Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1954 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1954
Page 26
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PAGfc ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH EMPLOYMENT —Trt*»aswisssa vgvu HOtlSClttCpCr _ —----. who*, a» t. eth. 3-8DB5. WXNf Sfi—Ofl« lifly, 30' to 40. prefer. »bly fair grnl and fountain work. Aftertrtdft Ihlft. 3-9508. StTTtR-ln my home, 3 d»y» »ee1t. Reference; Ph. 4-2908. GIRLS — For Dairy Queen Work, SS-30. 115 East St. Ixraw Ave., East Alton. Phone 4-0024 LADY—For housework, care tit chndrefl: no washing, llttl* fron- Inf. Sfilft worker!. $15 a week Next Saturday and Sunday off. 4-1136. WANTED — Lady as companion to Semi-invalid lady, every third week, from 7:30 a.m. to .1:30 p.m. Write Sax 840, care Telegraph. SECRETARY-Must he fa- tnillir with medical terminology, i- day week. Salary open. Csll Alton Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Tomllnnon. MIDDLEAGED LADY— For~fiou«ework and help care for one child. Private room and bath. Stay. Give references. Phon* 8-8878. ____ ST 13NOGRAPHEHS— IB - 40. Light A heavy dictation, typing and diversified office duties. 5-5'4-day week. Good starting salary, excellent opportunity. Ideal working conditions. Apply Greater Alton Employment Serv. ive. TBS W. jtni. BUSINESS SERVICE Rt'STNKM CENTRAL CONTRACTING—Roofing, tiding, remodeling. Union labor Fully insured. Free estimate. Nothing down. 3« monthi to piiy. Whltworth Construction Co 4-3X14 RENTALS M Brn.ntxo CONTRACTORS CONTRACTING—Roofing"," repairs. All kinds of mrpenter work^ Cull 2-B22H. CEMENT WORK~Of »'ll kinds'" tfnlon work. Free estimates. BOO WOOD. 3-S774. INTERIOR"" & EXTERIOR- Decorating." wallpaper cleaned, removed F r t f estimate. 2-3141. 2-OR71 CARPF.NTER REPAIR WORK-Pnrrh encloJPires. aluminum fl w n I n R v Small homes. Free estimntrs 4-2f>13. ONTRACT^BIorK^iind remi-nt work of_an kinds Hrrrln _flrnt . 2-1041. CONTRACT""CRMF.NT WORK - or nil kind' Union work Free cstl- ma lev LYNN WOOD, .'IBM Fru.nor. Phone :|.S29n - .1-51.11. .1 ROOM— FurniVhed "apt. Private en- franre and bath, heat and water fur- _nlshed._2M Madison. Phone 2-IIWX). Wil.iV~RHAR"t— My modernTioVne" with lady._403^8*rlng. 2-«547^ -1-737S._ 2" ROOM— Iffinency "furnHheJ apt with balh. separate entrance. 2-IMM aftrr 5 p m REAL ESTATE SALE it*. . f -** T>l *!?*_**!•* LEVEL Lot—For building, on line. Apply 82 East Elm. _______ __ Y — To care for glrl». age 1 and 4. In my home while parent* work. Must work 2 shifts, daj» and eve- ningn. 4-973B. ____ __ _ fioUSEWIVES— Are earning $1 to'M hour showing Maisonette Drr.«»c« in ( spare time. Experience. Write Box 750, care Telegraph. _____ MARRIED WOMEN —And widow* earn $13 week and tip. Dlglnlfled. pleasant work. Full or part time. No experience. Write Box 780, care Telegraph. S« DEC-ORATINO _ TNTWlOR * "EXTERIOR" PAINTING —Very reasonable. Free mtlmntf. _C«U_4-RBfl«. WALTS WASHEO-br Waned: walls painted, window* washed. F.rnrr- lenrert Phone 4-7WW _ WA'NtED- __ _ s A NmSftTA" n RFI NISH i NO— Interior painting Reasonable ralM. For free estimate* dial n-H514 or heat, hot wnter and bnth. refrlger- I _a!or. _Apply 204 Henry Ph. .1-7.1.11 '. 3 ROOM — Basement furnished npt. t Private entrnnre, iitilltMs furnished j Phone 4-2BM i .1 ROOM -Clean. nicely fiirnlnhi-d ' apt. Private entrflnre Children «l' owed 128 Thirteenth, Wood River I 2 "ROOM"—" Furnished "apt " Private | bath and enlmnre. hc»l and water furnished Call .1-HMfl after 3. DO 2 "ROOM APT. —Partly "fiirhliiheiiT prf- viite entrance, bent and water fur. ni«hed. AdnM« :i-D20ft 2" ROOM"— Furnished" apt "l)t'iiiiTe»fiir~ nlHhed. laundry and phone privileges. Phone :i-Rnn7. 4 ""ROOMS— Rath, laundry". jfarageT •creenrrt porch. Adults. Ph. 2-BB8B a ftn-vno SECRETARY—Professional alr-condl- tlonpd office. Bonus and base pay. Apply In writing. Strictly confidential. C. J. Sehlosser ft Company, 211 Market Street, Alton, Illinois. URL* WTD.—MALR A FKMAI.K WORK—For men and women. To f42!f Agency 607 Missouri Building, Enit St. Louis. MAKE $20 DAILY — Sell lumlnntii name plates. Write Reevei Co., Attleboro, Man. Free (ample tt detain SO SALESMEN SALESMAN WANTED An expanded idles program offers several excellent opportunities for qlallfled men who are looking to the future. Excellent starting wage and commission. Generous employe benefits. Car necessary. Apply Personnel Office, SEARS, 309 Plata, Alton. SECURITY—Outdoor work. Steady Income, outstanding opportunity for advancement. Interesting career. All personnel benefits Including family hospital and surgical Insurance. Guaranteed salary. Truck and truck expenses furnished. All theie offered by nationally known food distributor for man who can qualify. Married, high school education, sales experience. Must be hard worker, capable of making SO calls per day on established route. Mutt prove his stability. See Mr. Burton at Mineral Springs Hotel, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 7 to 9 p.m. SALESMAN for established, financially sound national firm with modern sale* technique, successful training methods and above average earnings—which are paid In full weekly. Married man over 23 with car, good references and sales experience. Cdll 2-8487 for appointment, POSITION OFFERED^nSALFSMAlT FOR FURNITURE. SEVERAL YEARS OF EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. PERMANENT POSITION, CONTACT FREDMAN BROS, FURNITURE CO., EDWARDSVILLE. PH. 400. 21 SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE NAVY VETERAN—Single, age 22, just out of service. Has high school education, majoring In bookkeeping and accounting. Has radio and teletype operating experience. Also has clerical experience, Will consider any and all Inquiries. Phone 2-0140, 6mT"»TeFrJ~ing rnomTor 2 men^ with cooking. 4-34211. ..ARGE sTETpiF6~nobM"^7}cnfJ«^ mnn: private entrance. 3-5305. 836 East nth. Si! SITUATION WANTED—FEMALE LADY DESIRES WORK-Any kind. 2-8781. _ WILL CARE—For smafl children^ Ph. 4-3281. COLORED WOM"AN^^ant7~cooYm'g. 3 to 7 In evening, or homework, 3 days a week. 2-7886. WILL CARE FOR CHILDREN—East Alton. 4-6687. WILL BABY SIT—Or do housework by week or day. 2-4984. AN ELDERLY WOMAN—Would like light housework by refined people; will cook, 2 meals. Part-time. Ph. 4-3619. 83 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ^ TAVERN—BOAT DOCK CALHOUN COUNTY—Large tract, highway & river frontage, large tavern bulding, screened porch—living rooms, furnished. Exceptional opportunity. Sacrifice if sold this week. Owner retiring. |ust north of Hardin, Paradise Inn. JOHN BERIGAN AGENCY 4-6614 _lL_1?