsan c * 0 12 0 H'nandez p 0 0 j 0IWvnn p 3000 p 0 0 0 olbAvlla 1006 Total* a-Struck 3S 11 17 1 for F bl.ultreli 1000 TOUII 3S8Z71J mos in 61h. «njer In «th. ' 10! G20 210—8 COO 010—J Mossi p [ing in Ihe Hocking Chair Softball S-slfuck p»T |0 V il.eague by taking across previous-If.? 1 ';.' 0 ly undefeated Elks, 9-3, yesler-j ft s -Phn"i>s 4. FOX. : "^VOT""PL-T """«„".'«;' t. <> day at stitc her Field. T}ie vie- !i-. s!(! «™ ! - Lem » Oi.™« - M ,7... i,T^n'h»"" ldl "''!"»-y was the fourth for the un-l^l^.nL^T-i'x ' DISCUS — Shcndow, Handle}-. r>i s ..beaten 1956 champs while the'" 1 "- 'B-rwiiipj. uri-siciW POLEVAuLV'-'cr^. Hand,,,, if »* fC » f " r "* ««t time inju^it^fc'a^V'\°Sn !(M 7 lOUr SlarlS. jRamos 2. Pierce 2, Hercandc! ]' Veterans of Foreign Wars kept " a—Ran for Wem U Jt ... b—struck out for Wynn in lOih. ?—Fanned for Loes In :oth. iinoso. Lollar, Land" EMIeroandez. rini- . a, i. fmm . Fort - t - 11 feet, 2 Inthes, H1C1! JUMP _ .MrCullouSh. Hill: Crisman, Handley, and Myrick Martiniburi. MeSght— 5 (eft, 2 inches BHOAD JUMP— Cr«nsha>v, Haridley Distance — 20 tin. \i inch. 4WYABD RELAY — Handles'. Time — :47 seconds. . 580-YARD REIJIV — Handle)-. Time — 1.38 mlnutri. MILE HELAy — Hanbley. Time _| 3:10.1 minutes, field meel scheduled tomorrow afternoon at the local stadium. a half-game off the pace by making RUter'.*; AC its third vie- tim for as many attempts, 146. at Peiin Avenue Field. VFW, Outdoor Collide The VFW, however, is next in ,>• line for the slugging Outdoor Club 1 ., with Ihe two sole remaining unbeaten clubs in the eight-learn 6. Ramos I. HO-Ramos 10 in 6 tier 3 in 2. Ctevencer 0 in h — -Pierce 3-3. flamos 5-3, Hernandez 33. Clc-venfer 0-0. W-Pierce (5-S1. L- Hamoj 11-11. u.par-jrella. Hurley Humre Vmont. T-2:J). A-4,238. ' A's 0 NEW The first of the is'eve-riu •wnijS yl ^ in ^ r a claih ^ 3 , i P ' m ' „ , ' „ 1 ^r-ager CecUGrimes-lo - The Judges, undefeated m sixjis.hi meets this year, have a veteran squad returning for the second- annual tesls. For Ihe first time XSAS cm- ahh '" Io 4190 Rich'so ill 2b 2041 Mcnv cjal If 0000 a SKI Gardner .s Boyd lb PilarcUt c! Nieman If Kell Jo Triandos c F'eona rl 3b-]f Causey :b .Moore p l-oes p cPybura Totali 9lh. S 0 2 4 4070 4120 I <J 0 0 1 7 0 Czar Blasts Team Shifts 0 , , „ COLUMBUS. Ohio <ft - George «3 2 ojM. Trautman, red-haired and mil- JO 1 1 2063 4 1 OC 0001 1000 39 9 30 $ -.000 00! 001 1—4 .»iij"iore 100 001 100 0— I R-Busby, Smith, tVerlz. Ritats. Pit-JS' «• *""«na, Moore. E—CarrasqaeL HBI-Triandoj..Werlz. Colavilo, Fjaucona Moore, Slri(-Jilaj;d. Smith. 3B-Bujby. HR —Jroncona. Moore. SB-Francona. S— Boyd, CarrasqueL SF—Strickland. DP— Gardner, Caspy nni Bojd, Oar<!iijr and on d - . LeEl -Cleveiand «, Baliimore 13. BB-ttj-nn 1, Moiil 1, Moore 6. SO— W>-nn 7, .Mossi 1. .Moore 6, Lo«j i. JJO— Wj-njl 9 in 9, Slossi 0 in 1. Moore 4 io a. Loes 2 in t. R-ER—Wyra 3.3. Moor* 3-3. .MoiJi 0-0. Loes 1.1. HBP-by HVan (Causey, Pilarcifcl. W-Wynn (1-1). L- ilant major-domo ot baseball'^ minor league doniain. today fired a broadside at big league clubs which have been discussing franchise shifts. Trautman refrained from mentioning (he New Vork Giants or the Brooklyn Dodgers by name— bolh have been in Ihe news as considering a shift from