_? nsw _?l 2-4276 SMALL RESTAURANT—Funy~equTF ped. Well located on Broadway, $1400 W, E. JOHNSON . . :t-B2B4 Alton Realty Co. . . 2-6232 PERSONAL SERVICE ,80 DEE8SMAK1NG—TAILOUINO ALTERATIONS AND SEWING" GRACE NOWL1N 1812 Main St. Phone 3-.1B07 SUP COVERS—And draperies expertly made. Free estimates and samples 4-8242. 'iJBESSMAKING—Alterations & gifts. 148 E. Tydeman. Roxana. 4-6380 _SI_ LAUN'pERINCI___ WASHING & lRdNlNrJ=in~lny~home' iRONrNGS~WANTED—Jn~Tmy~liome" Experienced. 3-3388. rRONlNGS^DonVin7"my~holn"i7~Ph" Winr —Call 4-7B82. at _ BUSINESS A NNOUNUKM K N T § CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS ^JjeaJ^Fi»cher^,_Cipdf i ey_--2-7710 NORTHS1DE RADIATOR~SilbP ~ Cleaning, repairing, recoring. 261.1 State. Allon L 2-0234. CARPENTER WORK~S~SiDlNO^CaT 2-8888. GUTTERING Spouting, furnace, pipe replaced. Free estimates. White's Tin Shop. 2-1424 WELL DRILLING All New Equipment. Experienced ' Operator MAKE APPOINTMENTS NOW WATSON DRILLING CO, 600 N. Liberty St. Phone 355W Jerseyville, Illinois KEYS MADE WHILE YOU WAIT DOWNTOWN PHILLIPS 4U8 Belle, Alton. Phone a-8607 Get your lawn mower sharpened' 4 repaired before the rush. Hand and power. Latest equipment used. Motors repaired and overhauled. All makes. STANKA GARAGE, North Alton. J-AWN MOWERS SHARPENED -And repaired; also light hauling. Guar anteed work. Pick up and deliver Phone 4-2041. IMMEOfTE DEUVERY-On' kindliS wood and manure: also light haul- inf done. Call j^iSTS. LAWNM6W|RS"SHARPENED »od Repaired. A Stupperich, 3106 Aft» 81 TREE SPECIALIST Trial Tops. Take Down & Haul Away loiurtd Tttt {Xlimales EO JtitAUT. Ph. 4-B343 WATCH CRYSTALS WALL.PAPEB CLEANING — W»d washing, Interior decorating Expert 20 year* experience 2-1.171 s^~'RAliiTrifc"lrTv'. BF.PA'HVINO"~~ WiLCOX RADIO 0 TV Service all makes TV and mdln 2B12 Stale 3-74«2_ N. Alton TABlO AND TlLTVlSTON SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY-3-94U SEVEN MEN TO REflVB YOU TV SERVTCE —lie a factory trainer) technician. We service any mike radio or TV set. Also Install UIIF converters and antennas. F.BI3LER ELECTRIC Ph. 3-73B8 2512 State OR RENT _' 4 ROOM HOI/SB— Semi-mo<JeVn~Cnll 2 7nns .1 " ROOMIlfitfSP:— I'.iirge" rloifri "and hath 72* fllre. Wood Itlvpr. Woulrt »rri>pt onr »m»ll fMld Modern nnrl newly (Iccomleri 4-7BB2 : SMALL .1 ROOM ' HOUSK-~On rear of lot No hnth tub or furnace. Nn objection to one child. $:IO mo. 4-.",5.M) 2 ROOM-- Modern house, flift Monroe, East Allon. Phone 4-OOOfl 1 ROOMS" "*"'fi'AtH--"wrred~ror~slnve or gas, Child ok. $.V> rnnnth 44s Anna. Wood River. Phone ncthnltn (Hill. 2 ROOM- "UrifuriiiBhed"hoii"»f.""No' oh- Jccllon to rhlld. Wood River. _4-BB)0. 3 ROOM HOUSF^"- A I lon-~Ed wafdiTvllTe Rd.. across from Sliver Htnr Tiivprr*. GODFREY - For '"Tease"" "Elgli'l ~" room modern hou»p, g/i* hpnl. Mrgr Inl. rrlcrrnrpn. Avnllnhlr Mny 1st. Writr Hox flOO. rare TrlrgrBph 2 ROOM IKJUBF/ FOR IlENT — 'Call 4-1207. 3 ii()nM"HbtlHE— Old "Bow man'.' Ph. 4-7741). -...- ~ A NNKX—tjiriK itvft foT 80 x 1.10. Excellent noil city sewer, water, gas. Close to schools .11490 FRANK VODER. REALTOR 41)11.1 or 4-4*127 LOT FOR SALE 2003 STATE, Alton (across from end of Hawley). Level, sewer & paving paid, on bus stop. Zoned for business or residence JOHN BERICAN REALTOR 4-6614 If no answer 2-4276 ROSEWOOD HKk;HT.«r Lot 7S x 200 $1200 4 BI47, WANTF.n TO Hi;Y-P'ay~riVh" for~jot In Cottage Hills fin watrr line Call after a p m, 4-2D02 LOTS FOR SALE - bh~Ma'rquette" Drive, r»«trlrted suhrlivlKlon Phone .1-0420. WE&NESDAY, APRIL 14, 1954 REAL ESTATE SALE | REAL ESTATE SALE M ITOUBtt tO* F6R SALE— By owner, 5 rooms, bath, garage, all modern. Long living room with fireplace. HOD block. Acton Ave. Prlre $11.000. Call Wood River $1000" II IIKATINO AND rUJMBINO STOVE, FURNACE * BOTlTER REPAIR—Parts most all makes. Quirk service. Try us. WISEMAN, 1128 E. Broadway. Phone 2-1)204. 4« KTORAHi: — MOVING H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREKT ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL ond LONG DISTANCE 1628 Washington _Ave. Dlnl 2-200.1 P'RES'BELCHER MOVERS LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE Barrels and cartons for packing 101B ELLIOTT ST. DliilJI-TtHO or2.«24(> SLEEPING ROO"M—wTtfT'STichen' prlv- Jleges, 2-2003 after 3 pp.m. SLEEP 1 tNO ROOM~ln motierrr'nomer Phone 3-1)474. LARGE — Nicely furnished sleeping room for gentleman; automatic hot 271H1. double beds, close to downtown on bus line. Will rent double or single. Henry. I SLEEPING R06MS"-For~menT~T single, 1 double; private entrance, 717 E. fith. 2-037B. KOOM A. no A RII IOOM «t BOARD—For 2 pensioner's? First floor. Private harrtc. Ph. 2-2077. 4» iLL'J^E'y-H'IN'J J*!"!??! 1 MODERN—Housekeeping rootm, furnished, «l 1712 Bozin street. Ailiills only._ Phnne_a-0)2ll. UriNfSllED —~'Ugh~hous'ekpepfiig' room. Lights, \vnter. KIV», hent. Ailvilts TOj_WnBhljigton._2-1740. FURNISHED ifOO"M~™HeTTt~fighTir water, gos, Frlgldnlre, 1202 E. 4th. 3-3568. 4» APARTMENTS * FLATS ROOM—Unfurnished apl. First floor Prlvale entrance and bnlh, tile floors, gns furnace, hot wnlcr, elrc- trlc stove, refrlgcrntor. Wntcr furnished. Adults. $00. 4-UllllR. 4 ROOM—Modern apt. for Vent. All utilities furnished. G. E. range Included. $05 per monlh. 4-710!S; afler T^tM"., 4-B472. 3 ROOMS—For rnnl7~Wn«TiTng~f«icTii- (les, hent furnished. 4-3271. 237 Wood _Rlver__A ve.,_\Vood_R l_ver. 2 UNFUfiNISHEfirRO"0"MS^AndTmUh,' all utilities. Phone 3-73111. 4 ROOM—UnTurnlshcdopTCinrage, utilities furnished, Adults. Upper Alton. Phone 2-4:15.1. 2 ROOMS^Ui'ifurnished.""*26~monTh" Call 2-OB2B after S:30. 3 ROOM GARAGE A"Pt~^For~reiit. Newly decorated, gas hent, nrrunged for gas slove; private entrflnce. -A-Hl!*,?". 1 ^ ^j W. Malii, Easl Alton 5 ROOM MODERN AP'f~Vc"ry~"n"lce1 heat, water, garage included. »HO n £-1550. 3 UNFOHNiSHEi rlet St.. Alton. 3 ROOM APARTMENT—87 N~MaYn St.. Wood River. Inquire nl Williams. 2 ROOM—Unfurnished apt. Lights' he»t and water furnished. Adulls 2-1B.W. FOH HENT—3 roiinT'iVnliirniiTieii["apt Heal and water furnlnhcd. 3-li:iUO AN ElXCEPTl6NAL'"AI''r."-iir'ime""of Alton'n Jinei locations. ;t ruuinr,, modern, private bath, rnti-iim-e and garage. All iilllltie» fiiinlnhed AdulU only. Call between U and 4 3-M14. _ 3 ROOM—Unliirnishcd tiristiiii>~ «pt Lights, ga>, water, automatic hot water furnished. With li'iniKr, yard mid tiHM-inriU privilege*. Private rn Iranrr. Share bath. $49 per month a"'RObMS'~M"dbEHN~--""Frr«t""fl(ioVr newly derpraird. Private entrance Adults only. 2-2WIII. 2 IJNFUHNIsiiEb'llbdMS—Onii~rh'lld accepted; hot and cold water. lights and water furnished. $U5 monthly. 503 I'omljl. 2-31)70. 3 HOOM- Unfurnished "apt.', private bath A rmiam-e, Adult*. Ph. 4-lilSU after 4 .10 3 FUnNI.SIIED'-'.br"uiifurn'is"hed"riii»".T private rmrancp, nuihonnlilc rent. 2-S3U4. S::io to 8 p.m. ~4 ROOM 'APT KOH RKNT -TUnfur- nished, Apply (>2:i Itiiigc. _4« ONE 4 HOOM -Newly iuriiibhcd'ond dernratcd apt Heat and waler Adults unly. ;i-(iMH after U p m. 2 ROOM — Furnli.hrd~apt. nn lnm Imr" close to downtown. Baby accepted. 2 ROOM—Furnished apt. Modern 436 E. 3rd. 2"~Sob»is~Ali '"miidefnrjCxi- _callon. J(M\ E. Third. 4 ROOM APT.—Pr"i"vale~balir"aiVd"eii- trance, garage, heat and water. WO «**«, viult ton wait OTT'S, Strat- tot* Hetil Btdg FUC5TQNE 94* 9ti*t PAXMSV. Building tton* for i.___ SERVICE ftn»lM Tanks »nd G«*f*tt* V*ut* CUAAed ttr AXCXAMDKB BHiWCB £>» It Uwt* 4«*. Cast Alton. III. _ 4-4M2 or _ TO SAVI MONEY "lo EAST ALTON-"-'-Silver Rtdjje Apts. 3 room modern furnibhcd. Strain heat, all utilities, on but line Adults S.HO monthly. Phonr 4-»l ):i Ix-forc s p m. Frank. Yuder, Realtor, 2»2 E Main 2 ROOM—Furnibhrd apt, lirst "floor _Childrrn wrk-umr. 2 HHMI 2 TUR'NISHED ROOMS--PI ivat<. imtiV private Iront & n-ur riiir«m- r > i,|| utilities paid. 1217 E 3th. Call 2-47UO. TTivOOM FI'IINISHED APT All (.ill! Hies iurnithrd Pruati- vniranvr «. bath, elrririr it Irigcrator, »ti,v»- stoker heat. 411 prr week Plume 4-S1BB. Z'RM BASEMENT APT Furnished Newly painted. AdulU. Light> iiak water .'l-S04a. ' FURNISHED 'APT'.--3 room., private bald A entrance, clean, utilities paid. ft-b:nu. CIRL"WILL~SiMRE""AP'T.~'with I or J girlfc. 2-53£4._5:30 to 8 p.m. 3~ROb'M-~Furniithed' api! Priva"le~en-" trance and bath, heal, lijiht* and water furnished. Phone 4-4011 2 ROOM~Furni»h"ed~apir WafciT lights. gas, heat balh. refrigerator, wanh- Fng UcilJtick._AdulU. 1005 Pearl St. 2~OB"3 ROOM APT —Screened["porch. private bath, entrance, utilities Ph 4J3W7. 2 LARGE " FURNiRHED" ROOMS""^ bhitre b^th. Cull 2-33J&. ijT^OOM^ruTnibhed" ai sya. Apply HI 634 E. Fifth. ! ROOMS-Near Town: til Liber*. J-2166. 4K HJItNI.HIIKIt HOIIMKH 3 ''ROOM— Furnished" ho'iise, Upprr "Alton. Phone 2-1202. 2 B ED h6OM~- N I ce'iyTuf riTshed~ho"u «"eT autoinnllc furnace, one child accepted. $l»o monthly plus utilities. Ph. neighborhood. 3-8503. ___ 3 R O O M — "Fur his h ed " h o v7s'e7*En"» t~A 1~ ton. Utilities not Paul. Ph. 4-20nn. — -ieon nurnar bouse. Prefer living within corporate limits of Wood River. Call City Manager'^ of f lcc,_4.0|23 nr_call_4-3402. WANTED "TO Ji K'Nt— :Y~n'rT rooniV, unfurnished, Cottage Hills, nclhallo vicinity. Couple, 2 girls school age. 4-2:102. REAL ESTATE SALE 144-Acre Stock and Grain Farm Id Mllrs of North Alton. 77 ncres tillable; 12 acres alfalfa, 20 acres swecl rlover. rent In panlure All under fenre Plenty of waler. 0-ronm seml-muriern hiuiNe, 2 good barns and nther oiil buildings ____ $14700 TOM GIBSON 2-4258 .-....__..._. FOR SA'LK— bo"acfesi 7 "VooVn "hoTfsc" *ll modern. Good outbuildings, 20 miles frnrn Alton on blacktop road '!. mile east of Pralrlctown. No Phone calls. Shown after 5:30 p.m Saturday or Sunday. Alfred R Ruyle. 10 ACRES — ttodfrry. Modern fl- rnnm house, full bnsemnnl, new nlokcr Ilrrd furnnce, Innd nil tlll- ahle. pnrlly fenced. Immediate Possession. Asking only . $11490 WM. It. NOnillS. 2-42D5 nrmv Agnnry 2-1200 4"6 ACliES—b"fliirm"nndiiiiil)ci r lHncl good hunting grounds. Pli. 3-741B FOR~BALK—'u'ti:iicre"filfnT.~E"iec : rrlclty~ all wenthcr road. 4 mil(-« koulhfnst of Flplrion, with or without livestock Call Alton 4-»Ojlll. M ACHES—"Aii""tlHablera"room houiteT .'Hi miles cast, I mile north of Al-..I"!!!^ 1 '"' Ji!- A longn Newton 120-ACHE WELL IMPROVED^-Mis- noun farm—BO ncrcs In cultivation, balance In timber and puHUirc ', rnllc off highway. This farm must be seen In be appreciated. Aboul H miles to Luke of O/nrkH. Price $11400; $5000 down, balance terms. Immediate potisenHlon. NICE 7-ROOM-Rock veneered house, cnmpletely modern. Lurge bnck porch enclosed and front porch, garage, chicken house mid barn, with three arre». On highway 17 In Missouri near Lake of o/arks. A real bargain nt $7»00; 51:1000 down, terms on bnl- imcc. 240 ACRE M OZARK FARM — For sale or trade. One of thp most beau, llful farina In that part of the country. Q room modrrn house in every way. A nice tenant house, chicken home, garage and « large grnrte A dairy burn, rumilntt wnlcr In barn All Ibis land in tbr best of pasture grass. Would h»vp lo be seen to bo appreciated. »22,000. 20 minute drive to the Lake of the Or.urks. \, milo lo town. W. K. TOPPING, DOW. ILL ' Phone 2IID4-H2, Jerscyvllle FARMS SEE AUTEN'S LISTINGS BEFOR YOU BUY! 2 MILKS SOUTH UUNKKH 1111,1,2(10 ACHES, ON HARD ROAD. MOD- EHN 7 ROOM HOUSE. VERY GOOD OUTBUILDINGS, OVER »i IN CULTIVATION. DEATH IN FAMILY REASON KOH SELLING. QUICK POSSESSION. THIS IS AN IDEAL STOCK AND CHAIN FARM, PKICEO AT $im AN ACHE ONF, MILE OFF HOUTK 100 — 110 ACHES. GOOD li HOOM HOIISF LAIUiK DAIIN AND IMPLEMENT SHED & OTHER OUTBUILDINGS NF.VEK FAILING WATER SUPPLY II. E. A. ELECTRIC. (HIS FOR HIGH SCHOOL ANU GIIA1JE SCHOOL ACROSS ROAD FROM HOUSE ALl (iflOUND LIMED AND PIIOSI'HAT- El) WITHIN LAST H YEAIIS 2"'., ACRES IN HAY, 4:i ACMES OPEN FOH SPUING CROPS. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. PRICE HS,500 10 ACRES ON HARD HOAD. LOVELY 5-ROUM ALL MODERN HOUSE NICELY LANDSCAPED YARD' SMALL BARN. GARAGE AND OTHER OUTBUILDINGS. GOOD FKNCK. HAS DEEP WELL AND TELEPHONE A.- SCHOOL BUS SERVICE. ABOUT 12 MILES OUT OF NORTH ALTON. PRICED TO SELL QUICK ... $15730 U ACHES-HARD HOAD LOCATION •I'j HOOM MODERN HOME ENCLOSED POUCH. FULL BASEMENT, DEEP WELL, GAIIAGE. 11ARN. HEN HOUSE ABOUT ti ACRES IN CULTIVATION...$12.500 40 ACHES-KA1H IMPKOVEMENTS CiOOD IIOAU. H. F. A. ELECTRIC TIIIRTY-FIVK MILES OF ALTON •JH ACHES UNUEK PLOW. FIRST *ti.')00 '1'AKES IT. 40 ACHES—NORTH OK WORDEN KAMI IMPROVEMENTS SMALL LAKE. ABOUT 15 ACRES CROP- LA N D $ai>oo 10 AL'HKS —WOODED. BEAUTIFUL LARGE OAK TREES, BETWEEN 2 AND 3 AClltiS LAKE STOCKED WITH BASS, BLUE GILL AND CROPPIES MODERN HOME. LIVING ROOM CARPETED: ALSO FIREPLACE. SNACK BAH IN KITCHEN: FULL BASEMENT, NICE CHICKEN HOUSE. 