the East io the West Coast—as he said: "I think it is a tragedy for major league clubs to sit lite vultures m a tree, waiting to grah some- hmg- which doesn't belong to them." Hurts AtfndrS He said that talk of a major The first Saturday of baseball in the P«n-Mar League is billed for tomorrow afternoon with the leadership in tho "ircuit at stake. Mt. Savage and Hyitdman, locked in a two-way fight By LOU PANOS the top s ? ot " )is ear 'y in thc cam-; • r. BALTIMORE Ufi — Seven colts p ? ign ' wi " langle °" th<; PC""sy|age and Hyndmaii. The Grants', headed by Calumet Farm's Ken- d '« moml - B °lh clubs carry.ville learn, behind (ho slugging lucky Derby winner Iron Leigc thl ' ee -8 a nie unbeaten strings into] and pitching of Juilie Perry, were entered todsy for tomorrow's lhc c!ash - snapped out of a two-game lait- sist nmnm, „« ,>.„ .,A«^^ .j, . T ), e 0 [ d Germans, on Ihe rub- spin last Sunday by dumping . her arm of Tommy Lewis, have Wellersburg, 7-1. Perry, wh6 just became an official entry l hour and 21 minules after the Pimlico '"j 1 ?* Pirates 2, Braves 1 fisaal cl aXoren Kellner 1110 4110 4041 301! 2030 1000 1000 2t> 4 1 3 3[ ..icuiud ss 4 0 2 3;I>ITiS8UHGH .Mantle cl 2210 abh oa U 1 0 3 0 Freeze It 3030 n lb 3172 ircic Fondy lb Ctemcote 30 1 rM 1 1 -- - - w . -.Elilc.JLC II * 1 1 0 ^Jl Coteman 3b 3 2 0 0 Tbomas 3b i 2 0 1 Aa MILWAUKEE abh _ _ O'Con'ell :b 3 o 2 6. aSawatslcl 1000! p 0 fl 0 0 day against Dick Klaviihn and *£%!!?«.<: ! J ? Bill Underdonk by punching out Dauerrl Turley p rt I 30 4033 Croat ne.M'stri is 2 0 I 4 since the loop .a^d aU gj^St. ^fS Jtli F 25 * "' "" L 9th. member schools will pa in Ihe meet. Retains Stall! Laurels * ' 0 0 il'ier'tki :b 0 0 0 t Matheu-s 3b 3 1 0 l AOc«X lb 4 2 110 bMantilla 0 ft 0 0 Tanoer It (030 1122 4200 Baker 2-3b Virdon cf Friend p 4117 3030 3020 3 0 2 1 league shift to the coast, and the possibility of Los Angeles and San Francisco losing their Pacific Coast League territorial rights. . is detrimental to the operation of '•'he minor loop there. "1 cerlainly don't object to any community, when it is ready, advancing in the baseball picture " Porter all shared eight iftnVt V, IlBI-Mantle. the " nul "^"« L^ieman. t-.\onp Hmiara. Bauer. iB-McDn- "R-Manlle. Brutoa cf Crandallc Piiajro p cTorre Cole 2b ojoo the head of the National Assn. of Professional Baseball Leagues said. "tint there is an orderly way. o o o covered by baseball's rules d< Field Of Seven In Tomorrow's Preakness Run opened at 7 a. m. <EDT). When the 10:15 a.m. deadline ar- ci"!iu at 'i a.m. named to start: Bold Ruler, the Wheatlcy Sla- 'e star (rained by 82-year-old Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons. ble Federal Hill, the front-running specdball of Clifford Lussky. .Inswept, the Roslyn Farm nominee which finished second by a length to Bold Ruler in the Preakness Prep last Monday. Nan Hiss, ou-ned by Mrs. Jules Schwartz. Promised Land, a son of Palestinian and the nominee of Irainer Ilirsch Jacobs' wife, Mrs. Elhel D. Jacobs. Inside Trad, whose entry fook Pimlico officials by such surprise lhal they had (o telephone the Jockey Club in New York for identification of his owners, D -M Stable. (The stable, they learned, DcBrini ... — ...