2 GARAGES 2 CISTERNS. I WKLL. LOVELY LANDSCAPE!) YARD WITH EVER- GIIKKNS AND PINES. FAIHLV PRICED AT *1.").,-|00 NICELY' LOCATED JUST OUT Of BETHALTO PROMPT POSSESSION CALL US AND WE WILL SHOW IT TO YOU TODAY: i IF YOU HAVE A FARM FOR SALE. LARGE OH SMALL, WILL YOU CALL us? WE HAVE CASH BUYERS WAITING. C. H. AUTEN AGENCY, REALTOR 2415 State — 3-8422 Evenings please call > TED PRICE 2-0815 ! JACK BROCKWAY 2-990J | .._ _ _ '• • - -, . M (i.oTji I li|T"b"Al.fc r^-— WILSHIRE— Large lot for *»le"~'or i r ? d 5 '°. r •1 uit >' "» f*«l e»l»te. PJ». J-J074 after « p m. »» ___ n«f r KM FOR SAI.B _ ELMWOOb PARK "NATIONAL HOMES" FHA APPROVED 3-hrdroom home $120(1 down. 185 p/T month Ncnr schools, playground and bin llnr. See our 11)54 display bonne at 20:1 So 14th St. Wood fllver Open for Inspection every aflernoon from 2:30 lo 4-:io RALPH H. LADD Pfione Wood River 4-n4(W or _ Edwardsvllle 2188 4 ROOM— Modern brlelT RxceTfenfTo- eallon. Income property Terms $e.v« NEW 4 ROOM- HWF, plastered walln, basement. Terms $0075 8 ROOMS— CJas heat Income properly. Godfrey. $2000 down. Full P r| ce . . . $11500 4 ROOM BRICK— Cablnels, oil heat paved street. North Allon. Terms . . »I2.BO« ,1-CAR GARAGE— 5 room apt Modern Gas best. Also small Termi RIEHL AGENCY _J-7722 3-5777 :|.fll5H 2-302!) ..... MIDDLETOWN ~ MIDDLETOWN 2 FAMILY DUPLEX— Two 4-room modern apartments, with complete bath, HWF, gas heat, full basement, nice neighborhood. Priced for quick "'" PAUL CLASSBRENNER 3-3584 - After Hcmphill Agency 5 2-4982 NEW BRICK SUBDIVISION I block off State Street New 3-room brick veneer and stone home. 3 bedrooms, modern In every respect. Price $18.J)nfl. Dial 4-1025. NORTH "ALTON Close lo school and bus. :i bedroom new oil furnace, automatic hot water healer, new shower stall In basement. Nice yard, good neighborhood. Asking ............. $11,000 Call Carl or Viola Tuetken 3-5095 DREW AGENCY — 2-120(1 WOOD RIVER HALLORAN AVE. l-flOOM FHAME - Living room with wall lo wall carpeting. Kitchen large kiintly pine room off kilchen. 2 bedrooms. Full basement with gas fiirnnre. «| 0 rm windows and screens Insulated. Double car garage. Price INCOME PROPERTY"'* 00 $2000 Down. Terms Arranged ALTON ST. fi-nnom 2-«tory frame, rt-room apt. up; :i-ronm apt. down. Income $110 mnnlh. New Johiu-Manvllle siding. Sti.rm windows and screens. Mill basement, stoker best, double car Karaite. Price . ... $12500 INCOME PROPERTY $1000 Down, Terms Arranged WORDEN AVE. 2-Story Frame. One 4-room apl. up. iwo 2-room aptx. down. Income $1.10 mo. l,oi nn x 200. Enough room to put another home on end of lot. Prlre $BDBO NORTH ALTON JUST OUT OF TOWN-Godfrey Rd. 2-story 7-room frame. Living rm. dng. rm.. kitchen down. .4 bedrooms up with i nr ge closets. C,las»ed-ln front porch. Full basement with gas furnace. Insulated. Double car garage. Many other features. Price . . . $18 800 STATE ST. 2-story, fl-room Brick. Slate Roof. •t room apt, down. 5-room opt up. Newly decorated. Stoker heat. Storm windows St screens. Double garage Prlre $18,200 MILTON DISTRICT 3 ROOM MODERN FRAME—2 bedrooms, full basement wllh hot air furnace. Fully Insulated. Comblna- lion storm windows and screens Garaga and workshop. Price $12,800 NORTH ROXANA "I ci i! rd ; Wlthln w »'klng distance of Shell. I-story 5 room stone block. Living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, glassed-in front porch, stokrr heat. Fully Insulated, storm windows and screens. Also has 2- room stone block house on rear o' lot that rents for $45 mo. Prlc« »10,500 REAL ESTATE DEPT FINANCIAL GUIDANCE 5,10 E. Bdwy. — Phone 2-1)823 td Kllgo Pai Evenings 2-3553 _„, . "HENRY ~E7 NAIIUP REDUCTION IN PRICE -. Special terms, Immediate, possession North Alton, Lawton St.—5 room modern insulated, 2 baths, storm sash It. door, wired for stove, ulassed - in porch, bnscmnu, stoker boat, electric water heiitrr, garagr, 1 «cr« <if Kiiumd. some larue oak trees berries A garden. Can lie »old In lots Will sell nn i-ontrai-l. $l!0u clown payment. Price $8300 HENftV E. NAHUP AGENCY S-5735 Excellent for An Executive LARGE 3-BEDROOM HOME LOW DOWN PAYMENT • -I InrKC bcrirnomi up • 4 larse roonw down includes double liviiiK room or playroom • Like new HWF throughout • Full bnlh is partitioned for a fonvrnu-nl feature 4) Nice large kitchen with lots of modern ciiblnrU and a buill-ln break faht nook 0 H large closets plus a floored attic for Murage • Insulated. Some slorm sash 4) tlnruge, Nice screened porch 0 See this home in a flue neighborhood for executives Lovely, Comfortable Home Plus Nice Upstairs Apt. 2 FULL BATHS A-1 Location — Upper Alton 0 S Koor slxed room* down and 3 good-i.ii.ed rooms, up 4| 6 closelK plus a btorage room s> Clood-siied kitchen with lots of nice cabinets 4) Storm windows and screens a)' Automatic hot water 5) Eni'lobcd porch t) '.'-car garage • Large level Inl ( Priced right al . $13.900 8 ROOMS — 2 Aptj. $11,900 9 I 1 , tiorlr* with J good • nued loonu, down and ;t roomi up 4) Large screened porch 0 Ceramic tiled lull bath § Plenty nice cabinet* in a good- sUed kilchen 0 Full batenient with gas heal and automatic hot water • HWF. Plaster walls 0 Venetian blinds 4) Handy for but and school "EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED" CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY REALTOR Olllce Ph. 3-U021 Evening* Pleatc Call: 2-4788 GHEN2BBACK 2-0454 .._._.-.. ^. DICKMANN NEW HOUSES FOIi SALE-IN PATTISON HEIGHTS. GODFREY, ILL. STRICTLY MODERN. E. H. MEIST- KR PHONE 3-7388. r OWNER—S room brick. 808" .. ive. £Mt Alton. Phone 4-im Extra nice 4'j room home. Knotty pine kltrhen. full basement. PLEASE CALL BOB WUTHENOW .... 3-3584 EVENINGS ...... 2-6335 HEMPHILL AGENCY f ROSEWOOD" HEIGHTS § ~ LARGE TWO BEDROOM -Fireplace. Youngntown kitchen rahlneli. automatic heat, 2-car garage. Insulated $200o down, 15 years on balance. 2 yean old. TWO BEDROOM— Knotty pine living room, carpeting and drapes. Insulated. Automatic heat. 5 years old $0450 NEW THREE BEROOOM- Bricks tinder construction from $14,300 to $21,500 Call for Information • 1. P. CRANE REALTY CO. • DIAL 2-2H4_(l ANYTIMF, ~S>Uf "LEVEL~2TBEDROOM Redwood house — Insulated throughout Aluminum windows, storm ond screen, lifetime aluminum r o n f. radiant oil heal, Armstrong Hie floorv tiled hath, hlrrh woodwork. flunrenrent lighting fixture' nttlr fan. 2."> ft. porrh metal railing*. sidewalks, basement, garage Lot !I5 x 127. Close to bus and urhnnls. MjUIOfl Phone 2-7:100 __ ""UPPER ALTON BY OWNER 5 room all modern. '.\ large rooms and hath down, 2 rooms A hath up. Stoker, electric hot waler heater, garage. Good location, extra large lot 70 x 135. Price . $7000 2824 Humbert. Phone 2-407!) for further Information. T»ORtil~A'LfON— New~BTor,rrTjTfkio?. nulomatlc oil heat, garage attached, ultra-modern Geneva kltrhen S1R.850 Sam Moore Jr. Dial 2-5525, Alton Really Co. 2-2222 _ MILTON "AREA .1 room i.'l lirdrnwiii all rmidrrn. Oil heat. HWF. cabinets, full basement, automatic water healer, utorm win- down A screens, elty sewer. Priced for quick sale PAUL CLASSBRENNER 3-3584 After 5 P.M. — 2-4982 Hcmphill Agency $9,230 SOME GOOD BUYS NORTH ALTON—(Fine Location! 4 room modern, like new, HWF, cabinets, gas heat, Insulated, storm sash, shrubbery, garage, fine neighborhood. See this at $12,600 GODFREY ROAD—4 room modern, lireeieway and attached garage. Lnrge floor plnn. Kitchen with din- Ing space. HWF. cnblnets. Dreezeway finished In knotty pine, could be used as den. Oil heat, Insulated storm ««*h, lot 80x200. This home Is very attractive plus convenience. Shown by appointment S14,.'too NORTH ALTON—(Near business district) 5 room modern In excellent repair, HWF, cabinets, nicely decorated, automatic wuler healer, gnrage. Just a good home for comfort and convenience $11,000 WOOD RIVER—.1 room modern bungalow, Urge floor plan, cablnels, gns heat, insulated, on paved slrecl and close In lo downtown. Owner Irnvlng city. $11,000 EAST ALTON—4 room modern iNcwl cabinet*. HWF. oil hcnt, slab doors, automatic wnlrr henter, Rnragr. Just completed. Financing can be arranged. Only SO.B.IO ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS—5 room modern, like new, .1 beriroom.1, large living room with fireplace, cabinets, nil heal, garage, large corner lot. Financing can be arranged. $15,750 NORTH ALTON—5 room modern, very attractive, HWF, cablneln, gHS heat, automatic water heater, storm »ash, convenient locnllon $0,930 ROLLA H. HARRISON AGENCY flEALTOn 2M1 Slnte St, Office 3-5:i!)7 Evenings: IIAJUUSON 3-MBH McJNTOSH 2-24nB ALTAMONT ~ JUST OUT OK NORTH ALTON for comfortable living. Built of brick n ml Ideal for a couple or a nmnll family. Living room Is spacious, ]flxl3, with lovely fireplace, nice slie kitchen with plenty of built- in features, full bnth and two large bedrooms each with closet spnce. Full basement with nuto- matlc gns heal «nd parllcally finished for a rathakcllar. An ideal locallon and only 4 ycnrs old. $13,300 ALLEN «t NIMMONS CO. HEALTOrt GEORGE PETERIE 2-9248 — 2-9185 BLUFF ST. n-HOOM modern brick home. 4 bedrooms, many closets, HWF, fireplace, gas heal, beautiful river view $14,000 BLUFF ST. 6-ROOM modern home. HWF, 3 large heldooms, many closets, Insulated, gas heat, large screened porch. Close to schools and bus. MIDDLETOWN 4-HOOM all modern home. HWF, gas heat, enclosed porch, garage. Close to bus. $7050, Financial ar- rmigemffnn can be made. Call MRS. ARCHA TRABUE Tingley Real Estate Agency, Realtor Office 3-Bfla2. Home_2-ftl4(1 5 ROOM'S PLUS LARGE" ENCLOSED PORCH PLUS UPSTAIRS APARTMENT ATTRACTIVE - ONLY $11,600 si A inn nice location • Very good condition • Nice corner lot with A shade trees S) Insulated. Alto hut waler • Plenty cabinets and closets • Oarage. On bus line • Apl. furniture Included "Exactly as Advertised' CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR OFFICE PH. 3-«r,21 Evenings please call 2-B434 DICKMANN — -'• 4 !j25-,JJ-L_^ - GRENZEBACK The Real Estate Exchange MEADOWBROOK VEHV NICE NEW 4-room modern white trame home. Just Completed! Inlaid in kilchen and balh. Cedar lined closets. Glassed porch. Garage. Located in a good district. Meadowbrook is fast becoming one of our best suburban sections. See this attractive New Home TODAY. Easy Terms. Price very reasonable •t yioao CONFECTIONERIES WE HAVE TWO for sale. One In Alton and one In East Alton. Both •re very reasonable considering the quick pay off on your Investment. Call for full particulars. DOLLAR WISE INVESTMENT—Fully equipped Barber Shop. Business property plus two 3-room apartments. $110 mo. income. Asking only $49tiO NORTH ALTON — Large 3-room white frame home on corner lot. One block from business district. $1000 down. Price $5100 COLLEGE AVE. BUSINESS property with new S-room modern, gas healed living quarters. 3 bedroms Business equipment Included. Lot 70x300, GOOD OPPORTUNITY. Owner moving to Farm and will take late model car as down pav- meiit. Exchange or Trade. Don't Walt, Invcstigale. Full price S14.000 ACREAGE WANTED NEW CITY PROPERTY. Will exchange for improved acreage 2 to 15 acres near Alton. Call for full information. TO BUY. SELL OR EXCHANGE Call The Real Estate Exchance GODTREY^Ei^fTo^rirnToderirhouse gas furnace, garage, double lot, near Monticello College, by owner Immediate poMwiiton. Write Box 890 care Telegraph. WANT A NICE 4 ROOM "MODERN HOME IN A QUIET NEIGHBOR. HOOD. House 4 yrs old. basement storm windows. Venetian blinds. hdw lloor*. largo garage, brooder house fenced chicken yard, garden and shrubs, lot 75'xl65'. facing East, sood term* tg 1M RIGG REAL ESTATE AGENCY Bunker Hill. 111. Russell E Riss Chat, M Ruyle Ph. 21.") ph «cc A'urma Lee A Pb W gOIHUta BALI , No Agents Need A 3 bedroom »n good Upper Alton location . . $15500 S room brick in Milton area tn'flm Income property. 4 apts. 1250 per mo incom*. All rented 2-1230 I1TCK HOME IN UPPER ALTON ONF FLOOR PLAN, 1 bedroom* large lot. double garage, rholre neighborhood. Prlre $22 900 4-ROOM MODERN Garagr attached. nbmit acre of ground on L»vl« Lane. pr i« . «7.000 4-ROOM MODERN large lot. In . . Mlll'prlnfj addition. $10.500 Trentsch, Gubser, Peldwich Agency 3-3123 __2506 Coffege_Ay«._ "XG I LOANS 10', DOWN UP TO 25 YEAR TERMS 4-BEDROOM BRICK I.nratrH In the Milton Area Perfect for a large family. Ha« Inrse living room, rarpetrrt wall-to-wall. »narimi« kltrhen with nice built-in feature*. 2 bedrooms and full hnth down, plm 2 brdroom« up Full basement with hnicment garage. gn* bent, glAxted-ln mm porch. PlaMcrcd wnlls. hardwood floors Insulated, slorm windows and screens. HlflBO down, and rnn- sfrvatlve monthly payments. Full price i« Mfi.BOO 4-BEDROOM BRICK Located at 510 Oak Drive, East Alton. All one floor plan. Good size living room with fireplace, big kilchen with lovely hullt-lns. four bedroom* each with nice closet space. Attached garage and utility room with gas radiant heat. Plastered walls and Is In perfect condition throughout. Slflfm rlown Full price ........ MD.flOO 2 BEDROOMS Located at .104 S. Central, Roxana. Practically new. Living room Is 14x17, kilchen Is 12x10 with beautiful built-in features, full hath and 2 bedrooms, both nice size. Full basement with rathskeller and one completely finished room for additional bedroom If desired. Oil heat, Insulated, plastered walls, HWF. Has attached garage. $1100 down, and small monthly pnv- ments. Price ........ $11,900 ALLEN & NIMMONS REALTORS GEORGE PETERIE 2-9249 — 2-9185 A NEW 4Vi ROOM9 8c BATH-Co'nv pletely modern home, gas furnace msulated, oak floor In Alton, near schooli and transportation. Priced CLYDE BEILSMITH, Post Office Box 11, Alton. Phone Portage Des Sioux Mo.. B.177 BERING ADDITION — Nice 4 room modern home. Full basement. Small down paymcmnt, balance contract for deed. CALL ELMER McPHERSON 2-3147 Hemphlll Agency ROXANA 617 S. Central — 5 rooms. Full basement with new automatic gas furnare and water heater. Storm windows. Insulated, garage. Price $0250. Now vacant; owner will sell on terms lo suit buyer; dial 4-3B9.1. EvenlnRs. 