(,.,.,„ U . UU1J IA Mans lor ihe oPOn Jfate (rack meet with Tommy Outdoor Club slart Glass and Marshal! Crisman both early with • breaking (he pole vault record in the Dominion State affair. They lied for first place by clearing scoring Ihe first. Elks came back to gel a tally off winning hurler Glenn Kauffman in the same frame but )f the way. ODC punched over two in both Grim a .inches and winding up in a three- way tie for tho high jump. Along with. .Mike McCullough of Fort Hill and My rick of Martinsburg, Ctisman \vent up five feet, two inches Grim ripped off the mile test here last spring in the winnin time ot 4:45.7. Three Others Return'. Three other polished perform- peVfecYr'ccord' ers for Ihe Judges are also back Ernie Painter in. an effort to nail down thetrllwo'.ba°«rs forth.. • second straight wins. Bill Wheat-fAman, Bill Reuschcl ley just nipped Fort Hill's Bllllfcli Dean and "Per Pwell in (he low hurdles in 21.9,also garnered Bob Keyser and Bob Pence shared four' of the Elks' nine Singles while Jiin Gaffney starred in right field. Van Johnson turned in several sparkling plays at the hot-corner for ODC. Vels Kail Down Third The Vels sent Rilter's down to their fourth defeat without a vie- lory while preserving their own rd Co™ v J ' Robmelle two hils. Bob ol Ihe Judges tossed the discus for a winning effort of 141 feet, 8!4 inches. Handley won 11 of the 15 tests last spring while trying for first in the 440-yard relay and finish- 1 ed wilh lOS'.i poinls. Fort Hill was runnerup with 72 tallies while' Martinsburg finished third with The Loyal Order of Moose moved into the .300 class by •• downing Celanese. a-4, on the T losers' field. Pete Cecil hammered a homer double and single, Elmer Furlow collected three singles and Frank Williams had a double and single tt _, - u-j-.ji.wi> i un. nn-.iianne i? "i J* Tripre P^^-Turley, McDou- S^o^rfn^^^Sll'ai^rr KeprTM^rri'ot^^y^li KcILncr l, McDcrmott 1. TUrley 6 HO. KfJIuer 6 In 3 (faced (hrcp h tt • I ^h** McDcrmott 3 in 5. R-ER-Keftnir "il,v^« r 3? t wpS Tlirliry ' ^ Ilonochick. FlaLrt", ChJlik^xS*"' Rcdlegs 3, Giants 2 XEW VORK^ CIXCIX.NAI! -Mays cl 2110 Bell cf 523! Saner U 4010 Robinson tl 5 1 •> 1 Khodcs r( 4020 Croue lb a o |i 5 Kattc (160 Bailee sir, Spencer •„ , , , 6 HMk -, b / J \"" nh 10 '2 -McMillan si 3 0 2 2 M n p 3 ° ' l hT! iu™ai) moo nM a rtv* r i ° ° * Rram'as ss 0 0 1 D maun p 0001 JeHcoal p 2021 eRurgess 0 0 0 1 Acker p 0001 n-T»o out when winning run scored. " >-Popped out lor Miller in loih D-StrucIr out for McMillan En 9th c-Waftrd (or Jetfcoat in Sth u-Ran for Bursess in 5lh. e-FIicd ma lor Acker in loth. rinTl "if • "° m "^ <>-» lincinnati M , M1) „,„ l™'sena 0 n e . E n B S aii T " < "' kraa " 1 Temptc - p<>s ' Pos I t St R SC n red °" Bai[e - v ' s er ror in Jjt>. HnnaliT'o*"**-' L «"-- Nl ™" I>v wk s'.'"^*I. SO-'M 1 i!er B 6? I Jc'ircoat J V'™k ~r ^un. Jcllcoat 6 in », Millrr 7 'in". .4 cicr AckwNl^f'l^is/k^^l^iiriH' Jackowskl. Crawford. Vejizoa. T.2:?3. A- Tiger* 2, Red Sox 1 ' ""flminln ,---000000001—150 IIH — <Delroit>. Tola., 3«sni5 Tolal. llti, a a-Grounded out for O'Connell In sth b-Ran-for Adcock in 3:h • ^-Grounded out for Plzarro In Jlh. R°Cl"m'nle. Groat, Jlalhe"? "^Bak" 1 RBI-Clcmente. Baker, Matlieu.s. HR-cle- menle. Malhc«-s. SB-Frcese 2. DP-Maiuol X'rt Ad?o'ck a Tett F p°1' T u °' C °°°'"- L ° sa » 7. BB.Friena 1. Piiarro 3. SO-Frlend 3, Piiarro 5. Murfl 1. HO-Fizarro 5 in I Morf( 0 in 1. R-ER Friend M, Pizarro !