4-774H. LARGE MODERN—3 room house. Corner lot. Nice garden space, extra large rooms. 511 So. Olive, Hartford 4-52SIO. PLEASE NOTE I AM VF.RY FORTUNATE IN HAVING AT THIS TIME AN UNUSUALLY NICE LISTING OF HOMES. NORTH ALTON Almost new 4-room brick, utility room, gas <heat. rnhinets, carpet included, nirr yard UPPER ALTON Two very nice small homes—One 4-i-oorn—one five room. Nice yards, cahlnels. clean, reasonable. EXCELLENT LOCATION Unusual ranch type brick, large living room, fireplace, tile bath, colored fixture*, rathskeller with fireplace, beautiful setting, owner leaving town. Everything for comfortable living. ' If you want to sell your home, free correct appraisal given. Ask for VERNA C. RIGGS- Days .'I-33B4. Evenings 2-3230 Sixteen years with , - __Hnrry J\_Hemphlll Agency FOn SALE—4 room modern house with basement, HWF, gnrage and chicken house. Large lot. On S. Oak St.. Collage Hills, 111. From owner. Phone 4-2768. NEW SUMMER COTTAGE ON MILL CREEK — 15 minutes from Alton. Includes furniture and boat, $3500 LOTS — Middletown $2850; Upper Allon $2375. Forest Homes $525. 7-ROOM BRICK, Upper Allon. 1 floor, double garage $24.000 2-STORY BRICK — 4 bedrooms. Upper Allon $22,000 STONE MANSION — D'Adrlan Gardens $60,000 BETHALTO — New, 3-bedroom home. Oil heat $8300 5-ROOM MODERN -- Rosewood Helghls. Full basement, oil furnace. $8500 4-ROOM MODERN — Closed porch, big back yard. Gas furnace. Wallace St «.' $7(150 SEVERAL LOW-PRICED HOMES — Forest Homes. lohnson 3-8284 Beoll 3-9478 West 2-7301 Moore 2-1742 ALTON REALTY CO., Realtor 6 J L £• Broadway 2-2222 5 ROOM MODERN HOUSE—For sa'le" by owner. Call 2-8650 after 6. GODFREY TOWNSHIP. SPECIAL 7-ROOM MODERN — History. 2 baths. Beautiful hardwood floors and fireplace, well decorated, plenty of cabinets and closets, 3 bedrooms, large den, utility, automatic oil heat and hot water,' 2-car garage and work shop, 2 acres, Hum- bejt road. Nice for subdividing. Owner going to California. SOUTH ROXANA-$1500 down NEW BRICK—5-room modern and large utility, large living room, fireplace, picture window, 3 bedrooms, plenty of closets, automatic neat, hot water heater, attached garage. Sale price $9500 JOHN BERIGAN, REALTOR 4-6614 ROBERT IOHNSON 3-6962 John Berigan^- 2-4276 AtTENTION VETERANS ONLY $500.00 DOWN 4-ROOM MODERN FULL PRICE $6000 Balance at $55 per month under Contract for Deed but only until your G. I. loan is completed then the payments drop to $35 with interest at only 4!.-i';. This is a good deal so don't wait too long. Immediate possession. CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY REALTOR 349 E. Bdwy. Office 3-6621 2-^788 _Jvenings 2-8454 WOOD RIVER 44:! DULANY-5 rooms, only few jears old. Full basement with Ktuker heat, tikd bath, tub and shower; storm windows, insulated, automatic water heater- water soflner; lot 67'jXlBO with large garage. Owner transferred. 1m- mcdiste posseision, Will sell for fjj 000 R H HESSENFLOW. REALTOR 9 Wood River Av«.—Dial 4-3B83 Evenings Di»l Gltnn u Smith. 4-4400 REAL ESTATE SALE rot «Ati PROPERTY—One brick, ont frame; gixx) location, newly decor- aled. For price of one. Call 4-«398. EASTALTON WASHINGTON AVE —New 4-room modern hrick. large floor plan, HWF. modern kitchen with lotn of cabinets, full basement, gas heat large level lot. Price JI3.SOO ALTON HL'BF.RT ST.—In restricted area, a room modern brick with garage atached. Wall-to-wall Carpeting In living room and dining room, modern kitchen, hath, full basement, automatic heat. Reduced price- call for Information CALL KENNETH GREER 2 B7S5 After 6 p.m. call 2-01184 EH M. Greer Agency ABBOT STREET-IETHALT67 NEAR HrCH SCHOOL, NEW 5-ROOM HOME, GAS FLOOR FURNACE WEATHERBOARD FINISH, INSULATED, HWF, UTILITY ROOM, ALL MODERN, GARAGE. LOT 50x 110, SALE PRICE.. $7,900, FIFTH STREET-HARTF6RD, 4-ROOM ALL MODERN HOME, GOOD CONDITION, CONCRETE BLOCK FINISH, GAS FURNACE, CABINETS, VENETIAN BLINDS, WIRED FOR STOVE. GARAGE, LARGE LOT. $1,500 DOWN PAYMENT. SALE PRICE $6200 ACTON STREET — WOOD RIVER, GOOD CONDITION, 5-ROOM HOME, WEATHERBOARD FINISH, STOKER FURNACE, GARAGE, AUTOMATIC HOT WATER HEATER, INSULATED, STORM WINDOWS AND SCREENS, WIRED FOR STOVE, FULL BATH, LOT 50x150. PRICED TO SELL AT $11,550 CALL HAROLD E. AUSTIN 4-1914. EVENINGS 4-3976 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY ROYAL ST. 7-ROOM modern home. 4 bedrooms, stoker hc«t, HWF. wired for electric stove. Price .. .. $8(123 NORTH RODGERS 5-ROOM modern home. 73 ft lot. In perfect condition, garage with shop. Bnscrnenl cntcrtiilnment room. Price Sl.1,630 Call RICHARD BEUTTEL 3-7*(l4 After 5 p.m. 3-8130 ELI M. GREER AGENCY I'Q.T Washington Av«. SPECIAL NEAT 5-ROOM HOME PLUS A BEAUTIFUL RATHSKELLER • 2 nice bath« • Attractive large kitchen si Excellent condition • Gas heat. Automatic hoi water s) Insulated. Slorm »ash si Cabinels. Vcncllan blindi, • Porch. Garage • Landscaped yard • Priced at ?15,000 If you want a nice, comfortable home with a very outstanding rath- »keller then don't fall to see this contractor'* home. "Exactly As Advertised" CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR Office Ph. 3-6621 Evenings Please Call: 2-M. r >4 DICKMANN 2-17B8 GRENZEBACK BETH ALTO SPECIAL 6-ROOM MODERN — Newly recondition and remodeled, automatic oil heat, lots of closets, 4 bedrooms, combination aluminum screens and storm sash, lots of closets. Across from water tank on Central. Owner in California. $7400 JOHN BERICAN, REALTOR 4-6614 If no answer 2-4276 ALTON— $1000 Down 1215 NORTON (OFF JEFFBRSON1 — 4- ROOM, BATH, BASEMENT. FURNACE, CONTRACT FOR DEED PRICE ...... $3800 MEADOWBROOK-$300 Down 3-ROOMS - And small utility. Large lot. Price reduced. GRAFTON HOME & BUSINESS 4 room modern dwelling and service station. Well located. Owner retired CRAFTON 4-ROOM MODERN-Full balh. stoker heat, large living room and fireplace. Price . $6000 "EAST ALTON o „«„ 3 — $2000 DOWN 8 ROOMS — 5 rooms first floor, full bath, 3-room apt. up. Full bath, full deep basement, warm air heat. corner lot. Price reduced $11,600 EAST ALTON — $2000 Down a APTS. OR ROOMING HOUSE 8 ROOMS, 2 BATHS-Near now Industrial development. Basement, hot air f urnmce, • auto, hot water. Garage attached. Good repair. Contract for deed. Consider late model auto. Price .............. $11.000 WOOD RIVER— $1500 DOWN 81) W. Jennings. Balance contract. 4 rooms, modern. rull basement, hot air furnace, automatic hot water. Fenced rear yard. Price reduced .......... $7250 SEMINARY— ALTON 5 room modern. ;| bedrooms, d Is extra good size, IllaxlSI. 2'i years old. Garage in full basement, HWF, cabinets. Priced for quick sale SJMOO |ohn Berigan, Realtor, 4-6614 ROBERT CHAPPELL 3-8475 . J.QH N BERICAN 4-1263 '5 ROOM BRICK— All modern, $11,9667 Phone 4-1033. 448 Plalnview Drive, Rosewood Heights. C. H. AUTEN AGENCY, REALTOR INVESTMENT PROPERTY 4 - ROOM BUNGALOW — Modern; hardwood floors, full basement, new oil furnace, good location near schools and Norlh Allon business dlslrlct. Full price $5250. Would gel $55 a monlh if rented. Call us and we will show II to you today! HERE IS ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! A HOME AT THE EDGE OF TOWN WITH 3 ACRES Lovely 3-room bungalow just a few years old. Wait until you see the dandy kitchen, lots of birch cabinets and large enough for breakfast set. All large rooms with lots of closets all lined with cedar! Full basement, city water, new double garage. Barn for your horse, pony or cattle. Garden spot. Full price *12,SOO — financing arranged, INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY 5-ROOM BRICK BUNGALOW — modern; hat, hardwood floors, nice kitchen, full basement, good furnace. Good location on Alby street: suitable for colored. Buy it for W100 and rent it out getting a lO'/i, return 1 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS BENDER ST. — Awfully nice 4- roont bungalow, just « few years old. Large corner lot, full basement, hardwood floors, insulated. Immediate possession. Full price $9800: would consider trade. KLOPMEIER ADDITION- BfTMALTQ DANDY 3-BEDROOM RANCH-STYLE HOME with attached garage. Large living room with fireplace. Large level lot. Walking distance to high school. Full price $10.500. Home Just a couple years old! C. H. AUTEN AGENCY, REALTOR 241S State 3-S422 Evenings Please Call: JACK BROCKWAY .... 2-8803 TED PRICE 2-0816 10S SMITH 2-84*0 REAL ESTATE SALE iftKtm rot ARftA - 3 HOOM . OA8 BEAT, TOLL BASBMlNT, COMflWATION WINDOWS. OAR- AGE ................ 17390 SOSS DARR - 2-1381 HARRY DREW AGENCY— 2-1298 3 BEDROOMS Ktw s-ftoOM BnrcK veneer hom« Rosewood Heigh t«. Large floor plan, HWF. birch cabinets, tilt wain & rubber tile on tloori In both kitchen * bath, ba**ment finished into recreation room, plus rathikellar with fireplace, attached ~~MltfON AREA" HORN ST. -Close to ichools. 4 room modern In good condition. Plaitered wan,, HWF. 2 bedrooms, modem kitchen. Venetian blindi, full ba«e- ment, gai heat. Price ........ »8900 ALTON COLLEGE CREST-4'* room modern. like new. Large floor plan, HWF modern kitchen with tile, storm aa«h, Insulated, full basement, stoker heat, **rage. Price ..... $10.800 CALL |IM GREER 2-9755 After 6 p.m. 2-8728 F.II M. Greer SPECIAL LARGE 5-ROOM HOME A HARD-TO-FIND 2-STORY PLAN $11,500 • Plus large enclosed porch • Comb, aluminum storm windows »nd screen* • Oil heal. Auto, hot water • Cabinets. Large cloneU 41 New Venetian blinds • Attractive Interior • Nice floors • Large bedrooms • A well-arranged home ''Exactly As Advertised" CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR Office Ph. 3-6621 Evenings please call DICKMANN ALLEN & NIMMONS CO. NORTH RODGERS Drive by 2688 N. Rodgers and see this modern 4 room home. Large living room, good size kitchen with built- in features and 2 bedrooms each wl 'n nl« closet space. Full bath, full basement with gas heal. HWF aluminum atorm windows and screens insulated, plastered walls and just redecorated. Directly across from new school being built. Only 7 years old .................. •. .$9500 MILTON AREA Al ? j, xce ", ent buy ' "" s r °<™ s including large living room and dining room, kitchen with bullt-lns full bath plus 2 bedrooms, full basement with good hot air furnace. Has basement garage, HWF, plastered walls, Insulated, aluminum storm sash, glassed-in front porch. Outside and Inside Is In good condition t8830 MIDDLETOWN A lovely 4 room home and practically new. All rooms nice size and recently redecorated. Spacious living room, kitchen is extra large with beautiful built-in features and full bath Is between both bedrooms Full basement, >/ 3 partitioned Into knotty pine den and the other 14 into a workshop and utility room. Has side porch 7 x 9 an extra large garage 12x16. HWF. Insulated, storm windows and screens. Newly painted 'S' 1 v e»r .................... $11,700 EAST ALTON Five rooms. Living room, dinette, kitchen with built-lns, full bath, two bedrooms, full basement, stoker heat. Nice garage and fenced-ln lot. An excellent neighborhood for children A real buy ..................... WOOD RIVER Practically new 4 room home. All nice size rooms and very pretty Inside and out. Living room, kitchen full bath, 2 bedrooms, full basement, nice furnace, hardwood floors, storm windows and screens. Excellent condition ....................... $9900 ROXANA Perfect location, excellent condition. 4 rooms Including living, nice size kitchen, full bath, plus 3 bedrooms. Full basement, automatic oil heat plastered walls, hardwood floors, insulated, storm windows and screens, One block from bus and shopping district. Close to school and churches . . . ri .................. j B0 00 ALLEN & NIMMONS Realtor Ceorge Petcrie— 2-9249, 2-9185 WOOD RIVER 600 Block North Leslie. New 4 room brick veneer, ful basement, gas heat, birch cabinets in kitchen, tile on floors and walls of kitchen and bath, Insulated. Immediate possession 281 No. Central. 5 rooms, HWF, full basement, stoker heat, combination screens and storm sash .enclosed porch. Quick possession ...... $7800 NORTHWOODS Circle and Norwood. 3 bedroom ranch type. Fireplace, extra nice kitchen, screens and storm sash, gas heat. Garage attached. LINCOLN ADDITION Wilson Ave. 4 room. Full basement, one year old. Oil heat, insulated, nice kitchen. Immediate possession ............................... $8500 SOUTH ROXANA 411 E. Broadway. 5 room. Attic, full basement, fully modern, electric hot water heater, wired for electric stove, insulated, screens and storm sash, garage. Immediate possession. EMMET P. HOWARD REALTOR 4-9532 13 Whitelaw Ave. Home 4-5747 BOTH IN MILTON AREA WELL CONSTRUCTED HOME . 7 YEARS OLD PRICED AT $11,300 a) Neat, attractive interior 0 Good size living room • Both bedrooms are 13 ',« x lU'.j • Plenty cabinets • Hardwood floors. Plaster walls • 4 closets. 0 Venetian blinds • Gas heat. 9 Automatic hot water • Neat, ful] basement 0 Insulated. 