-?. Mor« 0-0. W.FrlcnH (3-3V L-Piiarro Cards 5, Phils Q PniLADELPHIA ST. LOCI5 ,»»*•» abl o « Hlmn™ Jx 3 . ° ~ " BllB ' al "f !b 4 0 1 3 Hamner 2b 4236 Dark 22 3 1 3 i Anderson If 3 0 2 0 Mosial lb 3 1 10 1 Bouchee lb 40100 Cun-ham lb 0 0 1 0 Jones 3b 4001 Ennis tf " o 1 0 Lopata c 4030 Boyer 3b 4. 3 2 2 Bow man rf 3110 Moon U * J 1 l JofJiO" ss 2 1 3 7 B.Smlih c 2110 Haddts. p 2000 B.Smilh cf 3060 Farrell p 0000 HcDanitl p 3 1 1 l all em us i o t> o Sf£o\in p 0000 Tolals 304ZI14 Tolali « 7 n 13 a-Croundea out for Farrell in 81h ™'i wli?"* «o Ooo ioo-o n- park ," VlusVii; ' ' BoVer™ 'ton !° Mc- ZUzutl. £— Bwer. RBI— Boycr M^on 1 U-Smlu,. Ent,],. JB-.Moon 1 SB-SS-.J' DP-llaraner. Kernandd and Boucbce 3 BJai]nea m c. Dark and Musis!. Lett— •if)— Kadnl.T 5 In 4 1-3. Farreil 0 in 221 Rosovin 1 in ,. n-ER-Uaddix VI Fa?! -ell 0-0. Rormin 0-0. McDaniel 0-0. wpl. 2-31. U— Baker ; _DascoU, Sec'ory. "Ljide'l — .03. A— 5.3,,. Dodgers 3, Cubs 2, B«°°KLYN - COO Ml C«0-3 3 2 CHICAGO 000010010-140 Hourar and Walker; CJtABOWSKY, Ixufc-n <7) and N'eeman. UK — Sniiler <Brooklya). Art Schult, Cincinnati rookie outfielder, batted .305 for Seaftle n 1936. ««i"j; u. A major tea°ue club desiring Io acquire minor league territory is obliged, under lhal law. to notify the commissioner. And lhat notificalion must be made be- Iween Oct. 1 and Dec. l. I have received no notification of any such plans to acquire any ot our territory. Have Right To Esisf "It is unfortunate that we can'l seem to get through a playing season without someone lalkin- about muscling in. When a season opens, a minor league club has a right to shape its own dcsliny We have a right to exisl. and we'd K most happy if the majors would el us alone during the playing season. We resent interference in our affairs by someone not quite related to us. "Our clubs work diligently to succeed, and should be jiven'lhat chance without turmoil being stirred up by outsiders. "The playing season is a time when the pieces in the papers should he a recital of the accom- plishmenLs of Ihe players on Ihe fields— and not stories of front office men engaging in activities which should be confined to the off-season months. "We feel it would be nice and courteous of everyone if they'd just allow our clubs to finish the season where they are, without a lot of premature lalk about franchise shifts which cerlainly must be harmful during the playing season." The New York Rangers won he Stanley Cup three limes — and Joseph .Marline.. The 5500 entry fee was preced- d hy a $50 nominalion charge and must be followed by another $500 starling lab before "posttime. The odds-guessers figured Iron Liege would go off as a 4-5 favorite in the mile and-throe-sixteenths test, which with the Derby and the Belmont Stakes helps make up the Jabled triple crown for 3-year-old thoroughbreds Bold Ruler, fourth in the Derby to the despair of those who bet him down to 6-5 favoritism, ivas 2-1 in tho Preakness-evc line and 1 Federal Hill, fifth in Kenlucky rated about 6-1 !on D ° 7 - c » Crews Enter lools are expected Io send ws to the 55th annual Inter- legiate Regatta on Onondaga Lake, just outside this central New York city. June 22. They are California, Columbia Cornell. Navy, Pennsylvania Pimceton. Wisconsin, Syracuse Boston University, Dartmouth] Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Wisconsin. Syracuse is for the sixth straight year. Last summer, Cornell was vie- torinus in Ihe varsity race. Pen-Mar Leader shift At Stake Tomorrow •j.-. aim ui lummy i.wis, nave '>*-»*.i jwuig, ci. i ^ay, wiio jusi chalked up triumphs over Centre-'relumed from a trial with the ville, 5-4; Zihlman. 7-3, and' Kcw Yoi ' h Ciianls, pitched a four. •— — -"-• ">= • "iiutu Klinlslone, 8-5. Lewis picked up i ' 1 ' l ' or a "d socked three singles. racing secretary's olfice , was two ot the wins in relief while! Granlsvillo, a perennial con- onenod a i 7 „ .,, .prvn hui . ling nine , nnf ^ gs ^ lossing i[ C nder. had dropped its first two a six-hitler for the triLimphS starts in'losing to Zihlman. 6-2, against Zihlman. land Ccntreville, 8-4. Ilyiiclman, with three pilchcrsi Ccntreville and Zihlman will notching wins, opened by duni()-'' le 'P decide one of the- positions ing Wellersburg, 7-3. The Pcnnsyi'" 'he race in their collision at club then defeated Flijititone. 7-2,! xilllm;m - The Zippers, runner- and blasted Zihlman. 12-5, last!"! 1 in liie 10<: e last summer, Sunday. Jim Leydig was the| wl ''PP efl GranlsvJDc to slart tho winner in the lidlifler while Mcrlej>' car ' 6-2 > but ra " a'oul of Mt. Kirchner got credit for the <!e-i Sav; '£c. 7-3, and ll.vndman, 12-3, cision over the Farmers and Bob''" the net P air °' oulings. Boh See worked a five-hitter to trim. iBr0(1ic won his first start but Zihlman. • iwas lagged hard for H hits by All eight of lhc clubs arc lisied! 11 - vndman !as l Sunday, for games tomorrow with nin- Flintslonc's Bill llaberleln had itcr-up Barrelville 12-t) taking gone the route for Ihe Farmer* on Grantsville ii-2) at Grants-ji" all three games and has been ville while Cenlreville U-2> is,on tho short end of a 6-0 loss Io at Zihlman (1-21 and FlintstonciBwelville. 7-2 decision to llynd- (0-3ljnvades Wellersburg (i-2>.'man and 8-5 setback to 'Savage. Four clubs are knotted fourth place in the Joop lorj Wellersburfi's •iilijbcen compiled 1-2 record the having yet to post a triumph. Barrelville. double champ last year by bagging the pennant , : -- -vvp null •"*•-» i-vjijpiji-u nitu Hit. 1 H'll- .rantsville, Zihlman, Wellcrs- triumph o\ r er Barrelville while- and Cenlrcville sharing the losing to Ilyndman and Granti- Flinlstoiie is the only club ville, Hyndmaii playing at Ccn- e vd in -,„*! , i,: .. trcville, Flinlstone laking on Barrelville at home and Zihlman - --,«,.--„ —^ ,~...,.. ul traveling to Wcllcriburg. AU and playoffs, got off wilh a 6-0 games start at 2:30 p.m. shutout over FHntslonc behind; 1 he four-hit chucking of winning! uirlsr Bob Lookabaugh and re- ! liefer Jim McGregor. The Old Exports then ran into Wcllers- )urg and lost out in a 13-11 slugfest. They came back last Sim- day behind Jim McGregor and relief work hy George Me Gregor to hand Ccnlreville : •f-1 setback. If gelling hy the Sluggers § Jarrclville will shoot into a tie'! or second place with the loser of the contest between Ml. Sav-! 