0 Storm windows ( Awnings, a) 2 porches, one Is screened-in AN ATTRACTIVE HOME A-l LOCATION PRICED AT $14,900 Heated enclosed porch & screened for tummer or all year round enjoyment Living room 20 x 13'i. Bedroom 13 x 12. Bedroom 12 x 11 Compact kitchen with cabinets Large picture window Entrance hall with closet Nice tiled bath includes shower and linen closet Combination aluminum storm windows and screens Insulated. 0 Oil heat with blower Automatic hot water Full basement Attached garasje. 0 Overhang roof Well landscaped lot City sewer. 0 Low taxes "EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED" CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY REALTOR • Office Ph. 3-6621 2-8454 .............. DICKMANN 2-4788 .......... GRENZEBACK RODGERS PARK 3-BEDROOM BRICK tt STONE— Pells windows, ceramic til* In kitchen & bathroom, natursl c»bl- nets, coved ceilings, lot* of closets, full bsiement, 2 fircpUcM, 'level lot 80x135. Located in restricted subdivision. Shown by appointment. Call 3-32U2 or 4-8183 or 2-4276 HARTFORD 103 NORTH OLIVE— 5 rooms: large corner lot with fruit 4V shade trees and oversized garage, basement wilh stoker heat: owner will rt- decorate. A very good buy «J ........................ ..... WB30 R. H. HfSSgNFLOW, HEALTOHS « Wood Rivtr Av*. Di»l i-a«BJ A REAL ESTATE SALE rot NORTH RODGERS Lights ft water, lot 75x130 *MSO WHITE OAK iMUton Areii 5 room modern, lot 80x120 ... 18330 Johnson 3-82S4 ^ West S-7301 ALTON REALTY CO. 2-8232 —KEAL CSTATt WANtkD TO BUf-3 txOroem home m rTorth Alton or Godfrey. Writ* Bo* 870. care Telegraph. WANTED—«, 7 or < room home ui North Alton or Godfrey. Can furnish reference. White Box 860, tare Teit- FOR A QUICK SALt of your property" tLl M. GREEfl AGENCT OFFICE: Dial 2-87J5 3-8130 WANTED THIS WEEK W need 3 • 4-room homes In Upper Alton, priced under 110,000. In North Alton, 1 - S-room, priced around $11,000. 1, 4 or S room, anywhere that It met. Must be large kitchen. We have cash guy en. VERNON JOHNSON-2-3398 Cltttebrook Aflency WANTED—LOT—Rosewood" Heights. Cash for good building let. 4-8288. AUCTIONS MC APOTIOMi Special Auction Tonight HILLTOP SALES BARN 6:30 P.M. Mr. Worfifld will be here with consignment of oil new merchandise. Lots of bjrgoins. ART LONG, 2-5112 ANNUAL SPRINCC FARM MACHINERY SALE April 17 at Hilltop Sales Barn. This it a consignment sale. Bring anything you wish to sell. Dealers welcome. ART LONG 2-2512 COMMUNITY AUCTION —' Tuesday" da3 — Saturd «y n'«hts. Bout. We Buy ••"* AUCTION SALE — Wedensday, *:30" P.m. Furniture, dishes or misc. Items. Large or small consignment* accepted. RICHARDS, 82 W. Ferguson. 4-5430. M 'DOGS—CATS—PETS SILK'S KENNELS—JACKSON Godfrey . . Phone 2-9374 We board dogs of all breeds; also females in season. Individual stalls and runs. Heated kennel. 6 MO. OLD—Part Irish setter pup. 8M union. WHITE RABBITS FOR SALE —' Cafi 4-9143. BEAUTIFUL COCKER SPANIELS — Blonds, black, and partlcolor. Taps in breeding. Stud service, trimming. 3-9211, RABBITS FOR SALE—Fryers, breed" ing stock and Easter bunnies. 438 Sheridan St.. Bethalto. Pr. 4852. EASTER BUNNIES — For aale. 2SM Humbert. PARAKEETS—In all colors of Easter Parade. 40 East Airline Drive, Bose- wood Heights. 4-4008. FOR SALE — Easter rabbits. 2318 Humbert St. EASTER BUNNIES — For sale. aTT sizes. Call Bethalto 4711. 340 Corbln, _Bethalto. REGISTERED COLLIE PUPS—4 mos. old. Sable and white, $35. 3-9081. BOSTON TERRIER—Screw tail i*. male, 10 months. 2-9583. COCKERS — Blond and black, two months, AKC, best breed, reasonable. 2-3373. YOUNG PARAKEETS—Training age. guaranteed singers. Also nlca femal* canaries. 2-1637. 613 Lamperl. BIRDS—Seed, cages, all pet supplies. Tropical fish, plants, aquariums. Frozen brine shrimp, white Worms, longllfe fish food. Come visit YUR FAVORITE PET SHOP 3427 Badley 3-3719 JARRETT KENNELS — Board your dogs or cats: also females in acaaon. Holidays, weekends, vacations, individual houses and runs. For : vatlons call 2-4074. M FARM EQUIPMENT LOW, LOW PRICES ON THE KELLY RYAN TRAILWAY ELEVATOR FOR. A LIMITED TIME ONLY Lowest Prices In Our History! Prices F.O.B. Factory includt spout, hopper, tires & tubes. 24 ft $247.00 s 28 ft 281.00 32 ft 304.00 36 ft 320.00 40 ft 336.00 44 ft 352.00 Available in additional lengths UK to 60 ft. This is a special otfer for a limited time only. See or call us today, take advantage of the money saving LOW LOW Prices. CARTER BROS. TRACTOR CO., ALTON. ILL. 1048 AC W/C (very good) »750 1848 FORD—As is $495 1948 FORD — Overhauled, repainted $7»5 1948 FORD—With plow and cultivator. Make us an offer. 1951 FORD — With Sherman comb. transmission S9B5 1 OLIVER 70 Cheap MASSEY-HARRIS 82—With plow and cultivator Cheap For a belter deal—see your Ford Tractor Dealer. FRANK LYNN CARTER BROS. TRACTOR & EQUIP. CO.. ALTON. ILL. NEW j"b.—Diesel R Tractor, complete with hyd. cylinder. $3750. We trade. NEW J.D.—50 Tractor PTO, Rolo Malic $1950 NARMONT MACHINERY CO. Auburn. III. HAY CONDITIONER MEYER—Late model with mower attachment |S75. Narmont Machinery Company, Auburn, Illinois. NEW HOLLAND — 66 - 77 - 80 balers" delivered to your farm. 10 ptr cent down, interest free to Juna lit. For best deal see Blanks Garage, Norfll Alton. D-4 CRAWLER TRACTOR — 4-14" plow. Farmal Cub tractor with mower, plow, cultivator and 2 row planter. Call evenings. 2-9343. 1 FORD CULTIVATOR—Phone 3-207*' after 5 p.m. GRAVELY TRACTORS Sales It Strvie* C. R. JUNGK 3-Mll 301 C. Broadway, Alton ADOLPH E. JUNGK — 2874-Rf R. R 1. Jerseyvilla 1000 7' LOCUST POSTS—6" ~«~ diameter, 40c, sOc; and firewood, Phone 2-8085. •7 fEEP» AND KEPI HAY FOR SALE—Joe Bechtold. »-»OM7 FOR SANE—Tomato plgnt», »ll pro-" ' to March of Dlmt». ~ . George Margherio. Phone 4-1138. AGRICO nSRTIMZ NUTRENA FEEDS PFISTER SEED CORN GET THE BEST - 2-40XW EVERETT HARRIS «l LIVESTOCK FOB SALB—Two yearlln* Heiferi and one 2-year-old heitir, To freshen about May 1. William M*y«r »nd Son. JeneyvtlU. Phontj 2884* W I, BLACK SHETLAND PONY—6 yia'ra, old. Broko for children, good enough for show pony. Phone 2-6M8 »ft»r 5<30. FOB SALE-Twelv« bred giiu! will farrow in thirty days. Walter Baler- mann, telephone 2954-W5, Jersey, vllle, nilnoU. 10 DAIRY HEIFERS-For itU. H*nr7 Bachman, Godfrey, 111. FOR SALE—77 head atock c»tUV. Weight about 450 - SOO pound*, con«l»ting of 37 Hereford steers and 40 Black Angus steers. These »r« ail food quality c«tU*. Ed Bruramw, 1 mu« cast Bunker HJU. tu. •*"*""' * H PQULTsU 4MB WIBClAlr"-0O ,T««-VBV»-WI« i*v*v»- SBELS now. B»by »ru| t t»rt*d ehlck. •v»ilabl«. Alt it«n*d chicks, carry a SPfi "KSf" •H* r f B ! tt - , 0p * n *****»»• Csjl jgi collect to Pltct u flf«f> tt&sll'f UA^tattY CsUsTAmAft* ^i- T

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