24 HOUR INDOOR PARKING SERVICE GURLEY WOODY GURLEY'S Docfga . Plymouth SoTit - Sti-vie* 123 S. Liberty St. PA 2-0200 GOSGROVE'S 252 N. Centre St. Diai PA 2-3040 NEW 1957 , The r from South Hagers- Lf'f 7c town whipped ,heir Northern! by the score' of Edged. 8-7 a memher nf tho ,,-mni»™ ,,« ., "_ - butcr Ke £S baited in three Casey runs with two safe lies. A running catch by "Pruny" Lewis in left-center on Bob Me Greevy's dcivc in the sixlh in member of the. winning 440- yjrd relay team. Strong Field Event Shon- The Rebels won Ihe meet by taking the final event, the two- best in the field events with AT' PENS A'VE.VUE FIELD Davidson winning lhc shol pul {!"'"•* 210 100 i- i s 2 and discus. Pat Henry took the: nho'dtTand R °T I r" "~ 14 ' 6 ' pole vaull with a heig'th of nine "> >«" F. co'mer. *?-?"'<£<„*• feet, six inches. "n-Koelxer (Ritter'sl. liandlcy has opposed Fort Hill AT CELAXESE FIELD and Marlinsburg only once this'r,°,t" uioud-su 7 season as the Judges captured ccrr,"a.-,.'n-.ii '<ii «,'" their invitational tests last month, '" a woitora. vvp-wade The Scnlinels were nipped for .IT JtL , third place by Waynesboro. Va.,: p . llL ' l » lr » ! > run wilh Marlinsburg finishing fifth K Ol c in Ihe six-team field Fort Hill has twite faced Mar- tm.'burg and South Hagerstown Outdoor' ciub 122310.0-915-0 with the Sentinels winning a tri- (Brp -.P- Elx « 1000110-3 9 o i Seagrams I SPORTS CAf on display! . -,? M3 Mo 0-1 E 6 p m twmory Blair team from Silver 0 ' T"; Spring in the Hilltoppcrs' invila- ' roc ' lce Schedule llo . n .f Sports Shoppt, Ailegany has met only Fort practice game today. Hill of the eight contending East Side Field.' schools tomorrow with the Camp-: Optimist Club of Hot Icajrue er.< puling ,, p second jn 1hc (ofjay, s p . p ^ * « County Senior meei last Friday.'Field. ° Tl.c Hed Raiders «on with nvj' points to 43 lor the Alco squad.j UCARmiADTCBP I rrcnerick and Westminster have, not opposed any of the other five 1 schools, all ol ihem in Class A. I All the winners from last sea-' ton were pul down as record -holder* as previous meeis from 1 Ihe 1930s and '40s were discard-' ed . A 28-inch trophy will be presented to the winning schools with ubbons being awarded all place winners, including relay teams. SOU7HE8X ASSOCIATION .Mobile S, Nashville i AU>nl» 1C, Ultlt Bock S Wrmln!h«m 4. Memphis 3 *Seiv Orleans j, CbAiijnoojta i at POTOMAC MOTORS 111 South George St. •".•"•^JS**** • '•^s. "-.»;• , ' .^1^^-' HEADQUARTERS FOR GOODS Ui For Team Prices THE TOY SHOP Cor. Bedford & N. Centre'Sti. correct to give..Suteto please) People of good taste know it's correct to give fine whiskey on almost any ( occasion.- And surely the correct whiskey to give must be Seagram's 7 Crown.., j the brand that pleases more people than any other whiskey in the world. Give Seagcam's tod' be Suce OF AMEFtlCATST WHISKEY AT ITS FINEST SPORTS CAR CENTER FOR CUMBERLAND SEE NEW PORSCHE . , .JAGUAR , . , 'MG' . . . HEALEY AND VOLKSWAGEN MODELS IN OUR DISPLAY ROOM! COURTEOUS OF JACK PRY, DISTRIBUTOR FOR THIS AREA! Sac«U.O;ST«.HM COWUWVtK OT. 4 UWHI»KI!«V K ftOOS ur.cnil kEUTIU SMIW. Potomac Motors • Chrysler • Plymouth Dealer

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